Monday, August 9, 2010

The the NYT Thinks Albany Will Fix Itself?

Breaking News Police Bullet Killed Man in Harlem (NYT) * NY1: Bloomberg Drops Nonpartisan Elections Push * MTA Approves Ad Opposing WTC Mosque (NY1)

The the NYT Thinks Albany Will Fix Itself?
The Establishment Does Not Understand That Doing Nothing Will Destroy the State

Today NYT Do Nothing:

The New York Convention Con It has become an easy campaign pitch in New York: clean up Albany in one big sweep with a constitutional convention. In fact, it is a big waste of time and money. (NYT Ed) * Budget drama makes 'Albany' a dirty word (Newsday)

Doing Nothing is the Stanfeld TV Show Not Reality

On May 16th the NYT wrote an editorial that said the public should throw the bums out of Albany if the state was not fixed by election time. Does the NYT think a budget 125 days late which according to even the comptroller is a fantasy on revenue projection, that will have to be fix with more cutbacks after the election is a fix? True News has reported Daily News and the Rest of the Media Just Does Not Get It If You Have No Opposition, The Public Cannot Throw the Bums Out * NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out (True News, May 16th, 2010)

Has Manhattan Become Fantasy Island?
Does the establishment believe that doing nothing just to keep the power will not hurt them in the long run, as the state will continue its economic meltdown as businesses and the middle class flee? We already know what happens when clueless rich boys take over sports teams like the Mets and Knicks, do we want to do the same think to New York State

Is the NYT Putting All Their Hope on Koch's Group?
Reform groups have all failed to prevent the corruption and dysfunctional of Albany for a generation Koch, at 85, Wages a New Campaign Enlisting support for a pledge to reform state government, and seeking to punish legislators who resist (NYT) * The Democrat and Chronicle calls on former Gov. Mario Cuomo and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to raise “millions” for Koch’s reform push. True News reported on the bad record of NY Goo Goos Good Government Groups Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else

Pension Abuse
Retired NYPD cops probed for 'faking' mental illness to get benefits (NYP) * Bloomberg’s new pension watchdog has a lackluster track record on investments — but that won’t stop her from making key decisions for one of the largest retirement funds in the country Pension big lo$t big-time

Cash-hungry states add casinos, lure same gamblers

Fancy Restaurants Are Filthy Compared to White Castle (Gawker)

GOP Campaign Commercials in 2010
Charlie's woes hit upstate Dem More than 200 miles from Harlem, Charlie Rangel has become a household name. That's a problem for Rep. Michael Arcuri.(NTP) * Rangel hissy nonpro-fit Fires back over rip at charity $$ (NYP) * Republican Party starts to kill its own: S.C. Rep. Bob Inglis ousted for not hating Obama enough * “We were trying to be respectful and see if he would do the right thing and retire,” Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV told the Washington Post. “Now I’m the one who is going to take (Rep. Charlie) Rangel out.” * The Dunkirk Observer weighs in from afar, saying it too thinks Rangel should resign. The congressman put his troubles aside and marched in the Dominican Day parade this weekend. *Rev. Al Sharpton Is A "Maybe" For Rangel Birthday Bash * Rep. Charlie Rangel: Sure, I Wouldn't Mind The Truth Coming Out Without An Ethics Trial
Election 2010 Coffey Was Active Political Donor Sean Coffey, a Democrat running for his party's nomination as attorney general, has made more than $150,000 in state-level campaign contributions nationwide over 10 years. (WSJ) * 'Lobbyist' shoe doesn't fit, says Staten Island Assembly candidate * The Gotham Gazette looks at the rare challenge to state Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. in the Bronx. * Townsend Attacks Schumer On Stimulus, Mosque * Krueger Raises To Oust ‘Bad Apple’ Espada * Rice Hits Coffey Over ‘Pay-To-Play’

Dream On Richard
AG hopeful Assemblyman Richard Brodsky suggests his low fundraising numbers are a virtue. * Attorney General hopeful Richard Brodsky tells City Hall newspaper his tepid fundraising would keep him honest as AG because he's not getting a lot of dough from PACs or from Albany.
One Issue Lazio Lazio: Let's pull plug on mosque

New York Economic Meltdown
A Garment District PerennialAs the Garment District has declined, with production moving abroad, M&S Schmalberg is the among the few businesses that still produce handmade decorations. (WSJ) * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office slammed a $125,000-a-month contract for the new city OTB boss. * Times-Union's Jim Odato looks deeper into excessive compensation at those mysterious public authorities. * Disability Groups Suing NYC MTA Over Transit Cuts | Transportation Nation * NY-area home prices back to 2004 levels (Crains NY)

Pay to Play Member Items
azipaybarah $12.5 million in member items in the ny state budget. #albany

Cash Flows: For Local Pols, Xmas in July (Bushwick BK)

Is Haggerty the E. Howard Hunt of the Bloomberg Operation? Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party.

City Program for Homeless Is Criticized The city comptroller, John C. Liu, says a program that delivers subsidies for housing suffers from lax oversight. (NYT)

Quinn Wants To Hear Sampson Say ‘I Do’ (YNN)

State AFL-CIO Backs Genting For Aqueduct Racino

Subway operator demoted in horrific N train accident -

Upper West Side man who head-butted movie production assistant is local hero -

Putting the kids first: Klein was right to use emergency powers in school fight
(DN Ed)

City Hall stingy on aide's charity hours City Hall aides yesterday declined to reveal how many hours Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris devotes to the $1.6 billion Bloomberg Family Foundation while on the taxpayer dime, insisting that a 2-year-old retroactive Conflicts of Interest Board ruling cleared her.(NYP) Twitter azipaybarah Some Freedom? "Bloomberg is principled about freedom when it comes 2 religion but practical about [it] when it comes 2 crimefighting" azipaybarah Mayor Ferrer? "If nonpartisan elections were in effect then, New York may well have had Mayor Ferrer instead of Mayor Bloomberg"
* Nonpartisan Elections
Freddy Ferrer thinks Bloomberg is pushing nonpartisan elections to get Diana Taylor or Ray Kelly elected. [2nd item.]

Northern Manhattan sees dramatic spike in shootings (DN) Law and Order After 50 Shots in Harlem, One Dead and 5 Hurt (NYT) *Officers Wounded During Harlem Melee (WSJ)* Suspect Is Dead After Stabbings of Three People on Staten Island (NYT) * Small Crimes: Bloomberg Tops Giuliani in Shoplifting ArrestsFormer Mayor Giuliani was perhaps the world's best-known advocate of the “broken windows” theory, which focuses on fighting small crimes. But data show that Bloomberg has been far tougher on shoplifters. (WSJ * Harlem man lives through getting hit with 21 shots * Queens cop says commanding officer harassed her after seeing embarrassing video of thong (DN) * 2 cops shot, man killed in wild Harlem gunfight * NYPD used subway videos 2,000 times last year * Wild gunfight leaves 1 dead, 2 cops shot in Harlem (DN) * Doc stabs family (NYP) * Fugitives among us (NYP) * Ex-Mrs. 'American Gangster' in plea discussions with feds
* Heal Thyself, Commish: Albany Not to Blame for Crime, Pols Say * Accused Riverside Rapist chatting up Manhattan grand jurors

Pol's Afghan about-face Rep. Ed Towns, who last month voted against funding the troop surge in Afghanistan, has experienced a change of heart after a visit to the war zone (NYP)

Will There Be a Boycott of Con ED?

“As of today, we are not sure if this issue will even come before the commission for a determination,” PSC spokesman James Denn said of the newly-exposed ConEd wrinkle in the ongoing mosque controversy.Terrorism NY Rude awakenings: Ground Zero responders are let down by their lawyers (DN Ed) * German Authorities Close Hamburg Mosque Where Sept. 11 Attackers Once Met - WPIX * The Mosque And The PSC (YNN) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver took issue with Mayor Bloomberg’s claim that opponents of the mosque proposed for construction near Ground Zero should be “ashamed”, saying: “People have a right to agree and disagree.” * De Blasio Is Currently Okay With the Mosque (Obsever) * Duffy On Mosque: Best To Build Somewhere Else (YNN) * King wants simple majority House vote on 9/11 health-care bill (NYP)

Stuy Town Tenants Win
New partnership plans to take over Stuy Town Hedge fund Pershing Square teams up with Winthrop Realty to snap up key piece of complex’s debt and proceed with a non-eviction co-op conversion (CrainNY)

Way Back Machine | The Mayor Is Shot -

No Jobs Jobs Jobs

As the Economy SlowsThe latest jobs report leaves no doubt that a slowdown is well under way, and the response from Washington has been inadequate at best. (NYT Ed) * America Goes DarkWith infrastructure and education crumbling, we’re on the unlit, unpaved road to nowhere. (Krugman, NYT) Twetter Drudge_Report Freddie Mac needs $1.8 billion more from taxpayers...

Media and New Tech Ex-NYT Public Editor To Bloomberg
* What Newsweek Can Learn From Bruce Wasserstein's New York * You Knew This Was Coming: Jon Stewart On Anthony Weiner(anting) * Jon Stewart On Anthony Weiner 9/11 Rant: He Was Exactly Like That If You Borrowed His Peanut Butter * Wassersteins Declare Long Term Interest in New York * The 20 BIGGEST Magazines Of 2010 So Far (PHOTOS) (Huff Post) Twitter iwantmedia U.S. magazine circulation falls 2.3% in first half of year, led by Reader's Digest at 25% * MTV Hires Twitter Jockey for $100K Per Year * Google and Verizon Offer Vision on Internet Traffic * The story behind the Times's Bennet story * WORSE THAN EXPECTED': Google, Verizon Announce Proposal To Create Tiered Internet