Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodfellow Vito Lopez : Political Party Corruption More Like Organized Crime

Goodfellow Vito Lopez   
Political Party Corruption More Like Organized Crime

Vito's reign Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who's also Kings County Democratic boss, has steered mountains of taxpayer cash over the years to a social-service center he founded in the '70s -- and that has served as his political base. (NYP Ed) * Senior on Vito's payroll paid to show up, sign papers (DN) * Cohn Ahead In Brooklyn District Leader Race * Quinn Responds to Lopez Nonprofit The City Council will not freeze funding for the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council * Attorney General Candidates Squabble Over Investigation Of Brooklyn Leader * Probe finds Brooklyn Dem Vito Lopez's non-profit empire riddled with fraud * I'd take Vito on: Donovan * This summer, Vito Lopez may have finally pushed Mayor Bloomberg too far * Friends of Vito Lopez have a leg up when it comes to jobs as judges, even if 'unqualified' (DN)

NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption by Political Mob Bosses

The leaders of New York’s Political Mob are the City’s party leaders who exist with the Tammany Hall power control template, unchallenged and unaccountable to the voters in New York’s broken down election system. Their soldiers are campaign consultants who also operate as lobbyists and are as accountable to the voters as Bernie Madoff was to his investors. In this war the 4th estate has limited itself to covering only the horse race and simply reprinting the candidate’s press releases. The press coverage of politics is amazingly similar to the SEC reviews of Madoff’s records over the years. New York’s Political Mob Wars

Pay to Play Indy Party

Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan The wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later. (NYP) * MacKay and Co. overturned local recommendations in Western NY, favoring incumbents over challengers. * MacKay Under Fire * Frank vs. Frank, Take II

Pay to Play Liberal Party
Ray Harding, former head of NY Liberal party, pleads guilty to taking $800K in pension fund scandal

Pay to Play GOP
Indictment Over Bloomberg Campaign Funds (NYT)

Working Families Party

Working Families Party Documents Subpoenaed - * All In The Family Part 1 * Cuomo declines Working Families ballot line - Crain's New York ...

Ballot Corruption

True News has been reporting that ballot lines are for sale for two years while the good government groups have hidden from the issues. Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (TN) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (TN) * Organized Crime Politics - Episode Two: The Rigged Election System

Pay to Play Lopez Vito power! Lopez got big campaign cash from winning G’point Hospital bidder (Brooklyn Paper) More on Vito's Corruption from True News

Pay to Play Crowley
Queens Crap: Rep. Crowley under investigation *
Another New York Party Leader Under Investigation
Congressman and Queens Democratic Leader Joe Crowley

Qns. Rep. Crowley faces Wall St. donation probe (NYP)

Is Haggerty the E. Howard Hunt of the Bloomberg Operation? Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party.

City Program for Homeless Is Criticized The city comptroller, John C. Liu, says a program that delivers subsidies for housing suffers from lax oversight. (NYT)

Political Organized Crime - Part I (True News)

Everyone recognizes that bid rigging of cement or traffic light contracts are the work of organized crime. However when elected and party officials rig our state and city elections to ensure that every incumbent gets reelected, no one calls their deliberate strategy criminal and organized.

Election 2010

Marist: Cuomo Up 19 Pts., Bolstered By ‘The Lazio Factor’

 In TV Ad, Cuomo Levels First Attack on Paladino (NYT) * Cuomo Takes A Swing At Paladino With New Ad (NY1) * Spitzer Calls Cuomo 'Dirtiest' Player(WSJ) *Kindler, gentler Cuomo? I don't think so, Spitz says * Bloomberg, Cuomo Seek Rapport * Bi-Polar Governor Surveys Is the governor's race a brewing upset for insurgent Republican Carl Paladino or is it a runaway for Democrat Andrew Cuomo? It depends upon which of the state's leading independent pollsters you believe. (WSJ) *  Race for governor heats up: Andrew Cuomo unveils TV ad ripping Carl Paladino's business dealings (DN) * Kindler, gentler Cuomo? I don't think so, Spitzer says (DN) * The Amsterdam News’ Elinor Tatum writes in an open letter to Cuomo: “You have proved nothing to us. You have showed us nothing that makes us want to stand strongly behind you. We feel as though all too often, you have taken us for granted and you have less than 40 days to turn this ship around.” * Sampling differences behind wide range of poll results - City & Region - The Buffalo News

Twitter Azi Paybarah ‎"@AndrewCuomo's office approved 10 leases @CarlPaladino holds." via @JimmyVielkind #nygov

DiNapoli playing dirty: rival (NYP) * Harry Wilson’s campaign accused state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli of using his public office for political work.

New York Economic Meltdown "The recession pushed nearly 100,000 additional New York City residents into poverty last year, according to an analysis by the Fiscal Policy Institute to be published on Monday."


City Reports Nearly Fivefold Increase in Students Repeating a Grade (NYT) * More Students Held Back This Year, DOE Numbers Show (NY1) * 'Superman' is super: Film tells it like it is about public education and teachers unions (DN Ed)

Restaurants Rap State on Tipping Rules(WSJ)

Dozens of taxi-cads dodge rap (NYP)

Illegal Apartments
City Says Investigation Uncovers Illegal Apartments (NYT)  * City Conducts Undercover Sting On Illegally Converted Apartments * Sting finds lots of apts. dangerously sliced, diced (DN)

Terrorism Pakistani Sentenced to 86 Years for Attack (NYT) * Poll: Majority Of New Yorkers Want Developer To Move Mosque
Imam att'y in slum blame game (NYP)

Law and Order   NY prison guard charged with rape  (NYP) * Qns. rapist gets 42 yrs. (NYP)* A Nicaraguan Official Is Found Slain in the Bronx (NYT) * Police Investigate Double Homicide In Queens (NY1) * 18 women claim Brooklyn cop illegally strip-searched them (DN) * Brave victim confronts rapist: 'You're less than a man' (DN) * Former Officer Begins Sentence On Manslaughter Charges (NY1)

Media and New Tech  Tuning Out Cable(WSJ)  * Jonathan Klein to Leave CNN
* Zucker Announces He’s Leaving NBC (NYT) * Layoffs at Newsweek Today * Unrelatedly, Stephen Colbert made a rather (your adjective here) wisecrack while talking about "packing corn" during a House Subcommittee hearing

National News

Hidden Under Tax-Exempt Cloak, Political Dollars Flow (NYT)