Thursday, September 23, 2010

District Attorneys and the Machine Forced by Politics to Look the Other Way

Brooklyn Conservative Party chairman Jerry Kassar says Rick Lazio will not get a judicial nomination tonight so he will be on the ballot for governor in November.
In TV Ad, Cuomo Levels First Attack on Paladino (NYT)
Spitzer Says Cuomo Fights Dirty (NYT)

District Attorneys and the Machine
Forced by Politics to Look the Other Way

Since New York breaks down it election of DA by county it creates a dependency of the those responsible for investigation political corruption. DA's count on the same pols they are responsible to investigate to get elected and reelected. That is why most of the political corruption cases are brought by the feds.

Not that the investigation of county leader Vito Lopez has gotten hot the Brooklyn DA takes himself off Vito case (DN)

In 1995 the NYP wrote:
"Three activists have filed a complaint with the Brooklyn DA, alleging Lopez used a fake address on his voter-registration form and doesn't live in his Brooklyn district. Instead, say the activists, Lopez for years has shacked up in a Queens condo owned by his Former Brooklyn Democratic party bossgirlfriend, Planning Commissioner Angela. A spokesman confirmed that the district attorney had received the complaint, dated Oct. 24, but declined to say if an investigation has begun. "Vito Lopez is not above the law," said Joseph Garber, one of three signatories on the complaint. Garber, an activist in Lopez's district who has worked against Lopez-backed judicial candidates, said the pol's alleged fake address has been an open secret among insiders for years.

Property records show that the address where Lopez is registered to vote, 64 Conselyea St. in Williamsburg, is owned by a woman named Tillie Tarantino. Tarantino is executive director of the Swinging 60s Senior Center in Greenpoint, which is funded by a Lopez-backed nonprofit. Reached by The Post at the senior center, Tarantino was asked if Lopez lives at the Conselyea Street house. "No comment," she said, and hung up."

Convicted of Voting Violation, O'Hara Appeals to Governor

Vito's Voting Record at 64 Conselyea St


One week after the Post article below Vito moved to Stanhope Street to a larger apartment

Brooklyn Democrat Is Said to Be Investigated Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, who is seen as Brooklyn’s patronage king, is reportedly being investigated by federal and city officials. (NYT) *
EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn DA takes himself off Vito case (DN) * Vanishing Vito: Brooklyn boss Lopez and his judicial creations all turn bashful (DN Ed) * Boss Vito: I have cancer — Party leader reveals health scare to insiders

Donovan will take over a case involving Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez from Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes after Hynes requested a special prosecutor.

State Senator Park Trial
Donovan will also be handling the trial of State Senator Kevin Parker which is set for trial on October 15th three weeks before the AG election. If Parker gets convicted it will be a hot campaign issue.

The state DAs Association sent a letter of reprimand to Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice for endorsing Sen. Eric Schneiderman for AG.

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