Sunday, September 26, 2010

True New Sunday Update: Not All of the Pension Blame Should be Put on the Workers

Sunday Update
True News Wags the Dog
True News Was First to Say Not All of the Pension Blame Should be Put on the Workers
March 30, 2010  The Hidden Pension Blame (True News) 

If you're going to lean on city workers' pensions, Mayor Bloomberg, you should lean on bankers, too (DN)  Bloomberg is on a quest to reduce pensions for retired city workers - because the city's cost for them will rise 6% in the next four years. Bloomberg is quiet, though, about the bonanza for the bankers who lend the city money - even though the city's cost for them will rise 28% in the next four years. * Pension punch: The city struggles to trim spending, but union benefits keep it in the red (DN Ed)

True News Charges Pension Fund Cover Up
The Pension Fund Cover-Up: Billions in Government Funds Will Be Need to Keep the Funds Afloat
Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Vito's Loves $$$
Vito Lopez's gal pal a baroness of Brooklyn housing  She's not only Vito Lopez's girlfriend -- she's his homemaker.   Angela Battaglia -- who has a $329,910 job at the assemblyman's troubled nonprofit and a $54,150 post on the city Planning Commission -- is one of northern Brooklyn's largest developers, in control of more than 1,000 apartments built with $249 million in public and private funding.(NYP) * Probers eyeing execs' fat paychecks   The sky-high salaries of the top executives at the em battled Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council are being scrutinized by the Department of Investigation (NYP) *

Background of Vito Lopez Scandal 20 Years in the Making Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine 

Election 2010 Paladino's wife tells of son's loss, hubby's affair & 'get over it' policy (NYP)  * Baby mama with Carl knowledge (NYP) * GOP $naps to attention for Gilly foe (NYP) * Republican Michael Grimm's running for House seat, but Staten Island's GOP isn't supporting him (DN)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads
Digging On 2nd Avenue Subway Continues
Derailed riders fume at MTA for subway snarl (DN) *  2nd Ave. Subway is on the sloooow track (NYP)  * MTA chief's report card Lots of A's & B's - & 2 big fat F's (DN) * Bare the fare: Unlimited MetroCard users have a right to know how many rides they take (DN Ed) * Lawmakers Grade Second Avenue Subway Progress (NY1)

New York Economic Meltdown How New York state lost $71.7 billion   More income has left here than any other state -- how do we stop the exodus? (NYP)

Gov proves he's e-quip-ped for 'SNL' (NYP) * Paterson Makes Up With ‘SNL’(NYT)  * David Paterson On 'SNL': 'You Make So Much Fun Of Me For Being Blind, I Forgot I Was Black' * Gov proves he's e-quip-ped for 'SNL' (video) (NYP)

‘Superman’ strikes(NYP Ed) * The UFT reneges(NYP Ed)

Their Moon Shot and Ours The United States needs to be in a race with China, not just Al Qaeda. Let’s start with electric cars. (Friedman, NYT)

Election 2010 
The Poll that show Paladino only 6% behind shuck up the Cuomo campaign this week.  They stated negative ads and heard from supporters who believe their rose garden campaign plan is not working.  At weeks end more polls came out that show Cuomo with bigger leaders but the Cuomo campaign has changed for good.
Takes one to know one, Eliot  Spitzer, the disgraced ex-governor kicking off a career as TV yakker, this week tossed a brickbat at Cuomo (NYP Ed) * Provocateur Loading Paladino’s Slingshot (NYT) * In Diverging New York Polls, Methods Mattered (NYT) * In Search of Mr. Cuomo The Republican Carl Paladino has made it clear that he is ready to fight in the race for governor of New York. Is Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat, up for it? (NYT) * Force Behind Paladino Run Now a Driver(WSJ) * A Relentless DeveloperPaladino (WSJ) * Harsh Critique of Cuomo (WSJ) *Mayor Blasts Schneiderman(WSJ) * War Of Words Heats Up Between Cuomo, Paladino (NY1) * Paladino’s Pre-Primary Blitz (YNN)
The Bloomberg Vance War is More than About Budgets
The Biggest Battle is Over the Mayor's 700,000 Payment to His Campaign Aid Haggerty
Charter Furor Does Not Translate to Votes
Education documentary fuels parents' furor at broken schools, union (NYP)  * Protesting teachers give it an 'F' (NYP)
Charter-Friendly Candidates Lose Decisively In The 2010 Primaries

Agency Admits Fault in Death of Child (NYT)

Vans on the Run  Allowing private transportation services to replace New York City buses is a bad idea.

Terrorism NY Freed hiker Sarah Shourd meets with Iranian president in New York * Gauging Jurors’ Fears Before a Terrorism Trial Even Starts (NYT) * 2 Sudan UN delegates freed after scuffle with cops (DN) * Most New Yorkers still say no to WTC mosque (DN) * Till death she doth rot: Judge gave Lady Al Qaeda right sentence for terror - a long one (DN Ed) * Art and soul of GZ imam's holy-pal heiress (NYP) * A'jad monster's ball (NYP)

Law and Order Judge Will Not Dismiss Charges on Misconduct Grounds in Mafia Case (NYT) * Consular Death Is Probed (WSJ)' *Suicide eyed in UN Nicaraguan diplomat's demise (DN) * Sources: Violent Domestic Dispute May Have Led To Nicaraguan Diplomat's Death (NY1) Victim of alleged perv cop: 'I can't sleep' (DN) * Cops and robbers put the brakes on Bronx buses  (DN) *  Staten Island tenant slain, but landlord denies row (DN) * Judge doesn't buy wiseguy's Amazin' tale of woe (DN) *

Media and New Tech Paterson Takes His Chances on 'Saturday Night Live' *Live from NY . . . it's Paterson! (NYP)Who's the real clown?  Never mind the cratering economy; Congress yesterday just had to hear from comic-cum-fake-newscom mentator Stephen Colbert. (NYP Ed) * What a bunch of jokes * Comcast Pushes Jeff Zucker Aside(WSJ) * Newsweek job cuts (NYP)

When Kennedy Met Nixon: The Real StoryBy TED SORENSEN (NYT)

 We Haven’t Hit Bottom Yet (Herbert, NYT)