Sunday, August 8, 2010

True New Sunday Update

Sunday Update PM Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: How About A Hand, Albany? * Republicans Muted, Harold Ford Goofs On Rep. Charlie Rangel * Despite Governor's marathon of vetoes, pork-barrel spending continues * Teen stabbed during Dominican parade * Pregnant woman stabbed in Midtown * FDNY: Staten Island father stabbed family, then self * This Week Round Table: The Senate Is ‘Gelatinous,’ Dysfunctional

Rangel aids chaotic nonprofit * Harlem gunfire leaves two cops, three civilians shot, one dead * Mayor’s #2 a charity case Aide AWOL from City Hall (NYP) * Rangel says he tried to make deal, avoid ethics mess* Jobless to rally for unemployment benefits on Wall St. * How to Lose an Election Without Really Trying President Obama is wrong when he says every current Republican idea is a Bush idea. Some are far more radical than that. (Rich, NYT) * Officer victim of friendly fire in deadly Harlem shoot-out (NYP) *TV UPDATE TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Open: Sunlight must shine on secret City Council ethics trials (DN)

Ethics or ethnicity: A tough choice for uptown voters: A lapse by Espillat may put Dominican loyalty (DN Ed)

Did Paterson Order the State Police to Cover Up Johnson Case?

The state Public Integrity Commission reportedly has begun investigating State Police Maj. Charles Day’s conduct — which, according to Kaye, included “inaccurate testimony” under oath about whether he’d tried to convince a witness not to press criminal charges against her boyfriend in order to spare Paterson embarrassment. Trooper trouble

Mosque Nanny

It’s one thing for Mayor Bloomberg to play nanny and hector New Yorkers about smoking and trans fats, as he never stops doing. But it’s quite another for him to grab the flag and start scolding foes of that planned mosque near Ground Zero * Half-baked mosque Developer owns only part of site (NYP) * Across Nation, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition * Mayor Bloomberg principled when it comes to freedom of religion, but practical on other freedoms (DN)

All bets on Asian giant to run Aqueduct racino (DN) * Group says state should 'step back' and dump plan for Aqueduct racino (DN)

We Like NY Just the Way It Is Forgetabout incumbents getting reelected with no elections. Forgetabout low turn out primaries. Forgetabout dysfunction Albany. The establishment thinks things are just fine It's Sharpton vs. Bloomy over nonpartisan elections (DN) * City Leaders Blast Proposal To End Partisan Primaries

New York Corrupt Political Parties
Ex-Independence Party Officer Frank Morano Files Scathing Elections Complaint (DN) True News Reports On Corruption Political Parties Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (True News) * Organized Crime Politics - Episode Two: The Rigged Election System (True News)

Saturday PM Breaking News
Kagan Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice (NYT) *Rangel says he signed deal with ethics probers but Republicans balked: report (NYP) *WikiLeaks Will Publish More Classified Docs

Cracking the Locks on Relief Opening a fire hydrant on a hot day now requires new levels of sophistication and mischief. (NYT)

NYT Reports 2 Years Later Term Limits Fix By Bloomberg, WHY?
Village Voice and the Blog had same info as it was happening

Today's NYT
Bloomberg uses his immense private wealth for public power in a fashion that is unprecedented. The Doe Fund received millions from the mayor in exchange for their testimony in support of term limits before the City Council Charity Backing Bloomberg’s 3rd Term Got Millions

Blog Stories and Village Voice Reporting on the Term Limits Fix At the Time It was Being Hatched
It is well documented that city's newspaper owners conspired to extend Term Limits to three terms to keep there boy Bloomberg is power. That explains why Sulzberger' NY Times did not report on the fix as it was happening. But why report on it now, can it be connected with the ongoing investigation of the $700,000 Bloomberg paid Haggerty or Frank McCay? This story comes a week after the Daily News article that said the GOP operative under indictement Haggerty was convincing a reluctant City Council to extend term limits Ex-aid John Haggerty knows where bodies are buried and may spill Mayor Bloomberg's secrets at trial

2008 and 2009 Reports on Term Limits Fix
Bloomberg's Term-Limits Coup: Heroes, Villains, and Wimps (Robbins, Village Voice, Oct, 28, 2008) * Shhhh! They're With The Mayor (Updated) » * Term-Limits Hearing Fills Up Early (Politicker)* Bloomberg's Term Limits Scheme - Page 1 - Columns - New York ... * Village Voice exposes Christine Quinn padding campaign staff with City Council staff + tainted TL!(August 21, 2009) * Bloomberg's Term Limits Scheme (Robbins, Village Voice)

Hints Why the NYT Published the Term Limits Fix Story Today
1. Court papers disclosed that Manhattan DA Vance has subpoenaed paperwork from the state Independence Party dated as far back as Jan. 1, 2007 - and has been frustrated in his attempts to get it. * Frank MacKay, the Independence Party's chairman, traveled around the country as part of Bloomberg research of ballot requirements and petitioning rules in all 50 states to put him on the presidential ballot as an independent. . . A year earlier, however, Bloomberg gave another $1.35 million to the party to help Republicans keep control of the state Senate.Much of that cash went to consultants closely aligned with Bloomberg, such as pollster Douglas Schoen and operative Patrick Brennan - at the same time they were working to convince the City Council to extend term limits.

2. The indictment of
Haggerty says:

"During the campaign," the indictment says, "Bloomberg authorized certain of his agents... to direct certain expenditures of his personal funds for various purposes."

The Daily News Reported in an article by Adam Lisberg Ex-aid John Haggerty knows where bodies are buried and may spill Mayor Bloomberg's secrets at trial on August 1, 2010

"that in addition to calling Bloomberg to testify, prosecutors may have to call those "agents" - such as First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris and former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey."

Todays NYP reports that First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris, Hizzoner’s longest-serving and most powerful aide, spends most of her time at the Bloomberg Family Foundation at 25 East 78th St. since being named CEO of the $1.6 billion charity in May, according to two government sources. Mayor’s #2 a charity case Aide AWOL from City Hall (NYP)

3. Vanity Fair reported in the current issue that Rattner took the 5th five times when asked about his role in the pension scandal. He did testify in front of a AG Grand Jury which eliminates criminal charges from being filed against him. Why is the media allowing Bloomberg to keep Rattner as his non profit financial guy with his involvement with ripping off millions from New Yorkers pension?

It's Rangel's Party
After a Fall, a Substitute Is Lined Up for Rangel’s Gala (NYT) * Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo run from Rep. Charles Rangel as big donors say (birthday) party's over (DN) * Reeling Rangel does the 'robot' (NYP)

Election 2010: The Cuomo Family The Cuomo Daughters' Role Mariah, Cara and Michaela: Andrew Cuomo's daughters are the female fixtures on his campaign trail, and they've become a necessary tool in the attorney general's battle to become New York's first unmarried governor since 1975. (WSJ) * Meet the lady behind Cuomo menAndrew got his political pedigree from dad, Mario, but his temperament and tenacity from mom, Matilda. (DN)

He's a Winner, N.Y. loses: Upstate senator is poster boy for Albany ethics mess (DN Ed)

The Good and Bad of the Budget’s Final Piece (Citizens Budget Commission)

Inmate Residency Law May Remap State Politics New York City and other downstate Democrats could gain as inmates are counted as living in their old towns. (NYT) * State Ends Prison Gerrymandering
(Wall Street Journal)

St. Vincent's Site Talks Hit Wall (WSJ) * The Port Authority routinely used two police helicopters for non-police, non-emergencypurposes.

FDNY can't have bias in its test: Mayor Bloomberg (DN)

Law and Order 6-Year Sentence for Guard in Rikers Island Beatings * Teen arraigned in bias beat down on Staten Island (DN) * Teen from wealthy family charged in Park crime spree (DN) * Sephora presses charges against Giuliani's kid (DN) * Trump, Hannity, Imus All Packing Heat

Mayor to foes: Shut up already! (NYP) * Mayor Sparks Mosque Fray (WSJ) Terrorism NY New Charges in Subway Bomb Plot (NYT) *New Charges in Subway Plot (WSJ)* Airports Start Body Scans Next Month * Anthony Weiner Praises Bloomberg for Ground Zero Mosque Speech (WSJ) * Tea-Party blogger sues MTA over anti-mosque ad changes (DN)* Teen arraigned in bias beat down on Staten Island (DN) *Terror's new face: Hunt down new Brooklyn-bred Al Qaeda big(DN Ed) * FBI: Former Brooklyn Resident Now Leads Al-Qaeda Operations (NY1) * Survey: 60% Of New Yorkers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

Congress’s Serial Hits on Food Stamps Congress has begun tapping into the food stamp program for the hungriest Americans to help pay for lawmakers’ election-year priorities. (NYT Ed)

Peggy Noonan Warns That America Might “Boil Over”

Sketching a Future for Brooklyn Museum (NYT)