Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others, Term Limits Rules Do Not Apply to Current Council

Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others
Term Limits Rules Do Not Apply to Current Council

Term-Cap Change May Miss Incumbents Even if voters decide in to restore a law barring elected officials from serving more than two consecutive four-year terms, a majority of the City Council may not have to abide by the voters' wishes. (WSJ) * The commission is considering a grandfather clause that would allow all current NYC Council members to serve three terms even if the standard limit returns to two. (The commission is expected to debate this tonight).

Bloomberg No Juice
After spending 110 million and winning by less then 5% over a very weak candidate and with an investigation going on involving your top aids, some battles you just do not get into Bloomy to end nonpartisan election push - $7M later (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: Bloomberg Won't Seek To Eliminate Political Primaries (NY1) * The NYC Independence Party’s Fred Newman said Bloomberg’s pledge to the party when seeking its line was to make sure nonpartisan elections were considered by the Charter Revision Commission, but not necessarily to push for that. * Thank You Film Makers Bloomy bops butt-head * Marist: Bloomberg Under 50 Percent, First Time Since ’05zx * Fulani Blames Sharpton, Not Bloomberg For Nonpartisan Elex Loss

Rangel wrongs again? (NYP) * Rep. Charlie Rangel is not optimistic he’ll reach a deal with the ethics committee that would enable him to avoid a public trial on the 13 charges he faces.* Rangel was hit with another ethics complaint in connection with taxpayer funds he helped secure for a nonprofit with questionable finances. * Rep. Charlie Rangel On Ethics Charges: "Fire Your Best Shot" * Harlem Democrat says he's not going anywhere, wants trial date set

Pay to Play Day Care 7 City Workers Accused of Fraud Involving Day Care Centers

City Income Down ... Down ... Down
NYC area personal income nosedives Drop of 4.1% in 2009 was much larger the national average; weakness in finance, insurance and construction cited. New York Economic Meltdown MTA slow to fix emergency intercoms on subways (DN) * Critics Blast Stricter Homeless Rules (NYT)

Schools Given Grade on How Graduates Do (NYT) * The NYC Education Department is trying to do something about students who graduate high school despite the fact that they lack basic skills.

Election 2010
Carl Paladino To File 28,000 Signatures For New "Taxpayers" Ballot Line * Paladino Creates A New Line, But Will He Run On It? * Kevin Powell Hits Ed Towns On "Preposterous" Afghanistan War Claims

The Daily News Says Big Change at BOE

A Vote For Big Changes At The NYC Board Of Elections?

True News Says Some Old Bull Shit

Throw The Bums Out: Board of Elections Bozos Have to Go!

So As We Were Saying... George Gonzalez Is The New NYC Board Of Elections Chief: Updated

New Yorkers sweating bone-dry summer (DN)

MTA Can't Fix Spin
MTA takes 11 days to fix broken emergency intercoms, board rep says that's 'unacceptable'

More Money Was Lost for Pension Investments in Stuy Town Than Any Pensioner Ripping off the System

While the papers concentrate on the fireman who is getting a disability pension while winning a track race, billions of pension dollars were lost by bad deals were developments like Stuyvesant Town were purchased with pension and Fannie Mae Freddie Mac funds by connected wall street developers. Defaults Fail to Scare Suitors for 2 East Side Complexes (NYT) * Buyers Jockey for Stuyvesant (WSJ) * Bill the landlord (NYP) * Partnership eyes new future for Stuy Town (Crains NY) More on the Stuy Town rip off from True News Wall Street Hijacks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for Stuy Town (True News) The Real Bailout Freddie Mac seeks more aid * Freddie Mac Reports Q2 Loss of $6 Billion to Common Stockholders * Video: News Update: Freddie Mac Seeks $1.8 Billion in Federal Aid YouTube

Local pols let it all hang out on Facebook
“What’s better than a guy named Weiner at the [Gay] Pride Parade?” Congressman Anthony Weiner wisecracked.

Casino Rolls Dice on a Broadway Theater (WSJ) * .Key pol pushes for Aqueduct racino finish line (DN)

Terrorism NY City Buses to Get Ads Opposing Islam Center (NYT) * MTA Approves Ad Opposing WTC Mosque (NY1) *Anti-mosque ads to roll on city buses (NYP) * Cuomo, Duffy Differ on Mosque (WSJ) * Group won't bow to savagery following Taliban massacre (DN) * Feds funding G. Zero imam's Mideast trip (NYP) * An odd envoy (NYP Ed) * Weiner's snit-zel Irked as Dem backs King on 9/11 bill (NYP) * Rep. Anthony Weiner was reportedly so angry at Democratic donor Bob Zimmerman for siding with Rep. Peter King in the Zagroda bill fight he wanted him ousted from the DNC, but backed down after friends intervened. * Assemblyman Dov Hikind called Bloomberg’s defense of the mosque proposed near Ground Zero and rebukes to those who oppose it “insulting, degrading and condescending.” * Is the 9/11 Mosque a Publicity Stunt? * Gov: I’ll Help Provide State-Owned Alternative To Mosque Site * Paterson Would Offer New Site for Mosque Away From Ground Zero (NYT) *Gov. Paterson offers state help to relocate mosque

Law and Order Man killed in Harlem gunfire shot by police (NYP) * Fatal Bullet in Harlem Probably Fired by Police (NYT) * Police Bullet Killed Man in Harlem Gunfight (WSJ) * Illegal gun ignites senseless, bloody shootout in Harlem (DN) * When cops face guns: Harlem shootout proves one illegal weapon is too many(DN Ed) * Man killed in Harlem gunfire shot by police (NYP)

In a Flurry of Calls to Prosecutors About a Rape Suspect, a Pattern Emerges (NYT) * Guilty Plea Expected in Drunken-Driving Crash That Killed 11-Year-Old Girl (NYT) * ad PreviewPedicabs Banned From Bridge Paths (WSJ) * Off-duty female cop shoots gal pal during fight: sources (DN) * Slashed Staten Island mom, 2 kids fight for life * Met-kin cop 'shoots love' (NYP) * John Lennon's Killer Up For Parole * Sources: Bronx Woman Charged In Fatal DWI Crash To Accept Plea Deal (NY1) * Bronx Woman Pleads Guilty To Fatal DWI
Media and New Tech
Google Agonizes on Privacy as Rivals Emerge (WSJ) * Magazine circulation keeps falling (Crains NY) * How News Consumption is Shifting to the Personalized Social News Stream

Unemployed Twisting in the Wind
The Horror Show Policy makers seem intent on allowing the employment crisis to fester. As bad as the July employment numbers were, a deeper look into them shows a seriously scary situation. (Herbert, NYT)

Economy Sinking

Fed Will Meet With Concerns on Deflation Rising The Federal Reserve on Tuesday will face a key decision: whether to drop the idea that the economy is improving.(NYT) * House members return to Washington, D.C. today to vote on a bill that will provide billions of dollars worth of education and FMAP funding to the states.

Voters to Settle Tight Primary Races in Connecticut