Friday, August 6, 2010

Rangel to Obama: NUTS A M Personal Battle of the Harlem Bulge

Break News JULY UNEMPLOYMENT -131,000 JOBS... * Budget Gaps for Next Two Years: $8 billion; $14 to $16 Billion

Rangel to Obama: NUTS
A M Personal Battle of the Harlem Bulge

Rep. Charlie Rangel: Ok, Gd Didn't REALLY Tell Me Not To Settle * Rangel won't 'plea bargain' Politico * Charlie to 'fleeing' pol pals: Party on! * Guest List for Rangel’s Birthday Celebration Shrinks (NYT) * Bloomberg: Rangel Has Done A Lot For City, Nation (NY1) * The Amsterdam News headline: “Rangel – the lion or the sacrificial lamb?” * Lots of lawmakers did what Rangel is accused of.

For Whom the Congressional Bell Tolls
Everyone in congress, not just Rangel abuses Corporate money Corporate Money Aids Centers Linked to Lawmakers Nearly a dozen lawmakers have been honored by university endowments financed in part by corporations with business before Congress, posing some potential conflicts.(NYT)

9/11 Bill at Issue in Manhattan Election A leading lawyer in the massive 9/11 health lawsuit is quietly backing the primary challenger to Rep. Carolyn Maloney, evidence of a major split between two of the most prominent advocates for those sickened by World Trade Center debris.

Pay to Play Silver Paladino accused Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of corrupt dealings with his former top aide-turned-lobbyist Pat Lynch, saying: “She gets the money, and he does the deed.”

The Hevesi Watch The pay-to-play case AG Andrew Cuomo brought against ex-Alan Hevesi advisor Hank Morris is headed to trial next spring.

A number of distressed properties around the city are being sold to buyers who may not be acting in the best interests of the city, neighborhood, or tenants.

Chancellor Declares Emergency to Sidestep State Ruling and Expand Charter School (NYT)

City Vows to Appeal Ban on FDNY Hires (WSJ)

New York Economic Meltdown Budget Crunch Hits Open-Space Funds (WSJ) * NYCHA spends over $5,000 a month on portable boilers (DN) *OT runs amok at MTA as fare hikes loom (NYP) * Cuomo said the reason why businesses are leaving New York is because the state is suffering from an “arrogance hangover”.

97-year-old WWII vet facing eviction from $63/month apt (DN) * New York passes country's toughest law on rent-to-own businesses - interest rates capped (DN)

Councilman Williams: Government Operates For ME

Pension penchant: Brooklyn councilman's knuckleheaded term limits objection (DN Ed) "I would love three four-year terms, for one it would be great to have the possibility to reach the ten-year mark in term of city pension for my family."Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams.

S.I. Merchants Say Attention From Bias Attacks Hurting Business (NY1) * Food Fight in Flushing The closure of a Key Food was the last straw for many Flushing residents (WSJ)

Election 2010
'Real World' star turned pol's real financial problems (WSJ)

Central Park
Oasis has Gotham's worst rise in crime * Preppy park 'punk'

Blame Dems for deaths: King (NYP)
Behind Mayor Bloomberg's Mosque Speech The mayor's eight-year tenure has produced very few memorable speeches -- until Tuesday's rather stirring oration in defense of the planned Islamic center near Ground Zero. So who wrote it? Terrorism NY Belongings of Russian Agents Reveal Their Everyday Lives (NYT) * Lockerbie Release Seen as Flawed (WSJ) * Poll: New Yorkers are divided on support for Ground Zero mosque * NY vs. the mosque (NYP Ed) * Mayor Bloomberg says Ground Zero mosque opponents should be 'ashamed' of themselves * Rep. Anthony Weiner wrote a letter praising his erstwhile opponent Mayor Bloomberg’s stance on the mosque, but did not take a position on it himself. * Terror Suspect From Queens Pleads Not Guilty To Subway Bomb Plot

Karen Sypher found guilty of extorting former Knicks coach Rick Pitino Law and Order Ecuadorean Immigrant's Killers Get Long Sentences (NYT) * Judge Sentences Ex-Officer to 5 Years for Sexual Abuse (NYT) * Marilyn Buck, Imprisoned for Brink’s Holdup, Dies at 62 (NYT) * Judge Drops Charges Against Kobayashi, Hot Dog Champ (WSJ) * LISTEN: Conn. mass killer Omar Thornton's 911 call * Bitter tears at funeral for SI fire murder-suicide *Riverside 'rape' one of 'many' * Pregnant Girlfriend Murdered: Pregnant Teen's Remains Found in Corona Landfill - WPIX * Youth Indicted in Staten Island Hate-Crime Assault * Boarding-school bandit' facing 15 years in jail

Media and New Tech
Family Sues Metro Over Use of Boy's Photograph (WSJ) * White House Has Some Ideas About How to Cover Washington

Romer to Resign as Obama AdviserChristina Romer said she would resign as chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers to return to her teaching post at the University of California at Berkeley * President Obama’s economic advisor Christina Romer is resigning.

Nixon transcripts: General wrongly took fall for Vietnam