Sunday, July 25, 2010

New York Held Hostage, No Budget Day 114

New York Held Hostage,No Budget Day 114

Paterson Cover-Up Investigation Continues As He Pushes Dysfunctional Albany for A Budget

Is the governor pushing the legislature to prevent charges against his former aide and himself for trying to interfere with the investigation? Is the investigation being slowed down (the woman is going to the DA to get results on the case) to allow Paterson to push Albany? What about the federal investigation of the Aqueduct bidding process? Sounds like the who thing is being investigate by the same people who brought you Trooper Gate. PM Budget re-do: Paterson sugar tax, prop cap back on agenda

Woman Asks District Attorney To Press Charges Against Former Paterson Aide *Gov aide's accuser in meeting with DA (NYP) * Accuser of Paterson Aide Meets With Prosecutors (NYT) * Sherr-una Booker meets with Bronx DA about alleged attack by Gov. Paterson's ex-aide David Johnson (DN)

Paterson Calls For Another Special Session To Tackle Albany's Budget * Get back to work! * Governor orders lawmakers back -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Brian McLaughlin:
How Many Will Join Him in Jail

How many investigations are going on the key players in Albany?
Bronx DA and Andrew Cuomo Investigating State Senator Espada ... * Federal grand jury probes real estate and nonprofit deals for Malcolm Smith, other Queens pols * Rep. Gregory Meeks/Sen. Malcolm Smith Charity (NOAH-F) under Investigation for Missing Katrina Aid * Smith attorney quits as federal probe intensifies * Feds Subpoena Paterson's "Racino" Choice For Nonprofit Ties ... * Jay-Z and Governor Paterson Under Federal Investigation | Global Grind * David Johnson Suspended: David Paterson Aide Under Investigation * New York State Governor David Paterson Under Federal Investigation * Cuomo to Recuse Himself From Paterson Investigations - * Feds galloping into probe of controversial Aqueduct racino deal *CHIEF OF STAFF TO NYS ASSEMBLYWOMAN SENTENCED TO ONE YEAR IN PRISON FOR EMBEZZLING $115,000 IN FEDERAL FUNDS FROM LOW-INCOME TENANTS IN THE BRONX * Powerful Brooklyn Senator Is Investigated Carl Kruger - * Ex-Bronx state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez latest in string of convicted * Health Dept. asks Cuomo to investigate Jamaica, Flushing hospitals * Jamaica Hospital paid $390G in consult fees to Anthony Seminerio

Sunday Update You’ll Never Believe What This White House Is MissingPresident Obama’s race problem: a White House in the truest sense of the word.(Dowd NYT)
There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’ Elation from electing the nation’s first African-American president more than 20 months ago was destined to abate, but we reached a new low last week. * Aging Transit Systems Face Budget Crunch (NYT) * Celebs, nations, biz firms owe billions as city suffers * SUNY must be saved: State's public colleges have to be pried from Albany's grip * Park patrol cut * TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads * State senator: More contenders needed in bid for Aqueduct VLT contract * Gov. David Paterson signed a bill into law that makes it easier for the city to shut down illegal hotels.

NYP Editor Says Party for sale '

True News Says All the Parties for Sale

NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption (True News)

Bloomberg Wants to Get Rid of Parties

Mayor Bloomberg is trying to give nonpartisan elections another push after it failed in 2003 (DN)

Facebook Joseph Mercurio AG candidate Dan Donovan: "I can no longer seek the nomination and endorsement of the State Independence Party." What's up with this? Since when are DAs and AGs not able to go after individuals because they come from the nominating party?

Rice No Prime Voter
Attorney General Candidate Failed to Vote for 18 Years Nassau County district attorney and a Democratic candidate for attorney general, did not cast her first ballot in an election until 2002, nearly two decades after she first registered to vote, according to election records. * Rice tried to turn the voting lapse to her advantage, saying she’s not a “career politician” who spent her life preparing to run for office. Maggie Haberman thinks that’s a risky strategy.

NYT Cancels Throw the Bums Out SPIN
Speak Silver uses the fixed election law to remove even token opposition Ballot bully Silver kicks GOP underdog (NYP) Because he does not want even a weak discussion of the dysfunctional Albany Canidates Fear 'Albany Effect' Since True News wrote NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out on May 16th, the NYT has not written another editorial about getting rid of the bums in Albany. Even the Meltdown Economy is Helping Incumbents Get Reelected, Nobody Has Any Money to Run (True News)

Sucking Sound of Jobs and Taxes Leaving New York

Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell is going to war, it seems, in an effort to lure New York hedge funds to her state.

Who can blame her? (NYP Ed)

Dumbing Down Weiner
Weiner issued a really crappy, incorrect report and no one noticed

From NBC: (Queens Crap)


Rangel Waits To Comment On His Own Ethics Charges * Charlie set to fight ethics rap as Dem calls for ouster (NYP) * Charlie's fading friends (NYP Ed) * Rangel Had Talks to Settle Ethics Cases and Avoid Trial (NYT) * Rangel Pressed to Settle (WSJ) * Rep. Rangel uses campaign cash to pay for his ethics defense (DN) * Rep. Charles Rangel defiant over ethics accusation ***SUNDAY After Waiting So Long, Rangel Dropped the Prize (NYT) * With Rangel on line, it's House of pain for Dems (DN) * Charlie: Don't give me break (NYP)

Shirley Sherrod Says A Lot About Modern Journalism
The cutbacks in the news medai and the Internet have made news a copy cat business. Where each news organizations change a few words and write the same story as their competition. The Shirley Sherrod shows the danger of that type of journalism. Thrown to the Wolves Shirley Sherrod’s essential message was lost amid all the self-serving agendas. (Herbert NYT)

New York Economic Meltdown
$470 Million City Error Puts Charities in Chaos (NYT) * Subsidies for Healthy Firms, Cuts in Services for Poor (Clawback) * Bloomberg Risks Creating More Homeless (Coalition for the Homeless)

Bloomberg: Stay Away, Lazy Ones (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg a party animal in college (NYP)

Agencies Plan to Reduce Canada Geese Population in New York State by Two-Thirds

Law and Order Bam booster 'mega-fraud' (NYP) * His Family Slain, a Boy’s Life of Rage Emerges (NYT) * Questions Surround Law That Limits Frisk Data (NYT) * Note Found in Ashes at Murder-Suicide Scene (WSJ) * Police Surge Planned for Brownsville (WSJ) * Don't bank on robbery Heists as heists fall in push (DN) * Federal appellate court rejects new trials for 'Mob cops'* Note with 'AM SORRY' may be message to slain family* Con Ed worker, barber gunned down at Bronx home PM A Man Is Killed Execution-Style on a Street in Queens (NYT) * Why the City is the World’s Marijuana Arrest Capital ( *** SUNDAY Man Killed Execution-Style in Burst of Violence in the City * Handwriting on 'am sorry' note could be mom's, not teen's * Woman covered face with girdle to rob McDonald's * Drive-by stab-slay (NYP) * Brutal slay stuns Qns. (NYP) * Outlaw biker shot in head in new wave of violence that left trio dead in just seven hours

Terrorism NY Midtown package bomb scare * Jailbird Kerik Tweets about downtown Mosque * Lawyer loan fees gouge 9/11 crews

Wall Street Goldman, the Movie. By Goldman

Oil Leak Hayward being replaced: US official

Media and New Tech
WATCH: In Surprise Appearance, Obama Urges Netroots Nation Attendees To 'Keep Up The Fight' *WATCH Netroots Nation Keynote Addresses, Panel Discussions And More