Friday, July 23, 2010

Sorry Charlie

Sorry Charlie

Rep. will face trial over alleged violations after lengthy investigation (NYP) * Rangel's reckoning (NYP Ed) * House Panel Will Try Rangel in Ethics Cases (NYT) * Congressman Rangel Faces Ethics Charges The ethics committee has properly concluded there are grounds for charging Representative Charles Rangel. (NYT Ed) * House to Try Top Democrat (WSJ) * Some Democrats predict Rangel will overcome ethics charges * Rangel still getting some support back in Harlem (DN) * Charlie’s comedown: Ethics charges against Rangel were his own doing (DN) * Asked if these charges would cost him his job, Rangel replied: “Basically you know it’s a dumb question, and I’m not going to respond.” * “If she had wanted to throw a lifeline to Rangel, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could have made sure the case got punted until after the November elections,” Charles Hurt writes * RUSSERT VS RANGEL: Luke Russert Challenges Congressman Over Ethics Violations

NYP and Daily News Disagree On Community Support:
Fed-up voters give him thumbs-down uptown (NYP)
Rangel still getting some support back in Harlem (DN)

The Politics of Investigation
The NYT used this issues to blow Paterson out of the race for governor. What usually happens with cases like this is the investigation is closed once the big cheese head roles. Now it seems the forces want a second act Accuser of Paterson Aide Plans to Pursue Her Case (NYT) * Gov's ex-aide Johnson fears reopening of abuse case (DN) * Suspended Paterson aide David Johnson invoked his fifth amendment rights again * The TU doesn’t think elected officials should be able to use campaign funds to pay their legal bills * PM Accuser of Paterson Aide Meets With Prosecutors (NYT) * Sherr-una Booker met with representatives from the Bronx DA’s office in what could be a prelude to an investigation into her domestic violence case against David Johnson.

Enemies List Politics
Koch puts Shelly, Sampson at top of his enemies list (DN)
Will Shelly and Sampson put together an enemies list with Stanly Freedman and Donald Manus on top? How could Koch the King of Corruption in his own Parking Violations Bureau be a reformer today? TANGLED STRANDS - ANATOMY OF THE NEW YORK CITY SCANDAL - * Koch will make his first upstate campaign swing since his failed 1982 gubernatorial campaign to blast those on his “enemies” list and support “heroes” of reform.

No Jobs Jobs Jobs

Joseph Mercurio Financial reform and extending unemployment benefits will not be enough we need jobs and bigger payroll numbers.

Spinning Problems
Silver: More Than The Legislature Is Broken In Albany (YNN)

Election 2010
How They Are Spending Their Weekend * Memo to state DSCC: Get your heads out of your asses! * The Senate Democrats’ political and government arms have a serious disconnect.

Good policework or meeting quotas? Crime statistics fuel debate (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown Gonzalez: NYCHA's new fix system is years behind* Principal KOs 7 staffers when city OKd just 2 cuts * Layoffs Back On The Table? (YNN) * MTA Board Likely To Approve MetroCard Hikes, Booth Worker Layoffs (NY1) *Bloomy blitz aims to halt hedge clippers (NY1) * The mayor has been making private personal phone calls to hedge fund managers and asking them to remain in NYC. * The hot dog vendor who served as the backdrop for a photo-op between Bloomberg and the British PM has some criticism for the city.

No Visa, No School, Many New York Districts Say (NYT)

Rigging Contractor Is Acquitted in the Collapse of a Crane (NYT)

Terrorism NY New video shows Taliban chief greeting Times Square bomber (NYP) * Church Rejects Sale of Building for a Mosque (NYT) * Mosque Plan for Staten Island Suffers Setback (WSJ) Bloomberg: Paladino's Opinion on Ground Zero Mosque Doesn't Matter (WSJ) * Carl Paladino says he would use eminent domain to block the mosque. * Bernard Kerik Is Also Opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque * Bomb Scare Near Times Square (NYT)

Law and Order Man wearing Darth Vader mask robs Long Island bank (NYP) *Decorated EMT arraigned in three Brooklyn sex assaults (NYP) * RFK Jr.'s wife guilty of driving impaired in NY (NYP) * Throats Slit Before Staten Island Fire, Police Say (NYT) * Teen Suspected in Murder-Suicide in Staten Island (WSJ) * Ex-Police Officer Gets 11 Years in Drug Case (NYT) * 14-year-old C.J. Jones murders family, burns down apartment and slits his own throat, cops believe * Mother 'relieved' as sicko EMT charged in daughter's rape (DN) * Wrist slap for RFK Jr.'s wife (NYP) * Fightin' Foxy: Foe's jealous (NYP) * LoJack lands laptop 'thief' (NYP) * NYC appeals court upholds “Mafia cops” conviction (NYP)

Congress at 11% Just 11% Confident in Congress

Media and New Tech Newspaper Chain's New Business Plan: Copyright Suits... * Item! A 'Slasher' Comes to the Daily News *Journalism Legend Daniel Schorr Dies At 93