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True News Updated All Holiday Weekend

Martin Luther King
, Jr

Why he couldn’t wait: Martin Luther King Jr.'s eloquent Letter from Birmingham Jail * Martin Luther King "I have a dream" Speech
Calls for Gov. Paterson to step aside are now shouts ***Fury over Paterson's NJ 'date' * Gov. Paterson gets some good news - sort of - with poll spikeUFT 1, Kids 0 (NYP Ed) *** Mayor Faults Bill Doubling Charter Schools *Mayor Bloomberg called the legislative charter school bill "a wolf in sheep's clothing."** Paterson To Lawmakers: Raise The Charter School Cap * Political cockroaches Sen. Hiram Monserrate and Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. "the political undead" (NYP) *** Mike howls at school fools * Parents peeved over charter school plan (NYP Ed) * Bloomberg: Legislative Charter Bill 'Insult' To MLK's LegacyNew Yorker’s Ambitions Shock Few Back in Memphis The senate campaign of Harold Ford * There's an 80 percent chance Ford runs, says The Hill *** Kirsten pulls in big Chuck bucks * Review of Jet Bomb Plot Shows More Missed Clues *** B'klyn Dems eye Ford in drive vs. Gilly *** Rangel Finds Ford Inconceivable *** Sharpton Switching Sides?

10,000 U.S. troops due Monday as gangs armed with machetes pose new threat on the streets * In Haiti, the best and worst of us *** Thousands of Marines Head to Haiti

Obama returns to Massachusetts with urgent Senate election plea Washington Post * His health-care agenda at risk, Obama stumps in Massachusetts - *** Brown Takes Lead In Fierce Massachusetts Senate Race *** Coakley A Democratic Canary in a Coalmine?

Port Authority cops 'bully' guards Keeping crime numbers low by not reporting crimes by Bid to rig crime stats (NYP Ed)

Wall Street to Fight Bank Tax

As Shrinking Newsrooms Use Upstarts’ Content, Vetting Questions Arise

Jon Corzine Signs NJ Medical Marijuana Law

SUNDAY'S TOP STORIES Dave Paterson's Latina lovely Gov gets cozy with gal in eatery * Gov. Paterson says story he was nuzzling young woman is an 'outright lie'** Pols' plan blasted as a charter killer Legislature total control over where they're set up and how they're run that could cost the state $700 million in federal money *Fight on charter schools could cost New York State 700M *Back of the pack: Albany is flubbing schools' chance for Race to the Top funding * Candidate Thompson held back union-slam audit *** 'Honest' Pedro says he creates job NYP says he does Jobs, that is, for folks named Espada *** Gillibrand criticized for not winning over New Yorkers' hearts *** Ex-Bronx pol Gonzalez hopes to withdraw guilty plea with new lawyer *** Massachusetts Race Tests Staying Power of Democrats *** A Helping Hand for Haiti - Bill Clinton & George W. Bush, New York Times *** Government Lost Amid Haiti Rubbl ***Security Breach at JFK Airport *** TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads *** WATCH: 'SNL' Takes On The Leno/Conan Mess *** Obama to give church talk, stump in Massachusetts (Wash Post) *** Gov. Paterson calls Legislation into session in effort to raise state's charter school cap to 460*** New York Times Ready to Charge Online Readers *Times' columnist Thomas Friedman acknowledgesAt some point we gotta charge for our product.” ** Montel's Kids: Our Dad Is 'Like A Stranger' To Us Sunday Talk Show Clinton, Bush on Haiti Relief Fund (Face the Nation) *** Clinton Says He's Frustrated With Lag Time in Relief *** Roundtable: Hughes, Podesta, Halperin & Woodward(MSNBC) *** CNN: Obama advisers believe Martha Coakley will lose... *** GOP, Dems Prepare For Legal Battle Over Mass. Senate Seat *** Charlie Cook: Brown now favored

The NY Senate Race Turns into
MTV's Jersey Shore This Episode: Breakup Revenge

Gillibrand has told people she believes Steve Rattner and Maureen White, two of Harold Ford Jr.'s biggest boosters are gunning for her because of her bad breakup with White's brother Tim years ago. Gilly rips ex factor. On the Jersey Shore Sammi ("Sweetheart") retaliated against Ronnie for dancing with some strange girl.

But the broken romance is not the nuttiest thing about Gillibrand attack on the Ratners. You would not know it by reading the Observer article The Gilded Revolutionaries New York establishment vs the Washington establishment. The Observer is touting as head of the big Apple's political insider, a man who was forced to resign as car czar of the White House because of a criminal investigation of the New York Pension funds. The article did mention another New York insider Sara Kovner is surprised at the Ratner actions, a member of Senator Gillibrand's finance committee. Kovner who is used to running New York politics said Ford does not represent the values of Manhattan, but did not mention that New York's new senator changed a lot of her upstate values once she was appointed. Gillibrand removes guns from under bed

Insiders say the only thing that will prevent Steve Ratner from being indicted is that investigators come to the conclusion that because of his connected friends he is to big to go to jail. Rattner Involved in Inquiry on Fees - * A Crack In Steve Rattner Protection Racket * Did Auto Czar Steve Rattner Help Scam New York Pensioners. While the Jersey Shore puncher got fired from his job as a New York Teacher after a ton of negative media exposure the upscale Ratner's with high level friends in the press are still New York power brokers with positive press and no mention of his connection to the pension fund scandal. The Daily News even killed a story about Ratner wife DUI story off it website. Cold Case File: The Missing Daily News *** Steve Rattner Maureen White Story

Donors Backing Ford Due to Breakup? - Gilly

In 2006, when Harold Ford, Jr. was mounting an uphill campaign for one of Tennessee's seats in the Senate, private equity man Steve Rattner and his wife, former Democratic National Committee finance chair Maureen White, hosted an event for the young scion of Tennessee politics inside their 25-room apartment at 998 Fifth Avenue.

It was a glamorous combination--the smooth, upwardly mobile young congressman and the influential alpha couple--and Mr. Ford went on to raise nearly three million New York dollars for his contest. Last week, Mr. Rattner--who, as a former Times reporter and a close friend of Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., knows the value of a good quote--went on the record touting Mr. Ford's candidacy, igniting what had been only smoldering rumors of a possible run. (Since then, the story has churned almost daily in the Times, generating considerable free press and culminating in a Tuesday editorial supporting the idea that someone should challenge Ms. Gillibrand.) The LA Times continues to investigate middlemen in the CalPers (California Pension System) Firms Paid Middlemen $125 Million to Win CalPERS Business. There been no follow up to the NYT article on April 22, 2009 about Steve Ratner paying millions to the indicted Hank Morris Quadrangle Facing Questions Over Pension Fund. Ratner pays 80,000 to make the movie Chooch to the brother of Hevesi pension fund director Mr. Loglisci who is also under indictment in the pension fund scandal. Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty To Bribing NY Pension Officials Broidy invested 300,000 in the through an intermediary in the movie "Chooch" If you want to learn how Steve Ratner gets away with being a power broker while under investigation and others in New York like Pedro Espada and Monserrate hold the political system hostage start by reading Janine Wedel's brilliant new book, "Shadow Elite: How the World's New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government and the Free Market"

NYP Makes it Personal With Schumer NYP which for the last week has become the unofficial spokesman for the Ford campaign today takes after Gillibrand's number one backer, Congressman Schumer Behind the Senate race puppet show Who's pulling the strings for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand? The Post's page 6 even goes after the fact that Schumer book did not sell well. They compare it to Sara Palin book which sold 100 times more then the congressman book in the first two weeks Schumer's book no page-turner

The Power Broker's Senate Race It a shame that kept real New Yorkers like congressmembers Nadler, Maloney and Israel out of the raceFord could be tough contender for Gillibrand, says adviser *** Ford Takes Listening Tour Through City (NY1) *** Harold Ford attempts to shed 'carpetbagger' rap with meet and greet at Sylvia's in Harlem *** Ford makes tough bid for liberal affections (WABC) *Is Sen. Gillibrand Too Bland for NY? ** Is Harold Ford’s Potential Candidacy Revenge for a Broken Heart

Lawmaker’s Collective Amnesia as Transit Cuts Loom UPDATE
(Streetsblog) When Albany slapped a Band-Aid over the MTA budget hole last spring, no one except the architects of the plan pretended that the transit system was actually on sound financial footing. As yet another day of reckoning approaches, lawmakers continue to go to bizarre extremes to avoid admitting that their slipshod funding package has failed. As the number of MTA riders goes down because of the recession Transit slidership Its chairman spins nonsense Chairman Has a Gripe With the M.T.A., and a Desire to Fix It As pols like Speaker Quinn who are responsible for the city's poor economic condition spin against cuts in programs that she knows is popular with the public. Quinn Says City Must Provide Transit Funds for Students (Tri-State Transportation Campaign) Looks like the pols want to lose the blame for higher tuition and play the same spin against the increasses with the city and state colleges Plan Would Allow SUNY and CUNY to Set Tuition *** 5 local public colleges brace for state budget cuts

Mike: Bam bank tax will wreck New York *** Obama confident on bank bailout tax

They Did it for the Money closer-than-expected victory 4.85%, spending 108 million, 10 times more than Thompson, but still awarded large pay packages to his campaign staff Trusted Aides to Bloomberg Get Big Bonuses Three top election aides to Mayor Bloomberg walked off with $400,000 each in extra *** Trusted Aides to Bloomberg Get Big Bonuses * Bloomberg spent more than $108M on third-term bid *** Bloomie's Astronomical Campaign Spending *** Corzine far outspending others in NJ race

Buying NYC Political Parties
The press see nothing wrong with the sale of New York's political parties to the highest bidder Bloomberg's price for independence: $400G True New has com paired to Organized Crime: Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (True News)

Press Learning Difficulties
After the mayor wins by only the skin of his teeth after outspending his opponent twenty to one why does the press feel that it is important that Cuomo’s War Chest Is Five Times as Big as Paterson’s Does the press really believe that a sitting gov with not get all the free media he wants during the campaign? Especially since the paper and blogs have dumb down to consider the role of a journalism it to print press releases put out by so0me flack

You Can Fool Some of the Blogs . . . But Not True News
All the Time Miringoff Marist Poll showed Bloomberg ahead by 15% a week before the primary. Why would anyone care what he thinks about the New York Senate race. The Observer Does. "And here's video of Lee Miringoff, sizing up Gillibrand and Ford". By the way why is a pollster giving political analysis? Is that no coming to a conclusion before the poll?

Dumming Down NY Schools "Failure of NYC media to notice the sharp decline in Intel Science winners is shocking. They used to celebrate the release. Now silence." - Diane Ravitch, Twiter As the Education System Fails the UFT and Albany Battle Over Control The Rev. A.R. Bernard, who is part of a group trying to open a charter school, called the Legislature's bill a "Trojan horse" *** UFT 1, Kids 0 (NYP Ed) *** Mayor Faults Bill Doubling Charter Schools *Mayor Bloomberg called the legislative charter school bill "a wolf in sheep's clothing."** Paterson To Lawmakers: Raise The Charter School Cap*** *Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver accused Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein of "dooming" the bill "solely to maintain their unchecked power to displace traditional schools from existing classroom space."

Who is Minding the Store?
With 10% unemployed which some have said is closer to 20% in some areas of the you would thing the city's top two leaders have enough to do here. Christine Quinn leads a delegation to Puerto Rico, outraged over the investigation into the death of a gay man there *** Bloomberg will join fellow mayors in Chicago today to announce a 10-city volunteer effort.

Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else
***A great big nothing: The Legislature's idea of reform isn't even a joke (DN Ed) *** Albany's Ethics Bill: First Step or Missed Opportunity? *** Financial Disclosure Changes are Inadequate
(ReformNY) *** Cartoonist’s Take on Albany Dysfunction (Adam Zyglis)

Pay to Play Politics Ex-pol crook faces 14 yrs. *** WFP on trial Dirt exposed in SI court *** Christie Gives Job to Woman Who Got $46K Loan From Him

Gov Of La Mancha Albany A prominent state Democrat said Paterson should have been working and not "dressed like an actor from 'Saturday Night Fever' over at a Jersey restaurant on a Saturday afternoon." *** Paterson's budget proposal will likely revive the wine-in-grocery stores idea and the soda tax. (Third item)
*** Sunday Dave Paterson's Latina lovely Gov gets cozy with gal in eatery New York’s Antique Divorce LawGov. David Paterson and the leaders of the New York State Legislature need to enact no-fault divorce, as every other state has done (NYT Ed) *** Walking the Walk on School ReformThe American Federation of Teachers took an important step recently by voicing support for sensible reform of teacher evaluations (NYT Ed)
*** SATURDAY Gov & Shel at war Charter turf battle over who should have the authority to OK charter schools -- could jeopardize the state's bid for $700 million in federal education funds * State Looks at Doubling Cap on Charter Schools *** Let SUNY & CUNY set own tuition, Gov. Paterson sez *** Gov. Paterson Proposes State Colleges Set Tuition (WCBS) *** Legislature, Paterson clash over charter schools*** How Progressive is the State’s Tax System? (Citizen’s Budget Commission)

Pay to Play Albany Malcolm Smith sent $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to a school he founded *** Political cockroaches Sen. Hiram Monserrate and Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. "the political undead" (NYP)
Albany Give Hiram the boot: Monserrate's fellow senators give five good reasons to unseat him (NYDN Ed) *** Mayor Bloomberg called the legislative charter school bill "a wolf in sheep's clothing."2010 Election Cuomo may announce gov bid next month *** GOP pol Bruce Blakeman thinks he's gonna outrun Gillibrand *** "If Andrew Cuomo is going to run for governor, I'd like him to say so. And if it means us urging him as Democratic leaders, then we need to have that discussion," Saratoga County Democratic Chairman Larry Bulman said *** Ford is scheduled to meet this week with state Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay * Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez has agreed to meet with Ford and is still "looking for a candidate" *** Douglas Turner thinks the campaign to protect Gillibrand has done her more harm than good *** Sen. Chuck Schumer has personally lobbied donors to help Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand *** Nearly 300 people who donated to Chuck Schumer also gave to Kirsten Gillibrand, reports Jennifer Fermino. Also, Howard Rubenstein said Schumer asked him to donate to Gillibrand, then backed off the claim *** Blakeman Announces Candidacy For Gillibrand's Senate Seat *** Krueger’s Primary Challenger Also Exploring Run On GOP, Independence Lines

Inside City Hall SI Ferry ends security freeze *** Danger in 'crossed' walk signs growing number of malfunctioning crosswalk signs that display "Walk" and "Don't Walk" symbols simultaneously *** FDNY's siren-ara to EMT Volunteers cut The Fire Department has booted the city's volunteer ambulance companies from its emergency 911 system*** FDNY hiring practices not biased, says Bloomberg *** After the Sean Bell street renaming, there's a move to block a similar renaming for a slain cop *** Cindy Adams takes a shot at Comptroller John Liu: "Don't get the idea he's conceited. I only want you to know that on his last birthday he sent his parents a congratulations e-mail."

Food Aid Gets In, but Well Short of Need *** Experts Mull U.S. Role in Haiti After Cameras *** Machete-wielding gangs stalk Haiti's streets *** Haiti No Stranger to Suffering - George Packer, The New Yorker *** Clinton Visits Haiti to Speed Earthquake Assistance *** Cruise Ships Dock in Haiti *** Thousands Flee Wrecked Haitian Capital -
*** Sunday After four days, brother of Queens doctor is rescued from wrecked government building in Haiti ***Aid Arrives but Stalls in Haitian Chaos *** Looting Flares Where Authority Breaks Down *** Access Limited by Damage in Capital *** How to Rebuild Haiti From Scratch - Jeffrey Sachs, Washington Post *** 2 Dominican Aid Workers Shot In Haiti During Relief Efforts*** WATCH: Wyclef Jean 'Disgusted' By Criticisms Of His Yele Haiti Foundation
Wonder boy of Port-au-Prince * Island airport chaos thwarts NY rescue teams stuck in upstate New York *** In Haiti, Rescue Is but a First Hurdle *** Patience Wears Thin as Haiti’s Desperation Grows *** Haitians Illegally in U.S. Given Protected Status *** New Meaning to the ‘Haitian’ in ‘Haitian-American’ *** Brooklyn's Tilden High School students get counseling after Haiti earthquake *** In Haiti, Resolve Among the Ruins - Bob Herbert, New York Times *** New Yorker's George Packer: What Can And Ought To Be Done To Rebuild Haiti *** U.S. is flying doctors and food to Haiti in massive earthquake relief effort (LA Times) *** Earthquake relief effort: Hillary Clinton heads to Haiti; Obama, Bush, Bill Clinton 'united' to help ***Elite NY team finally lands in stricken Haiti *** UN: Haitian quake worst due to government... *** Struggle for food turns violent *** George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Release a Joint PSA *** Alive! NY team rescues 4 from Haiti horror *** Obama's Newsweek Cover Story: 'Why Haiti Matters'

Law and Order Hit-run tears off part of gal’s leg *** Big Tobacco Makes Secret Plea To Avoid Payout *** Bronx Diner Owner, Alleged Accomplice Arrested For Arson *** Search Continues For Manhattan Rape Suspect *** Search Continues For Manhattan Rape Suspect *** Three Injured In Harlem Hit-And-Run *** Police Search For Suspect In Queens Subway Assault
***SATURDAY Phony NYPD cop in LI robberies ***Shooter's Waldorf story *** Gambino associate busted over cellphone swipe: cops *** Savage killer' comment angers defense in Linda Stein trial *** NBA star Gilbert Arenas pleads guilty to gun possession *** City Destroys Seized Counterfeit Clothes (Associated Press) *** Does Youth Crimes Surge Belie Low Crime Statistics? (Village Voice) *FBI Used Spaniard's Photo for Bin Laden Poster** Times Square billboard to display nation's most wanted

Terrorism United States Attorney Plans Drug-Terrorism Unit *** Schumer, Citing ‘Failures,’ Wants Airport Breaches Investigated *** Review of Jet Bomb Plot Shows More Missed Clues *** Haitian evacuee 'looking to find taxi,' but caused JFK chaos
*** Sunday J.F.K. Terminal Evacuated After Breach *** JFK security breach *** Haitian evacuee arrested for tripping alarm at JFK airport; sparked two-hour delay *** Haitian community in Brooklyn still in shock over quake *** For Antiterror Chief, a Rough Week Ahead as Hearings Begin *** CIA Informant Too Good to Be True *** Death Sentence for 'Chemical Ali'
*** NYPD/FDNY rescue team pulls two victims to safety in Haiti *** Bringing the Military's Might to Aid Haiti *** Haiti's Leaders Struggle for Control
Major Hasan’s Smooth Ascension In response to the Fort Hood massacre, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has rightly called for widespread reforms to root out potential security threats within the military (NYT Ed) *** Pentagon: Army brass failed to hold down fort *** Report rips Army in wake of Ft. Hood massacre *** Protect those who serve: Fort Hood slaughter shows lax security in armed forces *** Care, deeply, from home: Celebrity visitors shouldn't get in way of Haitian relief effor *** Why Intelligence Keeps Failing - Herbert Meyer, American Thinker *** Ft. Hood Massacre Report Gutless & Shameful - Ralph Peters, New York Post *** JFK Terminal Evacuated After Security Breac *** FBI Releases New Photos in Search for Osama Bin Laden
White House Fewer Americans think Obama has advanced race relations, poll shows - *** What Didn’t HappenPresident Obama’s troubles result from misjudgments: the stimulus was too small; banking policy wasn’t tough enough; and he didn’t shelter himself from criticism (Krugman NYT) *** He Doesn’t Miss Limelight, but Bush Is Back in It *** Lupica: Not how Bam pictured he'd be celebrating first year *** Obama makes plea to keep Ted Kennedy's seat in hands of Dems *** Obama Rose Above Drama Against Slipshod '08 - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg *** E.J. Dionne Jr. - Mass. Senate race's lesson for Obama - *** His Agenda At Risk, Obama Stumps in MA - Kane & Vick, Washington Post *** Obama: The Man or the Movement? - Joan Walsh, Salon *** The Roots of Obama Worship - James Ceaser, Weekly Standard
*** Sunday Obama stumps on behalf of Coakley in last-ditch effort *Bam stumps for Coakley in effort to save Senate supermajority ** Obama's fateful choice: After a rough first year, he can learn like Kennedy or fail like Carter *** Access Limited by Damage in Capital *** Assessing Obama, One Year Later - Dan Balz, Washington Post *** Like Past Leaders, Obama's a Slow Starter - Dick Polman, Philly Inquirer *** ObamaCare: Union Deal is Political Payoff - Michael Tanner, New York Post *** One Year Later: Hope We Can Celebrate - Leonard Pitts, Seattle Times *** Obama's Go-to Line: 'Let Me Be Clear' - MacGillis & Farhi, Washington Post *** Obama Settled Little on Afghanistan - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times *** Michelle Obama's surprise birthday bash at Restaurant Nora *** TESTING THE PROMISE OF PRAGMATISM *** Obama tries to channel voters' anger *** Obama stumps for a desperate Democrat in Massachusetts
Obama to Campaign for Senate Candidate in Massachusetts *** In Health Talks, President Is Hands-Off No More *Why Haiti Matters - President Barack Obama, Newsweek ** Obama a Modern-Day LBJ? - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Geithner Gets a Bad Rap in the AIG Scandal - Michael Grunwald, Time *What's Still Hidden In AIG's Files?** President Should Keep Promise, Let C-SPAN in - Houston Chronicle *** WATCH: Obama Slams Banks For Selfishness In Weekly Address: 'It's A Sight To See' *** Financial Times: 'Obama Right To Clobber Wall Street' *** Voters Who Lost Faith In Dodd Wouldn't Trust Obama's Economics Team Either *** Clinton, Bush Establish Fund For Haitian Relief *** Obama: Banks Will Pay *Many Obama Pledges Unkept - AP * Russia: No agreement on Iran sanctions* U.S. Releases Secret List of Detainees

Intended to Rein in Lobbyists, Law Sends Them Underground
*** Sunday Sicker by the day: Health care reform gets a little weaker with each ugly deal
*** Massachusetts Race Tests Staying Power of Democrats *** Let Us All Now Bail Out the States? - Ross Mackenzie, Townhall *** Smarter Spending, Not Tax Cuts, in 2010 - Kyle Wingfield, Atlanta JC
*** SATURDAY Another House Democrat Bows Out Representative Vic Synder of Arkansas *** Lobbyist clients gave heavily to Murkowski campaigns *** Consumer Protection Agency in Doubt - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Sen. Reid Faces 'Big Trouble' in Nevada Race (WABC)

Mass Senate Race
Democrats Push to Salvage a Flailing Candidacy *** In Senate Race, Massachusetts Bucks a Political Stereotype *** The Bay State Lesson - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Lock on Senate is Mixed Blessing for Obama - Michael Barone, DC Examiner ***
*** Sunday n Massachusetts, voters' discontent threatens DemocratS*** Coakley Whiffs, Calls Curt Schilling Yankee Fan *** Saturday Narrow Senate Race Unnerves Democrats on Health Care *** Bill Clinton Rallies With Coakley *** Giuliani Stumps for Brown in Mass. Senate Race * Bam, Rudy stump for critical Mass. *** Massachusetts Warning: The Backlash is Coming - Jon Keller, WSJ *** Coakley's Rocky Run - Adrian Walker, Boston Globe *** Dispatch Health Care Reform Bill - Denver Post *** Democrats must get out of their bunker to stem disaster in November - *** In Mass. Race, Democrat Jump-Starts Campaign *** GOP money, troops pour into Mass. (Politico) *** Mass. Senate: It's the Bank Fee, Stupid *** Voter ire evident in Senate contest (NBC)

Health Care
Hoping It Won’t Be Needed, Democrats Ponder a Backup Plan on Health Care Bill *** Race is Referendum on Health Care, 1-Party Rule - Byron York, Examiner *** MA Seat in Jeopardy, Dems Seek HC Options - Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe *** Pass Health Care - Whatever Happens on Tuesday - Jonathan Cohn, TNR *** Medicaid Provision for Nebraska Raises Ire - Washington Post
*** Sunday Cadillac Plans An excise tax on high-cost insurance plans is the most significant measure to slow the relentless rise in health care spending (NYT Ed) * Health-tax loophole slammed "Big Labor loophole" *** Obama, Democrats near health care pact (Wash Post)
*** House Panel on Bank Bailout Broadens Its Inquiry *** Dems Seek Quick Deal on Health Bill - Lori Montgomery, Washington Post *** Special Favors for Union Members an Outrage - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze

Pay to Play Congress Probed Lobbyist Had Stake in Firms He Touted - Washington Times *** Lobbyist clients gave heavily to Murkowski campaigns *** Early 2009 Fundrasing Could Be Huge in 2010 Elections - The Hill

Political Party Coakley A Democratic Canary in a Coalmine? - Jake Tapper, ABC News

The Great Tea Party Rip-OffThe tea party movement is being exploited, not just by marketers, lobbyists and corporate interests, but by Republican Party leaders (Rich NYT) *** American Voters Want a Less Partisan Agenda - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** 2010 as 1994? Relax, Democrats - Nancy Cohen, Los Angeles Times *** The Substance Behind the Tea Parties - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
*** SATURDAY Palin gets 100G for mag cover * New York Post: Palins Made $100K For In Touch Magazine Cover** Sarah Palin and Her Tribe - Jonathan Raban, New York Review of Books *** Newsweek: Roger Ailes Is The Real Head Of The GOP *** More D.C. books controversy coming

Wall Street and the Economy
After DubaiUnless the world’s richest nations come to the rescue of weakened states, the financial crisis might sprout another leg and stop the nascent recovery in its tracks (NYT Ed) *** How Retirees Saved the BanksMore attention must be paid to the effect of the financial crisis on retirees, many of whom depend on interest income to supplement their Social Security (NYT Ed) *** Wall St. Weighs a Challenge to a Proposed Tax *** For Many Start-Ups, a Spot on the Nasdaq Is No Longer the Goal *** The Wall Street Pay Puzzle - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post *** Wall Street's Dirty Little Secret - Tunku Varadarajan, The Daily Beast * For 'Safe' Investors, a Challenging Year - Jeff Sommer, New York Times * The Great Depression and U.S. Culture - Christopher Benfey, New Republic
*** Sunday The Show Must Not Go OnSerious investigative work is needed to counter the banks’ political power and alter the course of the financial reform effort (NYT Ed) ***Bernanke and the Beast *** How to Get Americans Working Again - Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR *** Proposal Won't Change Wall Street's Behavior - Philadelphia Inquirer
*** SATURDAY U.S. Mortgage Plan Aided 7 Percent of Borrowers *** JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion *** New Ships Idle, Waiting for Cargo to Fill Them *** Is a U.S. Default Inevitable? - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Wall Street Pay to Play
Johnson & Johnson Accused of Drug Kickbacks * J&J accused of nursing home kickbacks *** New Yorkers sweet on Hershey in Cadbury fight *** Washington and Wall Street: Off the Hook - Michael Hirsh, Newsweek *** Rewarding Losers, Punishishing Winners - Larry Kudlow, RealClearMarkets *** Raj plea club growing *** Mets bigs took $8M Madoff hit
A Gangland Bus Tour, With Lunch and a Waiver *For $65, tourists get peek at Los Angeles gangland** MIT Faculty Study Finds Diversity Lacking - Boston Globe *** An Odd Couple Defends Couples That Some (Oddly) Find Odded Olson and David Boies, onetime foes who joined forces to challenge a ban of same-sex marriage, review where things stand (Dowd NYT) *** Mr. Schwarzenegger Goes to Washington - Orange County Register *** Mr. Schwarzenegger Goes to Washington - Orange County Register

Explosions rock Kabul as Taliban target Afghan presidential palace *** Man who shot Pope John Paul II released from prison *** Militants Launch Bold Attack in Central Kabul - *** Plot thickens in Yahoo!-China story *** Ukraine Vote No Victory for Russia - Yevgeny Kiselyov, Moscow Times * Chile Votes for Change - Shannon O'Neil, Forbes *
Iraq's Ban on Democracy - Pollack & O'Hanlon, New York Times * Why Beijing Is Making a Huge Mistake With Google - Daniel Gross, Slate
*** Sunday Scaling the Digital Wall in China *** China, Where U.S. Internet Companies Often Fail *** Most of Karzai's Cabinet rejected *** Democrats Fret That the Public Is Dissatisfied *** Pakistan's schools pose barriers (Wash Post) *** France moves closer to banning full Muslim veil *** Chinese Site Criticizes Investor for Its Google Support *** The Man Behind Google's China Ploy

F.D.A. Concerned About Substance in Food Packaging *** Free E-Waste Pickup Expands to Brooklyn (Metropolis) *** No Guidelines on Environmental Review Consultants (Atlantic Yards Report) *** Is it Green Leasing’s Moment? (Green Building in Gotham) *** Greenpoint owner charged with dumping sewage *** NYRA faces big fines for pollution violations

Golden Globes host bites hand that feeds him Ricky Gervais ripped into NBC, Hollywood and the Foreign Press during the show
Media and New Tech Enquirer's Edwards story beat beltway scribes at own game
*** In Hollywood, Grappling With Studios’ Lost Clout *** O’Brien Deal With NBC Said to Be Imminent*** Golden Globes guests tweak NBC *** 'Slim' Times option Billionaire Carlos Slim seems to be using his financial might to help the New York Times stop dragging its feet on whether to start charging readers for online access to the Times * Second-stringers gird for 'Super' ad debuts*** * "Jersey Shore" JWoww Set to Design Clothing Line ***Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Seeks Deeper Ties To News Corp *** 'Game-change' in journalism? (Wash Post)
Tonight Show Kimmel rips into Leno over late-night dispute on Leno's show * closer-than-expected victory, but still awarded large pay packages to his campaign staff *** Conan Monologue Trashes NBC Executives: Leno Monologue Goes After Letterman Sex Scandal (VIDEO) *** Agreement Expected in NBC’s Talks With O’Brien *** Leno Goes After Letterman's Sex Scandal In Monologue (VIDEO) *** Conan, NBC close to deal over 'Tonight Show' *** Did Conan Stiff His Staffers? *** Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien crack wise about NBC's late-night shuffling Los Angeles Times *** NBC’s Slide From TV Heights to Troubled Punch Lines *** Leno Backlash Builds (Atlantic) *** Conan goes out on top, squeaks past Dave *** NBC’s Slide to Troubled Nightly Punch Line ***'SNL' Takes On The Leno/Conan Mess (VIDEO) *** Final 9/11 holdout kin fight on for 'truth' trial *** Ratings Soar for Conan O'Brien
*** Leno Staffers: Conan Mess Not Jay's Fault *** Conan Back on TV in September?

Page 6 Oscar Race Begins at Golden Globes *** Cameron is 'King of the World' at Golden Globes
*** Sunday Toast to survival Flt. 1549 splashers flyin' high year later (NYP Ed) * Reuniting on the Hudson, but Smiling This Time *** REPORT: Tiger Woods In Sex Re ab Clinic... *** Sandra Bullock Joins Haiti Relief Effort With $1M Donation *** For Baldwin, it's not complicated
**Joan Rivers is back for the Globes - her 10 most Golden barbs ***Picture of Elvis and Nixon is worth a thousand words ***Montel's Kids: Our Dad Is 'Like A Stranger' To Us ***Elizabeth Edwards's Friends Respond To Book: It's All True