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Help Us: Extent of Devastation Slow Aid Efforts After Haiti Quake

Help Us Extent of Devastation Slow Aid Efforts After Haiti Quake Haiti quake death toll could hit '500,000' *** Haiti in Ruins; Grim Search for the Dead *** Agony Sets In as Medics Focus on the Survivors *** U.S. Mobilizes to Send Assistance to Haiti *** Media Enter Port-au-Prince *** Vast Destruction Hobbles Effort to Send Aid to Victims *** Haitians in New York Eager to Help, but Struggle With How ***New Yorkers hanging on every word *** City Vows To Help Haiti In Wake Of Earthquake *** Mother Nature does not discriminate as damage from Haiti earthquake reaches Biblical levels *** Sharpton making mercy mission to Haiti on MLK Day *** Community radio stations help worried kin get news
*** In Moment of Hope, Haiti Plunged Into Despair - Tim Padgett, Time *** What We Can Do to Help Haiti - Bill Clinton, Washington Post *** Haiti Can't Catch a Break - Miami Herald *** 150 U.N. employees missing *** Live blogging: Haiti earthquake (Wash Post) *** U.S. Special Forces Reopen Haiti's Airport *** World Rallies to Help Haiti *** Texts Raise $1.2 Million for Haiti *** “We’ve got to save every life we can,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said. (Fox News) *** Brangelina Gives $1m to Haiti

"The governor is stunned that legislative leaders would be so disrespectful to the public that only one week after he proposed a sweeping and real overhaul
of the ethics system in Albany, they would try to pass this off as anythingmore than election-year window dressing."
-- A spokesman for Paterson, after the Legislature yesterday put forward so-called ethics-reform bills that ignore the governor's demands for term limits and outside-income disclosure, among other things

Gov vs. Albany Campaign 2010
Paterson added fuel to his campaign against the corruption in Albany yesterday when he rejected the reform bill proposed by legislative leaders. Paterson hopes rally the public against senators like Daniel L. Squadron who said “It is better to have a good bil than a perfect press release. The gov believes that the public will not accept the legislators attitude that their reform agreement the agreement represented the best hope for near-term progress, especially when it came to the difficult task of convincing rank-and-file lawmakers to vote for broader scrutiny of themselves. Political insiders believe that the real problem the legislators face is not the governor but the voters Another group in danger in this reform dance is the good government groups who the governor has called power hungry. He has a case when NYPRIG says he is upset and "angry at how gov attacked us." Is it all about Blair or is it about getting a good bill to protect New Yorkers. Dick Dadey, executive director of Citizens Union said “This bill allows us to put more dots on the page and connect some of those dots” In 2005 the good government groups work with convicted crook Bruno to past another ethic bill that connected some of the dots. Albany covers its assets NYP *** Gov. Paterson blasts 'disrepectful' ethics reform bill * Lawmakers Offer Ethics Plan, but Paterson Says It Falls Short *** Paterson: You really think legislators will police themselves? (TU) ***Albany's Ethics Bill: First Step or Missed Opportunity?

Pay to Play Albany
In a court filing, Attorny General Andrew Cuomo stated that Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.’s health care network has a two-part structure that exists “to siphon off and otherwise divert money from Soundview for Mr. Espada’s own personal and political benefit.” (TU) *** Espada May Have Violated Laws, Cuomo’s Office Says *** Cuomo discovers 'graft' by Espada *** Hook this crook: Democrats must kick Pedro Espada out of state Senate leadership *** Espada said Cuomo is “using me, the state’s highest-ranking Hispanic elected official, as his personal political piñata.” (NYP)

Wall Street Plays Dumb to Wimpy Congress Guess what the congress did not do it job again yesterday. They Seem to do that a lot, repealing Glass Spiegel in 1999 and passing NAFTA that did as Ross Perot told us sucked all the jobs out of America. Do you think the congress things that Wall Street did not figure out that selling bad mortages would make tons of money. It no suprse that congress did not go after the banker. It is the bankers of Wall Street that own them with their millions in campaign contributions. Even the presidents proposed tax on big bans does not go after hedge funds investors who made millions on the subprime mortage crimes. Voices That Dominate Wall Street Take a Meeker Tone on Capitol Hill *** Few Burns for Four Bankers on the Hot Seat *** Street fighters *** House subpoenas Geithner's AIG e-mails, phone logs *** Bank CEOs: We underestimated 2008 financial crisis *** Shahien Nasiripour Bailout Watchdog: Still No Plan To Address 'Too Big To Fail' *** Daly: Many had hearts of Goldman *** Oh, 'God'! The Smirking, Scrunched Faces of Lloyd Blankfein and Pals

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Gov: Son acted like dumb teen *Gov: I'll Restore Cuts **Paterson to restore funding for schools, local governments

Breaking News Panel Finds Monserrate Unfit to Serve

Albany Monserrate Report *** Hiram: You can't boot me *** NY Racing Assoc. will open books to comptroller *** Cuomo’s lawyers will defend the senators should they be sued for expelling Sen. Hiram Monserrate. (DN) *** The Citizens Budget Commission parsed how progressive New York’s taxation system is. (CBC) *** Sen. Malcolm Smith defended the Senate’s use of regional offices. (Democrat & Chronicle) *** John Sampson "could be officially named Majority Leader as early as next month."

2010 Election New York Magazine: Pataki Biggest Threat To Gillibrand *** Cuomo to back Senate Dems in legal battle against Hiram *** Assemblyman Mike Gianaris talked to Roberto Perez about his run for the state Senate. (Perez Notes) *** Attorney General hopeful Sean Coffey has raised $1.65 million. (Politics on the Hudson) *** Rep. Carolyn Maloney's potential primary opponent, Reshma Saujani, raised $20,000 at an event hosted by the president of Facebook and co-founder of Twitter.

Inside City Hall Judge says FDNY hiring practices discriminate *Judge rips into 'racist' FDNY hiring*Judge: FDNY discriminated against black candidates * Brooklyn man on trial for tot's brutal death *** Judge Cites Discrimination in N.Y. Fire Dept. *** Aide to Leave Mayor’s Staff for a Job at His Charity *** Legal migrants fill 43% of jobs in city *** Screwy King Liuy tongue-tied *** Immigrants playing a larger role in city's economy *** Don't count on rainy-day fund, principals told *** There’s pushback among Republicans and real estate interests to the Working Families Party. (Village Voice) *** Debi Rose's campaign treasurer said he didn't know a W.F.P. spokesman was working on the campaign and getting paid. Rose declined comment * Councilwoman Debi Rose's campaign treasurer testified someone else has written affidavits to the CFB that he swore to and signed * Trial day's no party for Working Families Party in Staten Island campaign case

New York Economic Melt Down
High turnout at Tavern auction *** NYC home foreclosures still on the rise *** Rent hike kills Greek's Collegiate Food Shop

Law and Order
NY appeals judges mock 'fleeting expletives' TV policy *** Feds won't try John 'Junior' Gotti a fifth time *** DA: Manhattan drug ring flaunted gang ties on MySpace ***Prosecutor: Wealthy LI couple stole $33G from Medicaid ***Government Ends Case Against Gotti *** Tighter slay-DA security

Terror Al Qaeda Planning New U.S. Attack *** Meet Mikey, 8: U.S. Has Him on Watch List *** 'Lady Qaeda' tells judge to toss Jews from jury poolU.S.-trained scientist is accused of firing M-4 army rifle at team of American

White House Obama’s Bank Tax Seeks $90 Billion to Repay Bailout *** Clinton and Gates Returning to D.C. Because of Haiti *** Obama and Lawmakers Seek Accord on Health Care *** Justice Dept. Fights Bias in Lending *** New Official Named With Portfolio to Unite Agencies and Improve Food Safety *** Administration Loosens Purse Strings for Transit Projects *** Obama’s Bank Tax Seeks $90 Billion to Repay Bailout *** Obama to propose banks pay fee to protect taxpayers from up to $117B in bailout-related losses *** O rootin' for Tiger *** Military Lawyers Advise Delay Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal *** Obama seeking 10-year tax on banks to cover bailout gap*** President Obama halts deportations of undocumented Haitian immigrants *** President Obama to ask for $33B on top of record $708B to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq *** Obama Seizes Reins in Health Care Talks - Young and Allen, The Hill *** White House And Labor Make 'Big Strides' On Health Care *** U.S. Holds Fire in Google-China Feud (WSJ)
Congress Mass Senate Race Democratic groups outspending GOP 2-1 in Mass. Senate special election *Rattled Dems Fret Over Health of Senate Seat - Howie Carr, Boston Herald *Don't Buy Scott Brown's Glossy Veneer - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe *In Massachusetts, It's Man vs. Machine - Byron York, Washington Examiner *Money Floods Mass. Race* The 10 Percent Rules If there was a terror alert code for the special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, it would be at orange with dark tints (Collins NYT) *Democrats Fight to Hold Crucial Seat: Kennedy’s***Health Care Proposals Clash on States’ Role in Health Plans * Lieberman Disputes Reid's Account of Health Bill Wrangling *** The Capitol Hill Twitterverse *** Dodd Retirement Paying Off for Dems *** Is Health Care Reform A Sure Thing? - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** How to Heal Health Care Reform - Rep. Bart Stupak, Detroit News *** Reid Faces Battles in DC & at Home - Adam Nagourney, NY Times Magazine *** Blumenthal has big lead in Connecticut *** Reid Was Ready To Kill Bill (The Book) ***House Anger At Senate Bubbling Over On Health Care

Wall Street Wall St. Ethos Under Scrutiny at Hearing *** Agency Names 6 to Lead New Investigative Units *** Cohens' legal spat heats up *** Democrats deadlocked on health care *** The End of Wall Street Liberalism - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** Don't Like the Numbers? Change 'Em - Michael Boskin, Wall Street Journal *** Big Bonuses Return to Wall Street - USA Today *** December retail sales fall *** Retail sales unexpectedly fall *** SEC Proposes 'Naked Access' Ban *** Retail Sales See Biggest Drop In 27 Years
National Texas Shuts Door on Millions in Education Grants *** Decision Promised Soon on Cape Cod Wind Farm

Google in ChinaIf Google pulls out of China, the nation will suffer because of its inability to access vast stores of knowledge (NYT Ed) *Google attack part of campaign Wash Post *Google's Capitol idea*Good for Google - Washington Post* Google Takes a Stand By refusing to censor search results in China, Google is showing spine — a kind that few other companies or governments have shown toward Beijing (Kristof NYT) *** China Cautions Internet Companies *** The Chinese Disconnection **France Offers Google a Deal: Digital Books for a Tax to Support Music *** Sarkozy: Ban the Veil

Media and New Tech
NY1 cuts ties with former anchor Carter * NY1 axes wife-beat reporter*NY1 severs ties with convicted political reporter* ‘Idol’ Creator Plans to Start New Business *** Jerry Seinfeld won't host NBC show *** Yahoo!, AP content deal near *** Vogue Staffers May Be Forced To Ride Subwa *** "Project Runway" Celebrates Return To NYC *** Law & Order' puts lady twist on Letterman saga Tonight Show Leno emerging as bad guy in NBC-Conan feud *Dave Knocks NBC Execs: 'Pinheads,' 'Nitwits' And 'Twits'** Leno Ratings Disaster: Drastic Drop In Local News Audiences *** WATCH: Conan Rips Leno As Hosts Turn On Each Other *** Can a Man Survive 60 Hours of Cable News? *** Andy Rooney Turns 91 With No Intention Of Retiring *** ANCHORS RUSH IN: Networks Rush TV Stars To Haiti

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