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SUNDAY UPDATE More Mud Fight Than Senate Race

More Mud Fight Than Senate Race

NYPost Pressocratic Club Newsletter
The NYP which is always ailed with the Mayor is pushing for a Harold Ford candidacy. Today's NYP editorial ask the question why is Gilly's people so afraid of a primary What are they so afraid of?. Besides the fact she was appointed by an appointed governor and has changed many of her positions like gun control and the Wall Street bailout. The NYP says in spite of the attacks by the political insider Harold's Ford tough Won't be 'bullied' out of Gilly raceThe paper even took a shot at Gillibrand main supporter Schumer secretly backed Bam as he 'supported' Hillary Clinton: claim. This could wind up as a fight between the old New York democratic insider vs the Bloomberg money machine. * Spitzer rips Paterson for Gillibrand pick *** Ford Says He Won’t Be Bullied by Allies of Gillibrand (NYT) *** New book claims Schumer favored Bam before Hillary (DN)
*** Sunday In its Sunday edition the NYP continued it push for Ford with a biography of it candidate Harold. In one of the longest political stories ever published in the Post we learn “Jr.” — as he is known in his native Memphis is the scion of a political dynasty; there, the Fords are considered the black Kennedy's, their funeral home “the mothership” of community outreach. The first stage in any campaign is to let the public know all about the candidate life. The second stage of a good campaign is also being performed in this NYP long article -- get all the negatives out about your candidate before your opponents do. We learn in article that Ford had some aunt who was a state senator who was indicted for stuffing the ballot box, more importantly we learn of an ad know as “Call me” "badly damaged him is his losing senate race in 2006 in Tennessee. The ad featured a blond white woman leering into the camera, begging Harold Jr. to do just that. The ad played on several themes: Ford Jr.’s reputation as a womanizer; his attendance at a Super Bowl party sponsored by Playboy; and, of course, the old miscegenation trope — playing on racist fears that a black man is coming for white women. The Call Me ad Video. Positive Ford ads from the senate race may not sit well with the coalition he needs to win in New York Harold Ford Ad - Faith and Church Video * More Ads Harold Ford Ad "Kick the Dog" *** New Generation Education -- Harold Ford Jr. Ad Talk Show Fighter Will give New York the hardest hitting campaign it ever had. Harold Ford Jr. on Phil Gramm's "nation of whiners" remark * Harold Ford Jr. takes McCain to task *** The Senate Race *** Republican Cesspool Politics *** "Take the Gloves off" *** Harold Ford, Jr. Rally
Sunday Talk Show Romer Calls Big Bonuses to Bankers 'Offensive'ABC News *** Sunday's Roundtable: Mitchell & Todd (MSNBC) *** This Sunday: Kaine vs. Steele (MSNBC) *** Also Sunday: Exclusive! Arnold Schwarzenegger (MSNBC) *** Roundtable: Intel Review: The Fallout (ABC) *** Roundtable: Economy, Health Care (ABC) *** This Week' Transcript: Christina Romer, George Will, Liz Cheney, Al Hunt, Judy Woodruff and Robert Reich (ABC) *** Will Reid's Gaffe Hurts Dems In 2010? (CBS) *** George Will Battles Liz Cheney On Racism And Terrorism (VIDEO) *Role Reversal: Lieberman Defends Obama From McCain** TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post) More Sunday Breaking News Hillary Doesn't Believe Chuck Double-Cross Tale *** Paterson: Don't Like Gillibrand? Run Yourself *** 'Game Change': The freak show (Politico) *** Iran Makes U.S. an Offer

Kings Race for Senate would Tear Obama and the City Apart Long Island Congressman Peter King who has made a career setting himself up for offices he never runs for, may finally have found and issue that the national republicans will make him run. King who said last year he would not run for senate before he said later in the year he might consider it has found fire. The congressman when on radio today with the GOP response to Obama Saturday address and proposed a Pushed for a Bill To Block City's 9/11 Trial. If King runs on that issue alone against a democratic who the White House would lock in(like they have all NY dems) to supporting the trial would have a great opportunity to win. King and the GOP are betting that by the time of the election next November New Yorkers will be so sick of watching defense attorneys for the accused terrorist play the media for the sucker the republican candidate would be a lock for New York. The Terrorist attorneys are already at it Queens Man Pleads Not Guilty To Charges Of Receiving Al-Qaida Training *** Sunday Queens terror suspect denies all

We Must Do Something! Harrumph!
Senator Lautenberg, of New Jersey, said he was hoping that the United States attorney’s office would consider bringing federal charges because the penalty Mr. Jiang is facing, “is hardly noteworthy and would not discourage people who want to break through the perimeter.” What the senator missed was that his role as a federal lawmaker for the past generation he could have easily passed a law to make what happen in Newark Airport a serious federal crime. It seems the senators are trying to make it look like they are fighting terrorist by press conferences where they act concerned, rather than preforming their overbite duties making sure the CIA and Homeland Security follow the 911 recommendations and connect the dots Alleged Newark Airport Trespasser Fined * Democrats Will Shield Napolitano * Lawmakers Want Tougher Penalties For Newark Breach (WCBS)

Gov. David Paterson talks tough on ethics panel, demands independent commission Paterson, on "NOW," accused legislators of seeing themselves "in a cocoon that cannot be penetrated by public opinion." * Dave's best shot: Paterson needs to exercise the governor's full budget powers *** Paterson Demands Independent Ethics Panel *** Cartoonist’s Take on Albany Ethics Reform (Matt Davies) *** Paterson Demands Independent Ethics Panel (WNBC) *** Analysis: Cuomo Favored, But Is He Running? (WCBS) *** Good-Government Groups Bristle At Paterson Attacks (WCBS) * The voice of change? (TU) *** Paterson draws ire of 'pals' Good government groups question why they would be part of ethics reform

OTB Vs Lotto OTB steps up to bar with betting kiosks True News UnpluggedOTB's Road to Bankruptcy

Media Moral Forgiveness Roulette
Obama accepts Reid's apology Don Imus looks on in envy * Glenn Beck draws fire from civil rights leaders over African-American flap * Reid After Trent Lott's Resignation In 2002: 'He Had No Alternative' Tiger Woods and Dominic Carter look on with envy * CBS Says Business as Usual With Charlie Sheen* Carter's son told of 'blood' *** NYPD's Safir skates after hitting pregnant gal Sgt. Joseph Spiekerman looks on with envy NYC Cop Hits Pedestrian, Charged With Drunk Driving * 'Friend of PBA' cards for sale

Out of Town Editorials Full-body scanners a help, but no panacea (Boston Globe) * Change redistricting to put reform on the map (Chicago Sun Times) *** Connecting the terrorist dots of 2009 (Christian Science Monitor) * Editorial: Terrorism aside, China now the great U.S. challenge (Dallas Morning News) * Reforms can safely cut prison population and state costs (Detroit Free Press) * A shaky starting point for state budgetThere is no way to bridge a $20 billion budget gap without pain and controversy. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled out a 2010-11 (SF Chronicle) *** Review of Christmas attack shows disturbing complacency (USA Today)

WS $$$ Depends Which Side of the Boat Your On In term of the NY's Budget Wall Street Bonuses are a god send New York Governor Paterson defends Wall Street bonuses In terms of morality Wall Street Bonuses: Just Sickening or Truly Revolting? (Gothamist)

To Big to Fail
Mayor Bloomberg's Family Foundation takes hit; Investments with Rattner firm flame out Who is Steve Ratner? Who's Afraid of Steve Rattner? Everyone? *** *** Follow the Pension Money: NY Magazine Hangs Morris, Rattner Richardson Not Involved? * Pension Fund Scandal Expands: Rattner's Ties To Bill Richardson *** N.Y. Attorney General probes Steven Rattner, Obama's outgoing auto ... *** Steven Rattner - $82850 in Political Contributions for 2008 *** Did Auto Czar Steve Rattner Help Scam New York Pensioners

Inside City Hall
Lacking class UFT sued the city Department of Education last week, charging rampant classroom overcrowding (NYP) *** 180G retirement Tops among city's pension jackpot *** Caring EMT tried to help in tragedy *** Scrap this junk lawsuit against the campaign of newly elected Councilwoman Debi Ross (Louis DN) *** City spends green to become greener
7 charter schools to get OK as state nears limit of 200 *** Rose sworn in as S.I. councilwoman *** A 'vivacious new voice' on the City Council: Debi Rose is sworn in (SI Advance)*** Administration Said to Bargain in Bad Faith on Armory (Bronx News Network) *** How Design Can Help New York (GOOD via CEOs for Cities)
New York Economic Melt Down Dying 13 hrs. too soon cost $3 mil in taxes *** Forbes gets its shrink on *** Economy sinks, New Yorkers turn dollars to lottery dreams *In Sour Economy, Biggest Gambler at Foxwoods Is the Casino Itself** Muss has interesting definition of "affordable"
*** Saturday

Duke 5th Ave. manse goes on block *** DC at-tax Wall St. *** StuyTown default worries 5,000 tenants *** An Old Synagogue Downsizes in a Desperate Bid to Keep Itself Alive *** Stuy Town: First Tremor of the Coming Financial Earthquake? (The Atlantic) *** Creating Affordable Housing from Failed Luxury Projects (The American Prospect) *** State Spending Much Higher than National Average (NY Fiscal Watch) *** The City Needs a New Economic Strategy (Newsweek) *** The Painful Education of Real Estate Scion Rob Speyer (Business Week)

Albany Race to the Race: Legislature must strengthen charter schools in push for gov't funds (DN Ed) *** L.A. charter schools flex their educational muscles (LA Times) *** Gov. Paterson threatens to raise taxes on cigarettes Law and Order 12-yr.-old boy found stabbed *Cops: 12-Year-Old Boy Stabbed and Tossed from Car** Mike campaigners' tailor-made jobs *** Trial set to begin in murder of slain Linda Stein *** Twitter becomes key evidence in case after Jameg Blake charged with murdering friend, cops say *** NYC Trial for Assistant in Ex-Punk Manager Slaying *** Teen Charged With Slashing 12-Year-Old *** S.I. Teacher Struck By Car Dies *** Still no apology for pregnant Bx. woman who was hit by ex-Police Commish Howard Safir's SUV *** Missouri Police Rescue New Jersey Kidnapping VictimCar service driver shot dead *** Bills' Marshawn Lynch accused of stealing $20 from cop's wife: report *** B'klyn stickups probed as Jew-hate spree *** Ex-Police Official Backs Car Into Pregnant Woman *** G.O.P. Aide Is Charged in Violent Family Fight *** Boy busted for convenience mart stick-up with toy gun: cops *** Car service driver shot to death in Queens: cops *** Former City Police Commissioner Injures Woman With SUV *** Livery Cab Driver Shot, Killed In Queens *** Police: Ex-NYPD Commissioner Hit Woman, Drove Off *** NYPD Probes Possible Bias Robberies FOX 5 New York *** Bandits target Hassidic Jews in Brooklyn (WABC)

More City News Cabby drives hours to return lost 10G *** Russia scandal looms over top city socialite's storybook rise *** City Holds Annual "Mulchfest" for Christmas Trees *** New Galleries Won't Bring Mohammed To The Met *** Hundreds Participate in Annual 'No Pants Subway Ride' *** A Tense Landing at Newark Airport *** Tanker Reports Rupture off NY *** Captain Sully Relives Hudson Miracle (TMZ)
*** Saturday

Homeless in California, but Top Dogs in New York *** Barrett: Watching Al Sharpton Operate at the Percy Sutton Funeral (Village Voice) *** Sneak Peek: Inside the New Brooklyn Flea

Terror Airport kisser a fool for love: pals *** Queens Man Is Accused of Getting Qaeda Training *** Newark airport nuisance not a thug, just wanted a hug *** Critics rip the weakest link in air safety - the TSA *** Daly: From Flushing High student to suspected terrorist *** WATCH: 'SNL' Takes On Terror Tactics In Yemen *** Al-Qaeda's New Strategy - Bruce Hoffman, Washington Post *** Hold the Hysteria, al-Qaeda's Latest Attack Failed - Peter Beinart, Time *** An 'Isolated Extremist'? - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard *** Yemen's president open to dialogue with al-Qaida Washington Post *** 'Jihad' jitters at Met
*** U.S. Released Radical Cleric *** Britain's Grade-School Jihadists *** Report: Radical Imam Detained at JFK Airport in 2002 (Fox News) *** Bomber's betrayal shows spy challenge for West (Reuters) *** CIA attacker struck before search (Wash Post) *** Al-Qaeda's New Grand Strategy - Bruce Hoffman, Washington Post
*** Saturday Zazi pal pleads not guilty to terror training charges (Subway bomber) *Queens Man Is Charged In Terror Case*In video, CIA bomber calls for attack on U.S. *** Cops nail Newark scare guy *A ‘Romantic’ Now in Trouble Over an Airport Kiss** Union: TSA guard in Newark security snafu a 'model employee' *** Video Links Taliban in Pakistan to Attack on C.I.A. *** For Immigrants, New Travel Concerns *** 88, Count ’EmWith 88 committees and subcommittees claiming authority in homeland security, it is time to reform Congressional oversight of the program (NYT Ed) *** Cops nab Rutgers romeo in Newark terminal terror scare*** Three with suspected Zazi ties attended Flushing HS *** Killing Freedom and Cartoonists - Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times *** Terror Fight Requires Intel Accountability - Sen. John Kerry, Boston Globe *** Lessons of the Christmas Bombing Plot - Stuart Taylor, National Journal *** Newark Airport Security Breach Suspect Stays Quiet (WINS) *** Officials Hid Deaths in Immigrant Jails *** CIA Bomber Vowed Revenge

White House The Label Factor: Is Obama a Wimp or a Warrior? *** Captain Obvious Learns the Limits of Cool President Obama is no doubt on top of the Christmas terror crisis in terms of studying it top to bottom. But his inner certainly creates an outer disconnect (Dowd NYT) *** Inside Obama’s War on Terrorism (NYT Magazine) *** White House counterterror adviser John Brennan: Out of the shadows and into the spotlight *** Bill Clinton On Obama: 'A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Getting Us Coffee' *** Obama Can't Say Who We're at War With - Mark Steyn, OC Register *** For Obama, a Tough Year - Dan Balz, Washington Post *** Is Gruber the Armstrong Williams of This WH? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air *** Golden No Longer - George Will, Washington Post *** Eventually, Obama Will Have to Raise Taxes - Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta J-C *** Mixed Messages on CIA Methods *** Getting out message gets harder (Wash Post) ***Doyle McManus: Connecting the intelligence dots will require clout (LA Times) *** Obama to visit House Dems next week *** Revelations From The Campaign (60 Minutes) *** Israelis reject US loan 'threat' BBC News*Time to Return to War Against Terrorism - Paul Mirengoff, DC Examiner ** Military Is Deluged in Intelligence From Drones *** Don't Bomb Iran's Hopes for Change - Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail
*** Saturday
Hill's push to map out Palestinian state * Obama Zeros In on Health Care** O's economy 'power' play *** The Caucus: New Book Relives 2008 Campaign *Juicy Campaign Chronicle Tells All** On radio, Bam makes final pitch for healthcare bill *Obama Says Benefits From Health Care Overhaul Would Be Immediate** President Obama can't run Vacation Administration in times of a national crisis *** At war -- maybe '(NYP Ed) *White House Aides Said to Chafe at Slow Pace of Afghan Surge** Hill warned O of Bill 'circus' *** Grand jury begins WH gate crashers probe: report *** Feeding More Fat to Obese U.S. Intelligence - Ralph Peters, New York Post *** Obama Finds His Inner Outrage - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Obama's Transparent Insincerity on Health Care - Rich Lowry, NRO *** Carter's Legacy - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones *** Obama Looks Cynical - Peter Wehner, Commentary *** Obama Should Take Questions From Reporters - Washington Post *** Mullen: No U.S. Troops to Yemen *** DETAILS: The Fall Of John Edwards *** Sanctioning Iran may get trickier (Washington Post) *** U.S. Moves to Support Iran Opposition (WSJ) *** Jobs Report Raises Pressure on Obama (WS) *** If Peter Orszag Is So Smart, What Will He Do Now?
Congress Some Democrats want to rein in the filibuster - *** Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points Boston Globe *** Report: Health costs up slightly under Senate bill Washington Post *** The Other Plot to Wreck America The financial crash precipitated by the failure of Lehman Brothers was the banking industry’s 9/11. Without reform, another massive attack on our economic security is guaranteed (Rich NYT) *** When Politicians Call It Quits *** The First Senator From the Tea Party? *** Truth-telling on terror: Congress must write new laws for new kind of war (DN Ed) *** Pete King Gives GOP Address *** My Decision - Sen. Chris Dodd, Hartford Courant **Brown, Coakley Mix it Up on Trail - Fargen & Smiley, Boston Herald * MA Senate: PPP: Brown 48, Coakley 47 | Globe: Coakley 53, Brown 36 *** More Wasteful Spending is Not the Answer - Investor's Business Daily *** GOP chief: Reid should step down as Senate leader Washington Post *Report: Health costs up slightly under Senate bill*Poll: Coakley up 15 points (Boston Globe) *Reid fights for life; Steele calls for resignation (Politico) *Just How Close Is The Race For Kennedy's Seat? (TPN) *Pelosi's uphill health bill battle (Politico) *PAPER: Harry Reid hits new low in poll...* Health Reform, the States and Medicaid The House and Senate leaders should look for ways to lessen the Medicaid burden on hard-pressed state budgets — and ensure that relief is fairly apportioned (NYT Ed)
*** Saturday
Public option appears doomed **Harry Reid's Apology Tour* Reid Apologizes for Remarks About Obama *Sen. Harry Reid says sorry to President Obama for 'no Negro dialect' remark** Jobs and PoliticsThis year’s midterm elections may push Congress and the White House to enact a robust job-creation agenda (NYT) *** Unions Rally to Oppose a Tax on Health Insurance *** Pete King Gives GOP Address *** Washington Needs Dose of Common Sense - Larry Kudlow, RealClearPolitics *** More Wasteful Spending is Not the Answer - Investor's Business Daily *** Government health insurance option appears doomed *** Bill Clinton to visit Mass. to stump for Coakley *** Democrats Without 60 (NY Magazine) ***Go Inside the Battle Over Global Warming (Rolling Stone)

Pay to Play Congress
Dingells and GM illustrate limits of congressional conflict-of-interest rules Washington Post
Political Party
In Primary Battles, the G.O.P. Takes On Itself *** Self-Centered Steele Bashes His Own Party - Robert Costa, NRO *** Dems Try to Finish Filibuster *** As GOP grumbles, race shields Steele *** Romney Voted In MA Election Using Son's Address *** McCain Aide: Palin Thought Candidacy Was 'God's Plan'
*** Saturday
G.O.P. Grief and Grieving - Charles Blow, New York Times *** Michael Steele Travels Through Time *** RNC chairman makes waves (Washington Times)

Wall Street Time for Tim to go! Geithner's overstayed his welcome: Wall St. honchos *** Banks Prepare for Bigger Bonuses, and Public’s Wrath *** Are They Really? Wall Street has a lot to apologize for, but contrition would be more convincing if it came with accountability (NYT Ed) *** Recession Generation - Rana Forohar, Newsweek *** Market Bubble Blows Ever Bigger - The Economist *** Banks Ready for Bonus Backlash *** Feds: Unemployed Are Waiting Too Long For Benefits (NPR) *** Shrinking U.S. Labor Force Keeps Rate From Climbing Above 10%... *Hard times will shape ‘recession generation’ (MSNBC)** Hank Greenberg Tells WSJ Goldman Sachs Is Responsible for AIG's Collapse *** Debit-card debate: Use a PIN or sign? Either way it will cost you *** Wall Street Triage: Was Lehman Sacrificed So That AIG Had To Be Bailed Out? *** U.S. Bankers Are Fed Up With British Regulations
*** Saturday

UBS sells 299 Park stake *** No big boost for Best Buy *** For Top Bonuses on Wall Street, 7 Figures or 8? *** Ford’s Bet: It’s a Small World After All *** Bloomberg - the Company - Helps Commercial Real Estate *** Failing Like a Buggy Whip Maker? Better Check Your Simile *** What Really Happened with Goldman & AIG? - Holman Jenkins, WSJ *** Goldman Shouldn't Pay a Penny in Bonuses - Simon Johnson, New Republic *** Market Bubble Blows Ever Bigger - The Economist *** 2010 Consumer Electronics Show features less gloom than 2009's Washington Post *** Can AIG Be Saved? (WSJ Ed)

N. Ireland's sexy 'Mrs. Robinson' *** China Becomes Biggest Exporter *** Who’s Sleeping Now? At the end of the first decade, the most important thing to happen was not the Great Recession, but China’s Green Leap Forward (Friedman NYT) *** Egypt Discovers New Tombs Near Pyramid *** Iran's opposition spreads to heartland *** China Tops Germany as Biggest Exporter *** Afghans losing hope after 8 years of war (MSNBC) *** Israel to construct barrier along Egyptian borderBBC News *** Iran Makes U.S. an Offer *** U.S. To Store $800 Mil in Emergency Gear in Israel
*** Saturday
Government Is in Peril as Scandal Rocks Ulster ** Karzai Nominates New Cabinet* President Karzai Gets Another TryPresident Hamid Karzai should act quickly to assemble a stronger cabinet that can begin urgently needed reforms in Afghanistan (NYT) *** Cartel thug's face skinned, stitched to soccer ball in Mexico *** Irish parliamentarian, 60, to quit after affair with boy, 19 *** Chavez Devalues Currency *** Is Sudan Moving Back to the Brink of War?(Time Magazine)

National Even with austere budget plan, California counts on federal funds - *** Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California *** Reid Apologizes for Remarks on Obama’s Color and ‘Dialect’ *** Quake Rattles Northern California Coast *** D.C. region in dire budget straits *** California banks on federal funds (Wash Post) *** Six years later, Schwarzenegger's focus is still jobs (LA Times)
*** Saturday

Invitation to DisasterThe states, which are in the worst fiscal shape since the Depression, will face draconian cuts if they do not receive substantial new federal help (Herbert NYT) *** Schwarzenegger Begs for Cash*** Unruly Passengers Plague Skies *** Cash Strapped Hawaii Can't Afford Congressional Election *** Ballot Issues Attest to Anger in California *** California Deficit: Arnold Has to Make "Sophie's Choice"(Times Magazine) *** Florida Battling Record Cold Temperatures

Media and New Tech The party's at Moe's: The Simpsons are celebrating their 20th TV anniversary (DN Ed) *** Local hip-hop artists find rare success from YouTube *** Could 2010 the end of 'American Idol'? *** The Roger Ailes-Murdoch Children Feud *** The Worst Job In News (VIDEO) ***CES 2010: Explosion In eReader Development *** TCA Press Tour: CBS chief says Jay Leno mess has 'bruised' TV industry Los Angeles Times *** Google: Blame America for Crisis *** Roger Ailes' Profit Machine*** Will Sunday shows ever change? (Politico)
*** British journalist killed in Afghanistan (CNN) *** Apps, apps, everywhere apps *** CBS Says Letterman, Ferguson Contract Extensions Into '12 Are `Very Close' (WSJ) *** Stephanopoulos Admits Oops With Giuliani's 9/11 Amnesia *** NBC confirms 'Jay Leno Show' leaving primetime Entertainment Weekly *** ABC News Almost Paid Balloon Boy Family $10,000: Report
*** Times to Turn Over Local Brooklyn Blog to CUNY J-School *** NBC Will Lose Money Broadcasting Winter Olympics... *** Maureen Dowd: 'Where Is My Jewish Husband?' (Forward) *** NBC confirms cancellation of 'The Jay Leno Show' at 10 p.m. *** Diane Sawyer In Afghanistan *** What Defines an E-Reader? PC World *** Hot gadgets at show: Wireless charging, iPhone TV AP *** NBC Orders Pilot Episodes *** The TMZ NBC Contract Game *** 'Avatar' becomes 2nd highest grossing movie
Enjoy watching Peacock eat crow *** Thiel gets a tanning Facebook angel's hedge fund fell 25% in 2009 *** Conan may be Jay-walking * Conan To Fox?** Yahoo! CEO: I'll take a B- **Cower in Fear Before Your Master: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes * A Fox Chief at the Pinnacle of Media and Politics Roger Ailes *Roger Ailes' Profit Machine**ArtsBeat: In Late-Night Fight, an ABC Salvo ***Giuliani’s Misstatement, but Stephanopoulos’s Red Face*** Rupert Murdoch vs. the Internet - Jason Kirby & Katie Engelhart, Macleans ***]Google Is Word of the Decade** Marvel sues to keep Spider-Man, X-Men copyrights AP *** CBS chief: Failed Leno/NBC experiment boosted CBS ***Conan Skewers NBC In Monologue (VIDEO) ***O'Brien Mulls Leaving NBC ***Court Skeptical of FCC's Comcast Ruling ***Google Seeks to Tap Power Markets ***The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show