Friday, January 8, 2010

Pols Blue Wall of Silence Enabled By the Media

Pols Blue Wall of Silence Enabled By the Media

Yesterday's charge by Paterson that were was a blue Wall of Silence similarly to the cops code of never going after corrupt cops was not reviewed or analysed into today papers. The gov made this charge on a radio show.Albany's 'Blue Wall Of Silence' In fact the NYT has not even written today about the governors speech. What Paterson was talking about was that not one Albany pol has said a word against any of their disgraced members convicted of corruption. Come to think of it either has Paterson until after his handlers come to the conclusion that the only way for him to win was by running against the corrupt in Albany. Both the NYP and DN stories were about the governor and did not have one comment from any of the pols his reforms would effect. It is interesting how the newspapers allow the Albany gang to hide from the public and go behind closed doors and craft a bill with more holes than the Detroit bombers underwear. It is even more interesting how the papers could act this way when their own editorial boards scream out for change in Albany. Why do the papers protect the pols Blue Wall of Silence even when they have written thousands of stories about the cops wall of silence and organized crime wall of silence? True News began pointing out the political wall of silence last may The Political Wall of Silence: Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, McLaughlin Goes to Jail

NYP Mark my words: gov "judge him by what he says --- not by what he gets done -- and accused reform groups of being "drunk with power." "I don't think it's an issue of what percentage of proposals you pass," he continued. "It's: Are you fighting for the things that will make life better for New Yorkers?" * DN Gov. Paterson: Judge me by what I'm fighting for, not by my record in Albany
The Little Train That Can't No money for bus passes for students but tons for public relations flacks to try to make the leadership team of the MTA look like that are doing something goodMTA Chair Takes Aim At Bus Lane Blockers Pay to Play Albany more money from taxi lobbyist for the legislators to stop the MTA Chair Urges Albany To Allow Cameras On Bus Lanes

Geithner's NY Fed told AIG to keep quiet on deals * Fed Advice to A.I.G. Scrutinized * Tim's troubles *** NY Fed Told AIG to Limit Disclosure - David Cho, Washington Post

Page 1 China overtakes US as world's biggest car market * Job Reports Send Global Stocks Lower (NYT) * Economy loses 85K jobs, unemployment rate steady * U.S. Job Losses in December Dim Hopes for Quick Upswing *** New York Commercial Real Estate Plummets *** Stuy Town in Major "Technical Default" Trouble *Stuyvesant Town Owner Tishman Speyer Defaults on Mortgage Numbers * Bloomberg Flips on Stuy Town More on Stuy Town's Melt Down

Insiders Choose NY Senator Not the Voters The White House having convinced Carol Maloney and other congressmembers from the New York delegation not to take on the weak apointed Gillibrand the Speaker of the House is not telling the out of townees not to run Reid's plea to Mike: Don't buy this Ford!(NYP) *** Gillibrand's seat in play ***New York Politicians at Odds Over Harold Ford Jr. *** Missing bolts, faulty planks mar new Boardwalk * Nadler: NY Sen. Ford Would Be 'A Disaster' *** Democrats Anxious Over a Once-Safe Seat - *** NARAL Uses Ford's Words Against Him * Ford Gets A Spokesman, Makes A Statement *** Turning The Immigration Tables On Ford *** Council committee chairmanships are starting to become public

Gov of La Mancha Albany Seeking Grants, Paterson Urges Education Changes *Paterson submits bill on doubling the state's charter schools and boosting federal funding ** Gov favors unlimited charters *** Gov. David Paterson's tough talk questioned *** Reform of local courts seems unlikely * "The way the law is currently structured, that's not happening," said UFT President Michael Mulgrew in response to the governor's call to eliminate the charter school cap *** Paterson Proposes Legislation to Get Federal Ed Funds *** In Paterson’s Jobs Program, a Rival to New Jersey? *** Ethics Tit For Tat

Pay to Play Albany Assemblyman Mike Spano testified before the grand jury that handed up indictments in a Yonkers corruption case this week.

Election 2010 Molinari may take aim at Gillibrand - with Rudy's help *** One day after Harold Ford Jr. registered to vote in New York, his name was floated as a Senate candidate *** From Tennessee: "Even though he hasn’t lived in Shelby County nor spent much time here at all, Ford was registered and voting here until 2008!" *** The Post: "Steve Israel, too, should think about rejoining the fight." *** Harry Reid told Michael Bloomberg not to back Ford (who lunched with Bradley Tusk and Doug Schoen) *** Chuck Schumer met with Ford to ask him not to run, but Al Sharpton is open to the idea ***3PM Ford Says He Won’t Be ‘Bullied’ by Senator’s Allies

New York's Economic Melt Down Manhattan office sales plummet 76% in 2009 ***Further Slide Seen in N.Y. Commercial Real Estate ***Partners Near Default on Stuyvesant Town *** Lawmaker predicts MTA student fares won't be cut *** Boymelgreen to be booted from his HQ *** Layoffs for Queens restaurant supplier *** City uninsured over 1 million *** Mom's Web site turns up heat on slumlords *** City pension funds rebound from 2008 banking crisis, back over $101B *** New York's Big Buildings Command Small Prices*** Foreclosures now hitting middle and upper class\ *** Unraveling the Mystery of 'Affordable' Housing *** Couple Collects Cans to Pay for Wedding *** Bill de Blasio: "[W]e essentially end up subsidizing some owners of big businesses to mistreat workers."

Inside City Hall
Deal Made to Monitor Brooklyn Hospital ***EMT-shun gal had 'asthma' *** Bloomy hires Pataki's kid *** City Council Committees, So Far *** City pension funds hit $101 billion today, but Bloomberg aides say "it will do nothing" to plug the city's $4 billion budget gap *** City Council Re-Elects Quinn As Speaker (Video) *** Bloomberg - the Company - Helps Commercial Real Estate

Law and Order City shells out $35G to grandmother busted as hooker *** Former Blackwater Guards Face MurderMore City News Repairs May Add to J.F.K.’s Delays *** City IDs Two More Victims Of 9/11 Attacks *** Village Residents Up In Arms Over Gym Ad *** The old man and the tree: Time takes its toll on a stately 240-year-old landmark, and on the man who cared deeply for it *** Students Compete For Admission To Hunter College High School *** "Gay Hotel" Coming To Hell's Kitchen *** NYU Buys Forbes Building

Terrorism Murky Trail for ‘Loner’ in Attack on C.I.A. *** NYC consultant accused of violating Iran embargo *** Footage of Breach at Newark Is Released ***F.B.I. Seizes Passport of Queens Man Scrutinized in Plot *** Zazi pal in Qns. crash fleeing from feds *** Testing TSA metal (NYP Ed) *** FBI grills Queens man Adis Medunjanin after he flees; sources say he has ties to Al Qaeda, Zazi *** Terrible on terror: Airline bombing revealed total dysfunction of U.S. intelligence *** We Need Fewer Dots to Connect - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** The CIA Double Cross: How Bad a Blow in Afghanistan? - Joe Klein, Time *** The Meaning of al Qaeda's Double Agent - Reuel Marc Gerecht, WSJ *** Only Muslims Can Stop Muslim Terror - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast *** Did Pakistani Spies Help the CIA Bomber? - Gerald Posner, Daily Beast *** FBI Arrests Two in N.Y. Terror Probe *** 'A Failure to Connect the Dots'(WSJ Ed) *** Reuel Marc Gerecht: The Meaning of al Qaeda's Double Agent *** GOP reps. slam Towns on terror *** 2 Queens Men Arrested In Zazi Terror Probe *** Detroit Airline Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty *** U.S. Was More Focused on al-Qaida’s Plans Abroad - Washington Post *** Identifying Source of Terror Threat is Key - Frank Beckmann, Detroit News *** Profiling Will Never Work - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast *** The Khost CIA Bombing: Assessing the Damage in Afghanistan *** Rudy Giuliani Forgets That 9/11 Happened *** The ever-quotable Ed Koch says the "vast majority" of Muslins aren't terrorists, but "hundreds of millions are".

White House Prez figures it out: this is war (NYP) * Obama Orders Improvements in Security Policies *** Eight Years Later While President Obama did not create the intelligence system, he has now gotten a bitter lesson in its weaknesses despite the mea culpas and pledges of reform (NYT Ed) *** Obama: 'We Are at War' *** 'We are at war' (NYP Ed) *** Obama must fire those behind terror error -- or be just like Bush (DN) *** Obama: U.S. didn't see Yemeni Qaeda crew as threat *** Obama needs to avoid Bush's Katrina error and fire someone now for airline terror debacle *** Salazar Won't Leave Cabinet for Gov.'s Race *** President Is Said to Decide to Renominate Six Choices *** First HIV-positive visitor allowed in United States *** White House defends terror big: We said he could go on vacation after attack *** Obama's Response Proves Hillary Was Right - Charles Hurt, New York Post *** The Risk of Catastrophic Victory - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** What Obama Should Do on Terrorism - Howard Fineman, Newsweek *** The Gitmo Obsession - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** Review of Christmas Attack Shows Disturbing Complacency - USA Today *** Mr. President, Keep Your Promise & Bring in the Cameras - SF Chronicle *** Obama Sobers Up on Arab-Israeli Peace - Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy *** Gates Not Going Anywhere **Obama: 'Buck Stops With Me' *** Obamacare's Jobs Bonanza *** Obama returns to job one -- jobs Boston Glob *** Analysis: Cool Obama takes the heat (Politico) *** U.S. preparing for a war with Iran: Adm. Mullen (DN) *** Obama Wants Another $5 Billion for Clean-Tech Manufacturing Jobs *** VP Biden's mom dies *** Obama Refocuses on Jobs After Weak Labor Report ABC News

Congress On Health Care Bill, Nelson to Fight for All States *** In Massachusetts, Anxiety for Favored Democrats *** Crash O's 'Cadillac'! Unions warn Dems on health-plan tax *** Dodd defeats himself: Embattled senator retires before voters could toss him out *** Culture of Corruption Produces Awful Health Bill - Robert Tracinski, RCP *** Don't Tax Our Health Plans - James Hoffa, Huffington Post *** Schumer is trying to save a grocery store in Rome, N.Y. *** Arnold: 'Bribes' infect health reform *** Advocacy Groups Raise Concerns Over ‘Loophole’ in Health Bill - AP *** It's No Time for Panic Over Midterms - Terence Samuel, American Prospect *** Dorgan’s departure opens tempting springboard to policy leadership *** Political Retirees: Who Are You Sorry To See Go? (Huff Post)

Political Parties Should Michael Steele Go Now or Later? - David Corn, Politics Daily *** What the GOP Can Learn From a Pizza Chain - Jonah Goldberg, NRO *** The Comeback of Conservative Libertarianism - David Paul Kuhn, RCP *** GOP Insiders Sour on Palin - Hotline *** GOP Leaders Sick of Steele *** Palin: 'Can I Call You Joe?' *** GOP Floods Field With Candidates *** Drug benefit expanded to 1 million more seniors *** WATCH McCain Aide: Palin Debate Was Nearly A 'Debacle,' She Couldn't Remember Biden's Name (60 Minutes) *** Why the Jobs Report is Bad News for Dems - James Pethokoukis, Reuters *** Steele: God Has Placed Me Here for a Reason

Wall Street and the Economy
Employers Cut 85,000 Jobs
Citispooked? Controversial bank director to leave *** Big drop for your Citigroup shares *** Bubbles and the Banks Government aid to the financial industry came with few strings. Unless there is reform, what will keep bankers from engaging in a repeat performance? (Krugman NYT) *** The Citi Bailout Bowl: Is BCS on Borrowed Time? *** U.S. Debt Scolds Can't Be Ignored Much Longer - Alice Rivlin, Bloomberg *** Walk Away From Your Mortgage! - Roger Lowenstein, New York Times *** BofA Bonuses Likely Close to '07 *** US nonfarm payrolls unexpectedly fell in Dec *** Meant to Be a Safety Net, Bank Custodians Tangle Investors - New York Times *** For BofA Investment Bankers, Bonuses Likely Close to ‘07 Levels - WSJ ($) *** U.S. Debt Scolds Can't Be Ignored Much Longer - Alice Rivlin, Bloomberg

Wall Street Pay to Play Ex-McKinsey director pleads guilty in Galleon case * Ex-Consultant Pleads Guilty in Galleon Insider Case *Kumar pleads guilty 'Raj paid me $2M'** Ex-Cohen exec tied to fed case *** Financial Crisis Commission Sets Sights On Bankers *** Where U.S. Health Care Ranks Number One - Mark Constantian, WSJ

International Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China *To Slow Growth, China Raises an Interest Rate** Euro-Zone Jobless Rate Hits Double Digits *** French culture vultures want to tax 'net firms *** Web site: Iranian opposition leader's car shot at *** Peace gets a chance: Last sectarian arsenal in Northern Ireland is destroyed *** A Supreme Leader at Bay in Iran - The Economist *** It's Israel's Right to Build Settlements - Daniel Tauber, Jerusalem Post *** Putin, Medvedev Do the Kremlin Two Step - Dmitri Trenin, Korea Times *** Miliband Under Fire Amid Failed Coup Ruins - Philip Webster, The Times *** Big Deficits Cloud Britain's Future *** Yemen Pulls Back From U.S. *** No veiled threat: France mulls $1000+ fines for burkas
National New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill *** NJ Senate nixes gay nups *** Gay rights advocates to sue after N.J. votes down gay marriage *** How America Can Rise Again - James Fallows, The Atlantic *** Schwarzenegger proposes budget for 'tough times'
Environment E.P.A. Seeks Stricter Rules to Curb Smog *** A Push for Cleaner AirA stronger health standard governing harmful ozone, which is also known as smog, would result in cleaner air and better health for millions of Americans (NYT Ed) *** Scientists Say Mountaintop Mining Should be Stopped - Washington Post *** Federal Judge To Monitor Kings County Hospital For Five Years *** City Backs Superfund for... Newton Creek
Media and New Tech
Late-Night Shift Sinking, NBC Wants Leno Back in Old Slot
Love this: If Conan moves to midnight, would still be called "Tonight Show" so NBC wouldn't have to pay him zillions for breaching contract* Reports: Jay Leno's future on NBC up in the air *Jay Leno to be kicked off prime-time?** Analyst takes Cablevision side in Food fight ***Executive’s New Studio Teams Up With Yahoo ***Integrity Concerns Force Fox to Postpone Child Quiz Show *** Clash of the cable titans *** CNN Promotes Ali Velshi, Drops Heidi Collins *** Tech Show Reflects New Optimism *** More Makers Enter E-Reader Market *** Sony Pins Future on 3-D *** "America's Most Wanted" Leads To Thanksgiving Murderer Capture *** Changing of the Guard at City Room *** Leno, O’Brien and the NBC Muddle (NYT) * Jaypocalypse Now: What's Behind NBC's Leno Panic (Time Magazine) * Prosecutors will seek involuntary manslaughter indictment Murray *** Gadgetwise: C.E.S. Daily Diary: Day 2 *** Is Fox open to courting Conan O'Brien? Sure, says source. But.... *** FOX may catch Conan O'Brien while NBC shuffles late night with Jay Leno *** Google News Stops Hosting New AP Content *** For NBC, one bad decision after another, analysts say

Page 6 Lip-$ticking it to Ron Barkin wins $4M more *** A date Blago wants to forget *** PHOTOS: Elvis Presley turns 75 *Elvis' 75th birthday celebration at the Egyptian this weekend** ABC beauty, fiance of Bam budget boss, was busted for DWI in 2000 *** Howard Stern: Artie Lange Suicide Attempt 'Was Too Much to Bear' ***A-Rod's Got a Brand New Blonde: Report ***BREASTS: Woman Makes Headlines After Mag Fires Her for Flashing
***DA in Michael Jackson death case to seek indictment of Dr. Conrad Murray: source