Monday, January 11, 2010

King Liu I: Campaigned as a man of the people

King Liu I

Campaigned as a man of the people

All rise for Liu, the prima donna! 'Mr. Comptroller' demands royal treatment. New York City's new comptroller, John Liu, has ordered his staff to rise whenever he enters the room and to address him as "Mr. Comptroller." Veteran denizens of the Municipal Building snickering behind his back (NYP) *** ‘That’s Mister Comptroller to You, Underling’ (NY Magazine) *** The freakshow has begun

Espada's Door to the Governor Mansion
If I was Espada I would not be sleeping to well nowadays. The public is looking for leaders who will put pols in Albany in jail and the AG and his people know that. What is interesting is the top lawmaker is looking and Espada officials position to steer cash toward the Soundview Health Center, the Bronx clinic that functions as the Espada family piggy bank. Using the criteria of pols using their official position to make money for themselves or family can knock out two thirds of Albany and the entire slush fund city council.

Pols in Albany know the law they make them, which means they know how to get around them. That why it takes creative investigators like the FBI and Cuomo's expansion of his investigation to look a Espada is using his official position. Congress passed the RICO law that allowed creative prosecution of the Mob that Goodfellows began being put out of business. Nobody in congress or Albany will pass any laws to help investigate their positions. Cuomo is on his own with this investigation that the NYT thinks will determine the next governor of the state. The AG office has subpoenaed a wide range of state Senate e-mails regarding Majority Leader Pedro Espada and his medical clinic Andrew's opportunity * GOPers to Lazio: Aim for Kirsten, not Cuomo

Incumbents Reject Term Limits As a Threat to Their Hegemony, But Public May Raise the Issue As Regard for Officials Wanes
Term limits have less chance in the Legislature than the proverbial snowball in hell. What politician with the chance to be re-elected for the rest of his life will vote to make himself ineligible to serve after twelve years? The governor knows that, but he is positioning himself squarely on the side of the angels in what is likely to be a recurring controversy. But even if passing term limits is a legislative pipe dream, it is still a discussion that voters should engage in seriously, even if their representatives won't. The new possibilities of grassroots organizing through social networking websites has given the public an unprecedented tool to insist that their legislators be more responsive to their wishes. A Facebook page titled CITIZENS FOR TERM LIMITS IN ALBANY has been created to stimulate public discussion on the reform of state government. Hopefully, if more people became involved with this issue, more progress might be made (Henry Stern NY Civic)

Election 2010 * Breaking News * King decides against running for Senate *** King Says 'No' To Gillibrand Challenge - Again *** 0s' *** The Bing-Gillibrand-Ford Connection *** Albany veteran George Onorato bows out, young foe Michael Gianaris steps in *** Former Senator Alphonse D’Amato is urging Rick Lazio to abort his gubernatorial campaign and run again Kirsten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate, Fred Dicker writes. (NYP) *** Assemblyman Richard Brodsky released his fund-raising numbers early, hinting at another run for attorney general despite the “dynamic situation” between Andrew Cuomo and David Paterson. (Capitol) *** Cuomo is still being coy about his political plans. (GNS) *** This Ford is Driven (TU) *** Gerald Benjamin and Mario Cuomo share their wish list for a Constitutional Convention. (TU) *** Harold Ford's Puzzling Run - Matthew Yglesias, Think Progress *** Lazio Aide: 'Cuomo Nervous' *** Cuomo Looks at Merrill Lynch Bonuses

Inside City Hall
Vote of confidence for ballot scanners **New York Seeks National Effort to Curb Salt in Food* Food-nanny Mike to NY: Halt the salt * City shakes up industry with plan for salt reduction in food *** Council's new majority, same old speaker *** A lose-lose situation in HS closings *** Harlem Lullaby The death of Percy Sutton marks the passing of a pioneering era in New York. Maybe that’s a good thing *** City fire deaths hit all-time low in 2009 *** In New York City, a Chilly Library Has Its Rewards
Gov of La Mancha Albany Gov wants ultimate fighting legalized in NY - to help budget!
*** Paterson riding to rescue of free MetroCards for students *** SNL Does It Again ***Paterson sees nothing wrong with Ford running, or does he? *** EJ McMahon pans Paterson's announcement today that he expects the 2010-2011 budget to result in a surplus for property tax relief.
New York Economic Melt Down
Tishman defaults on huge Stuy-Town loan *** More apartments deemed illegally deregulated *** Manhattan office sales plummet 76% in 2009 *** SL Green grabs 100 Church St. after default *** Foxwoods Casino Breaks the Bank *** DiNapoli: State needs more than revenue from Wall Street bonuses *** Manhattan Rental Prices Dropped In '09, Report Finds *** City, state war likely if OTB shuts down over who is responsible for the $550 million employee retirement benefits.

More City News A wing & a flair Passengers cheer pilot in Newark miracle *** Nixon kin in LI ballot bid *** VIDEO: It's No Pants Day in NYC *** Taking a ride on the panty line *** YMCA Opens Facilities At Park Slope Armory *** Canal Street Loews To Become Cultural Center *** A Push to Bring the S.S. United States Back Home *** Brooklyn Strongman Killed While Crossing Street

Abdulmutallab's British education: The young radical was in full flower *** Terror watchdog's slope trip a huge slipup, says GOP big Kyl *** Don't Panic. Fear is al-Qaeda's Real Goal - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post *** The Terror Trap - The Nation *** A Look at What al-Qaeda Can't Do - Peter Beinart, Time *** Al-Qaeda's New Grand Strategy - Bruce Hoffman, Washington Post *** Judge Hears Arguments On Rights Of Terror Suspect *** Newsweek: What wasn't in the recent terror report
White House Obama Weighs Fee to Recoup Bank Bailout and Cut Deficit *** Privatized War, and Its Price Obama must keep his promise to get rid of the thousands of freelance gunmen still deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere (NYT Ed) *** Obama Plays Down Military Role in Yemen *** Drone Flights Leave Military Awash in Data *** Obama's Policies Are Routing Recovery - Charles Gasparino, New York Post *** Suddenly Nostalgic for Bill Clinton - David Boaz, Washington Times *** Obama Has the Right Approach to Terror Threat - Steve Coll, New Yorker *** Too Many Slips on Foreign Policy - Eliot Cohen, Wall Street Journal *** Obama Must Be More Than Responsible - The Australian *** Obama, Labor Leaders Square-Off over 'Cadillac' Tax - The Hill *** Geithner Retains Support of Obama, Congressional Dems - Bloomberg *** Rahm Emanuel not running for Chicago mayor (MSNBC) *** McChrystal: 'The Tide Is Turning' *** Obama Weighs Bank Fee to Help Cut the Federal Deficit *** Poll: 7 in 10 Afghans support US forces *** WATCH: Accused White House Gate-Crasher Says He Was Invited *** Axelrod Lays Out Dems' 2010 Election Strategy *** Time for Obama to Take More Direct Charge - Michael Tomasky, Guardian *** Nixon Papers Reveal War on Media, Kennedys and Modern Art (ABC News) *** Geithner is asked to testify to Congress about AIG's payouts *** White House to back bank fees *** Clinton Points to Possible Tensions With China *** Poll: Most Americans Say Keep Gitmo Open

Congress Lawmakers’ Visits on the First Day of the Detroit Auto Show Seem to Set a Pattern * Republicans call for Harry Reid to quit Senate over Obama comments *** Thank You, C-SPAN - Andrew Ferguson, Weekly Standard *** Health Care: Easier Than It Looks - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** American Life by the Numbers - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** No One Punished Under Congressional Ethics Rules - USA Today *** Dems launch defense to save Reid *** Health Plan's Success Rides on Cost Curbs - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg *** The Ma. Polls and the November Election - John Podhoretz, Commentary *** Axelrod Lays Out Dems' Midterm Push - Ron Brownstein, National Journal *** Schieffer: Harry Reid Will Survive ... 'til Election Day *** WATCH: Chris Dodd Health Care 'Hanging By A Thread' *** Nader's Senate prospects hit snag with Dodd's retirement * In Harry Reid's struggle, shades of Chris Dodd (Wash Post)

Pay to Play Congress Pol Ackerman set up meeting between Israel and firm he owned stake in, and got loan from shareholder (DN) * Come clean, Gary: Rep. Ackerman needs to provide all details of his $100,000 score *Queens Congressman's Sweet Stock Deal Exposed** High-stakes pitch A Supreme Court case could allow Super Bowl-type political TV ads *** Misguided Contempt for the Tea Parties - Tunku Varadarajan, Daily Beast *** Fire Michael Steele - Jonathan Capehart, PostPartisan *** Steele Does His Best to Get Fired - Chris Stirewalt, Washington Examiner *** Copenhagen Summit Turned Junket? (CBS News) *** Pensions Follow Ex-Lawmakers to Prison (SBS News)

Political Party In Primary Battles, the G.O.P. Takes On Itself *** Tea partiers to greet House Dems *** AFL-CIO President: Democrats Are Inviting Historic Electoral Loses

Wall Street and the Economy
10 Years On, a Troubled Merger Revisited *** Goldman Sachs Weighs Requirement for Charity *** Learning From EuropeDespite what conservatives claim, Europe has a successful economy and a social democracy that works (Krugman NYT) *** From Print to Phone to Web. And a Sale? *** Large Price Jumps Reported for Small but Vital Drugs *** U.S. Bankers Are Fed Up With British Regulations *** New York Has Dug Itself Into an Ever Deeper Hole - Financial Times Political furore and public anger at large pay-outs *** What Really Happened with Goldman & AIG? - Holman Jenkins, WSJ *** Time for Geithner's Accountability Moment - John Nichols, The Nation *** One Thing Is Clear, Tim Geithner Must Go - Henry Blodget, Huffington Post *** American Workers Are in Bad Shape - Coy, Conlin & Herbst, BusinessWeek *Lawmakers tour Detroit auto show - ** A Jobless Recovery & Obama's Still Talking Green Jobs? - Editorial, IBD *** Bankers Unhappy with Best Year Ever *** Ford Fusion Hybrid Wins 2010 Car of Year Award *** Bookseller Barnes & Noble to rent textbooks to college students *** Spitzer: Outrage Over 'Crazy Bonuses' Is Legitimate *** Cuomo asks 8 banks for bonus information ***Bank of America back in SEC crosshairs *** AOL laying off up to 1,200 employees *** Goldman Sachs To Donate Money So It Seems Less Evil *** What Caused the Economic Crisis? - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *WATCH: Dylan Ratigan Makes The Case Against Geithner* Report: Prices of some drugs have doubled *** Fed Protects Bailed-Out Firms

National Youngstown Yawns If there is something right in Youngstown, Ohio, a down-and-out steeltown, a corrupt politician won’t be given a second act (NYT Ed) *** The Supreme Court will consider whether to allow corporations to air political advertisements. (AP) *** The Capital Region ranks as one of the least racially diverse places in the country. (TU) *** American Life by the Numbers - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Gay Marriage Has Its Day in U.S. Court *** No Cameras in Federal Courtroom for California Gay Marriage Hearing *** New Jersey Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana *** California gay marriage trial jumps into debate *** Cold Pummels Fla. Crops

International North Korea Calls for Peace Treaty Talks With U.S. * N. Korea calls for peace talks to formally end Korean War *** Tehran is about to blow! Where's Obama? *** The Path to War with Iran - Kevin Sullivan, The Compass *** Sudan Will Be Split in Two - Sultan Al Qassemi, The National *** Our Man in Yemen - Kevin Peraino & Michael Hirsh, Newsweek *** Spike in Female Ambassadors to U.S. *** Mysterious Death of First Man in Space Solved?

Environment Toxic Chinese kids jewelry poisoning NY stores *** Protect New York's water: Frackers must not endanger city's reservoirs *** After Copenhagen: What to Do Next? - Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation *** Pope denounces failure to forge new climate treaty

Media and New Tech Breaking News Simon Cowell to Leave ‘American Idol’ * Cowell leaving 'Idol' after this season**Just call him Conan O'Flyin' 'Tonight Show' star set to bolt over network snub ***CNBC special feature: Sex, drugs 'n' not AOL *** Olympic downhill racing at NBC *** NBC Confirms Its Late-Night Shake-Up *** Taking Aim at the Big Names in Animated Film *** Optimism Takes Charge at Consumer Electronics Show *** Tucker Carlson Launches 'The Daily Caller' *** Newspapers Still Lead Local News Coverage *** 'Avatar' becomes 2nd highest grossing movie *** Hinckley: NBC needs to get Jay back, forget Conan *** Et tu, NBC? Network suits didn't wait for the Ides of March to backstab Conan O'Brian *** Media Does Matter for America - Andrew Breitbart, The Daily Caller *** Tucker Carlson Launches New Site *** NBC Orders Pilot Episodes *** Jay Leno: 'I Don't Know What's Going On' *** Nikki Finke Poaches Variety Star To Edit Deadline New York *** Super Bowl Commercial Prices Fall For Second Time EVER *** The Scripps Inheritance *** Barbara Walters: NBC Tried To Hire Me Last Year *** Sarah Palin Signs Multi-Year Deal with Fox News Channel -- Politics Daily *** Enquirer Deserves Pulitzer for Edwards Scoop But mainstream media would never give it to the tab *** Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, and How I Became a Non-Person at the New York Times (Wolff Newser) *** 20 years of 'The Simpsons' -- dozens of secrets REVEALED *** Fox: We Can't Talk To Conan Now
Page 6 Johnson remains unburied *** Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly set to become Mr. and Mrs. 'November' ***Dad in Balloon Hoax to Begin Jail Time *** Local hip-hop artists find rare success from YouTube *** Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly Engaged *** Found: San Francisco Sea Lions *** McGwire admits decade-long use of steroids *** McGwire admits to using 'roids *** Balloon Dad Richard Heene Reports to Jail *** Mark McGwire Admits Using Steroids *** McGwire admits using steroids in 70-HR year