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Organized Pension Crimes

Organized Pension Crimes

Your 24/7 investigative blog True News is working on a report that will show an the stories about convictions by AG Cuomo in pension fund rip offs are part of a nationwide organized crime agreement that is very similar to a syndicate set up at a May 1929 conference in Atlantic City. attended by leading underworld figures throughout the country, including Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Johnny "The Fox" Torrio, Frank Costello, Joe Adonis, Dutch Schultz, Abner "Longy" Zwillman, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Vince Mangano, gambler Frank Erickson, Frank Scalice and Albert "Mad Hatter" Anastasia.[1] Others describe the Atlantic City meeting as a coordination and strategy conference for bootleggers

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The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division

Liu Cleaning Up Thompson Pension Fund Pay to Play? You would not know it by reading today's NYP that the case Tony Avella and Bloomberg made during their campaign that Comptroller Thompson received campaign contributions from those doing business with his office was true. During his term in office Thompson tripled the amount paid to money managers. It is no wonder that Thompson received a quarter of his campaign contributions from those wanting to do business with his office. The investment expenses of the city's five pension funds ate up $310 million last year, compared with $102 million in 2002. Fees were paid to 229 money managers, up from 74 in 2002. In fiscal 2008, private-equity firms billed NYCERS, the largest of the five pension funds, $33.3 million to manage $1.6 billion. By comparison, managers overseeing $10.2 billion in bond holdings got only $10.7 million. It is clear that incoming Comptroller John Liu is cleaning up the type of corruption that is being uncovered by AG Cuomo with the New York pension funds. The strange thing about the NYP story is that it made no mention of the Cuomo investigation or the pay to play charges made by Bloomberg and Avella. What have convictions in an organised pay to play nationwide RICO type investigations and we have pay to play inside the NYC Comptrollers office which liu is cleaning up before he brings in his own team? Liu set to derail pension-manager gravy train Will anyone connected with the city's controllers office go to jail? Will these changes result in more transparency? Don't hold your breath All In the Family Also not mentioned in the NYP story is that the head of Liu transition team Carl McCall was also on the money manager gravely train recieving $48,221 helping to arrange for investments from the state Common Retirement Fund McCall firm surfaces in probe Leading Democrat, ex-comptroller says he provided advice to company seeking to manage pension funds* Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry (NYT) ***The federal enforcement agency demanded records of any contacts Broidy had with former CalPERS CEO former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos, among others *** The federal enforcement agency demanded records of any contacts Broidy had with former CalPERS CEO Fred Buenrostro and former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos, among others * After Introducing Alfred Villalobos to Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in May 2007 Freddie Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund * Feds investigate ex-CalPERS officials’ possible link with fallen financier *** H. Carl McCall, Freddy Ferrer, Betsy Gotbaum Endorse Liu*** Blue Wolf Exec Joshua Gotbaum to Head U.S. Pension Agency (Joshua Gotbaum is Betsy Gotbaum step son) * This is a good start to understanding Joshua Gotbaum company Blue Wolf The Wolf at Thompson's Door *** True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut

2 Late Paterson's High Noon Has Past True News last Wednesday reported that the city's newspaper editorial boards abandoned Paterson at the altar when they remained silent at the moment he caved into the legislators demands not to cut education or health care NYT, NYP and DN Editorial Boards Give Up On Out of Control Albany Saturday's DN Ed The Senate and, yes, the Assembly mustered only a yellow-bellied bailout that borrows from tomorrow's revenue to pay today's bills - and still winds up at least a half-billion dollars short. Each and every member of both houses displayed a profile in cowardice Not worth a plug nickel: Legislature's yellowbellies duck fiscal responsibilities again , Can't the Media Play This Game Anymore?

Pay to Play Congressional Sex? Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney, Aide Says * Nevada Senator Faces Increased Scrutiny why does congress attract so many crooks. The campaign manager for former Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays was arrested yesterday on suspicion of embezzling $250,000 in campaign funds. Embezzle rap on pol aide

The DA vs Bloomberg War Bloomberg must have had it in for Morgenthau he could have wait for the long time DA to retire before going after the funds in question. This would not be a story if the mayor was not battling with the Manhattan DA Truck escorting D.A. Morgenthau has illegal cover on license plate(NYDN) Did the Bloomberg team drop this story in the media? Money war between Mayor Bloomberg and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau gets personal * Bloomberg accused the legendary DA of cooking his books and cheating the city out of revenue by stashing $83 million in 62 bank accounts Out-sleuthing Morgy * Morgy talks with The Post ***Editorial: Mike mauls Morgy (DN)
Inside City Hall Mayor vs. Morgenthau: Over Money and History *** 'Long shot' Charles Barron to announce bid for Council speaker *** Bloomberg, Morgenthau get personal in money war *** Cutting Spending as Revenues Rise (Gotham Gazette) *** Former Shouter, Barron Wants to Be Speaker (WNBC) *** Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, 84, still full of life *Q&A with former NYC Mayor Ed Koch** Small biz owners: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn supports 'fat cats' *** Mayor's Riddle to UFT: What's My Bottom Line? (The Chief) *** NYC Councilman Seeks Ouster Of University Trustee (WCBS)

Election 2010 2010 elections impact state budget, same-sex marriage *** ACORN Defunding Challenged in Brooklyn Court
New York' Economic & Competency Melt Down Annex of Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame to close *** Borat would be proud: In Kazakhstan, trains have wi-fi, but in Big Apple -- NOT (DN Ed) *** Small tuition, big debt for public-college kids *** SoHo's Rock & Roll Hall of $hame shuttering *** Westchester Town Could See 21 Percent Tax Hike *** Lighthouse museum goes bust *** Atlantic City trains to cash out With winter ridership low, a rail service that carries gamblers between New York City and Atlantic City on weekends will cut back the number of trains it runs from 18 to 11 *** $120M suit in 'Google' tree bash Google engineer Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, 33, is still incapacitated by injuries he suffered when a dead tree branch in Central Park struck him in the head *** 'Tavern' fixtures all to go Auction to raise big 'Green' *** Girl Scout collects 1,331 lbs. of food for drive *** Woodhaven Lanes bowlers fight to preserve alley's legacy *** Generation Greed's Last Chance for Redemption *** Rare-books shop’s owner is hoping it’s not final chapter *** Builders divine Solaria auction's lessons (The Riverdale Press) *** US Airways to Pull Shuttle Crews From La Guardia and Boston Gov of La Mancha + Albany's Circus Probation for Monserrate After Assault Conviction *** A Little Pension Reform Following Gov. David Paterson’s lead, New York State lawmakers have finally scaled back overly generous pensions for new state employees *** Monserrate sentenced to 3 years probation for assaulting girlfriend *** Hiram spared jail, denied love *** A year of turmoil winding up at Capitol -- Times Union *** Judge went easy on Hiram Monserrate sentence - but State Senate sanctions may be tough*** Governor Announces $25 Million Statewide Housing Grant For Homeless *** Pressure is on to Remove Monserrate from Senate (WNYC) *** DN Editorial: Give Hiram the heave *** Albany Delivers Staggering, Bitter Defeat (Gay City News) *** Still No Ethics Reform from State Senate The New York state Legislature is scheduled to end the year without taking up a long-awaited ethics reform bill. A good government advocate calls that a colossal failure (Fox 5)

Pay to Play Bruno Bruno Still Waiting for Verdict
Crime, Law and Order An American in the Italian Wheels of Justice *** Wife used stolen Rx pad for sick forced abortion plot: lawyer *** Mom scribbled confession in Jayden's brutal death *** Site where Amadou Diallo shot tourist attraction *** Off-Duty NYPD Officer Arrested for Alleged Teen Rape
*** Saturday
NYPD cop part of coke ring, feds allege *** 'Drunk' off-duty NYPD officer in Midtown Tunnel smashup *** Italian Jury Convicts U.S. Student of Murder *** Police Allege Elaborate Bid for Revenge by a Wife *** Lawyer Sentenced for Witness Tampering *** Officer Accused of Using Badge and Police Car in a Cocaine Conspiracy *** Brooklyn wife Keisha Jones drugs husband's lover to force miscarriage, sends poison as 'breast milk'*** Tow truck driver chases down heist thugs *** Cop nabbed in drunken Midtown Tunnel crash *** Amanda Knox convicted in sex game murder *** Parking grace period sparks assault with traffic agent *** NYPD officer accused of stealing cocaine while wearing badge *** Parking grace period sparks assault with traffic enforcement agent *** Queens swindler on 'America's Most Wanted' *** Wife tried to kill hubby's baby by mistress *** Chelsea 'rape' club is shut down ***'Goodfella' att'y gets 14 yrs. *** Prosecution of Navy SEALS is a Travesty - Chicago Sun-Times *** Brooke Astor's son: I'm too sick to be imprisoned

More City News Nets End Record Losing Streak *** Comeback attracts world of competition
*** Help-Portrait movement to give city's poor free glamour shots *** World-famous Brooklyn Steppers band a shadow of its former self *** Dorms go coed at Columbia
*** Saturday Terror trial truth-telling: Rallying to keep 9/11 killers out of civilian courts *** Synagogue Bomb Suspects Lured With Cash, Chicken Dinners: Defense Lawyers

White House International How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan *** Obama’s Logic Is No Match for AfghanistanThe trivial gate-crashing by a fame-seeking couple may be a more telling omen of what is to come than President Obama’s speech (Rich NYT) *** May It All Come TrueIn the end the United States’ strategy in Afghanistan is not about how many troops we send or deadlines we set. It is all about our Afghan partners (Friedman NYC) *** Gates: No Bin Laden Intel in 'Years' *** U.S. and Afghan forces prepare for troop *** Bam's Mideast mess fixated on forcing Israel to freeze building in West Bank settlements (NYP Ed) *** WH Bullish on Copenhagen Climate Deal - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** Obama's push for 'surge' shaped Afghan strategy (Wash Post) *** A real clarity about our mission' *** Detainees likely to go to Illinois *** Gates: US Military in Afghanistan 2 to 4 More Years *** Controversial 'Osprey' makes combat debut in Afghanistan *** The art of the 'tick-tock Behind the behind the sceanes stories (Politico) ** Tock tick*** Video: Gates: "There Isn't A Deadline" *** This Sunday: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates *** National security adviser James Jones Bin Laden still spends time in Afghanistan *** Resumed Gitmo Military Trials Face New Challenges - Washington Post *** Obama tries to rally Senate Dems CAPITOL
*** Saturday
Similarities to Iraq Surge Plan Mask Risks in Afghanistan ***G.I.’s Learning to Stand Down as Iraqis Step In *** Photos and Freedom By resisting the release of pictures of soldiers abusing prisoners during the Bush years, President Obama achieved a legal victory, but not one to be proud of *** Obama Delays Trip to Copenhagen by One Week *** Another Clue to How China Managed Obama’s Visit *** O to turn up the heat at climate talks *** WH Bullish on Copenhagen Climate Deal - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** A Brave Decision on Afghanistan - Greg Sheridan, The Australian *** Obama Lost in Afghanistan - Richard Reeves, RealClearPolitics ***A Tale of Two Surges *** WATCH Obama's Weekly Address: 'Economy's Growing For First Time In A Year'

National WATCH: SNL Spoofs Party Crashers, Secret Service *** Obama to Attend Caucus Meeting *** White House Stands Behind Rogers *** In Tuesday speech, Obama to promote new job ideas *** With U.S. at war, Obama honored for peace *** Threats Against Obama Spiked Early *** Cloud of Confusion Hanging Over White House - Michael Goodwin, NYP *** Obama's Cult Expected Too Much of Him - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Obama to meet with Senate Democrats to push health care CNN *** Obama social secretary let 1st priority slipChicago Sun-Times *** PROMISES, PROMISES: A closed meeting on openness AP *** SEIU's Andy Stern: ‘It Will be Obama's Waterloo' if Senate Can't Finish Health Care The Note *** President Barack Obama makes rare Sunday visit to Capitol Hill to rally health care bill***Susan Boyle At The White House?Saturday Black in the Age of Obama (NYT Blow) *** In Speech, Obama Calls Jobs Report a ‘Hopeful Sign’*** Geithner Criticizes Wall St. Pay *** Obama official: More stimulus cash coming *** Put recovery above politics, Obama urges D.C. pundits *** Obama cheers slight dip in jobless rate *** O aide's crasher 'confession' President Obama's social secretary Desiree Rogers quipped in a trade magazine BizBash that she regularly let event crashers into White House gatherings *** Obama's Cult Expected Too Much of Him - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Why Desiree Rogers' Head Won't Roll - Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times *** Obama Headed To Capitol On Sunday To Rally Support For Health ReformCongress Senate Clears Way for Home Health Care Cuts *** Senate Will Vote On Plan To Re-Import Drugs From Canada *** Senate Holds Weekend Debate on Health Bill (CBS News) *** Baucus: Girlfriend Merited US Atty Nomination (WABC) *** Senate dems target 'greedy' health execs *** Feinstein: If We Don't Deliver On Health Care 'We've Got A Problem' *** Sunday shows: Durbin 'skeptical' of troop surge *** Dems weigh new public option deal *** Frank reps Dems at Gridiron dinner *** Deals cut with health groups may be at peril
Washington Post *** 30-Somethings Aim for Aging Senate Stuart Rothenberg *** Schumer: 72 Percent of Banks Charge Twice for ATM's
*** Saturday
Ethics Committee Issues Subpoenas in Ensign Inquiry *** Palin, Frank to Speak at Gridiron Dinner *** Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts *** Sen. Baucus nominated own mistress as U.S. attorney *** No Way, No How, to the Public Option Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman (WSJ) *** House to Vote on College Football Playoff *** Senate Takes Aim At Insurance Company Executive Pay *** Running scared in the burbs Rep Gary Ackerman *** Snowe Rejoins Dems At Public Option Negotiating Table

Political Parties Palin brings 'Going Rogue' to Fort Hood *** Crowd Cheers Palin At Fort Hood Book Signing *** Palin joshes herself at journalists' dinner *** Sarah Palin in the belly of the beast: Washington Washington Post *** What Sarah Palin had to say at Saturday's Gridiron dinner*** With Humor, Palin Attempts Media Truce Wall Street Journal

National In Search of Education Leaders To help address the crisis in education, Harvard is creating a new, tuition-free doctoral degree to be focused on leadership in education *** Popular Mayor to Run for Governor of Texas *** New Jersey Nears Vote on Letting Gays Marry *** Houston Mayor Enters Texas Governor's Race *** Blago evidence stolen from attorney's office *** Caroline Kennedy: Khazei win would be 'amazing'

Wall Street More Charities Seek Tax Break for Donors, Costing U.S. Billions *** GM, China Partner to Tackle India Market *** NYC’s crown (Web) jewel Downtown shop beats Tiffany’s in search *** Crippling stox-trade tax is DC's dopiest idea of 2009 *** Grab Bag of Charities Grows, Along With U.S. Tax Breaks *** Jobs Picture Crashes Into Debt Reality - Veronique de Rugy, The American *** Millions In U.S. Do Their Banking Without Banks (NPR) ***Next year, employers likely to see surge in people quitting *** Stories Behind the Unemployment
***Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke "Complicit" in Financial Crisis and Should GoNumbers *** Bank Failure Friday Roars Back: Six Banks Fail, Costing FDIC $2.6 Billion
*** Saturday The Jobless Rate May Have Hit Its Peak *** Days After Chief’s Ouster, G.M. Shuffles Top Ranks *** Hottest hedgie is shorting dollar, mortgages *** Wasserstein's estate sells part of Lazard stake *** Least jobs shed since '07 *** Racing the Clock on Jobs - Terence Samuel, American Prospect *** US No Longer a Big Job Creating Machine - Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR *** Investor Wins Lehman Notes Case *** Saudi Oil Minister: Oil Prices 'Perfect'

Inspector clouseau Wall Street
Inquiry of Hedge Fund Chief Halted in ’02 *** Steve's SAC of shame *** Hedge Fund Titan Rajaratnam Was Investigated a Decade Ago - WSJ ($)

Environment Science of Warming Now a Hot Debate - Fahrenthold & Eilperin, Wash Post *** A Little Skepticism Would Help Debate in Copenhagen - The Australian *** U.N. Probes Questionable Climate Data *** Thousands Rally London for Climate Deal *** "Climate Gate" Casts Cloud on Change Meet *** Promises, not treaty, at climate summit *** The heat's on the US at climate summit in *** Negotiators at Climate Talks Face Deep Set of Fault Lines *** Science of Warming Now a Hot Debate - Fahrenthold & Eilperin, Wash Post ***Editorial - That Climate Change E-Mail - *** In e-mails, science of warming is hot debate - *** Science of Warming Now a Hot Debate - Fahrenthold & Eilperin, Wash Post *** Copenhagen climate change talks set to begin BBC News *** Have the greens failed? *** EPA in no rush to Superfund; more tests coming for filthy Gowanus Canal

International Iran’s college ‘investments’ $100,000 to Columbia University shortly before it agreed to host a controversial appearance by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and another $50,000 after (NYP Ed) * In Mexico, hard times take toll (Wash Post) *** Iraqi parliament approves law for 2010 elections (Wash Post)
*** Saturday Democracy wins in Honduras *** Italy PM 'mob tie' *** Swiss Minaret Ban a Vote for Tolerance - Ayaan Hirsi Ali, CS Monitor *** Dubai is Vision of Last Days of Rome - Tomlinson & McLean, Times of London *** Afghanistan's Army - New York Times *** Deadly Fire at Russian Nightclub *** Japan Halts Landmark Postal Sale *** Philippine Leader Declares Martial Law *** Philippines declares martial law in province *** Iran Cuts Internet Access One Day Before Student Protests Scheduled

National A Rough Tiger Can't Escape - John Feinstein, Washington Post *** Costs Cloud Texas Nuclear Plan *** Gambler Blames Casino for Losses *** Anglican, Episcopal Church Elects Lesbian Bishop *** 1860 Pony Express Envelope Sells For $460K In NY *** Florida Governor's big blunder Gov. Charlie Crist accidentally directed parents of uninsured children to a sex hotline *** Former Secaucus Mayor Elwell pleads "not... **Kasim Reed Certified as Winner in Atlanta’s Mayoral Election -*** 4 Ex-Governors, Older, Grayer and Craving Jobs of Yore
*** Nontraditional Teachers May Be In Mich.'s Future *** Cross-State Confusion Let Alleged Gunman Go *** Wealthy Candidates Energize Conn. Governor's Race

Media & New Tech In Animated Videos, News and Guesswork Mix *** Devices to Take Textbooks Beyond Text *** 'The Onion Presents Our Front Pages'*** Will Sundays sans George hurt ABC? *** Saving Journalism (It's Not Academic) *** WATCH: Bob Schieffer Tells Tiger Wood To Stop Whining *** Radar: Good Morning America Co-Anchor Christopher Cuomo Resigns From ABC***Chris Cuomo Resignation Rumor Untrue: ABC*** Saturday From Pocket to Stage, Music in the Key of iPhone *** Comcast's NBC deal has advertisers divided *** Brokaw, wife uninjured in deadly crash *** Anxious Times as ax is set to swing again - Layoffs at the NYT begin Monday *** GE to buy $345M in ads from NBC ***Apple Acquires Lala Media ***Dell to Create Communications Group ***Nook In-Store Sales Are Delayed ***Journal News Cutting 166 Printing and Mailing Jobs ***GLAAD vs. ABC vs. Lambert *** Apple’s Game Changer, Downloading Now ***Comcast and NBC: Stay tuned for answers Washington Post *** FT: The rise and fall of MySpace *** Journalism 2009: Desperate Metaphors, Desperate Revenue Models, and the Desperate Need for Better Journalism Arianna Huffington

Blog Report DeBlasio promotes overdevelopment on his way out the door (Queens Crap) *** Paying for Prospect Park’s Water System (Water Watch NYC) *** Time Banking Comes to New York (Idealist in NYC) *** City Taxpayers Would Pay for Part of Atlantic Yards Default
(NY Fiscal Watch)

Book Review David Greenberg reviews The Audacity to Win by David Plouffe in the Washington Post but is not impressed. "Political consultants -- the handlers, hucksters, hacks, flacks, ghosts and other assorted spinmeisters who form the modern campaign's supporting cast -- bring forth our conflicted feelings about politics. Half the time we deride them as oleaginous sharpies who deal in half-truths and double talk. The rest of the time we revere them for their shamanistic wisdom and award them platforms from which to dispense it: lucrative newspaper columns, prominent talk-show gigs, cushy chairs at Harvard and the Council on Foreign Relations. And when they write memoirs, we know to expect shameless spin -- yet despite ourselves we hope for disclosures and insights into their magic. "