Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 Journalism Crisis Increases: Will News Gets lost in Corporate Takeover?

Breaking News: *Bruno Guilty on Two Counts* Both of the counts are in connection with Bruno's relationship with businessman Jared Abbruzzese *** Bruno Gulity On 2 Of 8 Counts (Updated) ***Bruno found guilty on 2 counts (TU) *** Bruno, Former Albany Leader, Convicted of Corruption (NYT) . . .
Count 4:
From March 2004 through November 2004 Bruno or his consulting firm received 11 payments from companies controlled by Jared E. Abbruzzese of Loudonville. Bruno allegedly did not perform legitimate work for the Abbruzzese companies, Communication Technology Advisors LLC and Capital & Technology Advisors LLC, and the payments were in effect gifts and Count 8: Bruno failed to disclose his participation through Mountain View Farm in a partnership with Abbruzzese involving thoroughbred race horses. The charge alleges Bruno received a check from Abbruzzese's company, Bazaguma LLC, on Nov. 17, 2005 . . . Bruno, the former top Republican in New York State, is facing up to 20 years for each count and a $250,000 fine after being convicted of two felony counts.

2010 Journalism Crisis Increases:
Will News Gets Lost in Corporate Takeover
Merger Brings Growing Problem into Focus

Content Producers Owning Distribution Rights in 1948 was ruled a Monopoly?

Will Cable Owners Comcast able to Own major content producers?

In an era of radical changing technology and dying local newspapers and magazines who only the supper rich control what is reported as news? In 1948 the U.S. Supreme Court did not think it was a good idea for the Hollywood movie moguls to control what the public saw in their movie theaters. Now what will Washington do with a merger that threatens to increase the control of content by paid Internet distribution of content, in an era when journalism is in crisis, because the same Internet has made their economic model obsolete.

"Talking to CNBC on Thursday, Comcast CEO Roberts suggested that the NBC name sometimes distracts from the fact that NBC’s cable channels are “fantastic.”“In a way, sometimes their name gets in the way of that,” Mr. Roberts said. He started to say that he had talked about that fact with others, then cut himself off, saying instead, “we’ve joked about that.” NYT

United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc., 334 US 131 (1948) (also known as the Hollywood Antitrust Case of 1948, the Paramount Case, the Paramount Decision or the Paramount Decree) was a landmark United States Supreme Court anti-trust case that decided the fate of movie studios owning their own theatres and holding exclusivity rights on which theatres would show their films. It would also change the way Hollywood movies were produced, distributed, and exhibited. The Court held in this case that the existing distribution scheme was in violation of the antitrust laws of the United States, which prohibit certain exclusive dealing arrangements.

Concerns About Comcast-NBC The pairing of the nation’s largest cable company with one of the leading television broadcasters, which also owns several popular cable networks, could limit choices and raise prices for viewers and advertisers. Under current rules, Comcast could bar rival cable and satellite TV companies from access to desirable NBC shows, or it could offer them only at a high price, bundled with less-attractive content NBC-Comcast Deal Puts Broadcast TV in Doubt *** Good to her word? Now comes the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal combination, which is the first major vertical merger in the recorded entertainment business to be examined (Washington Examiner)

Self Gratification in Albany Name calling, control and making money are the goals in fixing the budget, education and helping the unemployed. "Yes, I'm critical that the governor is being critical of the Legislature and not being practical about what just happened," Assembly Speaker Silver. What happened in Albany was sticking another finger in the dyke, not fixing the state's economic policies that is driving business and the middle class out. Silver slams Dave's blame game Sheldon Silver is hit ting back at Gov. Paterson for attacking the Legislature as a pack of political cowards afraid to cut key spending programs despite a runaway budget deficit. "Shelly understands that Paterson is trying to get himself elected by attacking the Legislature. Our government has dummy down to self gratification rather then solving people problems Still No Ethics Reform from State Senate FOX 5 New York * The trial continues and ethics reform is going nowhere fast in the legislature. (AP) * Lawmakers passed changes to the pension system and outsourcing, which critics panned as giveaways to the public employee unions. (GNS) * Showdown brewing between Paterson, State Senate *** Cathy Woodruff, the TU Advocate, calls for FOIL-able records to be posted online. (TU) * The DN says the Legislature has "once again betrayed" the state's farm workers * Tacopina: 'Let's Not Pathologize Forgiveness' - Monserrate Lawyer Speaks *** Ruben Diaz Asks: If Hiram Monserrate Rates an Investigation, Why Not Kevin Parker? (Village Voice) *** The amigos are united behind Sen. Hiram Monserrate

NYT Needs to Stop Manipulating its Readers I wish the NYT covered the city as aggressively as it covered the NBC Comcast merger today. When the city is facing cut backs in services because of the budget melt down the times report feel good stories about the council speaker Council Speaker to Unveil Policy on Food for the City(NYT). If it is an attempt to put her in a good light in the face of the symbolic challenge by Barron it is to little to late Barron For Speaker, Officially (DN). The NYT has to realize the Howard Rubinstein model of public relations distraction journalism is also like the newspaper business is becoming a casualty of the Internet where people can get more opinions and information about what is really going on. What go does it do for the times to use some MTA's public relations flunky spin about quiet buses when after next years budget cuts and MTA service cuts we just hope we have some buses still running New Buses Bring Silence to the Streets(NYT) When Albany ignors your the NYT Editorial Boards demands to get real about balancing the budget why the hell are you writing about An Elegant Home Away From Home for Republicans in Albany(NYT). Your story today about Suozzi being dumb enough to leave two million in his campaign war chest was on the blogs and other papers a weeks ago. Suozzi Campaign Failed, but Has $2 Million Left(NYT) *** What is next? Will we read next week today's daily news article about story about the Rev Sharpton media advisor Noerdlinger helps sharpen image of Sharpton. With the WSJ starting a local NYC edition and the layoffs in your newsroom it is time for the NYT to become lean and mean to change your elitist ways or you will go out of business. Even Joe Buck grew up at the end of the movie Midnight Cowboy. This city needs an aggressive NYT

All In the Pension Family Also not mentioned in the NYP story is that the head of Liu transition team Carl McCall was also on the money manager gravely train recieving $48,221 helping to arrange for investments from the state Common Retirement Fund McCall firm surfaces in probe Leading Democrat, ex-comptroller says he provided advice to company seeking to manage pension funds* Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry (NYT) ***The federal enforcement agency demanded records of any contacts Broidy had with former CalPERS CEO former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos, among others *** The federal enforcement agency demanded records of any contacts Broidy had with former CalPERS CEO Fred Buenrostro and former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos, among others * After Introducing Alfred Villalobos to Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in May 2007 Freddie Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund * Feds investigate ex-CalPERS officials’ possible link with fallen financier *** H. Carl McCall, Freddy Ferrer, Betsy Gotbaum Endorse Liu*** Blue Wolf Exec Joshua Gotbaum to Head U.S. Pension Agency (Joshua Gotbaum is Betsy Gotbaum step son) * This is a good start to understanding Joshua Gotbaum company Blue Wolf The Wolf at Thompson's Door *** True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut

Pay to Play Bruno Jury focuses on attorneys in Bruno case *** The Supreme Court will take up three cases related to the “theft of honest services” provision, the federal law being used against Bruno. (WP/ NYT) *** Bruno's friends are entwined with his business interests *** Joe Bruno guilty of two of eight charges (NYP)*** Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno convicted (NYDN) *** The guilty verdicts came on counts related to his dealings with Jared Abbruzzese *** Jurors deliberated seven days and asked for multiple read backs *** Roger Stone attacked Judge Gary Sharpe, who presided over the Joe Bruno trial *** Sentencing is scheduled for March. Bruno's lawyers said they will file motions to dismiss, and then appeal *** Ex-New York Senate Leader Found Guilty in Corruption Trial Wall Street Journal

Pay to Play Development & Albany The Times Union wants more openness for the bidding on the Harriman Campus * The News says an appellate court's ruling against eminent domain use for Columbia's expansion is "stunning." *** Assemblywoman Diane Gordon won't be eligible for parole, now, until September*** The Public Integrity Commission charged a number of lobbying firms with violating the law.
Election 2010 Gay nups advocates call for Democratic Senate 'no' voters' heads on a spike *** The upcoming 2010 elections impact the state budget and gay marriage votes, plus a chart on the most important races. (Newsday$) *** NYS allows larger donations than most states. In Penn and NJ individuals can give a maximum of $3,500 and $3,400, to a gubernatorial candidate. In NY the limit is $55,900 Campaign Finance Laws Fill Coffers for Cars, Coffee and Court *** Acorn report finds internal chaos, not illegality ... here's the report

Inside City Hall Barron wants university trustee tossed *** Mayor's bid to wrest control of Brooklyn Bridge Park *** Council seat victors spent the cash to get positive results *** U.S. charter school organizations said they won’t work in New York unless they receive assurances there will be more charters. (NYP) *** Councilman-elect Jumaane Williams spent more than any other Brooklyn candidate - $289,241 - to unseat incumbent Kendall Stewart **PM Rezoning of Brooklyn's Broadway Triangle Advances *** Rich guys wildly outspend rivals
New York's Economic Melt Down and Incompetent Bureaucracy Peeve of absence Demoted OT king takes 11 months of sick time *** One union sees sense What happens when labor unions real ize they no longer have unlimited access to the public kitty?(NYP Ed) *** Fraud fight sinks high-fashion trucking firm *** Secret’s Out: Sample Sales Move Online ***US Airways to Pull Shuttle Crews From La Guardia and Boston ***Unauthorized vehicles foil 42nd St. bus-only lane ***New book has bold ideas for New York City, including high-tech factories and green roofs *** Group Calls For Tougher Stance On Unlicensed Drivers ***On Brooklyn Bridge Park, Condos vs. Open Space ***US Airways to Pull Shuttle Crews From La Guardia and Boston ***US Airways to Cut Shuttle Crews Based at La Guardia *** NYC Public Hospitals Grapple With Cuts ***Median salary is lower for NYC employees than state, local NJ workers
Crime, Law and Order Gov. Paterson set up a task force ostensibly to help cops avert friendly- fire tragedies. But judging from the panel's public hearing in Harlem last Thursday, you'd think the idea was to put cops in greater danger (NYP ED) *** 'Rocky' road back 56 freed 'hard time' druggies return to jail *** Stray bullet kills B'klyn woman *** Cops buckle down in car-seat tix blitz *** Revolving-door probation *** Ex-NBA star World B. Free's wife slain outside Brooklyn home *** It takes 43 minutes to travel two miles on 42nd St. bus lane*** Cops Investigating Home Invasion Robbery in Queens 1010 WINS *** Revolving-door probation *** No Charges In Chimp Attack Case *** PM ACS Worker Shot Execution-Style In Front Of 2 Kids *** Woman whose chimp mauled friend escapes charges ***Woman confesses to lying about rape story that sent man to prison Wall Street and the Economy Schumer: End ATM double-dip *** 1,000 UK bankers hit exits over pay *** Kuwait lops $4.1B Citi stake *** U.S. Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bailout of Banks *** Big Paydays for Rescuers in the Crisis *** Dubai Crisis Snags American *** A Windfall Profits Tax for Goldman Sachs? *** Why Small Business Won't Be Hiring Soon - Amy Barrett, BusinessWeek *** When's the Best Time of the Year to Get a Job? - Jess Dickler, CNNMoney *** Ten Banks That Are Actually Lending - Lauren Tara LaCapra, TheStreet *** Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke 'complicit' *** Bernanke: too early to declare lasting recovery*** Jobless professionals vie for holiday sales work... *** Citi, Wells Spar With U.S. Over TARP Exit *** Former New Century Executives Charged ***Shock: American Bankers Association Comes Out Against Bank Reform

As Climate Meeting Starts, a Revival of Skepticism *** Science and Politics of Climate Change *** An Affordable Truth History shows that cap and trade, a system specifically designed to bring the power of market incentives to bear on environmental problems, does work (Krugman NYT) *** Beyond CopenhagenThe United States must take the lead in lowering global emissions by delivering on any promises made at the talks in Denmark (NYT Ed) *** Last, best chance: UN climate conference opens (AP) *** As Climate Meeting Starts, a Revival of Skepticism - Revkin & Broder, NYT *** Copenhagen Must Be a Turning Point - PM Gordon Brown, The Guardian *** Fresh Air in Copenhagen - Washington Post *** EPA: Greenhouse gases endanger human health *** Winds of Change Blow Into Copenhagen - Rep. Ed Markey, National Journal *** NPR Puzzled Over Public Opinion on Warming - Nick Gillespie, Reason *** Climate Change: How Come US Newspapers Don’t Like This Issue? (Wolff Newser)

Terror Al-Qaeda and a Decade of Terror - Michael Burleigh, The Telegraph *** Homegrown Muslim Extremism Rising Threat - Sebastian Rotella, LAT *** Another Generation's 9/11 Lives in Infamy - Joe Rossiter, Detroit Free Press

International Mothers Arrested Before Opposition Rally in Iran *** Iraqis Reach a Deal on Long-Delayed Election Law *** Europe’s Minaret MomentIf the more perfect union promised by the Lisbon Treaty is the European elite’s greatest triumph, the failure to integrate Muslim immigrants represents its greatest failure (Douthat NYT) *** Tens of thousands protest in Iran, battling police

Struggles of second generation Left behind | The U.S.-born children of Latino immigrants fight to secure a higher foothold (Wash Post) *** Pearl Harbor survivor back for 1st time since war *** Facing primary pressure from the right, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist takes on a more conservative persona. (AP)

Media and New Tech
Upper-crust radio shows Pizza landmark hosting Internet-only radio station *** Managing rifts Polar opposites meet in Comcast-NBCU merger *** Anxious Times as ax is set to swing again *** Two Reality Shows Stir Publicity and Anger ***’s New Tack Diverts From Defunct Magazine *** Univision to Make Its Own Telenovelas for U.S. TV *** Media Firm Buys Stake in Sports Cable TV *** 'Oprah' wants Tiger *** Cuomo denies 'GMA' exit *** Reliance Leaps Into 3-D Movies *** Sesame Workshop Sets E-Books*** When It's Time to Pass the Baton As Dick Clark plans for his latest New Year's Eve show, we reflect on how and when the rest of us should let go of the baton at work and in our public lives *** Tiger’s a nonperson on NBC *** As the big papers cut back and lay off, Manhattan Media is doing very well *** After Decade Of Decline, AOL Faces Rough Road Of Return (Wall Street Journal) *** Google Search Goes Real Time (InformationWeek) *** Judge Declares Mistrial in New Jersey Blogger Trial *** Diane Sawyer says this is her last week on 'GMA' *** Bits: Google Adds Twitter Results to Searches *** News Corp.'s Fox Network Will Seek Higher Fees From Cable, Satellite*** NYT NOT Selling Worcester Telegram & Gazette *** NPR Asked Correspondent To Reconsider Fox News Appearances *** CNN Ratings Milestone: 100 Nights At #4 In Demo In 2009 *** Google Counters Microsoft(WSJ) *** CNN Invests in Outside.In