Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OTB Bankrupt: One Year Ago Paterson Claimed OTB was Permanently Fix

OTB Bankrupt: One Year Ago Paterson Claimed OTB was Permanently Fix

"The agreement ensures that the 1500 employees of the New York City OTB will keep their jobs and that the New York racing industry will continue to receive the critical financial support it gets from the New York City OTB. It is distressing to hear of the City's objection to an agreement that will meet the Mayor's long-stated demand for a permanent fix that would ensure that the City not have to subsidize New York City OTB. " June 13, 2008

New York's Sinking Economy OTB'S BANKRUPTCY OK'D Gov. Paterson issued an executive order to allow the New York City Off-Track Betting Corp. to enter bankruptcy in an effort to save the bookmaking operation from the glue *** SHUT DOWN OTB (NYP Editorial) *** OTB Is in Financial Trouble, but It’s Ready to Roll (NYT) OTB keeps a fleet of vehicles that costs more than a half-million dollars to operate each year, even as it may require a taxpayer bailout ***Paterson Grabs Sabini, Bails Out O.T.B. The New York Observer *** Queens Crap: Sabini charged with D.W.I. *** Paterson moves to revamp NYC OTB (Crains) *** OTB Will Be Restructured in Bankruptcy Court

Billionaire's World KAMIKAZE BIRD SLAMS BLOOMY JET STRUCK EN ROUTE TO TED FUNERAL *** A Mayor Prizing Loyalty Pays Costly Tribute to His Top Aide *** Developers Bailouts City Seeks to Turn Stalled Projects Into Moderate-Income Housing

Bloomberg Keeps His Billions Separate From His Mayoral Obligations? Yeah, Right! By Wayne Barrett

NY Economic Melt Down For Commercial Real Estate, Hard Times Have Just Begun *** What Fall Brings for Wall Street’s Banks *** Steven Pearlstein: Wall Street Hustlers Who Squandered Billions Are Back At It *** More flap over the DMV fees. And a list of them.

Pension Pay to Play Will some of the big players and elected offices be arrested? DiNapoli Shows Tainted Fund Returns *** Willets Point landowners call in the Feds

Tax Man Gone Wild FIRE RANGEL (NYP Editorial) *** Charlie Rangel, Ticking Time Bomb? - John Hinderaker, Powerline

Inspector Clouseau Madoff Inquiry Was Fumbled by S.E.C., Report Says *** More charges were lodged against Democratic donor Hassan Nemazee.

David Paterson repeated that it's up to voters to decide if they want him back in office
Gov the People Have Already Decided
Poll: Paterson's negative numbers continue *** Poll shows Gov. Paterson far behind Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo *** Poll: Spitzer could still get majority

Albany Spending Gone Wild The Senate is poised to spend more than ever before on staffing *** Three lobbying groups were disciplined for violating stricter lobbying laws…to the tune of $250. (for two of the entities) *** Retailers are getting slapped with a notice to re-register their sales tax certificates and pay a $50 fee. In all, it should raise $15.5 million in state revenue

What would Happen if the Media did not act as cheerleader and told the truth? NYC is the third most stressful city in America

NY1 Special Report Primary Night full coverage of Bloomberg's reaction to the primary and a lighting round with Harold Wolfson by himself Bloomberg's Plan to Cut In on Democrats' Primary Night *** Not one question about would about the pension scandal or the council slush fund or Political corruption at last nights DA debate?

Pay to Play STATE ORDERS LOBBYISTS TO CUT THE CHEESE Construction Mob Tax COMP SLAMS CROTON H2-WOE$ It's going to cost at least $2.1 billion -- more than double the city's 2003 estimate -- to build the Croton Water Treatment plant in The Bronx *** City Audit Finds Leak In Filtration Plant Costs *** Anyone Going to Jail? Increasing Oversight, City Plans Its Own Concrete-Testing Lab *** A housing developer got a tax break from the Nassau County IDA 11 days after contributing $15,000 to County Executive Tom Suozzi's re-election campaign *** The Espada odyssey

Road to City Hall Comptroller Assails Officials on Cost of Bronx Water Plant *** In Race for Top Prosecutor, Bitter Words in TV Debate *** Democratic DA Candidates Square Off In Debate (NY!) *** Mark Green's new ads tout his past *** Plaxico case spices debate of DA hopefuls *** Candidates trade barbs at subway station *** Dan Janison writes that former Gov. George Pataki weighs a Senate run, keeps it neutral, at least publicly, when it comes to the GOP chairmanship *** Howard Wolfson Tweets: "Haitian Times endorses Mike. Perhaps that's why @thompson2009 has scheduled a Caribbean American event at 11." *** Leslie Crocker Snyder says an old boy network prevented her from getting a single newspaper endorsement this year *** The city Campaign Finance Board says the Working Families Party and Data and Field Services are the same thing *** That means anything the W.F.P., and D.F.S. spends on behalf of their candidates will count towards the candidates' spending cap *** Conciliatory Letter From Candidate for Top Prosecutor

Editorial Control Snyder and the Old Newspaper Network *** Bloomberg Said to Test a Term-Limit Reversal - *** Oneshirt's blog Room Eight *** Atlantic Yards Report: Bloomberg's term-limits override effort ... *** NY Daily News - Discussions - Editorial: Keep mayoral control ...

Daily News Editorial
Whoppers: Campaign season brings out the fibber in city pols

How About the Direct Lies of Bloomberg and all the other Council Candidates promising more services when the city is collecting less revenue? NO SALE: CITY TAX REVENUE DOWN 10% - New York Post *** NYC Tax Revenues Fall 50% *** State revenue down $3.6B Business First of Buffalo

Only in America MOM DOES A SPITZ-TAKE KRISTEN'S DISTRESS AT CLIENT'S SCHEMES *** FORMER GOV NOW A PROF *** Eliot Spitzer Contemplating Comeback (NY Magazine) *** The good wives club If Silda Spitzer and her three young girls watch the new CBS drama series "The Good Wife," it will be like rubbing salt into an old wound *** Snyder said "a very cozy relationship" between Eliot Spitzer, Vance and outgoing DA Bob Morgenthau "is part of an old boys network" and led to the lack of prostitution charges against the former governor *** Paterson Just Glad Spitzer Isn't Reportedly Thinking About Running Against Him

Washington After Bruising August, Obama Looks to Hit Reset - Dan Balz, Wash Post *** What I Learned From Town Hall 'Mobs' - Sen. Tom Coburn, Wall St. Journal *** Obama's Soak-the-Rich Mentality - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Palin's PAC Doles Out Cash to Conservative Candidates - Politico *** RESET: OBAMA TO ADDRESS CONGRESS IN PRIME TIME ON SEPT. 9...

Wall Street BusinessWSJ: U.S. Economy Gets Lift From Stimulus *** Wall Street Bunglers Take a Mulligan - Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post *** Ex-Countrywide Execs Take Gov't Cash for Loan Mods (Pro Publica)

National Shamed Gov. Sanford Battles for His Job *** More Seek Food Aid in California *** PREPARE TO GET SICK *** City of Philadelphia takes out $275M loan... *** Higher Taxes, Ineptitude Behind Florida's Exodus - Tim Padgett, Time *** Fla. Unemployment Borrowing May Top $1 Billion

International US, Cuba to discuss resuming direct mail *** Taliban Surprises U.S. With Improved Tactics (Washington Post) *** Holocaust Lesson Plans Stir Ire Prospect of Gaza Strip schools teaching about the Holocaust sparks resistance from Hamas leaders *** Warlord's Defection Shows Afghan Risk *** Memo: U.K. Backed Lockerbie Release *** U.S. To Boost Combat Force In Afghanistan With Up To 14,000 "Trigger-Puller" Troops *** How We Were Taken Hostage by North Korea - Laura Ling & Euna Lee, LAT *** The Afghanistan Conundrum - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** George Will is Right About Afghanistan - David Harsanyi, Denver Post *** British PM Brown Betrayed the US - New York Daily News *** The Metamorphosis of Japan - Masahiro Matsumura, Japan Times *** Tribal Leaders Call Foul on Afghan Vote *** Academic Crackdown Threatens Iran

Media & New Tech The Outlook Is Murky for Media Advertising *** Sony Plans 3-D Television By Late 2010 *** Has Nora Ephron Killed the Internet? *** Has Nora Ephron Killed the Internet? *** Does Trump Fix Miss Universe Pageant? *** Charlie Gibson Retires, Diane Sawyer to Anchor ABC News ABC has announced