Thursday, August 6, 2009

Murdoch Mining the Internet for $$$ to Save His Media Empire

Murdoch Mining the Internet for $$$ to Save His Media Empire

"Quality journalism is not cheap."RUPERT MURDOCH, announcing that all of his news websites, including the New York Post and the Times of London, will charge for content by the summer of 2010 *** FT Editor: News Sites Will Charge Access Within One Year... *** Charge For News *** News Corporation Posts a Loss on MySpace Charge BRATTON IS LEAVING LA FOR APPLE TAKES BIG-BUCKS POST *** MySpace charges cripple News Corp. quarter N.Y. Coffee Shops Pull The Plug on Laptops *** Failed How the newspaper industry tried to invent the Web but failed ... *** The newspaper industry failed to capitalize online potential *** Failed TimesSelect subscription service suggests that the NY Times ...

On the Road to City Hall Linares Is Removed From Ballot in Council Race *** Candidates for Manhattan D.A. Breathlessly Await Times Endorsement *** Green light for pols to unveil ads *** Glitches cost two City Council hopefuls Two high-profile City Council candidates were bounced from the ballot on technicalities *** Thompson may fall short of crucial fund-raising goal *** Rift Between Felder, Bloomberg? (Jewish Week) *** The Mayor's slush fund *** The many scams of Bloomberg's hip TV execs (Robins, Village Voice)

Campaign Literature Bloombergs numbers must be low with woman CITY TILTING CONTRACTS TO MINORITIES, WOMEN *** More NYT BS, MTA will have to make massive cuts in services next year as the development tax there received in the good economy is no long available Merits and Flaws Are Seen in Proposal for Free Crosstown Buses

Pay to Play Grab Pedro’s money: Campaign Finance Board must garnish scofflaw Espada's Senate check Editorial: Grab Pedro's money When the state Senate convenes today to take up matters left over from its do-nothing circus, a man in charge will be the lawbreakingest lawmaker in Albany *** Conflicts Board Requests New Rules

WTC Construction Wars FREEDOM IS RISING: PA *** DN Editorial: Larry's last stand
If you are among those for whom trying to referee between developer Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority is like trying to score a fight between sewer alligators, herewith a cheat sheet to the latest tangling. Be not afraid. It's all very simple More Government Incompetence EDC brags about creating 15 jobs over 3 years From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance *** 5-hour average emergency room wait statewide From Crain's *** Computer Error Caused Rent Woes for Public Housing Tenants *** Bloomberg Must Testify in Lawsuit on Bias Case *** The Bloomberg administration never checked to see if developers who got discounted city land in exchange for building affordable housing kept their end of the deal, the Daily News has learned *** Pre-Fare Hike Unlimited Metrocard Chaos In UES Station *** Riders worry as stations losing workers also lack PA systems

Shocking Mob Involved in Carperters Union LABOR HONCHO IN 'MOB' BU$T Bloomberg -- who included video of the union's Forde-led endorsement on his re-election Web site -- called the arrests of the leader and nine others "sad" and "a surprise *** Video Bloomberg's union boss backer busted *** Leader of Carpenters’ Union and 9 Others Indicted in Corruption Inquiry

City News Report Backs Limits on Great Lawn Crowds *** Court Upholds City's Tenant Protection Act *** Nathan's on Coney Island Has Preservationists Worried *** Debate Rises Over Proposed Midtown Skyscraper *** State Senate To Tackle Mayoral Control

Hollywood Bubba PAPER: BILL CLINTON'S H'WOOD BLOCKBUSTER: MOVIE MOGUL, P.R. FIRM STAGED RETURN 'SPECIAL'... *** HOMECOMING DRAMA IS ALL ABOUT BUBBA *** How Bill Clinton Rescued Ling and Lee *** Bill Clinton's success overshadowing Hillary's?

Washington Administration Might Remake Mortgage Giants *** A Move Closer to Health Package (Washington Post) *** What Insurers Are Trying to Get Out of Health Reform (Time) *** Senate To Hold Final Vote Thursday On Sotomayor *** Stimulus Spending Fails to Follow Unemployment, Poverty Pay to Play Jefferson Guilty on 11 Counts *** Private Jets for Lawmakers? - Investor's Business Daily *** Barack's Progress Report: Looking Good - Gail Collins, New York Times *** Obama Resorting to Tricks and Evasions - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** The Chicago Way White House - John Kass, Chicago Tribune

Wall Street Mess Duane Reade Owner In Debt Squeeze *** Geithner Takes Regulators to Task on Turf Battle *** Despite Bailouts, Business as Usual at Goldman *** AmEx repurchases TARP warrants *** Goldman facing probe into pay, derivatives *** Job Losses Slow but Hinder Recovery *** AIG Breakup Is Fee Bonanza (WSJ) *** Half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011...

International Bank of England to Pump More Money Into Financial System *** No Reason to Ease Up on North Korea - Washington Post

Media DirecTV Net Falls, Subscribership Rises *** CNN Refuses To Run Ad Criticizing Health Care Industry