Sunday, July 19, 2009

Councilmembers Enjoy Your New Home: Jail

Members Enjoy Your New Home: JAIL

Here It Comes . . . Slush-busters Eye A Dozen More Pols *** Mayor Bloomberg says he's 'outraged' over slush fraud Wants tough sentenced to deter others *** The City Council Slush Fund Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Miguel Martinez *** True News ask for an investigation of the City Council on October 10, 2008 A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney The Daily Gotham

Back to the Future: 1961 Mayor is now following the 1961 campaign of Robert Wagner, who after two terms back by the cities machines won a third term running against corruption which he funded for his first two terms. More on Wagner third term turn around from True News suggest that campaign plan 7 months ago, January 17, 2009 Mayor Wagner Changed NYC in 1961

Albany Skips Town THE CLOWNS SKIP TOWN (NYP Editorial) *** Albany Quiet on City School Control *** MIKE TAKES ON TRUANT POLS WANTS POSSE TO GO AFTER SCHOOL-CONTROL STALLERS *** Mayor to Gov: Drag bums back to Albany *** In the New York Senate, Order Is Restored, but Decorum Isn’t *** Now They Take a Vacation? New York State senators need to get back to work, and they should start by restoring control of New York City’s schools to the mayor *** Paterson pushes to extend Bloomberg's school control *** Espada responds to ’slings and arrows’ *** Senate Pork power rankings (Albany Times Union) *** Espada continued his long tradition of not submitting the required campaign filings *** Sunday CRACKING WHIP ON OWE-TB ONE year after Bloomberg turned the Off-Track Betting Corp. over to the state, the city's only legal bookie is in worse shape than ever with a growing pile of debts that now exceed $30 million *** Senate Dems dish out the pork
From WCBS880 *** Groups want Tammany Hall landmarked From The Villager *** Espada's Filing Mess (Gotham Gazette) *** Cartoonist’s Take on Albany Lawmaker’s Staff Raises(Matt Davies) *** State Tax Collections Worst on Record(NY Fiscal Watch)

Inspector Clouseau Senate Aide Admits to Forgery in Bid to Fire an Employee *** Lost in space: Assemblywoman Carrozza has left her district and should leave office *** Albany staffer pleads guilty to forgery tied to smear attempt *** Martinez Conviction May Slush-Funnel in Other Corrupt Pols "Martinez's scheme has offered probers a blueprint for how corrupt pols have tapped into secret slush funds."

Road to City Hall Sharpton to Endorse Thompson for Mayor

How the Press Covers the DA Race
DA candidate Leslie Crocker Snyder's son recalls life amid death threats retyping a press release by a campaign consultant for Snyder.

A Question True News Like to Ask the DA Candidates
Why did it take the FBI and the Justice Department to catch former Councilman Martinez ripping off the non profits he funded with his member items and the council slush fund? How would you fight political corrupt? Update: A real good on point opinion piece in the news today by Errol Louis Manhattan DA candidates should compete to crack down on City Council scandal

Failed Goo Goos Crusading for Reform, and Coming Up Short “The Scandal of Reform” by Francis S. Barry skewers efforts by so-called good-government groups in New York State. True News has said this before Good Government Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else *** New York Needs A Sun Burn

Coverage does not seem to be a problem with the leaders of the City’s Good Government groups who always seem to be quoted in the press. One group even gives out report cards every year, rating each subway line for its cleanliness. Maybe if we'd had a responsible government that would have stopped Wall Street Ponzi schemes, we would not be facing subway fare increases, cutbacks and other unpleasantness

The Accidental Ballot Access Reforms
Good Government Reform Talk All Hot Air
Goo Goos have never reformed NYS Election Law which is the most repressive in the county. The only reform in ballot access in the last 20 years occurred because the Bush campaign tried to keep John McCain off the New York Primary Ballot in 2000. A Federal Judge ruled after the McCain campaign took the Republican Party to court, to eliminate the need for ADs, EDs and totals on nominating petitions cover sheets. Judge Edward Korman who also ruled that candidates can correct their petitions cover sheets for defects after they are submitted to the Board of Elections, did more then any Good Government group to make a very restrictive ballot access system a little bit easier for challengers.

Pay to Play Investigation Into Hospital Involved in Seminaro Case Unclear(Queens Campaigner) *** Jamaica Hospital mum after Seminerio plea

NYC's Economic Crisis Foreclosures added to panorama During the next few months, visitors to the Queens Museum of Art (QMA) in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park will notice a new addition to the famous Panorama of the City of New York.Hundreds of pink plastic triangles, symbolizing blocks that had three or more foreclosure filings in 2008, have been added to the 9,335 square foot model of the city as part of the Red Lines Housing Crisis Learning Center installation by artist Damon Rich. Cut Back City Coming After Election With Cuts, a Thinner Blue Line to Curb Crime *** Trade Center Developer and Port Authority at Odds Again *** Sunday Battling the Decay of Foreclosures *** Vacant stores on the rise in Throggs Neck

Washington Democrats Grow Wary as Health Bill Advances *** Obama to Congress: Don't lose heart on health care... *** Sotomayor Gains GOP Support *** Crisis-Probe Panel Has Wall Street Ties *** Obama's Martha's Vineyard Stay *** Freshman Dems oppose Pelosi’s tax increase *** W.H. foreclosure plan a bust so far (Politico) *** Sunday For Barbour, Two Goals Coincide (Washington Post) *** Obama not stressing Aug. deadline *** Sotomayor Disappoints the Left *** They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do The Sotomayor show reduced the antics of Washington’s clueless ancien-régime to a spectacle as ridiculous as it was obsolescent (Rich NYT) *** Deficits, taxes dominate healthcare debate (The Hill) *** DeMint: If We Stop Health Reform, It Will 'Break' Obama (TPM) *** Obama Wavers On Deadline: We'll Get Health Reform 'This Year'

Wall Street Mess BERNIE PAL IN PLEA PLAY *** SEC Complaint Against Mark Cuban Dismissed *** Citigroup and BofA Profits Aided by Asset Sales *** Regulators Shut Two More Banks *** GOOD FOR GOLDMAN, BAD FOR AMERICA *** Sunday TARP watchdog says Treasury lacking bank data(The Hill)

National Unemployment: The Worst-Hit States In June *** California's Crisis Hits Its Prized Universities (Time) *** Philadelphia Stops Paying Vendors (WSJ) *** Experiencing the Moon Landing, Minute by Minute *** Illinois’s Unemployment Insurance Fund Goes Broke *** Sunday California state offices shut down on Friday to save cash... *** Unemployment tops 10% in 16 states... *** Defying Slump, 13 States Insure More Children

International Baghdad Imposes New Limits on U.S. Forces...

Media . . . AND THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS TV NEWS' 'MOST TRUSTED MAN' CRONKITE DIES *** The Man with America's Trust: Walter Cronkite (1916-2009) *** PHOTOS: Walter Cronkite (1916-2009) *** Iconic Newsman Shaped a Nation (Washington Post) *** CBS Newsman Defined Role of TV Anchor *** Cronkite’s Signature: Approachable Authority (NYT) ***Slumping NBC Pulls Ad Slots *** Profit Fall At GE Sparks Split Talk *** Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle *** Newspapers cut back in D.C. *** Tina Fey's Palin act nabs Emmy nod *** At the Post, Time to Rethink Ethics Rules *** SLUMPING NBC PULLS AD SLOTS *** YouTube On Track For First Profit, Google Says

Blog Report Albany's new order dividing the spoils (Riverdale Press) *** City’s Coney Island Plan: Our Skepticism of Times Editorial Credulity (Noticing New York) *** Max And Chuck....Listening To The Wrong People On Health Care (Joshing Politics) *** Federal Report Shows State’s Failure to Narrow Racial Test Score Gap(Edwize) *** Paying for MTA Maintenance and Operations With Debt is a Bad Idea(Tri-State Transportation Campaign) *** Proposal for Piers That Generate Energy from Tidal Action(Metropolis Magazine) *** Question and Answer with Author of NYPD Confidential(Time Magazine) *** New York City Slavery Walking Tour(Huffington Post)