Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New York's Leadership Missing

New York's
Leadership Missing
The men who built New York are gone.
The people have now turn New York over to clowns and wimps who are destroying the great state, city and culture they built.

Lack of leadership is the leading cause of the economic decline of New York. No comments from the senators, elected officials, business community, even candidates for office on the city's budget crisis. The get enablers of the incumbent protection society, the press are so weak and wimpy they don't even ask questions just accept press releases from the pols flacks. PA CATCHES HEAT FOR $TALLING WTC(NYP), Port Authority Is Blamed for Trade Center Delays (NYT), Larry Silverstein: arbitration 'last and best hope' for WTC development (DN) *** Now the Albany Circus leads to cuts in city services FINEST FEELING ALBANY FREEZE, Senate Impasse in Albany Forces City to Impose Hiring Freeze, Senate debacle yields hiring freeze on cop, firefighter jobs: Bloomberg *** Government unknown, INC Who Would Lead New York if Paterson Left? Who Knows? *** Where are the tax dollars coming from? After Inviting Workers Back, a Cookie Factory Plans to Shut Down *** More lawsuits! *** Senate thanks its fellows for taking part in majesty of democracy *** The commerical vacancy rate has swelled to 10.5%. *** High rents seen for WTC towers *** Silverstein faces uphill struggle downtown *** The former “Gang of Four” members meet and reportedly try to persuade Espada and other Republicans to the Democratic side. But Espada said he isn’t changing sides *** Said Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.: "The State Senate’s inability to function may literally result in blood on the streets *** Bloomberg blamed the breakdown in Ground Zero talks on the Port Authority, but pledged to keep working toward a solution. More from True News Albany Lobbyist System Caused by Leaders Lack of Ethics and Morals Standards *** Bill Hammond thinks the solution is based on principles senators should have learned in kindergarten *** The Times Union is surprised that State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.'s new prominence is not prompting him to put his house in more order

Dysfunctional Government
Press are the Enablers
Press Story From Senators Flack: Big fish weigh in: Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand want anglers to know about toxins *** Sen. Chuck Schumer proposes legislation that would allow child care facilities to obtain out-of-state criminal and FBI records *** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand crafts a six-point plan to reduce child care costs.

Questions we Like to Ask to Our Senate Leaders: How Does New York recover from the Wall Street and economic meltdown?
GOP's Pataki * Giuliani * Bloomberg The Hill newspaper doubts a Republican can beat the winner of a Gillibrand-Maloney primary
More News from Flacks on the Public Tit Council Press Office Preserves the Head on a Gotbaum Story, But Edits the Body

NYP Editorial "The month-long (and running) Senate stalemate has made New York a national laughingstock, but it also has direct consequences on the lives of New Yorkers. Bloomberg's budget freeze may or may not push senators to end the impasse. But if they don't, they need to pay a steep political price. Mike, if no one else, ought to make sure they do." *** In Search of Dignity The old dignity code that George Washington once followed has not survived modern life. Every week there are new scandals featuring people who simply do not know how to act. Brooks (NYT Ed) *** Another disgracefully column by the NYT. How can you joke about people out of work and suffering? I guess Clyde Haverman gets a good paycheck and is not feeling the hurt. The Stalemate in Albany, Five Years On

Legal tricks will not fix the system Filling the hot seat: Gov. Paterson must ask the courts about power to name lieutenant How do these good government group show their face? The same tied faces after years of government dysfunction. Sometime you wonder if the leaders of these good government groups are just enablers for incumbents. A few years back before the Supreme Court overturned the lower federal courts the good government group tired to organize a solution to how Supreme Court Judges are elected, have the conventions which the lower courts declared unconstitutional and also allow Supreme Court Judge candidates to petition for ballot access. Since the Supreme Court overturned the lower courts and allowed the machine controlled Judicial conventions to continue to pick the state supreme court judges not a peep out of the good government groups, not even to allow non machine court candidates to petition for ballot access, no nothing. As far as I am concerned the good government activist are bag man and woman for incumbents, more from True News Change Has Not Come to New York . . . Why? Good Government Groups:Strong in the Media . . .Weak in Results

On the Road to City Hall No campaign news in the papers today *** Mayor Bloomberg's casts real cops with 'Law & Order' costumes in campaign ad

More City In New York, Summer Brings a Wave of Homeless Families *** Prospect Park Suffers From July 4 Trash Hangover *** MTA spin crap Subway escalators are on an upswing

Pay to Play Advocacy Groups Helped Pay for Official’s Trips *** When Congress Lobbies for Banks Senator Daniel Inouye’s bailout request for a Hawaiian bank in which he owns stock deserves scrutiny. Was this something more than a routine boosting of a hometown bank? Herbert, (NYT Ed) *** Health-Care Lobbyists vs. Real People (Wasinging Post) *** Healthcare firms load up on lobbyists (Boston Globe) *** Familiar Players in Health Bill Lobbying *** BUF-Mayor: Brown's Attempt To Use City Hall Employees As Campaign "Volunteers" (Albany Project)

Washington Little Information Given About Solo Law Practice Run by Sotomayor in ’80s *** 57,000 died because of this man After the War Was Over Robert McNamara realized early on that Vietnam was a lost cause, but he kept that crucial information close to his chest. How did he ever look at himself in a mirror?, McClatchy Runs Scathing McNamara Obituary: I Hated That Man, He's Going To Hell *** White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan (Wall Street Journal) *** White House May Cave on Public Plan *** Palin Goes Fishing with Press

International British Manufacturing Output Dropped in May *** France, Unlike U.S., Is Deep Into Stimulus Projects *** In Step to Enhance Currency, China Allows Its Use in Some Foreign Payments *** India to Raise Spending and Cut Taxes ***
G-8 Officials Want to Expel Italy

Media WASHINGTON POST publisher launches internal review amid event fallout... *** Times Urges Staffers to Use Phones Like Non-Teenage People *** How Can YouTube Survive? It's Believed To Lose Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars A Year