Monday, July 6, 2009

True News: Leads the Media Again

True News: Leads the Media Again
True News first with the breaking news, analysis and trends. July 1 True News New York's Economic Melt Down, No Clown Affair Today's Daily News Senate follies coupled with tax shortfall equal huge N.Y. budget nightmare

From True News, July 1, 2009:
While the circus is the media story of the day the real story is the destruction of the state's economy. New York tax receipts may be down 35 percent this year. Paterson's already warned of a $3 billion shortfall on the budget past 2 months ago. Comptroller DiNapoli has also noted that receipts are tanking: Personal-income-tax receipts were down nearly $3 billion, or 44 percent, from May 2008. General-fund revenues dipped by nearly $4 billion, or 36 percent IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN *** NYC's jobless rate jumped to 9% in May over 100,000 in the last 9 months *** Wall Street job losses may hit 46000 by 2010 *** Manhattan: Downturn Leaves Familiar Imprint On Financial District *** Job losses continue in northern suburbs; Westchester unemployment ... *** Buffalo job losses mount - Business First of Buffalo

New York's Economic Crisis It's hard, after all, to overstate the magnitude of the crisis: For years, City Hall and Albany have relied heavily on Wall Street to carry the load for government's lavish spending programs. But the recession fundamentally reshaped the city's financial sector -- leaving Wall Street seriously diminished. Today, the role of banks, brokers, insurance companies and related firms (not to mention other parts of the commercial world) in the city's economic future remains far from clear *** 'LOTS' OF WOE IN W'BURG STALLED BUILDING SITES *** Welfare Checks to Increase for First Time in 19 Years *** Volatile Swings in Price of Oil Stir Fears on Recovery *** Job Retraining May Fall Short of High Hopes *** California's Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics...USA lurching towards 'debt explosion'... *** Stella D'oro Factory to Close in October *** Senate Deadlock Puts Yonkers in a Budget Squeeze ***
Bloomberg Freezes Hiring, Blames Senate *** Democrats Seek Unity in Blaming Republicans


Albany Circus MINORITY BACKERS LIKE 'GOV. CUOMO' *** DN Editorial: Just go homeJust go home: Queens Assemblywoman Margaret Carrozza lives in big-bucks L.I. mansion - arrogance toward the law, arrogance toward New York City, arrogance toward the people who live in her district *** Gov. suggests Dems soften stand, give plum role to Espada ***Paterson sides with Dems on power sharing *** Holiday weekend ends without Senate deal *** Sunday session: A lot like last Sunday’s session *** NY Senate factions remain deadlocked (Crains) *** Senate starts 4th week in limbo *** Paterson takes frustration of NY Senate on road

Education Wars DN says senate will back mayoral control the NYT is not sure Daily News: DEM'S CLASS ACTION SENATORS OK MIKE'S CONTROL, NY Times: Mayoral School Control Less Assured in Senate *** Education spending skyrocketed under Bloomberg From the NY Times

If you fight Bloomberg expect a push back: Senators seem to be coalescing against Sen. John Sampson's idea of removing the mayor's ability to fire PEP members *** Some of Sampson's campaign donors also got member items from the Brooklyn lawmaker

Why Not Fix Problems Instead of Playing Politics? With the U.S. Attorney still investigation dozens of City Council member, developers destroying manufacturing and the neighborhood culture of the city, why is the NYP editorial so hot to elimination of the Public Advocate office. Why not revise the City Charter to solve the problems with the council and all the cities problems

Road to City Hall The NYT calls Thompson the stealth candidate wonder what they call Avella? Thompson, the Stealth Candidate. Why not examine the why the media covers a very popular mayor reelection that all the publishers of the city's papers made possible The New York Times' Real Feelings on Term Limits , New York City: Financial meltdown brings Bloomberg term-limit ... *** Artz's spin Morgenthau raps DA hopeful Snyder for 'pandering' *** Gioia having cow over milk prices! $6 a gallon is too high, he says *** Mayor Bloomberg's Safest City? *** Alan Chartock refers to Carolyn Maloney as “a far more accomplished legislator” than Kirsten Gillibrand, and “a woman of principle.” *** Paterson talks tough, but 'ineffective' tag hounds him *** Booker, Fenty And Bloomberg Woo The Young, Urban And

Dysfunctional Campaign
Press are the Enablers


Questions Not Asked by the Press: How would you clean up the corruption in the NYC Controllers office? That question was asked by True New on April 29 of the candidates, there has been no answer to date Questions The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know Corruption in the office The Wolf at Thompson's Door

More City News CITY READIES CART ATTACK The Health Department wants to yank the permits of more than 500 street food vendors after undercover investigators found widespread fraud *** A Calming Presence Amid the Groans and Screeches *** Developer leaves a mess behind From NY1 *** Which NYC hospitals have best, worst infection rates?

Washington Biden: U.S. will stand by Israel's side to defend against Iran *** Congress Shifts Into High Gear *** Firms Hire Hundreds Of Former Lawmakers And Congressional Staffers To Lobby Congress on Health Care

International Scores Said to Be Killed in Clashes in Western China *** India to Boost Spending to Spur Growth *** Honduras Standoff With Zelaya Heats Up

Media ‘Tonight Show’ Audience a Decade Younger (positive spin brought to you by the NBC, NYT partnership) *** Rise of Web Video, Beyond 2-Minute Clips *** Newspaper Apologizes for Seeming to Sell Access *** Report: 279 magazine closures in first half