Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Update And A Review of the Week in Politics

NYT Tells Us Their Plans But Does Not Tell Us They Are Not Working FLAT According to the Polls
 A Viewer's Guide to the Mayor's Race(NYT)
From their boldest ideas to their biggest blunders, a look at 10 candidates who are running to be mayor of New York City.

How Much the N.Y.C. Mayoral Candidates Have Raised and Spent(NYT)

Good Sign for Weiner After Months of Debates Not One Candidate Has Gained Traction

New Mayoral Poll
Quinn lowest level in five months
Quinn Loses Popularity, but Retains Lead in Mayoral Race, Poll Finds(NYT) According to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, only 32 percent of likely Democratic voters said they favored Ms. Quinn in the Democratic primary, compared with 37 percent six weeks ago. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio came in second at 14 percent; former Comptroller Bill Thompson was third at 13 percent and current Comptroller John Liu trailed at 7 percent. Longshot Sal Albanese, a former City Councilman, was not included. In the previous poll released on Feb. 27, deBlasio had the same 14 percent; Thompson had 11 percent and Liu was at 9 percent. Voters still had a highly favorable opinion of Quinn at 49/24 percent positive/negative, down from 51/21 percent. In the Republican contest, Doe Fund founder George McDonald made an impressive move from 2 to 11 percent. He was still trailing front runner Joe Lhota, the former MTA chairman, who had 23 percent. Business magnate John Catsimatides was in third place with 8 percent.She’s still 18 percentage points ahead of her closest competitor, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

True News Wags the NYT On Washington Plunkitt (Oct 27, 2012)

First, let’s raise a cup to those this year who met the lofty standards of George Washington Plunkitt, the turn-of-the-last-century Tammany leader with a world view that he neatly summed up this way: “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.

Sunday's NYT "I seen my opportunities and I took ’em"
A famous line from the Tammany Hall era lives on with scandals in New York and Virginia.
George Washington Plunkitt’s timeless defense of “honest graft” in government has been a measure of political dodginess for the last century. “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em,” Plunkitt bragged after becoming a millionaire by exploiting the legal edge of patronage and machine politics in the Tammany Hall era. 

Queens GOP Civil War Catsimatidis Vs Lhota

Hand to Hand Combat Over Control of the Queens County Chair Endorsement of Catsimatidis

State GOP Cox Trying to Get Queen's GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa to Resign for Rigging the Endorsement of John Catsimatidis.  Stacked Endorsement Meeting With BOE Employees That He Appointed. The group opposing Ragusa is asking for an investigation of court filing about BOE commissioner Judith Stump appointment. There has not been a real executive meeting in 18 months in Queens county.

Does the Arrest of Vinny Tabone Put the Queens GOP in Play for Lhota?

11:00AM Saturday
Team Lhota Attacks Queens GOP Boss
Over 20 State Committee Members Attend Coup d'etat Meeting Saturday to Dump Ragusa and Make Former Congressman Bob Turner County Leader
At the meeting the leaders agree to send a letter to cox asking for the removal of the Queens GOP County Leader for corrupt activities. The other day Republican activists — including veteran consultant E. O’Brien Murray — called for Queens County GOP chairman Phil Ragusa to step down. They are going after the corruption of the former VP of the party and Vinny Tabone who was arrested last week for trying to sell the ballot line to Malcolm Smith who was also arrested. Queens GOP Executive Director Robert Hornak Quits Board Of Elections After Shakeup(TU) * What About the Sworn Papers Filed in Court by Ragusa to Save His BOE Commissioner?(True News)

6:30PM Saturday
Queens County Chair Catsimatidis?
Catsimatidis React to the Queens GOP Leaders Call for  Leader Ragusa to Resign by Sending Out A Letter to County Leaders Defending and Demanding the County Leader Stay in Office    
Dear District Leader:
This afternoon it came to my attention that Councilman Eric Ulrich has been calling Queens District Leaders, spreading disinformation in a cynical, self serving attempt to take control of the Queens County Republican Party. Character assassination is his weapon of the day. Sadly, after what has happened over the past two weeks, the last thing our Republican Party needs is infighting. It ultimately is self destructive action that serves no real purpose other than to further cloud the public view of the GOP. I want leaders of the Queens GOP to know one plain and simple truth; Phil Ragusa is a good and honest man. 

Catsimatidis Claims Support of Cox Who Son is Married to Catsimatidis Daughter 
He has my full support and confidence. I have spoken to State GOP Chair Ed Cox and he shares my view that management by revolution is not the way of the GOP. Change is made at the September reorganization meeting and he supports the fact that the district leaders of Queens County, at the time of the election, will make their choice. Councilman Ulrich activities; his name calling and twisting of the truth are disgraceful and are symptomatic of of someone who lacks the maturity and experience to lead. If you would like to discuss this situation please feel free to email me at Sincerely, John Catsimatidis

Sunday Another Letter in Support of GOP Boss Ragusa from:
Serphin R. Maltese, Former New York State Senator 
Frank Padavan, Former New York State Senator
Anthony Como, Former New York City Councilman
Hon. Michael J. Abel, Former New York City Councilman
 Maltese, as I've reported, was on hand for Catsimatidis' City Hall steps kickoff. He is joining the billionaire's campaign as a paid consultant handling outreach to Queens veterans and senior citizens.
I don't think Padavan has formally endorsed anyone in the primary yet, but he -- like a slew of pols on both sides of the aisle -- has been the beneficiary of Catsimatidis' political largesse in the past. State records show Padavan's re-election committee received a $5,000 Catsimatidis donation in May, 2010.

Catsimatidis Continues the Bloomberg Tradition of Buying the GOP Line
One possible white knight is billionaire John Catsimatidis, who is running for mayor on the GOP line and has been generous to many politicians over the years. Records show he and his firms have ponied up $311,700 to the local GOP since 2009, or less than half what Bloomberg has provided.

Catsimatidis Buy$ 3 GOP County Leaders
182G in Fat Cats donations (NYP) That’s a lot of green apples! Billionaire supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis has pumped more than $182,000 into the city’s county Republican committees — and now has three of the five GOP leaders’ support in his mayoral bid.
The contributions from the candidate and his Red Apple Group and United Refining companies date back to 2006, though most came in the last few years. Manhattan GOP Chairman Dan Isaacs and Kings County Republican boss Craig Eaton said there was no connection between Catsimatidis’ contributions and their support. Catsimatidis spokesman Rob Ryan also denied a link.

CM Golden Looking for #1
Pay to Play Ballot Line Corruption Starts GOP Civil War
Malcolm ignites GOP war(NYP) The city Republican Party is at war with itself in the wake of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal, sources said yesterday. State Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) is maneuvering to oust Craig Eaton as the Kings County Republican chairman. In the wake of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal, state Sen. Martin Golden is hoping to oust Craig Eaton as the Kings County Republican chairman, while Republican activists are calling for the Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa to step down, the New York Post writes:  Pemberton responds in an email, "I come to Florida after New Year’s Eve and return usually in April or May." Usually? Golden backs Joe Lhota for mayor, while Eaton supports John Catsimatidis.* Golden hungry for answers — but could get Eaton!(Brooklyn Paper)

Sen. Marty Golden Endorsed Lhota Trying to Destroy Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton Who Backed Catsimatidis Today
Was Eaton Pay to Playing With Smith? Golden Wants to Know



Political bribery arrests shake the Bronx GOP(Bronx Times)

Mutiny On the Vito?

NYP Seifman Says Bklyn Dems About to Turn On Lopez
Brooklyn Boss Seddio Has Not Even Commented on Lopez's Hush Fund Scandal

Et tu, Dems?(NYP) B’klyn allies turn on Gropez. Sources said the Brooklyn Democratic Party is close to endorsing Antonio Reynoso for the City Council seat that Lopez has been coveting for months, ever since he was accused of sexually harassing female staffers, and most of his powers in the Assembly were removed. The new leader installed last September, Frank Seddio, had been Lopez’s friend and protégé.

But sources said the two “are not getting along. Vito thinks he’s not showing respect.”Aside from Reynoso, two other candidates have registered and it’s possible even more will sign up. The Brooklyn Democratic Party isn’t the force it used to be and some question if an endorsement of Reynoso will come with the resources needed to get him elected. “It doesn’t mean a lot,” insisted one skeptic of the party’s backing. But another source said if Seddio decides to pull the trigger, he’ll have no choice but to throw everything he has at defeating Lopez. “Vito would have to be taken out,” the source declared emphatically.

Vito Lopez for City Counci
Council candidate runs against Vito — who isn’t in the race yet(Brooklyn Paper
NYS pension scammer Hank Morris files papers to get parole 
Courts Enable Vito Lopez Corruption
Not Only is the JCOPE Sexual Harassment Report Against Vito Lopez Being Cover Up His GF Walks After Ripping Off His Non Profit Government Funded Political Machine
Sweetheart No Jail Deal for Vito Lopez Girlfriend Crook
Judge James C. Francis IV of Federal District Court in Manhattan Missed and opportunity to use Fisher to rat on the rest of the Lopez crowdProbation for Ex-Director of Nonprofit Group Tied to Assemblyman(NYT) Christiana M. Fisher, who was director of a nonprofit oranization controlled by Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, pleaded guilty to providing false documents about a jump in her salary, to $659,591 from $235,135.

Daily News Says Release the JCOPE Report . . . A Corruption Investigation Blocking the Report Release Allows Vito Lopez to Run for City Council
Public has to see how ethics panel judged pervy Vito Lopez(NYDN)

Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News)

Lopez Already Running for Council
Is Vito Lopez Taking About Sexual Harassment Record?
"He has no record." Assemblyman Vito Lopez on his likely rival

An invitation to support Vito Lopez's run for Council(Capital)

Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News)

Social Media Activist Against Quinn
Daily News Recognizes A New Type of Political Movement But Does Not Understand Who is Behind It and Why They Oppose Quinn
Christine Quinn detractors use social media in effort to quash her mayoral run(NYDN)

Council speaker inspires a Web full of enemies as sites like Defeat Christine Quinn emerge on Facebook and Twitter * Quinn: Crime spike ‘unacceptable’(NYP)

Lemire silenced the voices of women critics and had one goal to say valid concerns are crazy. Lemire is be called misogynist makings Quinn's critic all gay men no women a he is well aware of Quinn critics. Whoops Alan Roskoff has no social media presence.

Will the Cult Party Reopen the Bids on Ballot Line? 
Weiner Could Out Bid Carrion for Independence Party Line
Adolfo Carrion could be the first casualty if Anthony Weiner runs for mayor. Carrion, the former Bronx borough president, has been endorsed by the Independence Party, but insiders think his hold is shaky. The party’s ballot line has been for sale — just ask Mayor Bloomberg — and Weiner could open his war chest to take it from Carrion. “The Independence Party is a coin-operated group,” one insider said. “Weiner could contribute enough so that the leaders would — surprise — decide he’s a better choice.”(Goodman, NYP)

Klien IDC Smith Mess

Independent Democratic Conference tells state Sen. Malcolm Smith he's no longer welcome(NYDN) Sources said they are in discussions about taking formal action to boot Smith from their ranks. Smith was charged earlier this month in political corruption scandal

Klien's Pay to Play Nursing Home Pork
Senate leader Jeffrey Klein backs law helping state nursing homes while serving as board member for Bronx facility(NYDN)  Bronx Democrat, who pocketed $71,000 in campaign donations from homes, says his position at Morningside Homes is unpaid

 Smith's Arrest Brings State Senate Coalition Into Question(NY1)

Klein Attempts Pork Earmark
Is Schneiderman Going After IDC Kline A Hit On Cuomo?
AG eyes Albany’s crafty ‘grafters’(NYP)

Today Klein Uses the Media to Fight Back Against Corruption Charges
New Effort to Reduce N.Y. Money in Politics(WSJ)State Senate Majority Coalition Co-Leader Jeff Klein plans to propose drastically curbing campaign contribution limits to political candidates in New York, as well as setting up a public matching funds campaign finance system similar to New York City's  Despite Cuomo’s crackdown on new pork-barrel spending, Klein tried to slip four payments totaling $17,500 to a Bronx nonprofit into the new state budget by disguising the payments as a reappropriation of old funds, the New York Daily News writes * Another loophole in law(TU)* Exclu from : Bronx state Sen. attempts pork earmark despite ban* "What's the matter with Albany?" [Anna Sale] * The recent spate of corruption scandals has reignited discussion about term limits for state lawmakers. Cuomo is not a fan.* A complaint has been filed by a Putnam County Democrat with JCOPE against GOP Assemblyman Steve Katz after he was charged last month with marijuana possession and speeding on the state Thruway. * Pace Law School Prof. Bennett Gershman says Cuomo’s Public Trust Act won’t likely curb legislative corruption.
Monday Goo Goos Wine At Pay to Play Klien
Critics stomp on stained wine pol(NYP)  Good-government groups and a fellow Democrat yesterday criticized Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein for pushing a bill benefiting a national wine distributor that contributed $33,000 to his campaign.* Sen. Jeff Klein lost a key elections law case in 2004 that could have bankrupted his campaign, but didn’t.

True News Review of the Week

Today the NYT Called A Phantom Ad Comes to New York (NYT Ed)City leaders should promptly disavow negative ads before the attacks spiral out of control.
Monday Quinn called on her fellow candidates to condemn outside groups. Her opponents basically told her to stop complaining and that negative ads were simply to be expected. 

Early in Mayoral Battle, Carriage Horses Are Drawn Into Race(NYT) A surprising subject has erupted in the early weeks of the race for New York City mayor, complete with boldface endorsers, voluble protests and a generously financed attack ad: animal rights.
Monday Outside Group Hits Quinn on Term Limits
New ad to blast Christine Quinn on term limits(NYP) Outside Group Invests in Effort to Block Quinn’s Campaign for Mayor(NYT)The week started with a debate over a scathing attack ad against Democratic mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn that was paid for by an outside group. By midweek, anyone paying attention to #NYC2013 was talking about whether a certain former Congressman with a career-destroying penchant for social media would jump into the mayor's race. Quinn lashed out at the producers of the ad, a group of left-leaning labor organizations and other activists who have long been opposed to the councilwoman's bid to be the city's next mayor.

Tuesday The NYT Kingdom Speech On Corruption

Of all the proposed reforms, the most critical is to open up elections so that voters have real choices. And that means creating a workable public financing system to encourage more candidates to come forward, much as New York City did almost 25 years ago. The New York Public Interest Research Group found that over the last 30 years, only 55 incumbents have been defeated in general elections.
Wednesday  NYT Magazine Starts Weiner's II

Anthony Weiner returned to public life in an extensive confessional with The New York Times Magazine, admitting that he was weighing whether to run for mayor.* Teachers union won't endorse Anthony Weiner in mayoral bid (NYP)
ABC's This Week: Chuck Schumer asked about Anthony Weiner running & history was made when Schumer said "no comment" for the 1st time ever* Anthony Weiner had almost no institutional support for his 2005 bid for NYC mayor. Undeterred. 2013 no different. Not establishment. But he does have the Clinton spin doctors on TV this morning.
Schumer declines to comment on Weiner potential campaign

Spitzer's Support is Not What Weiner Needs

It is Not What is In the Ad That is Hurting Quinn It is Her Reaction to Them
The speaker seems to think that free speech applies only to those who agree with her
Dem foes rip Quinn bid to stifle TV ads (NYP) Mayoral front-runner Christine Quinn came under fire from her Democratic opponents yesterday for her demand that Time Warner Cable stop airing an attack ad against her that was paid for by an independent group

Thursday Sammy Nelson the Bull Indicted - Albany MOLE

Informer in Assembly, Accused of Perjury, Apologizes(NYT)

Panic Who and What Did the Albany Mole Get
Albany Riveted by Double Life of an Assemblyman and Informer(NYT) Since 2009, while Nelson L. Castro represented the West Bronx in the State Legislature, he was secretly recording and informing on his colleagues to prosecutors.* Sources: Castro To Be Indicted In State Supreme Court(NY1)Legislators are still trying to come to terms with – and in some cases, are terrified by – the idea that Castro worked undercover for the feds for close to four years.

Ex-Assemblyman and Mole Nelson Castro Arrives Handcuffed in Court(DNAINFO)* The Indictment That Created An 

Will Smith Become the Second Albany Mole By Ratting on His Fellow Crooks?

What Will the Arrest of Malcolm Smith Mean to the AEG Investigation?
The arrest of Sen. Malcolm Smith reignited speculation that charges could finally come in the AEG scandal. 

Should Smith Hire Body Guards?

Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post   * True News: Outrageous, Dirty Lobbyist Sheinkopf A Character ... Future of Programs Murky(Queens Tribune)* Malcolm Smith facing big legal, political challenges(Queens Chroncile)
Political and court experts say his fight in scandal has only begun

Who is Vito Lopez Blackmailing?
232 Days After NYT Reported Vito Lopez Hush Fund Scandal and Vito is Still In Office
And Running for City Council

Before Censure, a Hushed Settlement Against Assemblyman(NYT)
 Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News)

Silver: Rotten Apples in Every Group
Shelly: My hands are clean(NYP) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver defended his tenure amid whispers about him being replaced, downplaying and deflecting responsibility for the state’s recent corruption scandals and insisting that there are “rotten apples” in any group* Talk of changing leadership in Albany(YNN) * Can Anything Be Done About Corruption In Albany?(Gotham Gazette)

Friday Liu Trial, Wilson- Pakula, Quinn MTA Takeover

.@johncliu has been removed from oliver pan's witness list... Means the comptroller will not be called to testify at next week's trial #2013
Monday Liu Trial Starts
John Liu’s former aides fear a jury ‘posse’ at trial - * Jury Pool in Ex-Aide’s Trial Will Be Queried About Liu(NYT)
* Lawyers: Corruption Arrests Could Taint Jury Pool In Straw Donor Trial(NY1)* Prospective jurors in the trial of a former campaign treasurer Liu will be questioned about their impressions of the comptroller and mayoral hopeful and whether that would affect their ability to be fair and impartial.

Long Time Conservative Leader Talks Out Aganist Ending Wilson- Pakula

Long: We’ll Go Down Without Wilson-Pakula, But We’ll Take You With Us(YNN)

Staying Alive in the World Wild Wrestling Federation(True News)

Quinn Promises Transit Services Like Bloomberg That Will Never Happen
During the 2009 Bloomberg Promised Free Crosstown Buses

Quinn Promises More Services for Broke Transit System
Quinn: Let the city steer(NYP) $756M plan for mayoral ‘control’ of MTAQuinn, the City Council speaker, released a $756 million wish list for mass-transit projects yesterday, including her improbable proposal to place the next mayor at the helm of the massive agency.* Quinn's Transit Vision Expands on Bloomberg Legacy (WSJ)* Quinn Proposes City Takeover Of MTA(NY1) * One transit web site isn't too impressed with Quinn's transit plans. [Benjamin Kabak]

Halloran Also Has A Sex Problem

Halloran Play to Pay Sex
Councilman Halloran had an affair with co-ed: sources(NYP) The Queens city councilman at the center of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal was a lousy husband, too — throwing away his marriage for a co-ed staffer half his age, The Post has learned.  
Staffers bailing on Hollerin’ Halloran (Queens Chronicle)
Dan Halloran, 41 — who is charged in a bribe scheme to get state state Sen. Smith into the mayoral race — repeatedly hooked up with Meaghan Mapes, then 21, in her Queens home between 2010 and 2011, sources said.She served as his deputy chief of staff during that same period, earning $30,000.* City Councilman Dan Halloran's 2009 opponent, Kevin Kim, said he's considering a rematch. [Paul H.B. Shin and Lisa Colangelo]

Dad of Staffer Who He Had an Affair Wants Halloran to Rot in Jail
‘Affair’ dad hits Halloran (NYP) Disgraced City Councilman Dan Halloran preyed upon the “naive” staffer with whom he carried on a yearlong affair — and should rot in jail, the woman’s father told The Post yesterday.

Weiner Mud

How Hard is It to Find Dirt On Weiner?
Mayoral Candidates Desperately Searching for Some Dirt on Anthony Weiner(NY Mag)

Rival campaigns’ plan of attack for Anthony Weiner: Hit him where it hurts (NYP) The city’s mayoral hopefuls are sharpening their knives — and Anthony Weiner better be ready to answer the hard questions about his sexting scandal.  Sources in the camps of several campaigns said they have been in dirt-digging overdrive ever since...* His reach exceeds his grope(NYP)
* Gatemouth: "The importance of having a sense of Huma: First Muslim in Congress endorses Likudnik Weiner."  * The Daily News interviewed nearly a dozen people who played key roles in the Democrat’s 2005 mayoral campaign as advisers, supporters or contributions and didn’t find much enthusiasm for his comeback attempt.*Bob McManus to Weiner: “Go ahead, Tony: Torch what little dignity you have left.”* Past Weiner Donors Move On To New Candidates(NY1) * John Liu on a Weiner mayoral run: "It makes sense for him to run. After all, he's got plenty of exposure." * Spitzer, no stranger to sex scandal, says Weiner "will make it as a serious candidate" for mayor (NYT) * Chuck Schumer doesn't have anything to say about Anthony Weiner right now  

NYP Says NY Dumb Voters Will Accept Anyone That Promises Them More Services
It's not that the public is so forgiving, it's that they just don't expect much from politicians
History teaches that New Yorkers will put up with just about anything — how else to explain the City Council? — so even the prospect of an internationally infamous Twitter pervert moving into Gracie Mansion probably won’t faze them.  Weiner’s Got a Shot (NYP) In this town, anyone does. It’s not so much that voters are forgiving as it is that they don’t expect much from their public servants, other than lush social programs — and so they are generally inclined to overlook outbursts of buffoonery. Weiner, of course, seems to have been purpose-built to test that forbearance. * Scandal no big deal: donors(NYP) * Bloomberg chides media for focusing on Weiner, but story "ran on the mayor’s own newswire."

Three of former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s fund raisers have been charged with felonies, while a fourth was involved in an ethics controversy, meaning that Weiner would likely have to return their money if he decides to run for mayor
An Anthony Weiner mayoral run would probably mean returning cash raised by shady fund-raisers(NYDN) Three of the former congressman's fund-raisers have have been charged with felonies that range from running a Ponzi scheme to bribing a state senator. A fourth fund-raiser was involved in an ethics controversy.Convicted swindler Norman Hsu collected nearly $27,000 for Weiner in 2007 — two years before Hsu pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 years in jail for bilking investors out of $20 million in a Ponzi scheme. Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, the father of Queens Rep. Grace Meng, raised about $27,000 for Weiner in 2008. Meng was fined $30,000 last month and ordered to serve a month in jail for soliciting a payoff to fix a criminal case. Meng had convinced the victim to hide an $80,000 payoff inside a fruit basket. Former Parkway Hospital CEO Robert Aquino raised $9,500 for Weiner in 2008. Aquino was sentenced in May to four months in prison for bribing crooked former Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger.* Ex-backers cool toward a Weiner run

Cuomo Machine

Cuomo 2014 Campaign Already Rolling
Cuomo’s Re-election Machinery Is Already at Work(NYT)With the next election for governor more than 18 months away, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the state Democrats are stepping up their effort. * In anticipation of his re-election campaign, the state Democratic Party has begun broadcasting a series of television commercials praising Gov. Cuomo for shepherding a gun control measure through the State Legislature. State Democratic Party spending at least $1.5 million on ads on his behalf.* Cuomo Cleared to Bring Girlfriend When He Rides State Planes


Long: We’ll Go Down Without Wilson-Pakula, But We’ll Take You With Us(YNN)

Staying Alive in the World Wild Wrestling Federation(True News)

More Political Corruption

Pay to Play Lappin and Jackson
Manhattan borough president candidates gifted nonprofits whose board members donated to campaigns(NYDN) City Council members Jessica Lappin and Robert Jackson, who are both running for Manhattan borough president, have each given hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations whose board members — and sometimes their family members — have donated to their campaign warchests.

Corrupt Arroyo Sister Start A Charter School
Shady charter ‘$trips’(NYP)
The city approved a politically connected charter school — whose founder went to prison and principal was once accused of fixing grades — to issue up to $23 million in tax-exempt bonds to relocate to a former Bronx strip club. With the tax breaks, the Golden Lady, a shuttered jiggle joint, will be demolished and rise as the South Bronx Charter School for International Culture and the Arts, a K-5 school for just over 400 students, records show. Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, whose grandson founded the nonprofit school in 2005, and her daughter, Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, urged BuildNYC, an arm of the city Economic Development Corp., to authorize the sale of bonds.The school’s founder and former board chairman, Richard Izquierdo-Arroyo, left in 2009 after he was caught embezzling nearly $200,000 from an Arroyo-connected housing nonprofit. He served a year in prison.Izquierdo-Arroyo spent the stolen funds on his grandmother’s Assembly campaign office and staff, according to court papers. He also treated her and his councilwoman aunt to dinners, shopping and trips to Puerto Rico. Robert McLaughlin, an attorney for the school, said Izquierdo-Arroyo has no current ties to the school.

With strong criticism of the state parole board, Supreme Court Justice Richard Mott in Columbia County on April 12 ordered officials to grant former political consultant Hank Morris a new hearing, and to do so no later than April 22. (Subscription).
Campaign 2013

Comrie's name comes up as replacement for Smith(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Courier:
The charges against State Senator Malcolm Smith already have the political world swirling with rumors on a potential replacement if the embattled legislator is found guilty.Councilmember Leroy Comrie and Jason Hilliard, chief of staff for Congressmember Gregory Meeks, were both reported to be eyeing the spot.But Comrie, a candidate for borough president, said he doesn’t have any plans to drop out and switch his focus to Albany. Right now Comrie is focused on the race for Borough Hall – an election the deputy majority leader is confident he can win.

Georgina Bloomberg in Chris’ camp(NYP)

Steven Matteo launches campaign for City Council seat1(SI advance)

Quinn Some Hospitals Are OK To Close
Those That Bring Her $$ Not Votes
Quinn Protesting the Closing of LICH while She Said Nothing About the Closing of  St Vincent's Hospital located in her council district* Christine Quinn + Rudin Family Campaign Donations = Pay-to-Play ? (St. Vincent's Hospital)* Rudin Real Estate-Quinn Related Campaign Donations

How the Other Half in NY Lives

New Yorkers Who Do Not Show Up In the 9.1% Unemployment Rate

It’s not working for NYC (NYP)  They’ve fallen through the cracks: millions of jobless or underemployed New Yorkers whose daily struggle is to find work and food. They certainly don’t show up in the 9.1 percent unemployment rate for the city, since they have exhausted those...
 Many New Yorkers Left Behind
New Yorkers Brace for Cuts in Unemployment Benefits(NYT) Beginning this week, federal benefits for unemployed New Yorkers will be cut by almost 11 percent as a result of sequestration, making New York one of the first states to carry out the cuts. New York is one of the first states to carry out the cuts.
Saving A Hospital From Closing
Families Hold "Stroller March" To Try To Save Troubled Brooklyn Hospital(NY1)
The Terrifying Reality of Long-Term Unemployment - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic
Free Speech Win back up and running(Queens Crap)

From DNA Info: They got the last laugh. A parody website that took jabs at members of Queens Community Board 1 is back up online after pulling its content last week, following threats from the city over use of the official seal. The new version of contains many of the same biting remarks about the local board, but shows other changes, including a disclaimer on its homepage that it's a "parody" and "not part of Queens Community Board 1."
MTA New Leader

Hurdles for Cuomo's MTA Pick(WSJ)

Cuomo Nominates MTA Interim Executive Director Prendergast To Lead Agency(NY1)
Transit veteran Thomas Prendergast named to run MTA(NYDN)

Cuomo Nominates MTA Interim Executive Director Prendergast To Lead Agency(NY1)

Bloomberg, during his weekly radio show, jabbed Cuomo for not including mass transit as part of the new Tappan Zee Bridge, which is about to begin construction.
Anti Jewish Brooklyn College Event

Jewish students weren't kicked out of Palestinian event at Brooklyn College because of religion: report(NYDN) An investigation commissioned by CUNY chancellor Matthew Goldstein found that the controversial February event featuring Omar Barghouti, who favors boycotting Israel, was disorganized, resulting in several people being barred from the speech.* Albany High School Teacher Suspended for Asking Students to Think Like Nazis(NY Mag)


Real Estate Déjà Vu (NY Mag) Is this 2006 all over again?

 Bikes Stands
Citi Bike Share Stations Hit Brooklyn's Streets(DNAINFO)
Five Boro Bike Tour doesn’t have to pay $1M police fee:(NYDN)
Bike Tour Wins Lawsuit Over City Fees(NYT)

Library Shrinkage

Condoning The Sale and Shrinkage Of The Brooklyn Heights Library, Does The Brooklyn Heights Associations Think Of Friends Group As A Fig Leaf? It Should Think Again



WTC Museum Fees

9/11 museum goes back on its word, charges admissions fee – infuriating victims’ families(NYDN) * 9/11 memorial charging $2 reservation fee(WABC) * National 9/11 Memorial Charges Reservation Fee For Advance Passes(NY1) * Memorial charging reservation fee; victims' families furious(NYP)
* 9/11 Memorial Reservations Now Cost $2(NY Mag)


Pure Goldstein(NYDN Ed)One of New York’s great public servants is stepping down. Chancellor Matt Goldstein is retiring after a 14-year run that transformed the City University of New York from a remediation factory to a bastion of academic achievement.

More Than 2,300 Children Waitlisted for Kindergarten(DNAINFO)

EXCLUSIVE: City investigating 21 cases of ethical misconduct on annual schools survey(NYDN Ed) The polls of students, teachers and parents affect decisions such as awarding cash bonuses to principals, closing schools and determining public schools' letter grades. Principals are prohibited from attempting to influence the surveys, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying.

Jersey Youth Will Run NYC School System (Wash Post)

Baruch prof axed for stopping ‘cheat’ (NYP) No wonder Baruch College has a cheating problem — it fires whistle-blowers.  “It’s completely nuts,” said adjunct Professor Brian Moore, who was canned last month for scolding a student who had asked for a test answer.

New Tests Are Much Harder
Don’t fear failure, kid(NYP) It’s called Common Core, but the new standards coming to New York schools are anything but common. For one thing, they aim to better prepare students for college and work. Officials are lowering expectations, with estimates that city scores could drop as much as 20 or 30 percent when results are released in July. And therein lies the biggest danger.* New tests, more stress for NYC children?(Fox 5)

Boys and girls are not on the same page about elite city high schools(NYDN Ed)

Department of Education needs to find out why enrollments are out of whack
The state budget adopted less than three weeks ago offered few of the structural changes needed by municipalities and schools, according to former LG Richard Ravitch.


Damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Verizon’s Jazz-Age Frescoes Glow Again(NYT)* Officially, There’s Now No Chance of Hurricane Sandy Returning(NYT)
Thinking caps on for Staten Island's post-Sandy woes(NBC)
Gov't Program Will Allow Some Sandy Victims To Put Off Mortgage Payments During Repairs * NY1 Exclusive: Administrators At Queens School Say Students Still Suffering From Post-Sandy Stress  *'It's unbelievable': Sandy victims outraged after Bloomberg warns the city may not reimburse residents who have paid to fix their homes due to fear of fraud(NYDN) * Homeowners With Private Loans Stuck With Big Bills As Post …(WCBS) * Feds give Sandy victims break on mortgage payments

Coney Pier Sinking 

Comedian Jonathan Winters dead at 87(NYP)
Lived to make us laugh(NYP)

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 2.38.24 PM Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: @PrezBillyJeff, 'Accidental Racist,' 'Sodomy! Zygotes! Welfare!' And More


‘Now’s the time to act’ (NYP)The president yesterday gave up his weekly address to a civilian for the first time.  Francine Wheeler, the mother of Ben Wheeler, 6, one of the 26 students and adults killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December*
The Gun Man, Sticking to His Cause(NYT) * Round-The-Clock Vigil Planned Until Senate Passes Gun Control Bill(Huff Post) * Rubio says he met with Newtown families. "It was, I can just tell you, the most emotional meeting I've ever had in all my public service." Rubio says he hasn't read Manchin-Toomney bill yet so he won't come out for or against yet.

SNL Cold Open Decimates Gun Control Compromise: Gun Dealers Must Ask ‘Are You A Good Person?’

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What I Saw at the Gosnell Trial - J.D. Mullane,
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Married in NY, But Not in TX - William Baude, Slate
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TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

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Kerry Goes to China, Seeking Help to Defuse Korea Crisis(NYT)
Rubio on Sunday shows: Immigrant proposal 'not a special path' (Politico)
Schumer Opposes Concealed Weapon Amendment To Federal Gun Control Law (NY1)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group is launching another ad campaign ahead of Congress’ debate on gun legislation.


Newtown Victim's Mom Fills In For Obama's Weekly Address(Huff Post)

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Boehner's Back Door(NY Mag)Obama's agenda is moving because the Speaker has figured out how to pass bills while keeping his hands clean.

The North Korea Problem - New York Times
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Bloomberg Gun Control Group Launching Ad Campaign Ahead Of Congress Debate (NY1)
Law and Order

Violent crime spiking in wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods (NYP) Some of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods are exploding in a wave of violent crime that hearkens back to the bad old days when people feared going out at night, according to NYPD data obtained by The Post.  Chelsea, Gramercy Park, TriBeCa, SoHo...

Arrest Rate for Bronx Drops As All Other Boros Increase
Given the raft of Bronx politicos carted off in handcuffs last week — including a Democratic assemblyman and the chairman of the Bronx GOP — you might think your odds of getting arrested in the borough are high if you do something wrong. The truth turns out to be just the opposite. As The Post has reported, last month the arrest rate for The Bronx dropped, even as it increased in the city’s four other boroughs. For that, thank Bronx DA Robert Johnson. Because the drop in citations coincides with a demand from police brass for increased paperwork on basic arrests — meaning more i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Which in turn is a result of Johnson’s office finding flimsy excuses not to prosecute cases, given how many he loses.

Judge Rules Against NYPD Theft-Baiting(NY Mag)

New Tool for Police Officers: Records at Their Fingertips(NYT)
With Police in Schools, More Children in Court System(NYT)
 Poll: Majority Of NYers Support Additional NYPD Oversight(NY1)

 Stop and Frisk Trail
Judge Shira Scheindlin undermines stop-and-frisk suit(NYDN Ed) Shakes premise of class-action case with question to witness

Bronx Court Crisis
Waiting Years for Day in Bronx Court(NYT)At a time of slashed judicial budgets across the country, New York’s poorest borough offers a stark picture of what happens when* This series puts voices to the Bronx court crisis that published today. Read and listen.

Inexcusable! Jury duty for dead lady(NYP) She’s being summoned from the dead. Jury-duty notices keep coming for Elizabeth H. Mendoza — a Bronx woman who would be 104 years old if she hadn’t died almost a decade ago.

  • HS sex teach’s orifice hours(NYP)A Queens teacher who was arrested and fired for taking a 16-year-old student to a hot-sheets motel for a videotaped romp also violated two other boys — inside her school

A 28-year-old woman was sexually assaulted near City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan early Sunday, police said.

  Cops Seek Suspect In Series Of Brooklyn Rapes(WCBS)

Suspect Sought In Alleged Brooklyn Rape Pattern(NY1)

Suspect Arrested In Connection With Alleged Queens Brick Attack(NY1)

Suspect Arrested in Queens Brick Attack(NBC)
Police: Brooklyn Suspect Lured Women To Isolated Areas And(WCBS)

Suspect Sought In Alleged Brooklyn Rape Pattern(NY1)

Arrest made for '97 shooting death of 16-year-old(NYDN)
Violence down 60% in part of the Bronx(WABC)

Crook mugs cheesemonger, cuffs him to forklift and steals his car(NYP)
Man Sought in 3 Brooklyn Rapes(NBC)

‘Drug kingpin’ on way to NY(NYP)

Suspect Arrested In Connection With Alleged Queens Brick Attack (NY1)

Manhattan Drug Bust Nets 41 Alleged Gang Members(NY1)

Massive Drug Ring Busted For Selling Coke With Door-To-Door Delivery(DNAINFO)

Vid alibi bid in slayings (NYP) The Staten Island man accused of killing three Brooklyn shopkeepers shouted in court yesterday that subway-surveillance video will prove his innocence.* Accused ‘Son of Sal’ serial killer claims MTA tapes will clear him(NYDN)

‘Hate’ rap in mezuzah burnings(NYP) * Hate-Crime Charges in Brooklyn Fires(NYT) * Man Faces Hate Crime Charges In Brooklyn Burning Spree(NY1) * Man accused of torching mezuzahs in confesses to hate crime:
* Man Faces Hate Crime Charges In Brooklyn Burning Spree(NY1)

Cops investigating reported sexual assault near NYPD HQ in Manhattan(NYP)

Bronx man freed after 38 years in prison as judge tosses child-murder conviction(NYP) * Blaming Defense, Judge Frees Man Convicted in ’75 Murder(NYT) * New York City judge vacates conviction in 1975 child de (WABC)

Man Shot To Death In Bronx Courtyard(NY1)

Manhattan coke ring out of business after photos and videos of kingpins partying surface online(NYP)

Debate gets heated on day 8 of 'Cleaver Slay' murder trial deliberations(NYP)