Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday Update Hunt for Patriot Day Bomber

Photos allegedly show bomb that killed three, wounded scores more in Boston Marathon terror attack(NYP)

War Zone at Mile 26: ‘So Many People Without Legs’(NYT) * Boston Marathon bombs: The world reacts(CBS) *About 140 Are Injured in 'Act of Terror'(WSJ) * FBI Uses 'Tripwires' to Nab Bomb Makers(WSJ) * NYPD Steps Up Security In Wake Of Boston Marathon Explosion(NY1)Bombs at the Marathon(NYT Ed) * NYPD Increasing Security At Prominent Locations Following (WCBS) * Victims Of Newtown Massacre Ran In Boston Marathon To Honor (WCBS) * After Boston bombings, 1,000 cops deployed to landmarks (NYP) 

World Reaction

 Search warrant executed in Boston Marathon bombings that (WABC) * Security beefed up in NYC after Boston explosions(Fox 5)* New York on High Alert After 'Potential Terrorism' at Boston Marathon(DNAINFO)* New York Runner: 'You Could Feel the Shockwave Going Through Your Body'(DNAINFO) * Martin Richard, 8, killed in blast * After 2010 attempted Times Sq bombing on Saturday night, perp was ID'd Sunday, arrested Mon night. * NYT: blasts were timed for period when largest concentration of runners was approaching finish(NYT) * "It's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found yesterday." Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick * Patrick: Over 150 people were injured, some gravely.* 9:50AM Sounds like officials in Boston have no new information, judging by the presser. More about making a statement and asking for help* Twitter Breaks News of the Boston Marathon Explosions (Adweek) * BREAKING: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calls Boston bombings 'cruel act of terror' -AP 6:00PM President Obama said the Boston Marathon bombings are being investigated as an “act of terrorism,” though whether the perpetrators were foreign or domestic remains unclear.The bombs were reportedly made from pressure cookers stuffed with metal ball bearings.* Pres. Obama to travel to Boston Thursday.* Bombs Used In Boston Marathon Attack Said To Be Made From(WCBS) * NYC Security Remains Tight In Wake Of Boston Marathon Bombings(WCBS) *NYPD Going All Out To Prevent Terror Attacks(WCBS)*
Pressure Cooker Also Used in Failed 2010 Times Sq Bombi (NBC)

Bloomberg warned against letting “special interests…shape our security strategies”
Mayor Bloomberg Warns About ‘Special Interests’ After Boston Bombing(NYO) Mr. Bloomberg ominously warned about “special interests” shaping the city’s security policies in a way “that the terrorists are waiting for.”  * Pete King Says Boston ‘Terrorist Attack’ Shows Need for Police Surveillance(NYO) * 1:00PM Ray Kelly asks the public to be vigilant; says there have been 77 reports of suspicious packages in last 24 hours. JUST IN: devices were placed inside backpacks and appear to have been transported to scene in those packs * Rep. Pete King wasn’t at all reluctant to call the bombing a terrorist attack, saying it demonstrates the need for security and police surveillance.

Two explosions at Boston marathon finish line
Fox quoted as saying three for sure are dead
Explosions occurred about three hours after winners crossed the finish line.
Race was immediately stopped. Quick efforts to treat it as a crime scene 
. also reports that NYPD is deploying counter-terrorism vehicles around NYC landmarks, including hotels. (Video)
NBC: Law enforcement officials believe the explosion was at least 1 small IED - a homemade bomb.  
Both CBS News and CNN now calling this a terrorist attack 
NBC now claims NY Post report may be correct--police "guarding" possible wounded suspect in hospital. RT Law enforcement official confirms that one of two people killed in today's explosions was eight years old.* reporting three unexploded devices found in Boston * CNN: 132 bombing victims so far, at least 10 amputations. Doctors are pulling ball bearings out of victims.

Times Square Full of Police
MTA: Transit Police Increases Patrols, Bag Checks Following Fatal Boston Bombing; NYPD Increases Security In Subway System 
Authorities have shuttered cell-phone service in Boston “to prevent any potential remote detonations of explosives” 

Brings it all back, doesnt it? No matter how many years later...
NYPD to boost security for Five Boro Bike Tour(NYDN)

Coming Attraction
Public Safety Focus From the Mayoral Candidates

Who is most likely to keep us safe? also choosing new mayor.

Mayoral Flat Polls
Mayoral Candidates are Not Turning On New Yorkers
Candidates Fail to Inspire After 2 Months of Debate
Yesterday True News
Good Sign for Weiner After Months of Debates Not One Candidate Has Gained Traction

Another Problem for de Blasio: Staffer Hate Tweets
A staffer in NYC Public Advocate/mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s office quickly resigned from his city post yesterday after The Post uncovered a string of his vile tweets targeting Jews, women and cops.

Your hate parade: Staffer shames de Blasio with vile tweets(NYP)
A staffer in Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s office quickly resigned from his city post yesterday after The Post uncovered a string of his vile tweets targeting Jews, women and cops. Anthony “Tony” Baker took aim at Jews in particular while using the Twitter handle “Hyman Doodlesack,” including one tweet last year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the United Nations. “AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi,” Baker tweeted March 5 in a reference to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Two months later, he tweeted, “I need the best goddamn-Jew-lawyer money can buy!” Baker started in de Blasio’s office as an unpaid volunteer last April, moving up to an administrative assistant on Oct. 19, 2012. He was working part-time, earning $15,600 a year, de Blasio’s spokesman said. He also earned $500 a month as a part-time research assistant for the Fund for Public Advocacy, a nonprofit de Blasio controls. Baker, who also volunteered for de Blasio’s Democratic mayoral campaign, resigned after The Post inquired about the tweets.Anthony ‘Tony’ Baker took aim at Jews in particular while using the Twitter handle ‘Hyman Doodlesack,’ including one tweet last year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the United Nations. ‘AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi,’ Baker tweeted March 5.”

Unions Looking for A Winner Not A Candidate That Supports Their Issues
de Blasion Poll Number Labor Problems
Unions Laying Off Bill’s Mayor Bid

Unions’ case of de Blahs (NYP)  Bill de Blasio, the presumed labor candidate in the mayor’s race, has a labor problem. He has yet to receive a single union endorsements — in part because of his sluggish poll numbers — and several of the city’s most powerful labor organizations. With his proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund universal prekindergarten and his vocal support for mandatory paid sick days, de Blasio seems the natural choice for progressive unions. But so far, no candidate has received the backing of the city’s top four labor organizations — the United Federation of Teachers, Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, 1199 SEIU, and the Hotel & Motel Trades Council. In the most recent Quinnipiac University poll, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn bested de Blasio, 32 percent to 14 percent, among Democrats, with Bill Thompson and John Liu getting 13 and 7, respectively. The reason is that the major unions are hoping to negotiate new and retroactive contracts with the next mayor and want to put their resources behind a candidate with a good shot at winning.SPOTLIGHT: MUNICIPAL UNIONS: City & State asks officials to weigh in on public-sector unions []; explores the challenge of expired contracts for New York City’s next mayor []; and looks at the city’s oversight of outside contractors [].(City and State)   * Labor’s high on Rx weed(NYP) 
Unions representing food-industry workers plan to campaign for the state to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana, with the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union hoping to unionize potentially thousands of workers in that industry

 Tracking the Latest Polls(True News)

Democratic Candidates Criticize Disciplining of City’s Students(NYT)


Quinn's Pay to Play Housing Support

Quinn granted $100,000 in city funds in each of the last three years to a housing advocacy group, so that they can use the money to lobby for more affordable housing, a pillar of Quinn’s mayoral campaign 

Quinn Funds Housing Group With Member Items That Pushers for Her Mayoral Campaign Housing Plan
 [image]City Grant Aids Quinn Housing Plan (WSJ)The City Council speaker's affordable-housing proposal is attracting resistance from many low-cost housing advocates, but one of them has become the plan's most active supporter. one of the groups has become the plan's most active supporter. The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development has lobbied city officials on the issue and produced a series of reports warning of the dangers of losing cheap apartments, laying out the benefits of permanently affordable housing. The nonprofit group, which has publicly supported permanently affordable housing for several years, requested $100,000 in city funds for each of the past three years to advocate for the issue, and the funds were granted by Ms. Quinn, according to the speaker's office. A contract with the city says the group—a registered lobbyist that has an operating budget of about $1 million—must use the money to "convince the state and city to incorporate permanent affordability" into government housing policy—the idea on which Ms. Quinn is campaigning.

Weiner's Keys to City Hall

The NYT is Leading the Weiner Roll Out
Strategists Assess What a Weiner Candidacy Would Do to the Mayoral Race(NYT) In campaign offices around the city, aides are awaiting polls that could offer a more precise gauge of Mr. Weiner’s political appeal, should he declare his candidacy for mayor.* In an interview, former Weiner says his wife is giving him a second chance and is hoping that New Yorkers will do the same, as he weighs whether to enter the New York City mayoral race*
Even though Weiner hasn’t yet formally entered the race, the already delcared candidates are strategizing about what they have to do to prevent the former Queens congressman from making it to City Hall.

Second Chance: Weiner Bumpy Road to City Hall
Anthony Weiner Dodges Sexting Questions in First Post-Scandal TV Interview(NY Mag)
On Monday he did reveal where he stands on two big issues in the current race — he's against creating an NYPD inspector general and wants to continue stop-and-frisk — but of course, those aren't the biggest questions on people's minds. Rather than giving a simple "no comment," Weiner delivered a lengthy rehearsed speech on why he wouldn't be getting into the details of his sexting "out of some respect for the privacy of the people who were at the other end of these correspondences, who had their lives turned upside down." When NY1's Errol Louis gently pushed the issue, a somewhat exasperated Weiner said that none of the women involved were underage, and he probably didn't use public resources to communicate with them ("I can't say with finality yes or no, but I don't believe so.") * Anthony Weiner wants balanced judgment(Politico) * The various mayoral campaigns are still reacting to the news that former Congressman Anthony Weiner might enter the race. In the case of Jonathan Prince, a top aide to former Comptroller Bill Thompson, the situation already involves expectations-setting. “I expect that the first poll that comes out including Anthony will have him in second place,” he said. “He’s got 100 percent name recognition — nobody else comes close to that.”

In an interview, former Rep. Anthony Weiner says his wife is giving him a second chance and is hoping that New Yorkers will do the same, as he weighs whether to enter the New York City mayoral race

Weiner Stated One and One Interviews on NY1 Last Night
 * NY1 Exclusive: Anthony Weiner Discusses Mayoral Race With NY1  * To watch full interview with click here, NO NY1 Paywall * NY1 Exclusive: Former Rep. Weiner Looks Back At Twitter Sex Scandal As He Weighs Mayoral Run *Anthony Weiner: I have Bill Clinton's 'support'(NYDN) * Anthony Weiner is close to deciding whether he’ll run for mayor of New York City. How close is he? (Hill) * Anthony Weiner on scandal: 'I'm not going to go into the details'Washington Post (blog)-

Louis: How many people were involved that you were sending these inappropriate messages to?
Weiner: Let me say this, here is what I think people need to know. I did these inappropriate things and sent these inappropriate messages with more than one person, several people. And I have been excruciatingly honest, in letter by letter, detail by detail, with my wife. And frankly, a lot of these things are in the public domain. An embarrassing amount is in the public domain…. But out of respect for the idea that I've laid it all out for her and out of some respect for the privacy of the people who were at the other end of these correspondences, who had their lives turned upside down, I am not going to go into the details of every bit of it. I'll let other people do it.
Louis: Let me then just ask you the three questions that I think are most on people's minds and the sort of minimum that people need to hear. You said "several." That's, what, that's less than 10? "Several" is a few. It's not 60, it's not 100. Less than 10?
Weiner: That is exactly what I was talking about. I understand that you are asking these questions. I don't want to create a dynamic where the privacy of people is being impinged upon. 

Anthony Weiner told on Monday that he doesn't have a campaign office. He pays rent on one, filings show.

Weiner, Exploring Possible Mayoral Bid, Issues Policy Booklet With Familiar Ring(NYT)64 Ideas
Anthony D. Weiner’s policy guide was similar to one he issued before he abandoned a 2009 run for mayor and before his sex-message scandal. Weiner released a 21-page policy booklet on Sunday that he described as a blueprint for keeping New York City “the capital of the middle class.” In anticipation of a potential New York City mayoral run, former Rep. Anthony Weiner released a 21-page policy booklet on Sunday largely drawn from a booklet that he distributed in his previous aborted mayoral campaign in 200 * Schumer dodges Weiner questions(NYDN)* Weiner Reissues Old Policy Guide, Scrubbed of Scandal Reminders(NY Mag)SchumerNoComment An Embarrassed Sen. Schumer Repeatedly Declines Comment On Anthony Weiner Comeback Story * Headline of the Day: “The Anthony Weiner-Mark Sanford comeback playbook.”
On NY1 Tonight, Weiner opposes an I-G for NYPD - breaking with all other Dem mayoral candidates. Any doubts he's running?

I sure hope the sexting pervert Anthony Weiner runs for mayor. Will be great fun watching him both lose and be humiliated.

City Council Questions and Answers
Anthony Weiner's Not So Original Idea(NYDN) Weiner raises the idea of having the mayor appear before the City Council regularly to take questions, similar to how the British prime minister appears before the House of Commons. Assemblyman Micah Kellner and state Sen. Liz Krueger, both Manhattan Democrats, proposed a similar idea for the governor in May 2010.

More on Weiner 2.0 (True News)

Anthony Weiner, who forgot to talk policy in that big therapeutic interview, rushes some out, via

"I really felt like i was his analyst." - author of NYT Mag story, Jonathan Van Meter, on interviewing Anthony Weiner

Campaign 2013

Joe Lhota urges Anthony Weiner to enter race for mayor(NYP)
Republican mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota urges Anthony Weiner(NYDN)
"[] said [] would become the most substantive Democrat in the race."

Chart shows the jump in Dem voters who "don't know" who they're voting for in mayor's race:

Democratic mayoral hopefuls tackle the issues at forum on Staten Island: Candidates come a-courting to CSI * Democratic mayoral hopefuls tackle the issues at forum on (SI Advance) * Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Focus on Tolls and Sandy at Staten Island Forum - (DNAINFO)
* Alighting on Staten Island, Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Make Their Appeals(NYT)

Comeback Kim? Ex-City Council candidate may join race(NYDN) The ever-shifting landscape of the 19th District City Council race got another jolt last week when former Democratic City Council candidate Kevin Kim admitted he is mulling a comeback.The seat is currently held by Republican Councilman Dan Halloran, who was arrested earlier this month on bribery charges....

Why County Would Want to Back Jose Peralta for Borough President | The Barkan Report:

Nearly 2000 Greeks cheer on Catsimatidis at Brooklyn Prospect Hall. "Made his dreams come true."

Queens GOP Civil War Catsimatidis Vs Lhota

Hand to Hand Combat Over Control of the Queens County Chair Endorsement of Catsimatidis

State GOP Cox Trying to Get Queen's GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa to Resign for Rigging the Endorsement of John Catsimatidis.  Stacked Endorsement Meeting With BOE Employees That He Appointed. The group opposing Ragusa is asking for an investigation of court filing about BOE commissioner Judith Stump appointment. There has not been a real executive meeting in 18 months in Queens county. Each side is blasting the district leaders with letters from supporters, including mayoral candidate Catsimatidis for Ragusa More on the Queens Brooklyn GOP Civil War

Update Hornak Signed Como Name to A Letter of Support For GOP Leader Ragusa Without Showing It to Him
Dear District Leaders:
I want to update you on the letter from our former elected officials that was sent out yesterday. Regrettably, former City Councilman Anthony Como did not have the benefit of seeing the actual letter therefore he did not approve or authorize it before it was sent out. I apologize for putting anyone in a position to defend a statement they did not help craft.  This mistake was mine and mine alone and I accept full responsibility and sincerely apologize to Councilman Como.

Robert Hornak. Executive Director

More About Hornak
BOE Head of Machines Illegally Paid by Halloran
Robert Hornak who at the same time he was working at the Board of Elections was illegally getting paid by Councilman Dan Halloran through his consultant company Lexington Public Affairs. It is illegal for BOE employees to run a consultant company.  Hornak is Executive director of Queens County GOP.  His former boss and pal in the Queens GOP party was Vincent Tabone until he quit yesterday after getting arrested the day before

What About the Sworn Papers Filed in Court by Ragusa to Save His BOE Commissioner?

Is DOI, the DA or the AG investigating if the papers were real or forged?  Robert Hornak the director of machines for the Board of Election testified in sworn statements to the court that  the Queens leadership executive committee members met and voted Nov. 1 to reappoint Stupp, and that on Nov. 3, Ragusa signed a certificate saying so. That information was to have been mailed to the City Clerk and City Council on Nov. 19 -- although apparently neither envelope ever arrived. Hornak sworn statement said he mail the papers to reappoint Stupp on Nov. 19. to the executive committee.Ognibene said the gathering at which the organization members supposedly agreed -- having met at Dante's Caterers on Nov. 1 -- to re-nominate Stupp would have coincided with "GOP night," which is more of a cocktail party than a formal party proceeding. "I don’t know if there was ever a notice" of such a meeting, Ognibene continued. "I think they looked back and said, 'Where we all together where we can say we did this?'"

NYS BOE See No Corruption

Pols Leave BOE Impotent To Fight Corruption

NYS Has No Investigators to Go After Corruption
The state Board of Elections has received more than 1000 complaints on instances of abuses within the state’s political system in the last ten yers, but has only referred cases to prosecutors six times over that period, the Times-Union writes: 

Update Cuomo Wants Enforcement BOE
proposes new enforcement division at Board of Elections, says "The Board of Elections has been a toothless tiger for a long time."* Klein: Include Wilson-Pakula(YNN)

End Wilson Pakula

Party Tools 

Fusion Voting by Minor Parties are Tools for the Democrat and Republican Parties

says fusion voting should be eliminated, because too many minor parties are tools of Ds or Rs

Cuomo Machiavelli Dance

Working With Political Corrupt Albany While Fighting Corruption 
The state Legislature resumed session yesterday after two bribery scandals rocked the state Capitol earlier this month.

With unmatched political virtuosity, Andrew Cuomo has so far bent the state capital to his will. But things are about to get a lot tougher. New York Magazine profiled Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s “Albany Machiavelli” leadership style. Here’s one part: “‘You think they’ve got Felder?’ Cuomo said, according to Senate Republicans. ‘I have the rabbis who Felder reports to! You think you have Klein? I’ll get Klein to be a Democrat again! You are in power only so long as you can move progressive measures.’ (Cuomo denies making the remarks.)”* Are Transactional Politics Popular Again?(YNN) * Cuomo's Taxes  Cuomo’s ’12 Tax Forms Show Income Similar to ’11(NYT) * Gains, Losses in Cuomo's Tax Returns(WSJ) * Cuomo earned more than $228,000 from his state salary and investment income and lost more than $25,000 on the sale of securities in 2012, according to federal and state tax filings his office made available for review.Cuomo on prospect of Anthony Weiner entering mayor's race: "I have no comment on that. This press conference is over."

Felder Reports Only to His Wife Not Cuomo
Here's a passage from Chris Smith's big Cuomo story in New York magazine about Cuomo's alleged attitude toward interfering the inner workings of the legislature, and to Simcha Felder's defection in particular.
[Cuomo] threatened to blow up the coalition if legislators didn’t cut short holiday vacations and return to Albany so that New York could be the first state to tighten gun laws. 'You think they’ve got Felder?' Cuomo said, according to Senate Republicans. 'I have the rabbis who Felder reports to! You think you have Klein? I’ll get Klein to be a Democrat again! You are in power only so long as you can move progressive measures.' (Cuomo denies making the remarks.)"
I emailed the story and quote to Felder's office and got the following response from Felder:  
"I have my wife and she's the only one I report to."

NYT 's Michael Powell wonders what happened to the old ethics reform crusader version of the governor
The Times’ Michael Powell examines the ethics reforms that the Cuomo administration passed in 2011 in the wake of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal. “This legislation,” the governor declared, “will help end an era of corruption in Albany.” Mention ethics reform, and Dean G. Skelos, the Republican leader in the State Senate, and Sheldon Silver, the Democratic Assembly leader, pace about like suspicious cats with wrinkled noses. And the governor sounds a bit plaintive of late.” * Headline of the Day: “Is this the part where Andrew Cuomo really tackles public corruption?”

Cuomo's Protecting His Political Friends
Despite the recent corruption scandals in Albany, Gov. Cuomo is not expected to call for a special panel with subpoena power to probe corruption in the Legislature among his expected proposals for electoral and campaign finance reform, the New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes If he appoints a Moreland commission he believes he will not be able to get anything done in Albany.  The gov plans to use the investigative threats to get Albany to pass election law reforms. Good Luck! It’s unlikely Gov. Cuomo’s plans for ethics reform will include the nuclear option of the Moreland Act Commission to investigate legislative wrongdoing.* Rubén Díaz Says Ethics Reform Should ‘Begin in the Governor’s Mansion’(NYO) *And Speaker Shelly Silver is indeed already skeptical of a Cuomo-backed bill to criminalize failure to report bribery. “We have to see exactly what he has,” Mr. Silver contended. “We’re not going to put a burden on someone who is indefinable. It wouldn’t be constitutional if you did in such a way that was really vague. So, it’s a difficult thing to do, but we look forward to seeing the language and how it works.”

Powell and Jimmy Vielkind Tweet About Reasons Behind Albany's Ethics Failure

Once a Vocal Champion of a Cleaner Albany, Cuomo Appears Plaintive

Having Applauded His so-called Cleaner Albany, Cuomo finds unethical inmates running Albany Asylum. My Gotham:

Do you attribute loopholes in the 2011 law (PIRA) to haste, or to legislative resistance? That law was many things, but I wouldn't say it was hastily written. Months of negotiation; public for 3 days before voting. And in those three days those flaws were aired. It was much more open than Cuomo's process for gun bill, pensions, redistricting.

I disagree. They didn't want to try for Cons. Amend., which is needed to make law retroactive.
View summary
On pensions, I attribute to haste. It hardly was an open process.

I agree -- many (inclu you) rightly point out flaws in JCOPE etc. But to me diff. is that it's intentional, not hasty.

But most problems, such as insider run ethics panel, clearly intentional

I'm curious to see how it plays out this round. NB that there is still no Cuomonian bill, despite promises last week.
Perhaps. On hasty I referred to federal, and I spoke to state lawyers who viewed that as possible.

I wasn't referring to clawback. Tho there is an argument that could have tried to take pensions going forward.
it's like they told that Isaac guy: they will be as numerous as the stars.

"Working for Andrew is not a mission, it’s not a cause,” a former aide says. "It’s businesslike, workmanlike."

Nancy Pelosi To Gov. Cuomo On Campaign Finance Reform: Washington Is Watching

Abortion Questions
Cuomo is leaving abortion rights advocates and opponents guessing as to what measures he will propose to safeguard abortion rights in New York State, though advocates are confident he will advance a proposal at the appropriate time, Newsday writes: * Beyond abortion trench warfare  * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that abortion opponents and advocates should study the murder trial of Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell when debating whether New York should codify abortion rights

2014 Reelection
Rep. Chris Gibson announced that he will not challenge Cuomo in the 2014 gubernatorial election, but believes that the Republican Party has a good chance of defeating Cuomo, calling the governor’s accomplishments “shallow”, the Times-Union writes:

Senate IDC 2014 Coalition?
Fred Dicker takes a look at the Senate Republicans who may be considering retirement or running for another office and what this means for GOP Leader Dean Skelos (the last item).

Cuomo Hits the Magazine Stands, Head First(NYT)

Disabled Cuts
In the Times-Union, Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor advocates for the restoration of state aid to the developmentally disabled in the state budget: Advocates for the developmentally disabled fret over the $90 million to service providers in cuts approved in the state budget.

New provisions for the state’s sweeping gun control law passed in January are due to kick in today, including a ban on loading more than seven rounds into a 10-round magazine.* New York State's Weapons Law Takes Effect(WSJ)

Fed Taxes Reforms Will Cost NY $$$
Cuomo aide Howard Glaser says 's proposal to cap local tax deductions would cost Empire State taxpayers $3.8 billion. RT : Glaser says changes to federal tax code could mean an extra $14.8 million in taxes combined for NYers.

Minimum Wage
Labor groups gathered at the Capitol protesting against Walmart’s political influence over the minimum wage bill by making contributions to Senate Republicans for minimum wage subsidies.

Campaign Reform
State Senate Democrats submitted their plan for fighting corruption in Albany, proposing restrictions on the use of campaign funds, the elimination of pensions for guilty public officials, and special disclosure of lobbyists' campaign contributions, the Times-Union writes: In the Times-Union, state Sen. Jeff Klein proposes overhauling the state’s campaign finance system, starting with cutting contribution limits for all individual donors. Senate Democrats were the latest group to stake out their tactics for reducing public corruption, proposing restrictions on the use of campaign funds and the elimination of pensions for guilty elected officials.* IDC head Jeff Klein touts his conference’s campaign finance reform proposals in a TU OpEd.* Gianaris Says It’s On Klein To Get Robust Ehtics Reform(YNN)

Cuomo No AG Election Enforcement Power
Silver Unveils Latest Public Financing Plan(YNN) * Cuomo Wants End To Wilson-Pakula(YNN) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver first proposed the idea of having taxpayers fund political campaigns in New York back in 1986.The Assembly Democrats’ public campaign finance proposal does not close the “statement of need” loophole. *  Some 5,000 people have signed an on-line petition calling on Cuomo to “step up and lead the fight” for public campaign financing. * The number of public comments submitted to the SEC on a rulemaking petition to require corporations to disclose political spending to shareholders has now topped 500,000.* Gov. Cuomo Wants New Independent Unit To Probe Campaign Violations (NYDN) * NYS Legislative Democrats Sparring Amongst Themselves Over Campaign Reform (NYDN) * Working Families Party not cool with bid to end : "distraction from the real problem [which] is the influence of big $" * End of Wilson Pakula death knell for 3rd parties:  * Cuomo won’t give AG election enforcement powers (TU)

Medical Pot
Sen. Diane Savino says the new med-mar bill was specifically crafted to increase its chances of passing the Senate, but the governor appears to be its biggest stumbling block.

Smith's Clean Corruption

The Kruger Seat
Smith's in the Carl Kruger Seat  . . .  Next Stop After A Ratting Kruger Cell

Dems move disgraced Smith to the ‘crook’ seat(NYP) Disgraced state Sen. Malcolm Smith was booted from the Independent Democratic Conference yesterday and shunted into the Carl Kruger dunce seat. Smith lost all committee assignments and was moved to the same back-row corner spot in the Senate chamber where the bribe-taking Kruger was seated before heading to prison on corruption charges.*
A MAN WITHOUT A CONFERENCE: State Sen. Malcolm Smith yesterday returned to the Senate floor following his arrest for his role in an alleged bribery scheme, but he was removed from the Independent Democratic Conference (City and State)

Busted For Trying To Bribe Way On To Ballot, Malcolm Smith Once Pushed 'Clean Campaign' Bill(NYDN) The 2011 bill sought stricter enforcement of election laws and public financing of state campaigns. A similar version is now sponsored by Sen. John Sampson, Democrat of Brooklyn, who is said to be under federal investigation. * Malcolm Smith: I Still Have To Serve My Constituents * Malcolm Smith is now a man without a country, but says he can still serve constituent*Smith: ‘I’m Here to Serve My Constiutents’(YNN) * With Smith Gone, Committee Assignments An Issue(YNN) * Senate Dems Unveil Ethics Reform Package(YNN) * On seating chart, Malcolm no longer in the middle
(TU) * Silver questions Cuomo's proposal to require public officials report alleged corruption (NYO) *Silver Plans Campaign Finance Reform Push, Questions Reporting Legislation(YNN) * Good news, New York! It looks like Chicago/Illinois has you beat in the public official corruption department.* No one wants to sit near Sen. Malcolm Smith in the Senate chamber.* Lawmakers Return To Albany For First Time Since Corruption Scandals(NY1) * A week after he resigned from the Legislature, former Assemblyman Nelson Castro’s placards have been removed from his Albany office.

More Malcolm Smith Corruption(True News)

More Corruption
Kallos Accuses Lappin of Engaging in ‘Pay-to-Play’ Politics(Barkan)

Liu's High Noon

Trial Tweets:
Jury selection in trial of Liu treasurer mostly over. Openings likely this afternoon.

Liu Trial Jury Selection
Potential jurors rejected from Liu aides’ campaign-finance trial due to negative opinions
Opening statements are scheduled today in the trial of NYC Comptroller/mayoral contender John Liu’s former fundraiser and campaign treasurer

Turned Liu-se: Critical would-be jurors excused(NYP) Several potential jurors were bounced from the John Liu campaign-finance trial yesterday after expressing strong opinions about the Democratic mayoral hopeful — mostly negative. One prospective panelist, former reporter James Bieber, said he thought Liu was “not above board.”One prospective panelist, former reporter James Bieber, said he thought Liu was “not above board.” Another blasted the embattled comptroller’s televised reaction to the fraud charges against ex-campaign treasurer Jia “Jenny” Hou and fund-raiser Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan. “I didn’t like the way he deflected the questions that were asked, and I had the opinion he was probably involved,” James Fuchs said during questioning by the judge.

Liu Aid Sharon Lee Said She Did Not Coordinate With Campaign, Feds Say She is Lying
Also yesterday, a prosecutor said one of Liu’s aides had backed out of an immunity deal and the prosecutor expects her to perjure herself when she takes the witness stand.  Former spokeswoman Sharon Lee has admitted soliciting campaign contributions from her mother and aunt and offering to illegally reimburse them, prosecutor Justin Anderson said. But Lee recently told the feds she will testify that she didn’t coordinate her actions with Liu’s campaign, a contention Anderson said would be proven false.* Trusted Deputy to Liu May Be Called in Trial(NYT) * Former Liu Staffer Expected To Testify On Fake Campaign Donors In Conspiracy Trial(NY1)

Liu Trial Starts
Jury selection will begin today in the trial against Jenny Hou, a former campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John Liu, who was charged with conspiring with another individual to defraud the city’s campaign matching funds program. Yet another mayoral candidate, Comptroller John Liu, commented on his former campaign treasurer’s upcoming trial, the Post and more:* Liu cuts to the Chase(CrainsNY) The city comptroller takes on Jamie Dimon despite—or because of—his own trouble.* Ex-aides of mayoral hopeful John Liu set to face trial over campaign donations(Huff Post) * Judge: Former Liu Staffer To Be Heard In Straw Donor Trial(NY1) * Former Liu Staffer Expected To Testify On Fake Campaign Donors In Conspiracy Trial(NY1) * .@johncliu former press secretary to take stand at campaign treasurer fraud trial #2013

Liu's Muslim Vote
Liu makes inroads with Muslim voters, but it's not much of a contest(Capital)

The End of the NY Post

The New York Post: the game is up for Murdoch's plaything(Wolf, Murdoch's once-mighty tabloid toy is out of time: the new News Corp can't carry the spectacularly loss-making vanity project. The power vacuum in New York City that will be left by Michael Bloomberg's departure from public office will likely be compounded by another unfillable hole: the loss of the New York Post.  This joie de guerre has cost Murdoch as much as $80m a year in unstoppable losses – perhaps more than $1bn over 35 years.

NYU Cooks the Books

NYU Taps DC Legal Ace Amid Heat Over Loans & Pay Problem
NYU’s best defense(NYP)  WASHINGTON — NYU is lawyering up. The school has retained one of DC’s top lawyers, specializing in congressional investigations, to help it field queries about its multimillion-dollar mortgage-loan program for faculty and execs, as well as its high.


Bedford-Stuyvesant Historic District Triples in Size(NYT)

Guns High Noon

Schumer Fights NRA Concealed Guns GOP Plan
Chuck blasts permit bid (NYP)WASHINGTON — Sen. Charles Schumer yesterday slammed a Republican plan that would allow out-of-state gun carriers with concealed-carry permits to bring their weapons into New York. Republicans are trying to make concealed-gun reciprocity among the..* Suit targets holes in gov’s gun ban(NYP) The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association will seek a preliminary injunction in court today to block several sections of the state’s recently enacted SAFE Act, including a provision restricting the number of bullets in a magazine, the New York Post’s Fred Dicker * On Guns, a Mixed Report From the States(NYT Ed) Broad federal legislation is needed to close potentially lethal interstate loopholes. * Schumer Opposes Possible Concealed Weapon Addition To Gun Control Bill(NY1) * Beginning Monday, gun owners will be prohibited from loading more than seven rounds into their magazines unless they’re at a range or competition, and owners of assault rifles and military-style semi-automatic guns must register those guns with the state, The Journal News reports:  *Gun-Rights Group Endorses Bill to Expand Background Checks(NY Mag) * Manchin-Toomey bill inching closer to 60 votes in the Senate(The Hill) * The NRA misfired in attacking a new television ad by Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, suggesting the gun-toting star is an actor, which he is not. * Joe Baca, the pro-gun California Democrat who was defeated last year because he was targeted by Bloomberg’s super PAC, is running for Congress again.* Senator’s Absence Worries Democrats as Gun Votes Near(NYT)
* Justices Refuse Case on Gun Law in New York(NYT) The Supreme Court turned down a case concerning a New York State law that requires people seeking permits to carry guns in public to demonstrate that they have a special need for self-protection. The U.S. Supreme Court turned down a case concerning a New York State law that requires people seeking permits for carrying guns in public to demonstrate that they have a special need for protection, with the justices giving no reason for declining

New bipartisan Federal gun laws in peril because of expanded background checks(NYP) 
Education Hard Testing

State’s new Common Core testing standards troubling for both students and teachers
Students Face Tougher Tests That Outpace Lesson Plans(NYT) New York City public school students are undergoing rigorous preparation for the redesigned exams, which are likely to cover some material that is not yet in the curriculum.* The Daily News calls the state’s impending switch to standardized tests that comply with the Common Core curriculum “the start of a revolution” that promises to reward students: *  Some NY parents to boycott new, harder state tests(Fox 5) * Program for gifted and talented students being phased out(SI Advance)*  City investigating ethical misconduct on annual schools surveys 
* Before Tougher State Tests, Officials Prepare Parents(WSJ) * Parents Call For Boycott Of New, More Difficult Statewide Tests (NY1)* New York City elementary school students are in the hot seat! State exams set to get much tougher(NYDN) * City Students Begin New Standardized Testing (NY1)
* Parents to schools chancellor: Kids can’t take tests (NY World)
‘Cheating teacher’ claims up(NYP)

New School Takes Shape With Condos Above(WSJ) At a time when many Roman Catholic schools are being cut back, Xavier High School in Manhattan is expanding with a new six-story wing, adding classrooms, a gymnasium and recital space.

The Post’s Bob McManus looks back at the tenure of outgoing City University Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, and implores Cuomo to not let Goldstein’s good work “slip away”

CM USTA Hide Game

Cowardly council members hide during USTA borough board vote(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Chronicle: The USTA’s proposal reached the Borough Hall-stage of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure during a Borough Board hearing on Monday before it winds its way towards a vote in the City Council and a hearing before the City Planning Commission. But the gathering abruptly ended with a touch of confusion, as the various community board chairmen and women and four City Council members left without conducting a vote due to the lack of a quorum. The unusual move was propagated by a dearth of the 12 eligible voters needed, falling short by one City Council member. The math for a quorum calls for at least one person more than half of the 22 eligible voters in the USTA’s case. A dozen would have put a vote through — a vote the USTA may have lost.

MTA Free Cards

MetroCards for the Poor? No Asking in Stations(NYT)
The Next Stop Project is hoping to gather discarded subway fare cards and combine leftover balances to distribute to needy people. * M.T.A. Bars Group From Soliciting MetroCards in Station (NYT)
In the Post, Nicole Gelinas, a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, examines Christine Quinn’s proposals on how to fix New York City’s transportation system* New MTA Chief Warns of Another Fare Hike in 2015(NYT)

Gauging the Habits of Passengers Underground(NYT) The daily seating calculations of subway riders have been recorded for academic use, as part of an observational study.

MSG Barclay Tax Breaks?

EXCLUSIVE: Madison Square Garden cries foul over attempt to strip company of annual $16M state tax break(NYDN). Cuomo Opposes Revoking Madison Square Garden Property Tax Credit

"Night of the living tax break": Forest City Ratner big beneficiary of canceled but operating ICIP(Atlantic Yard Review)

Queens communities volley $$ demands at USTA for Flushing Meadows Corona Park upkeep - but will they get a return? (NY World) *  The price of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. A proposed expansion of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center divides Queens — and could pave the way for similar deals to trade park land for cash

WTC Broken Fees Promise

9/11 Memorial goes back on its word, charges reservation fee; victims' families furious(NYP) * National 9/11 Memorial Charges Reservation Fee For Advance Passes(NY1) * Service Fee At 9/11 Memorial Angers Some Victims’ Famil(WCBS) * 9/11 memorial charging reservation fee(Fox 5)

Bike Share
City’s Bike Share Program Starts Signing Up Customers(NYT) Registration for the program began on Monday, weeks before the expected opening sometime next month. Registration for New York City’s long-awaited bike share program began yesterday, with hundreds of people already registered, and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan estimating 5,000 memberships by week’s end,*As Bike Share Rolls Closer, Price Is Set (WSJ) * City Bike Sharing Program Ready To Ride Next Month(NY1) * Ride on! Bike-share set to launch(NYP) *More Than 5,000 New Yorkers Have Already Bought Annual Citibike Memberships(NY Mag)

Report: City may leave Sandy vics homeless(NYDN)

NY1 Online: Housing Secretary Discusses Sandy Relief(NY1)
After Hurricane Sandy, Homeowners Elevate Property(NYT)
City extends Coney Island lease agreement(NYP)

Room With A Bathroom View

Restroom on Boardwalk Threatens Luxury Views(NYT) * Coney Island restroom threatens ocean views(WSJ)


Today's the 66th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers
Jackie Robinson Teammate Ralph Branca Reflects On Anniversary
Baseball marks 5th annual Jackie Robinson Day: Baseball is holding its fifth annual Jackie Robinson Day...
Times Square Muppet Gangs

Post reporter enters shadowy world of Times Square characters(NYP) * Times Square’s mascot mafia(NYP) ‘Spy’ mom bares dirty tricks.* The Post Cracks the Secret Code of the Times Square Mascot(NY Mag)

 Late Night Boston Late Night Hosts React To Boston Marathon Bombings

America Mourns With Boston: Front Pages From Every State(Buzzfeed)

The 10 Absolute Worst Media Reactions To The Boston Marathon Bombings (SLIDESHOW)


Senator’s Absence Worries Democrats as Gun Votes Near(NYT)
Immigration Bill Is Likely to Ignite Fierce Debate(NYT)
Immigration Bill Opens Path for Workers(WSJ)
Leading POLITICO this morning -- What Obama's learned about talking about terror, via  (Politico)
A Perfect Day, Then the Unimaginable - Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe
We Must Confront, Defeat Acts of Evil - Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald
Bombings Shatter National Sense of Safety - David Lauter, LA Times
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Obama Vows "Full Weight of Justice" - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
Lawyer, Judge Erupt in Anger in Gosnell Trial - Joe Slobodzian, Philly Inq
Gosnell and Reproductive Care - Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times
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Abracadabra on Guns - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Fact-Free Crusades on Gun Control - Thomas Sowell, National Review
Cookies & Baseball Bats at High Court - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Bernanke Swamps the Gold Bugs - Rick Newman, U.S. News & World Report
QE's "Paper" Recovery Going Up in Flames - John Crudele, New York Post
Dr. King's Righteous Fury - Jonathan Rieder, New York Times
What the NYT's Op-Ed From Gitmo Left Out - Geoff Earle, New York Post
A Tough Blow - But a Tougher Town - Scott Lehigh, Boston Globe
The Pursuit of Liberty Is a Marathon - Dr. Keith Ablow, FOX News
Videos: Footage of Blasts | Obama | Hume | Matthews | McCaul
Terror in Boston - Wall Street Journal
Bombs at the Marathon - New York Times
After Attack, Fellowship Must Prevail - Boston Globe
Get the Cowardly Bastards Who Did This - Boston Herald
: An envelope sent to an office of Sen. Roger Wicker included a substance that has tested positive for Ricin, two sources say.

CNN Reports Suspicious Ricin Poison-Tainted Letter Intercepted On Way To Senate

Rubio in immig bill push(NYP)

As Wall Street Soars in Tough Era, Bigger Is Better - Nelson Schwartz, NYT
What Would Thatcher Do? - Robert Merry, The National Interest
Family Meltdown - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The Antisocial Network of Bitcoins - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Trouble with the Press, Part 1: Religion - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Gosnell Case Raises Troubling Questions - Timothy Carney, DC Examiner
Why Gosnell Hasn't Been on Page 1 - Melinda Henneberger, Washington Post
This Is What Illegal Abortion Looks Like - Katha Pollitt, The Nation
Would It Be "News" If Gosnell Used a Gun? - Derek Hunter, Townhall
Gitmo Is Killing Me - Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, New York Times
With Immigration, Rubio Puts a Lot on the Line - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Andrew Cuomo: The Albany Machiavelli - Chris Smith, New York Magazine
Global Warming Consensus Is Cracking - Lawrence Solomon, National Post

Rodman defends Kim Jong Un's missile threats, says he's returning to N. Korea Aug. 1((NYP)

Newtown's Call to Reason on Guns - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
The Republican Advantage - Charlie Cook, National Journal
America Needs an Alternative Maximum Tax - John Cochrane, WSJ
Cowboys and Eggheads - Bill Keller, New York Times
Sunday PanelsThis Week | FTN | FOX News Sunday | Meet the Press
Unofficial diplomat-at-large Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea.
A World of Cheap Money - The Economist
The Immigration Puzzle - Chicago Tribune
A Different Model for Sale of Recreational Marijuana - Denver Post
The Hillary Clinton Standard - New York Post
Politico has a quiz on how well readers know New York’s own U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

‘The Hypocrisy Is Mind-Boggling’: Scarborough Tears Into ‘Class Warrior’ Obama For His Low Tax Rate

Law and Order

 3 Year Wait for Murder Trial
After a Murder in the Bronx, a Sentence to Wait(NYT)Chad Hooks, 23, spent three years, seven months and three days at Rikers Island before his trial on charges of killing a man finally got under way in the Bronx. The family of the victim had to wait, too.

Bronx's  Court Delay Mess

Courts in Slow Motion, Aided by the Defense(NYT) Douglas G. Rankin, with his reputation for late arrivals, frequent postponements and courtroom filibusters that drag out the judicial process, is an example of how defense lawyers often use time as a weapon to win their cases. 


Mistrial in 'Cleaver Slay' case (NYP) A mistrial has been declared in the murder trial of cleaver-swinging schizophrenic David Tarloff.* Mistrial Declared in Killing of Psychologist(NYT) * Jury deadlocks in NYC therapist killing trial(Fox 5)

Woman charged with murder after allegedly running over boyfriend(NYP)Probe opens into court clerk union spending(NYDN)

Stuy HS Sick Plot
 2 busted in sick plot to allegedly rape, torture women and children - share connection with convicted 'cannibal cop'(NYP) * Two Men Accused of Plotting to Kidnap and Torture Women(NYT) * Former Stuyvesant Librarian Among Two Arrested In Alleged Plot To Murder Women(NY1) * Two More Are Accused of Plotting to Kidnap, Torture and Kill Women(NYT) * Stuy HS librarian shocker(NYP) * Ex-Stuyvesant HS Librarian Arrested in Kidnap, Torture(NBC)

Stop and Frisk Trial
The NYP says the Stop and Frisk trial is Clearing the cops
NYPD oversight plan is needless(NYDN)The election-year brainstorm to add another layer of administrative bureaucratic oversight to the NYPD will serve absolutely no purpose other than to give some recent college graduates with criminal justice  * In the Daily News, Heather Mac Donald, a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, writes that the federal trial on stop-and-frisk should include more examination on how the tactic prevents violent crime: *
Image released of suspect in Park Row sex assault(WABC) * Woman Sexually Assaulted Near City Hall Park in Manhatt(NBC)* Survey on Gun-Carrying Youth Adds Fodder to Stop-and-Frisk Debate(NYT)
Man shot, killed in his Brooklyn home(NYDN)
Cops: This is a perv(NYDN)
NYPD Tragedy
NYPD tragedy: Policewoman kills her baby, beau and self(NYP)
Sources: Off-Duty Officer Killed Boyfriend, Child In Apparent Murder-Suicide(NY1)
Ray Kelly says he’ll spend the rest of his tenure working on education and improving technology at the NYPD.* Off-Duty Officer Killed Boyfriend, Their Year-Old Son and Then Herself, Police Say(NYT) * Two Killed by Officer(WSJ)

Man Sought in 3 Brooklyn Rapes in 2 Weeks(NYT)
PICTURED: Police hunt for camouflage-clad serial rapist in Brooklyn who assaulted victims – including a 15-year-old girl – after enlisting them in a search for marijuana(NYDN)

Family’s fury over 1975 slay reversal (NYP)  Relatives of an 8-year-old girl who was raped and slain in 1975 are furious over last week’s release of the Bronx man who was convicted of her murder.
Two Men Accused of Plotting to Kidnap and Torture Women(NYT)

Russian mob ran poker games for celebs: Feds (NYP)  Federal authorities in New York say members of Russian organized crime ran high-stakes poker games attended by professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street titans.* Agents Raid Gallery in Carlyle Hotel in Gambling Investigation(NYT) * Feds: Alleged Organized Crime Ring Ran Poker Games For Rich And Famous (NY1)

Again, Tarloff Jury Reports Deadlock(NYT) The judge said the trustee waited to intervene far too long after the New York attorney general first moved against a hedge fund manager who steered client money to Bernard Madoff.

2 arrested in rape torture plot connected to 'Cannibal Cop' (NYDN)

Mob Funerals
‘Coffin’ up blood (NYP) Dozens of surveillance photos showing New York mobsters hobnobbing at a succession of funerals spanning two decades are key evidence in the Mafia double-murder trial of a Gambino capo in Brooklyn federal court.
Brick victim foiled attacker's thefts: files(NYDN)
Queens teen girl clinging to life after being attacked with a brick when she foiled assailant's car break-in(NYDN)

Off-duty officer fatally shoots boyfriend, infant in B'klyn murder-suicide: sources(NYP)

Cops hunt for sicko caught on video raping 2 teens(NYP)
Brooklyn father, son will go to jail for beating black cat to death with broomstick
Good news, New York! It looks like Chicago/Illinois has you beat in the public official corruption department.

Suspect Sought In Alleged Brooklyn Rape Pattern(NY1)

City Hall Assaul