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Dumb NY1 Reporter Gets Played By Consultant

NY1 Fools

NY1’s Josh Robin gets played by Hank Sheinkopf on last night Inside City Hall.  Sheinkropf interviewed by Robin last night said that Weiner will be highly competitive if he runs for mayor. He has great outer borough strengths said Sheinkopf. What Robin did not identify Sheinkopf as working to elect Thompson and that Weiner entering the race would weaken de Blasio who many believe is taking votes away from Thompson.  In fact the other consultant on the show last night Roger Stone said that Weiner entering the race would hurt de Blasio the most and Sheinkopf agreed. NY1 always has consultants who spin stories to help their clients.NY1 Online: Strategists Speak About Weiner's Possible Return(NY1)

NY1 Goes for the Consultant Spin Over Journalism
Lucky Guys Gone: Left With Sheinkopf Vs Sheinkopf

Corruption in NY Has Increased As Investigative Reporting Has Left Town

Today we are left with clueless reporters who need elected officials, consultants and lobbyists to inform them what is going on.  They are good looking and read scripts well. The investigative mind with an historical knowledge of what he or she was reporting is gone.  The the rough-and-tumble of big-city newsrooms and scoop-hungry reporters like Jack Newfield, Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamell, Mike McAlary and Tom Robbins are passed or forced out by the changing newspaper business. No better example of how reporting has dumbed down was on view last night in a report on NY1 by reporter Josh Robin.  Robin is show over substance. His Snarky disattached presentation without emotion is considered cool and copied by most young reporters today. They view group acceptance over investigative product.

Robin's report last night was straight out of the Star Wars bar scene where double talk got rid of the guards.  What the NY1 reporter did not understand in his report last night about getting Thompson's reaction to Smith's arrests was that he was really talking to Svengli ventriloquist political consultant/lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf who puts words in both men's mouth and strategy into both men's game plans.  As every old political bull knows Sheinkopf has been advising and working for Smith for years and was the architect behind smith mayoral plan. As the great Wayne Barrett said in 2010 Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made. So when NY1's Robin got a quote from Thompson attacking Quinn for Smith's corruption, he was really getting Sheinkopf attacking his own plan.

"I am saying the people in charge of the city council should have done something different it clearly falls on them" Bill Thompson(Robin,NY1)

GOP Civil War Expands

Catsimatidis Continues the Bloomberg Tradition of Buying the GOP Line

One possible white knight is billionaire John Catsimatidis, who is running for mayor on the GOP line and has been generous to many politicians over the years. Records show he and his firms have ponied up $311,700 to the local GOP since 2009, or less than half what Bloomberg has provided.

Catsimatidis Buy$ 3 GOP County Leaders
182G in Fat Cats donations (NYP) That’s a lot of green apples! Billionaire supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis has pumped more than $182,000 into the city’s county Republican committees — and now has three of the five GOP leaders’ support in his mayoral bid.
The contributions from the candidate and his Red Apple Group and United Refining companies date back to 2006, though most came in the last few years. Manhattan GOP Chairman Dan Isaacs and Kings County Republican boss Craig Eaton said there was no connection between Catsimatidis’ contributions and their support. Catsimatidis spokesman Rob Ryan also denied a link.

New Queens GOP Civil War Over Catsimatidis Endorsement
Buzz State GOP Cox Trying to Get Queen's GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa to Resign for Rigging the Endorsement of John Catsimatidis.  Stacked Endorsement Meeting With BOE Employees That He Appointed. The group opposing Ragusa is asking for an investigation of court filing about BOE commissioner Judith Stump appointment. There has not been a real executive meeting in 18 months in Queens county.

Meanwhile, Republican activists — including veteran consultant E. O’Brien Murray — called for Queens County GOP chairman Phil Ragusa to step down.

CM Golden Looking for #1
Pay to Play Ballot Line Corruption Starts GOP Civil War
Malcolm ignites GOP war(NYP) The city Republican Party is at war with itself in the wake of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal, sources said yesterday. State Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) is maneuvering to oust Craig Eaton as the Kings County Republican chairman. In the wake of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal, state Sen. Martin Golden is hoping to oust Craig Eaton as the Kings County Republican chairman, while Republican activists are calling for the Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa to step down, the New York Post writes:  Pemberton responds in an email, "I come to Florida after New Year’s Eve and return usually in April or May." Usually? Golden backs Joe Lhota for mayor, while Eaton supports John Catsimatidis.* Golden hungry for answers — but could get Eaton!(Brooklyn Paper)

Sen. Marty Golden Endorsed Lhota Trying to Destroy Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton Who Backed Catsimatidis Today
Was Eaton Pay to Playing With Smith? Golden Wants to Know
* Golden: Reveal Identity Of County Chairman No. 1(YNN)

Halloran Also Has A Sex Problem

Halloran Play to Pay Sex
Councilman Halloran had an affair with co-ed: sources(NYP) The Queens city councilman at the center of the Malcolm Smith corruption scandal was a lousy husband, too — throwing away his marriage for a co-ed staffer half his age, The Post has learned.  Dan Halloran, 41 — who is charged in a bribe scheme to get state state Sen. Smith into the mayoral race — repeatedly hooked up with Meaghan Mapes, then 21, in her Queens home between 2010 and 2011, sources said.She served as his deputy chief of staff during that same period, earning $30,000.* City Councilman Dan Halloran's 2009 opponent, Kevin Kim, said he's considering a rematch. [Paul H.B. Shin and Lisa Colangelo]

Dad of Staffer Who He Had an Affair Wants Halloran to Rot in Jail
‘Affair’ dad hits Halloran (NYP) Disgraced City Councilman Dan Halloran preyed upon the “naive” staffer with whom he carried on a yearlong affair — and should rot in jail, the woman’s father told The Post yesterday.

Weiner Mud

How Hard is It to Find Dirt On Weiner?
Mayoral Candidates Desperately Searching for Some Dirt on Anthony Weiner(NY Mag)

Rival campaigns’ plan of attack for Anthony Weiner: Hit him where it hurts (NYP) The city’s mayoral hopefuls are sharpening their knives — and Anthony Weiner better be ready to answer the hard questions about his sexting scandal.  Sources in the camps of several campaigns said they have been in dirt-digging overdrive ever since...* His reach exceeds his grope(NYP)
* Gatemouth: "The importance of having a sense of Huma: First Muslim in Congress endorses Likudnik Weiner."  * The Daily News interviewed nearly a dozen people who played key roles in the Democrat’s 2005 mayoral campaign as advisers, supporters or contributions and didn’t find much enthusiasm for his comeback attempt.*Bob McManus to Weiner: “Go ahead, Tony: Torch what little dignity you have left.”

NYP Says NY Dumb Voters Will Accept Anyone That Promises Them More Services
It's not that the public is so forgiving, it's that they just don't expect much from politicians
History teaches that New Yorkers will put up with just about anything — how else to explain the City Council? — so even the prospect of an internationally infamous Twitter pervert moving into Gracie Mansion probably won’t faze them.  Weiner’s Got a Shot (NYP) In this town, anyone does. It’s not so much that voters are forgiving as it is that they don’t expect much from their public servants, other than lush social programs — and so they are generally inclined to overlook outbursts of buffoonery. Weiner, of course, seems to have been purpose-built to test that forbearance. * Scandal no big deal: donors(NYP) * Bloomberg chides media for focusing on Weiner, but story "ran on the mayor’s own newswire."

Three of former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s fund raisers have been charged with felonies, while a fourth was involved in an ethics controversy, meaning that Weiner would likely have to return their money if he decides to run for mayor
An Anthony Weiner mayoral run would probably mean returning cash raised by shady fund-raisers(NYDN) Three of the former congressman's fund-raisers have have been charged with felonies that range from running a Ponzi scheme to bribing a state senator. A fourth fund-raiser was involved in an ethics controversy.Convicted swindler Norman Hsu collected nearly $27,000 for Weiner in 2007 — two years before Hsu pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 years in jail for bilking investors out of $20 million in a Ponzi scheme. Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, the father of Queens Rep. Grace Meng, raised about $27,000 for Weiner in 2008. Meng was fined $30,000 last month and ordered to serve a month in jail for soliciting a payoff to fix a criminal case. Meng had convinced the victim to hide an $80,000 payoff inside a fruit basket. Former Parkway Hospital CEO Robert Aquino raised $9,500 for Weiner in 2008. Aquino was sentenced in May to four months in prison for bribing crooked former Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger.* Ex-backers cool toward a Weiner run

Quinn/Bloomberg Empty Promises

Quinn Promises Transit Services Like Bloomberg That Will Never Happen
During the 2009 Bloomberg Promised Free Crosstown Buses

Quinn Promises More Services for Broke Transit System
Quinn: Let the city steer(NYP) $756M plan for mayoral ‘control’ of MTAQuinn, the City Council speaker, released a $756 million wish list for mass-transit projects yesterday, including her improbable proposal to place the next mayor at the helm of the massive agency.* Quinn's Transit Vision Expands on Bloomberg Legacy (WSJ)* Quinn Proposes City Takeover Of MTA(NY1) * One transit web site isn't too impressed with Quinn's transit plans. [Benjamin Kabak]

New MTA Head
Transit Veteran Is Picked to Run the M.T.A.(NYT) * Head of NYC Transit Picked to Be New MTA Chairman Cuomo nomination for new MTA chief comes a day after Christine Quinn propose city takeover * Replacing Lhota At MTA, Cuomo Looks Inward(YNN)
* Joe Lhota called Cuomo’s pick to replace him as MTA chairman, Tom Prendergast, “a superb choice.”* Weekend subways a rail mess(NYP)* Interim M.T.A. Leader Picked to Be Its Chief(NYT)

Not One Report Asks Where Will this Money Come From 

Bloomberg: The state will never give up control of NYC Transit
Bloomberg raised questions about financing Quinn's proposal to take over mass transit. [Pete Donohue] "It’s an old idea that has never gained traction because it requires asking Albany to surrender control over a massive and powerful entity." [Sally Goldenberg]

Cuomo Machine

Cuomo 2014 Campaign Already Rolling
Cuomo’s Re-election Machinery Is Already at Work(NYT)With the next election for governor more than 18 months away, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the state Democrats are stepping up their effort. * In anticipation of his re-election campaign, the state Democratic Party has begun broadcasting a series of television commercials praising Gov. Cuomo for shepherding a gun control measure through the State Legislature. State Democratic Party spending at least $1.5 million on ads on his behalf.* Cuomo Cleared to Bring Girlfriend When He Rides State Planes

Teflon Silver?

Time for someone else as Assembly Speaker - Opinion - The Buffalo News


Long: We’ll Go Down Without Wilson-Pakula, But We’ll Take You With Us(YNN)

Staying Alive in the World Wild Wrestling Federation(True News)

Campaign 2013

Thompson Turns to Bratton(WSJ) New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson referred reporters to former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to help explain the six-point anticrime plan that Thompson unveiled yesterday, though Bratton has not endorsed in the rac *  Thompson wants veteran cops, not rookies, to flood the zone in high crime areas. [Jonathan Lemire]

Quinn unleashes her inner Giuliani 
"What Quinn is proposing is exactly what the founders of our country tried to avoid..."
In the Daily News, Ira Glasser, former executive director of the ACLU, writes that Christine Quinn is trying to suppress the voice of independent citizens by threatening a cable company that aired a negative ad against her

Another Freedom of the press Problem
A site mocking Community Board 1 in Astoria is back online, after the city threatened legal action against it. [Jeanmaire Evelly

Smart Money: Some Worry About Effect Of Limitless Outside Spending On Mayor's Race(NY1)

Conservative commentator Michael Reagan is urging city Republican leaders to give Adolfo Carrion Jr. permission to run in the primary, saying it would strike a note of openness and diversity for a party that’s grappling with how to attract Hispanic voters.
More Political Corruption

Crooked pol wins another month of freedom... to go to the dentist(NYP)

“I don’t know nothing. I don’t know nothing about that. Nothing.” .

 Why Did The Contractor Offer CM Mealy $5000?
Manhattan DA Probed Pay-to-Play Scheme Involving Pols, Contractor Arrested (DNAINFO)

As a result of the probe, investigators busted a Bangladeshi-born contractor who has been a major donor to local politicians for trying to give $5,000 in cash to Brooklyn City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy in exchange for her help in securing a contract with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.


Brooklyn DA candidate Kenneth Thompson has ties to shady Albany pols, opponents charge  DA Charles Hynes, others blast former federal prosecutor for representing state Democrats under investigation in alleged Aqueduct racino scandal(NYDN) DA Charles Hynes, others blast former federal prosecutor for representing state Democrats under investigation in alleged Aqueduct racino scandal

Vito Lopez for City Counci
Council candidate runs against Vito — who isn’t in the race yet(Brooklyn Paper

NYS pension scammer Hank Morris files papers to get parole

Klien IDC Mess

Klein Attempts Pork Earmark
Is Schneiderman Going After IDC Kline A Hit On Cuomo?
AG eyes Albany’s crafty ‘grafters’(NYP)

Today Klein Uses the Media to Fight Back Against Corruption Charges
New Effort to Reduce N.Y. Money in Politics(WSJ)State Senate Majority Coalition Co-Leader Jeff Klein plans to propose drastically curbing campaign contribution limits to political candidates in New York, as well as setting up a public matching funds campaign finance system similar to New York City's  Despite Cuomo’s crackdown on new pork-barrel spending, Klein tried to slip four payments totaling $17,500 to a Bronx nonprofit into the new state budget by disguising the payments as a reappropriation of old funds, the New York Daily News writes * Another loophole in law(TU)* Exclu from : Bronx state Sen. attempts pork earmark despite ban* "What's the matter with Albany?" [Anna Sale] * The recent spate of corruption scandals has reignited discussion about term limits for state lawmakers. Cuomo is not a fan.* A complaint has been filed by a Putnam County Democrat with JCOPE against GOP Assemblyman Steve Katz after he was charged last month with marijuana possession and speeding on the state Thruway.
Monday Goo Goos Wine At Pay to Play Klien
Critics stomp on stained wine pol(NYP)  Good-government groups and a fellow Democrat yesterday criticized Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein for pushing a bill benefiting a national wine distributor that contributed $33,000 to his campaign.* Sen. Jeff Klein lost a key elections law case in 2004 that could have bankrupted his campaign, but didn’t.

NYC Government

Now pols want to ban worker credit checks (NYP) The city’s business and labor leaders are at odds again, this time over the City Council’s latest effort to meddle in the privat.
Under the bill, any company found in violation would be forced to hire the applicant, pay a fine of up to $50,000 and be on the hook for compensatory damages. “I think the City Council does not understand the cumulative cost, particularly to small business, of their many efforts to make their mark,” said Kathy Wylde, president of the business group Partnership for New York City.Councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn), who sponsored the bill, called it “a simple issue of fairness.”Lander said medical crises and divorce are just two examples why prospective or current employees might get into heavy debt.

Marty Special Interests Party

Marty Throws Himself A Party Funded By His None Profit
Luxe Marty-party funder$torm (NYP)  Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz threw himself a lavish going-away party last night — a celeb-studded bash accompanying his two-months-late State of the Borough Address and paid for with funds from the term-limited official’s Brooklyn...The price tag: $150,000 to $200,000, sources said.“It’s money that could have gone to [Hurricane] Sandy relief or another worthy cause rather than this fiasco,” said one source.* Comedy is King at Brooklyn BP Markowitz's Final Annual Speech * Brooklyn BP Gives Final "State Of The Borough" Address(NY1) * Marty's last stand-up! Markowitz goes comedic at final state of the boro (Brooklyn Paper) * "How much Markowitz used his powers to improve people's lives, as opposed to putting smiles on their faces, immortalizing himself, and going to bat for some favored developers, will remain in question." [Norman Oder]*
Marty Markowitz (YouTube screengrab)Marty Markowitz’s ‘Demo Reel’(NYO)

While the Many New Yorkers Go Broke
New Yorkers Brace for Cuts in Unemployment Benefits(NYT) Beginning this week, federal benefits for unemployed New Yorkers will be cut by almost 11 percent as a result of sequestration, making New York one of the first states to carry out the cuts. New York is one of the first states to carry out the cuts.
  • Many New Yorkers Stuck in Low-Wage Work: Study New York City may be recovering from the recession with strong gains in number of jobs available, but a new study shows that more New Yorkers are getting stuck in low-wage occupations that offer little chance of upward mobility.

Fleet Week Sunk

With Federal Budget Cuts, Something Will Be Missing From Fleet Week: The Sailors(NYT)
Officials are grappling with what to do in the wake of the federal sequestration that led to broad cuts in military and domestic spending. * Fleet Week Funds Dry Up(WSJ) * Reduced funds cut festivities for NYC's Fleet Week(WSJ)


Longtime CUNY Chancellor to Step Down After Pushing Higher Standards(NYT)

Soaring Charges by a Contractor With Special Education(NYT)The lavish spending and questionable performance of a company that provided therapy to young children underscores problems in a segment of New York’s special education program. Cheon H. Park founded the Bilingual SEIT company in Queens. Its billings to the city and state soared to over $17 million in the 2011-12 school year.

More Than 2,300 Children Waitlisted for Kindergarten

Legal papers filed by Mayor Bloomberg’s corporation counsel contradict a key claim made by Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott during the city’s school bus strike, the Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez reports:

Crown Heights Parents, Teachers Upset About Proposed School Closure, Co-Location(NY1)

Bike Tour

Bike Tour Wins Lawsuit Over City Fees(NYT) * Bike Group Wins Reprieve From NYPD Fees (WSJ)

NYS Government

Electric Charging Stations
Cuomo announced that New York will install more than 360 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state as part of the Charge NY initiative, aiming to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of electric cars, The Journal News reports:

Indian Point Backup
In the Times-Union, Gavin Donohue, president and CEO of the Independent Power Producers of New York Inc., details the state’s backup power plan in case the Indian Point nuclear power plant is no longer running in 2016:

Opponents Call For Two-Year Moratorium On Fracking(NY1)

Adult Day Care Waste
Assembly Corruption Case Sheds Light On Lack Of Regulation In Adult Day Care

.: Bloomberg and Cuomo spat over Senate gun control bill


Hasidic Sect Hopes to Buy Huge Armory in Brooklyn(NYT)The Satmar view the vacant National Guard building in Williamsburg as a possible solution to a space crunch in its schools and synagogues and a bitter schism.


MoMA Tear-Down

MoMA Tear-Down(WSJ)The architects of a former museum to be demolished by the Museum of Modern Art lashed out, criticizing MoMA officials for deciding to destroy, rather than preserve, a young and unusual work of architecture.



Damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Verizon’s Jazz-Age Frescoes Glow Again(NYT)* Officially, There’s Now No Chance of Hurricane Sandy Returning(NYT)
Thinking caps on for Staten Island's post-Sandy woes(NBC)
Gov't Program Will Allow Some Sandy Victims To Put Off Mortgage Payments During Repairs


Comedian Jonathan Winters dead at 87(NYP)
Lived to make us laugh(NYP)


Nuclear Missile Is in Reach for N. Korea, Pentagon Says(NYT)
The Rugged Road for Gun Control(NYT Ed)
Giffords to launch push for gun law compromise(NBC)
Marco Rubio Now Fully in Favor of His Immigration Bill(NY Mag)
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Law and Order

New Tool for Police Officers: Records at Their Fingertips(NYT)
With Police in Schools, More Children in Court System(NYT)
 Poll: Majority Of NYers Support Additional NYPD Oversight(NY1)

Crook mugs cheesemonger, cuffs him to forklift and steals his car(NYP)

‘Drug kingpin’ on way to NY(NYP)

Vid alibi bid in slayings (NYP) The Staten Island man accused of killing three Brooklyn shopkeepers shouted in court yesterday that subway-surveillance video will prove his innocence.

‘Hate’ rap in mezuzah burnings(NYP) * Hate-Crime Charges in Brooklyn Fires(NYT) * Man Faces Hate Crime Charges In Brooklyn Burning Spree(NY1) * Man accused of torching mezuzahs in confesses to hate crime:
* Man Faces Hate Crime Charges In Brooklyn Burning Spree(NY1)

Video of Brooklyn woman’s fatal shooting is played at trial of two men charged in rooftop gunplay(NYP)

Bronx man freed after 38 years in prison as judge tosses child-murder conviction(NYP) * Blaming Defense, Judge Frees Man Convicted in ’75 Murder(NYT) * New York City judge vacates conviction in 1975 child de (WABC)

Man Shot To Death In Bronx Courtyard(NY1)

Manhattan coke ring out of business after photos and videos of kingpins partying surface online(NYP)

Debate gets heated on day 8 of 'Cleaver Slay' murder trial deliberations(NYP)


Former Newark mayor robbed on city street(Fox 5)
Woman Fights Robber in Upper West Side Elevator(NBC)
Video of Brooklyn woman’s fatal shooting is played at trial (NYP)
Jurors Deadlocked in Murder Trial(NYT)
Bronx baby’s death now considered a homicide(NYDN)
Unwanted subway kiss leads to assault on Upper East Sid …(WABC)

Bizzare subway ‘kiss’ assault(NYP)