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Bloomberg Rented the GOP Dictator Catsimatidis is Buying It to Own

Asparagus Trumps Democracy
The Catsimatidis Party

Supermarket Barron and mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is involved in a hostel takeover the Queens GOP Republican Party.  Bloomberg spent millions to rent the GOP and Independent party lines.  Catsimatidis wants to take over the running of the party and he is using his cash to get his way. Catsimatidis used his money to puppetize the Phil Ragusa faction of the party which is battling a majority of the Queens Republican State Committee members want him out and replaced by former congressman Bob Turner.  Catsimatidis in his take-over of the Queens GOP (Manhattan and Brooklyn) is breaking new ground in control.  In the past the rich bought the loyalty of party leaders. Catsimatidis is cutting out the republican voters in Queens and using his employees to buy the party. His mayoral race has become a democracy killer.

Catsimatidis Cox All in the Family
The anti Ragusa faction sent a letter to the state's GOP chairman Cox which went nowhere.  Cox's son is married to Catsimatidis daughter.  It is really a fight for control of the Queens GOP party between Catsimatidis and Lhota.  Catsimatidis faction is not only paying for petitioning it is threatening those who don't endorse him with a primary. John Reyes the Ragusa puppet who lost big when the GOP leader sent him in to primary Eric  Ulrich, is now running against State Committeeman Bart Haggerty.  Catsimatidis is also paying 23,000 for the rent of Ragusa GOP party headquarters at 2620 Francis Lewis Blvd, where Ragusa runs his accounting office out of.

The Party's On Catsimatidis
The headquarters also houses the law offices of Vinny Tabone who was indicted for selling a Wilson-Pakual to Malcolm Smith so he could run in the GOP primary and have access to millions in city matching funds. Tabone worked for both Catsimatidis supermarket and for his campaign. He resigned from the campaign, it is unclear if he still works for his company. Tabone wanted $100,000 cut from from the state senators matching funds.  It seem that the Queens GOP is not the only one that Catsimatidis is bullying.  Another Queens GOP Ragusa operative Robert Hornak who was dump from the Board of Elections after a court case was drop defending his paper work to appoint BOE commissioner Judith Stupp. Questions remain about his paper truthfulness of his paper work and Stupp and Hornak are out of the BOE. Hornak now works for Catsimatidis.

 $1.99 chicken cutlets, $7.99 rack of lamb and $4.99 Jarlsberg cheese wedge AND CATSIMATIDIS FOR MAYOR
Word is that Catsimatidis has threatened the NYP that if they write Ill of him he will stop running his supermarket ads in their papers. The billionaire supermarket mogul may be a relative unknown to voters, according to polls, but his unmistakable mug has been a fixture in local city newspapers for years, gracing the pages via Gristedes ads that tout the market's deals.  The latest, which ran in the New York Post Wednesday, features a slew of product deals, along with a decades-old photo of the candidate, his name and the slogan "WAR on INFLATION!" Catsimatidis has not lists the newspaper ads as an inkind campaign contribution.

Catsimatidis in Brooklyn
John Catsimatidis addresses the audience.John Catsimatidis Holds Contentious Court in Brooklyn(NYO)

Queens Tribune Consultant Update

In February New York World:
Newspaper gives vote of approval to paying political candidates
In local races, Queens Tribune endorses most clients of its affiliated campaign consulting firm

In December of 2011 True News:
Soviet Queens Pravda  



Nussbaum in, Schenkler out at Tribune?

Where is Schenkler? Completely eradicated from the current Tribune masthead. No trace. No "Not 4 Publication". No nothing. Gone. Into the void? Nussie is in charge? Whore ads still being published. What does this portend? What is going on? Nussbaum is still promoting his consulting clients in his newspaper (Pictured in his newspaper left to right): Rep. Grace Meng addresses the audience at a celebration of her first 100 days in office, Assemblymember Nily Rozic and Ron Kim.

Queens Permanent Underground Government
Tribune Newspaper Owner Nussbaum Interconnected With Queens Political Consultants  . . . Nussbaum works with GSP Consultants Now Call Cottage Consultants Who Also Have Ties to GOP Queens Boss Phil Ragusa, Vinny Tabone and Robert Hornak
Steve Graves who was just caught shaking down City Council candidate Sonny Hahn to hire him in exchange for GOP Queens Boss Phil Ragusa endorsement, also worked as a consultant for GSP. He was also removed in handcuffs from the BOE after the FBI raided his office and computer for attempted bid rigging of the voting machine contract. Graves worked for the BOE as the Help America to Vote Act Representative.  Disgraced ex-Councilman Dennis Gallagher works as a lobbyist for Golub's GPS in to a recent NYP article.  Because of his criminal record of sexual harassment which lost him his council seat, his name does not appear on candidate finance forms.  But everyone in Queens politics knows that Gallagher has a close working relationship with Nussbaum, GSP's Jay Gottleib and Vicky Schnepps the owners of the Queens Courier Some think the unnamed political consultant who Graves was trying to get $1.25 million for in his kickback BOE deal to deliver the voting machine contract was Gallagher. BOE Pay to Play Investigation Remains Anonymous.  

Koo is Ground Zero for Nussbaum and the Ragusa Connected Political Consultants
Another player is secret interlocking Queens permanent underground government is James McCelland who is on Ragusa's Queens GOP executive board, Peter Koo's the former republican now democratic councilman chief of staff and owns Mcg's consulting who elected with Gallagher help Koo as a Republican city councilman in 2009.  Peter Koo also hired Nussbaum Muilt media consultant firm that year to run in his campaign.  Including heavy ads in Nussbaum's Queens Tribune. The Queens Tribune give free subscriptions to democratic district leaders and community board members to give the impression that their circulation is wider than it is.

Nussbaum and GSP Work Together At A Distance to Elect Candidates
Mike Nussbaum approached Queens Jewish person Matthew Silverstein who was looking to run for office and suggested he run in the 6th before BOE employee Jeff Gottlieb entered the race. MENG CONSULTANT NUSSBAUM, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING.. * A Secret Pact Broken, A Candidate Shunned From The Ballot (Queens Politics)  GSP's Jay Golub ran the petition drive to get Jeff Gottlieb to get on the ballot to split the Jewish vote to help Meng.  Gottlieb dropped out after a NYP story came out that he set his apartment on fire.Cowering inferno. Gottlieb still works at the Board of Election. Lancman Blasts ‘Sham Candidacy Of Long-Time Party Hack’ (NYO)

Correspondents Dinner

Obama Mocks MSNBC, CNN, Fox, BuzzFeed, His Liberal Critics And Himself In Correspondents Dinner Speech

Conan O’Brien Blasts Drudge, Bush, Romney, CNN, The NRA And Chris Matthews At Correspondents Dinner

House Of Cards Spoof Featuring Dem And GOP Lawmakers Mocks WH Correspondents Dinner

NY Times Reporter Savages WH Correspondents Dinner: D.C. Journalists ‘More Of A Celebrity Class’
The best of the correspondents’ dinner in two minutes

PHOTOS: The Red-Carpet Glam Of The White House Correspondents' Dinner
President Obama Roasts Himself, The Press, Other Politicians At Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner(CBS)
Conan O'Brien on His White House Correspondents' Dinner Performance: "I Wasn’t There to Please Everybody"(NY Mag)
NYT Strange Attack On the Bronx DA

NYT & Bronx Boss Attempt Coup De Tat Against DA Johnson . . . Mystery What Did Johnson Do?
The NYT Wants the Bronx DA Out and Is Using the Corrupt Party Leader to Show Him the Door

Democrats Said to Discuss Plan for Bronx District Attorney to Resign
denied in a statement any intent to quit: “I am scratching my head that you would write a story like this based on hearsay.
A Newspaper Works With A Party Boss to Push Out A DA
With Robert T. Johnson under fire, party leaders have been discussing a proposal that would ease the way for him to step down, according to several people familiar with the idea. Mr. Johnson, who took office in 1989, has grown “tired of the job” and “feels beaten up,” and that his discontent has only mounted as his performance has come under increasing scrutiny, according to these people. Mr. Johnson would not say whether he was familiar with the plan or any part of it, but strongly

The Johnson Setup
Bronx Court System Has Been Messed Up for Decades - Why Demand Changes Now?
This month, The New York Times published a series of articles on the dysfunction of the criminal justice system in the Bronx that underscored failures by Mr. Johnson’s office, among other problems. It noted that his management and policies had been criticized by judges in the borough, as well as by police and city officials who believe that he has not done enough to highlight or resolve the problems.

Whose Plan is It Anyway?
 Heastie: "I still have all the confidence in the world in Robert Johnson. Period." (NYDN)

What Did Johnson Do Recently?
The Only DA Working with the U.S. Attorney to Go After Albany Pols?
The NYT Say DA Johnson has been "resistance to the death penalty and his challenges to the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk tactic, which critics say disproportionately targets minorities and harasses innocent people.) 

NYT is Pushing for A Plan to Bypass the Voters and Use the States Corrupt Election Law
"The state’s complicated election and public officers law would then allow the Bronx Democratic County Committee, led by Mr. Heastie, to select Justice Clark to appear on the ballot as the party’s candidate for district attorney without her having to win a primary."  

Party Leader Wants to Hand Pick the Next DA
The people familiar with the plans said party leaders were not pressuring Mr. Johnson to resign. But Mr. Heastie has made clear to associates that if Mr. Johnson does resign, he would like it to occur in time for Mr. Heastie to put his choice as a successor on the November ballot. His choice is Darcel D. Clark, who was recently appointed associate justice with the New York State Appellate Division First Department, four people familiar with the plan said. Justice Clark spent over a decade in the district attorney’s office before she was first appointed to the criminal court. Justice Clark, reached on Friday evening, said she had no comment on the plan, adding, “I don’t know anything about it.”

Is the NYT Saying Supreme Court Judges Are Not Bossed Picked?
 Most Judge Pay to Play for it
NYT Says VIE for a seat as a State Supreme Court justice in the Bronx in the November election.  The NYT knows that since Tammany Hall Party Bosses Pick Ever Supreme Court Judge

Throwing the First Stone At DAs

Why is the NYT Not Working With the Brooklyn Boss Seddio To Dump DA Hynes?
Or Queens DAs Who Has Sat Still While the US Attorney Convicted Many Pols in His Borough

Mayoral Candidates Dramatic Move

Shocking Mayoral Candidates Against Bloomberg's Ban on Cell Phones In Schools

What A Bunch of Losers
8.9% Unemployment, Failing School, High Homelessness and High Taxes Pushing Out Jobs Not Discussed 
Ringing endorsement (NYP) Public-school students should be cell-ebrating next year when a new mayor takes over. All but one of the major candidates running to succeed Mayor Bloomberg declared yesterday they’d overturn his edict banning students from bringing cellphones to schools.  Republicans Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis later told The Post they were on board as well.

When Will the Mayoral Candidates Discuss NYC's Ongoing Terror Threat
In A City That Just Dodged Another Terrorist Attack This Week Candidates Against Drones?
* Mayoral Candidates Quizzed on Use of Drones Adolfo Carrión Jr. was the only mayoral hopeful at a forum on Friday to refuse to rule out the use of the drones for surveillance.* Most Mayoral Candidates Would Lift School Cellphone Ban (WSJ) * All Democratic Candidates Say They'll Lift Cell Phone Ban In Schools(NY1)* Mayoral hopefuls vow to lift school cell phone ban(NYDN)

 de Blasio Does Schwarzenegger to Show He Still Has A Pulse
“If Arnold Schwarzenegger were here, he’d say, ‘Northern California, your domination of the tech industry is terminated,’ ” de Blasio joked in a mock Austrian accent. Quinn, who’s been on the receiving end of most of de Blasio’s political attacks on the campaign trail, interjected jokingly, “I’m terminating all accents that are not actually yours.”

I went to a debate and a roast broke out...
NYC mayoral candidates get Staten Island forum off on the light foot (photos)

Muslim Surveillance
Like deBlasio, would end NYPD surveillance of Muslims. "I'm in [Mayor's race] it to change things." Spying must be crime-related.

UFT President Pay to Play Sister

Mulgrew Sister On the City Payroll While Working for A Private Contractor
11 years in ‘labor’(NYP) Maternity-leave probe for union prez sis
During her leave, Mulgrew-Daretany worked as chief operating officer for Brienza’s Academic Advantage, a Brooklyn-based company that sells teacher-training seminars and student tutoring. She is listed as COO in a Brienza’s organizational chart filed with the DOE. She left “last year,” a company official said. DOE payments to Brienza’s rose from $5,109 in 2002 to $10.9 million in 2012, when the city received No Child Left Behind funds for after-school tutoring, officials said. City employees are barred from holding second jobs with companies that do business with the city unless they get approval from their agency head and a waiver from the Conflict of Interest Board.

“She was required to request a conflict-of-interest clearance, but she did not seek one,’’ said DOE spokeswoman Connie Pankratz. She said Mulgrew-Daretany’s work for the vendor “was not disclosed to us.”

Queens GOP Civil War Continued
It has been a long week and tonight as I sit...
John Watch9:43pm Apr 26
It has been a long week and tonight as I sit here typing, the one thing that keeps coming back to me is are we all just so tired of what is going on in the Republican Party or are we just tired. I received so many calls today about the Post and DN articles and all the responses were the same with Eric Mingot stating it the best: "Speechless but not surprised". Nor am I surprised to here that calls were placed to State Committee that if you did not support Ragusa you would face a primary in September. And petition carriers will be paid for by Catsimatidis. Now isn't that interesting, who is really running the Queens GOP? I guess we are just another acquisition for a Billionaire.
After Halloran
GOP shifts gears, endorses Saffran for Halloran’s seat((Times Ledger) 
Ex-Halloran chief of staff eying seat as Dem via

Smith Top Fund Raiser Tapped

Feds try to cash in on Malcolm $$ man(NYP)
The feds acknowledge eavesdropping on phone calls between indicted state Sen. Malcolm Smith and his chief fund-raiser, Rob Calentine, in their probe of Smith’s alleged efforts to bribe county Republican leaders for a spot on the GOP mayoral ballot.
Corruption cases are far from closed via
Kingsbridge Downsized Jobs

From 1,200 Jobs to 200 A Success? And No Living Wage Mandates?
Ruben’s ice capades(NYP Ed)
At long last, the Kingsbridge Armory will become a bustling center of activity. For that, Bronx residents can “thank” Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. This week, the city announced that an exciting ice complex will be up and running in the former armory — by 2018. For those keeping score, and assuming the rink is completed on time, it means opening day will come nine years after Diaz torpedoed an earlier proposal for a shopping mall on the same site. Alas, it wasn’t enough for Diaz, whose county has the state’s highest unemployment rate. He insisted the City Council require all employees of the mall, including future retail hires, be paid a “living wage.” The mall would have brought 1,200 permanent jobs. And here’s the kicker: While the Messier group promises to pay employees living wages — there’s no mandate in their contract to do so.

John Liu Trial

During Jury Selection, Trying to Erase Politics From a Politicized Fraud Trial(NYT)
“Do any of you,” Judge Richard J. Sullivan asked the prospective jurors, “have negative impressions of, or opinions about, politicians generally and those who work for or support them?”  The reaction was almost instantaneous. “Let the record reflect,” he noted, that the “question got a laugh — a big laugh.”

Cuomo's Bubble

O'Reilly: Is Gov. Andrew Cuomo living in the bubble?(Newsday) What's the matter with Gov. Cuomo? He was doing so well. Everybody thought so -- Democrats, independents and Republicans alike. He seemed to have both hands firmly on the steering wheel of a state government that had been careening all over the road.* Many Openings at State Agency Go to Those With Ties to Cuomo
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has pledged to curb Albany’s patronage practices, but has helped many supporters find jobs at the Empire State Development Corporation.Donor's son hired as $75K-a-year strategic planning associate graduated from UPenn in '10 with degree in Assyriology * As Gov. Cuomo slides more to the left, his approval rating drops below 50 percent (Newsday)

More Fiction by Seifman
Boy Does David Miss Vinny Tabone
David Seifman
Cig-nificant arm-twisting(NYP
Seifman says it was Quinn that got him to support banning smokes to those under 21.   How to you say sucking up to a possible next mayor?  Seifman would have the NYP readers believe that a mayor who has spent millions limiting smoking is against a bill that would limit smoking. * New York politicians joins council speaker in push to raise smoking age to 21 statewide.

Eva Moskowitz’s sin(NYP Ed)
Eva Moskowitz has committed the ultimate sin in public education: Her charter schools are wildly successful. The United Federation of Teachers, you see, has much to lose from successful charters, public schools that are most often non-unionized. Especially when the charters sit right next to their union counterparts, shining a light on the union’s failures. With Democratic mayoral wannabes now vying for the UFT’s support, the attacks are coming fast and furious. At the moment, the union is targeting “co-location” — i.e., having charters and union schools share space in the same building. Charters need co-location because they don’t get public funding for buildings, so the only space available is in existing schools. The unions understand that if you end co-location, you stop charters cold.

City Cites Savings in Bus Contracts(WSJ)

Open-book test(NYDN Ed) New York’s school children have come through the exaggerated trauma of the new standardized English and math exams, and the wait now begins to see how terribly they performed. When the scores are released in July, parents and the educational establishment are in for the shock of discovering that the kids are not nearly as smart as the schools pretended they were. Many who have consistently been marked as doing fine will be graded as needing big improvement.

Hospital Saved Future?

Saved but still losing a Million A Week
Move to Close Long Island College Hospital Is Halted(NYT)

State-university officials said they are withdrawing a plan to close Long Island College Hospital, a victory for unions and community groups that had waged a three-month battle to keep the Downtown Brooklyn medical center open.* SUNY Downstate Withdraws LICH Closure Plan(NY1) * Long Island College Hospital closure reprieve lifts workers’(NYDN)* LICH lives!(Brooklyn Paper)


Cuomo's buyout program for homes damaged by Sandy receives federal approval, but finds relatively few takers.
Bathrooms' Long Trek to Replace Sandy-Wrecked Facilities(WSJ)
Homeowners in Flood Zones Opt to Rebuild, Not Move(NYT)
'If he dies, he dies': Hurricane Sandy cleanup workers put at risk in deadly conditions that violated safety rules(NYDN)

New Pro Bono Rule Spurs Law Student Aid to Hurricane Sandy Victims(DNAINFO)
Rushing to Replace What a Storm Took From the Beaches 
Six months after Superstorm Sandy, workers are rushing to assemble damaged equipment on NYC parks and beaches. (NBC)
Six Months After Sandy

'EVERYONE'S FORGOTTEN': Six months later, Breezy Point still recoiling from devastation of Superstorm Sandy(NYDN)
: Coney Island Public Housing Still Dependent On Generators, Donations: Public housing was...
Looters Still Raiding Homes Under Repair From Hurricane Sandy...  
Met Price Fixing

The Met’s art of $$ deception (NYP) The Metropolitan Museum of Art should not be allowed to receive admissions fees from patrons at all – and has been misleading the public about why it’s allowed to accept fees in the first place, records show.

Boston NYC Bombers

FBI looking into accused bombers' 'training'; mom could be questioned: Rep.(NYP)
The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said Sunday that the FBI is investigating in the United States and overseas to determine whether the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing received training that helped them carry out the attack.
Meet the Ma Baker of Terrorism

The relative described Tsarnaev to The New York Times this way: “He was angry that the world pictures Islam as a violent religion.”See no evil(Goodwin, NYP)

102 hours in pursuit of Marathon suspects

For five indelible days, the unthinkable became routine in Boston. And no one felt that more than the agents mounting the largest manhunt in regional history.

  Russian authorities secretly recorded a telephone conversation in 2011 in which one of the Boston bombing suspects vaguely discussed jihad with his mother, officials said Saturday, days after the U.S. government finally received details about the call.Russia caught Boston bomber on wiretap talking jihad with his mother, never told US(NYP)

Mad mom on terror list, too(NYP)

Exception to Miranda Rule Is Rooted in Queens Arrest(NYT)

The public safety exception, which was applied recently in the Boston bombing case, was carved out in the 1980s by the former chief judge of New York State’s highest court.*
Tight security for Five Boro Bike Tour(WABC) * Riders Not Allowed To Have Backpacks In Upcoming Five Boro Bike Tour(NY1)

WTC Msoque Remains

A piece of landing gear was found wedged behind the “Ground Zero mosque” site — and authorities are investigating whether it came from a plane that slammed into the Twin Towers more than 11 years ago.* 11 Years Later, Debris From Plane Is Found Near Ground Zero(NYT) A piece of landing gear, apparently from one of the jets that crashed into the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, was discovered wedged between two buildings on Wednesday.
9/11 Plane Debris Found in Lower Manhattan(WSJ) * Police: Part Of Plane Destroyed During 9/11 Attacks Found In Alley(NY1) * NYPD: Landing Gear From 9/11 Plane Found Behind ‘Ground (WCBS) * Stunning 9/11 Find In Lower Manhattan Alley Revives Memories Of Attacks (NY1)Number found on part at Ground Zero likely can't be traced to specific plane(NYP) * 9/11 Plane Debris To Be Removed From Manhattan Alley On Monday; Search For Potential Human Remains Begins Tuesday (NY1) * A Discovery Near 9/11 Site Stirs Memories(NYT) * Officials: Landing Gear Found In Lower Manhattan Came From (WCBS) * Six Months After Sandy: Tony's Pier Restaurant Rises From(NY1) * ‘Serial #’ is no tell-tale evidence(NYP) WTC jet-part intrigue

Taxi App

App chosen for people to e-hail cabs in NYC(WABC)
NYC Selects Uber Tech App To E-Hail Cabs(Huff Post)

Bike Share

Big City: Sharing Bikes and Fury in New York Neighborhoods (NYT)


MTA Chairman: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up For A Fare Hike Reprieve

Washington Square Park Conservancy

Private Group to Help Fund Park
Wash. Park goes ‘square’ (NYP) The city’s famed bohemian playground is about to conform. The Parks Department has secretly formed a private conservancy to help fund Washington Square Park with the help of actor John Leguizamo’s wife, Justine, and socialite Veronica Bulgari....  

Grate Fishing

  • Grate catch!(NYP)He’s gone fishin’ — on the streets of New York. For eight years, Eliel Santos has been using dental floss and mousetrap glue to reel in gold, jewelry, electronics and cash lost beneath city sidewalk grates.

Tracking the Census

Trekking New York, One Census Tract at a Time(NYT)Over the last decade, Moses Gates became the first person known to walk all of New York City’s census landscape, with Rikers Island the only exception.


LN Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: Stewart Slams CNN, Colbert Crushes Fox And More

WATCH: Best presidential moments from past dinners:  


‘Elvis’ online rival busted in Bam ricin letter plot(NYP)

Heading the Wrong Way(NYT Ed) The economy is sputtering as Congress embraces austerity instead of stimulus.
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's Bad Luck Returns(NY Mag) Fell off the bike again
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BREAKING: FBI says Miss. man arrested in probe of poisoned letter sent to Obama * Elvis impersonator's pal arrested in poisoned letters case: FBI(NYP)

Courts, Congress Give Obama Adult Supervision - George Will, Wash Post
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I have no doubt Washington DC a deeply challenging enviro, but after guns, and sequesterfair to ask why Obama & Dems keep getting rolled? Perhaps teachers cud move Head Start classes, or NYC officials cud move housing programs threatened by inane sequester onto airport Tarmac


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Wall Street

Politics: While Wronged Homeowners Got $300 Apiece in Foreclosure Settlement, Consultants Who Helped Protect Banks Got $2 Billion (Rolling Stone)

Law and Order

City Council on wrong track with bill to forbid cops from describing suspects(NYDN Ed)

Speaker Chris Quinn says no to loony measure, but passage seems likely

Whiner’s a loser – quits EMS (NYP) The “twit” has quit. EMS Lt. Timothy Dluhos, 34 — known as the “Bad Lieutenant” on Twitter — resigned from the FDNY April 16, less than a month after he sobbed when The Post confronted him about his racist posts.Cop: Racial profiling is not taught(NYDN)

Teen mom accused of throwing infant down Bronx garbage chute; baby doesn't survive(NYP)

NYPD Makes Its Stop-And-Frisk Training Video Public(NY1)

Foul-tipsy checkpoint (NYP) Take me out to the precinct! Boozy Bomber fans might want to pass the car keys to sober friends — as crackerjack cops set up DWI checkpoints near Yankee Stadium to catch drivers running afoul of the law, The Post has learned.

Mom Whose Daughter Died After Drinking Too Much Goes After Village Bars(DNAINFO)

Kin face tot-slay suspect (NYP)  It took seven years but the parents of a 2-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet finally got to look the fiend suspected of firing the shot in the eye.* Man Charged in Killing of a Bronx 2-Year-Old Riding in a Van in 2006(NYT)

Bronx teen who allegedly threw baby down trash chute charged with misdemeanor(NYP)

Hair-raising robbery at Bronx beauty salon caught on video(NYP)* Arrest in Death of Toddler(WSJ)
Surveillance video shows clear picture of men robbing a Bronx hair salon (WPIX)
Correction officer gets clean record after taking knife (NYDN)

‘Buyers’ are Text booked (NYP) Officials have made good on their promise to nail not just the dealers but also the purchasers in a massive texting cocaine-delivery service — hauling in 16 alleged buyers, ranging from a pair of moneyed investment advisers to a Greenpoint, Brooklyn...

Five wounded in three separate Brooklyn shootings: cops (NYDN)

Five men were shot in three different incidents in Brooklyn early Saturday morning, police said.
Robbed at Gunpoint, Some in the Bronx Gamble With Their Lives(NYT)
Multiple Brooklyn shootings leave five men wounded (NYP)  Five men were wounded in several shootings in Brooklyn early today, authorities said. A gunman opened fire in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Monroe Place near the Associated Supermarket about 1:35 a.m., striking three people,Father Gets Off L.I.R.R., Leaving Children Behind(NYT)
DNA in cap leads to capture of break-in suspect(NYDN)
Statute Prevents Pursuit of Horace Mann Abuse(NYT)
* Abuse 'Pattern' at Horace Mann(WSJ)
Bronx DA closes Horace Mann sex abuse investigation(NYDN)
Police: Victim Shot After Dispute With Suspect In The B (WCBS)
B’klyn stage thief steals the show(NYP)
Suspect Sought in Bronx Sex Assault(NBC)
Surveillance Video Released Of Suspect In Bronx Assault(NY1)
Record number of killers and rapists being released from upstate prisons, many returning to NYC(NYP)

Shooting on Fifth Avenue(Brooklyn Paper)
Bay Ridge: A man was shot on Fifth Avenue Wednesday along the corridor where politicians are demanding police surveillance cameras to combat drug dealing.
Robberies so common in the Bronx that residents are starting to say "no." They then get shot in the leg.

Jailed 'stabber' describes heart piercing tale of crazy love gone wrong(NYP)
  Teen shot in the leg in Bushwick, Brooklyn(WABC)
Police Search For Four Men Involved With Queens Home Invasion(NY1)
Five Wounded In Three Separate Shootings In Brooklyn(WCBS)
Teen mom accused of throwing infant down Bronx garbage chute; (NYP)
Police search for suspects in Queens home invasion(WABC)
Teen mom accused of throwing infant down Bronx garbage chute; baby doesn't survive(NYP)


Mohamed Mamdouh gets 5 years for plotting to blow up sy(NYDN)
 Sentenced in Plan to Bomb Manhattan Synagogue(NYT)
Mohamed Mamdouh, who was convicted under a state antiterrorism law, was given five years in prison for his role in a failed 2011 plot.* Queens Man Is Sentenced in Terror Case(WSJ)
Man gets 5 years for role in NYC shul bomb plot (Jerusalem Post)

Looters Still Raiding Homes Under Repair From Hurricane Sandy...