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Cuomo Out, Queens Civil War, Pig Halloran and the Real John Liu

Cuomo: If Hillary Runs I Am Out

Update Cuomo No Truth I Am Conceding
Reality Bites
Gov. Cuomo tells associates he would skip 2016 presidential race if Hillary Clinton runs(Dicker, NYP) Gov. Cuomo has quietly told associates that he is resigned to the fact that he can’t run for president in 2016 if Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the race, as is widely expected, sources told The Post* Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells aides he won't run for president in 2016 if Hillary Clinton does (Political Wire) * Cuomo Ends Hypothetical 2016 Presidential Bid(NY Mag) * Margaret Hartmann: “Andrew Cuomo may be the first person to drop out of the 2016 presidential race, though technically no one is running yet.”* Cuomo: ‘No Truth’ That He’s Already Conceding ’16(YNN)

Cuomo Book About Him by Him
 Admin confirms Cuomo book deal to AP an hour or so after our NYT story went up. Interesting: ( * Harpers says they do not have a book under contract w/ re: Cuomo. a factor?: *  Cuomo vs. Clinton in 2016? Governor Andrew Cuomo has a long history with the Clintons, starting with his stint as Housing Secretary in Bill Clinton's cabinet. It would be very difficult for the governor to challenge Hillary Clinton if she chooses to run for President in 2016. As YNN's Zack Fink reports, it's a choice Cuomo seems to be struggling with.* Cuomo Will Handle His Biography Himself, Thanks(NY Mag)
  1. Cuomo-Dicker Threat Level: Blue. Or orange, depending on how you read this column: 

    Was the NYT Sending A Message to the Governor?
    Nevertheless, this weekend’s front page, above-the-fold New York Times story about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s habit of hiring politically connected people – like, say, the progeny of well-heeled donors, or former state legislators – at the Empire State Development Corp. after he pledged repeatedly to end the long-standing Albany practice of rewarding political allies is pretty damning. And it doesn’t help matters that ESDC has been spending taxpayer dollars to tout Cuomo’s supposed success in re-opening New York for business – a claim that rings particularly hollow to the ears of the state’s business community after they faired so poorly in this year’s budget. * Do As I Say(YNN)
Queens GOP Civil War

True News Wags the NYP on the Queens GOP Civil War and the Full Story
Yesterday True News Gave The Full Story On Catsimatidis Takeover of the GOP
A minor play in the war is Robert Hornak messed up on reappointing a BOE commissioner led to his loss of his BOE almost no show job.  True News is trying to inform it reads how all the pieces in politics fits together. The NYP and the rest of the media is headline hunting.  The NYP did not even bring up the fact that Hornak was responsible for paper work that lead to the Queens GOP BOE commissioner leaving.  And what about the court case that was withdrawn over the accuracy of Hornak filing with the BOE and City Council?

The Party's On Catsimatidis
The headquarters also houses the law offices of Vinny Tabone who was indicted for selling a Wilson-Pakual to Malcolm Smith so he could run in the GOP primary and have access to millions in city matching funds. Tabone worked for both Catsimatidis supermarket and for his campaign. He resigned from the campaign, it is unclear if he still works for his company. Tabone wanted $100,000 cut from from the state senators matching funds.  It seem that the Queens GOP is not the only one that Catsimatidis is bullying.  Another Queens GOP Ragusa operative Robert Hornak who was dump from the Board of Elections after a court case was drop defending his paper work to appoint BOE commissioner Judith Stupp. Questions remain about his paper truthfulness of his paper work and Stupp and Hornak are out of the BOE. Hornak now works for Catsimatidis.

NYP's Sally Goldenberg Does A Story Today that Hornak Was Late to Work
Goldenberg said Hornak was almost fired for being late WRONG Hornak left because his BOE commissioner was not reappointed because of his Fuck UP.
‘Cats’ guy the life of the tardy(NYP)
Former New York City Board of Elections employee Robert Hornak was late to his job 171 times over the past 14 months and was in danger of being fired before taking a job with the mayoral campaign of John Catsimatidis.  “Robert Hornak is another notorious character in the Queens GOP, and the fact that he was a public employee that never showed up on time and was still able to keep his job at a time when so many other New Yorkers are struggling to find jobs or keep the jobs they already have is disgraceful,” said City Councilman Eric Ulrich, a Queens Republican who is at war with Catsimatidis. Ulrich supports Joe Lhota in the mayoral primary. Hornak is embroiled in a civil war in the Queens Republican Party, whose vice chairman, Vince Tabone, was nabbed in the larger bribery scandal that ensnared state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) and City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens). Tabone also worked for Catsimatidis, who donated tens of thousands of dollars to the party in the past year.

 Catsimatidis Falls Into A Buzz News Trap in Brooklyn
Catsimatidis: Money Can't Shut Everyone UP
Catsimatidis lost his temper at a Brooklyn Young Republicans event on Sunday, yelling and swearing at individuals who publicly questioned his policy ideas and the media blew it up into full pages story, the Daily News reports: * John Catsimatidis Holds Contentious Court in Brooklyn(NYO)

Catsimatidis Loses His Cool in Brooklyn( Bull Shit Video)

Catsimatidis Attacks His Opponents On Terrorism
"Terrorism: It maims and kills innocent people," a narrator begins over the ominous wail of sirens. "Since 9/11, the NYPD has kept us safe with pro-active police work. Now, career politicians want to end stop and frisk and cut the NYPD’s powers of surveillance. That's why we need John Catsimatidis as mayor."* Comptroller John Liu: "When are singled out for [&] surveillance...hate crimes...are morelikely.”*  on addresses & spying, concerned about singling out groups *

NYT On Muslim Surveilance Before the Boston Bombing
Based on new court filings in a longstanding suit challenging police surveillance techniques, the courts may need to intervene to stop the New York Police Department from spying on law-abiding citizens once again, this time Muslims.  

Lhota's Strategy is Mostly Reaction
Lhota memo suggests Weiner entry in race helps him. Jostles Dem field but "a candidate with such limitations cannot win.Lhota strategy memo says he is "polling better than Mayor Michael Bloomberg did at this point of the campaign in 2001."*  Lhota projects potential 4-way race, with Carrion on Independence line, de Blasio on WFP siphoning from Dem nominee:* Document Drop: Joe Lhota's "Path To Victory"(NYDN) * Joe Lhota Makes His Case for Victory in November(Barkan) * John Catsimatidis Says He Could Have Defeated Barack Obama  * lhota called ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner “undisciplined.” * Catsimatidis unimpressed with Lhota "strategy memo" in fundraising email; makes sense since it ignores him.(NYDN) * Updated: Rudy Giuliani To Staten Island: Vote Joe Lhota. He's Had A Real Job, Unlike The Dems (& The )

 de Blasio Would Be Trapped on the WFP Line if He Lost Dem Primary
But He Does not Have to Run A Active Campaign
What would de Blasio's rationale be for running on the WFP line after he lost the Democratic primary?(NYDN)

"People always ask me what will it mean to be New York's first Latino mayor."-- * Independence Party mayoral nominee Adolfo Carrion Jr.’s first web ad is called ”Waking The Sleeping Giant.”
Halloran is A Pig

Halloran, currently under indictment on bribery charges, could lose his Council seat for carrying on a relationship with a former intern in his office, as well as a previous deputy chief of staff with whom he had a relationship
Bribe scandal’s pagan pol Halloran eyed over romps with 2nd aide
Councilman Halloran faces inquiry over romance with ANOTHER former staffer(NYP)
He threw away his marriage for a co-ed staffer half his age, and now Dan Halloran, the city councilman already under indictment in an alleged plot to rig the mayoral race, could lose his seat after another seamy office romp.Halloran, 41, a cocky Queens Republican and a practicing pagan, has been carrying on with 23-year-old Denise Batista since she was an intern in his council office, sources told The Post.* Cuomo denies he's already conceding 2016 to Hillary Clinton (CapitalTonight)

Halloran's Big Glup Intern
Did 1 of Dan Halloran's dalliances dress up as a Big Gulp?(Below)

Defense Lawyers Search For Ways to Protect Corrupt Pols From the U.S. Attorney
Some legal experts have questioned the tactics used against both Mr. Liu’s associates and Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, who initially refused bribes from undercover officers. Mr. Stevenson’s lawyer is planning to argue it’s entrapment, and Crain’s New York Business further wonders “whether the government should be going to such lengths to entice low-level officials like Mr. Stevenson, a back-bench assemblyman.”

Was Smith Trapped Also?
Zero Tolerance: Malcolm Smith And The Politics Of Turning A Blind Eye(C&S)

Cuomo Corruption Fighting  Plan

Silver Delivers to His Members

MMA Delay Losing Millions in State Revenue While Making Millions for Pols and Lobbyists
As Long As Speaker Silver Block A Vote On MMA It is Christmas in Albany
Millions for Lobbyists and Elected Officials
 Shelly’s big body slam(NYP)
Georges St-Pierre has endured his share of elbows. But even the Ultimate Fighting champion has not seen anything like the moves coming from Shelly Silver. Since 2007, Zuffa LLC, which owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship league and World Extreme Cagefighting, has spent more than $1 million on lobbying in Albany to try and legalize the sport in New York.  The Post writes that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s reluctance to allow a vote on legalizing Mixed Martial Arts fighting in New York is costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
Since 2007, Zuffa LLC, which owns the UFC and World Extreme Cagefighting, has spent more than $1 million on lobbying. At the same time, Zuffa and its subsidiaries have made $594,200 in campaign contributions in New York, and no one has benefitted from this largesse more than Cuomo. * UFC Lobby Puts Big Bucks Behind Governor Cuomo(NRO)

Silver Mayor's Race
The New York Post‘s Fred Dicker suggests Speaker Shelly Silver will ultimately endorse former Comptroller Bill Thompson in the race. “Shelly backing Billy, the only black in the race, would win him a lot of points with the African-Americans in the Assembly, who help keep him as speaker,’’ a “longtime Thompson backer” told the publication.

Now the NYT is Mad At A Second DA

DA chief in gay-slur stir (NYP) The fiery chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney Office’s Gang Bureau has been suspended without pay for threatening her subordinates with gay slurs, sources told The Post.

The Real John Liu

Lee's Court Testimony And Liu Reaction Tells Us 
More About the Mayoral Candidate Then All His Debate Answers
A longtime aide to City Comptroller John Liu admitted in court last week that she conspired to commit financial fraud to help Liu’s mayoral campaign. “I didn’t realize how bad it was,” said Sharon Lee, as she incriminated herself on the stand.

Most bosses would fire a dishonest employee, but not Liu. The proud boss told The Wall Street Journal: “I have full confidence in her ability.” Well, her ability isn’t in doubt. Her honesty is what’s in question — and according to her testimony, it’s up for sale.

 Blame the Jury?
NYT Does Not Focus On the Testimony
During Jury Selection, Trying to Erase Politics From a Politicized Fraud Trial(NYT) After a lawyer for a former aide of John C. Liu raised concerns, a judge sought to weed out potential bias against politicians among prospective jurors. A negative view of politicians has underscored the jury selection process in the trial of two former associates of New York City Comptroller John Liu, in the wake of the arrest of several New York City officials on corruption charges

At the end of last week, Councilman David Greenfield helped gather nearly two dozen Council members to raise over $20,000 for incumbent Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, a source familiar with the event told Politicker. Comptroller John Liu was also there to support Ms. Gonzalez, whose district contains a large Chinese-American population. * John Liu Called for Criminal Investigation in to 911 ECTP (Troy)

Liu Protests High Stake Test
Children to education officials: No more high-stakes testing(NY World)
 City Comptroller John Liu joins protest at Tweed against state bureaucrats; says teachers should create their own quizzes

Quinn's Term Limits Problem

Is Quinn’s Flip Showing?

Christine Quinn’s shifting term-limits position may cost her—but not in the way everyone thinks.NY Magazine examines how Quinn repealed term limits for Bloomberg: she opposed them until she realized that if she ran for mayor in 2009, she'd lose, so she changed her mind for political gain.
Slush fund scandal crippled 's '09 Mayoral bid, so she overturned term limits 2 buy 4 more years* Once Again Standing In for the Mayor: Someone Who Wants His Job(NYP) For the second time in a week, the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, appeared at a news conference, a moment when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg would have presided. “. has been standing so close 2 for 7 yrs his commissioners probably can’t tell difference,”

Another FU From Meeks

‘Payday’ for Rep. Meeks(NYT)

Delivers for donors who fund lifestyle
Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks has taken in nearly $50,000 from the payday-loan industry since 2009. During the same period, he was their best friend — sponsoring legislation that critics say will hurt consumers by increasing access to these short-term, high-interest-rate loans.
The money flowing to his campaign committee and Build America PAC allows the Democrat to live large with Las Vegas fund-raising junkets and by throwing an annual party at the Super Bowl for donors willing to buy pricey tickets. *

The 3 Jeffries

The improbable story of the three Jeffries and their interactions over more than two decades illustrates the shifting currents of race and politics in the New York City area.Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Newark mayoral candidate Shavar Jeffries hope to be at the front of a new generation of African-American leadership, but they share a common link to a contentious figure from the past: former City University of New York Prof. Leonard Jeffries, whom both call their uncle.

Campaign 2013

Leading West Side Council Candidate Tied to Controversial Developer(NYO)

Weiner the Consultant
The name of Weiner's new consulting firm: Woolf Weiner Associates, named after his great grandfather
He has counseled a biofuel firm about expansion into the emerging markets of Latin America and Africa. And he has plunged into the world of start-ups with his own green energy business. A big Weiner consulting client: Covington and Burling, the international law firm:Another great scoop: opens up about his quietly lucrative consulting business.* Jobless After Scandal, Weiner Triumphs in Corporate World (NYT) * Weiner feels with certitude that outreach to fed officials & former House colleagues for companies isn't lobbying. Weiner reaching out to federal agencies and members of Congress in his new role as strategic consultant, he tells me. Weiner appears to have taken page from Gingrich's playbook in contrasting corporate strategic advice to lobbying

The Bombers Mom

Congress members demand investigation into Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s trip to Russia and his mother(NYP)
Schumer: FBI ‘May Have Messed Up’ In Handling 2011 Tsarnaev(WCBS)
Focus of Boston Marathon bomb investigation shifts to suspects' Ma(WABC)
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Isn’t Watching TV or Befriending Other Inmates(NY Mag)
Investigators believe the Boston bombing suspects received some help in designing the bombs(WABC)
'Misha,' the man who allegedly radicalized Tamerlan Tsarnaev, speaks out (TPM)
Rep. Peter King Blasts FBI Investigation Into Bombing Suspects: 'Too Much Was Perfectly Synchronized'  (VIDEO)
Ex-gal pal claims accused Boston bomber 'wanted me to hate America like he did:' report(NYP)

WTC Debris and Standing Tall

1776 Feet Tall
One World Trade Center will become tallest building in the Western Hemisphere:(Today)
Final Section Of 1 WTC Spire Not Being Raised Today Due To Inclement Weather -

NEW VIDEO: Plane part near identified as wing flap support.  
Plane part to be removed from alley near World Trade Center site; debris to be sifted for remains(WABC)  * Landing gear to be removed from alley near World Trade(WABC) *Plane Part Near WTC Identified as Wing Flap Support, Rope Mystery Solved(NBC) Authorities on Friday had said the rope might have indicated the part was lowered into the alley, but have since interviewed everyone who had contact with the part last week and have now answered that question. The official tells NBC 4 New York that the detective found the rope nearby and was trying to move the part to find a serial number or other identifying mark.* Boeing says 767 part found on Park Pl. is from 2001 terror attack on WTC(NYP)
* Plane Debris Near Ground Zero Is Identified as Part of a Wing Flap(NYT)


Sandy 6 Months Later

Excess sand on boardwalk a tourist trap
Dune it wrong! Coney’s big dig (NYP)  It’s no superstorm — but another kind of sandy is wreaking havoc on Coney Island’s boardwalk. Activists and business owners say the boardwalk has been overrun with unprecedented piles of sand this season —so much so that it’s hard to tell the fabled walkway from Coney Island’s equally famous beach. * Sand piling up on Coney Island boardwalk(WSJ)

City officials approve health center to occupy abandoned Rockaways building.

Rushing to Replace Picnic Tables Lost to Storm(NYT)
Hurricane Sandy damaged or ruined hundreds of picnic tables, and now a parks department supervisor and his staff must assemble 500 tables by Memorial Day.

Rockaways to get new medical clinic in 2015(WSJ)
Brooklyn Residents Make A Stink Over Proposed Bensonhurst Dump(WCBS)
Monday marks 6 months since Hurricane Sandy ravaged New(WABC)
Dispatch from Breezy Point: "Now the cameras are gone. It's six months later. And next to nothing has been done."(NYDN)
Superstorm Sandy: 6 months later(Fox 5)
PIX11 Cares: Revisiting communities devastated by Sandy (WPIX)
6 months after Hurricane Sandy, a Staten Island mom still grieves for her lost daughter (SI Advance)
Six Months After Superstorm Sandy, Substantial Signs Of Progress (CBS)
Safety from storm surges, on a budget(NY World)
Six Months After Sandy: Red Hook Businesses Try To Recover After Sandy
Christie: Obama 'kept every promise' on Sandy aid(NYP)While politicians talk multibillion-dollar sea walls, Staten Islanders consider low-cost ways to protect New Yorkers from the next Sandy

Jon Stewart Slams ‘F@#ktard’ Congress For Only Fixing The Part Of The Sequester That Affects Them
Ferry Point Park's Synthetic Field Is Still Closed Six Months After Sand(DNAINFO)
Video: Scarborough: Hurricane Sandy recovery 'so damn slow'
: Just In: CBS News has learned female DNA was found on a fragment of one of the bombs used in the Boston Marathon attack
Housing Authority Is Sued Over Slow Pace of Repairs(NYT)
Breaking: New York City's decision to end its hotel sheltering program for Sandy refugees faces a lawsuit.
NYS Government

SLA Backlog Almost Gone
  Cuomo boasted that the backlog of unprocessed applications for obtaining a license from the State Liquor Authority has dropped from 750 from the time he took office to 194 this month, with several programs helping to expedite the process, the Times-Union reports: 

Pay Raises
The Times-Union highlights the plight of the state’s corps of management-confidential workers who have not received a raise in five years largely because of a self-imposed freeze on the Legislature’s pay:

Election Reform
In the Times-Union, election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder suggests that the best hope for meaningful election reform is to give the attorney general the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute civil violations and criminal conduct: * There's a $171 million gap in estimates of the cost of public campaign finance (by )

Journal News determined pistol permit holders in its readership area tend toward being older, well-off, white, Republican men — but also reflect the diversity of local firearms ownership.

State prekindergarten Funding
State funding for prekindergarten programs had its largest drop ever last year and states are now spending less per child than they did a decade ago. 

State Lawmakers Propose Raising Cigarette Age(Huff Post)

Legalizing Marijuana
An Ithaca reverend writes: “Legalizing marijuana is like unlocking the gate at the lion exhibit at the zoo.”

Sex Offenders Records
Juvenile records containing information about sex offenses – now automatically sealed – would be open to court officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys under a bill proposed by Sen. John DeFrancisco, who was motivated by David Renz case.

Pensions For the Corrupt
Hoylman: End Pensions For The Corrupt (And Without Amendment)

$15 Million Gift and New Name for Community College(NYT)
 New Community College in Manhattan will be renamed for Stella and Charles Guttman, whose foundation is giving CUNY an additional $10 million.

Empire Battle

A Nasty, Epic Real Estate Battle With Stakes 102 Stories High(NYT)
A venomous public battle over a $5.2 billion proposal by the Empire State Building’s managing family will face a crucial legal test beginning on Monday.

Trecking the Census

A New York City Trek the Census Might Love(NYT) Over the last decade, Moses Gates became the first person known to walk all of New York City’s census landscape, with Rikers Island the only exception.

Soccer Sheik

Sheik Said to Pursue Soccer Franchise for Queens(NYT)
Sheik Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan is said to have entered final negotiations for an M.L.S. franchise to play in a privately financed $340 million stadium.Sheik Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family, whose private investment group owns Manchester City in England’s Premier League, has entered final negotiations to purchase a franchise of Major League Soccer to be situated in Queens. * Park Deals Chip Away at City’s Gems (NYT)

Bronx soccer players still without field after Sandy flooding forced to play on dirt — or quit altogether:(DNAINFO)

Midtown Real Estate

As East Midtown Girds for Taller Buildings, Knee-High Relics Endure(NYT)

Queens Boss Crowley $$$

Joe Crowley's brother lobbying for secret developer's Astoria megaproject(Queens Crap)

From the NY Observer: The Halletts Point redevelopment proposal to bring 2,644 apartments to a forlorn peninsula of the Queens waterfront has been in the works for three years, but now a different developer is throwing its hat into the ring. The vaguely-named 2030 Astoria Developers LLC submitted an early application to the Department of City Planning today to rezone another smaller chunk of Halletts Point. They’re calling the project Astoria Cove and they want to build another 1,535 housing units—a combination of townhouses and apartments—on a site overlooking Pot Cove in Astoria, with a pristine view of the Queens leg of the Triborough (RFK) Bridge. Twenty percent of the project, or about 340 units, would be set aside for affordable housing.


Brooklyn Memories
Winning pictures (NYP)  The Brooklyn Dodgers, who crushed the hearts of loyal city fans nearly 60 years ago by abandoning Ebbets Field for the bland riches of Los Angeles, will resurface in Manhattan next month — in classic postcards.


Emails confirm Cuomo and NBC discussed "NBCU/relocation budget language" before tax credit was proposed 
 Despite continued denials about the “Jimmy Fallon tax credit”, emails show that the Cuomo administration and NBC talked about expanding the state’s film production tax credit program to cover talk shows that relocate from other states, the New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett reports: 
Cuomo today announced that New York is approaching a record-breaking year for television production in the state.

Hollywood A-listers and Washington insiders collide in our annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner after-party (Vanity Fair)
Barbara Walters bashes White House Correspondents’ Dinner -
Barbara Walters bashes Correspondents’ Dinner(NYP)

Meredith Viera Says NBC ‘Blew It,’ Defends Lauer: ‘What Is Happening To Matt Is Really Wrong’ 

Mad Men 1968 Second Ave Subway
Mad Men Jokes About the Second Avenue Subway(NY Mag)


Congressional Restraints on Gun Safety(NYT Ed)
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President's Charm Offensive Is a Failure - Joseph Curl, Washington Times
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NYT: CIA Bankrolling Afghan Corruption
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The Daily Debate: Something's Gotta Give 

NYPD Deputy Chief Testifies In Seventh Week Of Stop-And-Frisk Trial(NY1)

Wall Street
Feds eye AP hoax ‘profits’ (NYP) WASHINGTON — It took only about five minutes for the market to tank and rebound after a group hacked the Associated Press’ Twitter feed to put out bogus information — and now the feds are taking a longer look to find out who got rich during the...

The WSJ condemns the lobbying effort to get the SEC to require corporations to disclose their political contributions as a push by unions who “want to silence business voices so they can dominate politics even more than they do now.” 

Law and Order

Gun Fire Down 31%
City gun deaths plummet (NYP) Deaths by gunfire in the city are down dramatically.A New York City Health Department study found that gun deaths in the city dropped from 524 in 2000 to 366 In 2011, a 31 percent decline, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg crediting the city’s tough gun possession laws and “proactive policing”

The Daily News writes that the class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy fell short of convincingly depicting cops as targeting black and Hispanic New Yorkers for stops: 

Robbed at Gunpoint, Some Bronx Victims Resist(NYT) When faced with a gun and a straightforward proposition — your money or your life — some Bronx robbery victims have been opting to take their chances with their lives.

Mistrial probed after female juror falls in love with killer(NYP)
The Bronx District Attorney’s Office is investigating whether a love-struck juror was so charmed by a killer that she orchestrated a hung jury to set him free.

Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend in heart talks about their crazy drug- and fight-filled affair (NYP) They fought so loudly that the neighbors could hear every word through the walls. Their lives revolved around clubs and drugs. And on one terrible night in Manhattan last May, in the heat of an epic squabble,
‘Central Pk. 5’ death threats (NYP) A Manhattan prosecutor who led the charge against five men accused of raping a Central Park jogger nearly 25 years ago is receiving death threats in the wake of a new documentary that chronicles their wrongful conviction. 'Central Park Five' prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer getting death threats since documentary's debut

Killer carpenter who hacked his housemate into pieces gets 25 years to life(NYP0

NYPD loses even more evidence in high-profile case6 hrs ago(NYDN)

MTA bus driver arrested on-duty Sunday after he hurled bottle(NYDN) Brooklyn man dies Sunday after getting shot in off-the-books bar (NYDN)

Brooklyn student held by police after bringing knife to school(NYP)

Undercover video released of Bronx abortion clinic(WSJ)
Cop Who Shot Her Baby Could Be First Case in New York, Experts Say(DNAINFO)
Man Refusing to Testify Before Grand Jury in Times Square Bombing Case(NYT)

Gerald Koch, a Brooklyn man who is not a suspect in the 2008 episode, said the federal grand jury was “a fruitless exercise of fear-mongering and government intimidation.”