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Nobody Will Stop These BOE Criminals

Question #1 Were the Voting Scanners Purchased Because They Work for New York Or Where They Because The Party Leaders and Board Commissioners Got the Most Bribe Money?
After Smith BOE Briber Asks Candidate for Pay to Play Bribe
Qns. GOPer ‘sleaze’ play (NYP)  Just two weeks after state Sen. Malcolm Smith’s bribery bust, a Queens GOP boss offered a City Council hopeful the party’s endorsement in exchange for consulting jobs for him or some pals, First Vice Chairman Stephen Graves — a regular in poker games with Smith’s co-defendants, City Councilman Dan Halloran and ex-Republican power broker Vincent Tabone — made the pitch to Sunny Hahn on April 16, sources said.“If you . . . consider hiring me or [Republican] party people like me, it would help to get an endorsement,” Graves told Hahn, according to multiple sources.

True News Wags the NYP and NYDN on the New Graves Pay to Play Scandal

On April 19th True New Wrote:
BOE Crook Graves Pay to Play Continues after He Was Dumped by the Board
BOE consultant Bum Steven Graves offed a GOP  party endorsement for Sunny Hahn a City Council  in exchange for consulting jobs for him or some pals

Last Year True News Reported About BOE DOI Cover Up of Graves Bribe Attempt
Queens GOP Boss Ragusa's BOE Appointee Graves Asked for A Bribe to Support Company for New Voted Machines. Grave's Office Was Raided by the FBI
 Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP) Graves a city’s Board of Elections employee who is a top official in the Queens Republican Party of GOP chairman, Phil Ragusa , was suspended by the Board of Elections when he was caught on tape allegedly soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems, which was vying for a $65 million contract in 2009 to sell the city its first electronic voting machines. The feds and the Queens District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute, but the Board of Elections asked Graves to take a leave of absence while the matter was investigated. But Graves quit his job as an associate staff analyst, making $66,392 per year. * New Pay-To-Play Allegations Surface In Queens GOP's Raging Civil War(NYDN)

Why Was Graves On the GOP Screening Panel on April 16th if Executive Director of the GOP Said He Resigned on Feb. 11th?
From today's Daily News According to party Executive Director Robert Hornak, Graves went on leave from his position as the Queens GOP’s first vice chairman during the 2012 investigation, but did not formally resign until earlier this year. Graves provided the News with a copy of his resignation letter dated Feb. 11. Ragusa said Graves quit perhaps a month ago; Hornak could not immediately provide an exact date late Thursday.

BOE Cover UP 47
DOI is Still Covering Up the Lobbyist Who Graves Was Asking the Bribe For A BOE Voting Machine Contract
Besides asking for a finder fee for himself Graves was recommending the use of a particular lobbyist to the voting systems company to win the approval of the contract at the BOE The lobbyist, who was not identified, was supposed to receive $250,000 a year for five years.

True News Reported the Ragusa Family Pay to Play BOE's Lemon Voting System's Contract
DOI Should Follow the Money
According to True News tipster Queens Boss Phil Ragusa's nephew has been paid over 50,000 from ES&S last year in a two month period.  That means that Ragusa's Nephew was paid from the same voting machine vendor that his nephew BOE commission approved after a battle of the lobbyists for which machine the BOE would buy. Grandson Ragusa was paid $1800 by a day by ES&S at the same time we was on the BOE payroll. On one 4 day pay period nephew Ragusa was paid over $9000 for 4 days work on and hourly rate that would have taken two weeks to reach the $9000 bill. After he got the ES&S the nephew when into closing on his new home.

Two Years Ago DOI Said It Was Investigative Graves What Happen and Why Give Them More Money?
Why is the NYC Department of Investigation doing comptroller type audits of the BOE when they should doing criminal investigations to clean the place up? City report outlines millions wasted by Board of Elections for overstaffing 2011 elections * City setting aside $800K to investigate the Board of Elections(Capital)

The Liu Cult

A Mayoral Sacrifice
Lee Taking the Heat for Liu While He Hires Her and Praises Her

Stepping in deep Liu-doo (NYP) A key aide to embattled city Comptroller John Liu may have talked her way into criminal charges yesterday by admitting under oath that she offered to illegally fund donations to his mayoral campaign. Sharon Lee testified that she phoned about five..."I didn't realize how bad it was, truth be told." — Sharon Lee

 "I would not have the person work on my campaign," Mr. Russianoff said. 
Gene Russianoff, a longtime government watchdog, said Ms. Lee's testimony "speaks to an atmosphere where people are violating the campaign finance laws." 

When Liu was also asked why he would keep someone on his campaign who said she knew it was wrong to offer the reimbursements. "My understanding is that she never made any reimbursements," he said. When told Ms. Lee testified she offered to make those reimbursements, the comptroller said, "You have my comments," and then walked away. Liu Stands By His Aide(WSJ) New York City Comptroller John Liu, also a Democratic mayoral candidate, said yesterday that he had “full confidence” in his aide Sharon Lee despite her testimony that she knew it was wrong to reimburse donors to Liu’s campaign
* Liu Aide Says She Offered to Repay Donors (NYT) * Comptroller Liu Defends Campaign Aide As She Testifies At Donor Fraud Trial(NY1) NYC Comptroller and mayoral contender John Liu stood by a close aide who testified in federal court she knew it was wrong to offer to reimburse donors to her boss’s campaign – an admission that led government watchdogs to question the ethics of the city comptroller’s fundraising operation. 

An aide to City Comptroller John Liu was fined more than $5,000 for working on private real estate deals while on the city's clock, over a six year period. [Jennifer Fermino]
Adult Day Care Pay to Play
Last Week True News Demand the Media Investigate Albany's Adult Day Care System for Pay to Play
State Suspends Enrollment in Adult Care Plan Amid Fraud Concerns(NYT)
Social adult day care centers in New York indirectly financed by Medicaid have been accused of luring seniors with cash, takeout food and casino visits. State officials have suspended enrollment in VSN Choice, New York’s largest managed long-term care plan for elderly and disabled people, after Medicaid fraud investigators began examining the relationship of those plans and adult day care centers.  State officials suspended enrollment in New York’s largest managed long-term care plan for frail elderly and disabled people, and investigators have begun examining the relationships between such plans, which are financed by Medicaid, and the social adult day care centers that send them new customers.

The Media Needs to Investigate Who Got the Adult Day Care Contracts and What Albany Pols Got From Those Awarded Contracts


Indicted Stevenson Adult Day Care Pay to Play Center Closed

Center tied to Stevenson scandal shuts its doors(NYDN) 
The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General barred the New Age center along with the Edward A. Stevenson Better Life Social Adult Center from directly or indirectly receiving Medicaid funds as of Sunday, effectively freeing the center of its clientele and cutting off its cash flow. Operators receive Medicaid money indirectly through Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans. The MLTC’s receive as much as $3,800 per client per month.



Approximately 1/3 of the adult day care centers have opened within the last two years

Day Centers Sprout Up, Luring Fit Elders and Costing Medicaid(NYT) In New York, the institutions, intended to save the state money, have undergone a vast expansion and are serving many older people who are not impaired.*  Where are NYC’s adult day care centers located?”(NY World)*  Approximately one-third of the adult day care centers have opened within the last two years.*  The House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee has made a new request for documents from the inspector general for the state’s Medicaid program.


Smith Corrupt Trail

Prosecutors building a corruption and bribery case against embattled state Sen. Malcolm Smith are using traced phone calls to and from his chief fund-raiser, Rob Calentine, according to court papers.

Rob Calentine, who during the last election cycle served as DSCC's finance director and has run his own fund-raising firm, will serve as executive director. Heather Jung will serve as deputy director.

The DSCC’s full-time staff include Executive Director Rob Calentine, Deputy Director Heather Jung, Finance Director David Mansur and Communications Director Shams Tarek.  Red Horse Strategies, LLC – including principal and former Senate strategist Doug Forand – is being held on retainer as consultant.

Mayoral Race

Quinn Under Attack
The NYT says Quinn “espoused positions both dissonant and contradictory”

Vallone ‘pops’ off at Quinn (NYP) Christine Quinn came under fire yesterday for her decision two years ago to slash a scholarship fund named after Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.’s father.

NYT Has Cooled to Quinn
NYT Says Quinn Has A Contradictory Position on Stop and Frisk 
NYT focuses S&F on the same day every other papers has Terrorism on page 1
Public Safety and the Mayor’s Race(NYT Ed)A debate of six Democratic candidates running for mayor of New York City showed divisions on how much safety should be preserved and by whom.After Mr. Salgado, the one with the next-most-troubling argument, wearing the front-runner’s Velcro, was Speaker Christine Quinn, who espoused positions both dissonant and contradictory. She stoutly defended Commissioner Raymond Kelly of the New York Police Department, while supporting the creation of an inspector general with broad powers to rein in abuses at the department. Ms. Quinn’s rivals had fun with the contradictions. * City Lawyers Play Police Training Video In Stop-And-Frisk Trial(NY1)
* here we go. “: council members now considering bypassing Quinn to bring bills to vote

Thompson Chooses Education Heavyweight to Help Him Run for Mayor(NYT)

De Blasio Proposes Housing Plan Focused on Affordability(NYT)
Bill de Blasio, a Democratic candidate for mayor, called for construction of 100,000 affordable homes for low-income New Yorkers in the next decade.* Public Advocate De Blasio Presents Housing Plan On Campaign Trail(NY1)

Gracie Living
Bloomberg's about to leave office without having slept a SINGLE night in historic mayoral residence Gracie Mansion, says it's a shame his successor will likely live there

Democratic Mayoral Hopeful Headlines Event Wary of Democratic Party Values(NYO)

Tech Mayoral Debate

For Democrats, the idea was a nonstarter. “I don’t want drones peeking in people’s homes,” said William C. Thompson Jr., a former comptroller making his second bid for mayor. John C. Liu, the current comptroller, compared drones to the cyborgs in “RoboCop.” Although he said that the movie was one of his favorites, he opposed having RoboCops – or drones – in New York City. And Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn said that, although she supported increased use of mobile cameras, “I don’t think drones are a safe security measure in New York City.”Mayoral Candidates Quizzed on Use of Drones (NYT)

Most Dem Candidates Opposes Drones
. Internet service 29x more expensive here than South Korea. City Hall has tremendous leverage to change that. * you can get better internet connection in Latvia, says . *  . "Bloomberg has hired consultants to watch consultants who are watching consultants." * harkened back to 1956 Eisenhower national highway program. Natl defense rationale that Carrion failed to make. * . says we "may have to look at the city taking this on" -- referring to internet service. Says we need to be competitive * after 's remarks about looking @ who is funding the candidates, says media co's not big donors.

A mayoral election season that has been dominated by one hum-drum debate after the next got a rare moment of levity Friday when former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an unannounced appearance, courtesy of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.* We need to create connectivity, speed, & equity in all 5 boroughs* Liu mocks Bloomberg for purportedly saying if viewers couldn't watch World Series b/c of Cablevision blackout, they could read a book. * Most) NYC Mayoral Hopefuls: We'd Lift Ban On Cell Phones In  

Will anyone be running the NYPD?(NYP)
In the Post, Thomas Repetto, the former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, gives advice to those interested in running the New York Police Department

Campaign 2013

Cuomo’s special delivery (NYDN Ed)
Governor gives Bronx voters a real say in filling a vacant Assembly seat

Boston NYC Terror

Mayoral Candidates Silent On Boston Bombers NYC Target
Boston, New York linked by heartache(NYP) * Video: Bloomberg and Kelly Speak on Boston Bombers(NYT) * Times Square Was a Target(WSJ) * Mayor: NYC Was Next On Boston Bombing Suspects' Radar(NY1) * The FBI knew as early as Sunday night that the Boston Marathon bombers planned a fiery Times Square finale to their lethal terror spree, but left the NYPD in the dark for days.
The Daily News writes that the FBI’s failure to notify New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects’ plan to attack Times Square was “irresponsible”
 The mother of all madness (NYP) The Boston bombers’ mother bizarrely claimed in interviews that the blasts that killed three people and injured more than 200 were nothing more than an elaborate ruse by the US government. “* Accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev transferred to prison from hospital(NYP) * Feds tracking source of Boston Marathon 'bombers' terror money (NYP) * Boston Bombing Investigation Extends to Landfill(NY Mag) * Boston bombing suspects' mom in terror database - USA Today * Boston Cabbie Says He Picked Up Bombing Suspects Day Before Attack (NY1) * Fireworks Show Prompts Some In Manhattan To Fear A Terrorist(WCBS) * NYPD frustrated with FBI handling of Boston info(WABC)

Added to terror watch list 18 months before sons' alleged Boston Marathon blasts(NYP)

Anwar al-Awlaki
Accused Boston bomber transferred from hospital to federal medical detention center(NYP) * EXCLUSIVE: Boston bombing suspect says he was influenced by Anwar al-Awlaki

Dancer shoots for the ‘Stars’(NYP) A ballroom-dance teacher who lost her left foot in the Boston Marathon bombings says she’ll not only dance again but plans to run in next year’s race — and will even appear on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.”*
Boston Bombers’ Mom Is in Terrorist Database, But So Is Everybody Else(NY Mag) * In Questioning of Boston Suspect, Echoes of a 1980 Queens Arrest(NYT)

Wilson-Pakula From Right to Left

2013 Left WFP Tries to Save Wilson-Pakula
Kill Wilson-Pakula to Kill the WFP?
Katrina vanden Heuvel, a writer for The Nation, thinks Governor Andrew Cuomo has an ulterior motive in his push to end the Wilson-Pakula process. “For reasons both similar and different, the governor and the real estate/Wall Street/low-wage employer wings of the Democratic Party in New York would like to see the Working Families Party disappear,” she claims.* Whither Frank MacKay?(YNN)


1947 Right Creates Wilson-Pakual to Kill A Socialist
Wilson-Pakula Was Put Into Place to Stop Socialist Candidates Like Vito Marcantonio
In the 1940s, both the Republican and Democratic parties in New York became concerned that members of other political parties, especially the American Labor Party (ALP), were running candidates in their party primary elections and winning the nominations.[2] While Democrats and Republicans had won elections with the support of the ALP in the past, accusations of the party's ties to Communists and the increasing tension of the Cold War were making these alliances less desirable.[3] It has been asserted that the law was targeted specifically at Congressman Vito Marcantonio of East Harlem who won the nominations of both the Republican and Democratic parties after joining the ALP.[4] New York Mayor William O'Dwyer advocated removing the influence of the ALP from the Democratic Party.[3] After ALP candidates were successful in winning Republican nominations, Governor Thomas Dewey, who had run for district attorney with ALP support in 1937, turned against the party and sought to extricate the party from GOP primaries.[5] On March 25, 1947, Dewey signed the Wilson Pakula Act into law.[1] Its first target, Vito Marcantonio, narrowly won re-election in 1948 running only on the ALP line, but was defeated in 1950.[4]

Dr. Strangelove Vallone

Dr. Strangelove Vallone  - Water Fluoridation

Dr. Strangelove: "Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?'" "I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids."
NYC councilmember Vallone seeks vote to remove fluoride from the water supply.(NYO)

Attack on Cuomo's GF

Group Asks Whether Cuomo’s Girlfriend Should Reveal Finances(NYT)
New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom, a conservative group, asked the state ethics commission for a ruling on whether Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee, should disclose financial information as if she were the governor’s wife, the Associated Press reports:

LICH Hospital Saved

Plan to Shut Long Island College Hospital Is Withdrawn (NYT)
State university officials said Friday they are withdrawing a plan to close Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn. (WSJ)
Could negotiations save Long Island College Hospital?(WABC)

New Bike Law

Taxi App

  • First-ever taxi e-hail app is cleared(NYP)Uber is back in city taxis. The Taxi and Limousine Commission said it made history today, approving Uber as the first electronic hailing app for a 12-month pilot program it has been developing.
New York Coastal Communities Worry if Tourists Will Come(NYT)

In Coney Island, Brooklyn, the original Nathan’s Famous restaurant at Stillwell and Surf Avenues remains closed. Many restaurants and other businesses still closed since Hurricane Sandy, in places like Sheepshead Bay, Red Hook and the Rockaways, are concerned about the coming season.

Con Ed Rip Off
After Rough Year, Con Ed Chiefs Get Extra Bonuses for ‘Exemplary’ Work(NYT)
Four top executives at ConEdison split $614,000 in bonuses, with CEO Kevin Burke receiving a $315,400 bonus alone, for which the company claims they deserved for handling “significant challenges” last year* ConEd had a rough year. But that didn’t stop the utility’s directors from giving top executives more than $600,000 in extra bonuses for “exemplary” performance in 2012.* Cuomo ‘Surprised’ By ConEd Bonsuses(YNN)
Federal Government Approves Portion Of Supplemental Sandy Aid(NY1)
Return to South Ferry(NYT)
Six Months After Sandy: Con Ed Building Up Surge Of Protections(Ny1)
Portion Of State's Sandy Relief Funds Good To Go, Feds Say(NY1)
Cuomo scales down buyout program: most homeowners would receive post-storm, not pre-storm, market value. 
New York’s Storm Recovery Plan Gets Federal Approval(NYT)
NY1 Online: Hurricane Sandy Six Months Later
Sandy victims pass on state buyout to stay, rebuild(NYDN)
Queens motel rebuilds after Sandy(Fox 5)
Six Months After Sandy: Family Struggles To Catch Up With School After Storm (NY1)

Subway WiFi

Underground Cellphone Service Expands, but Some Call for Quiet
Cuomo announced that 30 more subway stations in Manhattan would have cellphone service, but some riders were displeased about hearing calls on trains. * Subway Wireless Options Increase(WSJ)

Reopened Subway Station
Brooklyn subway station reopens after 2-year closure(WABC)
Brooklyn subway stop reopens(Fox 5)
Brooklyn Riders To Use Smith-9th Street Station Once Mo (NY1)

Real Estate

A New Vision for Pershing Square, 27 Years in the Making(NYT)

WTC Mosque

9/11 jet landing gear is found — behind Ground Zero mosque site(NYP)
 Part of the landing gear from a passenger jet used in the Sept. 11 attacks was found today behind the site of the controversial Ground Zero mosque, police said.* Airplane Debris Found Near World Trade Center Site(NYT) *
NYPD: Landing Gear From 9/11 Plane Found Behind ‘Ground(WABC)

Condos eyed at mosque (NYP) Developers behind the controversial and stalled “Ground Zero mosque” may scrap plans to turn their properties into an Islamic cultural center — and instead make them condos.* Developer of Downtown Mosque Bought a Neighboring Property(NYT) * Proposed mosque developer buys adjacent property(WSJ) * Proposed mosque developer buys adjacent property(Fox 5)


Kathie Lee Gifford, Matt Lauer, and NBC's PR disaster(The Atlantic) Kathie Lee Gifford forced all the Today staffers to sign a letter of support for Matt Lauer (because they wanted to!)

This Is What Chelsea Clinton Does at NBC(NY Mag)


 WHCD The Narcissism Of The W.H. Correspondents' Dinner Hurting Media's Already Tarnished Brand

They’re all prez-ent (NYP) WASHINGTON — Political divisions of years past were set aside yesterday as the nation’s most august group — five US presidents — gathered in Dallas to dedicate the George W. Bush Presidential Library.
Bill ea$es air ache(NYP)
Scarborough Compares Obama’s Response To Syria To Bush After 9/11: He ‘Can’t Bluff Anymore’
 The Presidential Wheel Turns - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Bush's Record Looks Worse and Worse - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Why the Rush to Mirandize Dzhokhar? - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
Sequester Flight Delays Were Only Fair - Noam Scheiber, The New Republic
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How FBI Was Blinded by Political Correctness - Washington Examiner
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Air Travelers' Pain Is Part of Obama's Strategy - The Oklahoman
Time to Scrap Affirmative Action - The Economist
All bets off: President's pick for France ambassador folded over ties to poker ring, sources say(NYP)

A PPP poll of the 2016 New Hampshire primary found former secretary of state Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead among Democrats and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has a slim lead in a crowded Republican field. (Cuomo got 3 percent).
The American Dream, Downsized - Amy Sullivan, National Journal
ObamaCare's Uncertainty Strikes Congress - Philip Klein, DC Examiner
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Video Highlights: Obama | Langone | HolderPeters | Maddow | Paul

Wall Street
Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer insists he doesn’t have the private emails AIG founder Hank Greenberg has been fighting for eight years to obtain.

Unequal Justice

Shocking The Bastard Assemblyman Walks
Assemblyman Makes Plea Deal on Marijuana Possession
Assemblyman Steve Katz’s charge of marijuana possession will be dismissed if he completes 20 hours of community service and stays out of legal trouble, according to a plea deal negotiated by Katz’s attorney, The Journal News reports:
Assemblyman Makes Plea Deal on Marijuana Possession(NYT)

Law and Order

Ex-NYPD academy head testifies about extensive training(NYP)
Former Head Of NYPD Academy Testifies At Stop-And-Frisk Trial: NEW YORK -- A lot of training goes into turning...
Girl, 13, arrested for Central Park mugging attempt(NYP)Teen girl arrested in attempted Central Park mugging(WABC)
Girl, 13, Arrested in Attempted Central Park Robbery(NBC)
Suspect Sought in Bronx Sex Assault(NBC)
Man Arrested in 2006 Death of Bronx Boy, (NBC)
"Systemic Pattern of Alleged Abuse" at Horace Mann: DA(NBC)

Hit-run monster still calling crash that killed Brooklyn couple, unborn son an 'accident'(NYP) 

TerrorismMan Sentenced in Plan to Bomb New York Synagogue(NYT)