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Party Leaders Who Choose Many of NYC Elected Officials are Criminal Gangs

NY's Political Party Crime Culture

NYC Party Leaders Hire Elected Officials to Work in Their Criminal Gangs

Organized Crime Politics
Ballot Corruption by Political Mob Bosses

The leaders of New York’s Political Mob are the City’s party leaders who exist with the Tammany Hall power control template, unchallenged and unaccountable to the voters in New York’s broken down election system. Their headquarters is the Board of Elections. Political mob bosses soldiers are campaign consultants who also operate as lobbyists and have the same relationship with the voters as Bernie Madoff had to his investors. In this war the 4th estate are enablers of the politcal mob boses covering campaigns only as horse race and simply reprinting the candidate’s press releases.  In this swamp culture the political party leaders have become the new gangs of New York. Protect by the DA who need them to get elected.  .NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption(True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (TN) * Organized Crime Politics - Episode Two: The Rigged Election System * The DN argues against a special election, which would enable major party bosses to pick the candidates. 

Working Families Party

Did the WFP and Others Develp A Company Field and Data Services to Scam the Campaign Finance Law?
A Liberal Party Faces Inquiries Without End (NYT) Three years ago, the Staten Island district attorney, Daniel M. Donovan Jr., submitted a secret application to state court requesting that it appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Working Families Party and that same Staten Island race.* 2009 Election Probe Emerges Again(WSJ) Political opponents accused the Working Families Party of running Data and Field Services as a cut-rate political consultancy for its 2009 candidates, essentially giving those contenders an in-kind campaign contribution without disclosing it to the public. The party and the consultancy have said the rates weren't artificially inexpensive.  * Michael Powell: “It is a backhanded tribute to the power of the left-leaning Working Families Party that it keeps being subjected to the legal equivalent of a full-body scan.”

After a lawsuit filed by former Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro, a state Supreme Court justice ruled that the WFP-DFS arrangement was illegal and ordered the party to shut down the firm. He also ordered the WFP to pay $100,000 in legal costs to settle the case, after finding the party in contempt of court.*
Working chutzpah Party(NYP Ed) * The Working Families Party is calling for . . . cleaner government by calling for public financed campaigns.  A rich irony: Violating campaign-finance rules is precisely what the WFP itself has been repeatedly accused of doing.  Lingering Questions On The WFP (CHN) Behind The Working Families Field Operation: Candidates Pay Salaried WFP Employees As Independent Contractors, In Addition To Data & Field Services (CHN) * Continuing contempt of court(NYP Ed)

Other Scams to Rip Off the CFB
Sheldon Leffler, Former Councilman, Is Convicted in Campaign Fraud Scheme(NYT)
Sheldon Leffler Hit With $400G Fine
Queens pol Albert Baldeo busted for using straw campaign donors ...

Pay to Play Indy Party
Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan The wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later. (NYP) * MacKay and Co. overturned local recommendations in Western NY, favoring incumbents over challengers. * MacKay Under Fire * Frank vs. Frank, Take II Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party. The press see nothing wrong with the sale of New York's political parties to the highest bidder Bloomberg's price for independence: $400G True New has com paired to Organized Crime: Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News)

Not So Independent Party From Senate GOP and the Real Estate Board . . .  The Establishment Cult
According to records, the two biggest donors to the state Independence Party last year were state Senate Republicans and the Real Estate Board of New York, with those two groups making up almost 85 percent of the total donations to the party, The New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett reportsIndependence Party goes along with GOP scheme to dodge campaign finance laws, insiders allege New York Independence Party has gotten major cash influx from state Senate GOP in arrangement questioned by political insiders.The state Senate GOP committee and REBNY in the last six months of 2012 donated a combined $464,000 to the Independence Party. Independence Party, or GOP annex?* Independence Party Is Really A Cult(True News)

Pay to Play Liberal Party
Ray Harding, former head of NY Liberal party, pleads guilty to taking $800K in pension fund scandal 
Raymond B. Harding Pleads Guilty in Pension Fund Corruption (NYT)
Raymond Harding -- onetime chair of the now-defunct Liberal Party -- to collect $800,000 in illegal fees as part of a sham pension-fund transaction in return for political fixes favoring both Hevesi and his son DRAINING THE SWAMP

Conservative Party
Mike Long Conservative Party Corruption(True News)
Pay to Play GOP
Indictment Over Bloomberg Campaign Funds (NYT)
GOP chair Ragusa said he was aware of multiple investigations into Cooper’s actions at the park

Pay to Play Lopez Vito power! Lopez got big campaign cash from winning G’point Hospital bidder (Brooklyn Paper) More on Vito's Corruption from True NewsBoss Lopez who is under federal investigation for use of government money to run his political organization the non profit Bushwick Senior Citizens. * Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline  * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News)* Former Democratic Leader in Brooklyn Is Convicted - New York Times

 Pay to Play Crowley
 A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens (NYT)In 1998 Newfield reported that Frank Bolz III, chairman of the Queens Democratic Party's law committee, is the single biggest recipient of assignments from Nahman - collecting $178,050 for 47 paid guardianship appointments since 1992.

Bronx Republican Leader Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has been investigating the aqueduct deal all year, as he has the simultaneous $50 million voting machine contract awarded by the city election board to a company, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), also represented by Sheinkopf and Levy. NYPIRG listings showed that Sheinkopf had the third largest increase in compensation between 2008 and 2009, while Levy was ninth. Schlein was on the opposite side of the voting machine competition, representing the losing company that’s now suing. One source said Schlein was working with John Haggerty, the Republican consultant under indictment for stealing a million in campaign funds from Mayor Bloomberg and a recent top aide to Carl Paladino. Haggerty, who was said to have periodically appeared at the board, did not file as a lobbyist on the deal. A lobbyist working with Sheinkopf and Levy for ES&S, Anthony Mangone, was arrested by the feds on unrelated bribery charges the day after the January board decision. Jay Savino, the Bronx Republican county leader who nominated Foglia to be the party’s commissioner on the Board of Elections, shares an office suite with Mangone and has already been subpoenaed in the case, just one more way these incestuous circles swirl. Foglia says his relationship with Savino is “cordial.”

Former Yonkers GOP boss Zehy Jereis has admitted paying employees off the books to avoid payroll taxes.

 Highest Paid Lobbyist
The NYC clerk released the annual list of the highest-paid lobbyists and highest-paying clients in the Big Apple.
The top ten lobbyists by compensation were:
Kasirer Consulting ($6,059,486), James F. Capalino & Associates ($3,317,406), Constantinople & Vallone Consulting ($2,507,500), Bolton-St. Johns ($ 2,390,266), Greenberg Traurig ($2,334,294), Manatt, Phelps & Phillips ($2,067,481) Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson ($1,971,509), Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel ($1,889,915), Parkside Group ($1,729,036), and Davidoff Hutcher & Citron ($1,629,390).

The Last Person to Try to Reform New York's Political Machine was Senator Kennedy in the 60's

Goo Goos: Reforms Have Their Press Conferences . . . And Nothing Happens

BOE Count

The BOE Plan for A Citywide Runoff

As a backup, nycboe says it will conduct runoff with all paper ballots #nyc #2013, meaning worst case boe to hand count thousands of ballots

As part of runoff plan, nycboe will increase the number of voters per scanner. Officials say may mean waits to vote are longer #nyc #2013

Campagin 2013

NY1 Online: City Councilwoman Letitia James Touts Campaign For Public Advocate
“I basically see my role as the public advocate [as] someone who can introduce legislation, someone who can legislate–I’ve done that–and someone who can agitate–and I’ve done that as well. So litigation, legislation and agitation, I’ve got those down.”

Eric Adams
Gatemouth pretty much drops the whole oppo file against Eric Adams's campaign for BK B.P.: 
NY1 Online: Adams Touts Record For Brooklyn B.P.  
Gatemouth: In 10 yrs, Eric Adams moved from Farrakhan buddy, to Gingrich GOP, to reformer w/out explanation  

Squadron fires mourning consultant(NYDN)State Sen. Daniel Squadron fired veteran political consultant Cynthia Darrison while she was mourning the recent death of her father, and Darrison will now donate money to each of Squadron’s two opponents in his public advocate race
Took 2 Days for this Answer
A campaign aide said Sen. Daniel Squadron didn’t know his fund-raiser, Cindy Darrison, was sitting shiva for the death of her father when he fired her over the phone.  

de Blasio
Bill de Blasio said the protest outside his Wall Street fund-raiser last night was "political stunt" orchestrated by Christine Quinn. [Andy Jay Hawk

John Liu
WSJ's Michael Howard Saul and WNYC's Brian Lehrer agree John Liu has dedicated supporters, but they don't see his path to victory with an unresolved federal probe. [WNYC

Rivals Argue That Six-Term Brooklyn D.A. Has Lost His Credibility(NY Law Journal)

City Council Redistricting

City Council redistricting plan adopted, moves closer to final approval | Staten Island Advance
The New York City Districting Commission today submitted the final district plan to the City Clerk for the 51 council districts. If the new City Council districts are approved, it will be the first time in 30 years there are three self-contained districts on Staten Island. [Tom Wrobleski]

The Lopez District
Gladys Santiago, a former district leader who has run for a multitude of various offices over the years, has filed paperwork for Councilwoman Diana Reyna‘s seat again. While Ms. Santiago is unlikely to have a huge electoral impact, candidate Antonio Reynoso undoubtedly would prefer a one-on-one battle with Assemblyman Vito Lopez–should Mr. Lopez indeed enter the race–to avoid splitting the anti-Lopez vote.

Homelessness Increasing

50,000 People Oer Night for the First Time Ever
Minimum Wage and Sick Pay Will Not Help the Homeless or the Unemployed
NYC  has seen a steep increase in homeless families in the past decade, growing 73 percent since 2002, and an average of more than 50,000 families slept in city shelters for the first time in January, a record number
New York City Leads Jump in Homeless(WSJ) An average of more than 50,000 people slept each night in New York City's homeless shelters for the first time in January, a record that underscores an unsettling national trend.* Study: NYC Has Record Number Of Homeless In Shelters(NY1) * NYC homeless population hits record(NYDN)* Families have become a larger share of the nation’s homeless population, growing 1.4 percent from 2011 to 2012, after their numbers fell as the economy emerged from recession.*  Homeless population in shelters reaches record 50,000: Report.  * Homeless Shelter Population Reaches Record 50,000(NBC)Bloomberg Blasts Advocacy Group Report About City's Efforts To Help Homeless * NYC Faces Homeless Epidemic Not Seen Since The Great Depression(Gothamist) * More on the city's growing homelessness problem. [WNYC]

Wall Street and the Homeless
Interesting confluence of records: Dow reaches all-time high. So does number of NYC homeless sleeping in shelters. Reps. Joe Crowley and Nita Lowey warned this week that record profits on Wall Street are no sign of a healthy  economy.


Bloomberg Academy
The state Education Department has received applications to open four charter schools in New York City as part of Bloomberg’s Young Men’s Initiative, but members of the mayor’s office have been quietly working to design the schools
Classy Mike wants to fund own schools (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg is backing — and also wants to bankroll — the creation of four charter high schools* City Defends Gifted Policy(WSJ)

The Post’s Michael Benjamin writes that New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott should be “ashamed” for allowing the United Federation of Teachers to hijack his Parent Advisory Council to lobby for their issues in Albany:

According to Forbes, Mayor Bloomberg’s net worth increased last year by $5 billion, making him the 13th wealthiest person on the planet, and putting his total worth at $27 billion, though the mayor shrugged off the numbers, the New York Post reports: * Bloomberg's Fortune Grows by $5B: Forbes(NBC)
Hit-and-Run Laws
Server and Protect Not Respond and Protect
One Would Hope That Legislators Would Have Toughen Hit-and Run Laws Before Such A Tragic Accident
Is the death of the Glaubers a failure of Albany and City Hall failure to protect?

Pols: No more ‘flee’ passes Several state legislators yesterday demanded that New York toughen its laws so hit-and-run drivers face more jail time for leaving the scene of an accident.
Driver wanted in family's deaths did time for slaying '50 Cent' that inspired rapper's name(NYP) * Calls to Charge Driver Grow After Couple’s Newborn Dies(NYT) * Suspect Is Sought in Fatal Car Crash(WSJ) * Driver suspected in NY crash has troubled past(WSJ) * Convicted Criminal Is Person Of Interest In Deadly Brooklyn Hit-And-Run(NY1) * Police ID Suspect Wanted In Connection With Fatal Brooklyn (WCBS) * Brooklyn deadly hit and run suspect identified, search(WABC) * Convicted Criminal Is Person Of Interest In Deadly Brooklyn (NY1) * Hit-run driver who allegedly killed parents, unborn child wants to turn self in: report(NYP) * Officer Accused in Cannibal Plot Won’t Testify, Lawyer Says(NYT) * The Brooklyn hit-and-run suspect is giving interviews but not turning himself in yet.(NY Mag) * Driver Julio Acevedo talks of death crash(NYDN) * Community Calls For Improved Safety Measures At Brooklyn Intersection(NY1) * Driver Julio Acevedo talks to NY Daily News of crash that killed young Brooklyn family(NYDN)

Crossing Guards Job

What Does Low Pay Have to Do With A Crossing Guard Doing Her Job?
City crossing jobs are dead end (NYP) Low pay and the odd split shift has kept the city from filling all school crossing- guard posts, officials say. The NYPD said it is still recruiting crossing guards for all precincts, but especially in Flushing, Queens; Bushwick, Williamsburg and..

NYS Government

Cuomo on Fracking 
Cuomo Clarifies Report (WSJ) Gov. Andrew Cuomo acknowledged Monday that discussions with his former brother-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on a controversial form of natural-gas drilling didn't sway any decisions he has made on the practice.* Gov. Cuomo confirmed a report that he had spoken with his former brother-in-law and environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but denied that Kennedy derailed the imminent approval of natural gas drilling in the state, the Associated Press reports: * Cuomo said there's no timetable for when he'll make a decision about fracking. [AP] * IDC proposes 24-month moratorium on fracking(TU)

Minimum Wage
The NYS Assembly overwhelming passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 a hour by a vote of 101-44.

From The Morning Memo: There Is No Budget(YNN)
More closed-door negotiations with Cuomo about the state budget. [Zack Fink]
Star Crackdown
  NY seeks to crack down on STAR tax break double-dippers * Senate Republicans want Cuomo to use some of his $2.5 billion in discretionary funds to pay for middle class tax breaks in the new state budget, including a return to the STAR property tax rebate checks curtailed in 2009.* The Republicans’ tax cut push is complicated by the their power-sharing deal with the IDC.

The Times-Union writes that giving New Yorkers a tax cut through the Family Tax Relief Act is fiscally irresponsible considering the state has yet to resolve costly issues surrounding Medicaid:

State Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos said that his colleagues would be pressing for changes to the state’s new gun control law, namely to keep the 10-bullet maximum magazine size intact, The Buffalo News writes: * The News’ Bill Hammond observed a pro-gun protest at the state Capitol and takes issue with the inflamed rhetoric of some of the protestors who are “spoiling for battle with their own government”:* “I believe the governor is going to be pretty firm about seven bullets — unless it’s in the home,”--GOP st sen Skelos * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said he expects significant changes to the SAFE Act – specifically a provision that lowers the number of bullets in a magazine from 10 to seven.* But Cuomo said he’s open only to “technical” fixes in the law.* And Silver said he doesn’t foresee any “major changes happening.”* In the strongest sign of progress on federal gun control since Newtown, a bipartisan group of senators, including Kirsten Gillibrand, announced an agreement that would, for the first time, make gun trafficking a federal crime.*Silver Doesn’t Close Door On Tweaking Gun Control Law(YNN) * 50 NY Counties Consider Rejecting NY SAFE Act, The Strictest Gun Law In the Nation

State lawmakers were skeptical yesterday that legislation on the siting of new casinos would be a part of the state budget, though Cuomo rejected those comments as speculative and left open the possibility, the Times-Union writes: 

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
State officials approved more than $1 million in public money — in addition to $5.3 million already disclosed — to settle sexual harassment claims against state workers over the last four years.  

Health Care
Cuomo wants to rearrange how health care programs are funded, making them more results-based. [Rick Karlin]

More Toll Hikes?

NYC Government

 Sequester toll for city: $800M, budget pain(NYDN)

NY city: Some red light camera tix may be dropped(WSJ)

 Soda Ban FAQ: How NYC's Large-Drink Rules Work(WSJ)

City Budget Director Says Nonprofits May Have Abused Private Pension System(NY1)
Bloomberg's budget director said the city stopped paying into the pensions of some private day care and cultural institution employees because they overbilled the city. [Sally Goldenberg]

Residents Sue FreshDirect Over Move to the Bronx(NYT)

 Findings add to fight against waste transfer station(NYDN) 

will sell 2 buildings for $250 milllion as part of a plan to eliminate 1.2 million sq. ft. of gov't office space


Seperation of  Church and State, Maybe

A First Amendment Storm(NYT) The First Amendment does not allow a Hurricane Sandy exception to pay for the rebuilding of damaged houses of worship with federal money.Representatives Christopher Smith, a New Jersey Republican, and Grace Meng, a New York Democrat, that would authorize the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make direct grants to churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship “without regard to the religious character of the facility or the primary religious use of the facility.” George W. Bush’s administration, which accelerated government backing for “faith-based” social service programs, did not order FEMA financing for church reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina. It is troubling that two-thirds of the House Democrats went along with the new measure, and that only two Democratic lawmakers, Jerrold Nadler of New York and Bobby Scott of Virginia, vocally challenged the dismantling of the church-state barrier. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, an influential voice on Hurricane Sandy aid, has also endorsed the measure.  The First Amendment does not allow a Hurricane Sandy exception to pay for the rebuilding of damaged houses of worship. The Senate should let the bill die. 

NYC  residents affected by Superstorm Sandy are finding that insurance payments are falling well short of what they need because of loopholes in policies, while victims are swamping legal clinics in search of help
Sandy Stirs Legal Mess(WSJ) The backlog of insurance claims resulting from superstorm Sandy may be easing, but now home owners are confronting an array of thornier issues. * Schumer: Army Corps Of Engineers To Help Rebuild S.I. Shores(NY1) * Bloomberg on his Rockaway hecklers: "They've been dealt a bad hand by God." [Dana Rubinstein]*

Left high and dry by insurers, homeowners reluctantly borrow Sandy rebuilding funds(NY World) The Small Business Administration is seeing a steady flow of loan applications from homeowners who had flood insurance but are seeing coverage fall far short of the totals needed for rebuilding. But not everyone is prepared to go into debt to restore their homes.

Hospital Closing

UFO or Drone

Pilot en route to JFK airport reports mysterious object(CBS)
Pilot Reports Drone Flew Close to Jetliner Near J.F.K.(NYT)
FBI investigating unmanned aircraft spotted near JFK International Airport in New York |
FAA investigating report of drone spotted near JFK(WABC)
FBI Seeks Operator of Unmanned Aircraft Near JFK(NBC)


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A Stealth Tax Subsidy for Business Faces New Scrutiny(NYT)
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spotted enjoying her downtime on the streets of Chelsea.

Christie a party fave: Jeb(NYP)Jeb Bush Tells Hannity The GOP Needs One, Singular… Female Spokesperson: ‘The World Is Changing’

Speaking Fees Bring Booker $1 Million; He Says He ‘Kept Very Little of It, if Any’(NYP)
Booker's Road to Senate Rarely Taken(WSJ)

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President Obama reacts to the death of Hugo Chavez -

Jon Stewart Destroys ‘F**king Incompetent’ Congress For Allowing Sequester Cuts To Go Through


GOP takes aim at bullet law (NYP) ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo’s seven-bullet limit on gun magazines is under fire from state Senate Republicans. Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos of Long Island said yesterday that he believes 10-bullet magazines should remain legal for New Yorkers

Law and Order

Sicko’s secret recipe: 'Cannibal' searched Google for ways to cook women(NYP) * Prosecution Rests in Cannibalism Case; Defense Asks for Officer’s Acquittal(NYT)* Prosecutors Show More Graphic Media, Ends Case Against Accused NYPD "Cannibal"(NY1) * Molloy: 'Cannibal cop's' defense is the fantasy here(NYDN)* Cannibal cop' won't testify at trial; fetish Web site creator wanted 'Facebook-like place for kinky fantasies'(NYP) * Officer Accused in Cannibal Plot Won’t Testify, Lawyer Says(NYT) * Defense Rests In NYPD ‘Cannibal Cop’ Trial; Closing Arguments (WCBS) * Defense Argues "Cannibal Cop" Did Not Want To Kill, Eat (NY1) * Police Wait After Pledge to Surrender in Fatal Crash(NYT) * Defense Rests as Officer Declines to Testify(NYT)

New MTA Fare Beater Crackdown Effort Nabs 18 on First Day(NBC)
Suspect Linked To Two Livery Cab Robberies In The Bronx

Queens DA Richard Brown served a subpoena via

 \Woman in fur pulls cab heist(NYP)  A woman wearing a scowl and a white fur coat is wanted for robbing a livery-cab driver in the Morris Heights section of The Bronx Sunday, police said last night.

Man may have beheaded mom for phone: relative(NYDN)

Father Gets 5 to 15 Years in the Death of a Baby Girl(NYT)
Tot’s killer is caged(NYP)


 Victm of illegal stop-and-frisk gets $15G settlement from (NYDN)

Cop-killer's prison gal tested positive for drugs while pregnant(NYP)

3 Members of a Bronx Track Team Are Charged With Hazing(NYT) * Hazing Case at Bronx Science(WSJ) * Three Bronx Science Boys Charged With Forcible Touching, Hazing Fellow Student(Ny1) * Prestigious NYC High School’s Track Team Members Accused(WCBS)
After 3 Arrests, Debate Over Students’ Conduct at an Elite Bronx High School(NYT)

A Tailor Admits Underpaying on His Taxes by the Millions(NYT)