Monday, March 4, 2013

NYT Wants A Fixed Primary

NY Times Politization

Last Month True News Warned The NY Times Was Trying to Help Quinn and Front Runners Win Today City and State Agrees

Primary Dysfunction: Timing The New York City Primary (City and State) Earlier this month The New York Times editorialized in favor of June on the basis of the New York City Board of Elections’ claim that it is incapable of orchestrating a runoff two weeks after the current primary date of Sept. 10—which it would be legally mandated to do in the likely event that no candidate in any of the three citywide races garners more than 40 percent of the vote.

What the Times omitted from its argument, however, is what the blog True News has pointed out and every insider knows: Moving up the primary would unfairly benefit the current front-runners. A June Primary will not only help frontrunners and incumbents it will also help candidates supported by special interests and the corrupt political borough machiines. It would help Vito Lopez who has spent millions of government $$$ to gain political support, against his little know opponent. That the BoE has the gumption to complain that it is unable to execute its sole purpose is not just unacceptable, it is appalling. Let us not compound this embarrassment by politicizing our electoral calendar to the benefit of those with the power to influence it.

NYC's GOP Being Murdered

True News Wags the NYP On NYC's GOP Civil War
But only True News Explains Who Started the War and Why
City GOP fears death of party(NYP) Republican insiders say that the New York City Republican Party is in shambles, engulfed by infighting and weak leadership that could damage any hopes the party’s nominee has at winning the mayoral race Among the party troubles: * It has become irrelevant in Manhattan and The Bronx, where there is not one elected Republican. * GOP presidential candidates raise millions of dollars from Manhattanites, but the New York County committee is virtually broke. * The Queens GOP is bitterly divided. Two of its veteran state senators were defeated in recent years, and it no longer has any representation in that body. * A civil war is brewing in the mighty Staten Island GOP. County Chairman Bob Scamardella announced his resignation last week after a dispute with elected officials, particularly its borough-president candidate, Councilman James Oddo. * Brooklyn’s party is splintered. Chairman Craig Eaton, Sen. Marty Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis are all backing different mayoral candidates. 
The SI GOP is Being Rolled for Quinn
Conservative Leader Boro President James P. Molinaroi Has Endorsed Quinn 
Former Staten Island BP/Rep. Guy Molinari complains that the NYC GOP is “in shambles.” Molinari dumped Lhota a couple of weeks, ago the first of a series of hidden developments that has broken apart the SI GOP. It is said that Molinari' move helped Carrion and Quinn  

Quinn Uses Their BOE to Blow Up City's GOP
Missed by the NYP is the commissioners Coup D'etat at the Board of Elections  is lite the GOP Civil War. Team Quinn's is using a scandal which could have been blamed on the speaker and the council for not doing its job under the election law to confirm BOE commissioner to wreck the city's GOP

WFP Investigation

A Liberal Party Faces Inquiries Without End (NYT) Three years ago, the Staten Island district attorney, Daniel M. Donovan Jr., submitted a secret application to state court requesting that it appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Working Families Party and that same Staten Island race.* 2009 Election Probe Emerges Again(WSJ) Political opponents accused the Working Families Party of running Data and Field Services as a cut-rate political consultancy for its 2009 candidates, essentially giving those contenders an in-kind campaign contribution without disclosing it to the public. The party and the consultancy have said the rates weren't artificially inexpensive.  

After a lawsuit filed by former Deputy Mayor Randy Mastro, a state Supreme Court justice ruled that the WFP-DFS arrangement was illegal and ordered the party to shut down the firm. He also ordered the WFP to pay $100,000 in legal costs to settle the case, after finding the party in contempt of court.

Other Scams to Rip Off the CFB
Sheldon Leffler, Former Councilman, Is Convicted in Campaign Fraud Scheme(NYT)
Sheldon Leffler Hit With $400G Fine
Queens pol Albert Baldeo busted for using straw campaign donors ...

911 Failure Warning

“If the city withheld any documents from my office during the course of our audit into the 911 system, they violated the City Charter,” Comptroller John Liu 
Or is a city contractor Gartner trying to cover its ass to protect itself from a lawsuit between city fire unions and City Hall.  Fire officials acknowlede that emergency-response times were actually on the rise — instead of decreasing — since the new system was installed.
City knew of $2B 911 fiasco in 2011 (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial $2 billion effort to modernize the 911 system — billed as a cure-all for every emergency-communications ill — was labeled a boondoggle by the city’s own experts two years ago, The Post has learned. The project “does not have a defined business case” for spending $2 billion on a new 911 system, Gartner Consulting told City Hall in a March 2011 report marked “draft — confidential.” In bureaucratic-speak, Gartner was telling Hizzoner “the program should not go forward” because the city hadn’t shown a legitimate need, as required by federal guidelines.

Problems Outlined in 2011 Reporter Were Never Fixed
* Repeated failures of the emergency-response software were reported but were not fixed. * The NYPD refused to merge its system for dispatching units with that of the FDNY and the EMS — although that was a key reason for creating the new system. And the departments would not work together to create a unified management structure for the new system. * The city agencies involved in the plan would not assist the system’s architects in setting up the new 911 network.

Establishment Supports Cult Party

Not So Independent Party From Senate GOP and the Real Estate Board . . .  The Establishment Cult
According to records, the two biggest donors to the state Independence Party last year were state Senate Republicans and the Real Estate Board of New York, with those two groups making up almost 85 percent of the total donations to the party, The New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett reportsIndependence Party goes along with GOP scheme to dodge campaign finance laws, insiders allege New York Independence Party has gotten major cash influx from state Senate GOP in arrangement questioned by political insiders.The state Senate GOP committee and REBNY in the last six months of 2012 donated a combined $464,000 to the Independence Party. Independence Party, or GOP annex?

“The fact that the Independence Party doesn’t stand for anything doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stand for anyone.”
Built on deception, the Independence Party boostedBloomberg(NYDN) * True News (The Bund): Independence Party Is Really A Cult * DA Investigating Bloomberg Donations to NY Independence Party(2010) * Back in 2001, when a would-be pol named Mike Bloomberg was looking to launch his first mayoral race, ex-state senate leader Joe Bruno played matchmaker when he helped fix up the billionaire media mogul with Dr. Fred and company. It was political love at first sight. Newman, whose Marxist tent is big enough to accommodate everyone from Patrick Buchanan to Louis Farrakhan, was delighted to have a billionaire owe him a few favors. Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican, was ecstatic to have his name on a ticket called Independence, even if leaders like Lenora Fulani had a tendency to say some pretty wacky things.

Broomberg Bought the Independent Party Line Ballot Line 3 Times
Over the years, Bloomberg contributed $400,000 of his personal wealth to New York City Independence Party accounts. He also gave a total of $650,000 to two causes run by Newman followers: the All Stars Project, a nonprofit that works with underprivileged children, and a theater group that showcases propaganda plays written by, you guessed it, Newman. The city Industrial Development Agency enabled the All Stars Project to buy and renovate a W. 42nd St. building with the help of $12.75 million in triple-tax-free bonding.

Campaign 2013

We Just Raised the MTA Fares To Pay for Increase Employee Health Care and Pension Costs
MTA Bus, Subway Fare Hikes, Toll Hikes Go Into Effect(NY1)
Mayoral Candidates Where is the Money Coming From?
Small Raises, Big Problems(WSJ)New York City’s next mayor will potentially have to find $4.34 billion for a salary increase of 1 percent a year for each union worker if the city doesn’t reach contract settlements with public employee unions this year, said Comptroller John Liu*  The News writes that Cuomo must “seize the moment” and end binding contract arbitration because it gives all the leverage to the arbitrators and provides no accountability to the taxpayers:*  What? RT : . warns of billion-dollar budget hole if & CSA get a new contract with 4% wage increases.

Insiders Game the Financial System
Foe rips SI hopeful’s ‘conflict’(NYP)A top legislative staffer running for a City Council seat from Staten Island violated the city’s conflict-of-interest law by soliciting campaign contributions while still on the government payroll, a rival candidate claims. Steven Matteo, chief of staff to Councilman Jim Oddo, hopes to succeed his boss in public office.

Eric Adams Launches Brooklyn Beep Bid With a Bang(Barkin)
Adams aims for Borough Hall(Brooklyn Paper)

de Blasio
although going to fund-raiser by Toll Brothers v.p. tonight got $ from Toll Bros CEO in 08

Hispanic outreach for and also further indication Queens County Dems will back Quinn

Mayoral hopeful Catsimatidis unveils first radio ad(NYP)Here's the radio spot. "He's not a career politician." 

So Joe Lhota's doing a fundraiser at the bar made famous by the '86 preppie murder (City and State)

De Blasio: "This is a cynical political stunt by supporters of Christine Quinn...
A Union Protest planned for de Blasio fundraiser(CrainsNY)Irate members of the building trades are planning a protest outside a fundraiser for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at the Toll Brothers headquarters Monday evening, sources say. The unions were spurred to action by a New York Post article that revealed the developer, which is using nonunion labor on a big Brooklyn project, would be raising cash for Mr. de Blasio.

A Pig of Privilege
Sen. Daniel Squadron fired his fund-raising consultant, Cindy Darrison, over the phone while she was sitting shiva for her father. She responded by contributing to his NYC public advocate rivals.

Overshadowed by mayor's race, contests take shape(CrainsNY) Battles for public advocate, borough president and D.A. begin to heat up.

Floyd Flake Endorses Melinda Katz For Queens BPwhile fundraiser in Manhattan on March 10 is cancelled. 

Waiting for Vito Lopez
In a candidacy already endorsed by Ms. Velázquez, Antonio Reynoso officially launched his campaign to replace outgoing Councilwoman Diana Reyna. “Reynoso Gains Momentum and Traction as Frontrunner,” the press release announcing the event declared, making sure to note Mr. Reynoso’s status as a “Vito Foe,” should controversial Assemblyman Vito Lopez launch is own bid for the seat. 

Message Control

Cuomo: Image Image Image
The spokesperson for each state agency logs every call they’ve received from a reporter and sends the tally through a website called Newstracker to Gov. Cuomo’s aides, a sign of the governor’s heavy-handed approach to agency affairs. Everything is filtered through the main press office on the Capitol’s second floor.

Cuomo has an internal website called "newstracker"(TU) At the end of each day, the spokesperson for each state agency logs every call they've received from a reporter and sends the tally, through an internal website, to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's aides. The site, called Newstracker, was developed by the administration to keep tabs on every agency and was implemented after Cuomo took office — adding structure to a less formal checking-in process used by his predecessors. The daily reports include information about who called and what they were told, as well as data about requests filed through the Freedom of Information Law. The Post’s Bob McManus pines for the days of public dysfunction under Govs. Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson after two years of the dour, iron-fisted Cuomo: Prefers the dysfunction of former Govs. David Paterson and Eliot Spitzer to the “iron fisted government, without even the pretense of a velvet glove” run by Cuomo.* Great quote from that scrum: "I haven't seen the senator's package." His tax package, we presume.

News Team Assemble

Anchorman 2 Will Take On The "NYC News Market" (Gothamist) Lips have been sealed tighter than a Go-Go's song when it comes to plot details around the hotly-anticipated Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. But OBLIGATORY SPOILER ALERT, director Adam McKay told Empire Magazine that Ron Burgundy and his news team will be trading in sunny San Diego for NYC in the upcoming film. An insider on the movie, which is currently being shot in Atlanta, confirmed with us what's happening on-set: "They just said it's actually about the NYC news market, so some scenes will be shot there.

Judicial Control Politics

Silver Moves to Keep Control of the Courts With “Jonathan’s Law.”
Shel’s court ‘favor’(Dicker, NYP) Retire-rule change would keep ‘old’ pal on bench  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is pushing a constitutional amendment that would allow his longtime pal, Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, to serve an additional eight years on the bench, The Post has learned. The measure, which received the required second passage in the Assembly last week and is expected to receive similar action in the Senate, would amend the state Constitution by raising the mandatory retirement age of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges from 70 to 80.Some Capitol “wags” are calling the constitutional amendment passed by the Assembly to raise the retirement age for judges “Jonathan’s Law” because it would benefit the chief judge, who is close to Speaker Sheldon Silver.

 Silver's Old Jewish East Side Gone
Lower East Side Development Spells Decline of Old Jewish Power Brokers(Forward) Seward Park Project Signals End of Era in Old Neighborhood"testament to how Jewish political muscle is starting to weaken" RT : How Shelly, Willy & Heshy lost LES

Bronx Delays Causes Judicial Revolt
Outrage as officials sideline three Bronx judges to make way for upstate jurists (NYP) There was disorder in Bronx Criminal Court last week when officials effectively benched three in-house judges in favor of a trio of out-of-town jurists brought in to deal with a huge case backlog, insiders said.

NYPD Crime Corruption Cover Up

Brown's been served(Queens Crap)

From the Village Voice: Lawyers for whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft today served Queens District Attorney Richard Brown with a subpoena demanding that he give a videotaped deposition and turn over all documents related to Brown's finding that there was no criminal conduct when Schoolcraft was forcibly removed from his home by police commanders in October, 2009, the Voice has learned. As the Voice's NYPD Tapes series reported, Schoolcraft was dragged out of his home by police on the orders of Deputy Chief Michael Marino on Oct. 31, 2009 and held against his will in the Jamaica Hospital psychiatric ward for six days. This took place three weeks after he reported corruption in Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct to investigators.

Double Dip Sick Pay?

Unions against paid sick leave(Queens Crap)

From Crains:The city's biggest construction contractors are attacking proposed city legislation that would mandate paid sick leave, fearing it will offer a costly handout to some of the highest-paid unionized workers in the city, including thousands of carpenters, electricians and plumbers. The sick-leave law's backers say the bill is aimed at low-wage workers who receive little or no time-off benefits. Yet contractors complain that language in the legislation that cites employees "in the building and construction industries" would add additional time onto already-generous paid leave for their employees—enabling them in essence to double-dip.

NYC Government

Mark Page indicates sequestration could amount to $800M in losses for NYC 
Sequester toll for city: $800M, budget pain(NYDN)

Affordable Housing
Mayor On Hand As Work Begins On LIC Affordable Housing 

Fresh Direct
Residents Sue FreshDirect Over Move to the Bronx

Pension Abuse 
City Budget Director Says Nonprofits May Have Abused Private Pension System(NY1)

NYS Government

Tax Credits
State Senate Republicans intend to unveil a plan to expand tax credits and bring back a property tax rebate check that was eliminated in 2009, items that could be included in the Senate’s budget proposal which will be introduced this week, the Times-Union writes:

Campaign Finance
In the News, Gene Russianoff, a senior attorney for the New York Public Interest Research Group, makes the case for New York City’s superior campaign finance system over the state’s “outrageously high” contribution limits

State budget talks will have to enter the home stretch this week if Cuomo is to realize his goal of the third consecutive on-time spending deal, which hasn’t happened since 1984. 

Landowners are preparing to sue the state over lost gas-leasing opportunities and an industry group warned that a business exodus will worsen as a result of yet another fracking delay.  

Skelos: Changes Sought For Clip Size(YNN)
Cuomo says he disagrees that the gun bill was passed "hurriedly." Said private negotiations lasted for weeks, though public didn't see bill. 
Gun owners protest new law
Cuomo Not Open To Changes In Substance Of Gun Control L(WCBS)

Minimum Wage

Taxi $$$
Cab Color Wars
Black cab, yellow cab(NYP Ed) The black cabs are at war with the yellow cabs. And it’s no surprise that passengers are caught in the crossfire. The latest battle is over software that allows riders who want a cab to hail one using an app on their smartphones. The black cabs have been using that software for years. The yellows want to do the same.] Naturally, the black cabs want to keep that right to themselves. And everyone is suing.When negotiations to open up the market broke down in the City Council, the Bloomberg folks got the state to pass legislation allowing the city to do so.That time it was the yellow taxis standing in the way of more competition. And the state courts backed them by ruling that Albany’s law was unconstitutional.


New York’s wealthiest schools LoHud reports: 

Gifted Class Imbalance(WSJ) As New York City switches to a new test to identify children for its gifted-and-talented program, new data show that the overwhelming majority of these coveted, public-school slots still go to white and Asian students.

As New York City switches to a new test to identify children for its gifted-and-talented program, new data show that the overwhelming majority of these coveted, public-school slots still go to white and Asian students.

Queens teen has worst school-commute time in the world (NYP) A Bronx HS of Science student living in Queens officially has one of the longest school commutes on the planet — a journey of more than five hours each day

More Than One N.Y.U. Star Got Lavish Parting Gift(NYT)Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew wasn’t the only top official at NYU who received a sizable bonus upon departing the university.

Fine, I’ll take your nutty test! (NYP) He may just be the most stubborn man in the city. An eccentric Brooklyn high-school teacher was so adamant that education officials had no right to make him undergo a psychiatric exam that he fought it for 14 years

3 teens arrested for alleged hazing at Science.

Mayor Management Report

Fixing the numbers(New York World) New and improved statistics from City Hall reveal fresh details about how the city works — from jail violence to your chances of surviving cardiac arrest 


New York City restaurants, bars and movie theaters are making efforts to prepare for the Bloomberg administration’s ban on large sugary drinks, which will take affect on March 12th, while others are hoping the ban will be overturned in court, the Journal writes:
Across New York City, restaurants, bars and movie theaters are bracing for the Bloomberg administration’s ban on large sugary drinks, set to take effect on March 12.*  Dunkin' Donuts Explains How Bloomberg's Soda Ban Effects Your Morning Coffee: With only days to go until Nanny...* Soda ban set to take effect on March 12(WABC)


Mold covers walls and water constantly leaks in Bronx apartment (NYDN)

New Editoral Page

amNY reveals its new editorial page, saying that its editorials will advocate on behalf of New Yorkers and provide a voice of “hope and reason”: 


Amid the Empty Lots, Loneliness Creeps In(NYT)* Bloomberg to Offer Own Sandy Buy-Out Plan, with a Twist(WNYC) * Last Stand at Oakwood Beach (NY Mag) Buyouts and good-byes on Staten Island.* Sandy-Damaged Pier 25 Playground Set For Early May Opening(DNAINFO) NYT takes a sledgehammer to the Meng-sponsored bill to allow FEMA funds for houses of worship (NYT)

City, feds clash over Liberty Island security(NYDN) * A monumental fight: Screening at the Statue of Liberty(CrainsNY)

Maid of the Mist

A ferry company’s lawsuit against the Cuomo administration asks a Niagara County judge to scuttle the state’s arrangement with Niagara Falls’ Maid of the Mist Corporation and put the contract out to public bid, alleging a “backroom deal”, the Daily News reports:


Recovery in U.S. Is Lifting Profits, but Not Adding Jobs(NYT)
Cuts May Hit Poor Harder Than Most(NYT)
G.O.P. Clings to One Thing It Agrees On: Spending Cuts(NYT)
Morning Joe Mocks Obama's 'Doomsday' Sequester: 'Nobody Told Him' He Won Election, 'Nothing's Happened' 
The Reverse-Joads of California - Allysia Finley, Wall Street Journal
A Populist Moment in Europe & the U.S. - John Judis, The New Republic

Romney in Interview Explains His Defeat - Philip Rucker, Washington Post
Bye Bye Cold War, Welcome to the Cool War - Toby Harnden, Sunday Times
Congressional Abdication on Foreign Policy - Jim Webb, National Interest
The Sequester Is Obama's Own Fault - Bill Keller, New York Times
Let's Speak Plain English About Spending Cuts - Scott Rasmussen
The Sequester Will Be Good for the Economy - Jeffrey Miron, Daily Caller
Doctors Report First Cure of HIV in a Child - Liz Szabo, USA Today
Polarization, Church and Country - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Republicans and Their Faulty Moral Arithmetic - Arthur Brooks, WSJ
Improving Health Care for Minorities - Daschle & Whyte, Politico
Opposition to ObamaCare Is on the Rise Again - Peter Suderman, Reason
The Age of Anxiety - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
Marissa Mayer's Job Is to Be CEO - Anne-Marie Slaughter, The Atlantic
Memo to Yahoo: The Office Is Overrated - Nikil Saval, Los Angeles Times
Bronx Science's Track Team Suspended From Competing Due To Hazing Investigation(NY1)

New Jersey Sen. Menendez sponsors legislation which could help political donors(NYP)
Own Our Failures to Uphold Constitution - Brian Vanyo, RealClearHistory
More on RCP: A History of Politicians and Prostitutes
Voting Rights in a Changed America - Chicago Tribune
The Temptation of Dark Money - Washington Post
As Pensions Burn, Officials Learn the Fiddle - U-T San Diego
Keys to Making an Emergency Manager Work in Detroit - Detroit Free
: Why didn't the sequester cut the pay of lawmakers? Blame the Constitution & Speaker Boehner 
Huma Abedin, the wife of ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton, resigned from the State Department on Clinton’s last day as secretary and is now looking for a new job
Mitt Romney: “It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done.”. 
Mitt Romney Would Still Like to Be President Even Though America Doesn’t Deserve Him(Vanity Fair)
Geraldo goes after his potential Senate opponent 


Obama ‘Not Bluffing’ on Iran, Biden Tells Pro-Israel Group(NYT)
Lipstick on an Elephant(NY Mag) Deep behind a tangle of denial and rebranding initiatives, a GOP resuscitation plan emerges.
Obama's job approval rating tumbles:(politico)
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to merge some operations(WSJ)
Tom Brokaw Pounds Obama For Spending ‘Entirely Too Much Time’ Campaigning, Not Negotiating With GOP
NJ Gov. Chris Christie on the sequester: “I don’t have the first damn idea of what they’re doing down there…Real leadership would get this fixed.”
A Biographer Speaks Up for Calvin Coolidge - Thomas Mallon, New Yorker
Two Months In, Dems Lament Lack of Leverage - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
Ugly Numbers for California Republicans - George Skelton, LA Times
Romney Isn't Done Proving Why He's Not President - Josh Kraushaar, NJ
Libertarianism and the Fairness Message - Ben Domenech, The Transom
Don't Count on Obama's Plan to Win Back House - Steve Kornacki, Salon
College: Where Free Speech Goes to Die - Bruce Thornton, Defining Ideas
Ken Cuccinelli, Climate Change Denier - Coral Davenport, National Journal
Climate Hype Gives Way to "Green Fatigue" - Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
The Role of Moral Imagination in Politics - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Is Celibacy a Sin? NYT Has a View - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
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Geraldo takes to Twitter to go after Cory Booker(Huff Post)
Woman Lied About Sex With Senator Menendez, Her Lawyer Says(NYT)
Speaking Fees Bring Booker $1 Million; He Says He ‘Kept Very Little of It, if Any’(NYT)


Red Eye Trashes CNN’s Howard Kurtz For ‘Perfecting The Art Of Playing It Safe’ And ‘Asking Softball Questions’

NBC's Brian Williams Tells Alec Baldwin: ‘I Have Profound Disappointments In My Country’ 

Rodman's Korea
Obama Call Me? Maybe?
‘Diplo’ Rodman’s Korea peace plan(NYP) *The Daredevil Media Outlet Behind Rodman’s Trip(NYT) * Media confused by Dennis Rodman interview:(Politico)
* .: Kim Jong-un is ‘my friend’. Video:
Law and Order

Update: Tragic Couple Baby Dies
Baby Whose Parents Died in Car Crash Also Dies(NYT)
PHOTO: Julio Acevedo is wanted in connection with crash that killed couple and baby. 
Driver wanted for death of couple had been arrested for drunken driving 2 weeks prior

NYC TLC Says Glaubers Cab Was NOT Approved For Livery
* Driver Wanted in Fatal Hit-Run Williamsburg Crash Had Drunk Driving Arrest(DNAINFO) * Calls to Charge Driver Grow After Couple’s Newborn Dies(NYT)

Newborn Baby Of Brooklyn Parents Killed In Hit-And-Run Dies (CBS)
Doctors deliver baby as Orthodox dad and pregnant mom perish in Brooklyn crash(NYP) * Couple Expecting Baby Are Killed in Car Crash; Doctors Deliver a Boy(NYT) * After Deadly Crash, a Birth(WSJ)Newborn dies day after Brooklyn parents tragically killed in hit-run crash on way to hospital (NYP) * Brooklyn Hit-and-Run Baby Didn’t Make It(NY Mag)

SI mom of three turns herself in: 'I just shot my boyfriend' (NYP) A Staten Island mom of three fatally shot her boyfriend in the head yesterday* NYC woman charged in boyfriend's death(WSJ) * Cops: Staten Island Woman Charged In Boyfriend’s Death(WABC) * Staten Island woman charged in boyfriend's murder(WABC)

Tears for boy, rage at guard (NYP) The grieving parents of a 6-year-old Harlem boy killed by a truck on his way to school buried him yesterday — amid angry calls to punish a crossing guard who had been away from her post when Thursday’s horrific accident occurred
A Doctor’s Account of the Scene of a Fatal Accident(NYT)
Queens father sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for shaking infant daughter to death(NYP)
‘Hit & run’ . . . and hit (NYP) A teen driver who plowed his minivan into a car in Queens and fled crashed again soon after — into a building directly across from the home of one of of his hit-and-run victimss
Forty-four percent of likely US voters think the sequester spending cuts will have a positive impact or no impact on their own lives in the long term, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Teen sex slave tells courtroom horrific story of savage (NYDN)
Teen testifies of being a sex slave in a rare Brooklyn trafficking trial(NYDN)

Body found in Queens park(NYDN)


Bronx assistant district attorney acquitted of driving while impaired(NYP)
Decorated cop suspended after punching three-year-old son(NYP)
Three Bronx Science Boys Charged With Forcible Touching, (NY1)
Father in Shaken-Baby Case Gets 5 to 15 Years (NYT)

'Cannibal cop' allegedly said fetish was ruining his personal life(Huff Post) * Cannibal cop’ trail resumes Monday(Fox 5) * 'Cannibal cop's' online pal allegedly wanted to eat UK food worker(NYP)
* ‘Cannibal Cop’ Jurors Only Subjected to Some Torture Porn(NY Mag)Jurors react after being shown graphic images at 'cannibal cop' trial(NYP) * Cannibalism cop trial features some disturbing evidence(WABC) * Officer’s Cannibalism Trial Enters Defense Phase(NYT)

Body in barrel was murder victim, medical examiner rule WABC)

To Stem Juvenile Robberies, Police Trail Youths Before the Crime(NYT)

Rikers Island 'impostor' worked with kids at charity despite being sex offender(NYP)

Retired police captain now a pastor with a gun in Staten Island church(NYP)