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What Has Happen to the Watchdog of Government or Politics?
An explosion of online news sources in recent years has not produced a corresponding increase in reporting, particularly quality local reporting, a federal study of the media has found.Coverage of state governments and municipalities has receded at such an alarming pace that it has left government with more power than ever to set the agenda and have assertions unchallenged, concluded the study. “In many communities, we now face a shortage of local, professional, accountability reporting,” said the study, which was ordered by the Federal Communications Commission and written by Steven Waldman, a former journalist for Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report. “The independent watchdog function that the Founding Fathers envisioned for journalism — going so far as to call it crucial to a healthy democracy — is in some cases at risk at the local level.  

Because newspapers have always serve as tip sheets for local television reporters and for reporters on the national level, the newspaper cutbacks because of lose of readerhip to the Internet have had “ripple effects throughout the whole media system.: With fewer reporters available to tackle in-depth topics, news releases from politicians and policy makers end up having more influence in some cases, he said, contributing to a kind of power shift toward institutions and away from citizens. *Local News  Dumb Down Journalism (True News) *

Top 5 Cover Ups of Corruption by the Media

5. The CityTime Cover Up

Liberty Island 

City, feds clash over Liberty Island security(NYDN) * NYPD, Feds Can't Agree on How to Screen Huddled Masses(NY Mag)


Enjoy the Entertainment From Last Night Saturday Night Live
Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un Dish About Being Best Friends On SNL * SNL Lays Into Justice Scalia Over Voting Rights Act: The South Is Still ‘The Michael Jordan Of Racism’ * CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reveals The New Pope On SNL...* "Saturday Night Live" on the sequester(Wash Post) *Must see morning clip: SNL explains the sequester cuts(Solon) * The 5 best sketches from last night's with Kevin Hart

Campaign 2013

Will Mayor Quinn Break NYC's Unions?  
Or will the Bad economy lead to their demise?

Christine Quinn & Labor(The Independent) Who is to blame for organized labor’s descent into political irrelevancy? Ronald Reagan? The Koch brothers? Good answers, but maybe we need to look at labor leaders themselves. Consider the case of this year’s mayoral race in New York City, one of the last bastions of union political power. There are three candidates in the Democratic Party primary who are considered progressive — former comptroller and previous mayoral nominee William Thompson, current Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. The frontrunner is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who over the years has curried favor with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the real estate sector. She also angered labor activists by blocking a measure that would grant paid sick days to low-wage retail workers.

DN Analysis of Their Education Debate

Promises to keep (NYDN Ed) Seven mayoral candidates make school reform pledges, and many are underwhelming.

Daily News Said: Bottom lines: Lhota made the clearest commitments. Quinn, de Blasio and Liu invest too much in the idea that empowering parents and fostering relations with teachers will boost achievement. Liu is fanciful in offering prenatal care as a tool for school reform and promising to hike college degrees over the course of 12 years. De Blasio has staked much on universal pre-K, a program that would require state legislation and construction of dozens of buildings. Assuming all went well, the job would take years. What about all the other kids in the meantime? Thompson served up bread and butter. Allon had an off night. And Castimatidis was a befuddling wonder to behold.

de Blasio's Sex in the City
“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon is taking a lead role in NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign. She has hosted and appeared at five different rallies, fundraisers and meet-and-greets in the last three months alone.

Brooklyn Boro President Coronation

Markowitz to back Sen. Adams for B'klyn president(NYDN)

The Staten Island Republican Party has had six chairs since the end of 2002

More Video Crack for the Poor

Preying on the poor Gov. Cuomo needs money to help him meet his budgets, and he’s gambling on a popular game to help him do it. It’s called Quick Draw. This is the fast-paced keno game that former state Sen. Frank Padavan once likened to “video crack” because it’s both highly addictive and socially destructive. Last year, Quick Draw brought in $138 million in revenues for the state.At its most cynical, relaxing restrictions on Quick Draw is a way for Albany to claw back from the poor money the state spends on social services. Alas, it seems the gamblers are not the only ones with an addiction.

NYC's Call Maybe

Comptroller ‘calls out’ agency on phone waste(NYP) Emily Lloyd resigned as Environmental Protection commissioner in November 2008, but the city kept paying $153.76 in recurring monthly charges for four mobile phones assigned to her until July 2011. Liu’s auditors charged that the DOITT was doing a lousy job of monitoring 31,113 devices that rang up bills of $14.7 million in fiscal 2011. As evidence, they cited about 10,000 cases in which a device wasn’t matched to a specific user. As a result, the audit said $1.2 million might have been wasted between April and June 2011 alone on underused or redundant equipment. “In an age of smart phones, this is clearly dumb policy,” Liu said.


Court-ordered FDNY class flaming out (NYP) They’re New York’s Fattest. The Fire Department’s new class of recruits — all current city EMTs or paramedics who want to become firefighters — are flaming out fast, failing the Fire Academy in record numbers, according to FDNY sources.

 New Brooklyn Cathedral

Brooklyn church elevated to cathedral status(Fox 5) The Church of Saint Joseph in Brooklyn with more than 160 of history is now a cathedral. The church located on Pacific Street in Prospect Heights was elevated by Pope Emeritus Benedict before he resig …

Political Corruption

 Paying Hush Money To Cover Up A Sexual Crime Is Accepted Morality in Albany's Culture

“There is a pervasive culture in Albany that upsets most New Yorkers, that their elected representatives don’t see this as a problem.”
Shel biz as usual (NYP)‘Honored guest’ at prober’s fund-raiser Assembly Speaker. Sheldon Silver yesterday defended his decision to be featured as the “honored guest” at a fund-raiser for the chairman of a legislative ethics panel reviewing Silver’s hush settlement of Vito Lopez’s alleged sexual harassment of young staffers. Government-watchdog groups say the timing of the fund-raiser is suspect and gives the appearance that Lavine, rather than being an independent monitor, is beholden to Silver.

More on the Hush Fund Cover Up (True News)

NYC Financial Future

Back to the Future EFCB . . .  Will NYC Has to Copy Detroit Finance Manager?
With Mayoral Candidates Promising Services They Cannot Pay For, Middle Class Fleeing the City and Wall Street Downsizing, Will NYC Like Detroit Soon Be Run By A Financial Manger.  It Has Happen Before Here
Detroit Will Be Run by Financial Manager(WSJ) Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder plans to appoint a financial manager to oversee Detroit, saying the state's largest city is contending with a fiscal emergency.* The Fiscal Crisis After 30 Years (Gotham Gazette, Oct 10, 2005) * New York Magazine - Jan 12, 1976 - Page 38 - Google Books Result

NYC Already Has A Secret Type EFCB Helping to Close Hospitals All Over the City Run By the Same Guy Who Ran the Orginal Board

Brooklyn Hospital Closing(True News)
More Hospital Closing(True News)

MTA Fare Hike

Fair and Toll Hikes is Just One Way NY Punished the Poor and Pushes the Middle Class, Business and Jobs Out of the City

The Forgotten New Yorkers 
As Albany does nothing to come up with addition funding to pay for rising pension and health care costs of workers the MTA is forced to raise fares and tolls  Those hikes will hit harderst on the poor and middle class who have become the forgotten class in New York. Save That MetroCard! A New One Will Now Cost $1(NYT) The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is adding a surcharge for the purchase of a new card, a move that transit officials predict will lead riders to refill their existing passes.*
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge cash toll jumps to $15 Sunday;(SI Advance)
* How to Save $8 on Your Next MetroCard(NY Mag)
Cost Of Public Transportation Going Up, MTA Bus And Subway(WCBS)
MTA Fare, Toll Hikes Take Effect Sunday(NY1)
Staten Island Activist To Protest New MTA Toll Hike With Pennies

As In Each Fare Raise MTA Spins Distraction
MTA: Birth control to fight subway rat infestation 
New York City Rats Won't Eat Just Anything(NY Mag)

NYS Government

‘Medicaid waste’ slap(NYP)  The state Health Department blew through $26 million in Medicaid overpayments because of glitches in its electronic filing system.

Hearing Granted For Group Upset With How Quickly State Gun Law Was Passed(NY1) * State gun law divides upstate, downstate  * State lawyers will have to appear on March 11 to explain why the court shouldn’t issue an injunction to halt the SAFE Act as the result of several lawsuits filed against it.  

State Budget
Cuomo, Legislature Take Step Towards On-Time Budget With Report's Finalization(NY1)
Cuomo sees federal budget impact on New Yorkers:(CBS)

Teacher Evaluations
State reporting of teacher ratings will leave many holes(

Dietary Supplement 
IDC Leader Jeff Klein bringing to Albany to call for ban of dietary supplement DMAA

The future of the Canadian casinos that are struggling to survive could alter the tourism landscape in Niagara Falls – and pose a cautionary tale as New York State considers adding even more casinos to upstate New York. 

School Crossing Guard

POST EDITORIAL: Criminal-justice system needs to hold crossing guard liable for her 'lies'(NYP)

Cross guard is a dirty ‘liar’(NYP) The school crossing guard who played hooky while a young boy was killed by a tractor-trailer lied to her supervisor that morning — claiming she was helping children traverse the busy intersection when she was really sitting at home* Death of a child(NYP Ed) * Parents: We had petition to ax her(NYP) * Guard Said She Was at Post Before Truck Killed Boy, 6(NYT) * Crossing Guard Accused of Lying(WSJ) * Police Investigate Crossing Guard's Whereabouts When Boy Was Fatally Struck By Tractor Trailer(NY1) * Dad Doesn't Blame Crossing Guard For Accident That Killed His Son(DNAINFO) * Parents: We had petition to ax crossing guard(NYP)


‘Comrade Bloomy’ hailed at market reopening (NYP) At least there weren’t bread lines.  Mayor Bloomberg celebrated the reopening of Red Hook’s Fairway supermarket yesterday — and was presented with a spray-painted portrait that made him look more like a Soviet dictator than the leader of a First World city.

Agree with : Maybe folks like Mayor Bloomberg won't feel impact—but millions of families will.
'We’ve been dying down here!' Sandy-battered Rockaway boos Bloomberg at parade(NYP) * Bloomberg booed at annual St. Patrick’s Parade in storm-ravaged Rockaways(NYP)


It Took 4 Months to Reopen Fairway
Questions Emerge About the Mold That Hurricane Sandy Left Behind (NYT) * Cheers in Brooklyn as Storm-Struck Grocery Store Returns(NYT) *Buffett: Superstorm Sandy Causes Worse-Ever Loss for Geico(WSJ) * Officials Warn Of Sequester's Impact On Sandy Aid(NY1) * Red Hook's Fairway reopens after renovations(Fox 5)* Rents Up 7 Percent in Sandy-Battered Lower Manhattan, Report Says(DNAINFO) * Rockaways Hold First St. Patrick's Day Parade Following Sandy(NY1) * Relief Workers Record Red Hook Residents' Sandy Stories(NY1) * St. Patrick’s Day Parade In Rockaways Provides Hope For Sandy Victims(CBS) * Queens' St. Patrick's Day Parade Winds Through Resilient Rockaways (NY1) * Evidence of Hope and Loss During a Parade in Queens(NYT) * Budget sequester will mean cuts to Sandy aid(Fox 5) * Pride and pain: St. Pat's parade in Sandy-hit Rockaways

Amid the Empty Lots, Loneliness Creeps In(NYT)

Parade Politics

A St Patrick Day Parade With Out A Mayor?
Next Mayor May Miss Parade(WSJ) The main Democratic contenders for City Hall all plan to skip the event this year to protest a policy that effectively bans gay groups from marching. If one of them wins, the boycott is likely to continue. 

 An Insurgent Parade for St. Patrick’s Day Comes Into Its Own(NYT) * St. Patrick's Day parade passes through Rockaways(WCBS) * Queens' St. Patrick's Day Parade Winds Through Resilient Rockaways(NY1) * 'We had no food, no shelter. People died here, and Bloomberg was on TV talking about a marathon. It’s appalling:' Mayor booed at Rockaways St. Pat's Day parade(NYDN) * Rockaways Celebrate Sandy Recovery and Irish Pride at St. Pat's Day Parade(DNAINFO)

Transportation Safety

Chinatown Bus Company
License for Operator of Chinatown Buses Is Pulled(NYT) The action by the Department of Transportation may signal an end to the Fung Wah bus service between Manhattan and Boston. * Federal Government Revokes Operating License Of Fung Wah Bus Transportation(NY1) * Fung Wah finished(NYP)* Feds revoke license for Fung Wah bus service(WABC)

Helicopter Crash
Safety Board Calls Copter in East River Crash Overloaded(NYT)* Pilot Blamed in 2011 Crash of Helicopter(WSJ)

Traffic Cameras
More Cameras for New York City Streets(NYT Ed) The State Legislature should permit New York City to enforce its speed limits and traffic rules

Bike Lane
Poorly planned bike lanes installed at Astoria Park(Queens Crap)
From DNA Info: Parks advocates say the new bike lanes that the city installed in Astoria Park are too narrow and will be ripe for collisions between cyclists and pedestrians once the weather gets warm and the park is crowded with visitors. They also say that the placement of the lanes on grass inside the park, instead of next to the waterfront on Shore Boulevard, will invite pedstrians to stroll on them, creating a dangerous situation. "It's just too narrow — it doesn't seem to be big enough for pedestrians and bikes," said Martha Lopez-Gilpin, co-chair of the local group Astoria Park Alliance.


New Curriculum on Tap(WSJ)* Fmr. Schools Chancellor Knows "How To Succeed"(NY1)
* Mayor Bloomberg: Telecommuting Is Dumb(NBC) * Parents Rush to Get Kindergarten Applications in Before Deadline(DNA INFO) * Rising Costs Erode Moral Pillar Of NYC's Famed Free College(Hiff Post)

More Than One N.Y.U. Star Got Lavish Parting Gift(NYT)


Cuomo held off approval of test fracking after talking with RFK Jr.(NYP) Cuomo came as close as he ever has to approving fracking last month, laying out a limited drilling plan for as many as 40 gas wells before changing course to await the findings of a new study after discussions with...    * Gov. Andrew Cuomo came close to approving fracking last month, laying out a limited drilling plan for as many as 40 gas wells before changing course to await the findings of a new study after discussions with environmentalist and former brother-in-law Robert F. Kennedy Jr. * A timeline of Cuomo’s evolving thinking and comments on fracking.

Health Care

Brooklyn Residents Rally To Save Interfaith Medical Center(NY1)


Newtown Creek In NYC, One Of Most Polluted Areas In US, Awaiting Cleanup(Huff Post)

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick’s Battle Against Housing at a Pier in Hudson River Park(NYT)

Midtown Zoning

City Exacts Price for Midtown East Build-Up(WSJ) The plan to rezone Midtown East to allow the development of modern office towers will include an infrastructure-improvement fund paid for by private real-estate developers.


As Cuts Begin, Virginia’s Feast on U.S. Funds Nears an End(NYT)
. to Pres. Obama: "You can't tax our way out of this problem."
Woodrow Wilson to Obama: March Forth! - Scott Berg, New York Times
Fever Breaks--and It's Not the Republicans' - Byron York, DC Examiner
Is the Dollar as Good as Gold? - Gillian Tett, Financial Times
The Fed's Secret Deal with Bank of America - Gretchen Morgenson, NYT
What Rubio Should Have Told Wall Street - James Pethokoukis, AEI Ideas
Sequestration, Tea Party Conspiracy? - Robert Reich, Salon
Beat the Press: It's Not Just Woodward - Maureen Callahan, New York Post
Marissa Mayer Is Insulting Our Intelligence - Joanna Weiss, Boston Globe
The Ratzinger Legacy - Ross Douthat, New York Times
California Is Becoming a Feudal Society - Conn Carroll, DC Examiner
The Strange Power of Les Mis, the Book - Paul Berman, The New Republic

Mitt Romney says it 'kills' him not to be president, admits he made mistakes during campaign(NYP)
Romney admits his 47 percent comment was a "very unfortunate statement"
 Why the Oscars Were So Bad - Robert Tracinski, RealClearPolitics
Arab Spring & the Scary Hidden Stressor - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
The Fantasy Vocabulary of "Arab Spring" Devotees - Andy McCarthy, NRO
Obama's Double-Talk on Campaign Finance - David Rohde, The Atlantic
What's Next for Ben Carson? - Mark Davis, Townhall
This Story Stinks: The "Comments" Effect - Brossard & Scheufele, NY Time

The Best Hope for Detroit - Detroit News

Dennis Rodman ‘Won’t Apologize’ For ‘My Friend’ Kim Jong Un’s Murderous Regime: ‘We Do The Same Thing Here’

A Carbon Tax Would Break the Logjam - Washington Post
Jack Lew's Convenient Memory Hole - New York Post
As the Cuts Hit Home - New York Times 
Boehner tells Meet The Press there is no easy way to stop the "sequester" budget cuts 


Here's Who Is Really to Blame for Sequestration(Atlantic)

Budget cuts begin as prez & GOP’s talks fail(NYP)
Sequester Time: Obama Signs Order(Newser)
As Cuts Arrive, Parties Pledge to Call Off Budget Wars(NYT)
Poison Pill Politics(NYT)
Singing the Sequester Soap Opera(NYT)
Obama's Government-by-Fake-Disaster Movie - Mark Steyn, Natl Review
This Entire Mess Is the GOP's Fault - Charles Blow, New York Times
DC in 3 Words: Dumb, Arbitrary, Inexcusable - Ron Fournier, Natl Journal
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Bob Woodward Throws an Interception - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
All the President's Unaccountable Men - Linda Chavez, New York Post
The World Didn't End, But Sequester Is Still Scary - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Obama Badly Overplayed His Hand on Cuts - Joe Scarborough, NY Times

The Threat to Republicans - Charlie Cook, National Journal
To Create Growth, Unleash the Invisible Foot - Reihan Salam, Reuters
Hannity-Ellison Spat Shows Our Broken Discourse - Howard Kurtz, CNN
The Lonely Lives of White House Reporters - James Taranto, WSJ
America's Nastiest Political Blood Feud - Garry Wills, NY Review of Books
Feminine Mystique at 50 - Cathy Young, RealClearPolitics
Stuck in the Past on Voting Rights - George Will, Washington Post
Breaking Down the Budget Mess - Steven Rattner, New York Times
Hoping for Armageddon Is Not Leading - Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post
Republicans warn Obama has poisoned relations with his campaign-style events
As the Cuts Hit Home - New York Times
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Can Illinois Afford This Union Deal? - Chicago Tribune
Governor Snyder Had No Other Choice - Detroit News
GOP Creamed in New Polls Over Sequester Battle
Boehner: No reason to block Keystone XL pipeline(CBS)
GOP Creamed in Budget Polls (Daily Beast)
GOP Creamed in Budget Polls
Romney steps back onto the national stage(Huff Post)
Kathleen Parker: Why the ‘threat’ on Bob Woodward matters.(Wash Post)
The White House Joins the Cash Grab(NYT)
GOP Creamed in New Polls Over Sequester Battle


Washington PostWashington Post Cuts Important Job(Huff Post).A reader representative for The Post  Unlike ombudsmen in the past, the reader representative will be a Post employee. The representative will not write a weekly column for the page but will write online and/or in the newspaper from time to time to address reader concerns, with responses from editors, reporters or business executives as appropriate.Washington Post Ombudsman Signs Off(Huff Post)

The Herald Tribune, my first love.(New Yorker)

NYT cancels Green blog(Columbia Jounalism Review) No explanation from editors following surprise announcement

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 8.40.56 AM The Biggest Cable News Fights Of The Month: February 2013

Bill Maher And Panel Go After CPAC For Rejecting Chris Christie In Favor Of Gingrich And Palin



Obama’s 'Jedi mind meld' reference ridiculed by sci-fi fans (NYP)

The Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: FLOTUS At The Oscars, Gibbs On MSNBC, Trump On Twitter And More

A sequester, a FLOTUS surprise & an assemblyman in blackface: Top political photos of the week


At Vatican, Cardinal Dolan Urges Catholics to Look Beyond the Conclave (NYT)

Law and Order

To Stem Juvenile Robberies, Police Trail Youths Before the Crime(NYT)

NYC taxpayers paid a half-billion dollars last year for slip-and-falls, other lawsuits(NYP)

Community Mourns Parents To-Be Who Died in Williamsburg Crash(DNAINFO)

Dead man in a barrel(NYP)

Friends and family mourn 6-year-old Harlem boy run down on way to school at funeral(NYP)

Cannibal Cop
Online pal of 'cannibal cop' denies ever eating human flesh (NYP) The British nurse arrested after “mentoring” accused New York cannibal cop Gilbert Valle yesterday denied having ever basted — or tasted — human flesh, despite Internet boasts that he’d feasted on two women and a young child. * Ruses Used by F.B.I. Are Recounted in Cannibal Case(NYT) * Judge To Decide Whether To Let Jury See Disturbing Images Found On Computer Of Accused "Cannibal Cop"(NY1)
* ‘Cannibal Cop’ addicted to death fetish website: FBI ag (NYDN) * Cannibal Cop Seemed Like a Regular Cop at Work(NY Mag) * Cannibal’ has bone to pick(NYP) * Cannibal cop’ may take the stand(WPIX)

  Maniac son’s horrifying pic (NYP) This is the horrifying photograph that accused killer Bahsid McLean snapped of himself holding up his slain mom’s head. * Son who allegedly chopped up mom's body took photo of himself holding her head(NYP)

Brawlers bash innocent teen with brick at Queens parade(NYP)

Officer Stabbed in Head in ’12 Gets Praise and a Promotion(NYT)

Prison Break In
Rikers jail ‘imposter’ who moved inmates between cells busted: sources(NYP) * Ex-con accused of sneaking back into NYC jails(Fox 5) * 340-lb. imposter uses fake ID to waltz into Rikers: sources(NYP)


Mobster files 'affidavit of poverty(NYDN)

Outside Box, Federal Judges Offer Addicts a Free Path(NYT)
Former Dot-com Millionaire Guilty of Selling Drugs(NYT)
Queens Police Officer Charged With Soliciting A Prostit (WCBS)
Officer arrested for trying to patronize a prostitute(WABC)
 Police Officer Stabbed in Head Promoted to Detective(SNAINFO)
Policeman Who Shot Innocent Bronx Bodega Worker During Robbery Not Charged (NY1)
Body found in barrel in Harlem, police looking at person (NYDN)
Body found in 55-gallon drum in Harlem(Fox 5)
Policeman Who Shot Innocent Bronx Bodega Worker During Robbery To Not Face Charges - See more at:

Thugs posed as cops to rob Brooklyn home: police(NYP)
Cops: 2 NYC men wanted for impersonating police(WSJ)