Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Staten Island GOP Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Media Cover Up

The Real Election is Hidden From the Public
A Coup D'etat of A Coup D'etat? Plus Another Coup D'etat?

A Fifth Column Appears on Staten Island the city's most conservative borough and the media does not notice. Also missed by the media is the commissioners Coup D'etat at the Board of Elections which is causing the GOP Coup D'etat on who runs the Staten Island GOP.  

A Democrate Mayoral Candidate has Not Carried SI in Generations . . . Yet Molinaro endorses a registered conservative endorsed Quinn and other SI GOP Leaders Behind Closed Doors are Pulling Strings to Help Her Candidacy . . . Where Are the Reporter Asking Why?
Quinn's very skill full team is using a scandal which could have been blamed on the speaker and the council for not doing its job under the election law to confirm BOE commissioner has turned this protential scandal around to make major political gains on Staten Island. Former GOP Chairman Bob Scamardella who was expected to support Lhota cited disagreements with some of the borough’s Republican elected officials — particularly Councilman James Oddo — as the reason for his decision to step down now.

Is Molinaro A Closet Liberal?
Not One Reporter Has Asked the City's Highest Elected Conservative Why He Endorsed Liberal Quinn Who is Pro Chooice and Pro Gays Marrage?

Team Lhota will have to Make the SI GOP Leaders Afraid of Voter Backlash is they Try to Had to Help Quinn

A Little Loyality Lunch

Lunch today with : informative, productive and more than a couple of laughs

Political Corruption

When he was Bronx BP, NYC mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion went to bat for a major developer who had arranged to provide an architect for renovations to Carrion’s home.
Pay to Play Carrion
New York City mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrión helped a major developer win approval for an apartment and retail space project while serving as Bronx Borough President in exchange for providing an architect to make renovations to Carrión’s home, the News reports. (NYDN)  Unsealed Department of Investigations report says Carrion helped to get a $300 million residential and retail project moving by arranging an "urgent" meeting with two city agencies after the developer had complained to him.

What Happen to Carrion Pal Peter Fine 2009 FBI Investigation?
Common Cause/NY Responds to Daily News Exclusive about Adolfo Carrion & Peter Fine In response to today's Daily News report about Adolfo Carrion's relationship with developer Peter Fine, Common Cause/NY Executive Director, Susan Lerner, released the following statement:The public should be deeply concerned about revelations in today's Daily News that Adolfo Carrion intervened with city agencies on behalf of a developer, Peter Fine of Atlantic Development Group, who provided him with an architect. Although Carrion has paid a fine for his inappropriate relationship with the architect, the incident highlights the persistent problem of pay to play in our political culture.City raids office of builder who donated campaign money to Obama (2009) * Meet State Dems' Developer Donor, Peter Fine | Observer * Atlantic Development Criminal Investigation Probe(2009) * Carrión Is Fined $10,000 for Conflict Over Architect -

The Latino Vote
Carrion, Thompson, and the Democratic loyalty of Latino voters(Capital)
Last week, independent mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion told reporters he had warned Latino elected officials about being "taken for granted" by the Democratic Party

WFP Tries to Kill Subpoenas
The Working Families Party is asking an appellate court to quash a broad subpoena and remove a special district attorney from the matter, arguing that the prosecutor was illegally appointed and lacks authority. 

Campaign 2013

 NYC's Mayoral Candidates Promise Disney Dollars

At a transit-union-sponsored mayoral debate last week, not one Democrat said the MTA should cut costs. Instead, they insisted, the MTA should get more cash — from fantasyland.

Quinn and de Blasio Know the Commuter Tax is Dead

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and former city Comptroller Bill Thompson said the state should reinstate the commuter tax on people who live outside the city. (It was killed in the Pataki years thanks to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, with the rest of Albany going along.) Whatever your philosophical thoughts about the commuter tax, it’s not going to happen, as Independence Party Adolfo Carrion noted (and Lhota later agreed).  Quinn can “wage a campaign” for the tax, but Gov. Cuomo isn’t going to sock Long Islanders for her.

Has de Blasio Ever Heard of the Washington Sequestration
Public Advocate Bill De Blasio wanted the feds to pay.

Washington Cuts Vs John Liu
The president has already released prisioners, says policeman will be laid off, 200,000 troops laid off and longer airport delays.  Yet NYC mayoral candidates always say the money can be found in a budet that is not trillions like the feds but billions*
About 280,000 students could lose federal support to pay for college as a result of the sequester(Huff Post) Comptroller John Liu wanted corrupt contractors to pay — but at least he said the city should rethink its budget from the first dollar up to pay for more transit, rather than give agencies more money every year.  

  32BJ SEIU 32BJ SEIU@32BJ_SEIU Mayoral Debate
Bill de Blasio comes out strong, attacking Christine Quinn on living wage and sick pay right off the bat. * . starts forum by saying has continued corporate welfare in * . immediately goes after , calling living wage "watered down" & demanding paid sick leave vote, and gets applause * Christine Quinn defends record, says prevailing wage/living wage bills will be an "enormous" benefit to low-income New Yorkers.*

de Blaisio: income inequality is the top issue in New York. We need paid sick days tells Quinn to allow a vote. City needs a new deal.* 90-second limit on candidate answers is tripping up all the candidates. They're getting cut off and not looking pleased. * The bloomberg administration has failed the majority of the people in the city of new york," says bill thompson * Thomson. Bloomberg has failed the vast majority of New Yorkers. Brining in big business but not creating good jobs for New Yorkers. We need real living wage legislation, in NYC, and policies that hold private sectors’ feet to the fire.   * Allon goes easy on Bloomberg Jabs Quinn on sick days "we are creating jobs for people not in our City" * Piling on on paid sick leave continues with : "Her answer to me is not believable." * No research that shows sick leave bill is detrimental to the economy, John Liu said. * Thompson also attacks cablevision and supports the fired workers * . hits back at , saying his criticism of Cablevision proves he's not beholden to $ * Asked where she got most of her campaign donations, says a "mix of folks across the city"   *

Asked where he got most of his donations, de blasio claims they have a "strong outer-boro character" . says he doesn't accept donations from and those that do biz with * Liu: I don't take money from wall st. Yet I'm under investigation by FBI. This forum is turning into a brawl. Quinn looks very uncomfortable * . says she has no definitive measure to decide when the economy is strong enough for bill. * De Blaisio. Tax the rich for early education. Don't outsource jobs. * Bill Thompson says we have to make sure workers are paid fair and decent salaries, responding to question * Bill Thompson said Mayor Bloomberg is leaving the next mayor with a "ticking time bomb." He's referring to the lack of employee contracts. * Sal at on retroactive pay: I believe that we can balance the budget and pay workers fairly!* In NYC, we need a minimum wage of $11.50 * Quinn and de Blasio and Thompson prefer a lower minimum wage of $9 an hour   * John Liu is winning lots of applause from audience, talking about minimum wage.* De Blaisio. Indiscriminate use of stop and frisk has damaged NYPD's relationship with community. Calls for inspector general for NYPD. Tom Allon says that Bill Bratton and Ray Kelly are "heroes." Says he'd rather have his son frisked than on the streets with guns.* Allon gets booed when he calls ray Kelly and bill Braxton heroes gets huge applause again as he calls for the end of stop-and-frisk. Slams it as racial profiling.. slams again at , this time on housing: "He's made rich people filthy rich"* Tom Allon reminds candidates that a month ago they all called for NYCHA chair John Rhea to step down - yet he is still in office.

Watch this week's Daily News mayoral forum on education? Here:

Mayoral Candidates Should Be Asked When They Want to Cut Fines How Many Cops and Teachers Do You Want to Lay Off?
Subway stupidity(NYP) Mayoral wannabes’ dim ideas With subway fares and bridge tolls going up (again), mayoral candidates see an opportunity to bash rival Joe Lhota. Fair enough: Lhota was in charge of the MTA ’till last month. But it’s pandering unless someone suggests how the state-run MTA can cut costs instead. Catsimatidis gleefully took his chance Monday. Standing at the Verrazzano Bridge, he slammed Lhota for raising tolls “on the way out the door.” Catsimatidis proposed a 10-year freeze in bridge and tunnel prices. Catsman is fighting Lhota for the GOP ticket. Republicans live on Staten Island and in south Brooklyn — and they drive. If Catsimatidis wants to freeze tolls, he’s got to get the MTA to cut $233 million out of the budget in two years’ time — and deal with the MTA’s $333 million in other deficits. Health-care costs for subway and bus workers alone are rising $197 million a year, to $1.2 billion annually by 2015.* Lhota defends MTA hikes(NYDN)

Quinn Treads Delicately With Bloomberg Relationship Ahead Of Possible Mayor Run (NY1)* Irish American mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn leads Democrats in latest primary poll | Irish News | IrishCentral* . calls for a sense of "urgency" on building sea walls for New York, reports

Georger McDonald
 In the News, George McDonald, a Republican New York City mayoral candidate and founder of The Doe Fund, argues that the city’s campaign finance system prevents a politician of modest means from running a competitive campaign: 

John Catsimatidis
Catsimatidis indicates he wants Independence Party. Says about : "I read the Daily News, we will see what happens." 

de Blasio
Bill de Blasio arranged for parent bloggers to meet his celebrity supporter, Cynthia Nixon. [Twitter]

A Mayoral Campaign Fueled by the Religious, Conservative Wing of the NYC Democratic Party(NYO)

Donovan Richards Emerges As Clear Winner In Special Queens Council Election(NY1)
Contentious City Council race finally comes to an end(NYDN)

"Noah Gotbaum drops out for public advocate, joins Council race"(Capital)

A Political Local Newspaper

 Soviet Queens Pravda

A New York World review of campaign finance records and endorsements found that of the 15 candidates who purchased services from Multi-Media Advertising in competitive races for amounts exceeding $1,000, 11 also received a public endorsement from the Tribune in that race.

In queens the local newspaper, the political machine and government all work together.  The paper do not preform the role of checks and balances that Founding Father envisioned to protect the people from the government and ensure a working democracy.  Instead Queens local newspapers have gamed journalism to operate as a co-machine in Queens.  They work in campaigns and are lobbyist to the same elected officials they help elect or reelect.  The papers operate as the house organ for the Democratic  party to controling who becomes gets elected or becomes a judge in Queens county.  The judges in turn send the legal ads worth tens of thousands dollars to the local papers.

NYC Government

Vendor Fines
City Council Passes Bill That Lowers Maximum Vendor Fines(NY1)
Fines reduced for sidewalk-crowding vendors(NYDN)

Bikes Vs Driver in Crown Heights
Bikers, drivers feud about parking in Crown Hts.(NYDN)
Soda and Foam Ban

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, 69 percent of New York City voters approve of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on foam food and drink containers, but 51 percent oppose his ban on large sugary drinks: *Cuomo rejected Mayor Bloomberg’s call for the state to to extend the NYC’s big soda ban to grocery stores, including 7-Elevens, which are outside the mayor’s control. * Black voters overwhelmingly sour on Bloomberg's sugary drink (WCBS)

The New York City Council voted overwhelmingly to pass two bills that would restrict the city’s cooperation with federal authorities on deporting immigrants, with Bloomberg expected to sign both bills into law, The New York Times writes:

Living Wage
RWDSU's Stu Appelbaum: NYC's living wage law now covers 6,000 workers

NYS Government

On Time Budget Expected
State lawmakers are confident that a budget will get passed on time for the March 31st deadline, though questions remain over two controversial issues: the state minimum wage hike and the process of siting new casinos, the Times-Union writes

Minimum Wage
Senate Democrats are calling for a vote on a minimum-wage hike to $9 an hour in New York, saying there’s sufficient support to pass it and there’s no reason to delay. Said GOP Senate Leader Dean Skelos: “We still haven’t made a decision as to whether expanding the minimum wage is doing to be counterproductive to job creation.”* Grocery Workers Union Pushes IDC On Minimum Wage(YNN)

There’s talk of taking the minimum wage boost and casino gambling expansion out of the budget to facilitate a swift – and early – deal.  A cautionary tale for New York? Casinos that were supposed to be a revenue panacea for New Jersey are now failing financially.

Gov. Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced that there would be no major changes made to the state’s recently enacted gun control law, save for a possible exception for Hollywood productions on the assault weapons ban, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports * With half the state’s counties passing resolutions denouncing the SAFE Act, officials are considering “technical corrections” to the measure to ensure newly banned weapons can still be used in movies and TV shows filmed in the state. * Gun-Rights Advocates Push Full Repeal, But Don’t Count On That In Legislature(YNN)

Mental Health 
In order to save money, Cuomo wants to be able to close an undetermined number of state-run psychiatric hospitals, with lawmakers and unions expressing their concern over the lack of detail in the plan, the Times-Union writes: * Cuomo’s budget calls for closing an as-yet undetermined number of state-run psychiatric centers. Lawmakers and unions say the lack of detail in the plan is troubling.

The next chief executive of the New York Racing Association will be offered a $550,000 compensation package after Compensation Committee Chairman Vincent Tese recommendd the package during a NYRA board meeting, the Times-Union writes:

Fired DOT Worker
The Daily Freeman‘s editorial board more or less declared war on Governor Andrew Cuomo over the controversy surrounding a fired Department of Transportation worker. “Don’t ever, ever step into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spotlight. If you do, he’ll see that you pay,” the publication wrote. “In Universe Cuomo, disasters aren’t primarily events of unfathomable human suffering. No, in Universe Cuomo, tragedies primarily aren’t about people at all, but, rather, about limitless political opportunity for Star Andrew.”

Finance Reform
Bill Samuels wants the governor to release his campaign finance reform plan “immediately.” Twenty-five years ago, on February 29, 1988, Mayor Ed Koch signed the New York City Campaign Finance Act into law.


Public hearing on Tuesday was last stand for Lehman High School supporters as school phases out (NYDN)
One of the last of the Bronx' large high schools is failing and unsafe, says DOE official * Parents in uproar over plans to add middle school to PS 122 in Astoria (NYDN) PS 122 would also see enrollment in its popular gifted and talented middle school program reduced; parents mulling lawsuit

Free School Breakfast for All
Classroom Breakfast Policy Is Challenged(WSJ) The push for free breakfast inside New York City classrooms has gained a powerful ally in U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who came to Manhattan in support of a policy Mayor Michael Bloomberg has resisted.

NY1 Exclusive: PCB Leaks Reported At 366 City Schools(NY1) 

Teacher Evaluations
City Still Plans $250M Education Cuts Despite Injunction(NY1)

Challenge Rises To Mulgrew At UFT(UFT)
The UFT's charter school is drawing complaints because it's "set to move into a public space where it's not welcome." [Geoff Decker]

Student Walks Out of School
Boy Walks Out of School, No One Notices He's Missing(NBC)

DOE Prepares For Change To Common Core Curriculum (NY1)

Board Warns Teacher for Having Two Jobs in the Same School (NYT)
NYU Expansion

Nice park if you can get it(NYP) Not In My Back Yard naysayers who constitute the “Stop NYU” campaign. They include, most famously, Broadway star Matthew Broderick, who pines for the “different and quirky” Greenwich Village of his youth.

Bronx Mail

Mailroom in Bronx Functions as a Postal Lifeline to Poorer Neighborhoods(NYT) James Brannigan is the keeper of a mailroom that ensures that crucial documents get where they belong in neighborhoods where delivery has long been imperiled.* In South Bronx, Legal Aid and Shoulders to Lean On(NYT)

Foreclosure Increase

More foreclosures = more crime(Queens Crap)
From the NY Observer: New York City has, in many ways, been spared the worst ravages of the foreclosure crisis. A city of renters, where single family homes are the exception rather than the norm and co-op and condo boards regularly turn their noses up at perfectly decent financial packages, we have avoided the magnitude of problems suffered by many other American cities. But foreclosures have still troubled the city—and often indirectly. For example, many renters in overleveraged multi-family properties suffered when landlords fell behind on payments and ceased to conduct maintenance. And where foreclosures have hit New York, they have also been tied to increases in crime, according to a new report by NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate & Urban Policy.
Fire Island
This Summer, Fire Island Isn’t the Place to Bare All(NYT)Instead of turning their heads, rangers patrolling the beaches will enforce a New York ban on public nudity, the National Park Service says.

Worlds Fair Amphitheater

Officials Plan Amphitheater At Site Of Abandoned Astoria Park Pool(NY1)

As Casinos Ail, New Jersey Tries New Ways to Bet(NYT) The Revel casino and resort in Atlantic City, which opened last year, has announced it is entering bankruptcy. This week, New Jersey legalized Internet gambling. New Jersey is among states that are trying to tap into the money that is already flowing to the black market or offshore betting companies, and to entice more Web gamblers to an actual casino.* N.J. Gambles on Revenue in Online Bets(WSJ)


PATH to resume weekend World Trade Center service(WSJ) * PATH To Restore Weekend Service Between WTC, Exchange Place For First Time Since Sandy(NY1) * Rockaway groups calling for farmers markets following Sandy(NYDN) * PATH to resume weekend World Trade Center service(Fox 5)* Staten Island's Project Hospitality receives 25Gs for Sandy (SI Staten) * "doctors in the area are predicting [a] Superstorm Sandy baby boom this summer."  * Marshals Track Down Sex Offenders Displaced by Sandy(NBC) *  Lower Manhattan Business Leaders Optimistic About Area's Sandy Recovery 
* Wheelchair-Bound Girl Remains Trapped In Apartment 4 Months After Sandy Hit


Where the concert money went(Queens Crap)

From NBC 4: Some of the biggest names in music, from the Rolling Stones and The Who to Roger Waters and Paul McCartney, came together for the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief to raise millions of dollars. The money went to its organizer, the nonprofit Robin Hood Foundation, but since then many victims of the storm have been asking where the money went. 


Exiting Fifth Avenue Station, Subway Riders Find a Trap(NYT)
* Before a Fare Increase, Squeezing Every Cent Out of Your MetroCard 
Before a Fare Increase, Squeezing Every Cent Out of Your MetroCard(NYT)

Chinatown Buses

An Echo of Real Journalism

Obama draws Bob Woodward’s ire for keeping warships at home because of cuts (NYP) WASHINGTON — Legendary journalist Bob Woodward yesterday slammed President Obama for exhibiting a “kind of madness” when he delayed sending a Navy warship to the Persian Gulf because of deep spending cuts set to hit tomorrow.*  BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret'What I'm Doing(Business Insider) * What the Hell Happened to Bob Woodward?(NY Mag) * Why is Bob Woodward urging the president to break the law? (Atlantic)
* Obama henchman David Plouffe: Bob Woodward should be put out to pasture * Bob Woodward once tried to pressure a young journalist not to include a quote in his book. * WATCH: Former White House spokesman says Gene Sperling meant to threaten Bob Woodward(Politico)

Tina Brown

Bob Woodward still rules when taking on the . Bob, you rock!   

Note to Bob Woodward--Obama wandering the White House halls late at night talking to portraits of Martin Van Buren re Sequester


Is the NYT Hitting Bloomberg Because They are Afraid He Wants to Buy Their Paper

Magazine cover about the U.S. housing rebound draws claims of racism(NYT)

POLL: Only 6% Rate News Media as Very Trustworthy...
Parties Focus on the Positive as Budget Cuts Draw Near(NYT) * Jockeying Stalls Deal on Spending Cuts(WSJ)
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin pondering reelection
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The GOP's Cynical Slog Strategy - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Obama Has Lost All Credibility on Sequester - Conn Carroll, DC Examiner
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Media Powerful Ally in Fight Against Cuts - Richard Benedetto, USA Today
WH Warned Me "You Will Regret Doing This" - Bob Woodward, CNN
Woodward at War - Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei, Politico
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Rahm on the Ropes - Rick Perlstein, The Nation
Bullying Is Bad, Govt Fixes Are Worse - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics

Does WH Claim It Can Kill on U.S. Soil? - Orange County Register
Scalia's Contempt of Congress - Washington Post
More Sequester Lies - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Snub by CPAC a Badge of Honor for Christie - New Jersey Star-Ledger 
GOP and Democratic sequester bills both fail in Senate (Wash Post)
Bradley Manning pleads guilty to misusing classified data in WikiLeaks case (NYDN)
“If Republicans had any brains they’d stay away from CPAC,” said Rep. Pete King, who also believes voting against Sandy aid should “disqualify anybody for president.”
King can’t believe Sen. Marco Rubio has the “balls” to raise campaign cash on Wall Street after voting “no” on Sandy aid.
Despite looming sequester cuts set to take effect at the end of the week, House Speaker John Boehner found time to scold lawmakers on their questionable work attire.
The Obama administration will urge the US Supreme Court to rule that voters in California were not entitled to ban same-sex marriage there, according to an administration official.
Woodward to Hannity: "The biggest story in Washington now is the town itself."
5 False Assumptions Political Pundits Make - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
The Sequester Soap Opera Script - Kevin O'Brien, Cleveland Plain Dealer
What the Hell Happened to Bob Woodward? - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
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Chief Justice Out to End Affirmation Action - Jeffrey Toobin, CNN
Cries of Racism Cloud Real Issues in Court - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
The Harlem Shake & the End of Creativity - Michael Comeau, Minyanville

Voting Right Act

Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices(NYT) * Congress’s Power to Protect the Vote(NYT Ed) The Supreme Court should respect the 2006 renewal of the Voting Rights Act and Section 5. * Voting Act Under Scrutiny(WSJ) * Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Voting Rights Act(NY1)


Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.* Benedict XVI Formally Ends His Papacy and Leaves Vatican(NYT)

Gun Fights

Bloomberg is using his money to build a national footprint for himself after he leaves City Hall

Newtown victim’s father weeps during testimony at Senate committee hearing on assault-weapons ban(NYP) * Gun-Control Advocate’s Victory in Illinois Is Also One for Bloomberg(NYT) * Movie Exception for New Gun Law(NYT) * Bloomberg Plays Bigger National Role(WSJ) * County Weighs Bill to Take Guns From Psych Patients(WSJ) * Cuomo Moves to Save Props From Assault-Weapon Ban (WSJ)* In Washington, Mayor Bloomberg highlighted the $2 million he spent on a victorious pro-gun control candidate in a special election in Illinois and huddled with Vice President Joe Biden and top senators over gun control, The New York Daily News reports * “Is it a harbinger of things to come? I think so,” Bloomberg said of his Super PAC’s victory in a congressional special election in Illinois.* Gun Rally Hits Capitol(YNN) * NRA President David Keene on Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “(He’s) willing to sacrifice your rights as citizens and the prerogatives of this legislature on the altar of his own ambition and on the ego of Michael Bloomberg.”Pro-gun control organizations released a video in support of the SAFE Act as a response to today’s pro-gun rights rally. Lots of creative signs on display outside the Capitol today. Mayors Against Illegal Guns formally endorsed a ban on high-capacity magazines under consideration in Washington.* Opponents To Cuomo’s Gun Control Legislation Descend On Albany(NY1)

Law and Order

Daughters of slain NYPD cop Peter Figoski will speak at killer's sentencing(NYP)

Cannibal cop plotted with goat-slaughtering 'butcher' to kill wife: feds(NYP) * Cannibal Case Focuses on the Line Between Intent and Fantasy(NYT) * Many Emails in Case Seen as 'Fantasy'(WSJ) * "Cannibal Cop" Emails Focus Of Day Three Testimony(NY1) * FBI agent testifies that 'Cannibal Cop's' cohort offered suspect $5,000 to find him a woman he could rape and murder(NYDN)* Online friend 'Moody Blues' arrested in UK for child porn in connection with NY case(NYP)  * Prosecutors Try to Bolster Core Idea in Cannibal Case(NYT)

Rabbi Who Served Prisoners Is Sentenced to Spend 45 Days as One(NYT)

Surgery in skull horror(NYP)

Bronx mother-murder suspect posed with mom's severed head: sources(NYP) * NYPD: Son, Friend Charged In Bronx Mom's Gruesome Death(NY1) * Held without bail for alleged mom slay after facing judge in plastic garbage bag(NYP) * Detective's Killer Offers No Apology As He Gets 45 Years To Life In Prison (NY1)

S.I. man attacks wife with iPad(NYDN)
City pols honor Central Park Five (NYP)* Critics Say City Should Pay the Wrongly Convicted(NYT)
Man Has Broken Wrist After Violent Brooklyn Robbery(NBC)
Awaiting End to New York City’s Silence in Central Park Jogger Case (NYT)
Police Officer’s Killer Sentenced to 45 Years to Life(NYP)

Subway push gal fires family attorney, found fit for trial again(NYP)
Woman Twice Found Fit to Stand Trial in Subway Push(WSJ)

Psychic pleads not guilty to fraud(NYDN)

Times Sq. subway groping (NYP) Police are searching for a man suspected of brazenly groping a woman in a crowd in the busy Times Square subway station Tuesday afternoon