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The Independence Party Cult is Driving the Mayor's Race and Nobody Notices

Campaign 2013

What is Not Getting Any Play In the Media is How Carrion Running in November Affects the Race

Will A Cult Party Run From the Grave Control the Keys to City Hall By Spitting the Democratic Vote in Nov.?
Carrión snags Indie backing(NYP) The Independence Party officially endorsed former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión for mayor, but Carrión hopes to use the endorsement to convince the city’s Republican leaders to let him enter the Republican primary for mayor, the News reports * “Today the Independence Party gave New Yorkers a real choice. I will not let you down,” former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión declared before about 50 of the party’s delegates in SoHo’s Scholastic Book Store yesterday. Mr. Carrión, of course, had just received the party’s official backing and will head into a likely three-way race. In an email oddly sent from a state assembly email account, Mr. Carrión may have indicated he’ll formally announce his campaign on the 26th. The rally looks to be on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.
Independence Party Is Really A Cult (True News)
More on Carrion (True News)

Steinem No Sick Pay Bill No Quinn Support
Steinem’s Support for Quinn as Mayor Depends on Sick-Leave Bill(NYT)  Gloria Steinem said that she would withdraw her support for Christine C. Quinn in the New York City mayor’s race if Ms. Quinn did not allow a vote on sick-leave legislation. Steinem said she would withdraw her support for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in her bid for mayor if Quinn did not allow a vote for paid sick-leave legislation, which Quinn has blocked
Headline of the Day: “Quinn Says Council Members’ Worry Over Funding Revenge Is ‘Ridiculous.’”

Lhota: Bloomberg's Overspending Will Cause Future Budget Crisis
In an interview, New York City Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said that government spending was “out of control” under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and called out the Democratic candidates for their lack of management experience, The New York Post writes: The next mayor of NYC is going to face a budget crisis because government spending during Bloomberg’s tenure spiraled “out of control,” according to Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota.  is fundraising on Twitter. Ask is twenty bucks:  * Republican NYC mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota may have spent a year running the MTA, but he won’t be attending a mayoral forum to debate transit issues tomorrow.

The Orthodox Showing In Far Rockaway May Revisit Debate For Runoffs in Local Elections
Orthodox Rock Council Race(WSJ)A little-noticed special election for City Council in the southeast corner of Queens produced a surprising result Tuesday night, as an Orthodox Jewish candidate emerged with a chance to capture a district that is 71% black.* Special Queens Council Race Too Close To Call(NY1) * Southern Queens City Council race too close to call(NYDN) Update: scanner was damaged during delivery to poll site, never even used and no votes scanned. Vote totals will be unchanged.* Richards said he has seasoned election litigator Henry Berger, who's represented everyone from The Clintons to former Mayor David Dinkins, on “speed dial” if needed. And a source within Osina’s camp said they will retain Jerry Goldfeder, a prolific author on election law who lectures at University of Pennsylvania and Fordham Law Schools (and no, is not related to the assemblyman).* If You Found The Richards-Osina CD31 Fight Exciting, Wait Until... The Court Battle?(NYDN)

The District Attorney race in Brooklyn has attracted some high profile donors, including comedian Chris Rock and actor Denzel Washington for candidate Kenneth Thompson, actor Chris Noth for Abe George, and Donald Trump for incumbent Charles Hynes, the News writes:

The Brooklyn Daily previewed a list of attacks against newly-minted congressional candidate Domenic Recchia, including not only his Brooklyn residence but his past affiliation with Assemblyman Vito Lopez and his previous interest in running for other offices. “I say bring him on!” said Jerry Kassar, the borough’s Conservative Party chairman. “Voters will have to choose between a strong incumbent and a challenger who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and has shown absolutely no evidence of competence in national issues.” Your Free Press: IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE ... * Politics of Quinn, Recchia and Seddio Have Started A War Between the Russian Jews and Southern Brooklyn Orthodox(True News)

A report: How 's admin. drained outer borough biz to fill budget gaps

Bill Thompson: Ray Kelly's "done an excellent job" (Capital)
* Sizing up the Democratic mayoral candidates: de Blasio, Quinn, Thompson, Liu and Weiner (Amsterdam News)

It This for Real?
De Blasio sides with endorser Alec Baldwin against New York Post in racial slur claim 
First, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio complained about the city over-fining small businesses in the outer boroughs. (Capital)

3 City Leaders Squabble Over Fines for Businesses (NYT) The mayor weighed in after an announcement by one Democratic candidate for mayor was pre-empted by another’s. bill was criticized by Bloomberg, her most important political ally, who called it 1 of the stupidest things I've heard* Quinn proposes lower fines for street food vendors(WCBS)



Board of Elections

First Dysfunctional and Corrupt Now A Council Takeover of the BOE GOP City Councilman Now Are Major Players in the City Council
Three of the city's four Republican councilmen -- Oddo, Vincent Ignizio of Brooklyn and Ragusa foe Eric Ulrich of Queens said they got the power to appoint Michel after the county leaders blew a deadline to renominate Stupp.

BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence Timeline(True News)

Political Corruption

Assemblyman Boyland claims poverty in corruption case Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. blew a second deadline issued by Federal Judge Sandra Townes to find a lawyer to defend him on corruption charges, insisting he can’t afford one. The trial is scheduled to begin July 15.

More on Boyland and the Law (True News)

Team Huntley News Stop Jail
Huntley staffers plead guilty to stealing $30K from non-profit  Two cronies of ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley pleaded guilty today to stealing nearly $30,000 in taxpayer funds from a bogus non-profit group founded by Huntley, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced. Huntley last week pleaded guilty.Former Huntley staffer Patricia Savage and Huntley's niece, Lynn Smith, pleaded guilty in Nassau County Supreme Court to the felony of attempted grand larceny in the third degree for pocketing $29,950 in state legislative “member item” funds that Huntley steered to Parent Workshop.Judge Norman St. George is scheduled to sentence Savage, Smith and Gantt later next month. AG Eric Schneiderman secured guilty pleas from the co-defendants in the case of former Sen. Shirley Huntley and her bogus nonprofit Parent Workshop for their roles in an illegal member item theft scheme and a cover-up. 

NYS Government

BREAKING: NY judge blocks state from taking $260m away from NYC schools. Twas a state penalty for NYC & UFT failing to reach a deal on evals* Judge Says State Cannot Withhold Aid to City Schools Over Teacher Evaluation Impasse(NYT)
NYP Pressures Cuomo to Come Up With A Teacher Evaluation Plan That Helps Students and is Not Sunseted
The NY Post wants to know why there’s a sunset date in Cuomo’s plan. Cuomo instructed state officials to impose their own teacher evaluation plan on New York City if the stalemate between the city and the United Federation of Teachers doesn’t end by June. The Post questions a potential “sunset” provision in a bill to be introduced by Gov. Cuomo mandating the New York City and the United Federation of Teachers to agree on teacher evaluations, saying it could force the city to renegotiate with the union each year and open the door for more fights
Cuomo’s sunset strip(NYP) Cuomo yesterday said he’s introducing a bill that will force New York City, finally, to grade its teachers. Now it’ll be up to parents to grade Cuomo: Will his bill truly lead to better educations for their kids? Ultimately, the proof will be in the numbers: Today, barely a few dozen teachers (of some 74,000!) are let go each year for poor teaching — though the state says roughly two-thirds of city kids aren’t prepared for college or a job after four years of high school. New Yorkers will know Cuomo’s measure has teeth when they see more teachers being fired for poor performance.* Plan Would Let State Take Control of City’s Teacher Evaluation System(NYT) * Deadline on Evaluations(WSJ) * State Ed Officials Set To Impose New City Teacher Evaluation System By June(NY1) * Cuomo: State-imposed teacher eval system for city schools (NYDN) * Cuomo will include the teacher evaluation bill in his 30-day budget amendment, to be formally submitted to the Legislature today.* Silver Approves of Cuomo's Teacher Evaluation Proposal: 
* Growing gap betw how urban Dem base sees Cuomo and view of suburban&upstate GOP who've been key to passing his agenda(New Republic ) * Albany Legally Blocked From Cutting $250M From City DOE Budget(NY1)
* NY1 Exclusive: School Community Outraged Over Math Problems
*Albany Legally Blocked From Cutting $250M From City DOE(NY1)

Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke to State Worker Who Talked to the Press(NYT)
The governor seems unconcerned that the state’s overtime costs are going up.Gov. Cuomo: Overtime Might Be Up But Overall Spending Is Under Control(NYDN)

Man with massive arsenal arraigned after threatening Cuomo, Bloomberg, other pols on Facebook(NYP)

Teachers Sue Tax Cap, Says It Interferes With Local School Control
Teachers’ Union Sues Over State’s Tax Cap(NYT) New York State United Teachers filed a lawsuit asserting that a property tax cap, one of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s signature measures, interferes with local control of schools. The New York State United Teachers filed a lawsuit on Wednesday challenging the constitutionality of the state’s property tax cap, asserting that the cap interferes with local control of schools.
NYSUT’s property tax cap lawsuit sets the stage for a protracted legal and political battle that could impact Cuomo (depending on the outcome) when he seeks re-election in 2014.
The lawsuit asserts that the cap interferes with local control of schools, and that a requirement that 60 percent of voters support any override of the limit dilutes the voting power of those who favor exceeding the cap.

Fed Medicaid Takeback $500 Million Overbilling Create Hole in State Budget
$500 Million Chasm Opens in Proposed State Budget(NYT) Washington has changed the way it plans to reimburse New York State for the care of people with developmental disabilities.Cuomo’s state budget proposal now has a $500 million hole because federal officials say the state has been overbilling Medicaid for the institutional care of people with disabilities and will now be reimbursed at a lower rate. A $500 million hole has opened in Cuomo’s proposed budget because of changes in how Washington plans to reimburse the state for the care of people with developmental disabilities.

HOW A MINIMUM WAGE HIKE COULD KEEP THE POOR IN POVERTY: Former Assemblyman Ed Sullivan argues that even if were to include indexing the proposed minimum wage hike would lock the poor into poverty:(City and State)

Abbate Pay to Play Game With Unions
The News chides Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter Abbate for sponsoring seven of the eight proposed bills that would increase retirement benefits for government workers, and blames Cuomo for not advocating for further pension reform: State lawmakers introduced eight bills in one day to enhance the retirement benefits for government workers, which would potentially cost taxpayers $1.35 billion per year, ignoring concerns from state officials over pension costs, The New York Daily News reports * Peter Abbate Jr., State Assembly's chief sponsor of bigger pensions ...(2011, NYP)  State Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr. may have turned a blind eye to runaway pension costs, but he hasn't lost sight of the benefit of befriending powerful unions that have helped to put him atop a $600,000 campaign war chest.

In Wake of Cuomo's Gun Control Poll Drop He Goes Hunting
In the wake of continuing anger by gun owners over the SAFE Act, Cuomo is offering a fig leaf to hunters: cheaper state licenses.

In Wake of Gun Laws, Cuomo's Poll Numbers Drop - Metropolis - WSJ

NY Economy

If ‘Sequester’ Budget Cuts Go Through, White House To Hit New York State Hard


State Aims to Lift Curbs on a Lottery That Beguiles(NYT)Quick Draw, introduced in 1995, contributed $138 million to New York State’s education budget last year.* Cuomo’s proposal to expand Quick Draw has sparked a lively debate.

Poll Shows Opposition To Gambling Expansion Without Specifics(YNNY)


School Buses Roll
School bus firm boots 100-plus matrons after loss of money from strike(NYP) * Amid Confusion, School Bus Drivers Return to Work After Monthlong Strike(NYT) Bus service for New York City students resumed Wednesday, the first of three school days scheduled during what was supposed to be a weeklong winter break. * School Bus Drivers, Matrons Back On The Road(NY1) * The Bus Strike, Phase Two(NYT Ed) School buses are running, but the fight’s not over. The city should not give in to union demands on job protection.

DOE Changes Plan To Co-Locate Transfer School With Charter Elementary School(NY1)
Whites are the least integrated group in NYC public schools:

 Paterson to Join Medical School Faculty(NYT) Former Gov. David A. Paterson will serve as a distinguished professor of health care and public policy at Touro College in Harlem.

Hospital Closing

Temporary Restraining Order Halts Closure Of LICH, Union Says(NY1)* Long Island College Hospital closure plan sent to state(NYDN)
Judge Temporarily Halts Closure Of Long Island City Hospital (NY1)
Judge Stops Plans to Close Long Island College Hospital  (NYT)
Court Temporarily Halts Plan to Close a Brooklyn Hospital(NYT)

TV News Sucks

The Media is Going Crazy on Morrirson But the Real Story is the TV Anchors Partner . . .  Check Out Calvi and the Spanos

.Check Out Calvi and the Spanos. Mary Calvi  Morrirson former TV partner husband, Mike Spano, elected mayor of Yonkers NY in 2011 was a former lobbyist for Bruce Ratner. Her brother in law is a former state senator rip off the government and was convicted of tax fraud.

But First Can anyone Think of One Story Morrirson Broke? 
Morriirson is a newsreader paid $300,000 who is part of dumbing down TV news. TV news down plays the story with little coverage. He is no Baldwin. The NYP has it fun* Anchorman Rob Morrison Claims His Wife Is Actually Abusing Him(NY Mag) Disgraced TV anchor Rob Morrison drowns sorrows at Conn. bar after resigning from CBS(NYP) WCBS-TV Anchor Resigns After Arrest(NYT)* Wife nearly passed out during alleged boozy attack last month by Morrison: cops(NYP) * OFF THE AIR: TV personalities accused in criminal scandals face uphill battle to return to the airwaves(NYDN)

This is Why Local TV News Does Not Cover Political Corruption Ask WCBS TV's Calvi
Mary Calvi  Morrirson former TV partner husband, Mike Spano, elected mayor of Yonkers NY in 2011 was a former lobbyist for Bruce Ratner.  After the county planning board turned down his Ridge Hill project, Ratner hired a former counsel to a powerful Yonkers politician and the city’s Republican chairman. An Assemblyman resigned his seat to take a job with the Ratner’s lobbying firm, which is headed by a former top aide to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. 

That Assemblyman is Michael Spano, who is now the mayor of Yonkers.And the Republican Chairman. Ex-Yonkers Lawmaker, Sandy Annabi, Gets 6-Year Sentence  for being bribed by Ratner lobbyists, including former GOP chairman who was also sentenced Zehy Jereis. Nicholas A. Spano, the brother of Mikeand Calvi brother in law was an influential former state senator from Westchester County, took advantage of an arcane provision in the law to collect roughly $1 million in consulting payments from a politically connected insurance brokerage over 12 years, federal prosecutors said Friday.

The prosecutors said the fees given to Mr. Spano, a Republican, were tied to the awarding of state contracts to the brokerage.The accusations were contained in court papers made public as Mr. Spano pleaded guilty to obstructing the Internal Revenue Service by filing fraudulent tax returns. He admitted that he falsely characterized more than $180,000 of the money that he received from the insurance brokerage through a shell company.

How TV News Dumbs Down Journalism(True News)


 Flexible MetroCard Coming
MetroCards Become More Flexible (NYT) Bus and train riders can now fill their MetroCards with both unlimited-ride time and pay-per-ride dollars, and avoid the need for a second card, which soon will cost $1.*
MetroCards can be converted under new plan(NYDN)


NYC Tourism

Happy With Tourist Influx, City Wants Still More Visitors(NYT)

Mapping The Multi-Lingual Tweets Of New York(Gothamist)


Risk of Flooding Will Not Alter Plan to Preserve 9/11 Remains(NYT)

After Katrina, Stuck in Quagmire of Rule (NYT) As people in the Northeast set off on the road back from Hurricane Sandy, Errol Joseph, with his wife, Esther, sees his story in New Orleans as a cautionary tale.* Cuomo Reveals Plan Designed To Avoid Gas Lines In Aftermath Of Sandy-Like Storms(NY1) *Cuomo proposed a requirement for one third of the state’s gas stations to have a backup generator available within 24 hours of a major outage, after Superstorm Sandy left gas stations in flux because of a lack of power, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle writes: * New Council Bill Would Create Quality Control For Post-Sandy Home Elevations(NY1) * Thieves Swipe Copper from Sandy-Damaged Homes(NBC)* In Wake Of Sandy, Cuomo Proposes Storm Generators For Gas Stations * As three NYC Council members shared a bipartisan proposal for new regulations for home elevations in Sandy-affected areas, Sen. Chuck Schumer said that the state is fighting for a second round of federal funds for long-term solutions to prevent storm damage.* Millions of Dollars Later, Landlords Reopen After Deluge(NYT) Post-Sandy Shelter Program Is Extended By FEMA (NY1) * The state Department of Financial Services is investigating the claims practices of three insurers after Sandy: Narragansett Bay Insurance Company, Tower Insurance Company and Kingstone Insurance Company.* At New York’s request, FEMA has approved a 14-day extension to a program that allows eligible survivors from Sandy who cannot return to their homes to stay in participating hotels or motels.* Andrew Cuomo's Schedules Show Heavy Focus On Post Hurricane Sandy Efforts(NYDN)

Green Push Reaches Barbershops and Bodegas(WSJ)New programs are helping to guide small-business owners across New York City through the process of retrofitting, convincing those who run bodegas and boutiques to make difficult investments in energy-saving technologies.

New York: Don't delay soda ban(NYDN)

NYC’s first “green” food truck sells pizza.

Amid Questions on Ethics, Battle-Tested Senator Digs In(NYT)
Poll: Controversy Weighs on Sen. Menendez(WSJ)
G.O.P. Is Resisting Obama Pressure on Tax Increase(NYT)
White House Tactic for C.I.A. Bid Holds Back Drone Memos(NYT)
U.S. Ups Ante On Corporate Cyberspying(WSJ)

From New York, Focusing a Chicago Race on Guns(NYT)The “super PAC” financed by Michael R. Bloomberg is paying for television ads and mailings aimed at defeating a Democrat running for the House in Illinois because she supports gun rights.* Our M.I.A. Surgeon General(NYT)The current chief doctor could make a name for herself by taking a firm stand on controlling the harmful practices of the food industry. 
NJ ♥s Chris, but likes Hill more(NYP)

Obamatreasury pick Lew has poor memory on NYU loan(NYP) Says he doesn’t remember the terms of a $1.4 million loan he got from NYU when he was an exec there. And he also revealed that he got a one-time “severance payment” when he left in 2006 — though it wasn’t clear if the payment was so he could repay the loan, which would mean it was forgiven by the school.
Experts: Chinese Have Hacked Most of D.C. - Timberg & Nakashima, WP
China at War With U.S. - & We're Not Fighting Back - Ralph Peters, NY Post
Tea Party's Ghost Still Haunts Washington - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
How to Save the GOP - Michael Gerson & Peter Wehner, Commentary
Millions of Voters Orphaned by DC Ruling Class - Angelo Codevilla, Forbes
WH Sees Sequester Cuts as Risk to Economy - Appelbaum & Lowrey, NYT
Sequester Cuts Are Pro-Growth - Larry Kudlow, Investor's Business Daily
The Government Will Grow. Deal With It - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Dems' Flawed, Contradictory Views on Spending - Peter Suderman, Reason
Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us - Steven Brill, Time
The Future of Free-Market Healthcare - Holtz-Eakin & Roy, Reuters
Pecking at Crumbs as Obama Feeds the Locals - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
GOP Struggles to Find Right Candidates - Michael Barone, Wash Examiner
'Hip' Young Republicans Can't Change GOP - Joe Conason, National Memo
Shaky Science Behind Universal Pre-K - Charles Murray, Bloomberg
For Jesse Jackson Jr., the Rules Do Apply - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Hollywood Forgets 9/11 - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
In the three weeks since he has taken over as secretary of state, John Kerry has established himself as the un-Hillary Clinton.
ObamaCare's 'Baby Elephant' - Wall Street Journal
Hello, Unit 61398 - The Economist
Gerrymandering Aided & Abetted Jackson's Corruption - Chicago Tribune
With Axelrod at NBC, the Politicos Become the Press - Investor's Biz Daily
15 GOP senators call for withdrawal of Hagel nomination (Wash Post)
Obamacare Forever(NY Mag) Florida's Republican governor delivers the death blow to the GOP's repeal effort.
Biden tries to rally support for gun control in Conn. speech(NYP)
VP Joe Biden took the administration’s gun control push to Connecticut – home of the Newtown massacre.
Biden Aids Governor in Push for New Gun Laws in Connecticut(NYT)


Soon Bloomberg Will Buy the Old Gray Lady in Its Fire Sale

NYT Selling The Boston Globe(Huff Post)

Today's fire sale The NYT who brought the Boston Globe for $1.1 Billion will get less than $100 million for the paper

Conan Biden Biden Pushes Drugs, Fast Cars And Shotguns In Attempt At Youth Appeal On Conan

Law and Order

$82 Million Fraud Was Staged With Bad Checks, U.S. Asserts(NYT)

NYPD, Microsoft Create Crime-Fighting 'Domain Awareness' Tech System  (Huff Post)



Violent gang preying on passengers at Bronx subway station(NYP)* Cops hunt thugs at Bronx D(NYDN)

Rape bill loses Senate sponsor(Queens Chroncile)

Upstate pregnant jail guard charged in inmate ‘rape’(NYP) * NY cops: Female prison guard had sex with inmate(NYT) * Cops: prison guard pregnant with inmate baby(Fox 5)

Cardinal Dolan Questioned on Sex Abuse Before Trip to Rome(NY Mag)
Dolan deposed in Milwaukee child-abuse cases(NYP) * Lawyers Question New York Cardinal in Milwaukee Suits(NYT) * Dolan Preps for Pope Vote(WSJ)* Dolan to be deposed(NYDN)

Getaway driver in Figoski slaying, Michael Velez, to head to jail for probation violation(NYP)

School janitor gets 20 years for raping 12yo student(NYP)
'Cannibal Cop' defense wants to block texts with wife(NYDN)

Homeless man sues parents for ‘too little love’(NYP)

Judge nix on ‘200G thief’ plea(NYP)


Shooting victims, 1 dead, in Brooklyn vehicle(WSJ)
Shooting claims life of Brooklyn teen(WSJ)
Family of Guardsman Shot by NYPD Plan Lawsuit (WSJ)
Family Of National Guardsman Shot Dead By Police Files Lawsuit Against City(NY1)
Janitor gets 20 years for raping girl(NYDN)
Man killed in Canarsie(NYDN)
Dangerous Heroin Houses Cropping Up In Quiet And Affluent(WCBS)
Police Looking For Suspects Wanted In Bronx Subway Robb (WCBS)
Girl, 8, escapes kidnapper by running into Bronx school(NYP)
90-Year-Old Man Assaulted, Robbed in Bronx Store(NBC)