Friday, February 22, 2013

Bloggers Power Inflation

Bloggers Who Do Not Understand How Politics Recall Works. Who Push Gossip Constantly Looking for Acceptance Empower the Corrupt Party Leaders, Lobbyists and Union by Pushing Their Press Releases?

IF you look at the winning results in past competitive GOP races it makes little differences in who the republican leaders endorse
Brooklyn Republicans Split on Mayoral Endorsements(NYO)

In 2012 Queens GOP leader Phil Ragusa endorsed Wendy Long for US senate over Bob Turner.  Turner beat Long 4,513 to 1,328 in Queens.  The Bronx which has no elected republicans elected officials only was able to get 1099 borough residents to vote in last years senate race.  Bronx GOP leader who supported Turner was only able to give his candidate a 4 vote victory in that borough 450 to 446. Statan Island GOP Leader Guy Molinari and Councilman James Otto were not able to stop Long from winning their 1252 to 1125.  

Party Leaders Emperor's Have No Control Over the Vote
In highly covered races elected officials, lobbyists and union endorsement mean little.  When David Weprin ran against Truner for Weiner seat every union and elected officials were supporting the defeated Weprin.  The same was true when Storobin defeated Fidler for state senate after Kruger whent to jail. When Queens GOP leaders tried to stop Councilman Eric Ulrich with Juan Reyes he not only lost badly in the priamry some say he lost his commissioner at the Board of Elections, when Ulrich got even with him for messing up his Sandy flooded polling sites and other things. Ragusa and he fellow party leaders use the BOE to knock off the few candidates that try to running against their candidates.  What is really going on is what party leaders really use is their is the illusion of inevitability to convince potential candidates not to run in the first place, that their organizational muscle will be too much to overcome. It's bullshit.

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Campaign 2013

Does the NYP Understand How To Win?
Not Only is the NYP Pushing Lhota But They Think He Willl Only Run On One Line, GOP
Team Lhota no doubt will create a new line and organize a petition effort to get on that line.
tHow Lhota could win(NYP) Lhota could be sent to Gracie Mansion by a majority made up of Republicans, independents and the significant chunk of Democrats who aren’t nearly as liberal as their party’s candidates. For Lhota, this is serious, because no Republican in recent memory has been elected without his name appearing on a second line of the election ballot.* Joe Lhota Channels Jimmy McMillan in Front of Brooklyn Conservatives (NYO) * Lhota, Supporters Talk Cash At Midtown Breakfast(NY1)

Mayoral Candidates Have A Secret Jennie to Fund the Budget

Mayoral candidates who have promise new services now promise to cut fines which help pay for current city services still go unchallenged by the media on where the money will come from
“It is a fact the budget has grown 56 percent above the rate of inflation over the last 11 years,” Lhota told The Post this week.

Federal Cuts Adds to City's Budget Problems

The across-the-board federal spending cuts set to take place on March 1st would affect New York on a number of levels, with school districts losing $102.2 million in federal aid and emergency federal aid for Superstorm Sandy victims, Gannett writes: 
What Gov. Cuomo’s Budget Needs(NYT Ed)A distressing hole is one of several concerns about the $142 billion state package for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Bloomberg Throws Pies At de Blasio and Quinn's Plan to Reduce Business Fines 
In a public squabble, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio released a report yesterday detailing the onerous fines on city’s small businesses at the same time that his mayoral rival City Council Speaker Christine Quinn promised to pass a bill capping those fines
3 City Leaders Squabble Over Fines for Businesses(NYT) A barbed back-and-forth involving three of the city’s most powerful elected officials hinted at the emerging fault lines of the 2013 race for mayor. It began around 11 a.m., on the steps of City Hall, when the public advocate, Bill de Blasio, released a scathing report on what he called a systematic campaign to inspect and fine small businesses outside Manhattan. But 30 minutes before Mr. de Blasio took to the podium, Ms. Quinn, another candidate for the Democratic nomination, fired her own, seemingly pre-emptive, shot. Her office issued a surprise news release announcing that, within days, the Council would pass a bill capping the maximum fines against street vendors at $500. But the day’s most biting words came from Mr. Bloomberg — directed not at Mr. de Blasio but at Ms. Quinn, the mayor’s longtime political ally. Upon learning about her plans to cap fines against street vendors, Mr. Bloomberg erupted with dismay, calling it “one of the stupider things I’ve ever heard.”* Candidates, Mayor Tangle Over Business(WSJ) * Mayor, Quinn At Odds Over Vote To Reduce Street Vendor Fines(NY1)

Dumb Mayor Report of the Day
Whose is Jewish?
Well that settles that. All five GOP mayoral candidates are claiming some affinity with Judaism. The list begins with Tom Allon, who is Jewish, and continues with Joe Lhota, who says his mother is Jewish. The chronicling then takes a detour with John Catsimatidis claiming he’s “part Jewish. I mean, call my rabbi!” and Adolfo Carrión explaining that he’s “practically half Jewish by virtue of birth.” George McDonald commented on the issue last night, telling Politicker, “My wife of 25 years, Harriet Carr McDonald, is of the Jewish faith. And her mother, Francis Carr, was an American stenographer at the Nuremberg trials. So we have for many years been acquainted with the human history of the Jewish faith.”

Independence Party Strategist Jacqueline Salit Why Her Party Endorsed Adolfo Carrion? He is A Reformer?
The NY1 reporter Grace Rauh never asks is Carrion splitting the democratic vote in November. The reporter did not ask how much Bloomberg paid the party for its ballot line and for its all stars group.  Independence Party strategist Jackie Salit sat down on Inside City Hall to boost Mr. Carrión. She answered a succinct “no” to this question: “The Independence Party, there’s been some controversy around it. The Daily News recently did a series about raising questions about the voter registration. … There’s been a party leader, Lenora Fulani, who has made in the past remarks that have been deemed antisemitic. Questions about one of the founders, Fred Newman, the therapy that he promoted. Are you worried at all that those are going to be a hindrance to a candidacy like Adolfo Carrión’s?” Reporter Rauh did not press Salit when she said the Daily News had a political agenda.
Independence Party Is Really A Cult (True News)
More on Carrion (True News)

Will Democratic Mayoral Candidates Support Party’s Nominee? Mostly(WSJ)

Conservative Mayoral Endorsment 
Mike Long to pick candidate before GOP primary. Further ballot splitting in Nov? 

Transit Debate
Sal at : My name is Sal Albanese & I'm the only candidate in this race who has laid out a comprehensive transit plan. : "Female decoys" and "gropestat": such are the weighty ideas coming out of this transit forum so far”“: "Female decoys" and "gropestat": such are the weighty ideas coming out of this transit forum so far”Tom Allon emerging at phrase maker. At forum suggests "GropeStat" to chart harassment on subways , like CrimeStat.
Problem with MTA's incessant drive for automation in subways at a time when we know terrorism and public safety is a concern. Cell phone service on subway platforms overdue. Need so people can indeed "Say Something" WHEN they "See Something".* Aides to Joe Lhota say he wasn't invited to transit form. This mayoral transit forum plagued by minor problems. Malfunctioning mics. Crowded small room. Stage on which candidates barely fit. Bill de Blasio now speaking passionately in favor of "anti-grinding" (on the subway) legislation in Albany. Sal at :

To help reduce assaults of operators, I'll add 400 officers to Transit Bureau & restore pre-2010 service Tom Allon floats idea of separating NYPD from transit cops. Under Giuliani they were merged.Echoing Allon, Albanese calls for mayoral control of subways and buses Prioritize cell phone service on subway platforms. It's overdue. Again, need so people can indeed "Say Something" WHEN they "See Something"somebody get NG 2 moderate a forum “: How did transit debate turn into sex-crime-victim-rights forum? blames for fare hike ... not a good call * Sal at : I would introduce a fair tolling plan that could raise $1 billion for mass transit how to pay for it is the q. : Tom Allon says the entire subway needs to be wired with WiFi asap”Sal at : We need to encourage developers to contribute $ to mass transit, as we're doing for the west side right now John Liu, echoing de Blasio, wants more transit funding from the feds Asked about transit funding, Bill de Blasio calls for more money from the feds, which is a very safe political stance. Christine Quinn calls for mayoral control of mass transit, and also a commuter tax * Bill Thompson also reiterates his call for a weight-based vehicle registration fee to support mass transit Bill Thompson, like Quinn, wants the commuter tax back, which, of course, will never happen Shifting even 10% of Transportation Equity Act funds would free up hundreds of billions of $. Key solution to fix transit system in long run Still dumb “: Here's my OpEd from 2011 on how to fix the MTA with weight-based registration fees. * "Bill de Blasio supports the yellow taxi industry and he's taken a lot of money from them": Sal Albanese Bill de Blasio applies his new favorite term, "boroughism," to mass transit Bill de Blasio endorses Jerry Nadler's cross harbor freight tunnel (and makes a bid for Nadler's endorsement?) * Sal at : I'm calling for 20 new Select Bus routes by 2018. What I took from tonight's : & make great Tag Team partners.

Politicians' Aides Rewarded by Community Board for Keeping Quiet(DNAInfo)




Malcolm lived high life off campaign donors(Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger: State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) received more than 86,000 votes in November, which was more than enough to secure him another term in office considering the fact he ran unopposed in 2012. But the lack of competition did not stop the senator from spending more than $100,000 worth of donor’s dollars last year on miscellaneous campaign expenses, including travel, meals and hotel stays, according to state finance records. Lodging in cities such as Philadelphia and West Palm Beach, Fla., meals at swanky Manhattan restaurants and tens of thousands of dollars spent on airfare are just some of the items that showed up on the political heavyweight’s financial disclosure forms. In all the categories specified by the state Campaign Finance Board, Smith spent a total of $270,000 throughout the year, with a little more than $6,000 as listed going to printing costs and another $105,000 for professional services.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez ruled that Cuomo could not withhold $260 million in state education aid from New York City for their failure to come to an agreement with the teachers union on teacher evaluations
Manhattan judge blocks Gov. Cuomo from withholding educational aid from the city(NYP) Schools Fix Is In(NYP) Why gov’s ‘tough’ move won’t change a thing The UFT has had an effective veto over meaningful evaluations all along. While it may allow Silver to engineer a fig-leaf accommodation this time around — the union, after all, stands to regain effective control of city schools once Bloomberg leaves office — there’s no reason to believe that significant numbers of bad teachers will wind up losing their jobs.* Judge Says State Cannot Withhold Aid to City Schools Over Teacher Evaluation Impasse(NYT) * Judge Blocks Cuomo Cuts for Schools(WSJ) * Albany Legally Blocked From Cutting $250M From City DOE Budget(NY1)

NYT Opposes Quinn Lightly Buses Must Be Flying
NYT Lightly Slaps Dem Candidates for Pledging to Revisit Bus Contracts by Does Not Mention Them By Names and Shockingly Supports the Free Market for Future Bus Contracts
The Bus Strike, Phase Two(NYT Ed) School buses are running, but the fight’s not over. The city should not give in to union demands on job protectionSeveral Democratic candidates for mayor have pledged to “revisit” the issue once Mr. Bloomberg leaves office. But it would be a mistake for the city to reverse course.The union says it might take the fight to Albany to seek a legislative remedy that would enshrine their workers’ job protection. That would be a mistake. It is time to let the market decide how this industry works.
 Slave Test Questions?
NY1 Exclusive: School Community Outraged Over Math Problems That Reference Beating, Killing Of Slaves * Officials, Parents At Manhattan School React To Homework(NY1)

Dumbing Down Science and Math
New York students are ahead in reading, but lagging behind in science and math, according to an analysis of the nation’s five largest states.

reports avg Kindergarten class size in FY03 was 20.8, this year 23.1. All elem grades up over decade but middle grades smaller

NY State Government

Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke to State Worker Who Talked to the Press(NYT)
Howard Glaser, a top aide to Gov. Cuomo, took to the airwaves to read aloud the disciplinary history of a state Transportation Department employee, Mike Fayette, who was forced to retire after giving an unauthorized interview * Glaser’s decision to read the employment history and past transgressions of the ex-state worker on Fred Dicker’s radio show was unusual, but lawful, said Bob Freeman of the Committee on Open Government.* Cuomo announced that the state has set up a toll-free hotline and website for New Yorkers to report suspected price-gouging at gas stations as state gas prices continue to rise, increasing 5.6 percent since Jan. 2nd, Gannett writes: * From Azi Paybarah – “Why Andrew Cuomo is losing a fight with an engineer named Mike”

Minimum Wage
The Times is concerned that Cuomo’s budget proposal does not fulfill his promises to raise the state’s minimum wage and create a fairer campaign finance system:

SUNY Grad Rates
The News chides SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher for not publicly disclosing campus-by-campus data on graduation rates, student debt burden and other information for interested applicants

The governor’s budget could result in the closing of up two dozen psychiatric centers in order to create regional centers for psychiatric care.

Public Financing
The New York Times opines that Cuomo’s budget proposal is missing a public financing of campaigns component and worries that he’s sincere about increasing the minimum wage (Cuomo has said the campaign financing system will be off-budget, but hasn’t released any details).

Gun Control
State lawmakers are still eagerly waiting to see what changes will be proposed for the the governor’s gun control law that passed in January, also known as the SAFE Act. 

Questions Continue Over State's Casino Plans(NY1)

State Sets Up Gas Price Gouging Hotline(NY1)


More Hevesi Fallout

Bankruptcy judge slams ex-Comptroller Hevesi’s $15M audit flub (NYP) Ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi wasn’t just a crook — he was running an incompetent shop. And it’s going to cost New Yorkers $15.3 million.  A federal judge ordered the state to pony up the money to a company that rebuilt a stretch of the West Side.

Paterson Employed

Paterson Will Teach at Touro(WSJ)

Hospital Closing

A state judge temporarily halted the closure of Brooklyn’s Long Island College Hospital based on a petition by two unions and a group of doctors at the hospital who sought to invalidate a decision by SUNY board

Temporary Restraining Order Halts Closure Of LICH, Union Says(NY1)* Long Island College Hospital closure plan sent to state(NYDN)
Judge Temporarily Halts Closure Of Long Island City Hospital (NY1)
Judge Stops Plans to Close Long Island College Hospital  (NYT)
Court Temporarily Halts Plan to Close a Brooklyn Hospital(NYT)

NYC Government

NYC upgrades Lower Manhattan water delivery system(WSJ)

  Assemblyman Keith Wright, chair of the Housing Committee, introduced a bill at the behest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would eliminate full-time board member jobs at the financially-troubled New York City Housing Authority, The New York Daily News writes: * Mayor Bloomberg is pushing to pare down the salaries at the New York City Housing Authority.

New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is the first council member to take formal paternity leave, taking two weeks off after the birth of his second daughter on January 24th, with other male council members having used vacation days, the News reports:  

 Liu vows to block HP contracts


Post-Sandy Shelter Program Is Extended By FEMA(NY1)
Ambulances Return To Coney Island Hospital 
Sandy relief group in Rockaway using grants to create jobs\
Rat tales abound in NYC after Hurricane Sandy(SI Advance)
FEMA: $2.4B In Nat'l Flood Insurance Program Payments Made To Sandy Victims

Landmark Saved

Vestige of Bygone Era Endures Time, and Talk of Its Demise(NYT) The red neon of the Kentile Floors sign has long dimmed, but it is still alluring to aficionados of old Brooklyn, and a recent rumor of its end sent them into a tizzy.

On Thursday, Walgreens officials announced they are meeting the demands of residents in the Windsor Terrace section of Brooklyn and teaming up with Key Food to open a full-service grocery store and pharmacy, replacing the only supermarket in the area, which closed last year.


For Obama Team, Calm, Not Crisis, in Latest Fiscal Battle(NYT)
Biden Aids Governor in Push for New Gun Laws in Connecticut(NYT)
Why Taxes Have to Go Up(NYT Ed) Without new revenues, safe and sane deficit reduction is impossible

A study conducted by the National Journal found that Staten Island Republican Rep. Michael Grimm is at the ideological center of the House of Representatives, with half the House members more conservative and the other half more liberal, the News reports:

Scarborough Clashes With Panel Over Obama’s ‘Permanent Campaign’: He’s ‘Going To Destroy’ The GOP

Obama Confident About Sequester Fight - Zeleny & Weisman, NY Times
Gov't by Freakout: Obama Is Overplaying His Hand - Peggy Noonan, WSJ
Spending Cuts Are a "Doomsday Machine" - Chris Matthews, MSNBC
Sequestration: Mindless or Common Sense? - Ben Domenech, The Transom  

Rick Scott Accepts Reality on Medicaid - David Firestone, New York Times
Exposing Jack Lew's Citigroup Cronyism - Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg
Can Democrats Mess With Texas in 2016? - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
What Could Divide Obama's Coalition - Ron Brownstein, National Journal
The Electric Car Is an Abomination - Robert Tracinski, RealClearMarkets
Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax - Valerie Karplus, New York Times
Conservatives Question Pentagon's Panic - Byron York, DC Examiner
When Will the GOP Stop the Madness? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Do Republicans Like Lower Spending or Not? - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
Why the GOP Should Embrace Gay Marriage - Eric Sasson, New Republic
An Imperfect Immigration Plan - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
We're Not Ready for Cyber Pearl Harbor - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

Thucydides, Hobbes and How Wars Start - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
There are reports that Obama may consider GOP plan for a chained CPI (explainer here) as part of a larger deal to avoid sequestration. Three New York Congress members are urging Obama not to do the deal.
Why Taxes Have to Go Up - New York Times
Forrest Gump at Treasury - Wall Street Journal
Amp Up Pressure on China to Stop Hacking - Denver Post
The Sunshine State ObamaCare Shakedown - National Review
 Treasury snag over ‘NYU IOU’ (NYP) It seemed like a sweet deal at the time, but the fat compensation package that Jack Lew banked as a top executive at NYU — which appears to have exceeded $5 million over four years — has become an obstacle to his confirmation to be the next Treasury.
Gawker took a creative way of explaining the sequester.
Democrats Press G.O.P. to Start Talks to Avert Budget Cuts (NYT)

Payroll Tax Whacks Spending(WSJ)U.S. retailers are lowering forecasts and adjusting marketing plans as higher taxes and fuel costs are leaving consumers with smaller paychecks.

BREAKING: The Obama administration has urged the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.
Brave New World - Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media
GOP Governors Make Peace With ObamaCare - Dana Milbank, Wash Post
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Is a Coward - Stephen Hayes, FOX News
Sequester of Fools - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Just How "Draconian" Is the Sequester? - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
Only Washington Is Panicking About Spending Cuts - Scott Rasmussen
Republican Budget Fantasies - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Detroit Gave Unions Keys, and Now Nothing Is Left - Kyle Smith, Forbes
Go Ahead GOP, Keep Attacking Ashley Judd - Irin Carmon, Salon
The Torture of Solitary Confinement - George Will, Washington Post
George Washington and the Cherry Tree - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics


Boston Globe staffer to Herald: “People are very nervous and scared, very scared." 
ABC is close to hiring NY Times reporters Jeff Zeleny and Susan Saulny.
New York Times Co. received $100M+ bid for Boston Globe last month from ex-Globe president & partners.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Obama For Withholding Drone Memos: What Happened To ‘Promise Of Transparency’?

Law and Order

The naked gun(NYP Ed)On most issues, Ruben Diaz Jr. is about as liberal as a politician can get. So it was refreshing to hear the Bronx borough president propose a measure that makes some sense: a public, online registry for folks convicted of using a gun during the commission of a crime.
“Law-abiding citizens ought to know who among us is responsible for gun violence,” he explains.

Mayor Pitches Program To Prevent Inmate Returns To Rikers Island(NY1)

  FBI nabs ‘Black Glove Bandit’ Lawrence Thomas(NYDN)

Newsroom ‘fiction’ packs a familiar punch (NYP) A former NBC production assistant who worked at the network when Rob Morrison hosted “Today in New York” wrote a steamy romance novel whose lead character is a violent, alcoholic newsman who cheats on his wif
Woman who allegedly had affair w/ anchorman Rob Morrison high-priced consultant 4 Sen. Jeff Klein

 Rockland County gun nut busted for threats on Cuomo, Bloomberg: police(NYP)

NYPD forms dedicated team to catch thieves who steal iPhones and iPads(NYP)

Forest Hills HS student arrested, suspended for organizing (NYP)



3 construction workers busted in WTC drug ring(NYP)
SI serial killer says he's 'unaware of these crimes' in court appearance(NYP)

WATCH: Preteen Bx. brawl ‘game’(NYP)

Turk ‘slay’ drifter had victim coat(NYP)
$82 Million Fraud Staged With Bad Checks, U.S. Says(NYT)
Man Acquitted in Officer’s Death Gets 2 Years for Probation Violation(NYT) 
Deadbeat Father Pleads Guilty to Evading Child Support(NYT)  
Brooklyn Construction Company Shortchanged Workers, Prosecutors Say(NYT)
Police search for bold Brooklyn burglar(WSJ)
14 face charges in NYC drug takedown(WSJ)
NYPD: 6 suspects sought in NYC hate-crime assault(WSJ)
Man Acquitted In Connection With Detective's Shooting Death(NY1)
Police Investigate Attempted Abduction Outside Bronx School(NY1)
Sources: Three WTC Workers Busted For Selling Drugs At Site(NY1)
5-year-old Bx. boy accidentally shot in arm by father(NYP)
WTC workers busted for drugs(NYDN)
Sources: 11-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 5-Year-Old Brother(WCBS)
Teens charged in fight caught on video(Fox 5)
Shopkeeper Slayings Suspect Found Fit for Court(NBC)
2 Teens Arrested in Connection With Girls Fighting Vide(NBC)
Boy, 5, Shot in His Bronx Bedroom(NBC)