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NYC Leaders to Democracy: Drop Dead

Quinn and Government Operations Chairwoman Brewer  Missing On BOE Oversight

The right of every Amreican to a fair election is not important to most of the NYC  media.  The Tammany Hall system of control by the Board of Elections is on fire and most of media and so called progressive leader who know what is going on and what can be accomplished in reforming the board when is is weak and vernalable remain silent.  For months True News has shown the incompetency and corruption of the BOE over and over. Last November New Yorkers waiting in long lines caused by scaners that broke and lack of staffing at the polls caused by the board incomptent managers understood just how messed up the BOE is.  But thier leaders have not step up to demand change.  Instead they remain erie silent.  This cover up has continue even after a commission coup de tar by lead by Councilman Eric Ulrich.

Does Such Power to Shut Down the Press Exist in New York?
Ulrich figured out that BOE commissioner were not legally reappointed according to the NYS election law.  As True News has pointed out months ago Speaker Quinn and the council are responsible for appointing commissioners to the BOE upon recomendations of the city's GOP and Democratic Party leaders. Only True News and the Daily News is covering the despots fight for control of a system that protects incumbent pols and corrupt party leaders. Ulrich coup was not for reform but to get even with the GOP county leader who has screwed him. Where are the editorals and Facebook posting demanding to know how the council and BOE could service in volation of the state's election law or demanding change to boss corrupt rule of the BOE. The NYT which frequently writes editorals offering those involved in the Arab Spring the hope democracy has not written one editoral about reforming the BOE so New Yorkers can restore their democracy. The old gray lady has decided to go all out to protect Quinn to elect her mayor.  Councilwoman Gale Brewer head of the council government operation committee that oversees the citycouncil remains silent.  So does the city's good government groups.

This is the Last Story the NYT Wrote About the BOE Slow Count - Date November 6, 2012

Will the Real ES&S' Phil Ragusa Please Stand Up?
From the NY Daily News:
The name would naturally jump out at anyone who's interested in Queens politics: Not only is Phil Ragusa the Queens GOP chairman, but his nephew -- also named Phil Ragusa -- works for the Board as a supervisor dealing with voting machines in the Queens warehouse. (Of note: Ragusa's brother, Biagio, retired in 2012 after 20 years of service at the Queens warehouse, and his son, Phil, ended up getting that job.) In response to a Daily News inquiry, the Board of Elections said ES&S officials specified via emails last October that the Phil Ragusa they paid for work done last November is neither the GOP chairman nor his nephew, but a totally different person who is unrelated to either. What are the odds? The Board also noted that "to avoid the appearance of impropriety," Ragusa #3, hired by ES&S on an outside-contractor basis as "a pre-election testing support person" and "a Call Center support person" for the November general election, was assigned to work in Manhattan, not Queens.  I have put in requests to an ES&S rep for further explanation of how exactly they confirmed the lack of a family relationship between Ragusas #1 and #2 and their employee, Ragusa #3...

Keep Up With the Exploding BOE Story (True News)

Payout doesn’t compute
The Post report on city workers with big overtime pay includes Pablo Martinez, a computer programmer at the Board of Elections. His total haul of $210,000 more than doubled his $98,000 salary.
For that, taxpayers should at least get election computers that work.(Goodwin, NYP)

Political Corruption

Huntley staffers plead guilty to stealing $30K from non-profit  Two cronies of ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley pleaded guilty today to stealing nearly $30,000 in taxpayer funds from a bogus non-profit group founded by Huntley, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced. Huntley last week pleaded guilty.Former Huntley staffer Patricia Savage and Huntley's niece, Lynn Smith, pleaded guilty in Nassau County Supreme Court to the felony of attempted grand larceny in the third degree for pocketing $29,950 in state legislative “member item” funds that Huntley steered to Parent Workshop.Judge Norman St. George is scheduled to sentence Savage, Smith and Gantt later next month.

Campaign 2013

Special in the 31st Too Close to Call
YWN Exclusive: 519 Absentee Ballots to Decide NYC Council Race(
The race for NYC Council in Queens pitting Orthodox-Jewish Pesach Osina against African-American Donovan Richards is too close to call. With 100% of the UNOFFICIAL votes in Mr. Richards leads Mr. Osina by only 26 votes by a margin of 2513 to 2487. YWN can exclusively report that there are over 500 absentee ballots that the Board of Elections must open and count before the race can be decided.* Special Queens Council Race Too Close To Call (NY1)
The special election for the New York City Council seat formerly occupied by state Sen. James Sanders has yet to be decided, with Sanders’ former chief of staff Donovan Richards leading Pesach Osina, an Orthodox Jewish candidate, by 26 votes, The Wall Street Journal writes:  

There’s no declared winner yet in yesterday’s 31st Council District special election. Donovan Richards, Sen. James Sanders’ ex chief of staff, is in the lead, but Pesach Osina, an Orthodox Jewish candidate, narrowly trails him.* Queens District to Stay Unrepresented Just a Little Longer(NY M * Two Candidates Declare Victory in Queens Special Election (Politico) *Queens Council District 31 Update: Ballots Still Out In Richards/Osina Photo Finish(NYDN)  There were still some uncounted machine votes from a "memory stick," the repository of info from the ballot scanners. That's being dealt with today at the Queens County BOE office. More to follow on that.* New York City won't open absentee, mail ballots until next Wednesday for District 31 council race, says city official.* Regardless Of the Election Outcome, What Does Pesach Osina Mean?(Barkin) * Southern Queens City Council race too close to call(NYDN) * Stick seems to be from PS 52. Good for Donovan. 31 CD special
ABS/NH 534
Affs 268. All subject to change.

Sandy Shapes Council Race(WSJ) As Jacques Leandre and other City Council candidates canvassed Far Rockaway neighborhoods asking for votes, they often met an exasperating obstacle—houses vacant due to Sandy.

  Carrion Attacked for Independence Party Backing
On Inside City Hall last night, Borough President Ruben Diaz expressed some skepticism of his predecessor, Adolfo Carrión, dropping his party label to pursue a mayoral run on the Independence Party line. “He and I are good friends,” Mr. Diaz said. “But it broke my heart the fact that he left the Democratic Party. I think that a lot of folks looking at this [are] saying, ‘Wait a minute. Not only did you leave the Democratic Party, but you’re not speaking too nicely of the party who gave you and helped you get the same credentials and resume that you’re going to use to put forward for your candidacy.” One of Mr. Carrión’s rivals, Republican candidate Tom Allon, was even more blunt about the Independence endorsement, expected to come later today.

 “I call on him, and any other leader seeking the Mayoralty or other citywide office in 2013, to tell the Independence Party that they do not want their endorsement until they rid themselves of anti-Semitic leaders and stop fooling their ‘members’ that they are enrolling as ‘Independent’ voters,” Mr. Allon said in a statement this morning. “All the mayoral candidates should join me in this condemnation and boycott tonight’s vote. Anything less is a vote of support for anti-Semitism and dirty politics.”* In anticipation of @ipnyc nomination of @adolfocarrion, a piece of history -- last person to win City Hall on 3rd party line: Lindsay in '69*  Adolfo Carrion to Officially Kickoff Campaign Next Tuesday? | The Barkan Report * Adolfo Carrion has no natural base of support with NYC GOP primary voters. Few Latinos are Republicans & Bronx has few Republicans, period.* Independence Party’s confusing name has tricked thousands of New Yorkers Citizens who meant to register as unaffiliated voters find themselves party members(NYDN Ed) * Independence Party Names Adolfo Carrion As Its Mayor Candidate(NY1)

True News Told Your Yesterday
It is Better for Lhota if Carrion Runs In November and Spits the Latino Vote With the Democrats

Today Catimatidis Agrees 
 Catsimatidis says Carrion running for Independence Party could benefit Republican mayoral candidate(NYP)  *
the add that'll appear in every Jewish newspaper, courtesy of


Political Corruption

 In the wake of JCOPE’s release of a report on sexual harassment allegations lodged against him, Assemblyman Vito Lopez announced his health is failing. 



 \Assemblyman Boyland claims poverty in corruption case(NYDN)


The NY Daily News sides with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner in her public battle with Cuomo over pension smoothing
A miner criticism(NYP)  New York’s political class is not a breed known for candor. But one upstate Democrat is speaking out in a way seldom seen. By now all Albany has read the bracing New York Times op-ed by Stephanie Miner. In it, the mayor of Syracuse scores Gov. Cuomo’s budget for “an accounting gimmick” that would “let municipalities push payment of today’s ballooning pension costs into the future” by borrowing more money. “Borrowing makes sense when you’re building schools or roads,” she writes. “Using it to pay for recurring costs like retiree benefits is a path to insolvency.”* Reproductive Rights in New York(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo aims to re-establish the state’s pre-eminence on equal rights with an omnibus agenda on women’s equality, starting with a bill to ease limits on abortion.* The Times-Union chides Cuomo for his perceived lack of urgency in passing a state minimum wage hike, after the governor suggested letting President Obama take the lead in passing a federal hike: * Details here on NYSUT's tax cap suit(TU) * Cuomo’s competitive education grant program isn’t working so well.* Nine ways NJ Gov. Chris Christie isn’t Cuomo. A new Q poll finds Christie has an approval rating of 74 percent, and a stunning 37 point lead over likely Democratic opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono. The Cuomo administration and the union representing more than 35,000 employees of the State University of New York say they have a tentative contract agreement.* NYSUT Files Legal Challenge Against Property Tax Cap(YNN)* And the National Review does not like Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Accordingly, the conservative publication penned an editorial entitled “Andrew Cuomo’s Radical Abortion Regime”: “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks to impose a radical new abortion regime on the state, one that goes far beyond the euphemistic byword ‘choice.’ The bill would in fact limit many choices, for instance the choice of Catholic hospitals and other institutions with moral objections to decline to allow abortions to be performed in their facilities.”* Cuomo called the 2% property tax cap "historic". The New York State United Teachers calls it unconstitutional.(Newspaper)  * Cuomo Administration On ‘Special Interest’ Tax Cap Suit(YNN) * Medicaid Dispute Takes $500M Toll On Budget(YNN) * Cuomo Reacts To Teacher’s Union Lawsuit, Says State Has Most Expensive Education System In America * NYSUT says they are open to pension smoothing but are not backing Cuomo’s plan specifically.*  Cuomo admin to move on NYC teacher evals June 1(Fox 5)*
$500 Million Chasm Opens in Proposed State Budget(NYT) * Cuomo May Not Tie Minimum Wage Raise To State Budget(NY1)

Empire state of decline (NYP) New York pols still keeping busy feeding the special interests In the Post, Bob McManus calls the proposed paid sick leave bill in the New York City Council and a bill raising the state minimum wage “lousy public policy” and evidence of New York politicians giving in to special interests


An official with the Cuomo administration confirmed that the governor will propose in his budget amendments that the state arbitrate the dispute between New York City and the United Federation of Teachers over teacher evaluations, the Associated Press reports: * Teachers' Group Backs Possible Cuomo Intervention In Evaluation System Struggle(NY1) * The News wants Cuomo to produce a well-rounded teacher evaluation plan should the state intervene in the dispute between New York City and the United Federation of Teachers:* Get a preview into proposals for teacher evals and school (NYDN) * A Cuomo administration official confirmed to the AP that the governor’s 30-day budget amendments this week will propose establishing the state as arbitrator of the dispute between Bloomberg and the UFT.* EXCLUSIVE: Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch tells John Gambling why NYC hasn't reached a "robust" teacher eval process (WOR) * Cuomo admin to move on NYC teacher evals June 1 * State Ed Officials Set To Impose New City Teacher Evaluation(NY1)* Cuomo Plan Would Tackle Evaluations of Teachers(NYT) * Amid Confusion, School Bus Drivers Return to Work After Monthlong Strike(NYT)

Bloomberg and teachers union boss Randi Weingarten, who used to head the UFT, are going head-to-head again — this time in a high-stakes, bitter national fight over school reform in Los Angeles.

City laxes promotion standards in response to tough state tests(NYP)

Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy Aims to Open 6 New Charter Schools in 2014(DNAINFO)

DOE May Let Some City Students Who Fail State Tests Move On To Next Grade(NY1)

School Bus Drivers See No Gain From Strike(NYT) Leaders of the bus drivers’ union said the job action was the start of a long war that would spread to other fronts, like Albany. New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott wants parents to return MetroCards provided during the school bus strike that have any value left on them and the Department of Education will reimburse parents over the next 30 days for taxi and gas mileage, The New York Daily News reports: * NYC School Buses Rolling Again After Monthlong Strike(WCBS)* Strike over, school bus drivers back behind the wheel(WABC) * Over 100 matrons fired upon returning to jobs after work stoppage(NYP)* After Monthlong Strike, School Bus Drivers Return to Work(NYT)


Local TV News

CBS hunk Morrison's drunken threat vs.‘choked’ wife and kid: cops(NYP) * Anchor’s ‘killer’ ravings(Fox 5)* CBS newsman Rob Morrison resigns after allegedly choking co-worker wife (NYP)* Anchorman Rob Morrison Quits CBS After Allegedly Choking Wife

Pol’s meter tix-blitz slam (NYP) A Brooklyn lawmaker wants the city to curb its policy requiring that motorists pay for metered parking on days when alternate-side parking is suspended. Saying the city unleashed “a ticket massacre” on Presidents Day, City Councilman Vincent Gentile.

Health Care

Long Island College Hospital closure plan sent to state Health Dep 
Long Island College Hospital closure plan sent to state (NYDN)


MetroCards now carry unlimited & pay-per-ride balances(NYP)
MTA To Allow MetroCards To Hold Both Unlimited And Pay-Per-Ride(NY1)

NYC Economy

"Made In NY" Expands Into City's Tech World(NY1)* Bloomberg Launches 'Made in NY' Campaign for Tech Startups(DNAINFO)

Happy With Tourist Influx, City Wants Still More Visitors(NYT)

How Well Will NYS Gambling Do?


On Hudson, Bank’s Ferries Are Finally in Service(NYT) Goldman Sachs’s new ferries began making trips on Tuesday after an unexplained two years spent bobbing, unused, on the river.


Mayor Under Fire in 'Homeless' Talk(WSJ) City homeless shelters were needlessly turning people away. But with his concluding line, Mayor Michael Bloomberg provoked a deluge of criticism.*  Mayor Michael Bloomberg caused an uproar with a remark about homelessness in New York City, saying that “Nobody is sleeping on the streets”, when in fact by the city’s own count, 3,200 homeless people were on the streets in January, NY1 reports:



Barclay Center
Smooth Debut for an Arena That Rocked Brooklyn(NYT) Predictions that the Barclays Center would bring a surge in crime, unruly crowds and chaos have not come to pass, but nuisances abound, residents say.



Community, Returning to Life, Asks, ‘Where Is Everybody?’(NYT) Repairs are coming along, but some fear that Red Hook — a place of pioneers and craftspeople who were artisanal before the word went mainstream — has become less desirable because of the storm. DOG WALKER Carol West, who spent 10 years building up her business in the community, said her client base has been cut in half.  Schumer called for the Army Corps of Engineers to include the Hudson River communities in a $20 million study that will focus on protecting areas from flooding by developing mitigation strategies, LoHud writes:  *Knowledge Of Full Sandy Damage To SI's Ecology May Take Years To Discover(NY1) * New Coney Island Development Sets Aside Homes For Those Displaced By Sandy(NY1) * Sandy Debris Cleanup Faces New Challenge(Huff Post) * New Council Bill Would Create Quality Control For Post-Sandy Home Elevations(NY1) * Sen. Charles Schumer wants to allow federal Sandy relief money to be used to rebuild elevated homes less likely to be destroyed in another storm.* After Sandy, NYC Council eyes home-raising rules(Fox5)* Thieves Swipe Copper from Sandy-Damaged Homes(NBC)* Sandy victims move to head of housing line(CrtainsNY)

Flood Risk Will Not Alter Placement of 9/11 Remains

Park Crime Up

'Alarming' Rise in Park Crime (WSJ)Crime in New York City's largest parks rose 8% in 2012 compared with the previous year, a trend elected officials and advocates call troubling as they urge Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration to beef up security. 


A Digital Shift on Health Data Swells Profits in an Industry(NYT)
Justices Take Case on Overall Limit to Political Donations(NYT)
Obama’s Forecast on Cuts Is Dire, but Timing Is Disputed(NYT) Obama painted a picture of immediate devastation from across-the-board spending cuts set to take effect March 1, but other officials anticipate more gradual reductions.  
Campaign Donations and Political Corruption (NYT Ed) The Supreme Court has decided to review a campaign finance ruling that it should have left alone.

GOP Senators Repair Immigration Rift With Obama, Argue With Constituents(NY Mag)
Only in DC Is Slowing Government Spending Bad - Rick Newman, US News
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Robots Are Eating Manufacturing Jobs - Christopher Mims, Quartz
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Dependence On the Government Keeps Growing - Nicholas Eberstadt, RCM
Dr. Ben Carson, New Conservative Folk Hero - David Graham, The Atlantic
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer says Hillary Clinton would “clear the field” in 2016, but if she doesn’t run, Cuomo and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley would both be a “leading contender.”
China's Cybergames - New York Times
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Stop the Foot Dragging & Build the Pipeline - USA Today
The Time Has Come to Cut Farm Subsidies - Washington Post
Bowles and Simpson Chase the Center (NY Mag) It keeps moving away
Newt: Rove effort like 'Chicago machine:(Politico)
Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty to campaign finance fraud...
Conan O'Brien To Headline White House Correspondents' Dinner
The rise and fall of Jesse Jackson Jr.(Wash Post)
Nate Silver breaks down the GOP chances of taking back the US Senate in 2014. 
Massachusetts US Senate candidate Ed Markey is being blasted by GOP for his plan to attend a fundraiser with former NYS Governor Eliot Spitzer.
Presidential Debate Co-Chair: Our 'One Mistake' Was Having Candy Crowley  
Senator Robert Menendez, Accused of Ethics Violations, Digs In(NYT)
From New York, Bloomberg Makes Guns the Issue in a Chicago Election(NYT)
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Higher Taxes Are Better Than Sequester Cuts - Max Boot, Commentary
Sequester: Bad for DC, Good for America? - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post
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Dems Start Running From ObamaCare - James Taranto, Wall St. Journal
Egypt's Belly Dancing Barometer - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Video Highlights: Baucus | Paul | Biden | Carville | O'Reilly | Gingrich 

Fight between Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove exposes conflicts in GOP makeover

Jon Stewart: U.S. May Be ‘F**ked,’ But At Least We Don’t Have Meteors And Horse Meat In Our Burgers


 Jill Abramson Wishes She Could Whine More(NY Mag) * NYT Editor Speaks Out About 'Painful' Layoffs(Huff Post)


NYT To Sell Boston Globe
New York Times to Try Selling Boston Globe Again Blog: New York Times Company Plans to Sell The Boston Globe(NYT) *  The New York Times has shed almost all its assets in recent years, The Boston Globe represents one of the last   * NYT selling the Boston Globe, but who will buy it? Times will take a bath on the $1.1 billion purchase price in '93   *New York Times to Try Selling Boston Globe Again(NY Mag)
Wall Street

Law and Order

Bronx Leader Wants a Public Registry for Offenders in Gun Crimes(NYT)  The borough president, Ruben Diaz Jr., compares his proposal to sex-offender registries. Diaz Jr. unveiled a proposal for an online registry of gun law offenders that would be available to the public, but it would require approval from the State Legislature as well as Gov. Cuomo* Diaz Says Bronx Is "Moving Forward" In State Of The Borough Address(NY1) * "The New Bronx" on the rise, says borough president Dia(NYDN)

Man killed execution-style and dumped on Brooklyn street; cops probing whether hit was done 'in middle of street using gun with silencer'(NYDN)


Mother of two sons slain by guns took her cause to the  (NYDN)

Subway bust spurs rape rap (NYP) A rookie cop collared a subway turnstile jumper in Queens, and learned the suspect was wanted for rape, cops said. *NYPD: Turnstile jumper is a rape suspect(WSJ)

Just junk this ghoul: Cemetery nails Bronx bronze-thief suspect (NYP)* Cemetery Fixtures Stolen, Police Say, but Not Carried Away(NYT) * Just junk this ghoul: Cemetery nails Bronx bronze-thief (Fox 5)

DNA links Turk vagrant to slain SI ma(NYP)

Last texts reveal mother's desperate pleas to murdered teen(NYP)

A Dali good sting: JFK art ‘thief’ bust(NYP)* Lured From Europe, Man Is Held in 2012 Theft of a Dalí Drawing(NYT)

NYPD investigates possible subway hate crime(WABC)
Falling a‘part’: Fed alert on bad cab fix(NYP) * 3 Men Arrested in Scheme to Sell Counterfeit Car Parts(NYT) * Feds: Counterfeit Auto Parts Ring Supplied City Cabs(NY1)

Nutty thief botches almond heist in Brooklyn(NYDN)
Finest’s ‘benefit’ of doubt: Retiree med $lap (NYP) Thank you for your service, and good luck with your doctor bills. New York City’s Finest who were injured on the job still have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses once they retire, a state judicial panel ruled yesterday.

Burns wins jogger case(NYP)* City Rebuffed in Bid for Outtakes From Central Park Jogger Film(NYT) A judge ruled that the outtakes of Ken Burns’s movie about the Central Park jogger case, which is the subject of a pending lawsuit, are protected as journalism.

Ex-prosecutor blame infidelity for pot bust(NYDN)

'Cannibal cop' doesn't want jurors to know wife's reaction after he posted photos to fetish porn site(NYP)

Serial Subway Robbers Violently Attack Their Victims(Huff Post)

Sergeant Charged in Child Pornography Case(NYT)* Court Rejects Claim To Criminal's Pension(WSJ) * Staten Island man slays wife, turns knife on self: cops(NYDN)* Cop dragged by car on S.I.(NYDN)* Man killed, woman hurt when gunman opens fire on car(WABC)* Career Criminal Sought in Bronx Workplace Rape(NBC) * Subway Thieves Punch, Choke Victims in Bronx(NBC) * NYPD Investigates Video of Girls Being Forced to Fight(NBC)*Former cop charged with exploiting minor(Fox 5)* Suspected Scrap Metal Thief Shot by Cop(NBC)