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Politics of Quinn, Recchia and Sedio Have Started A War Between the Russian Jews and Southern Brooklyn Orthodox

How Quinn, Seddio and Recchia Started Brooklyn's Jewish War

At a meeting of the corrupt council redistricting committee which thinks secretly moving sexual harasser Vito Lopez's house into a district he can win in, is done to keep communities together.  The political gang redistricting committee was attacked at a recent meeting for starting a war between the Jews in Brooklyn by creating a Russian council district by cutting the Growing in numbers Orthodox Jews into 3 council districts.  The deal was cut by Quinn operatives in Brooklyn for Russian support in her race for mayor, while insider Councilman Greenfield never spoke out against it.  After the revised district lines became public on Nov. 16, Brooklyn Councilman David Greenfield tweeted that. “First thing that jumps out in S. Brooklyn is creation of Super-Russian-American 48thCouncil District.”   At first look giving the Russian's a district is not an unreasonable. But it is the political way the redistricting committee cut the district 48th district that started a Jewish war.  The Orthodox cut up by the redistricting committee was to give Seddio and Recchia the district they wanted. A crime against the Jews was committed, pitting Russian Jews against Othordox Jewish to accommodate a couple pols ability to hang on in neighbors that have changed.
When Recchia Cut A Third of the Russians Out of His District in 2003 to Help His Shot At Reelecton He Was Called the Butcher of Brighton
In 2003 after winning the council in 2001 in a 5 ways spit between Jewish candidates Recchia had the council redistricitng committee cut out a third of the Russians in his district  IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE

In 2013 district on either side of the Russian and Jewish community were cut to allow Quinn strong supporter councilman Dominic Recchia to pick his successor in the 47th district and another expected supporter of the speaker Brooklyn Boss Frank Seddio to pick the new the new councilman in the 46th distinct.  The redistricting committee moved Russian Americans out of the Recchai 47th council district and put them into the 48th council district.  This gives Recchia the ability to pick his successor. Buzz is Recchia will pick a non Russian candidate.  The Recchia, Seddio and Quinn changes have caused a ripple effect of splitting the Orthodox Jewish into three where their voice reduced. The growing Orthodox community already has already been split into Sampson, Parker, Golden and Staten Island's Savino state senate districts. There congressional district is split into Clark and Jefferies districts.  

Russian Jews and Brooklyn Orthodox Who Have Similar Views Turned Against Each Other to Save Old Time Pols and Help Quinn Win the Mayor's Race

With the loss of Weiner, Kruger and Filder Seddio's TJ club needs elected officials.  Seddio is expecting to support Assemblyman Alan Maisel for the 46th and hand over assembly seat to a third generation Jefferson Club member of the Partinow family in a special election.  Seddio had Quinn take out of the 48th Orthodox Jewish voters and put them into the 46h. This gives the Seddio's council candidate, a white candidate a better chance to win in what should be a minority district. Racial gerrymandering has allow Seedio has keep power over the past 10 years as the community surrounding his Thomas Jefferson club has turned increasing black. What the redistricting committee should have did was make one district for the Russians and one of the Orthodox and cut out the Seddio and Recchia who no longer have the population to hang on to their district.

Brooklyn Civil War Russians Vs Orthodox
Russians and Orthodox Jews Clash at Brooklyn Redistricting Hearing(NYO)It was the multicultural American Dream, the only hope of ambitious Russian immigrants and the possible death knell of Orthodox Jewish communities, all at once, at least according to some of those testifying at the redistricting hearing last night in Brooklyn.

 councilman dominic recchia*

Pols raising big bucks for Brooklyn Borough President race(NYDN) State Sen. Eric Adams and NYC Councilman Domenic Recchia have both raised over $100,000 for the Brooklyn BP’s race, which is developing into a major fight, even though the position is largely ceremonial.  In announcing the total, Mr. Adams interestingly appeared to take potshots at the incumbent, arguing things like “People misunderstand and think the borough president has lost the ability to lead” and “I have no desire to spend the next four years cutting ribbons only.”

NYP Uses McDonald's Help Of the Homeless to Attack There Opposition to the City's Campaign Finance System
 One sweet lawsuit(NYP) If McDonald were a billionaire, and this were his own money, he wouldn’t have any problem. He could finance his own campaign without limits, as Michael Bloomberg did in his successful runs for mayor.

Will Still Be A Go for Liu After the Trials of His Treasure and Contributor?
Despite a fundraising scandal, NYC Comptroller John Liu is pushing ahead with his mayoral campaign.  To show Mr. Liu’s operation hasn’t slowed down due to the fundraising allegations against his campaign treasurer, the release reminded recipients of comparable totals raised in most of their previous 6-month periods. Mr. Liu, vaguely referring to his still-unannounced mayoral campaign, said, “I’m truly touched by the magnitude of support from my fellow New Yorkers, especially from first-time donors to any campaign, and humbly proud of the strong foundation from which I will soon launch my 2013 campaign.  All systems go, full steam ahead!”  City Comptroller John Liu’s unofficial mayoral campaign is moving forward despite the legal troubles of people connected to his campaign, as he has raised $522,000 during the six-month fundraising period that ended Friday, The Wall Street Journal reports

Liu Says Other Embattled Candidates for Mayor
"There are other investigations concerning my possible rivals that are, as far as anybody can tell, ongoing because the government has never said 'We're finished.'" Liu later said he was referring to Quinn's handling of a Council slush-fund scandal, which came to light under her watch but started years earlier.

Since Silver became speaker, there have been 5 govs, 6 Senate maj ldrs, 5 atty generals & 3 comptrollers
The Daily News separately noted Speaker Shelly Silver’s extensive history as an Albany kingpin: “Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last week was selected to begin his 20th year as the chamber’s leader, bringing the Albany powerbroker ever closer to Oswald Heck’s record of 23 years as speaker. Just how unusual is such longevity? Consider that since Silver became speaker in 1994, there have been five governors, six Senate majority leaders, five state attorney generals and three state comptrollers.”* State lawmakers have not received a raise for well over a decade, but top staffers in the Assembly and Senate saw salary hikes – some of them quite large – over the past six months.

Vito Lopez: I am Staying and I am Not Supporting Silver for Speaker
Assemblyman Vito Lopez declines to endorse Sheldon Silver as Speaker. Lopez was not in Albany last week for conference vote* Vito Lopez Says He's Staying Despite Sex Harassment Allegations and Health Issues (NYDN) “I won my district after a huge barrage of attacks on allegations,” he told reporters on the floor of the Assembly. “I have a strong mandate to come here and to represent the district. Would you like no one to represent them and me to resign?”* Lopez Won’t Say If He Supports Silver For Speaker(YNN) * Vito Lopez Says He Hasn’t Been Questioned in Harassment Probes(LoHud) * Vito agonistes: Assemblyman Lopez meets the press(TU) * Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez Returns to Albany After Scandal(NYT* Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez returns after sexual harassment case(NBC)

One Day Soon Lopez Will Be Making License Plates
"My license plate number has gone from 20 to 137" - Assemblyman Vito Lopez on his diminished standing in 

Shocking: New Koch Movies Suggests He is Gay

Koch film’s ‘gay’ furor (NYP) The new documentary about Ed Koch may have ruined his friendship with a prominent gay advocate, who suggests in the movie that the former mayor is gay.  Throughout his career, and to this day, Koch has fervently refused to discuss his sexuality. A new documentary about Ed Koch may have ruined his friendship with Ethan Geto, a prominent gay advocate, who suggests in the movie that the former NYC mayor is gay.

Felder’s Spoils(YNN)

 Campaign 2013
Queens council candidate banned for life from securities industry after black hockey film turned to "Ponzi" scheme(CrainsNY) * nbox: 1 week out from announcing former City Councilman Sal Albanese has more than $123,600 COH heading into the first filing * Top NYC firms are investing $1.5 Billion in the industry. See our list at * Bill Thompson: We Raised More Than $1 Million For Mayoral This Period  * Democratic NYC Council candidate is a fundraising juggernaut. Allon isn't only Jewish Mayor candidate. Boss also running, though seems 2 have residency problem * BP candidate raises over $1 million from a majority of small donors Rd more: * Barry Grodenchik (Queens BP), net contributions for 6 months ending on 1/11/13: $56,773   * Melissa Mark-Viverito , net contributions for 6 months ending on 1/11/13: $28,227 * De Blasio camp raised $725,000 this filing period. * De Blasio camp raised $725,000 this filing period. * . claims most donors among GOP mayoral candidates. Caraimatidis not seeking donors, hasnt started, McD barely begun* [cont] hasnt decided whether to run & Carrion has banked a bunch of $ already. but besides those caveats, he's right. * ! “: better question: how many contributions were given after 10/15/12-the day he announced as a Republican?”  *

Lhota makes it official: 'I'm running for mayor'.: "I would not have left the MTA, a job and position I loved, if I was not going to run for mayor of New York." * . says:"The MTA is so much better than the reputation it has." Says it's not "fat, profligate, dishonest" abt its finances * “: Welcome to the race, .” THANK YOU, JOHN* Lhota, at Business Luncheon, Talks Up ’13 Race for Mayor(NYT)

Catsimatidis starts mayoral campaign with $1M of own money(NYP)

Sal Albanese: Don’t Call Me a ‘Long Shot’(NYO) * Police presents! Sal says he would hire more cops(Bronklyn Paper)

Thompson Raises $1 Million in 6 Months for Mayoral Bid(NYT)

 Local Newspaper Don't Call Us Show Us
Mayoral candidates, be warned: the local newspaper in Rockaway is not in the business of educating candidates about the area. [The Wave] Sal Albanese is running for Mayor. Maybe you haven’t heard of Sal or Tom Allon or George McDonald. They’re all running and will soon be joined by others. Many of them will call or stop by The Wave as a way for them to say hello to Rockaway. We will be polite and maybe take their photo. But The Wave isn’t in the business of educating potential mayors about Rockaway. If any candidate wants favorable coverage they best come with some knowledge and ideas about the future. There’s clearly a lot to be done in this post Sandy world.

Latino Williamsburg's Struggle Against Hipsterville(Huff Post)


Mob Water
Inquiry Is Said to Find Fraud at Bronx Water Plant(NYT) An investigation into work on the $3.2 billion Croton water treatment plant, has uncovered crimes that are expected to lead to criminal charges, people with knowledge of the case said. *Inquiry Is Said to Find Fraud at Bronx Water Plant(NYT)

DAILY NEWS PROBE - NYC construction accidents spike as city drops the ball

What Happens This Time?
The House will move ahead this week with a multibillion-dollar Sandy disaster aid package, but the legislation is already caught in an escalating debate over spending and deficits that foreshadows another ugly fight among Republicans. * Rep. Pete King, who is leading a fight to pass $50 billion in additional emergency spending for Hurricane Sandy, is outraged by the nearly 100 amendments that have been filed to  the bill.
House to Take Up Storm Relief Bill Amid Battle Over Spending(NYT) The bill, approved by the Senate, faces severe resistance as written because of what some conservatives see as too many allotments for projects far from the Hurricane Sandy disaster zone. The House of Representatives is moving forward on the $50 billion Hurricane Sandy federal aid bill, with votes planned on separate portions of the bill that would allow House Republicans to vote for some, but not all of the assistance storm recovery chief says Staten Island must look beyond Hurricane Sandy(SI Advance) * Staten Island GOP Rep. Grimm optimistic that House will(SI Advance) * How many will read this b4 voting? “: Here's NY's new gun bill, for people who want to read the fine print:

If Congress wants to make new rules about federal aid for disasters, they picked wrong state to make new rules with.

City Demolishes First Staten Island Homes Damaged by Sandy(DNAINFO)

City Council eyes disaster planning after Sandy(WABC)* A Daily News photographer whose Breezy Point home was severely damaged by Sandy writes: “I’ve learned that there’s nothing rapid about Mayor Bloomberg’s so-called Rapid Repairs program. My neighbors and I joke that it should be renamed Three-Month Repairs.”*NYC council eyes disaster planning after Sandy(Fox 5)*Sandy Relief Debate Resumes On Capitol Hill: Lawmakers in Washington will begin debate today on the second half of...  * Grieving Families, Community Launch 'Sandy Hook Promise(WNYN) * Sick of Delay, Rockaways Residents Invite Politicians to Walk a Mile in Their Shoes (Village Voice)

NYP's Dicker With Cuomo Pushing For Final Gun Agreement Which the GOP and IDC Leaders Must Make to Save Coalition Government Gun Control Deal Close; Could Come 'As Soon As Today': Source(NYDN)
Cuomo and legislative leaders are close to finalizing a package of gun control legislation that would give New York the nation’s toughest assault weapons ban, with Senate Republicans hoping to vote before the gun lobby can scrutinize it  Cuomo Hoping to Rush Strict Gun Control Before Anyone Really Notices(NY Mag)
Sticking points: assault-rifle controversy, praohibit an individual from selling any rifle or a shotgun — including even a small, .22-caliber, single-shot rifle — to another person without having first cleared the sale through a federally sponsored NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System), Silver (D-Manhattan) was described as resisting stronger criminal penalties sought by Cuomo and Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos for gun-related crimes Cuomo gun bill in peril(NYP)A Swirl of disagreements over the terms of Gov. Cuomo’s assault-rifle gun ban, his demand for more restrictions on legal gun ownership, tougher criminal penalties for illegal gun use and requirements that mental-health professionals report the names of potential mass killers has put into doubt a vote on the measure this week. Cuomo administration and legislative insiders told The Post several major areas of disagreement still exist, with the strongest differences occurring between Senate GOP leaders and negotiators for the Democrat-controlled Assembly.* A former NRA lobbyist and Syracuse-area gun expert called the proposals under consideration in Albany “all window dressing.” * N.Y. Assembly Speaker Silver: ‘We Are Going To Ban Assault (WCBS) * New statewide database would help law enforcement prevent mentally ill with violent tendencies from possessing guns.* Interesting provision of NY gun reform law: therapist REQUIRED to report patient who threatens to use a gun illegally. via * Cuomo: "Expanding Kendra's Law is right and intelligent and should have been done before."* Albany gun-control bill expected to pass Monday night 

Update Lawmakers in New York Reach Deal on New Gun Curbs(NYT) * New York Has Gun Deal, With Focus on Mental Ills(NYT)

Team Cuomo Races for a Gun Control Announcement before the Feds Tomorrow
Leaders Expect Gun Control Vote Today(YNN) * Vote in New York Legislature on Gun Bill May Come Soon(NYT)

In His 20th Year, Sheldon Silver Faces Perhaps HIs Best Legislatively  * Progressives Want Minimum Wage Indexing * Upstate Gun Owners Cast a Cold Eye on Cuomo Effort(NYT) Groups of upstate gun owners are fiercely lobbying lawmakers in Albany against proposed legislation that would establish the nation’s toughest gun laws, saying the changes won’t help curb gun violence * In the News, Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushes Washington lawmakers to buck gun lobbyists like the NRA and enact common-sense gun control legislation: * Schumer Wants Sales Of Assault-Style Weapons Halted Until Congress Passes Gun Reform Laws(NY1) * Word has it that his push for a deal on the toughest-in-the-nation gun control deal has finally been successful. Sources say the bill is in print, and an announcement could come as early as today.* Bloomberg is determined to use his billions to try to “change” Republicans in Congress rather than oust them. All handguns and grandfathered assault weapons must be recertified every five yrs in statewide database.

New York Police Department commissioner Ray Kelly doubts any legislation passed in Washington or New York will make a significant dent in the number of guns in America, and cops have to deal with that reality. [Azi Paybarah]* Mayor Bloomberg Thinks He Can Break Up the NRA and the GOP(NY Mag) Deputy Republican Leader Tom Libous, in an interview on WGDJ, says a gun control bill is "inevitable." Libous re Cuomo: "I have not been threatened by the governor. I'm not sure he's threatening anybody." Michael Bloomberg hopes to change the Republican Party on guns rather than defeat it. [Jason Horowitz 

Families of Newtown School Massacre Victims Organize Against Gun Violence(NYT)* GOP legislator in Maryland says of gun proposals, "O'Malley is trying to get to the left of Cuomo in NY b/c he wants to run for president."* Libous: Gun Control Measure ‘Inevitable’(YNN) * What Andrew Cuomo's gun-control bill looks like(The Atlantic) * Saying their jobs are at risk, 30 workers from Remington are at the Capitol urging lawmakers to oppose new gun laws.Mayor Bloomberg Takes His Gun Control Campaign On The Road (NYDN) * "Republicans want to push back the start-date .. to give gun owners a last chance to purchase assault weapons" (NYDN) * A 2016 Preview: O’Malley vs. Cuomo On Gun Control(YNN) * Some Sandy Hook families form group calling for action(Fox 5) * Families of Newtown Victims Look Beyond Gun Control(NYT)

O’s got no shot: NRA big(NYP) * Lying on Gun Background Checks Rarely Brings Charges(NYT) * Debate on Gun Laws Is Put to Test in Colorado(NYT) * Newtown Debates Fate of Elementary School(NYT) * Gun Debate Set to Shift to Congress(WSJ) * It looks like President Obama’s second term agenda will be dominated by gun control.* VP Joe Biden’s gun task foce is expected to make recommendations to Obama as early as tomorrow. It is looking at a wide range of issues linked to gun crimes, including violence in video games and movies, and gaps in mental health treatment and background checks.* Lawmaker: Break-in tied to newspaper gun map(Fox 5) * Obama will move ahead on gun control this week(Wash Post) * Americans more supportive of gun control after Newtown (Wash Post) * Jesse Jackson: Assault weapons are "threats to national security"(Huff Post) * Obama to Congress: If Newtown moved you, act on guns (via )

Update Obama Would Use Executive Power for Action on Guns(NYT)

Krueger and Diaz Waste State $$$ on Rent

Sens. Liz Krueger And Ruben Diaz Face Eviction From District Offices (NYDN) State Sens. Ruben Diaz and Liz Krueger are facing eviction from their district offices because their rent grossly exceeds Senate-mandated limits of $40,000 a year for downstate senators

Heavy Debt Will Sink New York 
In the Post, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli writes that New York’s outstanding debt of $3,253 per resident  threatens the state’s ability to pay for critical infrastructure projects and meet economic development and education needs * Greg David: Pay hikes would bust city budget(CrainsNY) * BREAKING: MONDAY MASSACRE: J.P. Morgan cans 529 Brooklyn staffers. (Brooklyn Eagle)

Bus Strike Wednesday Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 President
New York City school bus company employees have been told to prepare for a strike that could begin on Tuesday, with city officials holding firm on not changing job protection language in contracts with private bus companies * Drivers to strike on Wednesday; will impact 152,000 students(NYP)
Bus strike looms for schools(NYP) * City Officials Say School Bus Strike Would Be Irresponsible(NYT) *School Bus Strike Planning Advances(WSJ) * Schools Chancellor Calls Bus Drivers' Strike Irresponsible, Illegal(NY1) * School Bus Strike Still Possible As Dispute Between NYC(WCBS) * Bus Strike Threat Looms Over NYC Schools(NBC) * More Officers, Crossing Guards If Bus Drivers Strike: W (NBC) * Mayor: School Bus Strike Would Be "Misguided" (NY1) * Here's a 1995 article about the Board of Ed trying to end seniority for bus drivers. The more things change... * .: "the union is abandoning 152,000 students and their families ..."   * Watch Online: Michael Cordiello, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181, announces the upcoming...  *Public Transit to Be 152,000 Kids More Crowded After School Bus Strike(NY Mag) *Union: NYC School Bus Drivers Will Strike On Wednesday(WCBS) * NY1 Has Learned Some Buses For Special Needs Students Will Still Run During The Strike:

Success Academy Charter network to open third school in Bronx(NYDN) * Education advocates were dismayed Cuomo did not address school funding in his State of the State speech, and are terrified that the Gap Elimination Adjustment put into place by ex-Gov. David Paterson will continue.* The New York City Board of Elections needs to get a real executive for its top job. (NYDN) * Who's behind the movement to create "bar" exams for teachers?(Gotham Gazette) * Catholic Schools Await More Closing Bells(NYT)

Teach’s ‘cutting’ remark (NYP) An exasperated Manhattan middle-school teacher got so enraged when her students wouldn’t stop talking that she fantasized aloud about stabbing them, schools investigators said. Former Collaborative Academy of Science Technology and Language Arts..

Pharmacies Pressed to Meet High Demand for Flu Vaccine(NYT) * Demand For Flu Shots Taxes City's Supply(NY1) * Flu Vaccine Shortage Seen at Pharmacies(WSJ) * New York City parents scrambling to find flu shots in s (NYDN)

Maps to make NY street smart (NYP) Even savvy New Yorkers need directions sometimes.  Detailed maps will be placed outside popular subway stations and along busy thoroughfares in March.  Officials say they’re intended to help locals explore their hometown. The 7-foot-high maps are supposed to help residents get their bearings and pick out landmarks that they never knew were there. 

From DOT, Extra Help Getting Around Town (WSJ)The Department of Transportation will unveil a new system of street signs Monday that aims to demystify the simplest - but sometimes most confounding - of civic arts: getting from here to there.* DOT to install neighborhood maps for pedestrians, bicyc(NYDN)

Next Phase for City Pedestrian Plazas(WSJ) * Security barriers approved for Times Square(WSJ)

MoMA Breaks Ground On New Entrance Plaza(NY1)

The Real One Gambling 180
The success of three new upstate New York casinos proposed by Cuomo would depend heavily upon them drawing gamblers from other places in an already crowded Northeast market, analysts say.* The reasoning behind Cuomo’s “180″ on casinos. (Remember: Last year, he wanted one in NYC).* Cuomo's casino flip | Crain's New York Business

Veteran columnist Clyde Haberman’s latest gig at the NYT involves interviewing prominent New Yorkers over a meal. His first subject: Former Bronx BP Freddy Ferrer, who is now acting MTA chairman.

Crackdown on Livery Drivers(WSJ) New York City taxi inspectors in 2012 wrote a record number of tickets accusing livery cabs of picking up passengers from the street, an unprecedented crackdown that coincided with a City Hall push to expand legal street hail service outside Manhattan. * NYC livery cab drivers get record tickets in 2012(WSJ)
NYC taxi inspectors wrote a record number of tickets last year accusing livery cabs of picking up passengers from the street – an unprecedented crackdown that coincided with a City Hall push to expand legal street hail service outside Manhattan.

* The News applauds the efforts of City Councilman Oliver Koppell for confronting Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn over their opposition to a bill that would increase the number of handicap-accessible yellow taxis:

Were co-ops left out in the cold by FEMA?(Queens Crap)
From the Times Ledger: Co-op owners in northeast Queens said they felt discriminated against when it came to seeking federal aid in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. In Glen Oaks Village, more than half of the 134 buildings suffered roof damage to rack up a bill of about $25,000, according to co-op President Bob Friedrich. But after approaching the Federal Emergency Management Agency for grant money, Friedrich said a misinterpretation of fine print left his neighborhood ineligible for aid. He said FEMA classified Glen Oaks Village as a business association, which qualifies for loans but not federal grant money, and in turn discriminates against the 3,000 families who inhabit the neighborhood.“This is really an issue of fairness and equity,” Friedrich said. “Our residents are paying for FEMA like everybody else. Yet we are not eligible for the aid.”* Coney Island Crews Fix Amusement Rides Damaged By Sandy: With the Coney Island amusement season coming up, workers...  * Christie criticizes those who don't want dunes(WABC) * Demolition begins on Sandy-damaged homes(WABC)

A New York City editorial board sides with Timothy Cardinal Dolan and asks Cuomo why he's promoting abortion rights "while doing nothing significant to promote the alternative of adoption, or to help women avoid unintended pregnancies in the first place". [Daily News]* Catholic Conference Opposes ‘Cuomo Abortion Expansion Bill’(YNN)


Brooklyn Still Loves Its First Miss America
Crowned Miss America 2013, Living in a Borough of Ms.(NYT) Mallory Hagan, an Alabama native who moved to New York several years ago, has embraced Brooklyn. But the borough’s residents don’t know what to think about a beauty queen in their backyard.* Here She Is, Miss … Brooklyn? (WSJ)

SEE these subway riders caught with their pants down! Straphangers strip down for annual 'No Pants' subway ride(NYDN)

Eddie Murphy got his brother out of serving in Lebanon by writing jokes for Al D'Amato. [Larry Getlen]

Whale bites again (NYP) Thar she blows — again! JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s whale of a week isn’t over yet. Just days after a report maintained Dimon’s bonus may be cut because of his poor management of the bank’s Chief Investment Office, the CEO is facing the...

Jack Lew vs. New York(NYP Ed) Treasury Secretary-designate Jack Lew was unusually candid back in 2009 when he admitted: “I don’t consider myself an expert in some of these aspects of the financial industry,” like deregulation. The city’s economic stability is heavily dependent on the success of the financial-services industry. Lew, after all, is a Beltway veteran and a decidedly political animal — indeed, the furthest thing from a serious economic theorist, despite two terms at OMB.*Scarborough Blasts ‘Extreme Right’: If GOP Doesn’t Change, It ‘Ceases To Be A Player In Presidential Politics’

Update G.O.P. and Obama Issue Challenges on the Debt Limit(NYT)

Economy can't be put to 'ransom' over debt limit: Obama(NYP) * Obama Says G.O.P. Won’t Get ‘Ransom’ to Lift Debt Limit(NYT)

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Rep. Thompson: Background checks, magazine clips likely to get bipartisan support 
LOL, Congressional offices are illegal downloading movies and TV shows all the time. 
Why Obama is not talking up a debt ceiling backup plan(Wash Post)
Ann Romney turns down "Dancing With the Stars."
President Obama: “We are not a deadbeat nation.”
Obama says he likes a “good party,” pushing back against the notion that he and his top aides aren’t sociable enough.
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Sec. of State Hillary Clinton will testify before House committee on Jan. 23 regarding Benghazi attack

George H.W. Bush released from hospital after seven weeks(NYP)

Sen. Chuck Schumer, who could play a key role in advancing Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary, will meet with the former Nebraska senator this week. He reportedly plans to ask Hagel to “to clarify and in some ways recant statements about Iran and Israel.”* How Schumer can make or break Hagel(Wash Post)


Shame of M.I.T. (NYP) The president of MIT released a statement of contrition yesterday regarding the university’s involvement in the federal case against Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide in his Brooklyn apartment on Friday. Swartz, 26 US attorney dismisses Internet case against Aaron Swartz(NBC)

Law and Order
Bx. livery-cab shooting caught on surveillance tape(NYP) * Bandit shoots livery cabbie(NYDN)

US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor confesses to being a jaywalker.  * Supreme Court Justice Compares DC To NYC(Huff Post)

Cuomo could appoint the first openly gay or the first Asian-American or the first Dominican jurist to the state’s highest court. He has until Jan. 15 to make a decision.


 NYC in pot triangle(NYP) A rogues’-gallery alliance among the Canadian Mafia, outlaw bikers and a Mexican drug cartel supplied New York City with nearly a billion dollars in marijuana until the feds crashed the party, according to authorities and new court documents

Judge rules Muslim-hating subway 'pusher' fit to stand trial(NYP* Judge: Woman Charged In Fatal Subway Push Fit For Trial (NY1)



Judge rules alleged Muslim-hating subway 'pusher' able to stand trial for train-shove slay(NYP)

Whole new nightmare for teen molest ‘victim’(NYP)

Livery Cab Driver Shot in the Bronx(NBC)

The Times-Union argues that Bloomberg’s idea to steer New York City criminals with mental health problems into treatment rather than prison, deserves consideration by the state:
LES man gets community service on graffiti charges(NYP)

Need a lift? Call the police (NYP) They’re the Finest, and they may be the strongest, too.  About a dozen cops lifted a taxi off a pedestrian who was run over early yesterday morning in the South Bronx.
Family of livery cab driver shooting victim speaks out(WABC)
Police Seek Help In Finding Suspect Who Robbed West Harlem(WCBS)
Woman Bites Livery Cab Driver, Steals His Backpack, In The (WCBS)

Rikers Island inmates cost city millions of dollars with 'frivolous' lawsuits(NYT)

US judge backs Palestinian Authority's bid to conceal memo linking it to Israel bombing(NYP)