Monday, January 21, 2013

True News Holiday Monday Update

Obama: Take Action Now
Our Journey is Not Complete
"Preserving our individual freedoms requires collective action."* Obama: 'What makes us America is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago'* Obama: "While freedom may be a gift from God, it must be secured by his people here on earth."* "We learned that no union founded on the principles of liberty and equality could survive half-slave & half-free"* Our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers, and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts.* "We must be a source of hope for the poor, the sick, the marginalized, the victims of prejudice" * "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated equally under the law."* Obama calls for greater equality for all - Washington Post * Obama’s inaugural message: Just do it!(Politico) * Reclaiming history: In rebuke to the Tea Party, Obama pledges allegiance to America's progressive tradition. (NY Mag) * Obama Sets Goal to Broaden Equality(NYT) * Climate Change Given Prominence in Obama Address(NYT)

Obama:"My oath is not so different from the pledge we all make to the flag that waves above and that fills our hearts with pride"* "Let us each now embrace with solemn duty and awesome duty what is our lasting birthright."* "We must act knowing that our work will be imperfect."* "You and I, as citizens, have the power to set this country’s course." "we cannot mistake absolutism for principle."--Obama. attn: . *Five times Pres Obama says "our journey is not complete" until all Americans can enjoy the opportunities of this nation.* President Barack Obama emphasizes three prongs of civil rights:  * 3 references to "hope"; 7 references to "equal" or "equality"; 7 references to "freedom."
Joe Biden Offers Chuck Schumer a Surprise Toast* Obama's NY References: Seneca Falls And Stonewall - President Obama in his second inaugural address made references(YNN) * Obama Cites Nation’s Ideals in Call to Act(NYT)‘Fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges.’ * Second Inaugural Is More Specific, Less Constrained(NYT)
Read the prepared text of President Obama's second Inaugural speech * Obama avoids national security details in inaugural address(The Hill) * Obama delivered a progressive manifesto in inaugural address(Daily Beast)

LISTEN: President Obama's second inaugural speech 
Richard Blanco's poem, 'One Today' (text, video)
In Case You Missed It: The Inauguration Live Stream (Video) 
VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson performs 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' at Inauguration
One link with transcript, video and analysis of Obama's inaugural address(Wash Post)
President Obama And First Lady Exit Motorcade To Walk Along Inaugural Parade  
Obama's speech by the numbers(Wash Post) 

The most important paragraph of President Obama's second inaugural address (Wash Post)*  ‘We are made for this moment’(Wash Post) * Obama’s speech pushes liberal agenda(Wash Post) * The New York Times Editorial Board says the speech revealed more of his political philosophy than any specific plans for the next four years.* The National Review editors described it like this: “The rhetoric is still soaring, and the country is still stagnating. * Obama’s 18-minute speech also touched briefly on the tragedy at Newtown, CT. * Vice President Joe Biden had an unusual toast for NY Senator Chuck Schumer – saying “You can’t get rid of me, man. Remember, I’m still part of the Senate!”* Watch Michelle Obama Throw World-Historical Shade at John Boehner * Evers-Williams, wife of slain civil rights leaders, offers invocation for inaugural ceremony(Wash Post) * Obama's history-making use of the word 'gay,' and why it matters (Wash Post) * Watch Obama take a long pause to look back on the crowd at

Orgy of Fundraising Before New Law
 Lawmakers scrambling to raise funds ahead of Cuomo’s promised campaign reform(NYP)  

State lawmakers are scrambling to rake in as much cash as possible before Gov. Cuomo’s overhaul of campaign laws is enacted. Cuomo’s proposal would target Albany’s “pay-to-play” culture by limiting contributions fat cats and lobbyists can make to lawmakers. And now politicians are acting like pigs running to the trough.
At least 17 lawmakers, including party leader. Democratic Queens Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos are hosting events Wednesday at Albany’s posh Fort Orange Club blocks from the Capitol. Also that evening, Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright, the Manhattan Democratic leader and co-chair of the state Democratic Committee, hosts a party fund-raiser at the W hotel in Union Square. Bronx Democratic leader and Assemblyman Carl Heastie plans a dinner at Michaelangelo’s restaurant in The Bronx for the party’s housekeeping account. Newly elected Sen. George Latimer (D-Westchester) scheduled a breakfast bash in Albany. And Sen. Martin Dilan (D-Brooklyn) will shmooze donors at Macorix restaurant in his district. Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn), who is hosting a fund-raiser at the Fort Orange Club Feb. 4, denied there was a fund-raising stampede

Quinn Also Rush to Raise Funds in 2008 Before Campaign Reforms and Term Limits Change
New York Candidates Awash in Real Estate Cash(NYT)
The real estate industry, racing to beat strict new limits on campaign contributions, has been flooding New York City candidates with donations for the 2009 campaign at a rate three and four times that in previous election cycles.  The companies together had given more than $1 million by Jan. 15, the most recent reporting deadline for the 2009 election. Those same firms had given $239,000 by the same point in January 2004 and $348,000 by January 2000. The surge is driven in large part by a major overhaul in the city’s campaign finance law, which, starting this month, will cap contributions for people who do business with the city at less than a tenth of what is allowed now. That means many developers, brokers, landlords and contractors will be limited to giving $400 to a mayoral candidate, compared with $4,950 now. The major real estate firms examined by The Times are spreading money generously and in similar amounts to those considered the leading contenders for mayor: Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, Representative Anthony D. Weiner and City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr., with Ms. Quinn collecting the most of the three.

Vito Lopez Long Goodby
On September 19, 2010 the Headline of the NYP "The Only Thing I Have That's Worth Something is Politics.  That How I Get the Money." Vito lopez
Troubled Assemblyman Vito Lopez has raised little campaign cash since his sexual harrassment case broke. The Brooklyn Democrat, always a prodigious fund-raiser, has taken in just $6,000 in donations since a sexual harassment scandal broke in late August and led to him being stripped of his leadership positions. He hasn’t taken in a nickel since Sept. 1, but still boasts a campaign account of more than $1 million — the fruit of better days. It was later revealed that two others had accused Lopez of sex harassment. In that case, Silver approved a private $103,000 taxpayer-funded settlement. Lopez kicked in another $32,000. Lopez, who has denied the charges, decided not to run again for his position as Brooklyn Democratic chairman. But he did run for reelection to his Assembly seat against token Republican opposition and garnered more than 90% of the vote.

The gun lobby “had its silencer on” last week when lawmakers passed the bill, Now It is Fuck Cuomo From Gun Groups for "most divisive law in modern New York history"Vs  Million Mon March takes the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hit us with your best shot, Andy!(Dicker, NYP) Assault-rifle owners statewide are organizing a mass boycott of Gov. Cuomo’s new law mandating they register their weapons, daring officials to “come and take it away,”Gun lobbyists and Second Amendment protestors were nowhere to be found during the weeks leading up to the state Legislature passing sweeping gun reforms, as many protestors could not take a day off to protest at the Capitol, the New York Daily News Assault rifle owners across the state are organizing a mass boycott of a provision in the gun control law that mandates them to register their weapon with the State Police, encouraging hundreds of thousands of owners to defy the law. State Sen. Mark Grisanti has come under fire for being the only upstate Republican to vote in favor of the gun control bill, despite his assertion that Republican negotiators made the bill more palatable for him to vote for, The Buffalo News reports: * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News) * Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News) * Group holds gun control march and rally in NYC(NYP)

 Over the weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke with New York Times‘ columnist Maureen Dowd about his gun control legislation. “I was a linear, focused person. Then I got knocked on my rear end. I went through professional and personal hell,” Mr. Cuomo said of his personal past. “So now I keep it very simple. One day at a time. I’m killing myself to do the best job I can as governor. I do what I’m supposed to do and forget about the unhealthy things that used to distract me. I put one foot in front of the other. We take on big problems. And to say there’s no solution to the problems is not an option.” “They’re saying, ‘F--- the governor! F--- Cuomo! We’re not going to register our guns,’ and I think they’re serious. People are not going to do it. People are going to resist. They’re taking one of our guaranteed civil rights, and they’re taking it away.” – State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King, a member of the NRA board of directors, on assault rifle owners organizing a mass boycott of a law requiring them to register their guns with the State Police, via The New York Post. 

Tuesday: The Details of the Cuomo Budget 
TU reports that Cuomo will call for mandate relief in his budget address on Tuesday, possibly even tackling the Scaffold Law, which would make business groups and local governments very happy.  * With Cuomo’s budget address set for Tuesday, he will have an opportunity to explain how to pay for some of the sweeping proposals he outlined in his State of the State address, including extending the school day, LoHud writes: Gov. Cuomo is assembling new coalitions to back items on his agenda, including a group of businesses that support a proposed hike to the minimum wage despite the fact that some business groups are wary of the initiative, the Times-Union writes: * Cuomo’s Budget Could Fill In Blanks(YNN) * Few details have been released about the budget proposal Governor Cuomo will roll out tomorrow.


Oops! Bumble Biden says he’s the prez(NYP) * 'I Did It': Obama Takes Oath of Office  (WSJ) * Biden Flashes Signs of a 2016 Run(WSJ) * Inaugural-Ball Organizers Cut Prices(WSJ) * Obama Advocacy Group Gets Off to Bumpy Start(WSJ) * Inauguration 2013: A Social Media Guide(WSJ) * Obama Takes Oath as Capital Prepares for Festivities(NYT) * P.S. 22 Chorus Heads To Washington For Inauguration Per(WCBS) * A closer look at the inauguration schedule(WABC)

Among Blacks, Pride and Expectations(NYT) 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech(I Have A Dream)(Video) * Martin Luther King Jr., "The Drum Major Instinct" Sermon  *  Martin Luther King Jr. on NBC's Meet the Press in 1965 * Martin Luther King, Jr. on War * Martin Luther King, Jr. on The Ed Sullivan Show  * Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. - April 4, 1967 - Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence [Full Speech] * Martin Luther King Interview- Civil Rights (Merv Griffin Show 1967)* Obama’s speech pushes liberal agenda(DNA) * Harlem Church Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (NY1)

Tough row for NYC canoeists(NYP)

Harbaugh brothers set for Super showdown(NYP) * Ravens Beat Patriots to Set Up Clash of Brothers(NYT)

Rudy Says Thompson Will Give Away the Store
Rudy $laps Dems (NYP) A “fisc” fight has erupted between Bill Thompson and Joe Lhota — and right in the middle is Rudy.The former mayor threw down the gauntlet to the Democratic field of mayoral candidates, which includes Thompson, by proclaiming on TV that they would give away the store to municipal unions if elected.



Is Baldeo Talking to the Feds About Meeks?
Pol’s ‘crooked’ pals (NYP) Lineup of Meeks cronies in jail or hot water A number of Congressman Gregory Meeks’ friends are now in jail or under indictment, as prosecutors ramp up a federal probe into the New York Democrat. One old pal, Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, is already in federal prison; another, Edul Ahmad, is facing sentencing in a $50 million mortgage scam; and Albert Baldeo was recently charged with campaign-finance fraud. Baldeo, the latest of Meeks’ pals to be arrested, is a Queens immigration lawyer whom the congressman described as a “good friend.” Baldeo was arrested by federal authorities in October, charged with using straw donors in his failed 2010 City Council bid. He was accused of giving friends and associates money to donate to his campaign in their own names in an attempt to boost contributions and gain city matching funds. 

Baldeo is negotiating a possible plea deal with the feds. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each of the four charges. Stanford, who is accused of bilking investors out of more than $7 billion, was sentenced to 110 years in prison in June. In 2006, he allegedly asked Meeks to use his influence with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The billionaire wanted Meeks to nudge Chavez to begin a criminal investigation into a whistle-blower at Stanford’s Venezuelan bank. Two years later, Stanford hosted a lavish fund-raiser for the congressman in St. Croix. Ahmad in 2007 gave Meeks $40,000, money that the congressman said was a loan but that he did not pay back until after the FBI had asked about it. Meeks was cleared of wrongdoing last month by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.* True News: AEG Investigation Explodes * AEG Cover Up (True News)* Gov Paterson Was Looking for Political Support for the 2010 Campaign When He Said He OK’d Racino Deal as Favor to Sampson(True News)

Musical Chairs Switchs the Barrons and Dilan and Espinal  

Political insiders say two Council members are contemplating switching with upstate pols (NYDN) That includes City Councilman Charles Barron and his wife state Assemblywoman Inez Barron changing spots as well as Erik Martin Dilan switching places with State Assemblyman Rafael Espinal, Jr.



 DA Hynes Feels the Heat Pushes Weberman Conviction
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes calls Weberman case landmark vs. predators (NYDN)
The victim in this case was speaking for all who have suffered abuse but have been intimidated and forced into silence by scare tactics that support the abuser and discard the victim. * As sentencing looms for Hasidic sex sicko Nechemya Weberman, the Daily News finds he abused other women * Nicholas Garaufis, Federal Judge, Calls Brooklyn Murder Prosecution "Rotten," Orders Release of Man Falsely Imprisoned for 22 Years(Village Voice) * Convicted child abuser Nechemya Weberman to be sentenced in Brooklyn on Tuesday * . Charles Hynes Claims to Have Easier Field with Mafia Than Orthodox Jews

The City Has Done Nothing to Stop Dangerous Crane Operators and Owners

Owners, operators at fault in scary spike in crane accidents (NYDN) Records reveal owners who aren’t maintaining the huge machines and crane operators who aren’t using them safely.

NY’s disaster Management (NYP) Hurricane Sandy didn’t just tear up New York’s coast. It also revealed that the state’s Office of Emergency Management is its own disaster zone.


Even for the NYT Reader Supported Journalims is the Future
In 2012, something remarkable happened at The Times. It was the year that circulation revenue — money made from people buying the paper or access to its digital edition — surpassed advertising revenue. For many decades, print advertising has been the big moneymaker.When that milestone was reached last summer, Jodi Kantor, a reporter, celebrated it on Twitter: “For years folks have asked who will save the N.Y. Times. Now we know: our beloved readers. Thank you from one reporter.” In last year’s third quarter, operating profit was down by 60 percent from a year earlier in The New York Times Company’s newspaper group, which also includes The Boston Globe and The International Herald Tribune. The culprit? Print advertising continued its downward spiral, dropping by 11 percent, and nothing in the digital world — neither advertising nor subscriptions — was coming close to making up the difference.* OUT THE DOOR: TOP EDITORS LEAVING NYT(Huff Post) * A Downsized Boston Globe Opens Its Space for Community Uses(NYT) * With a Thursday deadline looming, NYT pleads w top earners to consider buyouts, avoid layoffs; we'll keep track here:(Capital)

Magazines Cross the Digital Divide(WSJ) Buffeted by declining advertising, magazines are turning to tablet computers and digital editions to boost circulation revenue. In doing so, they are hoping to reset decades of subscription discounting.

 Koch Back in the Hospital
Spokesman: Former Mayor Ed Koch Back In The Hospital * Spokesman: Former Mayor Ed Koch Back In The Hospital(CBS) *Ed Koch hospitalized with fluid buildup(NYP)
This is the third time in the past six months that the former mayor has been hospitalized. * Koch Is Hospitalized for Lung Ailment(NYT)
Monday New York City ex-Mayor Ed Koch (KAHCH') is feeling better (ABC)

Yesterday Both the NYP and Daily News Blamed Cuomo For the Failure of Coming to A Teacher Evaluation Agreement . . . The Papers Claimed Flawed teacher evaluation deal in the first place 
ly for several days to “get the City and UFT to ‘yes’.”

Re-evaluating Andrew(NYP Ed) The News blames Cuomo’s approach in letting school districts and unions negotiate their plans for teacher evaluations for the failure of the New York City school district’s talks with the United Federation of Teachers

Today The State and NYT Puts Heat on the City
New Deadline Feb 15th $830 Million At Stake
The New York state education commissioner threatened Friday to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid unless New York City showed it was prepared to put a new teacher-evaluation system in place* "sunset provision should not be an obstacle"-- edit board not buying argument re: contract fight.
 $830M spanking over teach evals (NYP) Give ’em an F! State Education Commissioner John King read Mayor Bloomberg the riot act yesterday — threatening to suspend the city’s ability to spend $830 million in federal aid because of its failure to enact a teacher-evaluation plan.* More Money at Risk on Teacher Evaluations(NYT) * The Teacher Evaluation Fight(NYT Ed) Failure to reach agreement might mean the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in state and federal money for the city’s schools. *State Warns School Aid Is at Stake(WSJ) * State Education Officials Threaten To Cut More City Funding(NY1) * Walcott: I blame UFT boss(NYT)
King Flunks(NYDN Ed) The News admonishes state Education Commissioner John King for suggesting that Bloomberg and New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott are to blame for missing the deadline to negotiate a teacher evaluation system
New York City’s schoolchildren face dire consequences after Mayor Bloomberg and teachers union President Michael Mulgrew missed the deadline for negotiating a teacher evaluation system. On Friday, state Education Commissioner John King spelled out that he would withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, with still more hanging in the balance. The law appears to leave King no choice, so he’s in the right. Beyond that, King has gone wildly haywire. When you hack your way through its bureaucratese, King’s high-handed notification letter to Chancellor Dennis Walcott was rife with the suggestion that he and Bloomberg were to blame for the shafting the kids are going to take. Surely, King knows better.

  NY State Commissioner King Threatens NYC Children

UFT Attacks Bloomberg For No Deal

Union accuses mayor of using inspectors for revenge(NYDN) 

When is A Majority Not A Majority, When Found in the      New York State Senate

Democrat Ekes Out Senate Win(NYT)

 Klein Winning
Big pay for rogue Dems(NYDN) *  Democrat Wins Upstate Senate Seat, Giving Party Clear Majority * The gun bill was a first test for the new Senate coalition, but many hurdles remain. * Buffalo area Republican Mark Grisanti is facing a backlash from his constituents after he voted for the bill. The only upstate Republican to do so.

Campaign 2013 Founder Of The "Rent Is Too Damn High" Party To Run For Mayor(NY1) * NY1 Online: Ken Thompson Makes His Case For D.A. *Mayoral Hopefuls Speak Out On Public Health(Gotham Gazette)* Ex-Madam will challenge Lhota, Quinn, Thompson for Mayor of NYC * City Council candidates cash in as campaign heats up(Times Ledger) * Queens Boro president hopefuls submit fund-raising numbers(Times Ledger) * Why are the Brooklyn and Queens Beep Races So Different? | The Barkan Report: * Crown Heights Cabadniks support Bill Thompson for mayor, reports. *New candidates seeking to make history set to fight  over eight open Brooklyn City Council seats  (NYDN)Half of boro's 16-member Council delegation term limited*  A New York teaching moment(TU) Half of Brooklyn’s City Council delegation is term-limited, paving the way for a new crop of candidates that includes Assemblyman Alan Maisel, former state Sen. David Storobin and Assemblyman Rafael Espinal, the News writes * Crain’s Insider also asked who is behind a $120,000 loan to Republican mayoral candidate George McDonald‘s campaign. The loan is illegal under city law, but Mr. McDonald is accepting larger-than-allowed contributions anyway and is hoping the courts rule that the state’s looser finance laws trump those established by New York City. * Cash pours into race to succeed Marty as borough president.(Daily Eagle * Campaign finance reports filed by both the Democratic and Republican candidates for New York City mayor have helped clarify the state of the 2013 field. Andrew J. Hawkins and Chris Bragg report: * Over the past three years, the four Democrats have raised a total of $15.3 million and spent $3.6 million. Those are fair sums, but New Yorkers won’t experience the kind of advertising blitz they have grown accustomed to from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. If the leading Democrats all spent as much as the matching-funds program allows in the primary, the total would be a third of what Mr. Bloomberg spent on each of his three election victories.* Can Lhota Escape Giuliani's Shadow?(NY Mag)

John Catsimatidis Is Still Giving Cash to Democrats 


City to pay Bill de Blasio's legal fees in battle against Mayor Bloomberg(NYDN) De Blasio sued Bloomberg in the summer of 2012 after the administration refused to release data on fines imposed against small-business owners over the last 10 years.

Reporters Focus On Media Star Sharpton . . .  But Very Little in the Communities That Are Victims of the Gun Culture Where Kelly Get High Marks
Kelly’s silent majority(NYP Ed)

When City Council Speaker Christine Quinn reiterated her wish — should she become mayor — to reappoint Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the remark elicited an array of spontaneous boos from the predominantly African-American audience.  That made the news. More interesting is what hasn’t made the news. This week’s Quinnipiac University poll shows New Yorkers overwhelmingly praise Kelly.* "justice doesnt just happen, you have to make it happen"--.* "You shouldn't be forced between choosing paying your rent or eating," Cuomo says on need to raise minimum wage. "We want to decriminalize low levels of marijuana," Cuomo says, lamenting stop-and-frisk arrests of young ppl. "Stop the cycle of madness."* Cuomo was criticized from same podium last month for not objecting to coalition: .* Cuomo Pledges Unity At Harlem Rally For MLK Day (HudLo) * Cuomo Talks Agenda At National Action Network(NY1) * Cuomo Talks Agenda At National Action Network: Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Harlem Saturday to talk up his agenda at...
Andrew After the Fall Gives iIntensity A Good Name
Sheriff Andy of Albany (Dowd, NYT) “I was 23 years old then; now I’m 55 years old,” he says with an air of the Stephen Sondheim classic “I’m Still Here.” “I was a linear, focused person. Then I got knocked on my rear end. I went through professional and personal hell. So now I keep it very simple. One day at a time. I’m killing myself to do the best job I can as governor. I do what I’m supposed to do and forget about the unhealthy things that used to distract me. I put one foot in front of the other. We take on big problems. And to say there’s no solution to the problems is not an option.”* Auburn Citizen suggests a Governor with presidential aspirations could be a good thing for NY, and it could be a bad thing as well.* VP Joe Biden’s 2016 aspirations are on the rise after a productive few months.

  aka King Cuomo joins aka King wannabe at NAN 106 W 145st. Didn't AG Cuomo investigate Sharpton? Has Al paid taxes?* . Randy Credico, Sanford Rubenstein & candidate Ken Thompson at @NationalActionNet event.* State senator Malcolm Smith & Councilwoman Jessica Lappin in the front row of * David Paterson and Charlie Rangel are also onstage at the House of Justice.* Sharpton greets Sen. Malcolm Smith, who was compared to a cockroach multiple times in Dec from the same podium.

The Solution to the Gun Culture Will Have to Come From the Neighborhoods Effected by It . . .
The Media Should Ask the People Who Live In High Crime Areas How to Stop Our Gun Culture.  With 95% of the guns used in crime in NYC Illegal stronger gun laws will not help
The top cop’s approval rating is a whopping 75 percent to 18 percent among city residents. No surprise there.  The less noticed point is that black New Yorkers approve of the job Kelly is doing 63 percent to 27 percent. Among Hispanics, it’s 76 percent to 18 percent.* In Cincinnati, Offering Gift Cards for Guns(NYT) * Photos: Around Brooklyn, Memorials to Lives Lost WSJ)

Hide and Seek NYCHA's Chairman Rhea
 Update NYCHA chief skips second public meeting(NYT)

NYCHA chair skipped hearing on Sandy today. His staff told he had jury duty. He did not have jury duty

* Elderly woman found living in NYCHA housing squalor(WABC) Hide and seek (NYDN Ed) It is fitting that New York City Housing Authority Chairman John Rhea was the man who wasn’t there for two legislative hearings about his beleaguered agency this week. Because, time and again since he took over in 2009, Rhea also hasn’t been there for the 400,000 New Yorkers who live in the authority’s developments. On Thursday, the City Council was holding hearings on NYCHA’s shoddy performance during and after superstorm Sandy hit — a performance that left thousands of residents desperate and suffering far longer than they should have been.

More Shootings Today
Teen guns down 2 adults, 3 kids in Albuquerque home — military-style rifle found (NYP) * Teenager Kills 5 People In New Mexico Shooting(Huff Post)

 Gun Map Delete Button, Gun Battle Continues

Newspaper ends controversial database of gun owners' names, addresses(NYP) * Newspaper Takes Down Map of Gun Permit Holders(NYT) * Bloomberg Goes To Washington To Keep Momentum Going In Gun Control Battle(NY1)* Rand Paul Rips Chris Christie For Going After NRA, GOP: Won’t ‘Play Well’ In GOP Primary * In the top 5 movies at the box office this week, 185 people get killed.

Thousands protest at Capitol against NY SAFE Act: Governor Cuomo is garnering a lot of criticism after passing t...(TU) * Gun Rights Advocates Rally in Albany(NYT)

Bill Maher admits that all of Obama's gun control laws are cosmetic and "not going to change anything" * Obama pulls out the stops in weekly address to urge curbs on gun violence(Daily Kos)  * Golden under the gun — Brooklyn Republicans blast GOP pol for assault rifle vote(Brookyn Paper)
Guns Across America: Thousands rally against stricter restrictions on firearms(NYP) * One of the biggest rallies EVER at the NY State Capitol draws some 2,000 people calling for repeal of the new anti-gun law.* 7 Gun Groups That Make the NRA Look Reasonable (Mother Jones)* Major Gun Company Begins Asking Customers to Fight Obama's Proposed Reforms(Nation) * No More Guns: Time Warner Cable Bans Semi-Automatic Weapons From Ads * Bill Clinton to Democrats: Don’t trivialize gun culture (Politico) * Accidental Shooting at Gun Show Marks Gun Appreciation Day(NY Mag) NY SAFE opponents rally at the Capitol *The Diversionary Tactics of the Gun Lobby (NYT)The N.R.A. tries to turn the focus from new gun laws to lax enforcement of existing laws.* Staten Islanders gather to discuss gun control(SI Advance) * 

Private Pain and Public Debate Take Toll on Newtown Parents(NYT)

Protest Of New State Gun Laws Held In Albany(NY1) * Democratic mayors to grade gun-makers on safety goals (Politico)Two People Accidentally Shot At Gun Show In Honor Of Gun Appreciation Day  * Staten Islanders are armed -- and divided(SI Advance) * Local Churches Hold Conversations On How To Control Gun Violence(NY1)

 Prison Is Not as Mandatory as the State’s Gun Laws Say(NYT) Tougher penalties for illegal possession of a loaded gun in New York State still give prosecutors and judges some wiggle room.  In 2011, the most recent year where statistics are available, fewer than half of defendants caught with illegal possession of a gun in New York City received a prison sentence, exposing loopholes in prison sentencing * Texas Attorney General to New Yorkers: Come on Down, With Guns(NYT) * 5 dead in NM shooting (NYP) A 15-year-old boy was arrested on murder charges, for the fatal shooting Saturday night of his parents and three siblings in their Albuquerque, N.M., home * Restriction on guns may not float with Democrats up for re-election, Republicans say(NYP) * Local Churches Hold Conversations On How To Control Gun Violence(NY1) *Gun-Control Advocate Looking for a Million Good Moms(NYT) * Watergate reporter Bernstein: No easy fix on guns(WABC) * Pro Gun Control Group Fights Back With Its Own Petition  * “: ‘Ridiculous’ on this day: Five shot on MLK Blvd. in New Orleans 


Will Mike strike out? (NYP) How long should New Yorkers put up with the school-bus strike?... 

Runaway Costs Vs The Wheels on the Bus Go Round Round Round Winning the Hearts and Minds

Bus strike leaves students out in bitter cold(NYP) * With Bus Strike, Fragile Students Face Hard Trips(NYT) * Third Day A Cold One For Striking School Bus Workers(NY1) * Feds to take shot at ending bus strike(NYDN) * Report: National Labor Relations Board To Intervene In Bus Strike (NY1) * Report: Federal Intervention Could End Bus Strike As Early (WCBS) * HAMILL: Bus drivers are unjustly targeted by Bloomberg(NYDN)* In the Post, Nicole Gelinas, contributing editor of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, writes that in order to end the bus strike in New York City, the city should issue daily fines and move up its call for bids for new contractors to now:

Department of Education staffer rips standardized testing, tells students to skip school(NYP)  Forget the city’s standardized tests — skip school! That’s the shocking advice publicly offered by Lisa Nielsen, 44, a high-ranking city Department of Education official recently promoted to the newly created, six-figure position of “director of. 


Where NY Pols Ripping Off Carnival Opperators Who Were Working With Organized Crime to Rip Off the Public
Mobsters wrangled over Razzle Dazzle game dough from festivals(NYDN) Company run by wiseguy Angelo (Little Angelo) Spata had to juggle carnival proceeds between Colombo and Genovese families, feds say.

 Did the Mob Shoot At Boyland Car to Warn Him Not To Talk About the Carnivals?
Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.'s arrest shines light on corruption in carnival industry(NYDN)Tilt-a-whirls and other amusement rides part of carnival corruption involving William Boyland Jr.  Lawrence Carr Amusements is one of the larger operators before he was arrested for bribing an elected officials. Records show that since 2003, Carr and his relatives donated $27,500 to 15 New York politicians. * A federal judge granted Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who is facing corruption charges (again), leave to attend Obama’s inauguration.

Some think TWU union flyer to ‘die’ forNYDN) *
Pair of deaths on city subways(NYDN) *
Members of TWU Local 100 are handing out flyers to straphangers that read: "The MTA doesn't care if you die."

Goo Goos Help the Council Incumbents Run their Campaigns
City political campaigns could become members-only affairs(NY World) Good-government groups side with City Council in quest to curb Campaign Finance Board's reach 

The city’s Campaign Finance Board found itself outnumbered Wednesday when its executive director testified at a City Council hearing about legislation that would revise the board’s rules on campaign spending expenditures. The board opposes a bill that would allow organizations like companies and unions to advocate for or against a political candidate without disclosing their spending, as long as their communications were targeted at their members. Currently they must share details on spending as well as copies of the campaign materials, such as mailers.

Sandy Update Utilities Discuss Sandy Challenges Before City Council(NY1)* Car swamped after lease ends by Sandy(Wabc) * GOP Rep Tears Into Congress: ‘We Were Going Around Like Third-World Beggars’ Asking For Sandy Aid *South Ferry Station Repairs May Take 3 Years, Cost $600 Million, MTA Says(DNASINFO)* Volunteers Go House-To-House In SI To Get Sense Of Post-Sandy Rebuilding Needs (NY1)  

 'If I called in sick then Sandy defeated me': MTA token booth clerk hasn't missed a shift post-Sandy despite losing his home * Organization Distributes Relief To Sandy Victims In Brooklyn (NY1) * Volunteers clear debris and repair dunes from Sandy(Fox 5) * Siller Foundation giving Sandy victims $250 gift cards starting (SI Advance) * Rapid Repairs Program Finishes Work On 10K Residences Damaged By SandyLocal Blood Banks Work To Refill Supplies Following Hurricane Sandy * One Resident Returns Home to a Street of Uncertainty(NYT) As one resident becomes the first to move back into her home on Kissam Avenue on Staten Island, neighbors weigh their options whether to rebuild or to move away.* Rapid Repairs Program Finishes Work On 10K Residences Damaged By Sandy(NY1) Mayor Bloomberg announced on Sunday that over 10,000 homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy have been repaired, thanks to New York City’s Rapid Repairs Program, with thousands more to be repaired in the coming weeks, the Associated Press writes * According to reports, privatizing the Long Island Power Authority would cost New York taxpayers billions of dollars because of the utility’s terrible financial state, the Post reports: * Mike hails city’s Rapid Sandy aid(NYDN)* 10,000 sandy damaged homes repaired.(TU) * Analysts say that selling the much-criticized Long Island Power Authority to a private company would require the state to assume at least $4 billion in debt. Aaron Elstein reports:

Whole lot of Queens foreclosures(Queens Crap)

From The Real Deal: U.S. foreclosure filings — including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — are down 3 percent year-over-year, according to a year-end foreclosure market report issued by RealtyTrac. The nationwide average of housing units that had at least one foreclosure filing in 2012 came in at 1.39 percent — or one in every 72 units — which is down from the 1.45 percent tallied in 2011. But despite the positive news on the national front, foreclosure activity increased in 25 states in 2012, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Queens, RealtyTrac found, was particularly hard-hit.

North Brooklyn Start-Ups Find Office Space Is Scarce(NYT)Most landlords, lured by the promise of building lucrative apartments in the area, are reluctant to devote space to commercial tenants who pay little and might wither as quickly as they bloom.



A preservation fight has erupted over LG Electronics’ plan to build a headquarters that would compromise the Cloisters museum’s view across the Hudson River.A Timeless View From the Cloisters Faces a Modern Intrusion(NYT)Environmental groups and others are concerned about a corporate headquarters that is to rise across the Hudson River from the Cloisters, altering the scenic view from that museum of medieval treasures.


The Birth of Grand Central Terminal
The Secrets of Grand Central(NYT) The genius engineer behind Grand Central Terminal: 100 Years of Grandeur

Washington Monday
Obama’s Foreign Policy Goals Appear More Modest(NYT)
Barack Obama's Quest for Greatness - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
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Africa's al-Qaida Specter - Chicago Tribune
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John Mackey: Speaking Truth to Fascism - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
This Is "Roe" at 40 - The Nation
Speech may have a similar tone to his address four years ago, because he faces many of the same challenges.
NY Sen. Chuck Schumer says the Senate will pass one this year for the first time since 2009.
On 'Meet the Press,' Chuck Schumer lays out the Schumer agenda (Capital)
n 2nd Inaugural, Obama Appeals to Progressive Base - Tom Curry, NBC
A New Term, But Old Divisions Remain - Dan Balz, Washington Post
Monstrous Debt Key Challenge for Obama - Robert Merry, National Interest
President's Best Days Are Probably Ahead - Steve Kornacki, Salon

The Loyal Opposition - Erick Erickson, RedState
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Roe v. Wade at Forty - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
Obama's InaugurationVideo of Speech | Full Text | The Day in Pictures
Jeffries: If push comes to shove, I will ‘get Brooklyn’ on Rep. Paul Ryan

 It's Official: Obama and Biden Sworn-In for Another Four Years
Washington Sunday
Obama’s first four years reviewed as second term begins today(NYP)
O smells blood in gun push(NYP)
Biden sworn in for second term as VP (Huff Post)
Sotomayor just became the first Hispanic to administer the presidential or VP oath(Wash Post)
Taking the Oath Quietly, a Day Ahead of the Fanfare(NYT)
As Washington Draws Inaugural Crowds, Republicans Leave(Wash Post)

Obama, Biden sworn in for second term(NYP)
President Obama is sworn in for second term(Wash Post) 
Obama Takes Oath in Quiet Ceremony(NYT)

Presidential limousines now bearing the "taxation without representation" protest license plates from the District of Columbia.  
Didn't go to an inaugural ball last night? See what you missed:(Wash Post)
ICYMI: Watch of President Obama taking the oath of office

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Sonia Sotomayor's Disappointing Memoir - Damon Root, Reason
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TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

MLK will loom large over festivities on Obama Inauguration Day(Politico)
Joe Biden's Swearing-In Bumped Up So Sonia Sotomayor Could Get to a Book Signing(NY Mag)
Chuck Schumer: Senate will pass a budget(Wash Post)

The moment got a handshake from Biden:
Al Roker Freaks Out After Meeting Joe Biden (Daily Beast)

Senate Democrats to Use Budget Draft to Push Tax Overhaul(NYT)
Many of President’s Long-Time Advisers Are Moving On(NYT)
A Day Before Public Event, Obama Takes Oath at White House(NYT)
A List of All the Places Where Republicans Are Avoiding Washington This Weekend(NYM)

Joe Scarborough On Meet The Press: Republicans Only Won The House By Gerrymandering
Fox’s Brit Hume: Obama’s ‘Amazing’ Election ‘Machine’ Was ‘The Greatest Political Organization’ In History
Labor unions, lawmakers donate to Obama's inauguration(USA Today) 
Latinos take on bigger role in Obama inauguration (Yahoo)

Washington Saturday
GOP Surrenders, Debt Ceiling Crisis Over

Backing Down, House G.O.P. Offers Debt Extension(NYT)
Well-Trod Path: Political Donor to Ambassador(NYT)
Obama Looks Back as He Plots New Term(WSJ)
Gun Action Now Central to Obama's Presidency - Williams, The Hill
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California Speeds Toward a Wall of Debt - Steven Greenhut, Bloomberg
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WH Plan Like Silly Emotional Appeals From Kids - Matt Welch, Reason
Farewell, Obama's "Green Dream Team" - Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones
Republicans and Our Nostalgic Age - Erick Erickson, Red State 

Chait: GOP Surrenders, Debt Ceiling Crisis Over(NY Mag)
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Senator Rubio Steps Up on Immigration - Washington Post
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Obama's 1st term: 2 vetoes, 13 vacations, 654 laws signed & 35 speeches mentioning Slurpees (CBS)
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Anna Wintour Told Not to Expect London Ambassadorship (NY Mag)
HOUSE GOP in trouble: they were ahead 47/45 over Obama on jobs and econ in oct. Now, Obama leads 53/35 

Schumer Strives to Be Host With the Most(WSJ)Sen. Chuck Schumer is serving as the lead event planner and master of ceremonies for the Capitol Hill portion of the inauguration, giving him the chance to lend a distinct New York accent to a the festivities.

Obama Kicks Off Inauguration With Day Of Service(Huff Post)

Inauguration weekend begins with Day of Service to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.(Wash Post)
Inauguration weekend begins with Day of Service in D.C. and around U.S.
Obamas, Bidens kick off inauguration weekend (CBS)
In Second Inaugural Address, Can President Obama Reassure a Worried Public? (Daily Beast)
Obamas, Bidens participate in Day of Service(CNN)
Preparations underway for the Inauguration in Washington, D.C.
Obama to acknowledge divided Washington in Inaugural Address (Wash Post)
Lady Gaga to perform at inaugural ball(WCBS)

The King Center  Martin Luther King Jr: "Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals. They are complementary."

A Dog Named Checkers
The secret story of Richard Nixon’s first scandal(Salon) Long before Watergate, a secret fund almost ended his career -- instead, the Checkers speech taught him everything 

Wall Street
Buying the N.Y.S.E., in One Shot (NYT) A deal to acquire the New York Stock Exchange shows how technology is transforming the world’s markets.

The Most Surreal Part Of Lance Armstrong's Bizarre Interview With Oprah (Buzz Feed) *night after Jim’s 49ers beat the Falcons 28...   5:57
Lance Armstrong books headed to fiction section of Australian library(NYP)

Manti Te'o Speaks
Manti Te'o to be interviewed on-camera by Katie Couric(NYP) * Suspected mastermind behind Te'o girlfriend hoax lived near a Kekua family(NYP)

Miss America Forgetabout Brooklyn

If You're Trying to Spot Miss America in Brooklyn, Don't Bother (NY Mag) She's already packing her bags. more »

SNL’s Piers Morgan Takes On Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o And Jodie Foster

Bill Maher Throws Cold Water On Gun Control: ‘You Can Do All This S**t, It’s Not Going To Change Anything’

Bill Maher: 2nd Amendment Is Not Under Attack, But All Your Other Rights Are

Is Jon Stewart turning off his fan base?(Salon) "The Daily Show" host's praise for "ZD30" and his dismissal of the platinum coin may be pushing liberal fans away

From sports heroes to the butt of jokes: ‘SNL', Funny or Die target Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong scandals

Condoleezza Rice joins CBS News as a contributor(NYP)

Law and Order
Queens schoolkid had mom’s gun in his backpack: cops(NYP) A Queens mom was arrested for sending her 7-year-old son to school with a .22-caliber semiautomatic firearm, a flare gun and ammo — all stashed in his purple Batman backpack* Mother Admits She Put Pistol in 7-Year-Old’s Backpack, Police Say(NYT) * Mother Of Boy Who Brought Gun To Queens School Arraigned On Weapons Charges(NY1)

Tragic Sylvie Cachay sent scorching 'F--k you' e-mail to boyfriend hours before her death (NYP)Less than 24 hours before police say she was drowned and strangled in a Soho House tub, beautiful Sylvie Cachay fired off a scorching e-mail to the stoner beau who’d be charged with her murder

Stolen Torah Found
Police search for stolen Torah worth $30,000(Fox 5) Update
BREAKING: Stolen Car With Sefer Torah Inside Recovered In Flatbush: 4:00PM: A Sefer Torah inside a car that was ... * Missing Torah Scroll Recovered(NY1)

Mother Escapes Abuse, Only to End Up in Shelters With Her Son (NYT)
Armed Robbers Targeting Queens Stores(NY1)
  Caught and Caught on Tape

Cops nab thugs after bodega attack(NYDN)Robbers Caught on Video, and by Police, at Brooklyn Deli(NYT) * MUST SEE: Cops And Robbers Caught On Video Inside Bed Stuy(WCBS) * Would-be robbers mistake bathroom for back door(WABC) * NYPD: 2 cops interrupt armed robbery in progress(Fox 5) * NYPD: Deli robbers kick down door to nowhere(Fox 5) *
Cops Bust Armed Deli Robbers in Brooklyn(NBC) *
Video: Brooklyn Deli Thieves Busted After Mistaking Bathroom Door For Exit: Cops were able to stop a Brooklyn deli...

Woman details EMT's ambush, rape in court(NYDN)
Alleged school aide molester rejects plea deal(NYDN)
Police: Bronx Suspects Duped Older Residents Before Burglaries(WCBS)
Cops Seek 2 Men in Bronx Robbery, Assault(NBC)
The NYPD is seeking the public’s help in locating three suspects wanted in connection with a robbery in Richmond Hill.(Queens Chroncle)

Ticket Fixing Cop Top Investigator Beats Sergents Girlfriend?
IAB captain busted in NYPD gal-pal assault (NYP) An Internal Affairs captain who helped oversee the investigation into the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal was hauled off in handcuffs for allegedly beating his sergeant girlfriend into unconsciousness yesterday

cop’s “improper” relationship with witness wrongly imprisoned two for 17 years: $100M claim - 

Police Search For Bronx Thieves Who Posed As Utility Workers  * Smooth Talking Con Men Work Their Way Into Bronx Homes Before (WCBS)
* Robbers Targeting the Elderly in the Bronx(NBC)

Outrage as Peter Madoff puts off jail to party at granddaughter's posh bat mitzvah(NYP) * With Prison Delayed, Peter Madoff 'Parties Hearty'(NY Mag)

Vile killers post online profiles to find demented pen pals(NYP) Look out, ladies: Two deranged sex fiends convicted of nightmare attacks on New York women are back on the prowl.

Muslim-hating subway pusher says she was determined to kill Queens immigrant(NYP) * Alleged Subway Pusher Blames 'Bad Day' On Decision To Shove Hindu Man(Huff Post) * Subway pusher says a fight with her boyfriend provoked her to push victim to his death. (WPIX) * Accused subway shover says victim tried to fight back(Fox 5)

Learn how groups of youth are terrorizing parts of the in this post on the .

Why some of the biggest names in Mafia history - who all gathered to crown a king of The Commission - had to run like roaches


SHOT THAT ECHOES: How a writer's death 100 years ago spurred New York gun laws(NYDN)

Alleged Suspect In First Reported NYC Homicide Of 2013 Returned To NY(NY1) * First alleged New York murderer of this year in jail(NYDN)


LIRR Pension Cheat Doc
Jail for rail doc(NYP)He helped drive the “gravy train” — and now it could cost him millions of dollars and years in the slammer. A crooked Long Island orthopedist pleaded guilty yesterday to falsely diagnosing hundreds of greedy LIRR workers with disabilities so they could retire early with lucrative pensions.* Doctor Tells U.S. Judge He Created Fake L.I.R.R. Injury Claims(NYT)

Bronx churches plagued by thieves hell-bent on crime(WABC)

Feds fine 9/11 coin scammer $75,000* FTC: Seller of bogus 9/11 coins to pay $750,000(Fox 5) 

Al Qaeda-linked kidnappers offer to trade US hostages for 'Blind Sheikh' Abdel-Rahman(NYP)