Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gov Paterson Was Looking for Political Support for the 2010 Campaign When He Said He OK’d Racino Deal as Favor to Sampson

Paterson OKed the AEG Racino Deal to Help Himself Get Flakes Support to Win the 2010 Election As Governor
Paterson’s bad bet (NYP) Never mind what was best for taxpayers — former Gov. David Paterson admitted yesterday that he signed off on a deal to award the Aqueduct racino contract to a “tainted” bidder in 2009 to help then-state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson cling to power. And Paterson admitted that he “broke the deadlock” on behalf of AEG as a political favor to Sampson — although he knew that some of AEG’s partners had checkered pasts. Paterson said Sampson was a “vulnerable” new majority leader with a razor-thin majority. “He [Sampson] said he needs this a lot,” Paterson said of the AEG franchise. “And I went along with it.”

Lynch Set Up A Meeting Between Paterson and Flake A Day After the Governor OKed the AEG Deal
Consultant Bill Lynch phone call to Paterson aboard Amtrack had to have to have a lot to do with AEG losing it winning bid at aqueduct and the federal investigation of it partner Flake and it political supporters Meeks and Smith. Lynch who must have been a follower of the late Roy Cohen school of business, set up a meeting between Paterson who he was an political advisor and Flake a day after AEG won the contract for video slots at Aqueduct. The thing is that Lynch was being paid by SL Green a competing company to win the contract for them. It is clear the the political consultant lobbyist business is not only corrupt it has as the late journalist Jack Newfield used to said a permanent government of robber barons.

Paterson OK the AEG Deal At A Time When Flake and His Machine Had Yet to Endorse Him for the 2010 Gov Race
As for competition for an Aqueduct racino, Gov. David Paterson has a tie to SL Green, a bidder trying to build and operate a video lottery terminal parlor at the Queens track. SL Green hired Bill Lynch as a $7,500-per-month lobbyist in November; Lynch is Paterson's political adviser. Lynch said the Paterson campaign paid him $10,000 last year but he has been working for free for months. He said he doesn't talk to the governor about Aqueduct. 'Cheating' at races Aqueduct-bid loser axes gov pal as traitor (NYP, February 6, 2010) *
Hundreds of people rallied in Queens against “racist journalism” of the Aqueduct deal. (City Hall)

Soon After Paterson Meeting the Meeting With Flake Was Pick Up By the Newspaper He Drop Out of the Governors Race Gov. David Paterson drops election bid; announcement expected(NYT, Feb 26, 2010

Why Did Paterson OK the AEG Contract He Knew to Be Dirty
“The problem with the AEG company was that they had people on their board and involved in their operation who had scrapes and violations [with the law] on their record. So it immediately tainted their bid,” Paterson said.  “There was always this sense that something was wrong with the group. I didn’t know at the time whether it was true or wasn’t true.”

Even the Crooks in Albany Does Not Want Vito Lopez
Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez a no-show in Albany(NYDN)Vito Lopez returned to Albany where he make his first appearance at a legislative session since he was stripped of his leadership posts in a sexual harassment scandal last summer, but then turned around headed home
Dozens of city schools are plagued with 'unsatisfactory'(NYDN)

Yesterday's True News
Were is the Outrage? Not 1 Editorials Against the Member Item System Seabrook Used As A Piggy Bank

NYP Joins True News In Asking Where is the Outrage Against City Council Member Items After Seabrook Sentencing
Seabrook Sent Off(NYP Ed) US Attorney Preet Bharara asked for a 7-plus-year sentence, but Judge Deborah Batts opted to take into account Seabrook’s public service (as opposed to the private graft?) in imposing the lesser sentence. Either way, one wonders how much his fate ultimately changes things.  After all, he joins an All-Star squad of recently convicted downstate miscreants that includes ex-state Sens. Pedro Espada, Jr., Carl Kruger and Hiram Monserrate, plus Seabrook’s fellow ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez — to name a few.

Cuomo used the speech to "reposition" himself for Washington after two years in office
Andrew’s new agenda(NYP Ed) The Post argues that Cuomo’s State of the State address sounded more like a presidential campaign speech than a useful legislative agenda
Cuomo promised first and foremost to make New York a gun-control model for the nation.
The NYP’s editorial board read the speech as a sign of Cuomo’s presidential ambitions.…While The DN praised the governor’s stance on gun control.

Cuomo: You Do Not Need 10 Bullets to Kill A Deer
First, New York already has on its books some of America’s toughest gun laws. Next, assault rifles — a principal focus of Cuomo’s speech — are historically not much of a threat in the Empire State. Guns are a national issue — resolvable, again, only via the traditional political process at the national level. Obviously, Cuomo knows this.  But he also knows that the first Democrats out of the gate on guns post-Newtown will mine plenty of national political gold. * New York Is Moving Quickly to Enact Curbs on Guns(NYT) * Next stop 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Gov. Andrew Cuomo talks like President wanna-be(NYDN) During his State of the State speech Tuesday, which was packed with ambitious proposals, Cuomo sounded a White House hopeful --- and a lot like his old man, Mario.* Said Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, “”This was not about New York. This was about his going home to his liberal roots in Washington, D.C.”*
Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, another potential 2016 aspirant, said yesterday there’s a good chance an assault weapons ban in his state will pass this year.*
More Like 2014 Than 2016?(YNN) * The NRA called Andrew Cuomo “America’s most anti-gun governor.” * The WSJ’s Jacob Gershman (writing from his new perch on the law beat) says Cuomo’s plan could make it easier for local authorities to enforce the state’s gun laws.
‘Stop the madness’ Gov fumes(NYP) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told reporters that Cuomo and legislative leaders were “95 percent” of the way towards an agreement on a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, with Senate Republicans not intending to block it, the Times writes: * The News applauds Cuomo for taking the lead on gun control in his State of the State address:  * Cuomo calls for stricter gun-control laws(NYDN)*  Gov. Cuomo Thunders On Gun Control During Passionate State (WCBS) * Skelos described negotiations over gun control as “fruitful.”*
The NRA is promising to be “fully engaged” in the gun control fight in New York.* Aides said Cuomo will expand New York's definition of an assault weapon to match California's. [David Halbfinger and Thomas Kaplan] *
In Senate GOP, some early pushback on guns(TU) * Republican state senator James Seward said he was worried Cuomo's gun-control agenda would alienate a large gun manufacturer in Herkimer County, and risk the jobs there. [Jessica Bakerman]* Campaign For Fair Elections Ties Gun Control To Campaign Finance(YNN)

Will Obama Act On Justice Scalia Tip?
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said last July that the Second Amendment leaves open the possibility of gun-control legislation, adding to what has become a slow-boiling debate on the issue since the Colorado movie theater massacre earlier this month.
Executive Order Possible
Obama could use executive orders to enact some gun-control measures(NYP)* Biden: White House May Bypass Congress Over Guns(WSJ) *City authority Oks gun show at upstate NY venue(WSJ) * Joe Biden guarantees President Obama will bypass reluctant(NYDN) * Newtown schools chief urges continued police guard(NYP) Wal Mart is attending gun violence meeting today with Atty Gen Holder, not VP Biden. Other gun retailers invited as well.5 Senators who matter in the coming gun debate: DiFi, Bennet, McConnell, Manchin and Collins. * John Feinblatt, the point-man for Mayor Bloomberg's efforts, met with Joe Biden on Wednesday and said he had promised a “legislative plan that could be achieved and a plan for executive actions.” [Michael Shear]*  The White House and its allies are developing a strategy to shift public opinion on guns and provide cover for lawmakers who support new control laws. [Philip Rucker] * RA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting...* Biden: Consensus emerging on universal background checks, ban on high-capacity magazines  * NRA 'disappointed' by meeting with Biden * CNN Segment On Joe Biden Gun Control Meeting Followed With Breaking News Of School Shooting (Buff Feed) * 400,000 join anti-illegal guns group * Coverage of VP Joe Biden’s gun violence discussions today was interrupted by reports of a California school shooting.* One student was shot and wounded at the San Joaquin Valley school, and the shooter was taken into custody.* Understanding the National Rifle Association’s problem with background checks (Vanity fair) * Obama Sees a Tough Path on a New Assault Weapons Ban(NYT) * Gun Enthusiast With Popular Videos Is Shot to Death(NYT)

Update Biden to Offer Gun Proposals by Tuesday(NYT)

Cuomo Proposals Will Build Support With the Liberal and Progressives If He Can Get Them Done
Same wag insists Cuomo plans to spin Capitol 180 degrees to make illustration correct.
Cuomo Calls for State to Return to Progressive Ideals(NYT)In his sprawling 78-minute State of the State address, Cuomo proposed many progressive initiatives, but stuck to two emotional centerpieces, gun control and Hurricane Sandy.* Gov. Cuomo’s Wish List(NYT Ed)The governor offered many ambitious plans for New York, but he should start with real gun control, a minimum-wage increase and campaign finance reform. 

Gun Control, Sandy Set Cuomo Agenda(WSJ) * Full-Day Pre-K, Longer Schools Days Eyed by Cuomo(WSJ) * Cuomo's State Of The State Agenda Includes Higher Minimum Wage, Women's Equality Act, Gun Control (NY1)* Cuomo's Proposed Minimum Wage Hike Receives Mixed Reactions(NY1) * The governor’s proposed equality act for women that drew the most attention on the national stage as Cuomo works to shore up some lost support among liberals.*  The Times Union sums it up the speech as being thematically built around the recovery from Hurricane Sandy and a mix of liberal social and economic proposals: “Cuomo Leans Left” 
Cuomo gets a flu shot, which means we see his biceps(TU) * The speech was an “onslaught” of proposals that are favored by the base of the party.* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, a Republican, acknowledged that the speech was a sign Cuomo is moving to the left.*Without making an overt nod to Speaker Sheldon Silver’s calls for a minimum wage increase last year, Cuomo yesterday acknowledged that the minimum wage increase should have been done last year.* When it comes to Cuomo’s education agenda, he’s proposing a potentially expensive and politically tricky set of goals.* Cuomo followed Bloomberg's lead on guns, tech and housing. [Dana Rubinstein] * Cuomo wants early voting in the state. [Azi Paybarah] * New York's "energy czar" says overseeing energy authorities, green initiatives "once in a lifetime opportunity" (City and State) * A Cuomo spox says today that Cuomo is NOT ruling out casino gambling in NYC in phase 2 of process.* Cuomo Meets With Advocacy Groups To Build Support For Women’s Equality Measure(YNN) * Cuomo: No Left Turn(YNN) Adviser Steven Cohen Talks State Of The State And  (NY1)

 colbert nra Colbert Takes On NRA's Wayne LaPierre: 'You, Sir, Are F**ked In The Head'

The Strange State Senate
The Times’ Michael Powell writes of the strange marriage of power between state Sens. Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos, both of whom will lead the chamber  The state Senate reconvened yesterday under new rules, including adopting a resolution to allow Independent Democratic Conference Leader Sen. Jeff Klein and Republican Majority Leader Sen. Dean Skelos to lead the chamber on alternate days, the Times-Union reports: * A state appeals court ordered election officials to open an additional 99 ballots in the Senate race between Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, which could erase Amedore’s 37-vote margin of victory, the Times-Union reports:  * An appeals court is ordering that 99 ballots be counted in the still-unresolved 46th Senate District race between Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk.* Instead of alternating every two weeks as initially describing, Skelos and IDC Leader Jeff Klein will trade the Senate presidency every two days.* The IDC-GOP coalition "cannot afford to fail" in passing Cuomo's gun-control legislation. [Blake Zeff] * A Guide To The Senate Rules Changes(YNN) * Republican George Amedore askedthe state’s highest court to stop the counting of 46th SD ballots, and also to consider reversing a mid-level court’s order that 99 new votes should be examined.* New York Legislators Debate Details of Gun Law(NYT)

Fruitful or not, lawmakers are close, but not there yet, on forging an agreement on gun control (I was told last night that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told lawmakers that they were released from staying in Albany the rest of this week for a potential special session day on gun control). 

The Winds of A Gambling War
Here is Where the Gambling Owners and Lobbyist Go to Work 
LAWMAKERS QUESTION CUOMO’S UPSTATE CASINO PLAN: Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for three casinos and for the new gaming commission to select locations in upstate New York, but lawmakers could take a different path(City and State) * After outlining a grand plan for casino gambling in last year’s State of the State, Cuomo presented a “scaled back” version for upstate casinos only.Cuomo says the new casino proposal is meant to attract downstate residents to jobs-starved upstate.

Campaign 2013
Quinn Taps Former Teacher, Ex-Clinton Staffer as Campaign Manager (WSJ)
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has hired former public school teacher and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee operative Matt Tepper to manage her still-unofficial campaign for New York City mayor * It’s mayor or bust for Liu(NYP)*  Giuliani talked up Lhota's resume during an appearance on NY1. [Dana Rubinstein] * "It's all but done," said an unnamed source close to Adolfo Carrion Jr., about him getting the Independence Party nomination. [Jonathan Lemire] * .'s top 10 reasons he's not running 4 NY mayor. #9: Doesn't look as good in casual clothes as Bloomberg. * Sheepshead Bites took a dive into the campaign to replace term-limited Councilman Domenic Recchia, especially the impact of redistricting on the race. The latest draft map has frustrated at least a couple of the contenders, but John Lisyanskiy, a staffer for Ms. Quinn, and community board chairman Todd Dobrin are full-steam ahead.* Republican George McDonald Kicks Off Mayoral Bid for the ‘47 Percent’(NYO) * a candidacy wud "silence the chatter that the [GOP] is not concerned with the disadvantaged" * Christine Quinn Foes Prepare Campaign to Spoil Her Mayoral Hopes - New YorkSharpton will host a debate for 2013 Democrats, and possibly others(Capital) * Ed Rendell posts his "Top 10 Reasons I Could Never be the Mayor of New York City." * , R for mayor, criticizes Romney over 47% but says he voted for him (DNAINFO) * Eric Adams eyes divide-and-conquer strategy for boro prez race(CriansNY) * Nonprofit Founder Jumps Into Mayoral Race (NY1) * As The 2013 GOP Mayoral Field Shakes Out, A Major Fundraiser Lends Joe Lhota A Hand * Republican George McDonald runs for NYC mayor(NYP)
* Influential Women’s ‘PAC’ to Back Council Speaker in Her Bid for Mayor(NYT)
The support from Emily’s List underscores efforts by Christine C. Quinn’s campaign to highlight her gender in a crowded Democratic primary field.
Advocate for the Homeless Announces a Mayoral Run(NYT)

 Not A Smooth Ride For Lincoln

A post  by Lincoln Restler, on his Facebook page, against the redrawn map of the 33rd Council district, where he is considering to run against incumbent Steve Levin, ignited a debate about the Hasidim's voting power and if it should be tolerated. Mr. Restler posted that:"Woman testifying at redistrictring public hearing says district gerrymandered by Stephen Levin could not elect a female or LGBT councilmember."

Ray Kelly Hasn't Decided Whether He Wants to Stay on as City's Top Cop(DNAINFO)

Flu Epidemic In New York City
The flu is currently at epidemic levels across the five boroughs, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced Thursday.

Acquitted Crane Crasher Owner Strikes Again

The crane is owned by New York Crane, whose owner, James Lomma, was acquitted of criminally negligent homicide charges stemming from the 2008 crane collapse on the Upper East Side that killed two construction workers.
Run for your Lives! (NYP) Workers scrambled for their lives yesterday as a crane collapsed and injured seven laborers at a luxury-housing development behind the “Pepsi-Cola” sign on the Queens waterfront. * Crane Collapse in Queens Injures 9 (WSJ) * Seven Injured In Queens Crane Collapse(NY1) * Crane collapses on construction workers in Queens(NYDN)

Update City Suspends Operator’s License After Crane Accident in Queens (NYT)

The ferry "didn't slow down," said Joseph Bruno, commissioner of the city's Office of Emergency Management
93 hurt after boat slams into Pier 11, drawing reminders to 2003 tragedy(NYP) * ‘It was like hitting a brick wall’(NYP) * Seastreak captains worried over crash ferry’s new propulsion system(NYP) * Several Dozen Injured in Ferry Crash in Lower Manhattan * Ferry Crash Injures 74(WSJ) * Commuter Ferry Crash Injures Dozens At Manhattan Pier(NY1) * Seastreak has been involved in 10 incidents en route to (NYDN) * NTSB Begins Investigation Into Seastreak Ferry Accident(WCBS)*n I-Team: Ferry in Crash Had History of Accidents(NBC) * Riders note slower, more orderly exit as ferry passengers return to daily commute(NYP) * Official: LIC Crane  * Official: LIC Crane Collapse Possibly Triggered By Overweight (WCBS) * Crane operator license suspended after collapse(NYP) * Queens Crane Collapse Attributed to Operator Error *Day After Crash, Focus Is on Ferry’s Control System(NYT)
Update Captain Tells Investigators Ferry's Engines Shut Off Just Before Crash (NY1)

New York City to Restrict Prescription Painkillers in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms(NYT)

Sandy Update
SPENDING ON SUPERSTORM SANDY: City & State’s Nick Powell explains when and where billions of dollars in federal funding for Superstorm Sandy is likely to be spent on the latest episode of MetroFocus: (City and State) * Queens Couple Surprised With Completely Rebuilt Home By Volunteer Group(NY1) * PATH resumes 24/7 service on some routes(WABC) * NYC firm who lost 658 people on 9/11 gives $1000 debit cards to Sandy victims (Huff Post) * Sandy Relief Work in Red Hook Exposes Rift in Occupy Movement(DNAINFO) * Before Rebuilding Beaches, Plucking Debris From Storm-Displaced Sand(NYT)
Update House panel to meet on Sandy bill:

Locals in last ditch scramble to find new apt. for Carroll Gardens “mayor” Celia Cacace - but it may be too late  (NYDN) Celia insists she's moving to her son's rural Wisconsin home

NYC judge nixes Union Square Park eatery(WSJ)

City Seeks Developers for Lower East Side Mega-Project(WSJ)


Bronx Councilman Challenges Speaker Quinn To Force Vote On Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis(NY1)

City Council Demands Landlords Fix Underlying Conditions In Apartments(NY1)

Josh How About A Harlem Velodrome?
Philanthropist Abandons Plan for Velodrome in Brooklyn Park(NYT)  Supporters of the plan for a bike racing track in Brooklyn Bridge Park said the neighborhood was too costly, and Joshua P. Rechnitz, who pledged $50 million, said he would seek another location *  Suzannah B. Troy artist: Josh Rechnitz Abandons Brooklyn Velodrome How about Harlem?

Shutout in Cooperstown(NYT Ed) In a stunning rejection of the steroid era, no players were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The New York Post Can Not Tell One Weiner From Another
The Post's story about Anthony Weiner going to work on Wall Street is total BS.
New York Post Gives Anthony Weiner a Fake Wall Street Job(NY Mag)

Government’s worst signature will be on America’s dollar bills(NYP) * Report: Queens Native Will Likely Head Up Treasury Dept.(NY1)
* New Yorker Jacob Lew to be nominated as treasury secret (NYDN) * Chait: GOP Thinks Lew Is Too Close to Obama(NY Mag) * How Jack Lew replacing Geithner at Treasury ends era of unusually strong ties with Fed. story explains:  

A Step Backward in Bank Regulations(NYT Ed)New watered-down rules suggest banks are again dictating public policy in ways that could risk another crisis.
Debt Ceiling Hostage Enablers(NY Mag)
Time for a Balanced-Budget Amendment - George Will, Washington Post
How Obama Can Avoid the Debt Ceiling - Edward Kleinbard, NY Times
On Spending, Obama & Co. Just Don't Get It - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
A Second Chance for President Obama - Joe Klein, Time
Obama to Name Loyalist Lew to Head Treasury - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Pick Ratchets Up Tax and Spending Fight - Hans Nichols, Bloomberg
Sessions: Jack Lew Must Never Be Treasury Secretary - Kara Rowland, FOX
Why Eric Holder Is Obama's Indispensable Man - Ben Smith, BuzzFeed
An Unserious Afghanistan War Plan - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Why You Should Care About the Hagel Nomination - Justin Logan, Cato
The Truth About the Hagel-McCain "Rift" - Mark Salter, RealClearPolitics
Pastor set to give benediction at Obama's inauguration withdraws from ceremony over anti-gay remarks

Gov. Christie On Time Magazine Cover: I Look Like Tony (WCBS)

Gun Sanity Needs Bipartisanship - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Guns & Freedom - Andrew Napolitano, FOX News
Gun Control: Cuomo's 2016 Presidential Play - Michael Catalini, Natl Jrnl
GOP Needs Change in Culture, Not Just Tactics - Jon Ward, Huffington Post
Chris Christie: The Boss - Michael Scherer, Time
PMS at ESPN - Larry Thornberry, The American Spectator
Is Obama in need of some binders full of women?
Pass Sandy Aid, But Cut Out the Extras - USA Today
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Great Guns Debate: Grabbers Rise Anew - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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In Defense of Hagel for Defense(NYT)
Democracy in the House(NYT Ed) To block extremists, Speaker John Boehner should open up votes to lawmakers of both parties.
Campaign Finance Reform Moves Forward With Little Hope For Passage In New Congress(Huff Post)
"It's embarrassing as hell" -- Charlie Rangel on the lack of diversity in Obama's cabinet
Wow this inaugural committee statement rejecting an anti-gay pastor is pretty unequivocal 
Rep. Charlie Rangel said the lack of diversity among the president’s recent cabinet nominees is “embarrassing as hell.”
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016, a new PPP poll found.
* Why Barney Frank's endorsement of Ed Markey matters (Wash Post)
* A guide to Obama's second Inauguration
Elizabeth Warren to AIG: You're on Notice | The Nation
Is Lew Another Acolyte of Bob Rubin's Wall St. Cult? - Michael Hirsh, large The 'White Guy Cabinet': The First Pointless Controversy Of Obama's 2nd Term
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America Needs Obama to Be Like Ike - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Who Will Emerge as Leader of the Opposition? - Ed Morrissey, Fiscal Times
Republicans Fall Over the Cliff - Mark Mellman, The Hill
Can Republicans Win a Gov't Shutdown? - David Harsanyi, Human Events
The Woes of Roe - Gail Collins, New York Times
Five Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence - Nick Gillespie,
Rehashing the Auto Bailout - Bill Vlasic, Detroit News
Use These Last Few "Bubble Months" Wisely - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
Why Does Deja Vu Happen? - Amy Reichelt, The Conversation
Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded - Washington Post
After Powerful Tenure Weighted by Crisis, Geithner Says Goodbye(NYT)

Stewart Tears Into ‘Disgraced Financial Institutions’ For Leading The World ‘To The Brink Of Armageddon’

Law and Order
Gun was seized in "Operation Clean Halls" building in N (NYDN) A day after a federal judge nixed a key part of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactic in the Bronx, residents of a Williamsbridge building where the policy led to a gun arrest expressed dismay.* B'klyn assaults on cops spiked in 2012(NYP)

Teen said to admit role in coat murder(NYDN)* Boy, 16, Charged With Murder in Death of Another 16-Year-Old(NYT)

Fake Keystone Cops and Their Amazing Car Busted in Bronx Heroin Heist(NY Mag)

First alleged thug in fatal parka mugging arraigned on murder, weapon possession charges(NYT)
Long Island Travel Agent Robbed, Killed On Streets Of Park Slope 
Man, child shot in park(NYDN)

Elderly Woman Hit By Stray Bullet Remains Hospitalized;(WCBS)
UPDATE: Police say a father and his baby were shot in an apparently targeted attack at a Brooklyn park

First alleged thug in fatal parka mugging arraigned on murder(NYP)

LI travel agent shoved to his death in Brooklyn robbery: police(NYP)* Long Island travel agent beaten to death(WABC)
Village rape guilt(NYP)

Arrest in parka slay(NYP)

Elderly Woman Recovering After Being Shot Three Times In Brooklyn(NY1)An elderly woman is recovering after being shot three times by stray bullets in Brooklyn. 

Benny the ‘blade’ (NYP)  That wasn’t red sauce on his hands.  A Gambino crime-family associate who beat charges of knifing the owner of popular Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali almost two years ago was again busted for wielding a blade — this time during a bar brawl
Lab tests in Net’s ‘sex’ case(NYP)
After Powerful Tenure Weighted by Crisis, Geithner Says Goodbye(NYT)
Fleeing Gunman Runs Into School and Tells Staff to Hail Taxi, Sources Say(DNAINFO)
Man Sets Fire in Building, Killing One, the Police Say(NYT)

Cop beaten so severely by marijuana-carrying suspect she might not be able to return to job (NYDN)

Trial Begins in Death of 2-Month-Old Girl(NYT) A prosecutor said Li Hangbin, 28, “violently, repeatedly and with depraved indifference” injured his infant in 2007, but his lawyer called him “a loving father.”

Police Say Suspect Planned to Blow Up Washington Arch(NYT)The police said the man had sprinkled a white powder on the sidewalk inside Washington Square Park and then struck it with a rock, triggering an explosion.* Cops: NYC man planned to 'blow up' park arch(Fox 5) * Village 'bomber' planned to blow up Washington Arch with high-grade explosives: cops(NYP) * As Child, Suspect Fixated on Explosives, Police Say(NYT)

Feds: Terrorist's al-Qaeda link(NYDN)