Friday, January 4, 2013

AEG Investigation Explodes

The inquiry focusing on Sampson stems from a broader federal probe into Queens Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks

 Fundraising and AEG

Feds launch probe into former NY state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson (NYP) The feds have launched a criminal probe of former state Senate Democratic Majority Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn, Shady real-estate broker Edul Ahmad is the common link that drew the feds from Meeks to Sampson, said sources familiar with the investigation. But his sentencing date has not been scheduled and the defendant is now cooperating with the feds and possibly singing about Meeks and Sampson, sources said.Sampson was questioned by two FBI agents who stopped him by surprise on a Brooklyn street outside his gym late last summer, sources told The Post. * Feds eye Brooklyn Sen. John Sampson in corruption probe (NYDN)  Real estate agent Edul Ahmad, guilty of mortgage fraud, told federal authorities about payments he made to Sampson after the powerful Democrat claimed he needed money, sources said.

Of the Dozens of Reporters Who Have Put Sheinkropf in their Articles or TV Reporst Not One Has Asked Him About taking the 5th in 2007
The Press did not even question Sheinkropf or mayoral candidate Thompson who hired him as a consultant a couple of weeks ago.  Sheinkropf took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.   Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal
 The press in a group has drop their prime mission of protecting the public by informing them of what is going on in their city, in exchange for the one lines and sound bites the consultant gives themThe FBI investigation of Sampson involvement of the AEG bidding process is just one of the places that Sheinkropf turns up in criminal investigations.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  There is a lot more in areas like pensions and HUD corrupt where Sheinkropf name appears. Former Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett best described how Sheinkopf operates "Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made."  

List of reporters who have interview Sheinkopf Since He Took the 5th and Never Asked Him About Taking the 5th Coming - (list in formation)

Celeste Katz (NYDN),  Azi Paybarah (Capital), DANNY HAKIM (NYT), Chriss Blagg (CrainsNY), Grace Rauh (NY1) Kenneth Lovett (NYDN), WCBS TV, Gabe Pressman (NBC), Courtney Gross (NY1), Fred Dicker (NYP), Maggie Haberman (Politico), Marcia Kramer (WCBS), Joe Bartlett (WOR), Sam Roberts (NYT), 

A source familiar with the Sampson case said the agents initially could have been looking to flip Sampson and get him to cooperate against Meeks or even a target of some other investigation. A bombshell report by the state inspector general in 2010 slammed Sampson for tainting the bidding process in the award of a contract to run the Aqueduct casino in Queens.  Sampson, then the majority leader, was fingered for leaking a confidential bidding document to the lobbyist for the politically connected firm AEG, which subsequently won the contract. The state yanked the billion-dollar contract from AEG when the Inspector General’s Office launched its probe. Sampson claimed the bidding document was public information and he insisted he did nothing wrong. More on AEG

The Carrion Unanswered Question: What When Wrong in Washington?
Tricky Tenure for Carrión(WSJ) As he prepares to run for New York City mayor, Adolfo Carrión Jr.'s short tenure in the White House represents both a key element of his résumé and a potential political liability.Former Bronx Borough President and potential 2013 New York City mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrión, Jr. is facing questions about why he left his post as director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs in 2010 after only 14 months He reportedly clashed with the president’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Plus What About the Fine Carrión Is Fined $10,000 for Conflict Over Architect - Adolfo Carrión, Jr. is a leading contender for the Independence Party nomination for New York City mayor, but party officials caution that a formal vote hasn’t been taken by the party’s executive committee and he is still meeting with officials, the Journal reports: * Carrión hires daughter, Schoen for mayoral bid (CrainsNY) * NYC mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion hired his daughter as a consultant and also paid $60,000 to Bloomberg’s pollster, Doug Schoen.
Campaign 2013 Special Election To Determine Replacement For Sanders' Council Seat (NY1)* NY1 Online: Thompson’s Attacks Quinn’s Pick For Police Commissioner* Brooklyn Beep beats back axed aide’s sex-bias lawsuit(NYP)*

Thompson Attacks Quinn For Wanting Kelly 
While on Road to City Hall last night, mayoral contender Bill Thompson attacked likely rival Council Speaker Christine Quinn over her reported decision to keep Police Commissioner Ray Kelly should she win the mayor’s office this year, connecting the move to the 2009 term limits brouhaha. “I believe that as mayor you bring your own team to the table, and it’s not just when it comes to police commissioner, it’s across the board,” Mr. Thompson charged. “Speaker Quinn, it appears, has decided to keep Commissioner Kelly. I guess it’s first helping enable the mayor to have a third term and helping move that legislation through the City Council. I guess she wants to continue his commissioners and policies in a fourth Bloomberg term. I want a first Thompson term and really move this city forward.”

Liu: Settle 'Central Park Five' lawsuit(NYDN)

Update House Approves Portion Of Sandy Relief Aid Package(NY1) * House approves $9.7B storm relief package by 354-67 vote(NYP)
WASHINGTON* House Passes $9.7 Billion in Relief for Storm Victims(NYT) * Staten Island Dem Chair Slams Grimm For Backing Boehner(YNN) * Cuomo and Christie on House vote on aid: "While we are pleased with this progress, today was just a down payment"* Congress Approves $9 Billion Sandy Flood Aid Package (NY1) * House approves $9.7 billion in Sandy aid, with some Republican dissent (Wash Post)

 Government Relief Good for Texas Victims Not NY/NJ Victims
Many of the Congressional Republicans who voted against $9.7 billion in superstorm Sandy relief Friday come from districts that have received millions of federal dollars under the flood insurance program the bill is intended to replenish..

Texas alone received $5.5 billion — and cast eight votes in the House against replenishing program's funds. Of the 67 House votes against the bill, eight came from Texas, which has received more than $5.5 billion under the federal flood insurance program since 1978. That is the third-highest total in the nation on a per capita basis, according to a New York World analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency data


NY Gives 2nd Most $$$ to Washington Pols, Yet We Cannot Get Sandy Aid?
NYers 2nd in political gift$(NYP) New Yorkers gave nearly $378 million to candidates, parties and political-action committees in the 2012 election, the most of any state except California, a new report found. *  Congress expects to vote on a $9.7 billion bill today to replenish FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, which will run out of money next week if Congress does not give it additional borrowing authority to pay out its claims, the Associated Press writes:  * State Comptroller Sues Qualcomm for Data About Its Political Contributions  Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, who is the trustee of the New York State pension fund, a major holder of Qualcomm stock, expressed worry over the risks of large contributions.Mayor Bloomberg Criticizes Pork in Sandy Relief Package (NYO)

Qualcomm Sued Over Political-Giving Records(WSJ) * This does not bode well for Cuomo’s “New York is open for business” claim. * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli filed a lawsuit yesterday against the telecommunications company Qualcomm, forcing the company to turn over records on its political spending, the Times-Union writes: * The Times-Union writes that the contentious debate in Congress over Hurricane Sandy relief efforts is a display of American politics at its worst:* Cuomo is skeptical about Republican House leaders’ promise to hold a vote today on Sandy aid, saying: “It’s simple for me: Show me the money.”* Dems Accuse GOP of Telling New York to 'Drop Dead' After Sandy(NYO) * Mayor Bloomberg criticized the pork in the Sandy disaster aid bill, but again declined to slam House Speaker John Boehner for delaying the vote * Sandy Victims Blast Delays in Flood Insurance Aid(NBC)

Who is More Important to NY in Congress King or Schumer and Gillibrand

King's Career Enters New Phase(WSJ)* Despite his high public profile, Democrats believe GOP Rep. Pete King is vulnerable, and he’s acknowledging that by trying to put some distance between himself and Republican leaders.

Geraldo To Fox & Friends After Slamming Sandy Bill’s Pork: ‘We Are Men Of Courage’ Not ‘Sleazy’ Politicians

Meng, Jeffries Among 84 New Congress Members Sworn In(NY1)

Saving Vito Lopez's Ass
Dead in Albany Alive In the Council Redistricting Commission 

Skeptical Democrats Grill Redistricting Commission in Brooklyn(NYO)

Maybe the break the law like NYS Electoral College did?

Electoral College Presidential Vote tally is happening right now in Congress. Can we trust them to carry out the constitutional mandate?

Bloomberg Sometimes A Good Guy With A Gun Gets Hurt
NYPD Cops Recovering After Separate Shootings In Brooklyn,(WCBS)* 3 Police Officers Shot In 2 Separate Incidents In The Bronx WCBS) * 3 cops shot in one bloody hour(NYP)*Psychiatric health advocates called for better care and more public education about mental illness in the wake of recent shootings.* Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Think We Should Be Publishing Gun Owners’ Names * IDC And Cuomo Meet On Gun Control(YNN * Wounded ex-Rep. Giffords meets with Conn. families(Fox 5) * Giffords Sees Victims’ Kin in Newtown(NYT) * UPDATE: Tonight's was the 4th straight day since New Year that a police-involved shooting has happened(NBC)

Every editor of The New York Observer is the interim editor
Ken Kurson, is a political consultant, longtime professional associate of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and close friend of the paper’s owner, Jared Kushner, and Kushner’s father. * Enter Mr. Lhota | Observer - New York Observer Lhota's entrance into this year's mayoral election is welcome news on a couple of fronts. * New York Observer Names Author as Editor(NYT) By DAVID CARR  Ken Kurson, an author and editor who once worked with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, was named editor in chief of The Observer.

Upper RATside
UWS is city's most rat-ridden neighborhood, data shows(NYP)

Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls(NYP)

Every Time the MTA Raises the Fare They Flood the Media With Good Things They Are Doing
M.T.A. to Begin Restoring and Expanding Some Bus Services(NYT) * MTA Is Set to Revive 17 Bus Lines(WSJ) * MTA restoring bus routes cut in 2010(WSJ)

Audit finds questionable use of school credit cards -- including pizza charges(NYP) More than 70 percent of credit- card purchases made by schools were not documented or bid out properly — or weren’t for justifiable expenses, an audit found.

With Accessory, Officers Look Sharp Yet Stay Safe(NYT)Although police fashions have changed over the years, ties have been a constant since at least the early 20th century.

Middle Finger Flashed in ’06 Lives On in Suit(NYT)John Swartz’s federal civil rights litigation stemming from his arrest after raising his middle finger at a police officer can proceed, a federal appeals panel ruled.


Tom Wolfe Writes First Digital-Only Newsweek Cover Story

You can already read “Eunuchs of the Universe: Tom Wolfe on Wall Street Today” online. The article examines the state of contemporary Wall Street, opening with a visit from “our century’s first tycoon of IT,” Mark Zuckerberg.

Newsday expresses supports for the proposed Major League Soccer stadium in Queens, but cautions that questions remain surrounding the replacement of public fields that would be razed by stadium construction, and traffic and parking concerns:

Sandy Update
Manufacturing Islands(WSJ) Protecting New York City from future superstorms might be a job for artificial islands built in and around its vulnerable harbor.* Munich Re Urges Better Storm Defenses(WSJ)* A 170-page preliminary (and not yet public) report from one of Cuomo’s post-Sandy panels includes a controversial proposal to add artificial islands to NYC’s harbor.*Two other panels say the state should create a strategic fuel reserve, require some gas stations to install generators and update its building codes to better prepare for the next severe weather event.* The governor will include disaster preparedness plans in his State of the State address next week. 

SI residents furious after Google captures 'Street View' images of Sandy damage(NYP) * SI couple says AllState used pics of Sandy-ravaged home in ads — as company low-balls them(NYP) * Houses of Worship Seeking FEMA Grants Face Constitutional Barrier(NYT) Several Jewish organizations are lobbying to change the rules to FEMA’s federal assistance grant program that would allow houses of worship affected by Hurricane Sandy to qualify for the grants  

Many Rockaways Residents Still Without Heat 2 Months After Hurricane Sandy(Huff Post)* Experts Advise Cuomo on Disaster Measures(NYT)  Two panels of experts offered recommendations to Gov. Cuomo on how New York can better prepare for storms like Hurricane Sandy, including setting up a strategic fuel reserve, requiring generators at gas stations, and updating building codesTime's Fleeting for Storm-Displaced Pets' Free Care(NYT) * State Charities Collect Nearly $400 Million in Sandy Donations WSJ) * Albany Committees Recommend More Power For Governor's Office During State Emergencies(NY1) * State AG: State Charities Raised More Than $400 Million For Sandy Relief(NY1) * After Sandy, 76-Year-Old Landlord Working To Rebuild Houses By Himself(NY1) * Storm-ravaged Staten Islanders angry over stalled Sandy aid (Yahoo) * Hurricane Sandy vics in 'dire situation' as they wait for(NYDN) * Absentee landlord threatens to evict Sandy-battered Rockaway merchants(NYDN) * S.I. Couple Locked In Post-Sandy Coverage Fight With Allstate(WCBS) * FEMA has warned the National Flood Insurance Program will run out of money next week if Congress doesn’t vote today to give it additional borrowing authority to pay out claims.* Hurricane Sandy Cost the City $154 Million in Overtime(NYT) * Sandy joblessclaims irk biz (CrainsNY) State rallied workers to file for benefits, triggering fees for hard-hit employers.* NYC agencies spent $154.1 million on Sandy-related overtime, most of which was for sanitation, fire, police and parks.* NY1 For You: State Website Monitors Responses of Insurance  * Some SI Residents Say Sandy Aid Deal Doesn't Mean Much (NY1)

Anonymous donor gives $500G to South Street Seaport Museum to help Sandy recovery(NYP)

Teacher Evaluations Groundhog Day: Bloomberg Blasts UFT
Bronx Catholic schools make case to Archdiocese(Education)*
., who called for disclosure of NYC teacher evaluation data, is not sure whether addresses of gun owners should be published.* "They are wasting their members' money," Mayor Michael Bloomberg on UFT's ad campaign against him.*Mayor Michael Bloomberg said UFT ad campaign against him is hurting their chances of getting a contract. "This is ridiculous," he said.*union: "Mayor’s comparison...of teachers to the National Rifle Association is completely inappropriate"  *Mulgrew Not Pleased With Bloomberg’s NRA Comparison(YNN) * UFT ad targets Mayor Bloomberg(WABC) * Union, Mayor Continue To Spar Over Teacher Evaluations(NY1)
 Educators4Excellence, an education advocacy group backed by Bill Gates, and the UFT are running dueling teacher evalution ads.

Possible NYC School Bus Strike Looms Monday, Would Impact(WCBS)

Disabled Bronxites say they're trapped in buildings without Accessible Ramps(NYDN)
Nine months after disabled residents of the Soundview Houses complained of being trapped in buildings without accessible ramps, and NYCHA vowed to fix the problem, they are still trapped

Ergonomic Seats? Most Pupils Squirm in a Classroom Classic(NYP)New York City has bought millions of “super stacker” classroom chairs since the 1990s, but districts around the country are choosing models deemed ergonomically superior.

NYP Says Andrew Should Use His Health Department Report to Strat the Fracking, Buffalo News Says the Report Data is Old
The Post argues that a state Health Department report on hydro-fracking gas drilling that gave the process a clean bill of health is the perfect opportunity for Cuomo to publicly sign off on fracking in his State of the State address
Andrew’s opportunity(NYP Ed) What more impetus does he need than the news out this week that his own state Health Department termed the process clean as a whistle as long ago as early last year. * Bans and Rules Muddy Prospects for Gas Drilling(NYT) The state Department of Environmental Conservation says that a preliminary public health report on hydraulic fracturing gas drilling is more than a year old and does not give an indication of whether the state will approve of the practice, The Buffalo News writes * A mix of local drilling bans and some of the tightest drilling regulations in the country raise questions about whether the fracking could flourish in New York regardless of what Cuomo and the DEC decide. * Sean Hannity called Cuomo “ a prisoner of the left wing in New York,” which is “not exactly the kind of record you want to run on for the White House.” * Fracking supporters have targeted Matt Damon for his new movie, “Promised Land.” * Anti-fracking activists will demonstrate outside Cuomo’s birthday party/fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria next Monday.
 State of the State
Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn't told legislative leaders if they're invited to speak at his State of the State.* Unlike in previous years, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not be giving legislative leaders a chance to speak at next week’s State of the State. (The IDC effect?)
Cuomo will deliver his executive budget on Jan. 22 – the very last day possible.
Time ticks on Marcus Garvey Park watchtower(NYDN)

Sunset Park and Greenpoint earn spot on prestigious preservation(NYDN)

Bop stop: Iconic Lenox Lounge to settle two blocks to the(NYDN)

 Fiscal Deal Fails to Allay Doubts on U.S. Global Power(NYT) * Liked but Not Feared, Boehner Keeps Speaker Job(NYT) * New Congress Faces Same Divisions(WSJ) * Were the G.O.P. Votes Against Boehner a Historic Rejection? (538, NYT) * Barney Frank headed to Senate? (CNN)
Ben Smith explains why the next president will likely be black, too. His take on Cuomo: “(A)t home with power, but personally and ideologically disliked within his party.”
Rep Alan Grayson: GOP Using Debt Ceiling Fight As 'Legislative Terrorism' (VIDEO)
Morning Joe Slams Obama’s Isolation From Congress: Why Is He ‘Unable To Speak To Other Human Beings?’* Gingrich Says GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy Is A 'Dead Loser'(Huff Post)


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Firsts running a bit thin RT : Justice Sotomayor will swear in VP Biden, first Hispanic to administer oath.
Brussels on the Potomac: America's European Moment - The Economist
Pork-Laden Relief Bill Par for Course - San Diego Union-Tribune
Take the Debt Ceiling Off the Table - Baltimore Sun
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Gore Went to Bat for Al Jazeera, and for Himself(NYT)Al Gore persuaded cable distributors to keep showing Current TV after he sold it to Al Jazeera.* Al Jazeera in America (NYT Ed) Doubts about the independence of Al Jazeera do not justify removing it from cable and satellite systems.* Al Jazeera Embraces Cable TV, Loses Web(WSJ) * Bill O’Reilly Tears Into ‘Hypocrite’ Al Gore For Trying To Settle Current TV Sale Before Taxes Went Up
Women in the Senate Explain Why They Do it Better(NYO)
GOP freshmen: Even more tea party than 2010?
Senate seniority list for the 113th Congress(Roll Call)
The Real Fight Over Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary Likely Starts Next Week(NY Mag)
Not done yet? Barney Frank says he wants to fill John Kerry's Senate seat(NYDN)
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Law and Order
Two cops wounded in Brooklyn gunfight, off-duty officer shot in Bx. robbery(NYP)
* 3 New York Officers Are Wounded in 2 Shootings(NYT) * 2 Officers Are Shot, Suspect Is Killed(WSJ) * NYPD officers shot in separate incidents(WSJ) * Off-Duty Officer Expected To Survive After Being Shot In Bronx(NY1) * Transit Officers Stable After Being Shot On N Train(NY1) * Cops shot in Bronx, Brooklyn(NYDN) * Shootout on NYC subway car(Fox 5)
Update 4PM Two shot cops set to leave hospital just one day after subway wild shootout(NYP) * One of Three Officers Injured in Shootings Leaves the Hospital(NYT) * NYPD Officers Injured By Gunfire On Subway Released From(NY1) * Shooting of Two Officers Began With a Minor Violation Used to Fight Crime(NYT)

The News’ Mike Lupica says that any conversations about gun control on a federal level should begin with banning illegal handguns, like the ones used to harm New York City police officers:

First NYC Murder
Bronx Woman Is City's First 2013 Murder Victim(WSJ)A 59-year-old woman was shot and killed inside her Bronx apartment on Thursday, a law-enforcement official said, making her New York City's first victim of a homicide in 2013.* Bronx Shooting Is City's First Homicide Of 2013(NY1) * 59-year-old Bronx woman first murder victim of the year(NYDN) * Police Search For Alleged Suspect In First Reported Homicide Of 2013(NY1)

43rd Precinct had 18 homicides in 2012, most in borough Bronx(NYDN)

 Want to know what the city's Finest know? Now, there's an …6 hrs agoWant to know what the NYPD knows? Finally, there’s an app for that. The Police Department has quietly unveiled a free download that allows iPhone users to not only get all the NYPD’s online offerings* Cop's Twitter Feed That Posted 'Release Alerts' About Ex-Cons Goes Dark(DNAINFO)

Bronx gran gunned down in first NYC murder of ’13(NYP)

Lawyers for woman accused of stabbing and shooting ex-boyfriend paint the victim as a sex deviant

Musician uses phony online dating profile to trick iPhone thief(NYP)

Ex-hedgie Martoma stands firm vs. feds(NYP)

Feds charge NJ man for offering $5K to Gilberto Valle to abduct woman(NYP)

NY cops hope to ID loot recovered from burglaries(WSJ)

Convicted pimp says he turned out bad because he dated older(NYDN)
 Brooklyn man gets seven years for carrying loaded gun on subway (AM NY)
  Surveillance video released in Queens cell robberies(WABC)
Caught in tape: Frightening armed Radio Shack robbery(WABC)
Man arrested in brutal New Year's beating of Queens cab …(NYDN)

Man charged with beating friend to death yells apology(NYP) 

 Cops hunt for teen suspected of stealing iPod - and using (NYDN)

Woman hails cop who shot ex(NYDN)

La Guardia-Bound Pilot Arrested on Alcohol Charge(NYT)

Former parole officer cops to kiddie porn charges(NYP)

Brits extradite alleged al Qaeda operative to face charges in NY subway-bombing plot(NYP) * Pakistani in Terror Case Is Extradited to New York(NYT) * Terror suspect Abid Naseer on way to NYC for trail(NYDN)