Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Press Misinforms and Keeps Forgotten New Yorkers From Getting Any Help

Consultants Limit Candidates to Commenting on Feel Good Stories and Social Issues . . . Economic Problems That Face the City are Avoided
How Mayoral Politics is Covered By the Press
City Politicians Draw Link Between Dr. King And President(NY1) * and go to Washington. Thompson and Liu stay home.

It is All About Liu 
John Liu: Twice a liar(Queens Crap)
From the NY Post: John Liu hasn’t officially announced, but he’s already recycling an old — and debunked — tale about working in a sweatshop while growing up in Queens. So far the mayoral campaign is missing the words - growth , jobs, opportunity,prosperity.

We All Know What Happen to Detroit When the Auto Industry Ran Out of that City  . . . NYers Are Already Leaving Due to the High Costs 
Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits. Detroit lost a quarter of its population between 2000 and 2011; absolutely, it could happen here. (NYP). Over 1.5 million more people moved out of the state than moved in from other states, making the aughts the second straight decade in which New York led the nation in out migration. Some attribute the loss to the state's high cost of living and tax rate. The report also found a slowing of immigration from other countries during the 10 years. Since 1960, 7.3 million people have left New York for other states.
 What Happens to the Forgotten New Yorkers After Wall Street NY Golden Goose Dies
 The Sale of NYSE and the Cuts in the Exchange Due to the Takeover of Machine Trading is NY the Next Detroit?

NY's Dying $$$ Goose 
Lower Wall Street pay means less revenue for the state(CrainsNY)The amount of money Wall Street sends to Albany (in personal and business income taxes and capital gains) declined from more than $12 billion in 2008 to less than $9 billion last year, and is almost certain to fall again, given last week's bonuses. In percentage terms, the Street used to account for 21% of all state revenue; today, the number is 13% and sliding. It is the same story for the city, which collected almost $5 billion in 2008 (from personal income, general incorporation and unincorporated business taxes) and now gets less than $3 billion a year. The great unknown is where we are headed. If Wall Street shrinks to the size and profitability of 1996, just before the Internet boom really took off, the state revenue it provides will fall by more than half, to $4 billion annually. The city's take will fall by two-thirds.State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's scary report about Wall Street shedding jobs is not surprising. [Nicole Gelinas] Poverty In Brooklyn: Block by Block Analysis

Will the 2013 Campaign Forget New Yorkers Who Need?
Without the press informing the public it is not only allows candidates to make crap promises to the voters. it hurts the New Yorkers Who Need Jobs, Need Schools to Teach Their Children So They Can Compete in the Global Market and Help Small Businesses

John Liu's La Cosa Nostra Funding Rasing "Thing of Ours"
Liu’s made ma’am: Aide’s Mafia line (NYP) Is he running for mayor — or godfather? A top aide to embattled city Comptroller John Liu was caught using a classic Mafia term when she was secretly recorded by a Liu fund-raiser who was cooperating with the feds, court papers reveal.
Mei Hua Ru said Liu’s enemies “have taken aim at this thing of ours” during a 2011 phone call, according to the Manhattan federal court filing. “This thing of ours” is a literal translation of the Italian words “La Cosa Nostra,” which refers to the organized-crime hierarchy that includes New York’s infamous “Five Families.”

NYC Senators Living Beyond Their Means

You’re overpaying on senators’ rent (NYP) The rent that state senators pay on the taxpayers’ dime is too damn high! Data obtained by The Post found that 19 of the 27 senators representing parts of New York City — 70 percent — submitted rental bills that exceeded their $40,000 annual allotment for 2011-12.

Instant runoff voting, ha-  the BOE "sleeping beauties" would not know how to count the votes for quick results, They Can't Count the Regular Election
Board of Elections to explore instant runoff voting(CrainsNY)

Runaway Costs Vs The Wheels on the Bus Go Round Round Round Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Voters

2 hopefuls back Mike on strike (NYP) Republican mayoral hopefuls Joe Lhota and George McDonald are the only two in a crowded field of candidates who support Hizzoner’s hard line of not negotiating with striking school-bus workers.* NYC school bus driver strike going into 4th day * Labor board will rule on legality of school bus strike(NYDN) * Bus drivers strike enters 4th day as legal decision loo …WABC)  * NYC mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota says he would be tough but fair with labor unions (all operating without contracts) if he’s elected.* Joe is interviewed by on NY1's (must be subscriber to view)

Christine Quinn Courts Women Power Brokers in DC(DNAINFO)

Hackers Want in On Politics
Giving Politics a Hack(WSJ) New York's burgeoning technology sector wants to flex its newfound political muscle in this year's mayoral race, the first since digital companies coalesced in the city.  The New York Tech Meetup, a 30,000 member group of established tech companies and start-ups, plans to present a slate of policy proposals to all of the candidates for New York City mayor *
Quinn, Bloomberg At Odds Over City's Homeless Policy For Single Adults(NY1)

How Will Cuomo Pay for His Agressive Agenda
So how is Cuomo going to pay for everything he proposed in the State of the State? (NYDN) * Cuomo set to outline $132B NY state budget(WSJ) * Cuomo Ready To Place Pricetags On Agenda(NY1)
* Gov. Andrew Cuomo ready to propose budget while facing $1 Gap(NYDN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo set to outline state's $132 billion budget (WABC) 
 With the state facing a $1 billion deficit, Gov. Cuomo will likely look to other sources such as the federal government, localities, and the private sector to help fund some of his bold ideas in the state budget, The Buffalo News writes: http://bit.ly/VmCEBI * Cuomo’s budget will have to close an expected gap of at least $1 billion, while also sticking to his pledge of keeping spending increases below 2 percent over last year. * Tom Precious: Expect creativity from Cuomo’s spending plan today, with proposals that will “spread out” funding needs for a variety of big-ticket proposals.* Headline of the Day: “Why is Andrew Cuomo liberal now?”* How’s He Going To Pay For It?(YNN) * Conservative Party’s Pre-Emptive Strike On The Budget(YNN) * Source: Budget To Focus On Upstate(YNN)* Cuomo's budget plan: keep spending growth under 2 percent * Cuomo to Focus on Development and Spending Limits in Budget(NYT)
* Sandy Relief, Minimum Wage Raise Among State Budget Proposals
* Cuomo: $142.6B Budget(YNN)
* "This is a budget that is as empty of one-shot actions as any that I can remember," Cuomo's budget director, Bob Megna, tells reporters.
* DiNapoli: Office ‘Just Learned’ Of Pension Proposal(YNN)
* 2013-14 State Budget Address Liveblog(Details on the Budget)
* Cuomo to Focus on Spending Limits in Budget(NYT)
* Budget Director Bob Megna says #Sandy has cost the state gov't $200 million, but he expects that amount to be fully reimbursed by the feds. 
* Want more details on Cuomo's budget plan? His full presentation, briefing book included, is online
* Skelos On Minimum Wage: ‘Anything Can Be Taken Out Of The Budget’(YNN)
* Cuomo Rolls Out Budget Goodies, With Notable Silences(NY Mag)
* Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s low drama budget proposal: No tax hikes, but “revenue extenders” help close $1.3 billion deficit.
* Over all, the $142.6 billion budget represents a 5.3 percent spending increase - largely driven by a jump in federal aid for Sandy response and Obamacare implementation.
*CSEA called Cuomo’s pension smoothing plan a “bait and switch scheme.”
* The New York Water Rangers coalition were pleased to hear nothing related to fracking in Cuomo’s budget.
* Cuomo lays out $21 billion in Sandy recovery spending in(SI Advance)
* Cuomo Proposes Spending $35.9M on Gun-Law Implementation
* Cuomo Details Some Sandy Expenditures in Budget Address(WNYC)
State Budget Director Robert Megna Discusses New Budget Plan (NY1)
* No Albany budget lifeline in Cuomo budget - Times Union
tom precious: $5 million statewide marketing campaign is "far less than CSNY spent promoting the governor’s agenda.

Eastside Council Candidate Builds His Negatives
City Council Candidate Didn’t Mean to Offend With Condescending, Sexist Remark(NY Mag) "What's a pretty girl like you doing reading those?" —Upper East Side city council candidate Ed Hartzog, when asked by DNAinfo reporter about his campaign finance filings. Hartzog later told

Cuomo and Legislature's Orgy of Fundraising Before New Law
 Lawmakers scrambling to raise funds ahead of Cuomo’s promised campaign reform(NYP) 
The Governor’s Megabucks(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign is benefiting from the scandalous finance laws that he has vowed to reform.

Cuomo’s adult-home order is crazy: critics(NYP) The city’s population of mentally deranged street people may explode because of new regulations signed by Gov. Cuomo last week that forbid privately run adult homes from accepting new residents

Energy drink(NY World) More than a billion gallons of water travel through New York State every day, starting upstate and journeying down to the city and the sea, and driven almost entirely by gravity alone. The city’s watershed includes 19 reservoirs, three lakes, 7,000 miles of water pipes, tunnels and aqueducts, and 7,400 miles of sewer lines — and perhaps many megawatts of untapped energy. 

B'klyn to get 'the next Apollo'(NYP) Borough President Marty Markowitz’s dream of turning Brooklyn's biggest movie theater -- the once-majestic Loews Kings in Flatbush -- into "the next Apollo" is finally coming true. 

Why Did DiNapoli Keep the Gun Stock For So Long?
NYP Disappointed to See the Comptroller Grandstand on Guns
Disarming the pensions (NYP) Tom DiNapoli is New York’s least likely billionaire. As state comptroller and sole trustee of the state pension funds, he holds sway over a public fortune — some $150 billion in retirement investments.This isn’t to say that New York should dump its cash into guns and ammo. But it’s DiNapoli’s job to maximize fund returns — not to use its cash to score political points.

Breaking Reports of a shooting at Lone Star College campus in North Houston. Several Shot
* 2 students caught in crossfire as 1 gunman held, 2nd one sought at college: official(NYP)

Crowd Takes to Brooklyn Bridge in Push for Gun Limits(NYT) * Moms March In Manhattan For Stronger Gun Laws(NY1) * Michael Bloomberg sees mood swing on gun control at annual Mayor's Conference(NYDN) * East Village congregation prays for help in fight against Guns(NYDN) * Rally against guns(NYDN) The News writes that the new gun control law left big gaps in Kendra’s Law, which aims to stem violence by people with mental illness, by not requiring evaluations for people held in state-run psychiatric facilities: http://nydn.us/XweKBB *Cuomo Enlists Help On Gun Control(YNN) * Stevie Wonder Tells Piers Morgan He Wants A Gun… To Prove How ‘Crazy’ Gun Laws Are * Conn. Gun Violence Task Force Website Goes Live * Sen. George Maziarz is the latest Republican to launch an on-line petition to “repeal and replace” the SAFE Act.* Senate gun reform bill may be amended

 New Web Site Makes It Easier to Scrutinize New York City Spending

NYC Pushing Out the Middle Class: High Cost of Business
The cost of buying a New York City small business is rising,(NYDN) Want to buy a small business in the New York area? Get ready to pay up. The median price of a local business sold on BizBuySell.com rose to $232,500 in the fourth quarter of 2012, compared with $200,000 * N.Y.C. small businesses are turning to crowdfunding sites (NYDN)

36 Brooklyn park proects overbudget or behind schedule(NYDN)

New Cornell Technology Foster Commerce Amid Education
Commerce to Be the Focus of New Cornell School (NYT) A new graduate school, Cornell NYC Tech, will foster a relationship between university and industry.



Obama lays out liberal agenda for second term(NYP) * Obama Offers Liberal Vision for 2nd Term(NYT) * Stresses Theme of Civil and Gay Rights; Safety Net Praised(NYT) * Climate Goals Given Center Stage(NYT)* President Barack Obama(NYT Ed) The Inaugural Address for his second term makes a forceful argument for a progressive agenda. * Obama Vows Aggressive Agenda(WSJ) * A Fight Over New To-Do List(WSJ) * America’s Possibilities Are Limitless,’ Obama Says On Day(WCBS)

Pols fawn over Beyoncé, Jay-Z at inaugural(NYP) * On Very Public Day, Obama Girls Aim for Normal(NYT) * A Peek Into the Party(WSJ) * First Lady Fashion(WSJ) *Visitors Flock to Capital(WSJ) * Fashionistas Dazzled By First Lady Michelle Obama’s Wardrobe (WCBS) * The Best Fashion From the Inaugural Balls(NBC)* Stewart Tries To Cover Inauguration, But All Anyone Wants To Talk About Is Michelle Obama’s Bangs * Inaugural fashion. I’m not even going to pretend I know what to say about fashion, but here’s a link, anyway.



The Fact That the FBI is About to Put Hand Cuffs on More Than One Albany Pol for the AEG Scandal, Maybe an Ex Governor, Does Not Stop the Same Bums From More Pay to Play Voting
Gambling industry campaign donations add up(CrainsNY)
A year ago, the New York Times reported that gambling lobbyists in New York were urging clients not to donate heavily to Albany lawmakers in the wake of a 2010 scandal surrounding bidding of the Aqueduct racino license and campaign contributions. However, that did not stop several gaming interests from giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawmakers in 2012, though many of the donations were fairly small. The money was almost entirely spent by interests with a foothold already in New York, while campaign records show that big out-of-state operators like MGM, Wynn, Las Vegas Sands and Caesars weren’t giving to lawmakers last year, though several of them have hired lobbyists.

Bronx volunteers clean garden in memory of civil rights(NYDN)

22 Catholic Elementary Schools to Be Closed in June
Bloomberg Rips UFT, Says City Won’t Sign ‘Fraud’ Teacher (WCBS)
Catholic schools to close(Fox 5)
Twelve City Catholic Elementary Schools To Close In Jun(NY1)
Fallout From Failed Teacher Evaluation Negotiations Continues (NY1)

Brooklyn hit with crop of six new shelters in two years (NYDN)

Civil Service: Traffic Enforcement Agents want to continue (NYDN) A city labor panel ruled that the NYPD's move to bar some Traffic Enforcement Agents from issuing tickets to moving violations did not need to be negotiated.

Union Construction Battle
[image]Unions Losing Construction (WSJ) As developers plan to break ground this week on the second phase of the City Point development in downtown Brooklyn, the long-anticipated project has become a flashpoint in a simmering battle over the use of nonunion construction labor.

Sandy Update
Riders Buoy Ferry After Sandy(WSJ) After superstorm Sandy forced thousands of New Jersey commuters to take boats to work across the Hudson River, the area's largest ferry operator is trying to cement its gains and is showing some signs of success.* Recovery Remains Spotty 3 Months After Hurricane(NYT) Some neighborhoods in New York City are finding the recovery and rebuilding efforts from Superstorm Sandy a lot tougher than others, with ample evidence that people are still struggling, * Sandy Recovery Moves At Different Paces For Different Residents(NY1) * PAL Hosts MLK Jr. Service Day At School Damaged By Sandy(NY1) * Sandy-battered Rockaway business robbed as owners try to …(NYDN) * After Hurricane Sandy, one inundated deli on Staten Island refused to be counted out (SI Advance) * Cold Snap Hits Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island Hard(WCBS) * Still without power, aid or direction, frustration mounts for Staten Island victims of Hurricane Sandy (SI Advance) * Some shore towns eye sea walls to guard boardwalks(Fox 5) * Cuomo budget would help Sandy vics and schools(NYDN) * Mayor: Sandy-Ravaged Sea Bright To Be Ready For Summer3 hrs ago(WCBS) * Fight Over Senate Chamber Rules Holds Up Sandy Aid Vote(NY1) * MAP: Which pols voted to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, but not Sandy?(Mother Jones) * Coney Island Key Food Reopens After Entire Store Was Hit Hard By Sandy

  Former New York City mayor Ed Koch is feeling better after he was hospitalized over the weekend with fluid in his lungs and ankles, and he hopes to be released by Wednesday
For Koch, in Hospital, Familiar Query Gets Twist(NYT) * Former Mayor Ed Koch's Condition Improving In Hospital(NY1) * Koch on mend in hospital(NYDN) * Ex-New York City Mayor Ed Koch's condition improves(WABC)



Compost Moves Up in NYC(WSJ) Half-eaten salads tossed out by Midtown office workers these days can end up being carted to an upstate compost farm and then returned to Midtown buildings for use as fertilizer on green rooftops.




Micro-home winner to show how ‘stuff’ works(NYP)* Today Mayor Bloomberg will announce the winner of a contest to design a “micro-unit” apartment as part of a city project that explores solutions to Manhattan’s housing crunch, choosing from 33 different proposals, the News reports: http://nydn.us/WoTGP2 *B'klyn team wins city's bid for Kips Bay micro-units(NYP) * City Unveils Winner of Tiny-Apartment Competition(NYT)* Winner of "Microapartment" Competition Named(NY1)


Budget threat to pols’ pay(NYP) * A Chance to Fix the Senate(NYT Ed) On Tuesday, the Democrats can use a simple majority to end the routine abuse of the filibuster.* Monday Was All About Obama. Now All He Needs Is A Cabinet(NPR) * Republicans' Rape Comments Backfired in More Ways Than One(NY Mag) * Lincoln and ML King watch over Barack Obama's inauguration - Los Angeles Times
A Liberal Emboldened by Political Victory - David Remnick, New Yorker

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The Message & Meaning: Is "Pro-Choice" Passe? - Katha Pollitt, The Nation
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President Obama Begins His Second Term - New York Times
Obama's Obligation the Next Four Years - Chicago Tribune
President Puts Edge on Inaugural Speech - San Francisco Chronicle
Another Scott Walker Vindication - Wall Street Journal
Ken Lovett assesses the 20-plus years that Hillary Clinton has been in the national spotlight.
This after seven out of 10 Americans in a new poll back the landmark Roe V. Wade ruling.
Republicans were not pleased with Obama going on the offense with a decidedly liberal bent in his speech.
Sen. Chuck Schumer was seemingly everywhere yesterday.
The speech too long? The Times has the abridged version.
Rand Paul: House leaders ‘retreated’ on debt ceiling - reports:
How newspapers covered Obama's second inauguration
For Kerry and Hagel, Varying Paths to Senate ConfirmationNYT)
John McCain to meet with Chuck Hagel: 
Mr. Progressive(NY Mag)Obama's inaugural address reclaimed American history from the Tea Party. 
White House: Obama Wouldn't Block House GOP's Short-Term Debt Ceiling Bill(Huff Post)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Re-Elected Democratic Party Chair 
Sen. Frank Lautenberg wants to spank his potential 2014 primary rival, Newark Mayor Cory Booker
VP Joe Biden says he hasn’t yet decided about 2016: “There’s a whole lot of reasons why I wouldn’t run.”
Stage Is Set for Nasty Battles Ahead - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
The President's Liberal Definition of Rights - Michael Kinsley, Bloomberg

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Takes "60 Minutes" to her former NYCHA home in the Bronx:
Is Obama Trying to Destroy the Republicans? - Jill Lawrence, Natl Journal
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In 4 Years, We'll Be Inaugurating President Rubio - Matt Lewis, The Week
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Bring Back Mubarak! - Jamie Dettmer & Mike Giglio, The Daily Beast
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Video Highlights:  Ryan | Biden | Kudlow | Sharpton | O'Reilly | More

Lautenberg takes digs at Booker in NJ Senate race(Fox 5)
Cuomo Proposes Spending $35.9M on Gun-Law Implementation (Wash Post)
Clinton prepping for Benghazi grilling(CNN)
Sonia Sotomayor Gives Wide-Ranging Interview To Jon Stewart, Defends SCOTUS From Accusations Of Partisanship (VIDEO) 
Joe Biden is running for president (Wash Post)
Mitch McConnell On Obama Inauguration Speech: 'The Era Of Liberalism Is Back'(Huff Post)


Wall Street
Transcripts: Treasury enabled Street cheats(NYP)


 Law and Order

Hasidic counselor Nechemya Weberman sentenced to 103 years in prison(NYP) * Hasidic Counselor Gets 103 Years in Sex Abuse Case(NYT)
* 'My innocence was shattered at 12': Pervert Hasid victim's heartbreaking testimony as justice is served, he gets 103 years sex abuse(NYDN) * Hasidic counselor victim impact statement

Judge Allows NYPD Stop-And-Frisks To Resume In Bronx Private Housing(NY1)* Judge Lets NYPD Resume Some Stop-And-Frisks In The Bron (WCBS)
Judge Allows NYPD Stop-And-Frisks To Resume In Bronx Private …(NY1)

Man makes fatal leap in front of Times Sq. train: cops(NYP)Cop sued in ‘test swipe’(NYP) * Apparent Subway-Train Suicide at Times Square(NYT)
Shaken-Baby Murder Trial Rivets Local Chinese Press(NYT)
Bu$ted with Korea plate(NYP)
4 Teens Attack Man and Steal His Cell Phone on SI(NBC)
Man Whose Beating By Police Was Caught On Tape To Sue Officers, City(NY1)
Woman sues over Empire State shooting(WABC)

Police Release Photo of Two Suspected Robbers in Morningside Heights Spree(DNAINFO)

High court: former Manhattan DA busted for felony pot sales(NYP)

WATCH: Four teens sought in vicious mugging(NYP)

Meth Lab Bust Hells Kitchen 
Bath salts bust in Hell's Kitchen  (NYP) Something foul is cooking in Hell’s Kitchen. Police raided a West 54th Street co-op and found pounds of the illegal designer drug "bath salts" in a possible drug lab after neighbors complained that apartment smelled of cat urine * Police Find Suspected Drug Lab In Hell’s Kitchen(WCBS)* Building Evacuated After Suspected Meth Lab Found: Police(NBC) 

$30,000 Torah returned to Brooklyn synagogue after car theft(NYP) * Missing Torah Scroll Recovered (NY1)