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Tammany II: A Generation of Swine

Tammany II: A New Generation of Political Leaders in An Era Where Winning is More Important Than Governing or Even Positions on Issues

Post Machine Club House System and Reform Movement faces a disconneced and cluelless public.  The political clubs from Tammany to the reform movement tought people and communities how to influence and change govenment. 
Today adding to the dysfunction of government the public looks at elected officials as celebrities. In the past they looking at them as competitiors who worked their way up from the same political system they belonged to.  The public knew that the old clubhouse system forced the elected officials to service their and their communites needs.  Today that clubhouse system has been diconnected and elected officials come from family connections or from the staff of those already in office. A new machine of insides who understand the skill of winning office.

The New Generation Candidate Skills Include:
"In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep."—Hunter Thompson, The Great Shark Hunt, 1979 
1, Making Tammany Era Deals With Machine, Religours and Ethnic Leaders While At the Same Time Gaining Support from Reforms and Progressive Group

2. Media and Public Relations Savvy in an Era When the Press Has Dumb Down to Virtual Copy Machines for Elected Officials and Their Consultants

3. A News Generation of Business Leaders Who Do Not Have the Skill or the Will to Fight Tammany II Like Then Predecessers Fought Tammany I

4. Arrogance: This generation of candidates did not grow up in either the clubhouse stytem of the machine or the military like previovious generations which tempered the belief in superiority or self-importance

5. The new generation of political leaders can eaily a public that has lost power and self worth exhibited by the continuing decline of voter turn out.  Only when they losed everything like they did in Sandy does the anger show.  

Meet The New Generation
Well Educated in Local Politics, But Clueless How To Govern 
Potential Mayor Candidates Talk Sandy At Forum(NY1)
NY1 Reporter: Some of the Democrats expected to run for mayor are critical of the man they want to replace. That may make sense during the Democratic primaries, but it set up a conflict at Wednesday's event, which was largely filled with pro-Bloomberg business leaders anxious about what comes after he leaves. It didn't go unnoticed when de Blasio called for new taxes or when comptroller John Liu said city tax rates favor the richest. * Candidates for New York Mayor Differ in Business Outlook(NYT) * New York's Leading Mayoral Candidates Get Down to Business (NYO)* Potential Mayor Candidates Talk Sandy At Forum(NY1) * Morning 10:Liu wants end to biz tax breaks| Fast-food workers strike|Utilities get subponeas over(CrainsNY)

Mayoral Candidates Offered Opinions as Policy, Attacked Bloomberg and Offered No Ideas How to Reduce NYC Budged Gap and 9.3% Unemployment
de Blasio: The way that she phrased that discussion topic is based on seeing the need for a certain continuity,” Mr. de Blasio said. “I would like to respectfully dispute the premise of it. I think that there some things happening in city and our economy that are very, very encouraging…But at the same time, we’re not on the right track for the future, in my view. I don’t think the city government is doing all it could possibly do to truly prepare for us for what is an increasingly competitive international economic environment.”“We’re not on the right track for the economic future,” he said bluntly, citing concerns about income disparity and a surfeit of regulations that he said had stymied small businesses. “The status quo,” he added later, “is unacceptable.”   . . . Bill Thompson: For his part, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, the only officially announced candidate in the race so far, spoke more vaguely, declaring, “Our economic trajectory is a good one, but it needs to be better.”Mr. Thompson pointedly insisted that the next mayor, who will presumably not be a billionaire, recognize that the city has five boroughs, not just Manhattan, and govern accordingly.   . . .  Council Speaker Christine Quinn, however, struck a different tone, offering direct praise for Mayor Michael Bloomberg not often heard among her Democratic rivals. . . .  Mr. John Liu, a strong ally of labor who has had an uneasy relationship with the city’s business elite, acknowledged at one point that “there are probably a lot of perceptions about me in this room.”* Cindy Adams Explains How the NYC Mayoral Race Caused Her to 'Waste the Best Cookies' 

Without Strong Follow Up Questions these Mayoral Forums Become Wish List By Candidates With No Real Possibility of Implementation
Need Follow Up Questions: With the City Facing Budget Gaps How Will We Pay for Antiflooding Technology
Ms. Quinn advocated, forcefully, for a renewed embrace of the city’s battered waterfront, and challenged New Yorkers to install modern antiflooding technology “and really show the Netherlands and London how to do it.” Mr. De Blasio more dourly described the storm as a warning “that we need to approach our coastlines very differently.”


Quinn Could Hire Vince Mcmahon and Donald Trump to Manage A Fake Fight Where Their is No Council Vote By December 10 and the Lopez District Line Pass Automatically
 In response, Quinn's top aides are frantically calling Council members arguing that voting down the proposed lines would help them win re-election by stalling the final maps release until March or April, the Council insider said.Leaving the lines in limbo until that point would handcuff potential City Council challengers who would be left with just a few weeks to figure out what district they reside in and who they are running against before the likely June Democratic primary.  “This is an incumbent protection plan,” the insider said. Christine in like Quinn? Not quite yet(NYDN) * Juan Gonzalez questions the Qunnipiac University polling that has consistently shown NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn to be the frontrunner in the 2013 mayor’s race.* Quinn Calls City Redistricting Plan “Pretty Independent”(City And State) * Will Cuomo Tread Lightly?(YNN) * Gianaris: Conferences Galore Won’t Work(YNN)

 In Brooklyn, they draw the line - again and again(NYDN) Political insiders say that under proposed new lines, the 33rd Council District will see an influx of approximately 5,000 Hasidic potential voters in Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. That development is expected to boost the reelection chances of Councilman Steve Levin (D-Greenpoint), the scandal-scarred Lopez’s former chief of staff.  “The deciding factor here may well be incumbency protection and we don’t believe that the charter is designed to encourage that.” Levin is expected to face a fierce challenge from reformer Lincoln Restler, 28, who has wide support in the district’s upper-class areas, like Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.* Quinn demands district map made to help Vito Lopez be changed(NYP)
It’s not immediately clear if the process described in the letter, whereby an up-or-down City Council vote is seemingly skipped by simply withdrawing the map, is technically correct. A Commission spokeswoman told Crain’s Insider the legislative chamber needs to reject the map first. Quinn's Letter * Quinn Asks Council Redistricting Commission To Submit New Proposal (NY1)

Seddio Makes A Joke About the Lopez District Rather Than Oppose It . . .  Press and Reformers Duck Asking  Seddio to Oppose the Redistricting Currently in Front of the Council
During the Q&A session following a talk by new Brooklyn Democratic County Chair Frank Seddio to the Stonewall Democratic Club in Manhattan last night, the conversation inevitably turned to Seddio's predecessor Vito Lopez. Asked about the proposed City Council lines that draw Lopez's home into the district he is eyeing for a run, Seddio said that he did not believe that Council Speaker Christine Quinn knew about the last-minute line change to apparently accommodate Lopez, though he acknowledged that the media reports that Councilman Erik Martin Dilan intervened on Lopez's behalf with New York City Districting Commission Chair Carl Hum could be accurate. Seddio observed that what was particularly ham-handed was how the lines were so overtly moved over just a couple of blocks, instead of expanded to, for instance, encompass a greater swatch of Lopez's neighborhood, which would have better obscured the intention of the machination. "If you're going to do something stupid," said Seddio, "at least be smart about it."(City and State) Seddio Bull Shits the Refomers Who Are Scared to Stand Up For Reform (True News)


Apalachin Conference II: Organized Crime Coaltion State Senate Again . . . Where Espada make A Guest Apperance?

Klein, head of the Independent Democratic Conference, is pushing for a bipartisan coalition leadership in the Senate where his conference would caucus with Republicans
Details are emerging on the type of coalition government that state Sen. Jeff Klein believes will be more effective at leading the chamber than a typical single party majority, with all major decisions in terms of allocating resources being made by both parties, the Times-Union reports * Klein Wants Independent Dems To Be Permanent Part Of State Senate(NY1) * The News pushes state Sens. Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein to come clean on the power sharing agreement between Senate Republicans and Klein’s Independent Democratic Conference: * Senator Jeff Klein sat down for an extended televised interview, as well as one with Gannett Albany, to discuss his decision to caucus separately from the Democrats. 

“That’s absolutely not true,” Mr. Klein told Gannett of the idea that his move boosts the Republicans. “A coalition government is not benefiting one side or the other. It’s Democrats and Republicans working together to agree on a policy agenda. It’s equal authority over everything.”  * While Democratic Assemblyman Karim Camara was even more critical on the same program. “Even more disturbing than the policy issues is the lack of diversity in that potential coalition. [There's] perhaps one woman, no people of color, no black, no Latino [members],” he argued. “So when you look at it, it looks more like a coalition from the Deep South of old than it does the diversity of New York. The leadership, the committee chairs, the people who decide the agenda, what bills come to the floor, the allocation of state resources, that should be a diverse coalition.”* And the Daily News took two swipes too, urging Mr. Klein and Majority Leader Dean Skelos to “come clean” in an editorial and an article entitled “Pols hold Albany hostage in push for bipartisan coalition to lead chamber.” But former Senator Craig Johnson, a close ally of the breakaway conference, tweeted back, “Hard to see anything being held hostage. Typical tabloid fodder.” * Child-slaying' nanny asks judge to bar media from hear …4 hrs ago * Klein told Gannett yesterday that a coalition government won’t boost either side and he envisions each side having a role in governing. * Colors Wars, II(YNN)  Allies of the Senate Democrats, who are anxious to see a Democrat-controlled upper house in order to more easily pass what they have deemed a “progressive” agenda, are now injecting race into the equation, * In SD-46, Judge Sets Ballot Counting Schedule(YNN) * How long could a Cuomo-Skelos-Klein alliance realistically last? * Working Families Party, union members and Democrats protested outside IDC member Dave Valeksy’s Syracuse office today. * The too-close-to-call 46th SD race is Exhibit A in Bill Samuels’ argument for rejecting the redistricting constitutional amendment given first passage by the Legislature earlier this year. * Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous says the Republicans are open to forming a coalition with the IDC regardless of the outcome in the 46th SD.b

Racism Charges In Liberal Manhattan
Race, Religion Used as Basis For an Attack(WSJ)
A Manhattan City Council candidate, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, sent an incendiary and racially charged email to opponent Mark Levine, alleging that Levine is running to serve the “White power elite” at the expense of blacks and HispanicsHarlem's inflammatory City Council 'Race'(NYDN)Two inflammatory emails landed like a pair of hand grenades in the middle of the race for a City Council seat in upper Manhattan  * Harlempolitician who ran 'brothel-like' singles club blasts 'White/Jewish candidate'trying to 'sneak into office like a thief 

The News chides City Councilman Dan Garodnick for reneging on his term limits stance in 2008 by announcing plans to run for a third term on the Council:

Campaign 2013  Candidates Are Lining Up for Top Posts on ’13 Ballot (NYT)  Open contests are expected for all three citywide offices (mayor, comptroller, public advocate), four of the five borough presidencies (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island), and at least 19 of the 51 seats on the City Council.*"There’s also a case to be made against Mr. Garodnick’s chances to be speaker."   * If Quinn or de Blasio elected, would be a Democrat and probably play greater role in spkr slection* Mayoral Candidates Back NYC’s Fast-Food Strikers(NYO) * Big Bronx cheer for draft council maps (Queens Chroncile) * Assem. Katz on Opposing Silver for Speaker (YNN)

Pols Cut Out Reports on Twitter
City's top leaders take to social media to increase transparency(AMNY)"It's about transparency and getting the message to your constituents," Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who has 3,195 Twitter followers said. "You're not going to put out a news release for everything and my constituents want to know what I'm doing."Greenfield is one of the 42 council members with a Twitter and/or Facebook account..
 Mike Bloomberg -- 395,280 followers, Christine Quinn -- 14,039 followers, Bill de Blasio -- 6,006 followers, John Liu -- 4,387 followers, Brad Lander -- 3,541 followers, Yvette Clark -- 3,374 followers

Group May Sue Over Money Owed to Poor New York School Districts(NYT) * Park Slope Education Council Approves Rezoning Proposal(NYT) * For 2nd Time, Schools Official (Now Former) Is Fined for Nepotism(NYT) * 47G ed. con-job smack (NYP) * Boys and Girls HS - "Pride of Bed-Stuy" - could close for (NYDN) * Former DOE big fined $50K for wife's make-work job(NYDN) *
Contentious Brooklyn School Rezoning Plan Approved(NBC)

Sandy One Month Later

Miracle Staten Island man survived Sandy, but his house didn’t(NYP)“I made it through 9/11 when the second tower fell. I was there for the Baghdad invasion. I never thought I was gonna die,” Pedro Correa said, until Oct. 29, when Sandy made landfall. “That night, I thought I was gonna die.” * Post-Storm Cost May Force Many From Life on Coast(NYT) Homeowners in storm-damaged coastal areas who had flood insurance will now face premium increases of as much as 25 percent per year beginning in January, thanks to legislation to shore up the National Flood Insurance Program, the Times writes: * Hypothermia and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases Soar in City After Hurricane(NYT)  Health officials say that the number of carbon monoxide and hypothermia cases have soared since Hurricane Sandy, due to the fact that many homes are still without adequate heat or hot water * Small Businesses See Progress After Storm(WSJ) * Hotel Rooms Sitting Vacant(WSJ) Cracks are forming in New York City's improvised network of emergency housing for more than 1,000 people who remain homeless after Sandy, including paid-for hotel rooms that have been vacant for weeks.* What we know about Superstorm Sandy a month later(WSJ) * MTA Source: Direct Subway Service To Return To Rockaways In Mid-2013(NY1) * MTA Says Sandy Caused More Than $5 Billion In Damages But Straphangers Won't Have To Pay(NY1) * Brooklyn Bar Works To Raise Money For Sandy Repairs(NY1) * No Date Set For Reopening Of Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island(NY1) * Solar power: watt Rockaways need(NYDN) * MTA looking at $1B Hurricane Sandy bill(NYDN)

After Sandy Vance is Looking for An Echo
Artifacts of a Music Career, Gone With the Storm's Roar(NYT) Hurricane Sandy destroyed the house of Kenny Vance, who sang in Jay and the Americans, opened for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, picked musical acts for "Saturday Night Live" and produced movie soundtracks. * Kenny Vance - Looking for an Echo [Kenny Vance & the Planotones](Video)  * Rockaways residents caught up in FEMA's red tape(WABC) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission is already issuing subpoenas for ConEd and LIPA, a sign that things are moving quickly for the newly formed investigative panel.* Aerial photos of Staten Island's Prince's Bay: Hurricane Sandy obliterated houses, changed coastline(SI advance) * Council to seek tax break on red-tagged Staten Island h (SI Advanced) * Sandy May Cause Some To Dip Into Retirement Funds (NBC) * Red Hook Residents To Spend Months Without A Local Grocery Store: A shuttered Fairway grocery store in the Red Hook...* Mayor Bloomberg and City Council speaker Quinn in Staten Island to announce property tax relief for hurricane homeowners. * Cuomo Tells Insurance Companies To Pick Up The Ball With Sandy Claims * According to Rep. Pete King, House Speaker John Boehner sees “no need” for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to travel to Washington to lobby for Sandy aid.* NYC Paying $1 Million for Empty Hotel Rooms After Sandy(NY Mag) * Moreland Act questions are put to MTA, PA(TU) * Sewage Flows After Storm Exposes Flaws in System(NYT) * Buildings Dept. deems 7,500 structures dangerous(NYDN) * Gillibrand recounts loss of two brothers lost during Hurricane(NYDN) * NY Sandy probers seek info from transit agencies(Fox 5) * Cuomo: NY, NJ, Conn. join forces to get Sandy aid(Fox 5) * Cuomo Sets New Rules For Insurance Companies Responding(NY1)
* Cuomo Propose Initiatives To Help Residents Hit By Sandy (NY1) * Back To Basics' Program Seeks To Help Staten Islanders In The Long Run (NY1) * Gerritsen Beach residents want FEMA trailers(WABC)

Update Bloomberg and Cuomo Detail Aid for Owners of Storm-Damaged Property(NYT) * City-Paid Hotel Rooms Are No Panacea for 1,000 New Yorkers Displaced by Storm(NYT) * Frustrated Staten Island Residents Sound Off At Town Hall Meeting (NY1)

How Does the MTA Know Washington Will Pick Up the Full Transit Repair Bill? . . .  Is the MTA Passing the Bill To Future Generations by taking out major loans?
M.T.A. Says Riders Will Not Have to Pay for Storm Repairs(NYT) With a transportation system still operating at less than full strength Riders are already paying for the storm indirectly, sitting on more crowded trains and often waiting longer for them to arrive.* Major Loans in MTA's Path After Storm(WSJ) * MTA Could Be Stuck With Nearly $1 Billion Tab for Sandy, But Riders Won’t Feel It(NY Mag)

Begging Washington
Bloomberg Lobbies Capitol Hill for Storm Aid, but Cuomo Stays Home(NYT) * Officials Seek Billions More in Storm Aid(WSJ) * Bloomberg Courts Federal Lawmakers To Secure Money For Sandy Recovery(NY1) Govs. Christie and Cuomo released a joint statement yesterday, saying that the two states will request a combined $78.8 billion in federal Hurricane Sandy aid from Congress, the Times-Union reports:  * Bloomberg's 'hard sell' for billions in Sandy aid(NYDN)

The Post questions Cuomo’s request to ConEd that they look into closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant, saying it is one of the state’s only sources of clean, reliable energy
Andrew in the Dark(NYP Ed)Might as well throw away your computers. And Christmas lights. And electric heater. Because if Gov. Cuomo has his way, New Yorkers soon might not have the juice to run any of it. On Tuesday, state officials actually took a step in that direction, ordering Con Ed and the New York Power Authority to come up with plans for closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant, as Cuomo wants. * Japan’s Nuclear Mistake(NYT) Japan’s plutonium recycle program sets a terrible precedent and creates a tempting target for terrorists.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation has been targeted in a lawsuit from a natural gas developer that is challenging the state’s moratorium on hydro-fracking, calling the regulations “unconstitutional”, The Wall Street Journal writes Frack Delay Prompts a Lawsuit(WSJ) The state Department of Environmental Conservation has for the first time been targeted in a lawsuit challenging a local moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. *  In the News, Cornell University professor Robert Horwath writes that fracking is not a viable solution for clean energy because of its adverse environmental impact and that natural gas usage will actually expedite climate change:

$68.7 Million Settlement on Stuyvesant Town Rents(NYT)

New York state expects to collect $30 million less in cigarette and tobacco taxes next year, partially due to lower consumption of cigarettes, according to the Cuomo administration’s mid-year budget report, the New York Post writes:

Off-Duty’ Taxi Light Will No Longer Let You Down(NY Mag) It's being simplified to either "on" or "off." * TLC votes to overhaul cab signals to simple 'on/off' system(NYP)

 Taxi Commission Eliminates Off-Duty Designation for Roof Lights (NYT)

Liftoff on Fort Greene Project(WSJ) The city is moving forward with the final pieces in its long-delayed project to develop the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District at the edge of Fort Greene.

Photo of Officer Giving Boots to Barefoot Man Warms Hearts Online(NYT) * NYPD officer's generosity goes viral on Facebook(WSJ) * NYPD Officer Caught on Camera Doing Really Nice Thing(NY Mag)
* Picture Of NYPD Officer Giving Barefoot Man Boots Goes(WCBS)
NYPD Officer's random act of kindness(WABC)





Officer’s Lawsuit Over Quotas Is Reinstated(NYT) The suit, in which Officer Craig Matthews of the Bronx had complained about numerical quotas for arrests, summonses and stops, had been dismissed in April. * Whistleblowing cop can press suit: court(NYDN)

Big Issues Are Lost in Focus on Libya Talking Points(NYT)



Developer Seeks to Use Toxic Sludge as Landfill to Expand Brooklyn

Developer Seeks to Use Toxic Sludge as Landfill to Expand Brooklyn

A business owner wants to use sludge from the Gowanus Canal as landfill to expand his property.

Read more:

 Developer Seeks to Use Toxic Sludge as Landfill to Expand Brooklyn(DNAINFO)
A business owner wants to use sludge from the Gowanus Canal as landfill to expand his property.



Health Care Entitlements(NYT Ed) There is not much room for big cuts to Medicare and Medicaid in the negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff and deficit reduction.* Obama Flexible on Top Tax Rates(WSJ)
On Budget, Progressives Need to Make a Stand - E.J. Dionne, Wash Post
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Amb. Susan Rice and her husband are major shareholders in the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline(Wash Post)
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Editorial: Mr. Obama's time to lead on entitlements(Wash Post)
Remember those quirky – and annoying – subject lines in Obama’s fundraising emails? Well, turns out they worked – very well. 
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Cuccinelli and McAuliffe Will Face Off in Va. Gov Race - John Fund, NRO
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White House Offers New Fiscal Plan, Prodding G.O.P. (NYT) Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner’s proposal to the House speaker, John A. Boehner, loaded with Democratic priorities and short on detailed cuts, was likely to meet strong resistance.
Republicans Balk at White House Plan to Avert Fiscal Crisis(NYT)
Lawmakers paint grim picture of Sandy’s destruction as Congress takes closer look at storm

Jon Stewart Tears Into John McCain & Lindsay Graham For Hypocritical Outrage Over Susan Rice

  Video: Stephen Colbert Takes A Side In Fox News' "War On Men": Over the weekend, FOX News columnist trollumnist...


UN Statehood Vote for Palestinian Statehood

U.S. and Israel Look to Limit Impact of U.N. Vote(NYT)Diplomats anticipated approval of a resolution upgrading the Palestinian Authority’s status at the United Nations.  * Palestinian Vote Seen Buoying Fatah(NYT) * Netanyahu: U.N. vote won't give statehood (UPI) * Palestinians near lock to win UN state recognition(WABC) *  VIDEO: Netanyahu’s Statement on Palestinian Move at UN * U.S. and Israel Play Down Effect of U.N. Palestinian Vote(NYT)

Palestine Wins Status of State in Vote by U.N. Assembly(NYT)

How countries voted on granting Palestine upgrade (NYP)

After Vote, Taking Stock of a Stalemate(NYT)

David Petraeus says he 'screwed up royally' in letter to old Army buddy(NYP)

YIKES! Long-Awaited Report Scorches Murdoch(Huff Post) *
Rupert Murdoch's papers, UK media condemned in phone-hacking report(NBC)

Preparing for Zucker’s CNN tenure, rival networks safeguard their talent(NYP) * Zucker to Be New President of CNN(NYT) * Jeff Zucker Says CNN Needs New Shows v

Condemning British Press, Report Urges a New Regulator(NYT)

Daily News Editor Colin Myler Hit in Leveson Inquiry Report [Updated]
Leveson's conclusions about the ethical lapses of Colin Myler, currently editor in chief of the New York Daily News, who served as editor of NOTW as the paper began its death spiral.

Rather than defuse them, the report suggests he aided the cover-up. "He vigorously and forcefully followed a line which, to pursue the analogy of a bomb under the newsroom floor, simply ignored his privately held fear of an impending explosion," Leveson concluded. The report also characterizes Myler's testimony as "hardly persuasive," "unconvincing," and causing "serious concern."  Zuckerman will no doubt continue to ignore the murky recent chapters in Myler's past. As every newspaperman knows, the public's attention span is very short.

NYC media & political giant Finkelstein dies at 96(NYP) * Jerry Finkelstein dies at 96(NYDN)

Law and Order

Lindsay Lohan arrested for fighting at NYC nightclub: report(NYP) * Lindsay Lohan arrested on assault charge in NYC(WSJ) * Lindsay Lohan arrested after fight at nightclub(WABC) *
Lindsay Lohan arrested on assault charge in NYC(Fox 5) * Lindsay Lohan Accused of Assault in Nightclub Fight: Co (NBC)
* Lohan Arrested In NYC For Allegedly Hitting Woman At Club (WCBS)

Accused molester Nechemya Weberman appears to menacingly stare at teenage accuser through glass door

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'Child-slaying' nanny asks judge to bar media from hearing(NYP) In a cowardly plea for special treatment, accused killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega begged a judge to bar the press from her hospital-bed arraignment yesterday — claiming through her lawyer that she’s too visibly sick, too “pathetic” to be seen. * Nanny, Still in Hospital, Pleads Not Guilty in 2 Fatal Stabbings(NYT) * Nanny Arraigned in Murders(WSJ) * Child-slaying' nanny asks judge to bar media from hear (WABC)

Accused Brooklyn serial killer danced beside cops on night of final murder: sources(NYP)

Video: Low-Tech Thief Smashes Store Windows(NYT)

Strauss-Kahn Said to Reach Deal to Settle With Hotel Ho(NYT)

Daughter mourns Bronx woman slain for her gold jewelry(NYDN)

Girl’s dad shows up at Manhattan HS swinging chain and looking for a fight: cops(NYP)


Arrest for Viagra possession was a little stiff: lawsui (NYDN)

NPD officer sentenced to 15 years for stealing guns from station house and selling them TO HIS DRUG DEALER(NYP) * Junkie cop sentenced to 15-1/2 years in prison(NYDN)

No verdict in model castration-slay trial(WCBS)

  Bad rat! Feds dump another mob informant(NYDN)

EXCLUSIVE: 15-Yr-Old Was Strangled After Sex Assault, Police Say &

Wanted' Stop-And-Frisk Protesters Beat NYPD Charges(Huff Post)

Activist busted for spray-painting anti-jihad subway poster promises to take case to trial(NYP)

Cuomo: NY, NJ, Conn. join forces to get Sandy aid(SI Advance)

Owe woes lead to death(NYDN)