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Quinn: I know Nothing About Using Redistricting to Get Elected

To Accept Quinn Word That She Had No Influence In Creating the Lopez District You Would Have to Suspend Belief That She Was Not Doing Everything She Can to Win the Mayor's Positon

Quinn: I didn’t create ‘Gropez district’(NYP) * Quinn Says She Did Not Interfere With City Council Redistricting(NY1) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has denied that politics played a role in shaping the new City Council district maps. The speaker responded to criticism that she influenced the independent districting commission in order to help shore up support in her bid to become the city's next mayor. "I have never spoken to a member of the redistricting commission about any lines," she said. "I wouldn't know the chairman if I saw him tomorrow." The complaints came from people like Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, whose East Harlem district was changed drastically to become a majority Bronx district. Some say a backroom deal was cut between Quinn and Bronx leader Carl Heastie, where he would get more power while Quinn gets his support for her mayoral bid. The speaker and Heastie both deny this.

I You Think Quinn Would Appoint 5 Member of the Council Redistricting Commision Who Would Not Do Her Bidding We Have A Bridge to Sell You
Quinn would not address the controversy over District 8. But Quinn also said she may have been the only councilmember that did not give imput. “I did not deliberately give input” to the commission but defend mCouncil members who did. “I don’t think it has been a very big secret that Council members and people who want to be elected members give input,” she said. “It would be absurd if they didn’t.” The Council has until Dec. 10 to vote on the new maps though it can take no action, which would be a tacit approval of the commission’s decennial recommendations.

Cutting Out Lopez's House Has Become the 
Vito Lopez City Council Incumbent Protection Plan
Quinn Wants To the Council  Redrawing to Take Lopez's Home Out Of a District Favorable to Him to Delay the Districts to Help Incumbents and Party Backed Candidates 

Is Quinn Reverse On Lopez District Public Relations?

Lopez pushing his supporters in the council to pass Redistricting Plan As Is 

Vito Lopez redistricing mess causing chaos in the City Council(NYDN)  In an effort to eliminate a growing political problem, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is desperately trying to convince city lawmakers to vote down the proposed new map by arguing it will help their chances of staying in office, a source said.  Many of the Council’s 51 members are reluctant to go back to the drawing board to reshape one messed up district that was secretly drawn to help the embattled Assemblyman, the source said.

Quinn Could Hire Vince Mcmahon and Donald Trump to Manage A Fake Fight Where Their is No Vote By December 10 and the Vito District Line Pass Automatically
 In response, Quinn's top aides are frantically calling Council members arguing that voting down the proposed lines would help them win re-election by stalling the final maps release until March or April, the Council insider said.Leaving the lines in limbo until that point would handcuff potential City Council challengers who would be left with just a few weeks to figure out what district they reside in and who they are running against before the likely June Democratic primary.  “This is an incumbent protection plan,” the insider said. Christine in like Quinn? Not quite yet(NYDN) * Juan Gonzalez questions the Qunnipiac University polling that has consistently shown NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn to be the frontrunner in the 2013 mayor’s race.* Quinn Calls City Redistricting Plan “Pretty Independent”(City And State)

 In Brooklyn, they draw the line - again and again(NYDN) Political insiders say that under proposed new lines, the 33rd Council District will see an influx of approximately 5,000 Hasidic potential voters in Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. That development is expected to boost the reelection chances of Councilman Steve Levin (D-Greenpoint), the scandal-scarred Lopez’s former chief of staff.  “The deciding factor here may well be incumbency protection and we don’t believe that the charter is designed to encourage that.” Levin is expected to face a fierce challenge from reformer Lincoln Restler, 28, who has wide support in the district’s upper-class areas, like Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

Political insiders say that under proposed new lines, the 33rd Council District will see an influx of approximately 5,000 Hasidic potential voters in Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. That development is expected to boost the reelection chances of Councilman Steve Levin (D-Greenpoint), the scandal-scarred Lopez’s former chief of staff.

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Critics charge that the city redistricting commission cut Randall's Island out of Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's district to silence opposition to city-backed development there, Crain’s Insider reports:


As Yogi Berra Says: 
For the Senate Democrats Its Getting Late Early
Klein, head of the Independent Democratic Conference, is pushing for a bipartisan coalition leadership in the Senate where his conference would caucus with Republicans

Benedict Klein
Top Breakaway Democrat Favors G.O.P. Coalition in State Senate(NYT) When the State Legislature meets in January, Senator Jeffrey D. Klein and a faction of four fellow Democrats may hold the chamber’s fate in their hands. As speculation mounts about who will control the New York state Senate, two sources told the The Insider that Bronx Sen. Jeff Klein has been in talks recently with both parties about changing the Senate’s rules to allow his Independent Democratic Conference to function as a permanent third caucus. 46th Headed to Court *we go to court Republican Assemblyman George Amedore’s lead over his state Senate opponent, Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, dwindled from 918 votes to 110, but about 875 ballots were set aside for further recount, the Times-Union writes:   

Jeff Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference, who voted for a heavy Republican gerrymander of their chamber, are, in fact, going to side with the Republicans. The counting process has become painful and painstaking, as GOP attorneys challenge far more ballots than their Democratic counterparts. Things are progressing very slowly in the 41st SD recount. Just 7 percent of the 6,700 absentees returned to the Dutchess County Board of Elections have been tallied so far, and the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of stalling.* Senate tally nearing a new phase(TU) * Gianaris says the SD-41 is also being slowed down by the GOP as well. Gipson, a Dem, leading GOP's Saland.*
Gianaris says rumors of Klein's new defection/coalition are greatly exaggerated: "This is obviously a very fluid situation."* 
Gianaris: "Let's remember the dysfunction that was caused last time when a handful of Dems sat with the Republicans."* Tkaczyk picked up over 800 votes in Ulster County and now trails Amedore by 110. Of the 878 challenged 525 came from Ulster County * Gianaris says there's a "huge disparity" in ballot objections between Ds and Rs, which gives Tkaczyk the chance.* Cohen: Labels Aside, Legislature Needs To Function(YNN) * Could Johnson Versus Martins Come Back To Bite GOP? - Should Senate Republicans seek a hand recount of the 46th Sena... *What Would Power Sharing Look Like?(YNN) * Cuomo: I Can Work With Anyone(YNN) * Cuomo: "What’s most important 2 me do u support my policies"  * Bill Samuels calls Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s refusal to help the Democrats take the Senate “bizarre,” adding: “(P)eople like myself would never support him for president. Wouldn’t even enter my mind.” * The Staten Island Democratic chairman expressed support for IDC member Diane Savino, regardless of how the Senate leadership battle shakes out.* Cuomo Claims He's Staying Out of Senate Fight via ” except to whatever degree he is not...?

 Azi Paybarah Azi Paybarah@azipaybarah  Steve Cohen: I don't want to interfere w/ fight. remember when he said there's only 2 speeds in Albany? * I think Steve Cohen just forgot about Jim Alesi. Said 3 GOP'ers voted for marriage, 2 of them paid a price. * Republican Sen. Tom Libous, probably not w/o smiling: “My colleague Mike Gianaris has more conspiracy theories than everyone I’ve ever met.” * Assem. Camara Argues for a Democratic Senate - The battle for control of the state senate has spread beyond the cham... * paper in 's backyard warns he "will likely label him as a traitor & the 2nd coming of Pedro Espada Jr."

Avella & Comrie make borough president candidacies official(Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) has decided to throw his hat into next year’s race for Queens borough president, the lawmaker told TimesLedger Newspapers Monday. Avella was rumored to be mulling a run for months, but made up his mind in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, he said, after witnessing the borough being passed over for recovery resources that went to Manhattan and Brooklyn instead. “I thought we should have had a much more active borough president and much more of a coordinating effort from the office of the borough president,” Avella said. “That convinced me Queens needs a voice.” * State Senator Tony Avella announces borough president run:(Queens Courier)

Jerry Finkelstein, New York Power Broker, Dies at 96(NYT)

Racism Charges In Liberal Manhattan
Race, Religion Used as Basis For an Attack(WSJ)  A City Council candidate has launched an effort to prevent a potential rival, whom he describes as white and Jewish, from trying to “sneak” into office “like a thief in the night,” saying only a black or Latino person should represent the district. The comments by Thomas Lopez-Pierre, chairman of the Douglass Grant Democratic Club and a candidate to succeed Council Member Robert Jackson, drew criticism on Tuesday, with the heads of civic groups describing them as “offensive” and “appalling.”With as many as 10 black and Hispanic candidates contemplating bids to succeed Mr. Jackson, Mr. Lopez-Pierre wrote, there’s a “dire concern” in the Upper Manhattan community that Mr. Levine will “sneak” into office. Mr. Jackson must step down next year because of term limits.* Harlem's inflammatory City Council 'Race'(NYDN)

Stringer Pushes Garodnick Out
Campaign 2013  NY1 Online: Stringer Speaks About City Comptroller Run * Meanwhile, on Inside City Hall, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, now campaigning for Comptroller John Liu‘s job, dismissed Mr. Liu’s chances in the mayoral race. “My running for comptroller, I think opens up an opportunity for people like Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio to take up whatever space I had in that race,” he said. “The best way to focus on the voters who I appealed to is to run an issue-oriented campaign….As comptroller I’m going to work to do the kind of economic forecasting that’s going to help whoever the next mayor is. I’m going to give them the ideas and the tools they need to make the important decisions that only the mayor can make. Right now I think this field is wide open. I will give you one prediction: The next mayor’s going to be a Democrat and it’s going to be one of these three Democrats. I look forward to a robust debate among those candidates.” Source: City Councilman Dan Garodnick To Drop Comptroller Bid(NY1)Sources say that City Councilman Dan Garodnick will not be running for city comptroller, and instead will focus on getting re-elected and making a possible run at Council speaker, Capital New York reports * Manhattan BP Scott Stringer’s decision to run for NYC comptroller instead of mayor next year has pushed Councilman Dan Garodnick out of the comptroller’s race. He’ll seek re-election to his current post, and might run for speaker.*  Liu tells biz crowd about companies that got subsidies but didnt create promised jobs. frames it as unfair to other biz. #2013* NYC Comptroller 2013: Welcome To The Stringer-Garodnick Alliance (NYDN) * New York’s Leading Mayoral Candidates Get Down to Business(NYO) * my #2013 story: Democrats address 'consternation' about life after Bloomberg  * Blake Zeff explains why stop-and-frisk will be a big issue in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race. * my #2013 story: Democrats address 'consternation' about life after Bloomberg * This article discussing the political successes and challenges of New York City’s Latino population is worth a read. * Councilman Domenic Recchia‘s 2013 campaign spokesman didn’t take kindly to Councilman Dan Garodnick‘s endorsement of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s comptroller bid today. “Democracy may one day reign again in New York City when, behind the scenes, Tammany-style bullies masquerading as reformers—whose main goals are self-promotion, threatening others who desire office and controlling the public’s choices—are exposed,” the spokesman, Hank Sheinkopf, said. * Dem mayoral candidates unlikely to be as pro-biz as Blo …(NYP) * Dan Garodnick Drops Out Of Comptroller Race(NY1) 

Well Educated in Local Politics, But Clueless How To Govern NYC
Potential Mayor Candidates Talk Sandy At Forum(NY1)
NY1 Reporter: Some of the Democrats expected to run for mayor are critical of the man they want to replace. That may make sense during the Democratic primaries, but it set up a conflict at Wednesday's event, which was largely filled with pro-Bloomberg business leaders anxious about what comes after he leaves. It didn't go unnoticed when de Blasio called for new taxes or when comptroller John Liu said city tax rates favor the richest. * Candidates for New York Mayor Differ in Business Outlook(NYT) * New York's Leading Mayoral Candidates Get Down to Business (NYO)* Potential Mayor Candidates Talk Sandy At Forum(NY1)

Mayoral Candidates Offered Opinions as Policy, Attacked Bloomberg and Offered No Ideas How to Reduce NYC Budged Gap and 9.3% Unemployment
de Blasio: The way that she phrased that discussion topic is based on seeing the need for a certain continuity,” Mr. de Blasio said. “I would like to respectfully dispute the premise of it. I think that there some things happening in city and our economy that are very, very encouraging…But at the same time, we’re not on the right track for the future, in my view. I don’t think the city government is doing all it could possibly do to truly prepare for us for what is an increasingly competitive international economic environment.”“We’re not on the right track for the economic future,” he said bluntly, citing concerns about income disparity and a surfeit of regulations that he said had stymied small businesses. “The status quo,” he added later, “is unacceptable.”   . . . Bill Thompson: For his part, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, the only officially announced candidate in the race so far, spoke more vaguely, declaring, “Our economic trajectory is a good one, but it needs to be better.”Mr. Thompson pointedly insisted that the next mayor, who will presumably not be a billionaire, recognize that the city has five boroughs, not just Manhattan, and govern accordingly.   . . .  Council Speaker Christine Quinn, however, struck a different tone, offering direct praise for Mayor Michael Bloomberg not often heard among her Democratic rivals. . . .  Mr. John Liu, a strong ally of labor who has had an uneasy relationship with the city’s business elite, acknowledged at one point that “there are probably a lot of perceptions about me in this room.”

Without Strong Follow Up Questions these Mayoral Forums Become Wish List By Candidates With No Real Possibility of Implementation
Need Follow Up Questions: With the City Facing Budget Gaps How Will We Pay for Antiflooding Technology
Ms. Quinn advocated, forcefully, for a renewed embrace of the city’s battered waterfront, and challenged New Yorkers to install modern antiflooding technology “and really show the Netherlands and London how to do it.” Mr. De Blasio more dourly described the storm as a warning “that we need to approach our coastlines very differently.”


Pols Cut Out Reports on Twitter

City's top leaders take to social media to increase transparency(AMNY)"It's about transparency and getting the message to your constituents," Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who has 3,195 Twitter followers said. "You're not going to put out a news release for everything and my constituents want to know what I'm doing."Greenfield is one of the 42 council members with a Twitter and/or Facebook account..

 Mike Bloomberg -- 395,280 followers, Christine Quinn -- 14,039 followers, Bill de Blasio -- 6,006 followers, John Liu -- 4,387 followers, Brad Lander -- 3,541 followers, Yvette Clark -- 3,374 followers

What Ticket Fixing Scandal?
The Press Has Not Follow Up the Ticket Fixing Cases . . .  Many Unanswered Questions  Nothing for Almost 2 Years

Tix-fix link to iTheft  (NYP) A crucial witness in the NYPD ticket-fixing case was allegedly part of a crew that stole $1.5 million worth of Apple iPad minis from JFK Airport and shipped them to Virginia, court records reveal.

1. The NYPD ticket-fixing probe has mushroomed into an Internal Affairs leaks scandal.
2. PBA big's tix-fix slap(NYP) 
3. Dozens of NYPD Officers Investigated for Perjury(Weiss, DNAInfo) 8/17/2011
4. NYPD cops no-shows at ticket hearings for FDNY firefighters, helped Bravest skate on summons(NYDN) 8/10/2011
5.Bronx prosecutor accused of DWI fix to face colleagues in court as witnesses 6/23/2011
6.Colleagues called to testify in DWI case of Bronx Assistant DA Jennifer Troiano 
7.Yankee executive to testify in Bronx ticket-fixing scandal probe(NYDN)   
8.Ticket-fixing probe: Prosecutors taking aim at 'worst of the bunch' in city's biggest police union 6/8/2011
9. Cop asked two to make his DWI bust go away(NYDN)
10. Top police union official revealed as tix-fix go-to guy(NYDN)
11. Mayor Bloomberg calls practice of fixing tickets for rich and famous 'disgraceful' 5/26/2011

12.  Report: Celebs Benefited From NYPD Ticket Fixes(NY1) 5/25/2011
13.Report: Tickets ‘Fixed’ for Council Members; ‘Really Disgraceful’ Says Mayor(NYO)
14. Tix-fix cops in Bronx set up dates with hookers
15.Ticket fix becomes sideshow in attempted murder trial (NYP)
15. Cops in tix-fix probe got pricey Yankees tickets as 'favors'(NYDN)

16. After Arrest, Possible Favored Treatment of Bronx Prosecutor Was Not Investigated
17. NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal: Criminologists Link Practice to Downgrading Crimes(Village Voice)
18. Inspector brazenly ordered pal tix-fix (NYP)
19. NYPD cop 'Mr. Fix-It' nickname for helping motorists avoid court, get tickets thrown out
20. AP Source: NYPD Fixed Traffic Tickets For High City Officials (NY1)
21. Report: Yankee Exec Got Help From Ticket-Fixing Cops (NYO)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip(True News)

Sandy Bill Due $$$

Another NY overreach?(NYP) New York pols are launching a major blitz for some $33 billion in federal aid — but a related plea, for $9 billion, could put their entire ask at some risk.
On Monday, Gov. Cuomo cited a need for $32.8 billion for “recovery” efforts — to restore the state to where it was, pre-Sandy.  But Cuomo wants another $9.1 billion for “prevention/mitigaton” measures — “to make sure this doesn’t happen again or lessen the impact if it does,” he says. * Hurricane Sandy’s Rising Costs(NYT Ed) The federal government has to show the same magnanimity it did after major disasters in the past. * A Closer Look at Cuomo’s Sandy Stats(WSJ) In his hunt for billions in federal aid, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has used some strong rhetoric, saying that in many ways Sandy was “more impactful” in New York than hurricanes Katrina and Rita were in Louisiana.*The finance industry is lobbying the federal government to grant tax-exempt bonds that private investors could sell to fund business investments needed post-Sandy, the Times-Union reports: * The Times writes that Gov. Cuomo’s best shot at getting a large federal aid package from Hurricane Sandy is to join with other claimants like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to lobby Congress * Bloomberg Courts Federal Lawmakers To Secure Money For Sandy(NY1) * Sandy’s monstrous math problem (NY World) * Bloomberg Lobbies Capitol Hill for Storm Aid, but Cuomo Stays Home(NYT)

Major Crime Takes Mondy Off
New Yorkers Refrained From Violently Attacking One Another for an Entire Day(NY Mag)
No one reported shot, stabbed or slashed in NYC on Monday (NYDN)   * NYC Records Zero Shootings, Stabbings, Slashings Monday(NBC)

An Eviction, Followed by a Parade of Homeless Shelters(NYT)

Sandy Knock The Flavors of NY, Cost of Rebuilding South Ferry Station More Than $600 Million
Breezy break-in bust(NYP) * M.T.A. Seeks Aid Not Just for Repairs, but for Improvements(NYT) The MTA is looking at up to $5 billion in repairs as well as new improvements to the New York City subway system and tunnels, with the hope the federal government will pick up most of the tab * Parents Raise Safety Concerns as School in Queens Reopens Early(NYT) * Fighting to Save the Flavor of New York(NYT)  In a symbolic way, Hurricane Sandy’s assault on Coney Island restaurants like Totonno’s and Nathan’s tore at the heart of the New York experience. * Waiting to Work Again(WSJ) * Stone Structures Stay Sturdy by the Seashore(WSJ) * MTA Still Assessing Cost of Damage to South Ferry Station (WSJ) That eye-popping $600 million estimate for rebuilding the South Ferry and Whitehall subway stations in lower Manhattan could still be a moving target.* NY1 Exclusive: Looting Reported In Storm-Damaged Public Schools(NY1) * Some Sandy Victims Show Signs Of PTSD, Hospital Says(NY1) * SI Man Helps Residents Clean Up Damaged Homes For Free(NY1) * New Orleans Firefighters Head To NY To Help With Sandy Recovery(NY1) * Laser Rainbow To Beam Across Sky In Areas Hit By Sandy(NY1) *New Orleans Firefighters Come To Help NYC Firefighters Who(WABC) * Amtrak Hopes To Have East River Tunnels Damaged By Sandy (WCBS) * FedEx donating portion of Pack and Ship transactions to Sandy(NYP) * Sandy could result in higher property taxes for already over-taxed Long Island residents.* Roller coaster in ocean will be removed(WABC) *  Planes taking off, landing at Sikorsky after Sandy(WABC) *
Aerial photos: Hurricane Sandy's destruction in Staten Island's(SI Advance)EPA picking up hazardous household waste from flood-damaged (SI Advance) * Some 100 Red Cross volunteers working on Sandy recovery in NYC are living aboard the SS Wright.* HOW SANDY TAUGHT A TOUGH LESSON ABOUT CITY'S OIL SUPPLY(Huff Post) * 's Foran: hurt agency's efforts to manage expenses.* Chelsea Piers Prepares To Reopen Following Sandy-Related Repairs(NY1) * Thirty New York City Schools Robbed After Hurricane Sandy(NY Mag) * Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Have 'One Complaint' About Federal Response to Sandy * Christie, Cuomo Pledge To Work Together On Storm Aid(YNN)
* Utilities Subpoenaed For Information On Handling Of Superstorm Sandy(NYDN) * The MTA is preparing to borrow up to $4.8 billion over the next three years to finance post-storm rebuilding, with the expectation that most loans will be repaid by insurance and the federal government.* MTA looking at $1B Hurricane Sandy bill(NYDN) * Still no power for hundreds of Bklyn Con Ed customers(NYDN) * Con Ed wins 'reliability' awards, even as thousands are (NYP) * MTA says South Ferry station destroyed by Sandy(WABC) * Off-duty firefighters help clean out damaged homes in Q (Fox 5) * Utilities get subpoenas over Sandy response in NY(fox 5) * MTA Says Sandy Caused More Than $5 Billion In Damages But (NBC) * MTA Source: Direct Subway Service To Return To Rockaways in the middle of 2013 * SI Day Care Center Reopens For Sandy Victims * Hypothermia and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases Soar in New York After Hurricane Sandy (NYT)
"Romney is Wall Street's worst bet since the bet on subprime." 

The News decries the New York City public school system after recently released statistics show that only 29 percent of high school seniors who graduate in four years are prepared for collegeThroughout Archdiocese, 26 schools deemed "at risk" for(NYDN)
* Boys and Girls HS - "Pride of Bed-Stuy" - could close for (NYDN) * Cardinal Dolan's tearful good-bye to 26 Catholic schools(SI Advance) * Group May Sue Over Money Owed to Poor New York School Districts * Contentious Brooklyn School Rezoning Plan Approved (NYT)

Not Done With Black Mess
Court Rules Against City Over Cathie Black Emails(WSJ) * Court Rules Against NYC Over Ex-Chancellor Emails(NBC)

For Statue of Liberty, a Lonely End to the Year(NYT)

Israeli Pension Crook Gets A Steve Rattner
Elliot Broidy, the high-powered Israeli investor who pleaded guilty to giving $1 million in bribes to four top state pension fund officials — including disgraced ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi — got off with a slap on the wrist, and no prison time.*  : NYC has been letting big companies off the hook for , but you don't get a break.

Downtown Brooklyn about to get a lot bigger(NYP)

Obama NY A Gas Pipe

President Obama Approves Gas Pipeline Through Parts Of Queens, Brooklyn President Obama Approves Gas Pipeline Through Parts Of Queens, Brooklyn(NY1)

President Barack Obama has approved a natural gas pipeline running through the Gateway National Recreation area, an area of the city hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.


Taxi Lobbyists Who Own the Council Get Their Puppets To Take Prices Off The Doors and Require Pedicabs Who Do Not Have $$$ Serious Lobbyist To Post Theirs Prices
City brakes on pedi-gougers(NYP) * Predatory pedicabs(NYP Ed) Timer has to be visible * Taxi transparency(NYP) Speaking of rate cards, why is the Taxi and Limousine Commission eliminating them from yellow-cab doors? That’s right: The TLC has banished fare info — the initial price, per-distance add-on, etc. — from the doors of new cabs.* City Council Passes Bill Requiring Per Rate Fees On Pedicabs(Ny1) * City Council OKs taxi rule to protect blind(NYDN)

Council members push ‘affirmative contraction’(NYP) A bill introduced yesterday by four council members would make pregnancy an explicitly protected status under city human-rights laws.

Sunlight on Panel Members(WSJ)The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to require unpaid members of policymaking boards and commissions to file financial-disclosure reports, closing a gap that permitted officials on some powerful panels to make decisions without any sunlight on potential conflicts of interest. The vote came months after The Wall Street Journal reported that the city for years failed to comply with a state law that required officials on these boards to file disclosure reports. The reports include data about income and gifts.* NYC votes on disclosure forms for board members(WSJ) 

Fracking Deadline Delay
The Department of Environmental Conservation filed for a 90-day extension of the agency’s deadline to adopt hydrofracking regulations, giving the Health Department more time to review potential health impacts, the Post writes: * After Cuomo admitted the DEC would miss a key fracking review deadline tomorrow, the process was extended another three months.*  Fracking supporters have launched a new ad campaign calling on the governor to end the review, which has dragged on for more than four years.

Photo of Officer Giving Boots to Barefoot Man Warms Hearts Online(NYT)

City gets over-the-rainbow score as gay friendly(NYDN)

Scientists Study Freshwater Species In Bronx River (NY1)

Queens pols allow loss of Civic Virtue(Queens Crap)
Going to Be A Brooklyn Cemetery 
From the NY Times:Given the improbable journey of “Civic Virtue” since it was begun by the sculptor Frederick MacMonnies in 1920, nothing can be ruled out. The statue, known rudely as “Fat Boy” or “Rough Boy,” is about to become the best traveled public monument in city history, moving from the Bronx (where it was carved) to Manhattan (1922 to 1941) to Queens (1941 until the present) to Brooklyn, where it is to settle indefinitely in Green-Wood Cemetery. The move was authorized Nov. 13 when the municipal Design Commission approved a long-term loan of the statue to Green-Wood. In a city preoccupied with cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy (Green-Wood suffered at least $500,000 worth of damage), the authorization slipped under the radar. A mayoral spokeswoman confirmed it on Monday.

Using Sandy to Wrom Your Way Back In . . . Press Cheerlead Weiner Comeback As crisis consultants work the angles
Weiner takes another step back onto political stage(NYDN) * Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (!) co-wrote an OpEd with his former colleague, Rep. Greg Meeks, to rally support for the Rockaways after Sandy.* Is this yet another step back onto the political stage for Weiner?

At Atlantic Yards, Ready to Test Plans for Prefab Tower(NYT)

Parachute Jump getting LED light system(NYP)

Obama may solicit Romney help on fiscal cliff tomorrow as FDR did w Willkie on aid to England in 1941.

Sharp Words Follow Rice’s Admission of Libya Error(NYT) * My Secretary of State(Friedman, NYT)  Here’s a case for making Arne Duncan the secretary of state in President Obama’s second term. It actually makes sense when you think about it.* Make Up Turned Break Up(Dowd, NYT) A Capitol Hill mystery: Was the diplomat not diplomatic enough? Or did the Republican senators already have their minds made up and agendas set?* Dana Perino: Obama Has ‘Republicans On The Ropes, And They Know It’
Obama Taking U.S. Down Path of Greece - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
This Time, Obama Knows How to Beat the GOP - Steve Kornacki, Salon
For Dems, Entitlements Cloud Fiscal Talks - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics

House GOP Committee Chairs Will All Be White Men In Next Congress(Huff Post)

More Questions for Susan Rice - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Shameless Attacks on Susan Rice - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Select Committee Needed on Benghazi - Fred Thompson, RealClearPolitics
Why We Shouldn't Cut Health Care Spending Now - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
ObamaCare's Rationers Argue "It's Good for You" - Sally Pipes, Forbes
The Coming Liberal Wave - Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect
How Can the GOP Win? Find a Good Candidate - Noemie Emery, Examiner
2014 Senate Picture Promising for GOP - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Hillary Clinton's Latest Farewell Tour - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
After Close Election, Dems Look Like Sore Winners - Mona Charen, NRO
Don't Eliminate the Filibuster, Restore It - John Nichols, The Nation
The Govt's Expanding Definition of 'Poverty' - Robert Rector, New York Post
Gen-X Taxpayers Battered by Washington "Grownups" - Reed Galen, RCP
What Would Lincoln Do? - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Time for Obama to Lead on Entitlements - Washington Post
ObamaCare's Truth-in-Advertising Moment - Wall Street Journal
Pare Down the Senate Filibuster - Financial Times
Warren Buffett's Case for Paul Ryan's Budget - Washington Examiner
President Obama to meet with Mitt Romney - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Boehner has a message for House Republicans: stick together or be left out:(Politico)
Collins leaves Rice meeting with questions; says Kerry would be confirmed easil
WH stands for filibuster reform. Embraces Harry Reid's Rule Changes 
Poll: Taxing the rich remains popular(Wash Post)
Inside the Boiler Room: Immigration reform in Obama's 2nd term(NBC)
Conservative bloggers blast Harry Reid for filibuster reform:
Obama Repeats Call for Middle Class Tax Cut Extension(NYT)
Amid speculation that Clinton might run for president again in 2016, her husband is taking another swing at shrinking her lingering 2008  campaign debt, which totals $73,000 as of Sept. 30.
Six years after an unsuccessful attempt to join the Democratic leadership in the House, Rep. Joe Crowley is now unofficially unopposed for the caucus’ vice chair position.

GOP Careening Toward Debacle on Budget - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Republicans' Secret Leverage - Peter Suderman, Reason
Where Are Obama's Spending Cuts? - Michael Tanner, National Review
Keep Social Security Out of "Cliff" Talks - Sen. Dick Durbin, USA Today
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Rice Bombs in Meeting With Senators - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
No Wonder Mitt Romney Lost - Joan Walsh, Salon
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Global Fuel Prices Will Spark Next Revolutions - Vivienne Walt, Time
Video Highlights: Obama | Carney | Krauthammer | Pelosi | Bowles
Big Issues Are Lost in Focus on Libya Talking Points(NYT)
U.S. Report Supports Closing Guantánamo(NYT)
.: In Silicon Valley, a technology talent gap threatens GOP campaigns
Dems already have their sights set on reclaiming the House in 2014,  reports:(Politico)

Watch Jon Stewart’s Take on the Hostess Closure


NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson  Leads From Behind on Thompson
Mark? Mark who? New York Times editor stands behind CEO ... way behind(NYP)
NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson stressed that it wasn’t the newsroom’s place to comment on management. “That would not be the newsroom’s to judge,” Abramson said. “We don’t say so-and-so has to resign.”  In a brief interview after her Q&A session on stage, Abramson took a long pause when asked directly if she backed Thompson. “I’m supervising coverage of the story that involves him,” she said. “I don’t see that as my role.” When the question was posed to her again by a Bloomberg News reporter, she finally said, “I feel confident in his leadership,” and then added, “I have every confidence in him as CEO.”* Coming Out As Gay At The New York Times(Huff Post)

This is CNN

Zucker landing top job at CNN(NYP) * Jeff Zucker Expected To Be Next President Of CNN, According To NY Times Report (And Mediaite)

Piers Morgan Details Phone Hacking In Newly Uncovered Interview

Journalist who called out Fox News disses MSNBC. (Huff Post)

Jerry Finkelstein dies at 96(NYDN)

Law and Order
‘Monster’ rabbi: Girl’s chilling testimony (NYP) A Brooklyn teen yesterday took the stand against a prominent Orthodox Jewish leader accused of sexually abusing her — and her gripping testimony provided a rare glimpse into a cloistered Hasidic community. * At Abuse Trial, Support for Orthodox Jewish Girl(NYT) * Teen Testifies in Orthodox Abuse Trial(WSJ) * Teen Takes Stand in Abuse Trial Against Orthodox Leader WSJ) * Weberman's victim: 'I wanted to die rather than live with …11 hrs ago

Court Reinstates Police Officer’s Lawsuit Over Arrest Quotas (NYT)

Mom watches video in court showing murder of her son(NYDN)

‘Shark’-hunting cops’ jaw-dropping catch(NYP) It’s a thug supergroup. The FBI busted a loan-sharking ring featuring an unlikely trio of associates: an alleged Gambino crime-family member,

Bronx Jurors Get Manslaughter Case Against Bus Driver in Crash That Killed 15(NYT) * Jury Deciding Fate Of Driver Charged In Fatal Bronx Bus Crash(NY1)


'Killer' nanny pleads not guilty in hospital to child stab deaths(NYP) * 'Killer' nanny to face judge in hospital(NYP) *  Nanny pleads not guilty in stabbing deaths of children, ages 6 and 2, at upscale NYC home.(WCBS) * Nanny Pleads Not Guilty To Murdering Two Upper West Side Children(NY1) * The right call(NYDN Ed) * Upper West Side Nanny Pleads Not Guilty to Murder (NYT)* Nanny Pleads Not Guilty In Stabbing Deaths Of UWS Child (WCBS)

Stop-Frisk Trial Avoids Jury(WSJ)

Bronx Man Sues City Claiming Cop Arrested Him for Carrying Viagra

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