Friday, November 30, 2012

When It Comes to Our Newspapers the British Still Run New York

New Yorkers Can Cover Up, Wire Tape and Protect Sexual Abusers As Good As Any Brit

Why Do the English  Run NYC's Media?

From 1665 to 1783 The Brittish ruled New York.  Our city is named after the Duke of York. He ran the city as English King James II.  Over 200 years after York New Yorkers newspapers are contolled by same tyrants we thought we kick out of here.  

We Need to Finish the 1776 Revolution
New Yorkers Need to Take Over And Run Their Own Newspapers from these British Tories

The NYT New CEO Mark Thompson
Thompson who destroyed the BBC in London as a news organization.  Thompson has been accused or covering up a sexual abuser who hosted childrens programs for his network What Was The Extent Of Mark Thompson's Involvement In BBC * New Times CEO Mark Thompson Delays Town Hall Meetings(NYO)

The Daily News editor in chief is Colin Myler
Myler who yesterday was named in a major press investigation as covering up corrupt activity in a newspaper he ran. Daily News Editor Colin Myler Hit in Leveson Inquiry Report [Updated]

The NYP Rupert Murdoch 
Murdoch born in Australia becamse a major newspaper mogal in England. Leveson, report cataloged the glaring misdeeds of Rupert Murdoch’s sensationalist tabloid, The News of the World, which is no longer published. Noting, among other things, the tabloid’s “reckless disregard for accuracy,” and “lack of respect for individual privacy,”The Key Findings Of The Leveson Report(Huff Post) * Leveson report suggests News Corp. cover-up.

Much of the conduct described in the report on Thursday — hacking into voice mail messages of ordinary citizens and illegally obtaining medical records — is not news gathering.

NYT Writes An Editoral About the British Press Corruption But Does Not Mention It Own Connection Through Thompson
Press Freedom at Risk(NYT Ed) The regulatory remedies proposed to address the phone hacking scandal in Britain are excessive and potentially dangerous to traditions of a free press.* New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Had a Breakup (NY Mag)

Battle for the State Senate 
The Times-Union hopes that a potential bipartisan coalition in the state Senate leads to movement on major issues, and not simply added perks and benefits for the Independent Democratic Conference:  The first arguments over disputed ballots in the state senate race between Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk will be heard next week, with 877 ballots at stake, the Times-Union  * Senate GOP attorney David Lewis defended the delay tactics in the 46th SD, saying: “I know people don’t like waiting…but the truth of the matter is it is far better to get a real and accurate answer than just any answer.”*  The Guardian wonders whether Governor Andrew Cuomo is too conservative to win a Democratic presidential primary in 2016.  The first arguments over disputed ballots in the race will take place next week. Ulster County, where Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk performed the best on Election Day, has the most contested ballots: 521. * As absentee and affidavit ballots continue to be counted, Democrat Terry Gipson holds a lead of 1,571 votes over Republican incumbent Steve Saland in the prolonged state Senate 41st District election.* Senator-elect George Latimer reveals both he and Senator-elect Ted O’Brien have talked with IDC members about policy since they were elected, but neither plans on joining the breakaway Democratic conference. * The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle calls IDC head Jeff Klein’s power-sharing plan “unnecessary” and a potential recipe for dysfunction. * The TU says a coalition in the Senate would only be worth it if the progressive agenda Klein is pushing materializes and the deal is about more than just perks and power.

Is the Redistricting Commision Taking A Dive on the Lopez District to Protect Quinn?

Breaking: Banana Republic Redisticting
3 Days Ago To quash 'Vito seat,' council must reject all lines - Crain's New York ...(CrainsNY)

Today chair says in letter "there is no legal impediment preventing the Commission from withdrawing the plan."* Districting Commission To Chris Quinn: We'll Vote On Pulling Back Those New Map * Panel had told Quinn it lacked power to alter lines (CrainsNY) The NYC Districting Commission will hold a vote on whether to withdraw, update and resubmit the maps – as requested by Quinn. (This appears to be an about-face for the commission).

Will Quinn face a floor fight in the council if it goes to a vote

Quinn to Lopez: We Need A Public Divorce But We Will Still Mess Around in Private

The panel has sent proposed maps to the Council, which has final say. The City Charter states the lines “shall be deemed adopted” unless the Council votes them down and asks that they be redrawn.
Speaker Christine Quinn is hoping to skate by with less of a confrontation. She has asked the commission to withdraw its plan and to hold additional hearings that would lead to canceling its assistance to Lopez.
Her office contends the commission has the power to do as she asks. That seems dubious.
She must start rounding up the votes to kill the Lopez fix.

Read more:

DN Says Council Must Vote To Reject the Lopez District
The panel has sent proposed maps to the Council, which has final say. The City Charter states the lines “shall be deemed adopted” unless the Council votes them down and asks that they be redrawn. Speaker Christine Quinn is hoping to skate by with less of a confrontation. She has asked the commission to withdraw its plan and to hold additional hearings that would lead to canceling its assistance to Lopez. Her office contends the commission has the power to do as she asks. That seems dubious. She must start rounding up the votes to kill the Lopez fix. * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wrote a letter to the Districting Commission urging them to revise the proposed maps and to solicit more public input, the News reports:  * The News scolds the Districting Commission for doing a “favor” for Assemblyman Vito Lopez in changing lines to accommodate a potential City Council run, and insists that now they have to correct their mistake: * Quinn Asks Council Redistricting Commission To Submit New Proposal(NY1)
And, thanks to the Century for Urban Research, here’s the visualized change of Mr. Lopez’s official address being moved into the council district he is thinking of running for, which has inspired much of the mapmaking drama: * radical cuz its not in place yet: bill requiring "public disclosure of all communication 2 NYC Districting Commission" * Chris Smith outlines the challenges facing NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to defeat his main Democratic rival in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race, Council Speaker Christine Quinn.* With President Obama Re-Elected, Two 2012 Staffers Joining Bill de Blasio(NYDN)

Katz Blast Silver on Lopez

A Silver spokesman refused to say whether the powerful Manhattan Democrat testified, saying only: “We’re cooperating fully.”

Read more:
Tell us what you really think, Westchester Assemblyman Steve Katz. On the same program, the occasionally outspoken GOP lawmaker expressed his unhappiness with Speaker Sheldon Speaker‘s handling of the Vito Lopez situation. “It’s an enormous issue because you have someone at the head of our Assembly who has shown a lack of integrity, who has shown a lack of morality, who has essentially allowed the Assembly to be a hostile work environment for women. I find that unconscionable on every single level,” he argued. “That is enough to say to say, ‘When is enough?’ Is this man indispensable? We can’t live without Sheldon Silver, he’s got to be the man? I’m sorry but that I unacceptable.”

New York City Independence Party’s “13th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards”

Read more:

New York City Independence Party’s 
“13th Annual Anti-Corruption Awards”

Mayoral hopefuls court city Independence Party (CrainsNY)

Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan - NYPOST.comThe wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later, 

Ms. Quinn and Messrs. Smith and Carrión (who have all at various times been the subject of unflattering headlines) are not getting anti-corruption awards. (Ms. Quinn endured the council slush fund scandal, and Mr. Smith the AEG and New Directions probes, though both pols have so far emerged relatively unscathed. Mr. Carrión, meanwhile, received a $10,000 fine for violating city conflict-of-interest rules.)

Read more:

Ms. Quinn and Messrs. Smith and Carrión (who have all at various times been the subject of unflattering headlines) are not getting anti-corruption awards. (Ms. Quinn endured the council slush fund scandal, and Mr. Smith the AEG and New Directions probes, though both pols have so far emerged relatively unscathed. Mr. Carrión, meanwhile, received a $10,000 fine for violating city conflict-of-interest rules.)


Why is the Media Celebrating the Eliminating of the Off Duty Light. Taxis Will Still Use the New System to Refuse to Take Riders to the Outer Borughs?
All the TLC has to do is record the number of time the driver turn the lights on and off and you solve the problem . . . Why is all the media Spinning theTLC's SimplifyingBS?
Taxis’ light switch(NYP) Off-duty sign out * Taxi Commission Eliminates Off-Duty Designation for Roof Lights(NYT) * Drive to Dim Cab Confusion(WSJ) * Confusing NYC taxi roof lights get overhaul(WSJ) * Taxi 'Off-Duty' Lights To Be Eliminated(NY1) * It'll be hail of a lot easier(NYDN)

In 2006 Bloomberg and the Other Pols Supported the Sale of Stuy Town to the Pension Funded Developers for $3 Billion More Than It Was Worth
"let the private market be." Bloomberg in 2006
The Mayor and everyone else knew that to make money on the $5.4 million price tage the developers would have to push out existing tenants for more higher rents and fees.

The 2008 Wall Street Kill the Plan and Lost Over $3 Billion for the Pensions (Hank Morris never lost that kind of money).  Tishman Speyer and Blackrock were besides using pension funds used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to meet the $5.4 Billion price tag never faced a criminal legal case.

2013 Tenants Settle for $68.7 Million Meaning More Loss for the Pension Funds
$68.7 Million Settlement on Stuyvesant Town Rents(NYT) * Settlement Reached Over Stuyvesant Town Charges(WSJ)

Tipping the Scales in Housing Court(NYT) If we appointed lawyers in eviction cases, we could reduce homelessness and uphold our ideals of fundamental fairness.

NYPD officer was 'humbled' to buy boots for shivering homeless man in Times Square(NYP) * Still New York’s finest(NYP Ed) * Officer’s inspiring kindness is NYC at its Finest(NYP) * City Shows Gratitude After Gift by an Officer(NYT)




 Toll and Fare Hikes
Next Phase Of Toll Hikes To Take Effect On Port Authority (WCBS) The cash toll the George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing will increase $1 to $13. * Half of the MTA board failed to make most or all of the public fare-hike hearings this month, including former Gov. David Paterson. * MTA leaders insist the $5 billion cost of Superstorm Sandy won’t be passed on to riders, but transit advocates question whether that’s possible in the years to come. * Toll increases on Port Authority bridges and tunnels kick (NYP)

For NYC’s students, move on evaluations(NYP)In the News, education professor David Bloomfield writes that Cuomo can improve his leverage in reforming state public schools by instituting a change that would allow the governor to appoint members to the state Board of Regents *  Bronx schools among 24 citywide on the chopping block(NYDN) * Education reformer David Bloomfield insists a “simple change” would enable Cuomo to effectively control the Board of Regents and dramatically impact policy.* Parents Concerned About Potential Mold At Queens School (NY1) * DOE, Teachers Still At Odds Over Evaluations

Activists are already suing in anticipation of a constitutional convention.  

Will Hunts Point Stay In NY
The Hunts Point produce co-op supplies more than half of the fruits and vegetables in the city — and its threatened move to New Jersey could be very bad news for independent grocers and restaurants (New York World)

One Month After Sandy and Piss Off
Frustrated Staten Island Residents Sound Off At Town Hall Meeting(NY1)
Sewage Flows After Storm Expose Flaws in System(NYT) Hundreds of gallons of raw sewage from damaged treatment plants in New York and New Jersey have flowed into waterways, exposing flaws in the wastewater infrastructure that will cost billions of dollars to fix,* City-Paid Hotel Rooms Are No Panacea for 1,000 New Yorkers Displaced by Storm(NYT) * Bloomberg and Cuomo Detail Aid for Owners of Storm-Damaged Property(NYT) * New York City’s Plan for Tree Waste: Sell, Reuse or Burn(NYT) * Near Tears, Gillibrand Tells of 2 Boys' Deaths(NYT) * Art Brushed by Stormy Hand(WSJ) * Seaport in Danger of Sinking(WSJ)   
'Secret Santa' Doles Out $100 Bills To Hard-Hit Sandy Victims(Huff Post)NY1 Exclusive: Red Cross Worker Charged With Alleged Sexual Abuse Of Woman Who Lost Her Home To Sand * Commuting With Sandy(WSJ) * New York Slashes Time Insurers Have to Process Sandy Claims(WSJ) Bloomberg announced two tax relief proposals to aid homeowners afflicted by Sandy, including one that would give a property tax extension to those hardest hit by the storm* Building Used By YWCA In Coney Island Hit Hard By Sandy(NY1) * Bloomberg, Cuomo Propose Initiatives To Help Residents Hit By Sandy(NY1) * Belle Harbor Barber Works To Fix Home And Business After Sandy(NY1) In the Post, Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute writes that Cuomo should not throw out large numbers for federal disaster aid until he figures out how the money will be spent * Disabled NYC attorney battles back from Hurricane Sandy(NYDN) * Cuomo tells insurers to act quickly on Sandy claims(NYDN) * Feds worry about immigrant workers' safety, pay in Sandy(NYDN)* Rockaway residents to rally for beach restoration(NYDN) * Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy are joining forces in a regional effort to land nearly $83 billion in federal aid to recover from Superstorm Sandy.* Get Ready for a Shinier, Newer, Post-Sandy Coney Island(NY Mag) * 'Santa' showers $100 bills on Sandy victims in NY and N (NYP)* Chelsea Piers set to reopen, except for golf club(WABC) *  Bloomberg seems in no rush to create Staten Island task (SI Advance) * Mayor Bloomberg said Friday that Superstorm Sandy’s impact on the city’s budget may not be as severe as anticipated. (WSJ) NYC deems nearly 7,500 structures uninhabitable or partially uninhabitable following(NYDN) * "virtually no looting & local district attorneys have dismissed most of the looting arrests that were made initially”  * SI Town Hall Meeting for Sandy Victims Erupts With Emot …(NBC) * Concrete Boardwalk For Rockaway On Tap(The Wave)Bloomberg says: Use federal money to expand the subway system, not protect it: 
* An About-Face, From Expanding to Rebuilding(NYT) * Owners of Storm-Damaged Homes Get Water-Bill Reprieve(NYT) * City Room: Tolls on Rockaway Bridges to Resume on Saturday(NYT) Residents Of Homes Severely Damaged By Sandy Can Delay Water Bill Payments * Gargiulo's Set To Reopen For Weekend Service(NY1) * Sandy Shutters Rockaways' Largest Employer During Busiest Season(DNAINFO) Madelaine Chocolate Company was wrecked by the hurricane, leaving 450 out of work.* With Pier 17 Still Closed After Sandy, Business Owners Frustrated(DNAINFO) * Cuomo Headed To DC For Storm Relief(YNN) * Mayor Bloomberg continued his defense of ConEd, calling it “virtually the best utility company in the country.”* Bloomberg, Cuomo Disagree On How To Use Federal Aid For Mass Transit: Even before the federal government decides...Social Media Offers Help to Storm Victims (NY1)
* New Yorkers Blast The City Over Slow-Reacting ‘Rapid Repairs (WCBS) * Investigation: Container ships for use as FEMA housing?(WABC) * Medical research wiped out by Sandy(WABC) * Long road to recovery for South Street Seaport(WABC) * Staten Island Railway express trains resuming Mon.(Fox 5) *
Some Staten Island Railway express service returns, starting(SI Advance) * Metropolitan Hospital Struggles To Handle Influx Of Displaced Patients (NY1)


Dem frack boost(NYP) Gov. Cuomo and New York would be frackin’ “crazy” to continue its fracking ban. That’s the message from former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat whose state has seen an economic boom from high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.The state Department of Environmental Conservation released a revised set of rules for natural gas hydro-fracking, and will take public comment on the revisions from Dec. 12th through Jan. 11th, the Associated Press reports: * DEC Releases New Set Of Hydrofracking Regulations(NY1)
* DEC: No Decision On Fracking Until Health Study Complete(YNN)

Rats just gross: Tenant uses rodent carcasses as court(NYDN)

The News argues that legalizing medical marijuana in New York would not lead to a windfall in tax revenues, citing California and Colorado as examples:

The state constitution has over the years grown into a 56,326-word behemoth that its critics say needlessly governs the most obscure minutiae of New Yorkers’ lives.

Washington's Cliff
Fiscal cliff-hanger(NYP) * Tax Burden Is Lower for Most Americans Than in 1980s * Chamber Competes to Be Heard in Talks(NYT) * G.O.P. Balks at White House Plan on Fiscal Crisis(NYT) * Obama's Cliff Offer Spurned(WSJ) * Obama: "Scrooge Christmas" coming if Congress does nothing on fiscal cliff
A Liberal Moment - Timothy Eagan, New York Times
Cliff-Jumping With Barack - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
GOP Pans Obama's Budget Plan - Huey-Burns & McPike, RealClearPolitics
Why the GOP Must Surrender on 'Redistribution' - Josh Barro, Bloomberg
This Unserious White House - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Susan Rice and Double Standards - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
It's Not Racist or Sexist to Point Out Libya Lies - Bernard Goldberg, IBD
What the President Said About Benghazi - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
In Blow to U.S., U.N. Elevates Status of Palestine - Bronner & Hauser, NYT
Morsi: "We're Learning How to Be Free" - Stengel, Ghosh & Vick, Time
Is Egypt Turning Into the Next Iran? - Con Coughlin, The Telegraph
A Pussy Rioter Speaks Out - Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast
Class Wars of 2012 - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Fiscal Cliff: How to Call the Big Spenders' Bluff - Matt Kibbe, Forbes
The Internal Polls That Made Romney Think He'd Win - N. Scheiber, TNR
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How to Fix Medicaid - Washington Post
The U.N. Votes to Repudiate Its Principles - New York Post
Public Should See Rules for Targeted Killings - New York Times
Boehner appoints woman to chair a committee
Once upon a time, (back when the Democrats were in the minority), now-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was very much opposed to reforming the filibuster.
The Drawn-Out Crisis: It's the Obama Way - Peggy Noonan, Wall St. Jrnl
Obama to GOP: I'm Done Negotiating With Myself - Ezra Klein, Wash Post
A New, Tougher Obama? - Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect
Republicans Have a Lot of Leverage - Keith Koffler, White House Dossier
The Disastrous Reality of ObamaCare - Richard Ralston, OC Register
Senate Democrats' Unified Coalition - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
A Teachable Moment for the GOP - Ben Domenech, Ricochet
Zucker: CNN Needs "More Passion" - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast
When Are We Going to Means-Test Government? - Matt Welch, Reason
The Science Behind Those Obama E-Mails - Joshua Green, Bloomberg BW
Video Highlights: Obama | Gingrich | Dean | Krauthammer | More

For Secretary of State, G.O.P. Pushes Old Hand(NYT)

Palestine state OK’d(NYP) * For shame!(NYP Ed) * U.N. Gives Palestinians 'State' Status(WSJ) * UN Votes To Recognize State Of Palestine; U.S. & Israel (WCBS) * Israel Pushing Settlement in Disputed Area of Jerusalem(NYT)

Law and Order
Four Orthodox Jewish men arrested for court pix of sex accuser (NYP) * Photos of Accuser on Stand Disrupt Sexual Abuse Trial(NYT) * Four Men Are Questioned Over Photos From Orthodox Abuse Trial(WSJ) * Four Men Are Questioned Over Photos From Orthodox Abuse Trial (WSJ) * Intimidation of Orthodox Jewish Teen Continues at 
 Sexual Abuse Trial(NY Mag) * Orthodox Men Charged With Snapping Court Pics to Be Arraigned on Sabbath (DNAINFO) * The girl who accused an ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor of sex abuse came forward out of “responsibility.” (WSJ)

Queens bias bash: Pair asks 70-year-old man if he's Muslim or Hindu, then beats him (VIDEO)(NYP)
Murder case against tennis ref, accused of killing husband in NYC, dropped for insufficient evidence(NYP)
'Devil' made firebug burn elderly woman to death(NYP)

Son of murder victim struggles to keep store open(WABC)

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, hotel maid to settle: AP(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Said to Reach Deal to Settle With Hotel Housekeeper(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn, Hotel Maid Agree to Settle Lawsuit(WSJ) * Dominique Strauss-Kahn, hotel maid reach settlement(WABC)

Surveillance video released of suspect in attemped rape(WABC) * NYC hate crimes unit probing attack on 70-year-old(Fox 5) * Beating of Queens Grandfather Probed as Hate Crime(NBC)