Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New York Become the Business Capital Of The World in 1825 Because Governor De Witt Clinton Lowered the Cost of Doing Business

Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine Because It Lowered Costs of Transporting NY Manufactured Good to the Rest of the Nation 
The canal which opened New York’s manufacturing goods to the Midwest markets was responsible for the state overtaking Boston and Philadelphia to become the commerce and jobs capitol of America - increasing the state’s population five fold, in the decade after it was open.

Today NY Suffers From High Unemployment Because We Have the Highest Tax Rate
. . .  And Today's Generation of NY Leaders Have No Clue How NY Became the Empire State
NYers take worst tax hit in nation(NYP)  The Empire State is tops again — for having the highest tax burden of any state in the nation.  New Yorkers were socked with an average tax burden calculated at 12.8 percent of their income in 2010, according to the conservative think tank, which has been tracking state-by-state tax burdens since 1977. And in every survey, New York has been tops. In 2010, that distinction amounted to a whopping $6,375 average tax burden for every man, woman and child. EJ McMahon from the Manhattan institute said New York would have to cut its total tax burden by $3 billion just to match second-place New Jersey — and by about $37 billion to match the national average of 9.9 percent of income paid to taxes
Jobless Rates Drop in All Five Boroughs Unemployment rates in each of the five boroughs declined in September from levels a year ago, according to data released Tuesday by the state Labor Department. New Yorkers led the nation with the largest combined state and local tax burden in the country - 12.8 percent of their income - according to a Tax Foundation report, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports * City eyeing $500 charge to Staten Island businesses(SI Advance) * Cuomo spent four hours yesterday touring several sites that have benefited from or are seeking state funds through the Capital Region Economic Development Council.* wants to charge building owners hundreds of $$ for mandatory fire inspections (ST Advance) * Cuomo said he'll put the promotion of New York State beer, wine and liquor "on steroids." [AP]* New Yorkers Get More And Pay More, Residents Transit, Sanitation, And City Lifestyle Make Tax Rates Worth It (WCBS)

Campaign 2012 6 Are Seeking Council Seat One Man (Seabrook) Held for a Decade(NYT) The Bronx candidates include a union organizer, a criminal defense lawyer, a bus company owner, an economic-policy adviser, an Anglican minister and a community center director. Only one of the six candidates running to replace former Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook, union organizer Andy King, has mentioned his corruption conviction * Candidate Defeated in Primary for Assembly Seeks New Vote(NYT) Assembly candidate Maximo Rivera accused Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo of “rampant and aggressive electioneering” around polling places on primary day and asked an Appeals Court panel to grant a new vote * Mayor Michael Bloomberg has not decided to make an investment in a super PAC for the 2013 mayoral race but insiders believe it would help Council Speaker Christine Quinn or a dark horse candidate if he did, the Daily News * Will Bloomberg's Super PAC Spend on Local Races? 
Democrat in GOP District Tries to Hang On(WSJ) * Fight For The House: Fight For The House Focuses On Grimm Race(NY1) * Follow live blog as Rep. Michael Grimm, Mark Murphy debate(SI Advantage)  * Simcha Felder‘s ad in Wednesday’s weekend-edition of Hamodia states he is “the only candidate who shares our values,” and “firmly opposes any redefinition of marriage.” The full-page ad also claims, “SIMCHA consults with Das Torah when making decisions that impact our community.” His Republican opponent for the State Senate, incumbent David Storobin, is unmentioned.* Tell us how you really feel about The New York Times endorsing your Democratic opponent Mark Murphy, Congressman Michael Grimm. In a NY1 report yesterday, Mr. Grimm responded, “The New York Times would have endorsed a Democrat ham sandwich, in this instance they would have had more credibility by doing so.” In a separate NY1 segment last night, Council Speaker Christine Quinn can be spotted campaigning with Mr. Murphy at the ferry terminal. * Crain’s Insider has a good briefing on the 2005 race to lead the City Council between Ms. Quinn and now-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a political contest that might play out on the citywide scale as they both campaign for mayor in 2013.* Storobin ads flood the zone (Capital) * In NY-11, Dan Halloran and Grace Meng's campaign trade barbs over Halloran's polling numbers. [Lisa Colangelo]* US Senate candidate Wendy Long filed an amended third quarter fundraising report that reflects her large campaign debt.* NYC Councilman Dan Halloran, who’s running against Assemblywoman Grace Meng in NY-6, is wooing the Asian vote by calling for justice for Japanese WII “comfort women. * Campaign Notebook(NYT)Queens Democratic Party Chairman and Rep. Joseph Crowley is making sure he doesn’t play favorites — at least not yet — in the early campaign for Queens Borough President. Crowley attended a fundraiser . . .* NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Obama, Gillibrand Have Commanding Lead Among State Voters * The Chinese/Korean division in Flushing is palpable. did not endorse in primary b/c Chinese and Korean candidates ran

 Will Bloomberg Use Super-PAC to Back 2013 Mayoral Candidate?(NY Mag) * The New York Observer’s editorial page approves of Bloomberg’s new Super PAC, and hopes cities – especially New York – are the beneficiaries.

Speaker Quinn split in Chelsea Market expansion
Quinn Skips Hearing on Chelsea Market Expansion(WSJ) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn didn't attend a showdown over one of her district's hottest topics: the proposed expansion of Chelsea Market to include new office space.* Public Hearing Held On Rezoning Of Chelsea Market(NY1)
More Quinn Crap
* Christine Quinn’s spokesman denies Buzzfeed report that the council speaker gets spray tans.(NYO) * At his press conference earlier today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. seemed to call out Council Speaker Christine Quinn over paid sick day legislation. “Next year there are going to be citywide elections,” said Mr. Diaz, who is thinking about running for public advocate himself. “We’re not going to vote on popularity, we’re not going to vote on personality. We’re not going to vote based on what the media tells us is the frontrunner or who has the most money in their account. We’re going to cast our vote based on who we know has been there with us time and time again. So for anybody who wants to run for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, or whatever, they need to be on notice that they better start supporting paid sick leave right now.” The hearing about the Paid Sick Leave bill will be on November 15, at 10 a.m. [@DavidWChen]

Al Baldeo Indicted
Every Pol In Queens Will Soon Be Indicted Besides Joe Crowley
Feds: Queens Pol Used ‘Straw Donors’(NYO) A complaint unsealed today and filed in federal court by U.S. Attorney Preet Bhara alleges Queens Democrat and one-time Democratic city council and state Senate and Assembly candidate Al Baldeo used “straw donors” to funnel cash to his campaign and take advantage of the city’s public financing system. Baldeo is accused of using the donors to funnel illicit campaign contributions for his 2010 ciy council effort in order to increase the amount of matching funds provided by the New York City Campaign FInance Board. The city’s public-financing system allows candidates to receive matching funds on capped contributions. Baldeo’s campaign sought up to $90,000 in public matching funds for a special election in the council district. Federal Complaint  * Queens District Leader Arrested For Alleged Straw Donor Scheme(NYO) * Queens District Leader Surrenders on Corruption Charges(NYT) * Baldeo, who want to be a Councilman, faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted. [Paul DeBendetto] * The scam could have resulted in Baldeo turning $15,000 into $90,000. [Chuck Bennett]* Preet Bharara, prosecuting machine. (NYT)

Bladeo is Came in 3rd to Rubin Wills Who is Also Under Investigation and had or has 2 arrests warrants on on him 
Wills Investigation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  

BOE Commissioner Resigned After Charges of Ballot Fixing in the Baldeo Council Race
In October, 2010, the Board of Elections booted executive director George Gonzalez after revelations that he had incorrectly placed Wills on the Republican ballot line beneath GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, rather than beneath Democrat

John Liu Says He Has Nothing to Hide
Comptroller John Liu went on the same program, where, among other things, he discussed the federal government’s never-ending investigation into his campaign fundraising and balancing it with his role as a public official. “It’s not very difficult to balance, I’m focused on the job that the people of New York City elected me to do, and I’m very proud of my record as comptroller. I look forward to opportunities that may lay in the near horizon,” Mr. Liu explained. “At the same time, the investigation, I’m shocked that they’ve been investigating my campaign fundraising for more than three years at this point! To learn that they were tapping ten phone lines over a period of eighteen months, I’ve been told that it is completely unprecedented. The point here is that I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Why Would Cuomo Want to Triangulation the Senate?
Senate Republicans believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo would prefer a Republican-controlled Senate because of their “relationship” but Democrats say Cuomo has a “responsibility” to his party in order to push his agenda, the Buffalo News writes

Padero Espada Majority Leader

The Post decries the rising cost of transportation workers’ pension and health care programs and blames it as the reason behind a pending fare hike
Paying for TWU pensions(NYP Ed) The NYP says that growing pension costs combine those costs with debt-service spending — responsibility for which traces back to the Pataki years — and the inevitability of fare hikes becomes apparent.



True News Fortune Teller
Whoopi Goldberg is Not the Only Fortune Telling Who Really Sees the Future.  True News has an excellent ability to predict what will be printed in the papers and blogs

On October 15th True News Says MTA Increase Pounds the Poor and Middle Class
Nobody Cares About Transit Fare, Con Edison Increase Effect On NYC Growing Poor and Middle Class

The CBC could care less how the 74,000 more New Yorkers fell into poverty last year come up with the money to pay for the 21% increase in transit increase they are calling for. The City Council limits their attempts to help the poor to programs like minimum wage and sick pay which are good to keep the troops in line but in realty help few poor and non of the city growing unemployed now close to 10%.

True News Wags the NYP On MTA Fares Changes
Today the NYP Takes Credit for MTA Chair Saving the Discount Fares Because Nicole Gelinas Wrote An Article on October 16th (a day after True News) on How a Fare Increase Would Hurt the Poor
Lhota: “[If] the base fare doesn’t go up, it will have a huge impact on the people who take the monthly pass and use discounted fares. I think we should focus on the middle class.” Sounds like the man’s been reading The Post. After the plans were released last week, Manhattan Institute fellow Nicole Gelinas encouraged the MTA in these pages to pursue a plan giving straphangers the best bang for their buck


Other Stores In Newspapers and Blogs True News Has Predicted
True News Wags the Media Tail 

B'klyn gal's subway record on wrong track (NYP) A Brooklyn woman’s attempt to hit every subway station in record time got off to a late start yesterday — thanks to a service disruption at her very first stop * Transit Advocate Aims to Visit Every Station in NYC(NBC) * Transit Advocate's Quest for Subway Record Derailed(NYC)

Straphangers Will Have to Wait Years for More Subway Countdown Clocks(DNAINFO) * Subway Wi-Fi service expands(NYP)
Analysis: 90% of students in 5 Bronx neighborhoods not ready(NYDN) * Bronx School Plants Healthy Lesson With New Rooftop Garden(NY1)
Park Slope Residents Upset Over Rezoning Plan(NY1Medicaid 'bad billing' at schools(NYDN) * Former Assistant Principal Penalized for Missing Work to Go to Second Job(NYT)


Tavern On The Green? More Like Tavern On The Money Pit(Gothamist)


Pro Hockey Islanders Moving To Barclays Center(NY1) * Islanders Said to Be Going to Brooklyn, a Coup for New Arena(NYT) * Islanders to move to Barclays Center by 2015, will keep name: source (NYP) * Sam Roberts says there are both historic and marketing reasons why the team shouldn’t change its name despite the move.* A 1940s Brooklyn Team, on Home Ice in Manhattan(NYT)


The Making of A President 2012
Standard of Living Is in the Shadows as Election Issue(NYT) * Team O’s Jewish woes(NYP
Debate exposed an obvious fear * Iowa Newspaper Scolds White House for Off-the-Record Caveat(NYT) * Energy Policy Forces May Be Bigger Than the Candidates(NYT) * My Mitt Fantasy(Dowd, NYT) We’re pining for bipartisanship, but a Romney-Biden White House might be a bridge * Our Secret Sauce(Friedman, NYT)The presidential debate on foreign policy provided some instructive contrasts to ponder.* Candidates Battle to Lock Up Key States(WSJ)
Candidates Race to Clinch Vital States - Shear & Cooper, New York Times
What "Moderate Mitt" Is Hiding - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
The Left Was Easily Confused by Reagan, Too - James Taranto, WSJ
Romney's Gut Check Moment on the Auto Industry - Josh Marshall, TPM
Obama's Luck Runs Out - Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
"Apology Tour" Lie Comes Full Circle - Steve Benen, MSNBC
WH Told of Militant Claim 2 Hrs After Libya Attack - Hosenball, Reuters
Romney Has Edge in Fla., But Obama Is Pushing Hard - Scott Conroy, RCP
Sequestration a 'Main Street' Issue in Virginia - Melia & Garbitella, PBS
Obama's Rhetoric Shifts From Hope to Snark - Russell Goldman, ABC News

President Schools Romney in Final Debate - David Corn, Mother Jones
Quipster Obama Playing a Losing Hand - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Races Show Tight Battle for Control of Senate - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Richard Mourdock, Misogynist - Irin Carmon, Salon
Is Pennsylvania Turning Purple? - Jim Geraghty, National Review
Standard of Living in Shadows as Election Issue - David Leonhardt, NYT
America, Finally Coming Home? - George Will, Washington Post

Mitt Romney's Shifting Stands - Tampa Bay Times
Romney Can Bring Competence Back to the Oval Office - IBD
GOP Would Put Us on the Real Road to Greece - New York Times
San Bernardino Halts Pension Fund Payments - Orange County Register
Stewart Mocks Romney’s Foreign Policy Debate Message: ‘Follow Me! I’ll Be Right Behind The President’
Obama Stays Off the Record in Apparently Great Interview Seeking Des Moines Register Endorsement(NY Mag)
“You know I’m very supportive of Israel and I’m also very supportive of President Obama. The fact that Bibi Netanyahu and Obama don’t like one other has nothing to do with it,” former Mayor Ed Koch announced during last night’s Inside City Hall “Wise Guys” discussion of the final presidential debate. 
This year’s “October surprise” could come from either Gloria Allred or Donald Trump.  
Clint Eastwood is back, appearing in a pro-Romney TV ad for the Super PAC American Crossroads. This time he has a script and a time limit. 

Ramussen Ohio poll tied 48% Obama to 48% Romney 
Rich: Mitt Fails the Commander-in-Chief Test(NY Mag) 
: Obama ad takes Romney remarks on Iraq and Afghanistan out of context(Wash Post)
Obama kicks off campaign blitz in Iowa
Obama Camp Seizes on Republican’s Rape Remarks
Donald Trump's much-hyped and ultimately weak election revelation (The Atlantic
Ad watch: Obama warns of 2000 recount repeat(Wash Post)
Obama 49, Romney 44 in Ohio in new Time poll.

How Television Stations Are Handling The Flood Of Political Ads(Huff Post)

Ann Romney invokes Barbara Bush in pitch to women (Wash Post)
The Brawl for Those Last Bloody Yards - Howard Fineman, Huffington Post
Obama's Blunder Was Ceding the Center - Ben Domenech, The Transom
Why the Race Really Has Changed - Christian Heinze, The Hill
GOP Needs Cold Shower, Obama Is Still the Favorite - Mike Allen, Politico
Reality Check: Obama Is Losing - Erick Erickson, Red State

Obama's Edge: The Ground Game - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Romney Broadening the Battlefield - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
Gov. Romney, Detroit Doesn't Forget - Jennifer Granholm, Huffington Post
Can Obama Hold On in Ohio? - Clare Malone, The American Prospect
Emails Blow Hole in Administration's Libya Story - Derek Hunter, NYDN
Election 2012 and the Missing Millennials - Zoe Carpenter, The Nation
Ohio: Rasmussen: Romney 48, Obama 48 | Time: Obama 49, Romney 44 

Obama reaches out to black DJs(Wash Post)
Buoyed by early voting in his favor, Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney by five points in the pivotal state of Ohio, according to a new TIME poll.

The Donald’s supposed October surprise wasn’t a big deal in the least.
Congress’ approval rating is a whopping 21 percent – up from 13 percent in September – two weeks out from Election Day.
Romney to deliver major economic speech Friday in Iowa (Wash Post)
FBI investigating bogus letters sent to Florida GOP voters:(Wash Post)
Democrats hold huge ground game advantage(Huff Post)
Sheldon Adelson Makes Huge GOP Investment(Huff Post)
300 commercials from every presidential election since 1952.
Paul Ryan: No, I Want to Help the Poor! Really!(NY Mag)
A Reason Obama May Be Off-Balance: Bill Clinton(NYT)
Tax Policy Center in Spotlight for Its Romney Study(NYT)
Donald Trump’s Latest Challenge to Obama Renders Him Irrelevant (Daily Beast)
Why Does Everyone Hate Women? (Daily Beast) Female political professionals and pundits have more outrage directed at them than their male counterparts. But why?
Stewart Mocks Romney’s Foreign Policy Debate Message: ‘Follow Me! I’ll Be Right Behind The President’

Simple but Local, Queens Slots Are Hurting Gambling Meccas(NYT) Resort World Casino New York City, at the Aqueduct racetrack, generated nearly $630 million in its first year, drawing customers from casinos in Connecticut and Atlantic City.

What A Tax
Bump and grind not so fine art: court(NYP) Lap dances are taxable because they don't promote culture in a community the way ballet or other artistic endeavors do, New York's highest court concluded Tuesday in a sharply divided ruling.* Court Upholds the Taxation of Lap Dances(NYT) * Lap Dances Subject to Tax(WSJ) * The News lauds the Court of Appeal’s 4-3 decision to reject an upstate strip club’s attempts to wiggle out of paying sales tax by defining lap dances as art:*
The court also ruled that stripping is not an art, and therefore should be taxed. (The dissenting opinion, written by the father of BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith, is really worth a read in this case).

Cuomo: Medicaid, Streamline Govt and Beer Summit
New York’s Medicaid program is either a poster child for reform or exhibit A in waste, fraud and abuse, depending on who you ask.* In less than a month, about 4,000 state employees will report to a new boss as part of Cuomo’s ongoing effort to streamline state government * Cuomo Hosts an Alcohol Summit Meeting With State Producers

Plazas $weet for city biz (NYP) Pedestrian plazas and bike lanes may be annoying for drivers — but they’ve been a bonanza for businesses, according to a new Department of Transportation study.* NYC's pedestrian plazas good for business(WSJ) Businesses near pedestrian plazas, select bus routes, and protected bike lanes have seen their sales increase substantially since New York City transformed nearby streetscapes, according to a Department of Transportation study * Improved New York streetscapes boost business(NYDN) * Pedestrian plazas good for business(Fox 5)

 =Peninsula Hospital sold for $24 million(NYT)

A $100 Million Thank-You for a Lifetime’s Central Park Memories(NYT) The hedge fund manager John A. Paulson, who used to frequent the park as a teenager, described his family’s long connection to it, including a first date there by his grandparents in the 1920s.
 Hedge Fund Manager Donates $100 Million for Central Park(NYT) * Central Park receives $100 Million donation(WABC) * Central Park Receives $100 Million Gift(NBC) * Price of a Lifetime’s Memories? For Central Park, It’s $100 Million(NYT) * $100 Million Gift to Benefit Central Park(WSJ) * The News thanks John Paulson for his $100 million gift to the Central Park Conservancy:

Jimmy Kimmel Takes on Brooklyn and Two New Rivals (NY Mag)

Why is the NYT Holding On to Thompson When Its Own Public Editor Hinted They Should Dump Him?

BBC Defends Its Independence Amid Abuse Inquiry(NYT) Questioned for its handling of a scandal, the broadcaster reminded an official of its freedom from political control. * Times Must Aggressively Cover Mark Thompson’s Role in BBC’s Troubles (Public Editor, NYT) * Cloud over incoming New York Times CEO Mark Thompson as he faces ...(Daily Mail) * Mark Thompson's knowledge of Savile story sparks New York Times row (The guardian) Incoming chief executive of the US paper faces questions about his time as BBC director general when Newsnight axed report into child abuse allegations

Former BBC Head Says He Had No Role in Squelching Program(NYT) * BBC Chief on the Defensive(WSJ) * New York Times Dragged Into BBC Sex Abuse Scandal Through New CEO Mark Thompson(Huff Post) * Prosecutors to Review Cases in BBC Abuse Scandal(NYT) * Thompson says has NYT's support after BBC scandal (Chicago Tribune) * BBC scandal raises questions for incoming NYT boss(San Francisco Chronicle) * BBC scandal raises questions for incoming NYT boss (SF Gate) *  Savile fallout: former BBC chief 'expects to be grilled' for New York Times post (The Guardian)  Mark Thompson says that, amid Jimmy Savile inquiries, paper's consideration of whether he is right for CEO role 'is correct' * New York Times CEO Defends BBC Tenure Amid Sex Scandal(Business Week) * Savile victims allege paedophile ring existed at BBC(Reuters India) * BBC Scandal Raises Questions for Incoming NYT Boss(ABC News) * NYT defends incoming chief amid BBC scandal(WSJ) * News Summary: BBC scandal raises questions for incoming New York Times CEO) * BBC sex-abuse scandal echoes across the Atlantic(Wash Post)Mark Thompson may not be right person to run New York Times, says senior editor(The Indpendent) * New job of former BBC boss is now on the line over Jimmy Savile allegations(Express) * Obama's Blunder Was Ceding the Center (Real Clear Poltiics) * British Lawmakers Question Ex-BBC Chief's Role(NYT)  * Soon-to-be newspaper executive Mark Thompson welcomes vetting by New York Times (NYDN)

More NYT Crap
250 NYTimes journalists write publisher, vowing to resist company's push for 10% cut in real pay

Law and Order

Cop killed by madman who then guns down innocent driver; he's in hosp after shooting self(NYP) * Manhunt Ends in Queens(WSJ) A 33-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting a Nassau County police officer and an innocent motorist during a chaotic chase Tuesday apparently shot himself following a massive manhunt in Queens and Long Island. * Cop killed by madman who then guns down innocent driver (WCBS) * Gunned Down Officer Was Volunteer Firefighter, EMT(NBC) * Details Emerge About Criminal Past Of Nassau Policeman's Alleged Killer(NY1)


Wife of slain motorist asks why 'animal' parolee Darrell Fuller was allowed back on streets(NYP)

Breaking Off-Duty NYPD Cop Shot in Bronx: Source
Bloomberg: "It is the 12th NYPD officer who has been shot this year and the second officer we’ve seen shot this week" * Off-duty NYPD officer shot in the Bronx, expected to su …
* Off-duty NYPD cop expected to survive after getting shot in Bronx interrupting a robbery (NYDN)


Cop beat victim wants justice(NYDN)

Members of city council at stop frisk hearing

Pair Convicted in 1995 Murder of Cabby in the Bronx Are Freed (NYT)* Two wrongfully convicted people set free(WABC) * Two People Wrongly Convicted Of 1995 Livery Cab Murder Released(NY1)

Ex-chairman of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce sentenced for (NYP)

Ex-Goldman director Gupta sentenced to 2 years in prison and ordered to pay $5M fine(NYP)


  Fifth suspect in Pelham Parkway Houses murder nabbed in (NYDN)

Muggers In Park Slope Wear 'Scream,' Freddy Krueger Masks(Huff Post)

‘Rape fiend’ memory lapse (NYP) Minutes after allegedly beating, stripping and raping a 21-year-old actress in Hudson River Park in TriBeCa, a suspect claimed he was zonked on Four Loko drinks and asked cops, “Did I do something wrong?” “Because I don’t remember”

 Sleeping Woman Sexually Assaulted In Disturbing Subway Video Hasn't Yet Filed A ComplaintvideoSleeping Woman Sexually Assaulted In Disturbing Subway Video Hasn't Yet Filed A Complaint (Gothamist)

Residents defend busted deli owner(NYDN) Fort Greene residents defended a popular deli owner busted by cops after allegedly selling a dime bag to an undercover in his store last week.
Mom’s 45G loan used to set up brothel ring: DA(NYP)



This geezer help cops(NYDN) A sharp-eyed, long-distance-running senior helped catch a speedy shoplifter who allegedly ripped off a Manhattan drug store.
  Without explanation, the state’s top court declined to hear a case brought by an evangelical group that claimed the Senate GOP majority broke the law when it discussed the same-sex marriage bill behind closed doors before its passage last June. 
 Bronx judge signs off on release of 'wrongly convicted' cabby 'killers'(NYP)
Subway sicko assaults sleeping woman(NYDN)

Initiative Announced To Protect EMTs And Paramedics From Assaults
Initiative Announced To Protect EMTs And Paramedics From Assaults(NY1) Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is supporting legislation that would increase penalties for assaults against paramedics and EMTs.

ADA botches ‘slay dad’ trial(NYP) A Brooklyn prosecutor’s “mistake’’ forced a judge yesterday to declare a mistrial in the case of a brute who confessed to fatally beating his stepdaughter with a hammer.  Suspected killer Jean Simon, 54, had asked investigators for a lawyer when he was grilled last year, but Assistant District Attorney Howard Jackson did not stop questioning him, and Simon then admitted to the savage killing.* Man robs same bank three times in one month * Brooklyn DA Busts Eight Drug Dealers in Bed-Stuy Takedown - DNAinfo * Teens Set Up Robberies Through Facebook: Cops(NBC)

Rape vic ‘forever haunted’(NYP) Fourteen years later, a rape victim has stopped sleeping with a knife under her pillow — but the pain is “never ending,” she told a Manhattan judge

Terrorism Man Says He Was Paid To Spy On Muslim Groups(NY1) * Man talks about JFK security breach(WABC)