Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The High Cost of Vito Lopez Leads to the High Cost of Doing Business in the State

The Media continues the hunt of Vito Lopez but ignores other involved in the hush fund scandal . . .  If the big three gets rid of Vito the scandal dies with no media coverage
Vito Lopez Crony Over His Head In Worker's Comp System Adds to The high cost of Doing Business in NY
2007 reforms by Silver, Bruno and Spitzer have not fully delivered as promised of lower payouts, putting yet another drag on the state’s struggling economy. The 2007 reforms also put Lopez crony Jeffrey Fenster a  in charge of the comp system.  When he was appointed in January 2010 by then-Gov. David Paterson, Fenster was a 29-year-old attorney just four years out of law school working as a litigation associate with the Manhattan firm of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan.

NY  Business Are Force to Pay Corruption Tax In Addition to High Taxes
Here’s what you get when you entrust the Workers’ Compensation Board to a crony of Vito Lopez with no relevant experience:  Premiums that are spiraling upward again — putting New York’s workers’ comp system back among the very costliest in the country. Which is not the place to be when you’re trying to attract investment, create jobs and knock down a state unemployment rate of 8.9%.  A national survey released this month by the State of Oregon found that New York’s average workers’ comp costs, of $2.82 per $100 of payroll, are the fifth-highest in the country — 50% above the national norm and up from 13th-costliest in 2010.

Lopez's Judge, Campaign Enforcer DWI Busted
Vito’s judge pal in DWI bust(NYP)  A Supreme Court judge and former top aide to disgraced Brooklyn political boss Vito Lopez was busted for driving drunk near Albany, cops said. Justice Carl Landicino was arrested at about 4 p.m. last Thursday after he was spotted driving aggressively on I-87 in Colonie, cops said. Before Landicino was elected to the bench last year, he was counsel to the Brooklyn Democratic Party. One of Landicino’s jobs with the party was to sue candidates Lopez wanted to keep off the ballot.* DWI for Landicino, longtime Lopez crony(NYDN)

Campaign 2012 NY1 Online: Allon Explains His Republican Run For Mayor * As expected, Rep. Joe Crowley, the head of the Queens Democratic Party, attended the launch of State Senator José Peralta‘s borough president campaign last night. The campaigns of both Mr. Peralta and former City Councilwoman Melinda Katz are now fully underway.* The Hotel Trades Council has been taking their endorsement of Republican Senator Marty Golden to heart, hitting the streets to organize on his behalf. * Potential 2013 NYC mayoral candidate (and still a Democrat) Sen. Malcolm Smith’s pitch to GOP leaders: “I went to school at Jesuit college, I’m a good guy.” * The New York League of Women Voters’ 2012 voting guide is now live.* NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has a long-standing – and personal – connection to the Washington, D.C.-based Mack/Crounse Group, which he has hired to advise him on his (so far unofficial) 2013 NYC mayoral campaign.* The Daily Freeman endorsed Gillibrand, calling Wendy Long’s pledge not to raise taxes proof that she’s “the wrong candidate.” * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the frontrunner in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race, didn’t attend today’s hearing on one of her district’s hottest topics: Expansion of Chelsea Market. * Staten Island's Cusick picks up support of law enforcement (SI Advance) * Fight For The House: Fight For The House Focuses On Grimm Race(NY1)

A Token Increase to $2.50
Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Joe Lhota signaled the base fare for subways and buses will likely increase 25 cents per ride or the authority would raise its monthly pass substantially
MTA Chairman Seems To Favor 25-Cent Base Fare Increase, Keeping Bonus For Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards (NY1) * $2.50 Base Fare for Subways and Buses Is Likely, Transit Chairman Suggests(NYT) * Bid ‘fare’well to $2.25 MTA ride(NYP) * MTA Chairman: Subway base fare likely to go up(WSJ) * Base Fare Raise Likely To Pass, MTA Head Says(NY1)
MTA Chairman leans toward base fare hike(NYDN) * Transit Advocate Aims to Visit Every Station in NYC(NBC) Maximino Rivera Seeks New Vote After Defeat in Assembly Primary(NYT)

Meet the New State Senator Financial Problems
Replaces Senator Under Indictment
Swap of pols with $$ woes(NYP)Southeast Queens residents traded one politician who’s under indictment for allegedly covering up the theft of state funds for another who is in hot water with the state Board of Elections.  State elections officials said last week that they were preparing to sue James Sanders for failing to file proper expenses in his campaign report due 10 days after his Sept. 13 state Senate primary. After The Post’s inquiry, the Democrat updated his filing over the weekend.  The board has also sued Sanders four times over the past three years for ignoring required disclosure reports from 2009 Council race, which he won easily.  “(Campaign) people have called over the years to find out what’s missing and then promised to make the filings and then they haven’t made the filings,” Board spokesman John Conklin said.

 “I have a $1 billion deficit,” Cuomo said. “You know what I want? Mandate relief from the federal government, and when I get it I’ll pass it along.” * Another dubious distinction for New York when it comes to individual tax burdens.


The Post roils over education employees skipping work and getting paid anyway and wonders how the New York City Department of Education lost track of them

AWOL at the DOE(NYP Ed) Not only does the New York City Department of Education pay very well, some employees get to collect salaries without actually showing up for work.


Union: special ed reforms have failed(NYDN) A two year-old overhaul of city special education programs has produced disappointing results, a new analysis shows.

NY1 Online: City Comptroller Responds To Ongoing Fundraising Investigation (NY1)




Hudson Yards developer tries to amend MTA deal(NYP)


Hedge Fund Manager Donates $100 Million for Central Park(NYT) * Central Park receives $100 Million donation(WABC) * Central Park Receives $100 Million Gift(NBC) * Price of a Lifetime’s Memories? For Central Park, It’s $100 Million(NYT)


Governor Carry Saved and Changed NY

Battery Tunnel renamed after former New York governor Hugh(NY1) The Times’s Michael Powell laments the plight of two Queens women who work 72-hour work weeks and risk getting fired if they take a sick day and go home * Fmr. Governor Carey Honored With Tunnel Renaming(NY1)After more than 60 years, the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel on Monday was officially renamed the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel in honor of the former governor who died last year at the age of 92 * In Wave of Political Vanity, a Cherished Governor Becomes a Tunnel(NYT)

Another Pol With Unpaid Poster Fines $$$
The DN on Keith Wright: "Do the sign, pay the fine"
Assemblyman Keith Wright's fine mess (NYDN) Harlem pol owes city 224G for illegal posters. The city hit two of Wright’s campaign committees with a combined 760 violations dating back at least six years. Wright said he’s trying to settle what he considers an*
The News urges Assemblyman Keith Wright to pay his $224,000 illegal campaign poster fine on summonses he accrued between 2005 and 2008: * Do the sign, pay the fine(NYDN Ed)

Colbert Drags on Cuomo
Stephen Colbert’s Take on Cuomo’s Pot Initiative: ‘Governor Magorium’s Ganja Emporium’ (NYO) * Colbert Takes On ‘Puff The Magic Governor’(YNN)

The News warns Council Speaker Christine Quinn about getting the municipal legislature involved in supporting women who face anti-abortion demonstrations

Pension and Medicaid Abuse
Feds expand city pension probe(NYDN) The Justice Department is expanding its probe into claims that the city shortchanged retired workers who also served in the military after 9/11* U.S. Attorney's office says falsely billed the federal Medicaid system for almost $700,000 in children's counseling * Cuomo’s Medicaid Changes Are at Washington’s Mercy(NYT)

Waste at SUNY
Ex-Official at SUNY Charged $131,000 in Personal Expenses to Foundation, Audit Finds(NYT) A review by the state comptroller also raised broader concerns about weak controls over spending and procurement at the Research Foundation for the State University of New York. A former Research Foundation official at the State University of New York used a SUNY credit card to buy about $131,000 in hockey tickets and other personal expenses, according to a state comptroller audit.

Spin Doctors At Work
SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says many of the problems with the SUNY Research Foundation cited in DiNapoli’s audit are already being addressed. 

What A Tax

Bump and grind not so fine art: court(NYP) Lap dances are taxable because they don't promote culture in a community the way ballet or other artistic endeavors do, New York's highest court concluded Tuesday in a sharply divided ruling.

Barclays Center proving pee-vish for garden(NYDN) The borough’s newest treasure might have 456 toilets, but apparently that’s not enough for some pee-brained patrons.

Simple but Local, Queens Slots Are Hurting Gambling Meccas(NYT) Resort World Casino New York City, at the Aqueduct racetrack, generated nearly $630 million in its first year, drawing customers from casinos in Connecticut and Atlantic City.

Tracey Towers tenants lose court battle; face 61% rent hike(NYDN)

City Files Suit to Dislodge Operator of Suspect Hotels(WSJ) The Bloomberg administration is suing one of the largest operators of illegal hotels in New York City for $1 million in damages and a restitution fund for tourists exposed to dangerous conditions  * The Bloomberg administration is suing what is believed to be the largest operator of illegal hotels in New York City, seeking $1 million in damages and the creation of a restitution fund for tourists who have been duped and exposed to dangerous conditions.

City’s plan to sell three Lower Manhattan properties meets opposition(Real Deal) From left: 346 Broadway, 49-51 Chambers Street and 22 Reade Street

 'Freedom' can keep growing(NYP) * Deal reached for Freedom Tower on-time finish(NYDN)

The Making of A President 2012
Obama And Romney Think Locally at Foreign Policy Debate(NYO)  * What we learned tonight: President Obama does not want to play Battleship with Mitt Romney.(NY Mag) * The final presidential debate: 4 memorable moments (VIDEO) (Wash Post) * Obama tears into Romney at last debate (Politico) * All of our fact checks from tonight's(Wash Post) * CBS debate insta-poll: 53% Obama win, 23% Romney  * Romney: Lack of White House leadership has prolonged Syrian civil war * poll of uncommitted voters: 64% say Obama wins, 36% say Romney wins* Our lead story: "Obama keeps Romney on his heels" * Complete video and transcript of the final debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:(Wash Post) * Mitt mirrors Barack? Precisely. Probably smart tactic, pure jiu jitsui * 10 million tweets during first debate, 7 million in 2nd debate, only 6 million during tonights debate * CNN poll of debate viewers. Who won? 48% Obama, 40% Romney* PPP Poll of voters in ten swing state: Obama won 53-42.* Efforts to Turn Talk From Foreign Policy to Domestic Issues(NYT) * Campaign Moods Shift as Contest Tightens(NYT)

Romney, Obama trade blows in third and final presidential debate(NYP) * But challenger stands his ground in final debate(NYP) * On Offense, Obama Says Romney Is ‘All Over the Map’(NYT) * Roles Reversed, With Harder Line by the President(NYT) * Romney Seeks Out Center, Avoiding Hawkish Tone(NYT) * Looking at the Candidates’ Facts on Foreign Policy(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Polls Show Win for Obama(NYT) * A Tight Rope on China’s Currency(NYT) * Presidential Election Weighs on the Federal Reserve(NYT) * The Final Debate(NYT Ed) Mitt Romney sounded confused and incoherent and had no original ideas of substance. * Rivals Duel in Final Face-Off(WSJ) * Why the Election Tightened(WSJ) * Obama, Romney Seek Some Points By Going Off-Topic(WSJ) * Opinion: Commanders in Chief(WSJ) * Romney Draws Line at 'Nuclear Capable' Iran(WSJ) * Obama: Scheduled Cuts 'Will Not Happen'(WSJ) * Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Romney Sheds Warmonger Image in Debate(NY Mag) * Schieffer Praised for Being the Most Moderate of the Debate Moderators(NY Mag)
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Nevadans Need Change Now: Elect Romney - Reno Gazette-Journal
Obama was far more aggressive during the debate, attacking Romney at every turn, while the former governor agreed with the president more often than not.
“Attacking me is not an agenda,” Romney told Obama.
Romney sought to reverse – or at least soften – his hawkish stance of the past year, insisting the country “can’t kill our way” out of the “mess” in the Middle East.
The NY Post insists Romney held his own against Obama’s attacks, and proved himself a more-than-credible commander-in-chief, adding: “By that alone, he gets the win.”
On the heels of the debate, the Obama campaign released a closing-argument TV ad that will run in key swing states. The president speaks directly to the camera, saying: “We’re’ not there yet, but we’ve made real progress, and the last thing we should do is turn back now.”
The New York Post felt Mitt Romney had a clear win during last night’s debate with President Barack Obama, which The Times unsurprisingly disagreed with. The Daily News, serving as an editorial board tie-breaker, gave Mr. Obama a solid, but not overwhelming victory.
Mauled by Ads, Incumbents Look to Declaw Outside Groups(NYT)
A Final Push in Swing States, in Bid to Break Stalemate(NYT)
Ohio Has 50-50 Chance of Deciding Election(NYT)
Watching U.S. Race, Other Nations See Themselves(NYT)
Obama Campaign Confident for Final Stretch - Jillian Hughes, CBS News
Time Is Running Out for Obama - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
Mitt Romney: The Man Without a Soul - Joan Walsh, Salon
Romney's Bold Move May Have Scored Knockout - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier
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2012 Election Maps: Electoral College | Senate | House | Governor Races
Bob Schieffer (Photo: CBS)CBS News Site Omits Bob Schieffer’s ‘Obama bin Laden’ Slip From Debate Transcript 
Bayonets are not obsolete after all

The foreign policy-themed face-off drew 59.2 million viewers, according to Nielsen.
Charlie Cook makes a simple argument that there are only 76 real Toss-Up Electorals. Obama need 27; Romney 51 of'em to win. 
Obama goes positive in new TV ad (Huff Post)
National Republican Senatorial Committee lays down heavy-duty TV presence in Arizona:(Politico)
With Debates Over, Candidates Race to Clinch Vital States(NYT)
President Obama to sit down for MTV interview:(Wash Post)

Assemblyman Dov Hikind heads to Florida for Romney
Dov Hikind (Photo: Getty)Democratic Assemblyman to Stump for Romney in Florida

Grown BBC Scandal Touches Incoming NYT CEO
Parliament Questions BBC Chief (NYT) * BBC ABUSE CRISIS WORSENS(Huff Post) * BBC boss: Sex abuse scandal involving late Jimmy Savile 'gravely ...(Fox News) * Jimmy Savile scandal: BBC's George Entwistle faces MPs – live * BBC Chief Defends Handling of Sex Abuse Scandal(NYT) * BBC chief to be grilled over Savile scandalSome legislators are already calling for his predecessor, Mark Thompson, to be summoned to face questions in parliament about how much he knew of the scandal. Questioned by a .* Times Must Aggressively Cover Mark Thompson’s Role in BBC’s Troubles (Public Editor, NYT) * Cloud over incoming New York Times CEO Mark Thompson as he faces ...(Daily Mail) * Mark Thompson's knowledge of Savile story sparks New York Times row (The guardian)
Incoming chief executive of the US paper faces questions about his time as BBC director general when Newsnight axed report into child abuse allegations * Former BBC Head Says He Had No Role in Squelching Program(NYT) * BBC Chief on the Defensive(WSJ)


 Law and Order

Officer and Second Person Fatally Shot on Queens-Nassau Border(NYT)

UPDATE: Deadly shootings suspect shot himself in parked car in Queens; taken to hospital; killed carjacking vic ID'd(NBC)

After Wide Search, Suspect Is Held in Killing of Officer(NYT)

 This geezer help cops(NYDN) A sharp-eyed, long-distance-running senior helped catch a speedy shoplifter who allegedly ripped off a Manhattan drug store

Charges against Jewish man beat by cops dropped(NYDN) * Cops take a stand on stop-and-frisk(NYP) Four NYPD officers gave their side of the story at a federal court hearing to counter the Bronx District Attorney office’s claims they took stop-and-frisk too far in arresting individuals for trespassing * The Times calls a Bronx prosecutor’s testimony “strong evidence” of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program’s problems and chides the police department’s “failure to protect constitutional rights * Brooklyn DA: No Charges for Man Beaten by Police(NBC)
Bloody letter could be murder clue(NYDN) * Police Skeptical of Note in Pregnant Woman's Murder (WSJ) * Fiance Of Slain Brooklyn Woman Arrested On Unrelated Charges(NY1)

Daddy’s li’l call gals: Shocker as B’klyn family man is busted as brothel-ring boss(NYP)

Freed ex-con ‘strikes’ again — he's arrested in near-deadly beating(NYP)

NYPD sergeant defends friendship with French murder suspect’s wife(NYP)

At a Bodega in Brooklyn, Candy and Contraband(NYT)The owner of Ralph’s, a Fort Greene grocery store known as a community anchor for nearby residents, has been arrested on charges of selling illegal drugs.


Cops seek man in rape try(NYDN)
Charges Dropped Against Man Seen Beaten by Police in Video(NYT) Police officers had stated in a criminal complaint that the man, Ehud Halevy, attacked them, causing one to suffer a sprained wrist, during an Oct. 8 encounter inside a Jewish community center in Brooklyn. *Brooklyn DA Drops Charges Against Man Punched By Police In Jewish Center(NY1)

Dope cop’s arms deal: 15+ years(NYP * New York Officer to Serve 15 ½ Years for Stealing Police Guns(NYT) * Ex-Officer Pleads Guilty(WSJ)

NYPD’s terror-snitch teen turns rogue(NYP) A 19-year-old NYPD informant who said he was paid to collect information on suspected Islamic militants has quit and denounced his police handlers * NYPD Informant: I Was Ordered To Spy On, Incriminate Mu(WCBS) * Informant says NYPD paid him to 'bait' Muslims(WABC)

Suspect In Alleged Plot Against Local Synagogues Does Not Accept Plea Deal(NY1) One of two men accused last year of trying to blow up synagogues around the city did not accept a plea deal when he appeared in a Manhattan court on Monday, and his attorney claims her client was entrapped by law enforcement.
Suspect In Alleged Plot Against Local Synagogues Does Not Accept Plea Deal