Monday, October 15, 2012

How NYC Dumps On the Poor

We Need An New Edition of Jacob Riis 1890 Book How the Other Half Lives

Nobody Cares About Transit Fare, Con Edison Increase Effect On NYC Growing Poor and Middle Class

The CBC could care less how the 74,000 more New Yorkers fell into poverty last year come up with the money to pay for the 21% increase in transit increase they are calling for. The City Council limits their attempts to help the poor to programs like minimum wage and sick pay which are good to keep the troops in line but in realty help few poor and non of the city growing unemployed now close to 10%.

True News Wednesday October 10,2012
To Run For President Cuomo Needs Fracking and Gambling $$$ to Lower Taxes . . .  Cannot Run For 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Representing the State With the Highest Taxes
Tax hell makes NY dead last for biz(NYP) New York state’s business-tax climate has gone from bad to worst.The Empire State has dropped from an already terrible 49th place to last in the nation in the latest Tax Foundation ranking. Plus a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the county.

 Tuesday NYT
 New York’s Rising Jobless Rate Poses Test for Cuomo (NYT)

What Are the Mayoral Candidates Going to Do About This? 
"in last 12 months, NY has been the only state w/ a statistically significant increase in its unemployment rate"
Where Mayor Sees Clear Fiscal Skies, Clouds Gather (NYT)To take just one example: The teachers’ contract expired some years back. The Citizens Budget Commission, a business-backed fiscal watchdog, estimates that if the union achieves merely the same 4 percent raise given to other unions, the next mayor will face a $4 billion hit in the first year. And the near-death experiences of 2008 brought few titans closer to God. Revenues on the Street rose in 2009, but have contracted since then, in part because the barons are cannibalizing their profits to push up salaries that are already 5.3 times as much as other private-sector salaries in New York. * Manhattan Borough President Seeks Bonds to Expand Head Start(NYT)

On Thanksgiving Day Bloomberg Cares About the Poor, So Will the Mayoral Candidates This Year
 None of the 2013 mayor candidates have come up with a plan to create jobs or reverse the tide of NYC growing poverty rate.Expect Con Ed gas and electric rate hikes in 2013 ... - New York Post * The Times encourages Bloomberg and Speaker Christine Quinn to sign off on the paid sick leave legislation, which includes requiring five sick days for employees, currently proposed in City Council *MTA to release series of fare hikes(NYDN) 

MTA unveils four proposed plans to raise fares and tolls for commuters(NYP) * MTA to unveil proposals for upcoming fare hike(WABC) * MTA Set to Unveil New Fare Hike Proposals(NBC) * * MTA Fare Hike Proposals Being Released Today (NY1) *Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags - The New York Times * For Poor Schoolchildren, a Poverty of Words ... - The New York Times

Poll New Yorkers Say They Are Worse Off
 Poll: 47 Percent Of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago(WCBS)

Wall Street Wants Government Bail Out and Wants NYC Poor to Pay for Transit Deficits
The Banks on Wall Street who run the Citizen Budget Commission (CBC) Calls for A  21% Transit Increase The CBC says the MTA is facing a $2 billion deficit and recommends it increase transit fares by at least 21 percent by 2016

How Wall Street Runs the Citizen Budget Commission
Kenneth D. Gibbs Chairman of the Citizens Budget Commission
Mr. Kenneth D. Gibbs serves as President of Jefferies Municipal Securities Group, an affiliate of Jefferies & Company Inc. and Jefferies Group Inc. Mr. Gibbs serves as Executive Managing Director and Head of First Albany's Municipal Capital Markets Group at DEPFA Bank PLC. Mr. Gibbs has been Head of Municipal Capital Markets of Gleacher & Company, Inc. (formerly, First Albany Companies Inc.) since June 2004 and serves as its Executive Managing Director. He served as ... Walter L. Harris Vice Chairman of Citizens Budget Commission  Timothy F. Geithner, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, announced today the formation of a new Communications Group. The Bank’s board of directors promoted Calvin A. Mitchell III to executive vice president and named him to head the new group. He is a member of the Bank’s Management Committee. Calvin A. Mitchell III (Vice Chairman), John Rhodes (Secretary), Alair A. Townsend (Treasurer), Edward Wallace (General Counsel).

NYC's Poverty Rate Goes Up for 3rd Straight Year - WNYC An estimated 74,000 more New Yorkers fell into poverty last year, according to U.S. Census figures released Thursday. It marks the third straight year that the poverty rate has ticked up in New York City. The poverty rate was 20.9 percent for 2011, up from 20.1 percent in 2010.* NYC’s Rising Poverty and Falling Incomes Since the Great Recession

Where Everything Is Lavish Except the Property Taxes(NYT)

NYCHA hires $200G image guru amid bad press (NYDN) The city's housing authority, criticized for spending tax dollars on its image, has a second contract with Rebecca Bilbao's Search Impact Consulting Group, which has used Twitter to give positive reports more prominence than unfavorable ones in search results.

New York’s debt totaled about $63.3 billion last year, about $3,253 per resident, while spending dropped by about $1.3 billion, according to a comptroller’s report, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle writes:  * Says the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: “There is much to be done to improve New York’s business and tax climates.”

Cuomo's Triangulation
State Republicans are touting their ability to work with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which both Democrats and Republican voters like, in campaign advertisements this fall
Republican Candidates Embrace Cuomo’s Appeal(NYT) As they seek to maintain a power base in Albany, Republicans running for re-election have found an unlikely standard-bearer in the name and image of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat. * Cuomo Aide Plays After-Hours Role(WSJ) * Some of New York’s biggest cities, including Yonkers, Rochester and Syracuse, are looking for a bailout from the Cuomo administration because they are “close to bankruptcy,” the Post’s Fred Dicker writes:  * Gov. Cuomo backs Dem rebel for Senate(NYDN) Cuomo will throw his support behind Rockland County Sen. David Carlucci, a source close to the governor said.* State debt totals $3,253 per resident * NYers for Fiscal Fairness’s Deutsch on the Tax Code(YNN)

Campaign 2012 A Seat for the Taking, but First Seeking Traction(NYT) Mark Murphy, 41, is struggling for recognition in a congressional race that national Democrats, seeking control of the House, had hoped would be a plum opportunity to pick up a seat. Congressional challenger Mark Murphy remains a mystery to Staten Island voters and lags 10 points behind the more well known Rep. Michael Grimm in a recent poll * $tinky cigar gift to pol (NYDN) State Sen. Marty Golden’s campaign contribution list lit up with a unique gift: $1,237.50 worth of cigars* The latest episode of Saturday Night Live contained a fun skit on the vice presidential debate, but it also featured former High Times editor Richard Stratton‘s potential gubernatorial bid. Quote host Seth Meyers, “2014, that’s like the future, man.” * With the recount, things still look grim for District Leader Lincoln Restler‘s reelection chances, but there’s some potential legal dances to groove to, should Mr. Restler desire. Proving election fraud isn’t an easy thing to do, however. * Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is still pestering Council Speaker Christine Quinn over that paid sick leave thing. On Sunday, Mr. de Blasio gave another speech to a Bed-Stuy church on the issue.

 To open his remarks, the public advocate joked, “As a public servant it would only be my obligation to report a situation like this, because I would have to call the fire department, because the choir is on fire! But maybe it’s not necessary to call the fire department because of the cool, smooth stylings of the band.” (Video) * The NYT hammers on NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn over aid sick leave, saying it’s “her duty to allow a vote or help come up with a reasonable compromise.” * Wendy Long is disappointed Gillibrand has only agreed to a single debate. (Subscription).* So far, total outside spending on House races has topped $18 million in New York, according to the Sunlight Foundation.* DN: "Avella is such a believer in the pork barrel that he’s proposing a whole new lottery game .." * Does Christine Quinn want Albany to bring it on? (June Primary) * Quinn “would be an ally if she ever became mayor. We’d be in great shape," said Republican Councilman Jimmy Oddo. [Tom Wrobleski]* "Who I vote for is a private thing"-- when asked by who he's voting for prez. #2013* "I've been holding back in fund-raising" cause I was thinking of this party switch-- * Tom Allon Remakes Himself as a Republican Mayoral Candidate(NYO) * Mayoral Hopeful Switches to Republican PartyNew York Times * The Latest Findings From the Federal Fundraising Filings(NYO) * The Conservative Party, whose chairman once called Democratic former Councilman Simcha Felder “closeted liberal who endorsed Barack Obama and raised your taxes on the City Council,” has officially endorsed his state senate campaign after his write-in primary victory. * Meanwhile, Mr. Felder’s opponent, incumbent GOP Senator David Storobin, spent part of last weekend campaigning on the boardwalk with Brooklyn welterweight contender Dmitriy “Star of David” Salita. * Senator Marty Golden is being criticized by his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes, for producing taxpayer-funded informational literature that looks similar to his campaign-funded political mailers. We reached out to Mr. Gounardes’ campaign for examples of this, which you can find on the left. They pointed to the same photographs being used in both pieces.* Romney Returns Grimm’s Cash(YNN) * Mayor Bloomberg said moving NYC’s primary elections from September to June is a “terrible idea” Monday and its consideration is another sign of incompetence by the Board of Elections.* Manhattan Borough President Seeks Bonds to Expand Head Start(NYT) * Mayor, Board Of Elections At Odds Over Rescheduling Next Year's Primary(NY1) * Fight For The House: Meng, Halloran Look Beyond Race Matters In Their Heated Campaign(NY1) * Brooklyn District Attorney Has a New Rival(NYT) * Dan Halloran raised 1/10th of what Meng did, but for him that's actually not too bad. * Will Tom Allon's Switch To The GOP Matter In The 2013 Mayor's Race?(NYDN) * instead of taxing the rich, proposing "social-impact bonds" 2 pay 4 early educ; inspired by Bloomberg

Lincoln Restler District Leader Race Update: Board Will Certify Wednesday that Restler Lost by 19 Votes

Lincoln Restler Loses to Chris Olechowsk by 6037 to 6019 votes for district leader in the 50th Assembly District.   Lincoln's lawyers  Martin Connor, Jerry Goldfedder, Aron Maslow and Larry Mandelker might be working on a fraud case to be presented in court starting on Octorber 19th. There could be a few residency voting problems with Lincolns oppenent vote (If Lincoln Wants to Go There)

Piggy Pol
Tony Avella's pig idea (NYDN) Queens state senator proposes a lottery to finance pork barrel*  AVELLA RESPONDS TO DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL ATTACKING COMMUNITYGRANT FUND LEGISLATION

Profiles in gerrymandering: Bayside Hills/Auburndale

From Bayside Patch:

Community Board 11 leaders are calling the city’s redistricting commission not to break up several northeast Queens communities that the board serves with new City Council district lines. Jerry Iannece, the board’s chairman, wrote a letter to the commission this week to voice concern that new proposed lines would split Bayside Hills between two districts and Auburndale between three districts.  “It’s gerrymandering at its worst,” Iannece said. “I think it’s wrong and it’s political. Bayside Hills is split down the middle and Auburndale is split between three separate districts.” * Proposals to Redraw School Lines Raise Alarm(NYT)

NYT Pushes Sick Pay
NYP Pushes Against Council Control of NYPD and  City's Human Rights Paying for Subway Ads

Sick Leave in New York(NYT Ed) Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Speaker Christine Quinn should pass a bill that requires employers to provide sick leave for workers.
NYC’s pro-crime council(NYP Ed) During a nearly six-hour sideshow last week, power-hungry councilmembers took up legislation that would, in effect, replace Police Commissioner Ray Kelly with the council itself. Four bills in particular are meant to thwart the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program for clearing guns from the street.  Among the bright ideas: forcing cops to get proof of consent before performing even a cursory search. Thugs would just love it: their own Bill of Rights to hide weapons.
Stop-and-frisk goes on trial (NYP) The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics are coming under the gun. An “unprecedented” court hearing begins today into allegations that cops have been unlawfully stopping minorities outside thousands of low-income apartment buildings in The Bronx..

NYP Says This doesn’t ad up(NYP Ed) Why on earth did the city need to butt its nose into a free-speech debate that private groups are hashing out just fine? The city’s Commission on Human Rights has purchased space in the subway for an ad that declares: “From many countries, one city.”

Advocates Protest Potential Congressional Cuts To Zadroga Health Coverage

From Seminerio To Kruger It Seems That Look Health Care Money As A Cash Cow Not As A Way to Help the Sick
The inspector general overseeing the municipal hospital system conceded there are about 400 open investigations, some dating back to 2003. [David Seifman]

Parents decry proximity of shelter — and sex offenders (NYDN)Parents are fuming over the presence of homeless men from a nearby shelter, which also houses sex offenders, hanging out near their children’s isolated South Ozone Park school. * Some parents said they feared Rupert Murdoch would have access to their children's education information because a company associated with him is doing business with state education officials. [Rachel Monahan]

Brooklyn school cuts pre-K, kindergarten gym classes(NYDN) * Pre-K students not guaranteed a Kindergarten seat(NYDN) * Man Behind City’s High School Admissions Wins Nobel Prize - Metropolis - WSJ

CCNY, civic group partner to boost Harlem's food service(NYDN)

Cornell Set to Lay Out Campus Plans(WSJ) Cornell University releases plans for its graduate school for technology on Roosevelt Island today, including a 1,400 student-student campus opening in 2017 and the second phase to be finished by 2037

Indian Point Opponents Begin Presenting Case To Feds (NY1)

Brooklyn Cablevision customers say internet lags(NYDN) Brooklyn may be the fastest growing borough, but Cablevision customers are getting 25% slower internet service than their counterparts in The Bronx, according to a union report

Drive Seeks to Curb Revelry on Lower East Side by Limiting Liquor Licenses(NYT)

George McGovern 'Coming To The End Of His Life'(Huff Post) *Ex-Sen. George McGovern, who lost presidency to Nixon in historic landslide, is in hospice care:(AP)

 The Making of A President 2012
Obama is in ‘real trouble’ as Romney edges further ahead in polls(NYP) * Obama needs commanding debate performance to counter poll plunge(NYP) * Obama’s Debate Prep Goal: Don’t Repeat Mistakes(NYT)* No Shame(NYT Ed) The same people who slashed the State Department budget are now complaining about security failings in Libya. * Ryan Says GOP Win Would Spur a Tax Deal(WSJ) * Debate's Setting Could Dull Barbs(WSJ)Obama Says Debate Prep ‘Going Great’(WSJ) * Schumer to Tax Reform: Drop Dead(WSJ Ed) * Candidates consumed by debate preparations(WSJ)  * Ten of the country’s 39 donors who gave at least $1 million to super-PACs are from New York, and state donors have made 101 six-figure PAC donations, according to a Common Cause report, the Daily News’s Ken Lovett writes * Moderator Role Under Scrutiny — Before the Debate * Ad Watch: Obama camp says we’re on right track * Bill & Hillary Forever(NY Mag) If Obama wins, it may be because the former president saved him—but what do the Clintons get in return?* Chait: Obama and Romney's First 100 Days(NY Mag) * Rich: The Tea Party Will Win in the End(NY Mag)
Pressure on Obama to Put Bid Back on Track - John Whitesides, Reuters
Town-Hall Format Could Pose Challenge for Romney - Scott Conroy, RCP
GOP Hopes Soar as Romney Rolls in Ohio - Byron York, DC Examiner
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NY Times Stands By Early Libya Reporting(Huff Post)
The WSJ slams Schumer for trying to blow up a bipartisan tax reform/deficit reduction deal. 
How President Obama has made Bill Clinton “the king of the world” this election cycle, and what the Clintons will get in exchange for helping him.
Study shows $1.2 trillion gap for public pensions(Reuters)
Obama, Romney camps both worried that Candy Crowley will ask questions(Wash Post)
Obama leads among likely voters, 49 percent to 46 percent, "basically unmoved from the poll two weeks ago." [Washington Post-ABC News]
Both Campaigns Are Worried Debate Moderator Candy Crowley Will Act Like a Journalist
Candy Crowley: ‘I’m not a fly on the wall’(Politico)
Obama edge with Latinos down to 44 points:
The Washington Post's Dan Balz on the show this morning on why this is the most crucial week of the campaign: 

Mitt Romney cancels on 'The View
John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Tuesday Debate Is the Biggest Challenge of Obama’s Career(NY Mag)
Mitt Romney Bails on ‘High Risk’ Interview With ‘Sharp-Tongued’ Women(NY Mag)
Romney Raises $170 Million to Finance Late Push in Race(NYT)
Obama’s Debate Prep: Don’t Repeat Mistakes(NYT)
FiveThirtyEight: The State-National Poll Stalemate(NYT)
Women Push Romney to Lead in Key Swing States - Susan Page, USA Today
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Election '12: National Polls | RCP Electoral Map | Senate: VA,PA,IN,FL
U.S. Rushes to Help Create Commando Force in Libya(NYT)
President Obama will be “firm but respectful in correcting the record” during tomorrow’s Hofstra debate, his spokeswoman said.
Team Obama did not like today’s Gallup-USA Today poll, which showed Romney leading in some key swing states and pulling even with women voters, so it attacked the messenger.
Hillary: 'I take responsibility' for Benghazi (Poltico) In a clear nod to not only the election but the two debates coming in the next week, she added, "I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha."
92nd Street Y: Nancy Pelosi: What Are the 3 Important Issues? Medicare, Medicare, Medicare: House Minority Leader.
NYT colleagues built the coolest interactive graphic ever. How has every state swung since 1952?
Clinton: 'I take responsibility' for Benghazi -(CNN)
Secretary Of State Clinton: ‘I Take Responsibility’ For Security Prior To Libya Attack
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Giuliani says Obama foreign policy is one of ‘provocative weakness’ (Wash Post)
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Is Mitt Romney pulling out of Pennsylvania? I report for
Video: Bob Schieffer on moderating the next debate: Everyone's blaming the umpires, often for partisan reasons
Secret presidential debate contract revealed(Huff Post)

Study: Less Than A Quarter Of Americans Read Newspapers (WCBS)

Law and Order
NYPD detective is forced to give up his badge after 44 years of service (NYDN) You can score victories against crime — but no one defeats time. Detective John Roe, 62, the oldest and longest serving of some 34,000 officers on the NYPD, is retiring this month — and he’s not at all happy about it.

Video shows police officers repeatedly pummeling shirtless man in Jewish youth center in Brooklyn(NYDN) A volunteer security guard at the center said he called cops because he found the shirtless man drunk and sleeping in the lounge of the center, which provides services to young Jewish adults. * Crown Heights Leaders Blast NYPD Over Rough Arrest At Jewish Youth Center(NY1) * Man beaten by police, caught on camera(WABC) * Cop on modified duty after video shows him punching man in Brooklyn youth center | STORY/VIDEO (NBC) *  Officers Being Investigated After Video Shows Them Beating Man(NYT)

A different sort of court(New York World) What's the right punishment for drinking a beer in the park? Or staying there past 1 a.m.? For Brooklyn Judge Alex Calabrese, it's whatever helps the offender and the community get to a better place.

The News shames the Bloomberg administration and insists that police called into active military duty since 9/11 should receive their pensions. The News backs US Atty Preet Bharara in his suit against NYC over pensions for cops called to military duty

Man who 'killed' estranged wife and lover outside hotel 'stalked' them for months(NYP) * Suspect Sought In Motel Slaying(WSJ) * Police ID Suspect In Bronx Motel Shooting(NY1) * Manhunt continues for shooter in Bronx double murder(WABC)

 'Witch doctor-cursed' rape-murder perp gets 25 years(NYP)

Granny sentenced to 5 years in prison for $1M-a-year conspiracy with drug gang (NYP)

  Bernie Kerik struggles with memory in perjury trial testimony(NYP) * Kerik Takes Stand In Bronx Perjury Trial(NY1) * Ex-Police Commissioner Kerik Testifies in Perjury Trial(NYT)
* Kerik Cries on the Stand

 Jury hears blood-soaked testimony in castration-murder case(NYP)

Man Stabbed To Death In Borough Park; Police Look For Alleged Killer(NY1) * NYPD: Suspect wanted in 7 burglaries in 1 day(Fox 5) * F.B.I. Arrests Middle-Man Financier for ‘Rebecca’ Show(NYT) * Cops bust Oscar-winning rapper DJ Paul for carrying taser(NYP) * Former NYPD Officer Found Guilty Of Wife's Murder(Ny1) * Bronx Man Pleads Guilty In Italian Student's Murder(NY1) * Suspect arrested in fatal barber shop fight(NYP) * Harlem rapist gets 40 years(NYP) * Locked up for a crime not committed(WABC) * Charges dropped against banker in cabbie attack(WABC) * Lawsuit targets Operation Clean Halls(Fox 5) * Hate Crime Charges Dismissed Against Banker(NBC) *FBI Arrests Man Accused of Stuffing ATMs With Fake Cash(NBC)

TerrorismSept. 11 case returns to Gitmo war crimes court(NYP)Families of 9/11 victims to watch Gitmo hearings live from Brooklyn(NYP) * CIA arranged marriage to al Awlaki in plot to kill terrorist mastermind: report(NYP) * Pretrial Hearings Resume In Trial Of Accused 9/11 Terrorists(NY1)