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Bloomberg Spins How He Wants To Be Remembered

Bloomberg's Spin = I Did It My Way . . . Pols With High Approvals Rates Are Not Good Elected Officials . . .  Of Course the Mayor Will Leave Office With Low Poll Numbers

Did Bloomberg Just Take A Shot At Cuomo?

Michael Bloomberg Says High Approval Ratings Mean You're a Failure (The Atlantic) Making people happy means you're not doing your job. He's says that if he leaves office with high approval numbers "then I wasted my last years in office." To him, high approval rating "means you’re skiing the baby slope, for goodness’ sakes.  Too much public opinion is a bad thing. Mayor Mike says that government needs "innovation" just like science and business does, and the insta-poll nature of Twitter and Facebook makes leaders "unwilling to take risks in government."  The Bloomberg Way (The Atlantic) The mayor of New York on his soda ban, why he doesn't worry about approval ratings, governing in the age of Twitter, and the dumbed-down media

Bloomberg On Romney
the key to getting elected is being seen as "genuine," which is a problem for Mitt Romney. Mayor Mike says that was the difference between George W. Bush and his opponents, Al Gore and John Kerry, and it's also holding Mitt back because "he walked away from everything he did" in Massachusetts. "I think that’s a losing strategy, to not have values," he adds.

Bloomberg on Obama
Bloomberg says that he alienated the kingpins on Wall Street with his populism, he doesn't talk to the press enough, and he didn't do anything special by killing Osama bin Laden. He thinks Obama doesn't deserve special credit in the same that Harry Truman doesn't deserve credit for using nuclear weapons on Japan because "Any president would’ve pushed that button, any president would’ve dropped the bomb." Bloomberg: "I talk to the press five days a week … The president—how often does he talk to the press?"

Bloomberg on Hillary Clinton
Bloomberg also has criticism for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, claiming neither of them has as a coherent "worldview" and that the Secretary of State isn't really running our foreign policy the way Henry Kissinger once did.

Lobbying Bloomberg: DC "take[s] $ from the same people they regulate. Now, in NYC you would never get away with that" "Bloomberg also confessed to not knowing the difference between a blog and a newspaper when bemoaning the declining quality of journalism." [Christopher Robbins]  * "Pretty much every reporter who's ever covered City Hall pounding heads into desks over Atlantic article, it appears." [Ben Smith] * The Loneliest Billionaire: Bloomberg’s Insufferable Endorsement Dilemma(NYO)

Not Only is Albany Cover Up the Sex Case the NYT has  Done As Story on the Hush Funds Since August
Daily News  1 Stories Since August, NYP 1 Story
The Senate Republicans are running an ad taking the Vito Lopez scandal to the next level, attacking Democratic candidate George Latimer for a “SEX CASE COVERUP.” Mr. Latimer also released a Daily News-citing ad against GOP’er Bob Cohen, and said Mr. Cohen being elected “would be a crime.”* State GOP: Latimer’s Silence On Silver ‘Speaks Volumes’(YNN)

Campagin 2012 NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Obama, Gillibrand Have Commanding Lead Among State Voters * Public Advocate Makes Push For Better Water Bill Fee Protections(NY1)
* Campaign Notebook(NYDN)Queens Democratic Party Chairman and Rep. Joseph Crowley is making sure he doesn’t play favorites — at least not yet — in the early campaign for Queens Borough President. Crowley attended a fundraiser * Staten Island's candidates for Congress come face to fa (SI Advance) * As head of the DCCC, Rep. Steve Israel is under extra pressure to win races in his home state.* Thirty-one percent of likely Romney voters in New York plan to vote for Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the race for U.S. Senate, according to a Marist/NY1/YNN poll released today.* In an interview a couple hours before the survey was released, Wendy Long defended her poll numbers on Capital Tonight saying there hadn’t been any new polls in her race against incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Marist currently has Ms. Gillibrand up 68% to 24%.* For the first time, GOP Congressman Michael Grimm and his Democratic opponent Mark Murphy faced off in an actual debate. The Staten Island Advance has some highlights and video.* Speaking before the Jewish Voice, GOP Councilman Dan Halloran continued to emphasized Israel for his pitch to the voters of the 6th Congressional District. “I would be on the floor of the House of Representatives telling the President that rather than compelling Israel to cease building legitimate housing units for their citizens in East Jerusalem, he should be pressuring the Palestinians to publicly recognize Israel as the one and only Jewish state,” Mr. Halloran proclaimed. * While recently addressing a Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills audience, Mr. Halloran interestingly criticized President Barack Obama by saying, “Yes, he got Osama bin Laden. Whoever was in the White House when the intelligence was developed is going to get that correct. That’s not a big deal, that’s a no-brainer. You shot a guy that blew up 3,000 Americans, whoop-de-doo!” * Bill de Blasio Staffs Up for 2013(NYO)
* Joe Addabbo, Eric Ulrich debate for 15th Senate District seat (Queens Chroncle) * Halloran hard to define — as usual(Queens Chroncile) * Bloomberg is done pushing for nonpartisan elections in NYC. * Backroom Deals: Hikind May Retire To Clear Way for Son(Yeshiva World) * In NY-11, Rep. Michael Grimm told a newspaper editorial board, "A colleague drops his drawers and it's a reflection on me?" [Judy Randall] *1199 SEIU did an independent expenditure to help Council candidate Andy King in the Bronx. [NYCCFB]

Quinn Pushes Deal for Development Atop Chelsea Market(NYT)

Its A Mad Mad Mad World
Former City Council candidate Albert Baldeo was charged with fraud for allegedly using straw donors to funnel campaign contributions and accused of intimidating donors so they would not talk to the feds
Pol is such a loser, donors were ‘fake’ (NYP) A perennial failed candidate from Queens used “straw donors” in a bid to rip off the city’s Campaign Finance Board, Manhattan federal prosecutors charged yesterday. Was also accused of intimidating the pseudo-donors into not talking when the feds started asking questions about his 2010 City Council bid.  “This case represents another example of overreaching by prosecutors,” said his attorney Henry Mazurek. Baldeo, whose district leader post is unpaid, sought to turn $15,000 from his own bank account into $90,000 by using the straw donors. The city matches many donations six dollars to every one dollar.  As the feds closed in on him in early 2011 he allegedly started threatening “donors” not to talk.* Queens Politician Charged With Campaign Fraud (WSJ) * Queens pol busted for campaign finance fraud(NYDN) * Source: Cuomo To Hit Florida For Obama Saturday(YNN) * Queens Democratic district leader Al Baldeo’s lawyers accused federal prosecutors of “overreaching” on his campaign fraud charges and said they were engaged in a “crusade” that is both vindictive and discriminatory. * Cuomo added JCOPE reforms to the list of things he wants to discuss in exchange for supporting pay raises for lawmakers. [Nick Reisman] * Albert Baldeo supporters bizarrely claim he's the victim of "racist" policies at the New York City Campaign Finance Board. [Lisa Colangelo]

What About the Other Criminal Activity Connected to Baldeo's Council Race?
Bladeo is Came in 3rd to Rubin Wills Who is Also Under Investigation and had or has 2 arrests warrants on on him 
Wills Investigation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  

BOE Commissioner Resigned After Charges of Ballot Fixing in the Baldeo Council Race
In October, 2010, the Board of Elections booted executive director George Gonzalez after revelations that he had incorrectly placed Wills on the Republican ballot line beneath GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, rather than beneath Democrat

‘Espada’s Law’ takes aim at all piggy pols (NBYP) Add poster boy to disgraced ex-state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s résumé. A new bill, dubbed “Espada’s Law,” would make it a crime for any pol to repeatedly fail to file required campaign-contribution and expense reports

Expose Corruption in Government

Do It Anonymously If Your A Wimp
Become A True News

Commission kelly Get Not Answer From Council On How to Admend Stop and Frisk and Stop the Killings Like 4 Year Old  Lloyd Morgan head by a stray bullet on a Bronx playground Last Summer

Heads in the sand (NYP) City Council’s anti-cop bills by Ray Kelly When I challenged police critics on the City Council to identify their own solutions to disproportionate violence in minority communities, I hoped for some genuine solutions. Instead, they’ve proposed new ways to hamstring police officers responsible for saving lives in those very neighborhoods. Proactive policing has saved lives in minority communities, driving down murder by 51 percent in the first 10 years of the Bloomberg administration, compared to the decade before. That’s over 5,600 lives saved, with murder down another 19 percent so far this year.

MTA Fails to Bring Countdown Clocks to Letter Lines So They Spin Countdown Smart Phones and Expanded Wi-Fi
Straphangers Will Have to Wait Years for More Subway Countdown Clocks(DNAINFO) *  Subway Arrival to Remain a Magical Mystery(NY Mag)
MTA Spin Machine
Subway Wi-Fi service expands(NYP) * MTA countdown clocks coming to smartphones(NYDN) * Transit Advocate's Quest for Subway Record Derailed(NBC) * Qns. subway cell service(NYP) * wi-fi coming to more subway stations in Queens, Manhattan(WABC)

The News laments data that shows few New York City public high school students are prepared for college and argues that students need more alternatives to public schools in order to succeed

NY's Airports Mobbed Up
Record number of passengers at New York-area airports (NYP) A record-setting 10.8 million passengers flew into and out of New York-area airports in August, statistics show. A record-setting 10.8 million passengers flew through New York’s airports in August, a 10.2 percent increase from the same period in 2011 according to statistics

Brooklyn Lures a Second Team to Barclays Center(NYT) The New York Islanders, which will move from Nassau County to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in 2015, could generate $175 million in economic activity each season according to a preliminary Economic Development Corporation estimate* Brooklyn Nets Islanders(WSJ) * An Arena in Brooklyn Faces Suburban Traffic Test (WSJ)  Transportation expert Sam Schwartz worries about the effect that professional hockey, and its car-happy Long Island fan base, will have on traffic in Brooklyn once the team arrives. The Post welcomes professional hockey to Brooklyn and the Barclays Center’s competition with Madison Square Garden: 

Still No Promised Affordable Housing At Barclay Center.  Bloomberg blames the protesters
Towards the end of a press conference welcoming the New York Islanders to the Barclays Center—where the hockey team will play all of its home games starting in 2015—Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the delayed affordable housing portion of the overall Atlantic Yards project. Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner explained that the agreement with the Islanders has no impact on the planned affordable housing, and noted that the first building that is being constructed will be 50 percent affordable. Bloomberg then followed by assigning blame to the many activist groups that tried to block the project from happening. “The fact that the housing is running behind schedule isn't the least bit surprising,” Bloomberg said. “Those people that tried to stop the project or delay the project are the ones that really caused all of that.”(City and State) * Local Councilwoman Tish James told The New York Times, “My longtime concerns with the Barclays Arena and Atlantic Yards project continue to remain — living wage jobs, affordable housing and quality of life.”

In Albany, Honoring Producers of Alcohol(NYT) At a time when New York State says it is recording big growth in the industry, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo pledged policy changes for producers on some regulatory matters.* Cuomo Hosts Wine, Beer And Spirits Summit(NY1) Following up on the state's first yogurt summit this past August, Gov. Andrew Cuomo hosted a wine, beer and spirits summit Wednesday in Albany with a goal of promoting locally-produced alcohol across New York State. Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised the state would spend more to promote local alcohol and make manufacturing policy changes at a Beer, Wine and Spirits Summit, but refused to name his favorite beverage.After his booze summit, Cuomo announced the state will invest $1 million in promoting the wine, beer and spirits industry. He said $2 million more could be spent on advertising, as long as the businesses provide matching funds. Tom Kaplan writes: “At one point in the day, the Executive Mansion was transformed into an elaborate tasting room: nearly two dozen breweries, wineries and distilleries offered samples, and visitors were given souvenir corkscrews bearing Mr. Cuomo’s name.”

Peninsula Hospital sold for $24 million(NYDN)

Fracking opponents and supporters have launched competing TV ads.

New York is spending about $12 billion a year to deal with obesity which is affecting nearly one-third of children, according to a state comptroller report, the Journal writes * According to Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, the state is spending about $12 billion a year to deal with obesity, which is reaching “epidemic proportions” in children, affecting nearly one-third of them.
Healty Eating In Schools

Bronx School Plants Healthy Lesson With New Rooftop Garden(NY1)

Edvard Munch’s 'The Scream' goes on display at MoMA(NYP)

Pete Hamill Park Slope
Not your kids' Park Slope: Writer Pete Hamill's latest showcases a bygone grittier era for the now high-brow neighborhood (NYDN) The famed author's new book, 'The Christmas Kid: And Other Brooklyn Stories,' explores a time before the yuppies, when bloody street fights and homicides defined the community now known as Park Slope.

The Times heralds the long-awaited memorial to former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island

 Popularity of Rockaway beaches causes headaches(NYDN)

Rockaway sand replenishment dustup(NYDN)

Largest solar project in Bronx tops roof of elevator parts(NYDN)

Pushing to keep 10 foreclosed buildings affordable(NYDN)

The Making of A President 2012
For America's future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president(NYP) *Flashback: In 2008, the Post endorsed now-President Barack Obama over hometown favorite Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and Sen. John McCain over Obama in the general election. * For America's future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president(NYP Ed) * Crucial Subset: Female Voters Who Are Still Deciding(NYT) * Reid’s Machine Powers Obama in Nevada Test(NYT) * Obama Weighs In on Rape Comments(NYT) * Number of Competitive Senate Races Rises(WSJ) * . tells : 'Rape is rape' * Romney doubling down on debate misstatements(Wash Post)

Obama Gives Wide-Ranging Interview To Leno, Mocks Donald Trump And Condemns Mourdock’s Rape Comment

* Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrisy Of GOP Senators Who Blocked Veterans’ Benefits Bill

Suburban Voters Swing to Romney - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
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Election 2012: AP/GfK: Romney 47, Obama 45 | RCP Electoral Map
Colin Powell endorses Obama for second term
Student Debt Debacles - New York Times
Where Obama Went Wrong - Wall Street Journal
Obama Shines in Foreign Policy Debate - Philadelphia Inquirer
Mitt Romney for President - Detroit News
Detroit News endorses Mitt Romney, via 
AP Poll: Romney leads by 2 nationally
Source: Cuomo To Hit Florida For Obama Saturday(YNN)
In Polls, Romney’s Momentum Seems to Have Stalled(NYT)

Is Mitt Romney's momentum real or fake?(Wash Post)
Obama campaign dismisses poll showing erosion of female support:(Politico)
New York Times proprietor clears Mark Thompson over Jimmy Savile scandal(Guardian)
Joe Scarborough: Mourdock, GOP Candidates Are Driving Away Swing Voters (VIDEO) 
Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change(NYT)
Court allows testimony by Mitt Romney to be unsealed in divorce case involving founder of Staples. 
Washington Post endorses Obama again 
Once Obama Country, Colorado Now Razor-Close - Riccardi & Wyatt, AP
Tea Party Movement Is Dead - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Credibility Gap Has Hurt Obama With Voters - Daniel Henninger, WSJ
Ladies, Don't Fall for Moderate Mitt! - Katha Pollitt, The Nation
Chances Rise of an Obama Defeat - Richard McGregor, Financial Times
Race Is Tied, But It Is Trending Romney's Way - Doug Schoen, Daily Beast
Obama's Edge: State Parties Flush With Cash - Paul Blumenthal, Huff Post
GOP's Libya Smoking Gun Goes Up in Smoke - Adam Serwer, Mother Jones
It Is Clear Now White House Lied on Libya - James Delingpole, Telegraph
Illinois Debt Takes Toll - Mary Williams Walsh, New York Times
Could Mr. Cuomo run into Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who’s campaigning in Florida on behalf of Mitt Romney? It’s theoretically possible, but Mr. Hikind wants to be clear it would be a friendly exchange. “I love the governor,” the conservative assemblyman said. “And if he were running for president, I’d support him in a second. You got that down clear?”
Echoing ’08 Obama Slogan, Romney Promises ‘Change’
Obama votes early in Chicago(Politico)
Sen. John McCain bitterly denounced former Secretary of State Colin Powell for supporting Obama over a fellow Republican for a second straight presidential election.
In a First, Romney Cracks 50% in ABC/ Post Poll
"New NBC/WSJ/Marist polls: NV: Obama 50%, Romney 47% among LVs; CO: Obama 48%, Romney 48% among LVs"
Fox News has Romney up in Va 47-45 percent
Fox News poll: Romney leads by 2 in Virginia
Endgame Takes Grunt Work and Math For Obama Aides(NYT)
Obama, Romney and Parties on Track to Raise $2 Billion(NYT)


W. House sat on Benghai terror e-mails(NYP) * Benghazi chickens, roosting(NYP Ed) * E-Mails Offer Window on Hours After Libya Attack(NYT) * Ann Coulter Talks Libya On Hannity: Liberals Never Blame The Jihadists, But ‘Always Some Hick American’
Condoleezza Rice On Republicans And Women: I Don't Always Agree With GOP Platform On 'Social Issues' [VIDEO]

CNN Publishes, Then Removes Story Asking, ‘Do Hormones Drive Women’s Votes?’

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it’s “unlikely” the Libya mess will cause her to extend her time in office, but also left the door open to doing just that
Clinton Faces Tumultuous Closing Chapter(WSJ) Just weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was poised to glide out of office as secretary of state with job-approval ratings near 70%. Then, disaster struck at the American consulate in Benghazi. * Timeline: Hillary Clinton's Political Career * Hillary Clinton Insists She’s Definitely Leaving Politics ... But Maybe She’ll Stay(NY Mag)

Why is the NYT Holding On to Thompson When Its Own Public Editor Hinted They Should Dump Him?

Parliament Questions Former BBC Chief’s Role(NYT)

 Feds file $1B mortgage fraud suit against BofA (NYP) Millions of Americans are getting hustled. Bank of America was slammed yesterday with a $1 billion civil lawsuit charging its Countrywide Financial unit ran a loan program, dubiously dubbed the “Hustle,” that cranked out toxic mortgages dumped onto..*
Bank of America hit with $1B suit(NYDN) * The Nation sides with AG Eric Schneiderman against JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Officer Held in Plot to Cook and Eat Women(NYT)Charged in sick plot to kidnap, cook girlfriend and up to 100 other women(NYP) * Neighbors, Family Members Stunned By Allegations Against NYPD Officer 


Mother comes home to find two kids, aged 3 and 5, stabbed to death in UWS apt. bathtub(NYP) *  BREAKING: Nanny fatally stabs 2 kids on Upper West Side, police say. Kids 3 & 5. Nanny stabbed self too but alive. * 2 Boys Fatally Stabbed on Upper West Side; Nanny Arrested(NYP) * New York Parents Rattled by Fatal Stabbing of Two Siblings(NYT)

Law and Order 

 Shot off-duty cop kills thug; manhunt continues for robbers in The Bronx(NYP) * After Being Shot, Officer Kills Suspect in Bronx(NYT) * Off-Duty in Bronx Is Shot(WSJ) * One Dead, Police Officer Wounded In Bronx Shooting(NY1) * Off-duty NYPD cop shot(NYDN) 
* Off-Duty Cop Pursues Bronx Robbery Suspects Even After Getting (WABC) * Shot cop pursues, kills suspect; 2 on the loose(WABC) * Reward posted in connection with off-duty NYPD officer shot(SI Advance) * Off-Duty NYPD Cop Shot in Bronx, Suspect Dead: Sources(NBC) *WATCH DRAMATIC VIDEO: Hero cop ignores bullet wound, takes down armed thug in Bron

Ex-con accused of slaying police officer and carjack victim faces first-degree murder rap(NYP)

Violent Past Of Suspect in Police Killing(WSJ) A Queens man suspected of killing a Long Island police officer and an innocent motorist violated parole in 2010 but was released from prison after a year because the evidence in that case didn't support a heftier sentence, officials said Wednesday.* NY cop killing suspect to appear in court(WSJ) * Details Emerge About Criminal Past Of Nassau Policeman's Alleged Killer(NY1) * Hero cop to be buried in uniform(NYDN) * Alleged Cop Killer Darrell Fuller Transported To Nassau (WABC)  * NY cop killing suspect to appear in court(Fox 5)

Man shot by 'cop-killer' in 2004 stunned that Darrell Fuller was back on the streets(NYP)

NYPD sergeant found guilty of lying about relationship with French homicide suspect(NYP)

On Staten Island, Relentless Bullying Is Blamed for a Teenage Girl’s Suicide(NYT)

Loved ones of bouncer Christopher Braham, killed Sunday  outside Brooklyn club, ask witnesses to name his killer (NYDN) Slain bouncer is mourned by his Bronx church, where he played music

Wis.-slay gun in Mike’s sites(NYP) Ten months ago, Mayor Bloomberg urged Washington to take action against weapons sales over the Internet, on which private gun owners are ready to sell to anyone who comes along. Yesterday, the mayor disclosed that the gunman who killed his wife, two other women and himself in Wisconsin Sunday bought his weapon at, one of the sites singled out by the mayor’s coalition against illegal weapons for allowing people who can’t pass background checks to make purchases.

2 Convicted in Cabby’s Death Are Freed After a Long Fight(NYT) * 2 convicted in NYC cabbie's death are freed(WSJ) * Two People Wrongly Convicted Of 1995 Livery Cab Murder Released(NY1) * NY1 Online: Newly-Released Wrongfully-Convicted Man Speaks Out *'Pimp' pop also suspected of unemployment fraud

Man Rejects Plea and Release, Choosing Trial in His Baby’s Death(NYT) Li Hangbin, accused with his common-law wife in the shaking death of their 70-day-old daughter, rejected a deal that would have allowed him to be freed from Rikers Island after more than four years.

NYPD cop charged in gal pal abduct-cook plot: report(NYP) * Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them(NYT)

Cop beat victim wants justice(NYDN) * Judge Tosses Charges Against Man Roughed Up By NYPD Officers(NY1) & Ex-con fatally shot after he was denied entry to bar(NYDN) * Teens Set Up Robberies Through Facebook: Cops(NBC)

Terror Memoir of an Al Qaeda Figure May Be Cited in Plea for Leniency(NYT) Lawyers for Wadih El-Hage, who was convicted in 2001 of terrorism conspiracy, say the writings by Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, Al Qaeda’s leader in East Africa, will show their client is not as culpable as the government had contended* Food Trucks A Terrorist Threat?(Huff Post)