Monday, September 24, 2012

Silver Drag Queen Internet Defender is Still on His Payroll (Update)

Less Than A Slap on the Wrist for Fake Silver Blogger
NY Assembly reprimands worker blogging for Silver (Fox 5)  Silver spokesman Michael Whyland says the worker was formally reprimanded and lost his internet access.

 Silver and Albany
 It is All About Fooling the Public

Elected officials, consultants and lobbyists have long been using fake identifies to attack their opponents or praise themselves or their employees.  Before the internet it was just limited to campaign ads or flayers.  Today there are actual identities created to carry the message.  As local blogs are talking over the role of community newspapers they are becoming like most local papers pushing one candidate over the other. A 48-year-old male aide to Speaker Shelly Silver is behind the alter ego, “Sophia Walker”, a female blogger who defends Silver against allegations he improperly approved a sexual harassment settlement

Male aide behind Silver’s fan ‘gal’ Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has a strong female voice defending him against allegations he improperly funneled hush money to two of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sex-harassment accusers. The thing is, Silver’s “female’’ supporter is a man — and he’s one of the powerful Democrat’s own staffers.
Bill Eggler, 48, a longtime legislative writer for Silver, is behind a Web alter ego, “Sophia Walker,” who lashes out at anyone who dares suggest his boss did anything wrong in orchestrating a secret $103,080 payout to the former Brooklyn Democratic Party leader’s accusers, The Post has learned.  One comment that “Sophia’’ posted on Sept. 5 to the Albany Times Union’s Capitol Confidential blog defends Silver’s handling of the payout. “This entire affair is nothing more than election-year scandal-mongering, all of which will fade away after the taxpayers foot the bill for a costly, perfunctory and pointless investigation that will find no significant wrongdoing on Silver’s part,” it reads. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's female Facebook defender turns out to be a man who works for him. * Shelly Silver's "Female" Cyber-Apologist Is Actually a Guy Named Bill(Village Voice)

NYP Calls Seddio Corrupt and Asks Where Are the Reformers
The Post is not impressed with Brooklyn’s newest Democratic Party Chairman, Frank Seddio
Seddio quit as surrogate court judge amid an inquiry by the Commission on Judicial Conduct into whether he inappropriately distributed thousands of dollars in campaign cash to political pals. Surrogate’s Court, which essentially oversees the execution of wills, is a fetid patronage swamp under the best of circumstances. So if Seddio is too grimy for that gig, he must be really grimy. But now, as party chairman, he has an iron grip on judicial selection in Brooklyn. Set a hack to pick a hack, we guess.Not that the Seddio selection defies Brooklyn tradition.  

Only Barron and His Wife Inez Voted Against Seddio
There is Lopez, of course. And Lopez’s predecessor was Clarence Norman — himself convicted of, yes, misappropriating campaign funds for personal use. New day? Doesn’t seem that way:  Despite his shady past, Seddio won by a vote of 36 county committee members to 2. Worse, what does it say about Brooklyn politics that the only members who think that there might be something just a little bit wrong with this picture — are the odious Councilman Charles Barron and his wife? As the song goes: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
Frank Seddio to Address CBID Reform Club

Don't Jump Vito Lopez Restler is Losing Again
"We spent the weekend assessing how two data drives from the same machine could possibly provide different numbers, but we now believe we are facing a deficit of 31 votes." Lincoln Restler
Of interest to the larger politics at stake, Public Advocate–and likely mayoral candidate in 2013–Bill de Blasio has been keeping in close political proximity with Mr. Restler, whom he endorsed previously. Mr. de Blasio [prematurely] declared victory with Mr. Restler last week and is now helping him raise campaign funds to help with the recount efforts. * Lincoln Restler down by 31 votes in race against Vito  Lopez-backed Chris Olechowski (nydn)

The Legal Teams in Restler Vs Olechowsk
Mitch Alter has just been hired by Chris Olechowsk. He is up against Lincoln high priced law team of  Martin Connors, Aron Maslow and Jerry Goldfeder. Bring Pop Corn to the Trial.

The City's Financial and Real-Estate Leaders Still Have Not Found Their Puppet Who Can Win
The city’s financial and real estate leaders are worried they won’t find a candidate that matches their world view as well as billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg when he departs office next year

The Search For Bloomberg 2.0
Big Business Worries Over 2013 Options(WSJ) When Mayor Bloomberg leaves office next year, the city's financial and real-estate leaders stand to lose an important advocate, and they worry they won't find City Hall candidate whose world view matches the outgoing mayor's. * 2013 mayoral contenders NOT courting the pro-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vote(Capital) * Kathy Wylde is worried about outmoded supply driven workforce development in NYC for 2013 mayoral candidates*Dick Ravitch is also displeased by $87 billion in unfunded city employee health costs...and by newspaper reporting in general.Dick Ravitch says his biggest concern for 2013 mayoral race is annual increase in labor union costs, healthcare costs David Jones says missed opportunity to tie in new Cornell tech center to poverty, inner city education. Kathy Wylde says state needs to redirect resources away from entitlement programs that aren't means tested or effective. Mr. Ravitch laying into the media again! Says they cover corruption more than budgets. here, feeling shamed.

2m 3 numbers emerged for NYC that should alarm New Yorkers: 9.9% unemp., 20.9% poverty rate & city budget at $70 billion:

Campaign for Mayor 2013: Sexual Harassment Abuse and Their Media Enablers Sweep Silver Lopez Cover Up
A Dereliction of Journalism: Media Allows Mayor Candidates to Campaign Against Sexual Abuse With Out Asking Them About Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver Use Government $$$ to Pay Off Woman Abused. In reaction to the latest rape in the park Quinn is protesting cut to the NYPD.  Why is the media refusing to ask her if she feel responsible for the NYPD cuts since she played a major roll at passing the last 8 city budgets.  Would the speaker transfer the $$$ spent on her fellow councilmember member items to the NYPD to avoid the cuts?

De Blasio could also be asked if he feels responsible for the latest $1 Billion in cut due to the courts rejection of the mayor's outer borough taxi plan.  The reporters who work for the media in New York are not Journalist but copy boy for pols and their image consultants * JCOPE Executive Director Ellen Biben will no longer oversee remaining sentencings tied to a massive state pension fund pay-to-play scandal for AG Eric Schneiderman’s office because she is now investigating the Lopez scandal and the extent of involvement by Schneiderman’s staffers in the secret settlement brokered by Silver’s office.

Community comes together to march after park rape(WABC) * Quinn Speaks Out Against Rapes in City Parks(NBC) * De Blasio said that grinding may not be rape, but he believes that women unable to move on a subway feel just as violated.(WCBS) * Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center - St Vincent Hospital Closed (Susan Artist) * Residents, Politicians March Against Crime at Tribeca Park. (WSJ) * Council Speaker Marches For Park Safety, Dislikes NYPD Budget Cuts(NY1)

Sexual Abuse Investigation of Lopez, Silver and AG Interferes With Ongoing Hevesi Case
State Ethics Commission Executive Director Ellen Biben will no longer oversee remaining sentencing tied to a massive state pension fund pay-to-play scandal for state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office because she is now investigating the Vito Lopez sex harassment scandal and the extent of involvement by Schneiderman’s staffers in a secret settlement in the case brokered by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.Albany's two biggest scandals find a common grou(NYDN) Lawyers in Schneiderman’s office reviewed early drafts of the $103,000 agreement reached between Lopez and the accusers and approved by Silver.

Adriano Espaillat and Scott Stringer Set To Challenge Keith Wright At Manhattan Judicial Nominating Convention
The Manhattan judicial nomination convention Monday could be a test of Manhattan Democratic Party Chairman Keith Wright’s leadership.  State Sen. Adriano Espaillat and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer have privately discussed backing challenges to several of Wright’s choices for judgeships at the convention, sources said. “They’re setting up a confrontation,” one Manhattan Democratic insider said. “They may try to rally the troops against Wright.” Wright’s county committee chairmanship is not up until next year, but some close to Espaillat and Stringer say he is vulnerable because of Harlem’s declining political power. But Wright has some powerful friends, including Gov. Cuomo, who tapped the longtime Assemblyman to be Democratic party co-chairman earlier this year. Espaillat’s beef is said to stem from competition to replace Rep. Charles Rangel, while Stringer, a 2013 mayoral hopeful, expects Wright to back former city Controller Bill Thompson in the race. Espaillat’s camp is “absolutely not” looking to make a move, a spokesman said; Stringer’s mouthpiece wouldn’t comment. * The expected showndown at tonight’s Manhattan Democratic judicial nominating convention may have been averted.

Campaign 2012 Congressman's SI office vandalized(WSJ)* S.I. pol sees cybergate in burglary (NYDN) Grimm believes the burglars who broke into his Staten Island campaign office and vandalized it on Sunday were “politically motivated”, but cops don’t agree* Update: Staten Island Rep. Grimm calls break-in 'attack(SI advance) * Christine Quinn defends HPD Transparency bill that requires city housing developers to disclose all wages paid [Post] * The public was on the hook for $6.8 million in state spending on lawmakers’ mail between October through March, the latest figures available. * District Leader Lincoln Restler finished 53 votes ahead of  Chris Olechowski after the absentees and affidavits were counted Friday evening. However, that number is within the threshold to trigger an automatic hand recount and the Olechowski camp thinks that a couple hundred favorable votes were miscounted at a Kent Ave precinct and will show up during the recount. *   Amazing. 75% of the vote was Hasidim where the anti-Restler group claims 2 have a SOLID majority, yet the race hangs now on 17 net votes.* Privately, Democrats Extremely Suspicious of Grimm’s Vandalism Story(NYO) *Michael Grimm Finds ‘Nuns on a Ferry’ Protest Against Him ‘A Little Odd’(NYO) * Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is helping NY Councilman/NY-6 congressional hopeful Dan Halloran raise campaign cash. * Rep. Michael Grimm found the “Nuns on the Ferry” protest against him – and Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget – “a little odd.”
Wendy Long: Media’s In The Tank For Gillibrand(YNN)

Get ready for twice the democracy: this year eight City Council members will ask constituents to vote on budget items
 City Council ‘participatory budgeting’ to expand (New York World)

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak this morning at her husband’s Clinton Global Initiative summit in Manhattan While Cuomo Hangs in Albany
 Andrew’s midterms(NYP Ed)  The Post says Cuomo “risks squandering his chance to make a real difference” on fracking, teacher evaluations, and relief from state mandates in the property-tax cap * Gov’s ‘bettor’ way(NYP)  Plan to kill NYRA and privatize horse racing. Cuomo has decided to privatize the running of the Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga thoroughbred tracks with a new management company replacing the New York Racing Association

To Sell Agenda, Cuomo Puts Team on the Road(NYT) * Cuomo Mixes Business, Pleasure in Adirondacks(WSJ)

Village Voice owner splits print, adult dotcom biz
 Backpage special(NYP)  Village Voice Media Holdings, under intense fire from advertisers, investors and activists over its adult classified website, is splitting in two, separating its weekly print publications from the controversial online business. * Village Voice chain to split from controversial ad site * Backpage special(NYP Ed)

Media Pressured the Voice to Split Off Its Adult Business
Why Does the Media Keep Ignoring the Queens Tribune Sex Ads and its VP Political Consultant Nussbaum?
Political Thuggery Rules, Journalism Loses

There are 47 sex ads is this weeks Queens Tribune which endorses the candidacy of Grace Meng. It no surprise that the paper pushes Meng after all her consultant is one of the owners of the paper.  What is shocking is that not one of the old media papers has pick up any of the blog stories about Nussbaum or the ticket splitting he has used in this campaign.  This means that the media has become an enabler of thuggery politics and the corrupt it breeds.
There has been a lots of crime in queens politics and the promise of much more to come. It is totally hypocritical for the papers and journalist to cover protest against the Village Voice against sex ads in that paper but not to say a word of the Queens Tribune which does the same thing and is involved in campaign elections.  Many journalist have known for a long time about how the Tribune is used as a tool of the Queens machine and have remained silent. It is dysfunctional that they can believe they are doing their job as reporters by keeping the ways the queens machine uses the journalism as a campaign tool.  It also a dereliction of duty of a reporters mission as journalist not to report how consulting firms and lawyers some republican work together with the Democratic Queens Machine and the Tribune worked to give Grace Meng a good chance of winning Tuesday.  We have to reform the state elections laws as the NYT called for this weekend, but we also have to reform the way the press covers politics to restore democracy to New York.  It is the press not doing its job to uncover corruptions not the Nassbaum, Boss Lopez and Crowley that has made NYC the capital of corruption. * Queens Crap: DA Brown's selective enforcement *A gem of an editorial, part 2 against queens tribune sex ads

More work, fewer staff add up to longer waits for Medical Examiner reports(New York World)


Port Authority security mistakenly allowed a plane suspected of carrying terrorists and explosives to taxi to the gate while diverting a second aircraft, and then blamed the blunder on the Federal Aviation Administration, the Post learns:

Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau argues in the Wall Street Journal that the Veterans Administration must broaden its efforts to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, citing a veteran’s suicide in a Queens VA facility:

A Hit Piece of Legislation: Will a Transparency Bill Reform Affordable Housing or Just Open It Up to a Union Takeover?(NYO)

Reading and Writing Maybe, the Pill Yes
A New York City pilot program to distribute morning-after pills and other contraceptives to high school students has encountered little resistance from parents since it started last year, according to health officials 
NYC schools give out morning-after pills to students — without telling parents(NYP) * More Access to Contraceptives in City Schools(NYT) * Morning-after pills available at 13 NYC schools(WSJ) * Health Dept: Some City High Schools Provide "Plan B" Pills To Students(NY1) * Emergency contraceptive program in NY schools expanding(WABC) * City: New "Educare" School, More Pre-K Seats Coming Next Year(NY1)

  I will attend Tues/1pm City Hall Press Conf to OPPOSE Bloomberg's h.s. prog dispensing Plan B/Depo Provera to minors w/out parental consent.

SAT scores edge down; ACT now more popular exam(NYP)
Community college course cutbacks spark faculty rebellion(New York World)* Public Media Takes On Dropout Crisis (WNYC) * NY's Graduation Rate Problem(NBC)

 B'klyn photog tracks down 50 former Miss Subways for new museum exhibit(NYP)

Bleecker Street Now Goes Both Ways
A Vexing Flaw in the Subway Is Finally Fixed(NYT)Until this week, only riders on downtown No. 6 trains at Bleecker Street could transfer to the B, D, F or M lines at Broadway-Lafayette. Riders from the other direction would have to switch trains elsewhere — at Jay Street-Borough Hall or Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street in Brooklyn, for example — or suffer the inconvenience of a walk above ground between the Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street stations, capped by an extra MetroCard swipe. But with the completion of a construction project of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that included a platform extension and the installation of new elevators, the system’s only such incomplete transfer point has been made whole. “ * The News cheers the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s latest station renovation, creating a passageway between the Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street subway lines that fixes a seven decade-old glitch: * One city, one subway (NYDN) * Subway felonies drop 6.5%(NYDN)

Mayor Bloomberg's latest crackdown will curb junk food in hospitals(NYDN) * New York City hospitals cracking down on junk food(Fox5)

Willets Point owners will be heard in court(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Tribune:

Willets Point United will be heard in court, after all.

The City Economic Development Corp. attempted to keep the collective of Willets Point property owners out of a State Supreme Court hearing on NYCEDC’s restructuring, but the court this week announced a hearing and is permitting WPU to attend.

Vacant Key Food disappoints Flushing locals(NYDN)

Port Authority to spend $32M on pet facilities at JFK airport [Post]

The Making of A President 2012
Poor economy could cost Obama youth vote, Clinton says(NYP) * Romney defends low tax rate in TV ‘face-off’ vs. prez(NYP) * Deadly Libya Attack Was Major Blow to C.I.A. Efforts(NYT) * Running as Outsiders, With a Catch: They’re In(NYT) * The Optimism Cure(Krugman, NYT) Mitt Romney reveals that his real economic plan relies on magic. * Modified American Flag Posters No Longer Available In Obama Campaign Store * Obama has opened a national lead in a tight race that’s been static for much of the year: (Politico) * New Obama ad slams Romney for "47%" comments(CNN) * Congressional incumbents running as Washington outsiders. That's rich (NYT) * Obama launches tax offensive against Romney(WABC) * Jewish Dems warn Netanyahu to stay out of US presidential race (The Hill)* : The bogus claim that Obama 'skips’ his intelligence briefings (Wash Post) 

Obama Admits to Going ‘Overboard,’ Making Mistakes in Campaign Ads(NY Mag)
Washington Versus America - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Time to Retire the American Dream - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Obama Poised to Become the Dems' Reagan - Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek
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Despite 2008, Colorado Keeps a Red Hue - Alex Roarty, National Journal
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Romney, GOP Stuck in Old America - Bill Schneider, Politico
Romney's Secret Weapon: Distrust of Govt - Michael Medved, Daily Beast
Anyone Surprised Public Distrusts the Media? - Brad Knickerbocker, CSM
Discovery Puts Richard III in Battle Once Again - John Burns, NY Times
Election 2012: Politico/Battleground: Obama +3 | RCP Electoral Map
Government Needs to Exit the Car Business - Chicago Tribune
California Takes on the Retirement Crisis - New York Times
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Sheldon Adelson is spending $70 million for a potato latke, basically.(NY Mag)
Bloomberg: Hillary or Cuomo in 2016 Could Let NYC Control Supreme Court(NYO)
CBS Doesn’t Air Portion Of Obama Interview Where He Admits Some Of His Campaign Ads Go ‘Overboard’
CNN Pushes Back In Fight With State Department; Clinton Spokesman Tells Reporter To 'F--k- Off'
Romney seizes on Obama's Middle East commen (NBC) 
Obama campaign had twice the staff as Romney last month at same cost(LA Times)
Iran's President Dismisses Threats on Nuke Program(ABC)
2012 Polls Show Narrowing Margin for Change(NYT)
Blitzer Questions Obama's 'View' Appearance(Huff Post)
The Fix says the GOP House majority looks safe, but believes Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is in trouble.
Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton’s longtime personal spokesman, engaged in a nasty email war with a BuzzFeed correspondent over the State Department’s handling of the Benghazi fiasco.
Obama: I'm 'eye candy' for women of 'The View'(Politico)
Closing arguments set for South Carolina voting case (Wash Post)
A Fiscal Horror Is Unfolding Under Obama - Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph
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Montana's Weird and Wild Senate Race - Tim Murphy, Mother Jones
Economy Tanks, Mideast Aflame, Romney Doomed - V. Suprynowicz, LVRJ
Election 2012: Video Highlights | RCP Electoral Map | Create Your Own
President Obama: Total Raised $432,197,459, Total Spent $345,723,446, Cash on Hand $88,777,412, Debts $2,922,211. Mitt Romney: Total Raised $279,343,000, Total Spent $228,921,635, Cash on Hand $50,434,404, Debts $15,000,000. And then there are the SuperPACs.
In Ohio 51% of likely voters back President Obama, while 46% support Romney. University of Cincinnati's Institute for Policy Research.
2 MTA Bus Drivers Attacked in BK Within 75 Minutes

 Diplo feared hit by Qaeda(NYP)Botched response, lies found in Port Authority response to JFK terror scare(NYP)

Law and Order

Kerik Is Leaving His Cell to Testify at a Bronx Trial(NYT) Bernard B. Kerik, the former New York police commissioner imprisoned on federal charges of tax fraud and other crimes, is set to take the stand in a perjury case. Disgraced former police commissioner Bernie Kerik, currently an inmate in federal prison, will return to the city to testify in the Bronx perjury trial of former friends, Frank and Peter DiTomasso, that dates back to 2006


No evidence that confessed 'killer' murdered Etan: source(NYP)



'Pepper-spray gal' pregnant by fellow OWS protester who ran to her aid, lawyer says(NYP) * Year After Pepper-Spraying, Awaiting a New Cry: A Newborn's(NYT)


TriBeCa park rape suspect attempts suicide; previously convicted of sex crimes(NYP) * Rape in Hudson River Park Is Latest in a String of Jarring Crimes(NYT) * Suspect Held in Another Park Rape(WSJ)

Evidence of jailhouse mob rite got whacked(NYDN)

Gang of gunman shoot teen in back in BROAD DAYLIGHT(NYDN)

Skills Honed in Illicit Trades, and Put to Better Use(NYT) * Staten Island traffic court is toughest in city(SI Advance) * Hip-hop producer cops to gun rap in two-year plea deal(NYP)* Fashion publicist pleads guilty in murder of 23-year-old Sarah Coit(NYP) * Deranged man stabs MTA bus driver with syringe(NYP) * Latino Leaders Urge Passage of Police Reform Legislation(Gotham Gazette
* Fashion rep pleads guilty to killing Hunter College stu(NYDN)* Prosecutors: Former Fashion Publicist Pleads Guilty To Brutally(WCBS) * AmEx lawyer faces 25 years in assault-by-champagne-flut (WCBS) * NY woman found shot to death, relative sought(Fox 5) * 2 MTA Bus Drivers Attacked in BK(NBC)