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Progressives, Reformers, Most Media Civil Liberties Activists Have All Remained Silent On the Injustice Done to John. K. O'Hara. Why?

Big Business Worries Over 2013 Options(WSJ)

Male aide behind Silver’s fan ‘gal’ Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has a strong female voice defending him against allegations he improperly funneled hush money to two of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sex-harassment accusers. The thing is, Silver’s “female’’ supporter is a man — and he’s one of the powerful Democrat’s own staffers.

 Begging the gov's pardon for John O'Hara (NYDN Ed) As Silver probe will show, voting from a wrong address doesn't belong in court

Wisdom and the law will likely convince Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance there are no grounds for action against three children of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who vote in his lower East Side district while living elsewhere. Though New York’s election statute requires voters to cast ballots where they reside, the definition of residence covers a whole lot of territory. It describes a “permanent and principal home” but allows a voter to remain registered if he or she moves away but “always intends to return.” It is doubtful, to say the least, that Silver’s grown children intend to return downtown: One lives on Long Island, one in New Jersey and one in Brooklyn. Still, the criminal justice system is not the venue to determine who intends to live where.

If and when Vance closes his review of the Silver family voting, he’ll certify to the injustice done to the only man in modern times convicted of voting from the supposedly wrong address. In the 1990s, John O’Hara, a political gadfly and thorn in the side of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, moved out of his home and in with his girlfriend, who lived 14 blocks away in the same neighborhood. He changed his registration to the new address and voted several times. DA Joe Hynes indicted O’Hara in 1996 on charges of violating the residency rule and hounded him through three trials before winning a felony conviction in 1999.
The verdict was upheld. O’Hara was disbarred as a lawyer and sentenced to community service. In 2009, O’Hara won a measure of vindication when his law license was restored on a finding that there were “grave doubts that Mr. O’Hara did anything that justified his criminal prosecution.” A panel of lawyers added: “Mr. O’Hara, accurately, it appears, claims that the machine went gunning for him.” Then-Gov. David Paterson declined to pardon O’Hara. He was wrong to turn him down. Gov. Cuomo can rectify the injustice done to O’Hara after Vance refrains from acting against Silver’s offspring for the exact conduct that subjected O’Hara to overzealous and selective prosecution.
If DA Vance Goes After Silver He Can Forget Reelection

Gov Cuomo is still at Zero pardons after 2 years in office

Feldman:The Ghost of Boss Norman
While Hynes Destroyed O'Hara He Let the Crook Jeff Felman Go To Get Boss Norman . . .  Feldman Still Running the Show for New Boss Frank Seddio
On January 30, 2006 DA Hynes indicted Jeff Feldman, Executive Director of the KCDCC, for coercion by extortion of two candidates for county-wide Civil Court judgeships in 2002. He was charged with multiple counts of extortion, Grand Larceny, Attempted Grand Larceny and Conspiracy. Hynes later drop the charges agains Feldman not because he was inncocent, but he needed him to testify against Norman.  Those who followed the trial were not impressed with Feldman testimony and believe that norman was found guilty for other reasons.  After the trial Feldman because a Boss Vito Lopez insider.

Feldman is Brooklyn's Architect of Judicial Corruption and Soviet Style Elections

Feldman Help the Bosses Norman and Lopez Pick Corrupt Judges
Indicted Democratic Leader Swears In Brooklyn Judge(2004) "Jeffrey Feldman, the executive director of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, presided over the swearing in ceremony Tuesday of Martin M. Solomon.  Feldman played and major role in electing Surrogate Judge Feinberg who was removed for ripping off the dead and their families.  He also help Judge Gerald Garson who now lives in prison get elected.  He help put run a system with Boss Norman that Hynes called Brooklyn District Attorney says the Supreme Court Election System Corrupts Charles Hynes: Amicus Curiae Brief in Judge Lopez Torres vs. NYS Board of Election. After Norman when to jail Boss Vito Lopez Kept on Using Feldman to help him elected judges like Lopez girlfriend brother All in the Lopez family(NYDN Ed) and helping bind the petition for corrupt elected officials like Kruger and Levin.

This Week Everyone At the Brooklyn County Committee Meeting Laugh Out Loud When Feldman Was Caught Programing the Voting Process. . .  Sadly Nobody Brought Up How Feldman Has Been the Technician for the Bosses Who Have Destroyed Democracy in Brooklyn for Decades

Reformer Should Understand That As Long As Boss Seddio Has Feldman As His Producer, Same Old Shit
Telling moment at the 2012 County Commttee:  Reformer Jo Anne Simon is nominated by the regulars as the County Committee's First Vice Chair, and black regular Robert Cornegy, apparently not having gotten the memo, nominates his Co-Leader Annette Robinson for the same slot. The room broke out in laughter as Jeff Feldman slowly walked down into the audience to Cornegy's seat and whispers in his ear, and then announces "the nomination has been withdrawn."  With nearly a thousand witnesses, one cannot say that this move lacked transparency. The new Seddio regime demonstrated right then and there it was intent upon business as usual.

Pin the Tail On the Donkey
Felder: "I will caucus w/ the party that delivers most 4 the people I am elected 2 represent"
NY Post: Felder ‘Hammering Out a Deal’ to Caucus with GOP ( “He will go to the highest bidder, which is ironic because he is running for Carl Kruger’s seat,” said an Albany insider, referring to a former lawmaker now in prison for corruption. Felder, 53, declined to discuss his future allegiance. Campaign manager O’Brien Murray supplied The Post with a list of committees that “interest” his boss and a statement in which the candidate vowed to “caucus with the party that delivers most for the people I am elected to represent.”* Felder: Aisle see ya, GOP(NYP)

Higher PA Tolls Partly ForA Train Station That Costs $80,000 for Each Path Rider Who Will Ride It
PA deflector shield(NYP Ed) Still steaming over those steep (and soon-to-be-steeper) Port Authority toll increases imposed last fall? Not to worry. The PA’s new leadership has moved “quickly and aggressively” to “radically” reform the agency. Translation: All’s going swimmingly. That, anyway, is a key theme of a “top-to-bottom” agency audit by two outside consultants, the PA said last Wednesday.  Rewind to 2011, when the PA, then headed by Chris Ward, proposed stiff bridge and tunnel toll hikes. Fearing an outcry, Govs. Cuomo and Chris Christie (who oversee the agency) threw howling tantrums — though it’s preposterous to claim they didn’t OK the hikes well in advance.  Days later, they officially signed off on the hikes, which had been scaled back some — but vowed a searing “audit” that would expose the “massive” PA overspending driving the toll spikes and explain why Ward was a goner.  Gee, they should’ve been reading The Post: For years, we’d been citing the boatloads of cash being poured  into PA projects at Ground Zero, particularly the white-elephant PATH station, with its $4 billion price tag — some $80,000 for each daily PATH rider who’ll use it. (Buying each of them a Mercedes instead would save a bundle.)

Who is Nuts: Shrink: Accumulated more than $1 million in overtime over 3 years
In just 3 years, this B’klyn hosp doc has charged taxpayers for $1M in overtime  This is nuts.  A city shrink at Kings County Hospital, who consistently puts in 80 hours a week or more, has now accumulated more than $1 million in overtime over three years.

A Woman Ask A Question of the Mayor That No Reporters Will Ask Him
“I moved here 34 years ago, and everything’s changing. The mayor should stop worrying about sugary drinks and start worrying about our freedoms. This is my community, this is my neighborhood, and I can’t go for a walk or watch the sunset?” 21-year-old woman beaten and raped in TriBeCa park, leaving trail of terror(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg Slammed by Rape Victim!!!(Artist) * Terrible first hand account of woman raped in Manhattan's Hudson River Park yesterday:* Rape in Hudson River Park Is Latest in a String of Jarring Crimes(NYT)

Media Milks Sensationalism
Goes Charlie Sheen Nuts About the Jerk Who Wanted to Be On With the Bronx Tiger . . .  Dozens of Stories
News reporter at Bronx Zoo tries to see Bachuta the tiger(NYDN)

Stop-frisk bill could bankrupt city: Vallone(NYP) Lawsuits against the NYPD could cost the city more than $1 billion annually if a bill against the department’s stop-and-frisk policy continues to sail through the City Council, according to one lawmaker. * Councilmember: NYPD Lawsuits Could "Bankrupt" NYC One Day(Gothamist)


Kerik Is Leaving His Cell to Testify at a Bronx Trial(NYT) Bernard B. Kerik, the former New York police commissioner imprisoned on federal charges of tax fraud and other crimes, is set to take the stand in a perjury case.

There Are Some Wise Guys That Even Trump Won't Fire
Contracting company tied to bribery scandal won multimillion-dollar job to build Donald Trump golf course in Bronx (NYDN) MFM Contracting's sister company at heart of bribes-for-contracts indictment in 2010* Bronx residents outraged as $97 million golf course planned by Donald Trump is belching dangerous levels of methane(NYDN)

Wait Some Say The Fat Lady Has Not Sung Yet On Lopez

Hmmm RT : the back up computer took it off [80 Votes]. expect Olechowski 2B ahead by 28 by Monday BOE didnt declare any winners yet * Bklyn - The 80-vote net diff IS true. However, who knows which count is correct? Ah, thats Y there will be a hand recount That an 80-vote issue exists. RT : is it true that there is a diff btwn comp & backUp or also true that BOE will count monday - The District Leader race is most certainly heading to a hand recount.

The Fat Lady Has Sung for Vito Lopez

Lopez looked at the the sexual harassment charges as something to get around politically, but the loss to Restler has disgraced this man* 

*The recount involving the scanning of ballots which could change the results.  Olechowski Restler opponent has until Monday to start a fraud case and subpoena Lincoln. The election was tinged with corruption and fraud charges—both Restler and Olechowski's camps have claimed voter fraud, with one poll worker in the 50th Assembly District telling the Post that ballots had been cast in other voters' names. "This happened numerous times. The voter would say, 'I didn't sign it. Who signed it?" the poll worker said. "Clearly, it was fraud." We have reached out to Restler for a comment, and will update with more information.

Earthquake In Brooklyn Politics
Birth of A Power Broker
Lincoln Restler: The Man Who Got Vito Lopez
"At the end of official canvass (Counting all emergencies, affidavits, absentees) [Lincoln Restler] won with 53" - Recount to follow.  In his second come from behind win, Restler best a 5300 voting block of Rabbi Zalman voters.  New force in reform in Brooklyn has become a major power broker.  Every citywide and borough wide candidate will now go after his endorsement. While the twitter was full of the Restler game changing win, not a single report on the blogs or old media which shuts down for the weekend Friday afternoon.n Vito on the ropes because of sexual harassment has now been beaten where it really hurts in the street.  The secret deal of Lopez hanging on working on through Seddio is now broken.  For Vito Lopez, Grip on Power May Hinge on Loyalists in Primary(NYT)(Sept 12)

More on the Reform Revolution in Brooklyn (True News)

Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Frank Seddio On NY1 Last Night Spins Crap

"I left the bench for my own personal reason, there was never any charges against me nor was I asked to step down.  The complaint that I used my assembly campaign money to help other candidates had nothing to do with me stepping down" (NY1 Video)  Seddio called for Lopez to step down from his assembly seat if the sexual harassment charges are proven.  Apparently the 103,000 in government hush money deal put together by top state officials who don't remember their participation is not enough proff for Seddio of guilt. Vito Lopez expects to anoint a successor as Brooklyn party boss who has his own questionable history(NYDN Ed)  Frank Seddio resigned a judgeship while under investigation by the state's judicial watchdog agency

The Complaint Against Seddio Followed A Daily News Editorial in 2006
After Seddio Was Appointed to the Newly Created Position of An Additional Surrogate Court Judge in Brooklyn by Vito Lopez  From A Daily News Editorial (2006)
"They (rules of running for judge) bar judicial candidates like Seddio, who was an assemblyman until Dec. 31, from giving even a penny from their campaign treasuries to political candidates or to charities. The regs restricted Seddio instead to returning a kitty of $55,090 to his contributors. That, of course, is not what Seddio did. As previously disclosed here, he gave more than half of it, $31,500, to party pals and to the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club when he was seeking the organization's backing or securely ensconced as its official candidate. Lopez is moving to have his troops anoint Frank Seddio, a former assemblyman and surrogate judge, who resigned from the bench amid an investigation by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct. * B'klyn Judge Probed. Allegedly Gave Campaign Bucks To Pols (NYDN)

Seddio: "When I asked and decided to run for Surrogate it was late in the season long after those many of those donations were made."
On July 3, 2005 the NYT wrote: Bill to Alter (Surrogate) Court Is Assailed in Brooklyn The move by Albany was to reduce the influence of independent surrogate candidate Lopez Torres who was seen as a possible winner.  Once the second position was created Seddio started to campaign against Assemblyman  Joseph R. Lentol the sponsor of the 2nd surrogate bill for the job.

The Following Seddio Contributions to Pols Were done after July3, 2005

On July 17th 2007 $2000 to Friends of Richard Velasquez (Lopez candidate for Civil Court Judge)  On September 2, 2005 Seddio again gave  $2000 to Velasquez;   On July 18th 2005 $10,000 to Alan Maisel (Assemblyman) On September 16th 2005  Seddio again gave Maisel $3000;  On October 15, 2005 Seddio gave $2000 to Friends of Carl Kruger;  On August 8, 2005  Seddio gave $5000 to Thomas Jefferson Club On September 9th 2005 he gave another $7500 to Thomas Jefferson Club;  On September 1st, 2005
Seddio gave $5,000 Knipel for Surrogate before his primary with Judge Lopez Torres; On September 6th 2005  Seddio Gave $2000  Friends of Lew Filder IV and on December 20, 2005  $1000 to Millenium Development

Frank Seddio resigned a judgeship while under investigation by the state's judicial watchdog agency
Daily News asked Seddio to Release documents of  his Investigation to Them in the Name of His New Push for transparency
Seddio - Many other people involved who Privacy  should be kept. Never a decision made
We are not going to release the documents. Would Seddio ask the panel to open the files? And, just as important, would Seddio open the documents before the regulars voted on whether to make him party chairman? This did seem in keeping with Seddio’s vow to bring transparency to party operations.First, the PR man said Seddio would release the file only after the vote for a new boss. Then, the PR man said Seddio had entirely ruled out going public because the documents refer to other people whose privacy could be infringed.  Then, the PR man said Seddio would allow the Daily News to look at portions of the files with names blanked out, but no copying would be permitted. And he’d make the arrangements sometime after the vote.

Saddio Said on NY1 He Would Not Release His Documents.  Will See If He Let the Daily News See Them?

Daily News Forced Seddio to Resign Early From the Surrogate Court to Prevent Lopez From Picking the Next Surrogate
Frank, we hardly knew ya (NYDN Ed, 2007)
Diana Johnson Went On to Beat Lopez's Candidate ShawnDya L. Simpson (NY Times)
"There are fresh reports that, as we predicted, these are the last days of the very short judicial career of Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Frank Seddio. He is expected to quit the bench next week. Good riddance.
After we reported that Seddio had funneled campaign funds to buddies as he finagled the coveted judgeship from the Brooklyn Democratic machine, he became the subject of an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct. He told pals he's quitting out of boredom, having taken office only last year. Right. Bright-side factor: As long as Seddio quits before July, Brooklyn boss Vito Lopez will not be able to hand-pick a replacement. Since this is the same Lopez who placed his own daughter and his girlfriend's brother on the bench last year, better that there will be a completely open primary, with voters choosing the new surrogate. But even better than that would be for the Legislature, which created Seddio's judgeship as part of a shady deal, to abolish the unneeded post. Seddio's departure removes only part of the stench."

Fake Palm Cards In Civil Court Race
Brooklyn Civil Court candidate Steven Mostofsky gave out misleading palm card (NYDN Ed) Borough Park lawyer was too cute by half in winning primary.  Among his first duties will be to contend with an investigation by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct. And that’s what he deserves for pulling a decidedly dishonest campaign maneuver. There he was, on the day of the primary, handing out palm cards in his heavily Orthodox Jewish Borough Park neighborhood. In big letters, the cards said, “Vote for the heimishe ticket!” using the Yiddish word for homey or comfortable.
 Below that were three pictures: one of Mostofky, and two of the other members of the purported ticket, state Senate candidate Simcha Felder and Assembly candidate Dov Hikind.  A 30-year incumbent, Hikind is a powerful vote-getter in the community. Felder does well there, too. Mostofsky seemed fortunate to have their endorsements. The only problem was that he didn’t have their backing.
Mostofsky’s attempted excuse is that less prominent type on the placard showed the name of City Councilman David Greenfield, a Hikind rival, who paid the printing costs. Mostofsky’s campaign manager said the ad was merely Greenfield’s way of endorsing the three candidates, and thus was accurate. Hooey. The clear purpose was to misleadingly associate Mostofsky with Hikind and Felder. He was being far too cute while seeking a post whose occupant must stay well within the lines. When the day comes, Mostofsky should wish the commission a happy new year from us.

Hikind Endorses Romney
Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, upset over way Obama's treated Netanyahu, to back Mitt Romney for president* “Florida. Pennsylvania. Wherever Romney needs need me, I’ll be there,” Hikind said. 

A judge declined to revoke bail for Pedro Espada Jr., who was accused of siphoning additional money from a nonprofit group that he had been convicted of stealing from
Espada takes a ‘walk’(NYP) * Espada Still Free on Bail, Despite New Accusations(NYT) * Judge Delays Ruling On Espada Bail Denial Request(NY1)

In the past two years, Liu has awarded over $67 million in no-bid contracts — even though he says such arrangements are corrosive and corrupt. But why? . . . And he gets no benefit of the doubt in this case.
John Liu, yet again(NYP)Liu awarded an $8.37 million no-bid contract extension to a Boston-based money-management firm — one that Liu himself fired in 2010 for its “poor performance” in handling city pension money. Liu brought back Acadian Asset Management (which reported a 19 percent loss in city funds in 2010) using a process his office called “innovative procurement.” .: "impossible for to be effective when everyone knows he could at any moment be arrested "

Liu Says Homeless Money Mission from Non Profit, City Says Nope and Gives Them Another Contract
A nonprofit cited for overbilling the city by nearly $1 million has won a new $21.7 million contract to provide housing to 101 homeless families in The Bronx, The Post has learned. Comptroller John Liu recommended last November that the Department of Homeless Services recover $913,949 in “improper” payments made to Aguila Inc., under similar contracts it held in 2010. DHS officials said its internal audits uncovered only $542 in discrepancies and the money was repaid in March. DHS also said that it is “finalizing agreements” with an independent CPA to examine the agency’s books. A few months ago, former Homeless Services Commissioner Robert Hess took over management of Aguila, which operates 23 shelters.(NYP)


Election 2012 Congressional Candidate Jeffries Visits Capitol Hill(NY1) * Congressman rallies Staten Islanders in protest against rising tolls (SI Advance) * Congressman to Present Bill to Prevent Verrazano Toll Hike * Congressman Michael Grimm announced Saturday he is proposing legislation to fight higher tolls on the Verrazano Bridge.(NBC) office: "cement blocks were thrown through the windows of his campaign HQ." * Quinn Speaks Out Against Rapes in City Parks * Congressman’s Campaign Office Allegedly Vandalized and Burglarized on Staten Island(NYO) * S.I. pol sees cybergate in burglary (NYDN) * Vandals break into Michael Grimm campaign office(WABC)


For Ambitious Governor, a Clinton Is in the Way(NYT)Cuomo considers a 2016 presidential bid, the eyes of the Democratic Party are fixed on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.



War of words over proposed teacher buyouts)NYDN) * DOE, Union Release Desired Figures For Teacher Buyouts(NY1)
NYC schools give out free morning-after pills to students - without telling parents(NYP) * Online Map Allows Users To Compare School Districts' Spending * Health Dept: Some City High Schools Provide "Plan B" Pills To Students(NY1)

995 ‘kids’ over age 18 still attend downtown HS (NYP)They call them “super seniors,”

Staten Islanders Furious As MTA Considers A $15 Toll To(WCBS)
* SIers Rally Against Rumored Verrazano Toll Increase(NY1)

Bus-thug reward $$ stalled (NYP) The MTA is stuck in idle when it comes to attacks on bus drivers, critics say. As more assaults pile up, the MTA is dragging its wheels on implementing a tip hot line the agency and Gov. Cuomo trumpeted months ago, union officials told The Post.

$30M lot in SoHo sits empty (NYP)  It’s a black hole of development. An 11,432-square-foot lot in SoHo on Sixth Avenue between Spring and Broome streets has sat fallow for six years,

The Making of A President 2012

O goes for deja ‘View’ (NYP) World leaders will be holding tete-a-tetes this week as the annual United Nations General Assembly convenes — but not President Obama, who will instead be chatting it up with the ladies of “The View.” * Back From Exile, Evangelical Lifts Romney(NYT) * The Son Also Sets(NYT Ed) For whom the bell tolls? Mitt, if his Hemingway wannabe strategist doesn’t stop the moveable feast of mistakes.* Ralph Reed Hopes to Nudge Mitt Romney to a Victory(NYT) * Red Eye Panelist On Obama’s ‘Learning’ Comments: Stop Learning, Start Delivering (VIDEO) * Or perhaps the 2M jobs lost in the first 14 months of Bush 43 is the fault of Clinton?* CNN finds, returns journal belonging to late U.S. ambassador A source familiar with Stevens' thinking told CNN earlier this week that, in the months leading up to his death, the late ambassador worried about what he called the security threats in Benghazi and a rise in Islamic extremism.* State Dept. Blasts CNN For Using Dead Ambassador's Journal(Huff Post)
Gov. Romney tells Scott Pelley his campaign “doesn’t need a turnaround. * Scott Walker on Mitt Romney: ‘I want to see fire in the belly’(Wash Post)
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Bill Maher And Chris Matthews Fight With Conservative Guest Over Why GOP Hates Obama

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The Google News Decade The Google News Decade (The Atlantic)How did an algorithm conquer journalism in just 10 years? * Sorkin’s Democracyby Ian Crouch (New YorkerWhat “The West Wing” can still teach us about government. * Bill O'Reilly: 'I Still Think I'm Doing Something Noble'(Huff Post)

Real World Checkers

The Candidate Who Disclosed EverythingThe Candidate Who Disclosed Everything(The Atlantic) 60 years ago, Richard Nixon's "Checkers Speech" set the standard for revelation.

The Man Who Wasnt There William D. Cohen, Bloomberg Businessweek  As Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin oversaw the last great roaring economy—and set the table for its demise. At Citigroup, he was paid $126 million—and the firm almost perished. The tale of a wise man, and a phantom.

Crowds protest outside Warwick hotel ahead of Ahmadinejad’s arrival(NYP)

New Plans for Velodrome Open Up More Space for Other Activities(NYT)

PS 41 Unveils Green Roof(NY1)

Sources: NYC Transit Wants To Install Intercoms At 102 Subway Stations(NY1)

Avoiding Sugared Drinks Limits Weight Gain in Two Studies(NYT) New York City’s ban on large sweetened beverages has been hotly disputed, but these clinical trials show that replacing sugary drinks can slow weight gain in children. * Study Strengthens Link Between Sugary Drinks And Obesity(NY1)

Lincoln ‘emancipation’ history in Harlem(NYP) 


Step Inside Brooklyn's Rusty Turtle
Hoopla in the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn(NYT Ed) The opening of the new sports and entertainment center is good news, but it is worth reminding the developers of other promises they need to keep.* Brooklyn Buzz(WSJ) * Opening Day For Brooklyn Nets' New Barclays Center(NY1) * Barclays Center opens for business (NYDN) A Different kind of Ribbon cutting  * Park Slope, Prospect Heights Precinct Reshuffle Set For Sept. 25 * In Brooklyn, Bracing for Hurricane Barclays(NYT)
  Big win for Ratner: focus on impressive , not broken promises; semi-tough Times editorial   Brooklyn Paper/C-L (NYPost?) publish promo section: "Brooklyn welcomes its new arena"

Law and Order
Trail of terror as woman is beaten and attacked along TriBeCa waterfront(NYP)

WSJ reports that during an attempted arrest, NYPD shot man in back of head while he was on the ground, killing him:

City Room: Man Arrested in Rape Along the Hudson River(NYT) * Man Mauled by Tiger at Zoo Is Charged(NYT)
* re: "City of Fear" front page, some . 37 rapes so far this year, compared to 22 lst yr. via NYPD

AP IMPACT: Tragedy meant big $$$ for NYC minister(Fox 5) * 'Stash guns' give Staten Island hoodlums quick access to(SI Advance)


The waiting is the hardest part...(Queens Crap)

From Metro:
If you need the police, it may take them nine minutes to get to you, the longest the wait time has been since 2003.

That’s the new average response time in the Mayor’s Management Report, which was released Wednesday.

The average response time of 2012 was 9.1 minutes, according to the report.

Not only is that the longest the wait time has been since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office in 2002, it's also an increase from the 8.4 minutes it took officers to get to people calling for help in 2011.

‘Inside’ tale of NY’s biggest jailbreak(NYP)

Two men were arrested yesterday in connection with the theft of seven motorcycles from an NYPD evidence lot, law-enforcement sources said * NYPD cop shoots ex-con, 22, during Brooklyn prostitution (NYDN * Attorney General Sues Club’s Ex-Leader for $2 Million, Citing Misuse of Its Money(NYT) * Arts Club Head Hit With Suit(WSJ) * AG sues Aldon James, ex-National Arts Club head  (NYDN) *Woman raped, punched in Hudson River Park(NYP) * Man Who Who Lost His Foot to a Bronx Zoo Tiger Will be Arrested(NY Mag)* Police: Bronx Zoo Jumper To Be Charged With Trespassing(NY1)

* Suspect caught in Hudson River Park beating and rape(NYDN)

 Suspect Killed in Sting Arrest in Brooklyn(WSJ) A 22-year-old Brooklyn man who was shot and killed by a police officer on Thursday night had allegedly resisted arrest and pointed a handgun at police who were attempting to place him in custody for solicitingHomeless man charged with raping, punching woman in Hudson (NYP) * Suspect arrested in subway iPhone robberyWABC) *