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True News Wednesday Update

The NYT Reporters Left Out or Did Not Know That Levenson Worked for Jimmy Meng and Was Let Go - Hardly an Unbiased Observer . . .
“It’s often a sad story in politics that the children have to bear the burden of the sins of the parent,” said Scott Levenson, a Democratic political consultant who lives in Forest Hills, Queens — in the district — and stayed neutral in the June primary, in which Ms. Meng defeated City Councilwoman Elizabeth S. Crowley and Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman.  Father’s Bribery Case Hangs Over Daughter’s House Bid(NYT). Assemblywoman Grace Meng is “crestfallen” by bribery charges against her father, former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, and has been struggling to fend off questions about him during her congressional campaign.  Halloran says Meng averted questions regarding her Sept. 11th whereabouts(Queens Politics)

Bigger Type BOE
Board Votes for Bigger Type on City Ballots(NYT) The city’s Board of Elections voted to increase the font size on its ballots in November after New York voters complained they could barely read the names of candidates in the September primary * City BOE Votes To Make Font Bigger On Ballots(NY1)

FBI Has Kruger Lobbyist Talking - Pols Panic Update
“Loose Lipsky Sinks Shipsky”

The Incomplete Times (Lobbyist Lipsky Update)
NYT Asked Avella About Albany Reform and Lipsky But Did Not Ask About the Money He Took From the Developer or Other Lobbyists Like Parkside . .  Lawmakers in Albany and City Hall are bracing for another wave of indictments after learning that former lobbyist Richard Lipsky, convicted of bribery, is cooperating with federal authorities

“Loose Lipsky Sinks Stavisky”
“There’s too much of an incestuous relationship between lobbyists, elected officials and donors,” said State Senator Tony Avella, a first-term Democrat from Queens who previously served on the City Council. Assessing the extent to which lawmakers had cleaned up Albany, Mr. Avella said, “We haven’t even made a dent.” Avella to donate campaign funds to offset Lipsky cash.  Avella  said he has planned since shortly after Richard Lipsky turned himself in to authorities March 10 on corruption charges to donate to charity an amount equal to the $3,000 in campaign contributions the lobbyist made to his 2010 campaign. Avella said he has also cut off all contact with * Kruger Associate sings like a canary, Stavisky’s Parkside lobbying firm could be next (Queens Politics) * Marty Golden's silence on Carl Kruger; Richard Lipsky's campaign money for Golden, and a wide variety of politicians(Atlantic Yards Review) * Richard Lipsky - $8,600 in Political Contributions for 2008  *  Lipsky to $ 250 Recchia, Domenic M in 2006

 “I bet many people in elected office and in the lobbying world said to themselves, ‘I wonder if it’s X ” Senator Liz Kruger
Anticipating Fallout From Lobbyist’s Legal Cooperation(NYT) Over the last six years, 27 elected officials in Albany have been indicted, convicted, censured, or otherwise accused of misconduct, according to a running tally maintained by the New York Public Interest Research Group. The allegations have been diverse; they include a senator attacking a photographer and an assemblyman having an affair with an intern.  Lipsky clients in recent years have included the Red Apple Group, which operates the Gristedes supermarket chain, and the developer Forest City Ratner, and he gave tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to officials at the city and state levels. Asked if he was bracing for another wave of allegations, City Councilman G. Oliver Koppell of the Bronx, a former state attorney general, laughed and said: “Would I be surprised? No.” 

Mr. Lipsky shared $252,000 worth of his lobbying fees with Mr. Kruger; the source of that money is unclear. 
I should emphasize that Mr. Ratner has walked between the legal raindrops. Federal prosecutors have not implicated him or his company, Forest City Ratner, in either of these corruption cases. But he figures prominently enough that the indictments identify him as “Developer No. 1” in Brooklyn and “Developer No. 2” in Yonkers. In Brooklyn, he has pushed the 22-acre Atlantic Yards development, including an arena and residential towers. Forest City Ratner was the development partner for the headquarters of The New York Times Company.  A Developer Between Legal Clouds (NYT, January 9, 2012)

It Was the Best of Times for Ratner (Opening His Stadium) It is the Worse of Times for Ratner His Lobbyists Talking to the FBI
Mr. Ratner has a political maestro’s touch. His vice president, Bruce Bender, is a stalwart of the Democratic Party’s powerful Thomas Jefferson Club in south Brooklyn. Its members — Mr. Kruger, Councilman Lewis A. Fidler and State Senator John L. Sampson — quickly championed this project. So dnid Frank Seddio the new Brooklyn Democratic Boss.* New Yorkers Continue To Search For Jobs(NY1)

The NYT Does Not Talk About Slush Funds 
Is That to Protect Their Choice for Mayor Christen Quinn

Controlling the News

 Ms. Quinn has worked to make the process more transparent and to require more accountability from groups receiving the money. It is not enough. The whole tainted system should be scrapped and the money doled out openly and fairly through regular city budgets. This year, Speaker Christine Quinn has $49.6 million for the so-called member items: $13 million divided equally among Council members; $16.6 million for her own items; and almost $20 million more to spread as she pleases among the Council districts. At the top of her list was Domenic Recchia, whose Coney Island-Brighton Beach district got $1.6 million to spend. The Council districts that got the least — $362,000 — are represented by Helen Foster and Larry Seabrook of the Bronx.

Only True News Keeps This Story Alive

August 7, 2009 NY's Watergate: Several Slush Fund Cover-up
July 15, 2009The City Council Slush Fund Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Miguel Martinez
March 6, 2009 Cover Up At City Hall ContinuesJ
January 12, 2009
Inspector Clouseau Investigates NYC Political Corruption
January 4, 2009
Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up

November 11, 2009 The Dishonor Roll - The Shame of New York
The 29 Councilmembers who voted to extend their term in office
November 8, 2008 Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall

Huff Post NYO Spins for Ratner, Leaves Out Lipsky the Rat
Amnesia, Ignorance, Cover Up

Kruger Lobbyist Rats
Sending Tremors Through City Hall and the Albany Statehouse
“Anyone who’s ever had any dealings with him is going to be nervous,” an insider said.
Crooked Kruger lobbyist names names for feds: Court docs(NYP) Richard Lipsky “provided substantial assistance” related to “ongoing law-enforcement investigations” in a bid for leniency, according to the Manhattan federal court filing.  He was linked to the so-called “Four Amigos” of the state Senate who revolted against the Democratic leadership and handed control to the Republicans in 2009.

Mr. Lipsky Was A Lobbyist for Bruce Ratner
Enjoy Your Tax Payer Stadium Opening Ratner 
Three of them -- Kruger, Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate -- have since been convicted on various corruption charges. The fourth, state Sen. Ruben Diaz of The Bronx, got a $5,000 campaign contribution from Lipsky in 2009, records show.  In 2010, Lipsky also gave $3,800 to embattled Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who’s the subject of an ethics probe over allegations he sexually harassed female staffers.* Convicted Lobbyist Aids U.S. in Inquiry(NYT)  Although the letter does not identify the people about whom Mr. Lipsky has provided information or when his assistance began, his cooperation could be a breakthrough for the authorities in their continuing pursuit of corruption in Albany.  Prosecutors had estimated that the value of the bribes and the benefits Mr. Lipsky received was from $120,000 to $200,000. - Where did Kruger get the money from Lipsky who was paid $3000 and month by Ratner? A top Atlantic Yards executive pressed Kruger for millions of dollars to fund the controversial development, as well as a new ice-skating rink for Prospect Park, court documents reveal. (Patch)

Government Welfare Addict Bruce Ratner Says NYC Has Recovered From the Recession
The Times’s Michael Powell chastises Bloomberg, developer Bruce Ratner, and other industry titans for pushing the narrative that New York City recovered from the recession: Michael Powell finds Bloomberg’s claim that NYC has been “at the epicenter of the national economic recovery” is far from the reality lived by many average New Yorkers.* Michael Powell‘s latest Times column is on the city’s continued economic struggles and “the boasts of a mayor sweetly in love with his own fables
  cites Ratner: developer convinced NYers to deeply subsidize luxury arena w/o having produced any promised affordable housing yet

 Barclays Center residential parking permit plan nixed by (NYDN)

Senator Shirley Huntley may have been indicted, but some of her Democratic colleagues ignored the corruption allegations to give her a last-minute cash infusion earlier this month. The move didn’t work, however, and voters selected Councilman James Sanders to replace her. One of those colleagues, Senator Malcolm Smith, is mulling a run for mayor as a Republican. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) each gave Huntley $1,500 on Sept. 11

Remembering A Failed Coup Against Silver
LESSONS FROM A FAILED COUP: Former Assemblyman Ed Sullivan recalls a failed effort to topple Speaker Sheldon Silver and warns that any attempt at a coup in the wake of the Vito Lopez scandal will fizzle: (City and State)

Silver for the GOP?
Help us polish off Silver: GOP(NYDN) State GOP Chairman Ed Cox blasted an email to party loyalists Tuesday requesting donations ranging from $25 to $100 to help oust Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is under fire for approving a $103,000 secret settlement with two women who accused Lopez of sexual harassment. *State GOP leaders are doing whatever they can to raise money off the scandal.
 Silver puts out drag’Net  Warning to Assembly staffers: Surf the ’Net at your own risk.  Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office sent an electronic notice to employees on their work computers spelling out the Assembly’s Internet-usage policy.

Less Than A Slap on the Wrist for Fake Silver Drag Queens Blogger
No she-mail for Shel aide  (NYP)  Kiss off, Sophia! Assemblyman Sheldon Silver’s office yesterday dressed down staff writer Bill Eggler, who used a female alter ego in media blog postings to defend the speaker from charges he improperly funneled hush money to two of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sex-harassment accusers
.And because Eggler did some of his secret Web site handiwork during office hours, the Assembly is revoking his privileges to use the Internet during the work day, sources said. *Assembly Punishes Worker for Online Posts(NYT) In a comment posted earlier this month to a story published by The Times Union of Albany, Mr. Eggler, under the Walker name, praised Mr. Silver’s handling of sexual harassment accusations against Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez.  “Silver has already taken EVERYTHING he can from Lopez,” Mr. Eggler wrote. “I honestly cannot fathom how anyone, through anything short of rank partisanship, can possibly accuse the Speaker of administering a slap on the wrist.” This is not the first stridently pro-Silver commenter to seek to defend the speaker anonymously on the Web. Until last year, the writer or writers of a blog, NextGenDems, defended Mr. Silver’s handling of previous Assembly sex scandals, among other things, leading to speculation in Albany that it was written by someone with ties to the Assembly. Assembly officials have said they did not know its author. * Vito Lopez scandal and secret payment approved by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver stirs push for term limits on Albany leaders  Sen. Joseph Griffo (R-Utica) and Assemblywoman Sandra Galef (D-Westchester) look to revive bill that would impose 12-year limit on serving as Assembly speaker, Senate majority leader or a minority chief. Chairs of committees would be limited to 8 years in the job * The Lopez scandal has spurred Sen. Joe Griffo and Assemblywoman Sandra Galef to revisit a bill that would cap at 12 years the time one could serve as Assembly speaker, Senate majority leader or a minority leader. * NY GOP Raising Off Gropez And Removal Of ‘Shelly Smith’ (Updated)(YNN)

Murdoch Votes On An Anti-Semitic Cult Line
Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch registered to vote in 2010 with the New York Independence Party, whose city faction has repeatedly been characterized by Murdoch's New York Post as an anti-Semitic cult, Crain's New York Business writes: anyone else have this problem? MT : accidentally registers w/ Independence Party 

Traffic Deaths Rise in New York City(NYT) * Cars Keep Killing People in New York City(NY Mag)

Plan To Reshape District 8 Causes Controversy(NY1) “Some are speculating there may be politics at play,” NY1 reported on the shape of Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito‘s seat in the redistricting draft maps. Allies of Ms. Mark-Viverito believe Council Speaker Christine Quinn wanted a majority-Bronx district to help win the support of that boroughs Democratic chairman, Carl Heastie. Several other council members are likely unhappy with their proposed districts and it will be interesting to see how many of them, if any, will air their grievances publicly.

Affordable housing RX: Nonprofits push to replace  indicted developer at former Greenpoint Hospital  (NYDN) "We're the next choice in line," says Greenpoint Renaisssance Enterprise Corp. official. "It's our turn." They’re calling on the Bloomberg administration to give St. Nicks Alliance the job because developer Great American Construction pulled out of the project following exec William Clarke’s June indictment on bribery charges, as the Daily News reported exclusively. Clarke allegedly arranged to pay $50,000 for the renovation of former Housing Preservation and Development Department Assistant Commissioner Wendell Walter’s Harlem townhouse.  

 Vito Lopez Got $$$ From Corrupt GreenPoint Hospital Develolper
Vito power! Lopez got big campaign cash from winning G’point Hospital bidder (Brooklyn Paper) Great American Construction Corporation and TNS Development Group donated $1,500 to the re-election campaign of Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D–Williamsburg), who is also the Brooklyn Democratic Party chairman. In 2008, Great American President Samuel Gaccione kicked in $1,000 of his own money to Lopez’s unopposed campaign to go with another $1,000 that Gaccione gave to Lopez in 2004.

In Bronx, Prosecutors Deal Blow to Stop-and-Frisk (NYT) The Bronx district attorney’s office has refused to prosecute some people who were arrested for trespassing at public housing projects after discovering that many were innocent. The Bronx District Attorney’s office is no longer prosecuting people stopped at public housing projects and arrested for trespassing unless the officer is interviewed to ensure a legitimate arrest, in a blow to stop-and-frisk,   Bronx DA backs out of deal to free 'killer' that feds say is innocent(NYP)

Stuyvesant Students Describe the How and the Why of Cheating(NYT)

City Is Sued Over Approval of N.Y.U. Expansion Plan(NYT) The lawsuit, filed Monday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, accuses government decision makers of illegally turning over public land to facilitate the university’s plans. * NYU Expansion Lawsuit: Sexton Plan For Village Campus Prompts Faculty, Preservationists To Sue City(NYO)

FIRED UP Minority scores soar on FDNY test (NYDN) *FDNY Seeks to Hire Again After Testing(WSJ) 

Planned Federal Deficit Cuts Could Impact Zadroga Act Funds(NY1)

The city and state governments need to restore cuts and reinstate programs that helped destitute families get on back their feet
More Children in Homeless Shelters(NYT Ed) * NYC adding 5 new homeless shelters(WSJ) New York City will open at least five new shelters, including three family shelters, by the end of the year in response to a substantial increase in the city’s homeless population. The Times urges Cuomo and Bloomberg to restart programs that help families move from homeless shelters to permanent rental housing after a study showed that 20,000 children live in city shelters * Report: Nearly 20,000 City Children In Homeless Shelters Each Night(NY1)


New Interstate Gas Pipeline Fuels Debate Over Safety And Fracking (Gotham Gazette)


Organ ghouls of doom: suit(NYP) The New York Organ Donor Network pressured hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead so their body parts could be harvested — and even hired “coaches” to train staffers how to be more persuasive, a bombshell lawsuit charged yesterday



 Pol urges probe of Trump's gas-bag golf course(NYDN) * Donald Trump’s Bronx Golf Course Is Alarmingly Gassy(NY Mag)

Rail good connection: Bleecker finally meets Broadway-Lafayette(NYP) * Traffic Deaths Rise in New York City(NYO)

Hockey madam in sextasy after her no-jail plea(NYP) * No Prison Time Likely for Accused Madam(WSJ) * Teen Charged With Vandalizing Congressman Grimm's Campaign Office

Daily News: Boss Seddio Should Stop Playing Santa and Dress As Pinocchio This Xmass
New Brooklyn Democratic boss Frank Seddio is not a man of his word(NYDN Ed) Pol broke promise to release details of probe of his campaign for surrogate judge The News calls incoming Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Frank Seddio a “weasel” for not releasing the details of the probe of his surrogate judge campaign after promising to do so:

From Daily News Editorial:  Frank Seddio’s Word is Worthless
Before his election as Brooklyn Democratic leader, Seddio promised to release documents related to a state Commission on Judicial Conduct investigation of his conduct while running for Surrogate judge. The probe examined his improper transfers of tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to the likes of then-senator and now felon Carl Kruger and other buddies at the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club. Seddio resigned after 17 months in the job, ending the inquiry. We asked him to to make the confidential records public. First, he promised to release the documents after he became boss. Then he said he wouldn’t come clean, due to privacy of others. Then he said he would make redacted portions available, but only after he became boss. Finally, after he got the top party job, Seddio ruled out going public with the records. “We’re not going to release them,” he told Josh Robin on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” on Friday. Seddio’s dissembling was all too predictable. When we first starting asking about this mess in 2006, he insisted he had gotten an ethics opinion okaying the money transfers. That, too, was false. Obviously, he has plenty to hide. * Soon-to-be Assemblyman Walter Mosley, who will be representing current Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries district in Albany next year, will also have an elevated party position within Brooklyn Democratic organization. In a statement, Mr. Mosley praised thew new county boss, Frank Seddio, for giving him the opportunity.

Oops! Pol’s ‘enemy’ a kid(NYP)
Election 2012 Unions Find a GOP Ally(WSJ)  Michael Grimm, a freshman congressman from Staten Island, has become a rare Republican ally for unions in the building and construction trades. In turn, those unions are backing Mr. Grimm. * Bloomberg Gives GOP Record Gift(WSJ) Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given New York state Senate Republicans a $1 million contribution, believed to be the largest single donation ever given to the legislative conference, a party official said. * The News chides Rep. Michael Grimm for assuming that vandalism at his campaign office was politically motivated when a 14-year-old boy is suspected of breaking its windows * Bloomberg GOP donation exemplifies sham campaign finance laws “Bloomberg giving $1M to Senate GOP housekeeping. * Golden Nets 1199 SEIU Endorsement(YNN) * The Daily News calls Rep. Grimm a “legend in his own mind.” * Would-Be Child Molester Campaigns For His ‘Friend’ Tom Allon’s Mayoral Bid(NYO) * Amodeo: Cut Down On Legislative Junk MailYNN) * A second teen has admitted to breaking the window of Rep. Michael Grimm’s campaign headquarters.* THE PEREZ NOTES: Senator Diaz has Bronx Pols in Panic Mode El Diari...  * Second Teen Charged In Connection With Vandalism Of Grimm's Office (NY1) * Cuomo backs GOP state senator considering third-party run after losing primary over vote to legalize gay marriage * 2nd teen busted in vandalism to Grimm’s campaign office (NYDN) 

Congressman’s Campaign Office Vandalized(NYT) *Congressman: Vandalism Was Political(WSJ) * Mayor Questions Hopefuls' Chances(WSJ) * NY1 Exclusive: Staten Island BP Calls Lady Gaga A "Slut," Claims Media Glorifies Drug Use * Council Speaker Marches For Park Safety, Dislikes NYPD Budget Cuts(NY1) * State pols aflutter over Grimmgate(NYDN) * Grimm’s HQ tale is fishy: cops2(NYP)

Addabbo vs. Ulrich heats up(NYDN) * Mayor Questions Hopefuls' (WSJ) Chances Mayor Michael Bloomberg held private meetings with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and former Comptroller Bill Thompson, in which he questioned the viability of their mayoral candidacies * Republican Rep. Michael Grimm is supported by 48 percent of likely voters, compared to 38 percent for his Democratic challenger, Mark Murphy, and 6 percent for a Green Party candidate, according to a Siena College poll:   Results for G.O.P. Backers of Gay Marriage: Two Victories and, It Appears, a Loss(NYT) Republican same-sex marriage supporter State Sen. Stephen Saland claimed victory over Neil Di Carlo by 107 votes, but another supporter, State Sen. Roy McDonald, trailed Kathy Marcione by 110 votes * There was no sign of forced entry into Grimm’s HQ, which the campaign says used to be a car dealership, suggesting many keys might be “floating around.”
  Did you hear about the break in at Rep ? We speak with him at 7:15. Why are police saying something is "fishy"* Storobin moves to replace chief of staff, spokesman, & campaign manager.(NYO) * Dan Halloran's new hire will work in his Council office and on his campaign. [Azi Paybarah]* David Storobin Shakes Up Staff, Campaign(NYO) * Cuomo ‘Elated’ That Some Pro-Gay Marriage GOP’ers Won Their Primaries(NYO) * Exposed: 8th Grader Admits to Breaking Michael Grimm’s Window(NYO) * Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga(NYO) * Bloomberg Gives $1M To Senate GOP(NYO) * Bloomberg Donates $75K To IDC(YNN) * Eighth Grader Says He Vandalized Congressman's Office(NYT) * Molinaro Condemns Lady Gaga for 'Glorifying Drug Use'(NYT) * Michael Grimm ‘Relieved’ Attack on His Office Was ‘Not Politically Motivated’(NYO) * The Senate GOP, their campaign operations flush with cash, seems to be making Councilman Eric Ulrich‘s campaign against incumbent Senator Joe Addabbo a top priority. They’ve invested about $770,000 to date, with plenty more surely to come thanks to a $1 million donation from Mayor Michael BloombergSmaller amounts were given to other Republican candidates around the state.* Staten Island teen admits to Grimm break-in(SI Advance)

Rensler Dream Team:  Hires 4 Top Special Interest Election Lawyers
The Legal Teams in Restler Vs Olechowsk Cash In Overtime $$$
Mitch Alter has just been hired by Chris Olechowsk. Rensler just hired Larry Mandelker.  He is up against Lincoln high priced law team of  Martin Connors, Aron Maslow and Jerry Goldfeder. Bring Pop Corn to the Trial. Jerry Goldfeder. Bring Pop Corn to the Trial.*Lincoln Restler down by 31 votes in race against Vito  Lopez-backed (NYDN)

  You can't make this up: Joe Addabbo canvassers knocking in doors in Neponsit tonight

The Post chides Council Speaker Christine Quinn for grandstanding against Bloomberg on his proposed budget cuts and urges her to show leadership by crafting a better budget
No permission needed, Chris(NYP)

Said Quinn:
“We simply cannot take away resources from our NYPD at this time with these types of incidents occurring. We also cannot cut back on resources for parks enforcement. They have already been cut to [the] bone.”

The NY Post Said:
Speaker Quinn doesn’t have to ask Mayor Bloomberg for budgetary relief of any sort.
She writes the budget.

Yesterday True News Asked:
Why is the media refusing to ask her if she feel responsible for the NYPD cuts since she played a major roll at passing the last 8 city budgets.  Would the speaker transfer the $$$ spent on her fellow councilmember member items to the NYPD to avoid the cuts?

ottom line: It's the City Council's fault (Queens Crap)

From Metro:

At a time when four women have been raped in the past month in popular New York City parks, some are calling attention to the dramatically depleted ranks of Parks Enforcement Patrol.

In the 1990s, the city kept on staff 450 Parks Enforcement Patrol officers, according to Joseph Puleo, the vice president of DC 37 Local 983, the union that represents Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers.

By 2002, that number had been slashed to just 156. And today, there are only 91 city-funded officers who are available to patrol any and all parks.

NYP Asks Quinn to Be A Leader Like Vallone Sr.
Back in 1991, when then-Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. determined that there weren’t enough cops on the street, he crafted the so-called Safe Streets, Safe City program — expanding the force by 4,000 officers and stiffening then-Mayor David Dinkins’ spine in the process.  Sure, the expansion came with a fat (albeit temporary) tax hike — something that’s always problematic — but it also was the product of genuine leadership.

Shave and a haircut - and register to vote at these Harlem (NYDN) 

NY1 reports: “While attending the Monday launch of a campaign focused on getting teens away from drugs and alcohol, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro singled out entertainer Lady Gaga for her alleged drug use, and called the international pop star a ‘slut.’” 

Station Will Restore 'Kissing Room'(WSJ) Once, this marbled northwest corner of Grand Central Terminal had a nickname—"the Kissing Room"—and a pedigree, thanks to the cozy access it offered passengers to the gilded Biltmore Hotel directly above.

Coffee Shops Offer New Perks(WSJ) At least since the race between the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, New York has been a city built on one-upmanship. Now that mentality has crept into the cozy demimonde of neighborhood coffee shops.

Four rapes in New York City parks come at a time of diminished patrol presence (NY Metro)

 Grab a quick byte (NYP) Want to know why your favorite restaurant or deli got a less-than-stellar grade on its health inspection? Soon the answer will be a smartphone click away.  Under a bill passed by the City Council yesterday, city agencies will be required to attach...

Bodegas Fret Over 7-Eleven(WSJ) The 7-Eleven next door hadn't opened yet when Kyung Yu started to worry. The owner of Kyung's Fruit Store, Mr. Yu contemplated sending the company a plea for mercy this summer, warning that its arrival could spell doom for his business.* 7-Eleven is positioning itself to take on New York with plans to open 30 new outlets over the next five years.

Housing Authority Plan B
Housing Authority Leader Offers Plan to Raise Money(NYT) * Housing Authority chairman John Rhea unveiled a plan to lease land to private developers who would come up with projects featuring a mix of apartments, commercial, and retail space, but some have misgivingsNYCHA to lease land to condo developers(NYDN)

Less room at city shelters NYDN) * Booted tenants sue NYCHA over delays (NYDN)

WATCH: Activist arrested in paint protest over anti-Islam ad(NYP) * Commentator Arrested for Defacing Anti-Jihad Subway Poster(NYT)

‘Savage’ Subway Posters Instantly Defaced in NYC(NY Mag * Vandals Waste No Time Defacing Anti-Jihad Subway Ads(NY1) * EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Woman defaces 'anti-jihad' ad in Times Square station(NYP) * Women Scuffle Over Anti-Jihad Ad(NBC) * Arrest Made In Connection With Vandalism Of Anti-Jihad Subway(NY1) * Cops Shoot, Kill Man in Harlem Apartment(NBC) * ‘Savage’ Ad Defender Scuffles With Activist Spray Painting Sign(NY Mag)

Ad insult to injury (NYP) The NYPD ramped up security at 10 subway stations yesterday after the MTA was forced to install a controversial ad campaign branding enemies of Israel “savages,” sources told The Post.

New $2 million Elmhurst Park bathrooms(NYDN)

Cuomo Says Private Companies Could Run State Racetracks(NYT)

WTC Construction Leads to Downgrade of Port Authority's Bond Rating (WSJ)

A federal judge tossed out a lawsuit that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had filed calling for a more extensive studies of hydrofracking in the Delaware River Basin.

Parks Department Pool $$$ Fools
Boost in parks fees spurs wreck-reation(NYP) In a remarkable feat of fiscal stupidity, the city Parks Department lost $200,000 last year after it doubled fees at 32 neighborhood recreation centers. Records show that more than 50,000 people shed their memberships during the 12-month period beginning July 1, 2011, when the annual admission charge for adults soared from $50 to $100, and from $75 to $150 for facilities with pools. The New York City Parks Department lost $200,000 last year after it doubled fees at 23 neighborhood recreation centers, leading to 50,000 New Yorkers shedding their memberships

City Permits To Soon Contain Smartphone Codes(NY1)The New York City Council passed a bill requiring city agencies to add scanable codes to permits, licenses, and registrations, allowing anyone with a smartphone to download information about restaurants and buildings (NYP)



City to Add Pre-K Efforts in Poor Areas Next Year(NYT) * City: New "Educare" School, More Pre-K Seats Coming Next Year(NY1)* City to open 4,000 more pre-K slots (NYDN) Bloomberg announced the city will open a new type of preschool in Brooklyn next year serving children as early as six-weeks-old, modeling early education programs in 17 other cities, the Times writes: * Mayor Michael Bloomberg Defends Giving NYC Students PlanB (WCBS)  * Staten Island high school giving morning-after pill(SI advance) * NY's Graduation Rate Problem(NBC)* Teachers union to release annual overcrowding report (News 12) * Teachers Union Voices Concern Over Class Sizes(WSJ) New York City's teachers union officials on Monday said that two in every five city schools had over-sized classes and flagged special-education classes as an area of particular concern. * City students jammed into over 6,000 oversized classes (NYDN)* "Disturbing, Tragic And Misguided": Cardinal Dolan Blogs About Morning-After Pills At Schools(gothamist)

The Making of A President 2012
Obama Tells U.N. New Democracies Need Free Speech(NYT) * A G.O.P. Reunion, With Plans for More Togetherness(NYT) * acklash to the Backlash*NYT Ed) Muslim moderates have been fighting back. While it’s not clear whether the trend can be sustained, it’s certainly worth watching.* New poll shows Obama with widening lead in Ohio, Florida(Wash Post) * Romney, Obama descend on battleground Ohio(WABC) * President Obama's odds of winning the election, according to his forecast model, have increased by 7% -- 80% chance of winning the Electoral College from 73% -- since the hidden camera video of Romney making his comments came out. Nate Silver. In Ohio, 51% surveyed say Obama would do a better job on the economy to 45% for Romney. Obama holds 5-point edge on that issue in Florida, leading the Republican nominee 51% to 46% and tops Romney on the economy 51% to 45% in Pennsylvania. Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times. Poll shows Obama leading Romney by 53% to 43% support among likely voters in Ohio, with a 53% to 44% edge in Florida, and a 12-point 54% to 42% advantage in Pennsylvania. Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times
Obama to UN: Attacks Violated Ideals - Wilson & Gearan, Washington Post
What Obama Didn't Say - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
We Knew It Was al-Qaeda Within 24 Hours - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Obama's Stunning Ohio Turnaround - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic
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4th Straight Trillion Dollar Deficit Test for Obama - Jackie Calmes, NYT
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Replacement Refs Jeopardizing Integrity of NFL - Fran Tarkenton, WSJ
Election '12: RCP Avg: Obama +3.7 | Race 4 Years Ago, 8 Years Ago Today 

Bibi Must Take Iran's Words Seriously. Why Doesn't Obama? - WSJ
President Obama at the UN - New York Times
ObamaCare Isn't Reducing Health Costs - Washington Examiner
Libya: Militias Bite Back - The Guardian 

* "Romney “brain trust” in Boston...refers to Ryan as “Gilligan.”"(Politico)
Libya prez: Fatal embassy attack more likely pegged to 9/11 anniversary than anti-Islam film(NYP)
Ann Romney dished to Jay Leno last night about her emergency landing scare and "cheap" Mitt: 
* Polls Point to Larger Lead for Obama in Ohio and Florida(NYT)
* Obama Faces Test as Deficit Remains Above $1 Trillion(NYT)
Jack Nicklaus endorses Mitt Romney(NYP)
 From Iran Leader, a Less Fiery Speech(NYT)
Rich: Sugar Daddies Can't Save Mitt(NY Mag)
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2012 Election Maps: Electoral College | Senate | House | Governor Races
'The Closer We Get To The Election, The Dumber Mitt Romney Appears To Be Getting'
Gingrich Savages Mitt Romney’s ‘Overly-Methodical’ Campaign On CNN
GOPers want Mitt to talk future: (Politico)
As polls show Obama opening up a lead, Paul Ryan says, "I have never seen this kind of enthusiasm." (Wash Post)
Mayor is meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu at NYC's Gracie Mansion on Thursday.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind continued ripping Mr. Obama on foreign policy. “The president has no time to meet with the Prime Minster of Israel, but he has time to do everything else,” he said. “He has time, it seems Prime Minister Netanyahu is not as enticing as Whoopi Goldberg or some of the other people that the president enjoys meeting with.”
Here’s Bam at his ‘UN’ meeting (NYP) President Obama flew to New York yesterday as world leaders gathered for UN meetings during a tense time in the Mideast — but he saved his best diplomatic moves for the ladies of “The View.” * Kid gloves come off(NYP) * Why Romney Is Slipping(NYT Ed) By refusing to supply America with intelligent answers, all the reliable national polls now show that his campaign is driving voters away.  * Candidates Focus on Foreign Policy(WSJ) *President & Mrs. Obama on 'The View' Tuesday(WABC) * Jake Tapper Takes On Obama’s ‘Unusual’ Decision To Skip Meeting World Leaders * Harry Reid Takes a Break From Tax Complaint, Focuses on Calling Romney a Bad Mormon(NY Mag) * Romney’s refusal to get into specifics of his tax overhaul should raise a “red flag,” Bill Clinton says:(Politico)

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1/3 of Americans casting a ballot in the presidential race are expected to do so before Nov. 6
The presidential election could well be decided in the first televised debate next week, according to CNN senior political analyst David Gergen.
Washington Post poll: Obama up 8 in Ohio, 4 in Florida:
Obama Warns Iran and Pleads for Tolerance in Arab Spring(NYT)
Romney Urges Attaching Strings to Foreign Aid(NYT)
President Obama Hits Romney’s Economic Policies, Addresses Libyan Violence On The View
Bill Kristol: Conservatives Being ‘Too Obsessive’ About Lack Of Coverage Of Obama’s Gaffes
Clinton Cites Clear Link Between Al Qaeda and Attack in Libya(NYT)

Mad A'jad flashes peace sign at UN but spews anti-Israel trash (NYP) We’ve got a finger for you, too, * In Arab Spring, a Harsh Diplomacy Lesson(NYT) * Syrian War’s Spillover Poses New Peril for Fragile Iraq(NYT) * Iran President Plays Down Israeli Threat(WSJ) * Syria 'Getting Worse,' New Envoy Warns(WSJ) * Ahmadinejad Sits Down With Piers Morgan, Engages In Heated Argument Over Homosexuality * Ahmadinejad Condemns Extremism, Says U.S. Armed Forces Encourage It(NY Mag) * How CNN Was Able To Acquire Murdered Ambassador's Journal(Huff Post)

City trashes ‘hauling’ duo(NYP) Two Staten Island businessmen yesterday lost a waste-hauling contract because they “lacked good character, honesty and integrity,” according to a city ruling.

Two grown men in suits attack each other over cab on Manhattan street(NYP)  They’re a couple of fare “beaters’’

Taco Bell thrives inside a Cobble Hill hospital (NYDN) * The News cheers Bloomberg’s crackdown on sugary drinks in his fight against obesity, citing two medical studies showing that sweetened beverages led to weigh gain in children:* After soda, Bloomberg wants to ban fatty snacks from hospital vending machines.  * The ban on sweet drinks and vending machine treats will extend to city-run day camps next summer. * The DN highlights new scientific evidence that bolsters Bloomberg’s soda ban. 

Law and Order
Bronx man convicted for $450K bank fraud scheme(NYDN)

 NYPD Officers kill knife-wielding madman in Harlem (NYDN) * Police Fatally Shoot Man They Say Attacked Them With Knife(WCBS) * Police shoot emotionally disturbed man with knife(WABC) * NY cop fatally shoots knife-wielding disturbed man(Fox 5) * Cops Shoot, Kill Man in Harlem Apartment(NBC) * Police Shoot, Kill Man In Manhattan(NY1) * Police Shoot, Kill Man In Manhattan(NY1) * Cops Shoot, Kill Man in Harlem Apartment(NBC) * NYPD Fatally Shoots Disturbed, Knife-Wielding Man(NY Mag)

Subway ‘jerk’ wants rap thrown out (NYP) He admits he masturbated in a crowded 1 train in 2002 — and that “some of it got on” a 14-year-old girl.  But 250-pound accused subway “grinder” Jason Mack — whose 2009 felony indictment was reduced to a misdemeanor in a precedent-setting appeal

‘Harass’ vic goes after bum (NYP) Gotcha!  The cowardly creep who blasted a Columbia Business School grad as a “whore” on YouTube is the same person who has stalked her and who stole her identity over the past six years, court papers say — and the brainy beauty is not letting him...

Hair’s one way to catch a ‘coke smuggler’(NYP)

Mom shot dead in Bx.(NYP) * ID-theft ringleader gets prison number(NYP) * Police Probe Fatal Hunts Point Shooting(NY1) * Brownsville Gets Federal Grant To Combat Violence(NY1) * City’s 50G tab for cop punch (NYDN) * NY murder suspect's truck found(Fox 5) * Woman Shot in Head, Killed on Bronx Street(NBC) * Ex-head of Hospital for Special Surgery charged(NYP)
* Louis Farrakhan Tells Harlem They Have Power to Stop Violence(DNA)

It’s a cr‘i’me wave! (NYP) Crime is up, but don’t blame the NYPD — blame Apple.  The number of thefts of iPhones, iPods, iPads and other hot gadgets in the Big Apple has soared 40 percent so far this year — well over the 4 percent jump in overall city crime, according to NYPD...

‘Extort’ capo is cuffed(NYP)

How ex-con sex fiend Jonathan Stewart went free to get nabbed in Hudson River Park rape (NYDN)

How we nailed ‘rapist’  (NYP) If it weren’t for these brave Parks officers, the serial sex offender accused of raping a woman in TriBeCa might still be on the loose — and ready to strike again.

Brooklyn Bus Driver Stabbed With Syringe Aboard His Vehicle(NY1)


Fashion rep pleads guilty to killing Hunter College stu (NYDN)


Ex-cop on trial for alleged drunk-driving killing of Bronx (NYDN)

2 years in prison for rap exec(NYP) * Etan court date shifted(NYP) * Court Date Pushed Back in Etan Patz Case (WSJ)* Court Session in Patz Case Is Delayed for 6 Weeks(NYT) * Grant Will Aid Effort to Find Old DNA Evidence(NYT) * Ex-Informer to Serve 20 Years for Dealing Drugs and Guns(NYT) * NYPD Tapes to Begin Soon(WSJ) The Times lauds the New York Police Department’s new initiative to videotape custodial interrogations in murder, serious sex crimes, and felony assault cases, which could deter false confessions:  * NYPD: Theft Of Apple Devices Soars 40 Percent In A Year(NY1) * VIDEO: Bouncer at Queens bar cuffed after customer is p (NYDN)* Subway felonies drop 6.5%(NYDN) * Gang of gunman shoot teen in back in BROAD DAYLIGHT(NYDN) * NYC i-Crime Spike: Shocking Report Shows 40 Percent Jump (WCBS) * Suspect Sought In Four Armed Robberies In Manhattan(WCBS)
* Cops winning underground war(NYP) * Apple crime up 40% in New York City(WABC) * iPhone, iPad Thefts Soar in NYC(NBC) * 5 Boys Wanted in Armed Sneaker Store Robbery(NBC) * There’s an Even Better Chance This Year That Your iProduct Will Get Stolen(NY Mag) * Suspect shot with own gun in Queens home invasion.(NBC) * Gambler robbed of winnings at gunpoint(NYP) * Thug turns self in after alleged McD's anti-gay razor attack(NYP) * OWS protester pleads guilty to gun rap, sentenced to 2 years(NYP) * Homeowner fights off gun-toting thugs(NYP)
* Bonanno crime boss sentenced (NYDN)Robber with a hypodermic needle stealing  Apple gadgets(NYDN) * Fraud ring identity thief sentenced to 3-to-9 years(NYP)
* Robbery suspect shot during struggle with homeowner(WABC) * Woman in critical condition after Bronx shooting(WABC) * NY parole officer accused of possessing child porn(WABC) * Mob boss from Staten Island sentenced to 18 months behind (SI Advance) * Video of man and woman burglarizing school(WABC) * Woman Shot in Head, Killed on Bronx Street(NBC) * The NY Inspector General cracked down on a DOH employee who forged a doctor’s note to get a handicapped parking sticker.