Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DA Brown Protects Some Sex Ads

The Queens DA Who Has Done Nothing to Stop Sex Ads in the Queens Tribune is Going After A Korean Candidate for Assembly Who Owns Newspaper That Also Publish Sex Ads . . .  Must Have Something to Do With the Tribune Joined at the Hip With the Queens Democratic Party, Backed Brown for DA Dick Brown: Ten Feet Tall And Still Growing - Queens Tribune

Pol’s sex ads rub DA wrong way(NYP) Queens Assembly candidate Myungsuk Lee, whose Korean-language newspaper runs ads from “massage parlors,” some of which also peddle prostitution, could be in some legal trouble.  Queens DA Richard Brown says he’s meeting with his vice squad “on this matter” after The Post yesterday exposed the ads and the massage parlors. * True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians * True News: The Media Allows Nussbaum to Pimp His Ride

Why Has  CM Maria Del Carmen Arroyo and Her Mother Not Been Charged With Corruption?
Probed pol has hubby on payroll (NYDN) HEAT FROM the slush fund scandal may have made it tough for Bronx Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo to steer taxpayer cash to relatives through dubious nonprofits, but she’s still finding ways to line her family’s pockets.The Bronx Democrat was the subject of a criminal probe into allegations that she funneled taxpayer money into a nonprofit group, the South Bronx Community Corp., that employed her relatives. She has not been charged. Her nephew, Richard Izquierdo Arroyo, and another official at an affiliated group, SBCC Management Corp., pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $200,000 from the nonprofit and using it to fund a lavish lifestyle.

The Tax Payers Are Still Paying the Legal Bills of the Council and Nobody Notices
John Liu's Legal Bills vs. Christine Quinn tax payer pay her legal bills, Cy Vance US Attorney give Quinn immunity?(Troy Artist) * 100G slush-fund hangover - New York Post * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has millions of discretionary ... * Christine Quinn Slush Watch Dog Position Still Vacant why? * Four new council members announced that they will allocate funds via constituent votes.

Assemblyman Vito Lopez apparently isn't out of legal hot water yet. Last year, he spent more than $46,000 on top criminal defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt, while the city and federal government investigated his Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. Yesterday's campaign finance reports showed that Lopez is still lawyered up, and spent $46,060 on Lefcourt's services in the past six months.Lopez Lawyers Up Vito Still Getting Council Member Items Councilmembers Ply Vito Lopez With Pork | New York Daily News * True News: Vito 600,000 More Slush Fund $$$ * City Council Releases Member Items List - NY1.com

Plotting Vito Lopez's downfall at a Velazquez event in Satmar Williamsburg(Capital)


Campaign 2012
Liu blew 165G on lawyers Liu spent nearly $180,000, about half his campaign expenses, in legal fees in connection to an ongoing federal investigation into his fundraising practices (NYP) *Liu Campaign Spends Big on Legal Fees(WSJ)Con Ed labor heat got to Quinn(NYP)City Council Speaker Christine Quinn toughened her stance against Con Edison after labor leaders pressured her, several sources told The Post * Quinn & Co. should be taking a side in this labor spat: Con Ed’s side. * Charlie won $$ race, too(NYP) * In Race for Mayor, Public Advocate Outraises His Potential Opponents Again(NYT) Bill de Blasio raised $761,000 in the most recent filing period, but he still lags Christine C. Quinn and Scott M. Stringer. * Mayoral Hopefuls Continue To Rake In Funds For 2013 Run(NY1)

Prison pol pot of gold: Kruger still has 417G campaign chest* New York University doctors extracted a benign tumor from City Councilman and Republican congressional hopeful Dan Halloran, potentially saving his hearing(NYDN) * Diaz Jr., Vacca top campaign fundraisers so far this ye(NYDN) * Jerry Skurnik broke down all of the petition filings for the September 13th legislative primaries. * Bill Mahoney explained the continued phenomenon of major political contributions coming from people who have business before the state. * Some supporters of David Greenfield and Lew Fidler are giving to David Storobin.* The Senate Republicans have a considerable cash advantage over the Democrats in the upcoming re-match for control of the chamber.* Republican-Conservative U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long says if elected this November she will renew the annual report tradition established by the late Democratic U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. * Rozic's Raising (young assembly candidate in Eastern Queens) * Daniel Squadron is leading the fundraising race for PA * The Queens BP race is heating up. * Juan Gonzalez: "There were hundreds of people who actually cast votes that were not counted." ["Inside City Hall"]
Republican challenger Dan Halloran raised only $18,915, compared to Democratic challenger Grace Meng's $754,685. [Nigel Chiwaya] * Poll: Obama boosts lead in NY, Gillibrand would clean up vs. Long (NYP) * Bloomberg $: Mayor gives to Linares and Manht. GOP; daughter gives to Reshima for New York  * Adorno challenges Miller in 38th Assembly District (Queens Chronicle) * Latino Leaders Decry City Board of Elections(NY1) * Diane Gordon Files For District Leader(NYO)* Silver Reports $2.8M In Bank(YNN) * Libous Hires A Lawyer With Campaign Cash(YNN) * Sampson Raises $89K(YNN) * Lincoln Restler Pulls in Big Bucks for District Leader’s Race(NYO) * Rep. Michael Grimm has been cleared by the Office of Congressional Ethics of any fundraising violations since becoming a member of the House, but still faces a Justice Department investigation of his dealings with Ofer Biton. * Sen. Jeff Klein spent campaign cash on magicians, a “bunny breakfast,” a “card party” and Hanukkah gelt.* The current public advocate and would-be NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, who championed the cause of taxi owners against the Bloomberg administration’s attempts at reform, hauled in a hefty load of campaign donations from the industry. *Rory Lancman withdrew from his district leader’s race, a possible olive branch to the Queens County Dems. * The WFP backed Charlie Rangel before, but now they’re backing Adriano Espaillat. * Dana Rubenstein has more on taxi owners donations to Bill de Blasio.

After the Rangel Count Screw Up Board Finally Goes to A Computer Count
Elections Board Approves New Process for Reporting Vote Totals: The procedure adopted to prevent the...* City BOE agrees to use modern tech for tallying votes

Thanks for Nothing
Goo Goos Bum Try To Take Credit After the BOE Votes to Change Voting Count
Citizens Union conducted a legal analysis that found the NYC Board of Elections does not need a legislative approval to change its election night vote counting procedures. * “We are relieved to see the New York City Board of Elections finally begin to take advantage of 21st Century technology to ensure fair and accurate elections,” said Common Cause NY’s Susan Lerner.*

Spitzer asked on NY1 if public is ready for Weiner return. Short version of his answer: "Homina homina homina."

A Hidden Backroom $$$ Big Stick
Despite Cuomo’s Vow of Sunlight, a Bid to Keep Aides’ E-Mail in the Dark(NYT) * Larger Donations Swell Cuomo Campaign Account(NYT) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to enjoy high approval ratings among New Yorkers, earning positive reviews from 69 percent of the population while only 22 percent disapprove of his job, according to a new Siena College Poll: * A Look Into Gov. Cuomo's Campaign Fundraising (NY1) *
. spox : "The Times has sunk to a new low..." *
. spox: "The only events we have done this cycle are high-donor events"* A new poll found that New Yorkers like Obamacare, a Democratic State Senate and Cuomo. * Cuomo might be motivated by the concept of a dominating reelection bid. * The NYT picks up the DN’s story about Cuomo’s aversion to email, and expands on the pride his administration takes in “leaving few footprints.” * Two-thirds of the individual contributors who have given cash to Cuomo since January gave $1,000 or more. His spokesman said the govenror’s not focused on low-dollar donors because he’s not actively campaigning for re-election.* Two companies fighting to get MMA legalized in New York donated $105,000 to the governor during his first 18 months in office.* Of Cuomo’s donors, at least 102 gave $40,000 or more. Leading the list: Real estate mogul Leonard Litwin, who didn’t give a single individual contribution to the governor, but funneled $250,000 to him via LLCs.* This Daily News story on Cuomo's insistence on PIN message, also, reminding me abt FOIL request his office is ignoring  * . still hasn't released 2,200-word letter to . via . * “I don’t use email at all,” Shelly Silver told the Daily News.“I may get an email occasionally that says ‘Call the office.’ Or if I get an email, I just reply that ‘I’ll call you back.’” * Andrew Gounardes, Marty Golden’s Democratic challenger, has $155,000 in the bank.

Is New York really as “open for business” as Cuomo’s $50 million ad campaign exclaims?

NYP Tells Weiner to Go Find A Real Job
He proved to be a stone-cold liar..."--DailyNews edit
The return of @RepWeiner(NYP) Well, he’s been off playing Mr. Mom for a while now, and the Republic appears to have survived his absence. And no doubt it’ll get along just fine if the former congressman decides to make it permanent. * The News also urges Rep. Anthony Weiner to abandon any early pretensions toward citywide office: * Donald Trump Unloads On 'Sexual Pervert' Anthony Weiner(Huff Post) * Political consultants gave Anthony Weiner advice on Inside City Hall.*Donors aren't enthused with a Weiner comeback, either: (Crains NY) * Ditto, says the DN, adding: “Rather than take an ego-driven flier financed by donations from supporters he betrayed, he should long ago have sent refunds.”* Weiner on 2013 Speculation: ‘It’s A Clown Story, Bro’ (NYO)

As the Council Probes Why the Installing of Security Cameras Were Fuck Up in Public Housing Who Will Probe Why the Council and the Pols Did Not Catch the Problem With Their Oversife Responsibilities?
City Council will probe why the New York City Housing Authority has not installed security cameras in high-crime developments even though it had $42 million set aside for the equipment, the Daily News reports* New York City Housing Authority facing heat(NYDN) * Double Digit Crime Spikes In Almost 1/3 of All NYC Police Precincts (Village Voice)
Oversight for Preschool Special Education(NYT) New York State’s program has been beset by rising costs, conflicts of interest and outright fraud in private companies providing these services.* nCharter school tensions running high(NYDN)
Bike-Sharing, Promised for Late July, Is Delayed(NYT) * City Bike Share Program Delayed (WSJ) The city has delayed launching its bicycle share program until next month, amid speculation the Bloomberg administration may not have adequately prepared for litigation under the program * Bike-Sharing Program's Debut Delayed(NY1) * New York City bicycle-share plan on hold(NYDN)

City and Federal Officials Will Jointly Manage Jamaica Bay(NYT)

Resorts World Casino NYC says it took in nearly $15 million from July 1st to July 7th and sent $6.5 million to the state’s education fund

Slight gains in NY English, math test scoresSlight gains in NY English, math test scores(NYP) * Local Public School Students Improve On English, Math Tests Yet Still Lag Behind State Averages(NY1) * Bloomberg Labels Schools ‘Poster Child’ for Education Reform, Touts Test Score Gains(NY1)


The city’s ban on trans-fats in restaurants has made its fast food healthier, according to a new Department of Health study, the Associated Press reports: * DOH Study Reveals Positive Effects Of Trans Fats Ban(NY1)* Trans-fat ban made NY fast food healthier(WABC) * Nanny Knows Best (NY Mag)

Train arrival clocks in Bleecker St. station a sign of moving forward or looking backward? (NYDN)
Contractor putting up device must've gotten turned around, and riders will, too, when they try to check times, until promised turnaround by MTA


Startups thriving at Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator(NYDN)

Update City Council committee backs NYU expansion(NYP)
NYU Near Deal on Growth(WSJ)New York University is poised to strike an unusual agreement that could delay for years a final decision about the design of a large swath of open space at the northern end of an expansion planned in the heart of Greenwich Village.* Purple People Eaten: NYU Reduces Greenwich Village Campus 20 Percent(NYO) * N.Y.U. Expansion Plan Wins Key Vote of Council Panel(NYT)


Boiling mad over wet & wild pool (NYP) Gansevoort’s splashy bashes send neighbors off deep end

Full Tax Attack
Mormons’ First Families Rally Behind Romney(NYT) * Everyone hates Congress. It wasn’t always this way. (Wash Post) * Stephanie Cutter Clarifies Her Comment For Wolf Blitzer: Romney Is A Liar, Not A Felon * Hannity, James Carville Spar Over Obama’s First-Term Promises * Bret Baier Panel Questions How Romney Let Obama’s Attacks Put Him On The Defense * Ed Schultz, GOP Strategist Clash Over Implications Of Romney’s Bain, Tax Return Woes * Analysis: Obama, and winning ugly (CBS) * Mitt Romney's "crony capitalism" attack: a guide(TPM) * Quote Approval Becoming The Norm Between Journalists, Campaigns(Huff Post) * Obama ad continues to hammer Romney over taxes -  * [new article] Is Romney Overreacting to Bain Attacks?  * Tim Pawlenty might be the “anti-Palin” V.P. pick for Romney. * Romney’s losing control of his own narrative.* Hillary Clinton called Mitt Romney’s ads that use her to attack President Obama a “waste of money.”* Obama's television ad, 'Firms,' was made by John del Cecato's company, and Jimmy Siegel is impressed. [David Taintor] * Mitt Romney has aggregated some old attacks on Obama to allege that he has engaged in "crony capitalism." [Benjy Sarlin] * It's been hard for Obama to end the Bush tax cuts even though polls show that's what voters want. [Steve Kornacki] * Obama vs. America's Entrepreneurs - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail * GOP Has No Jobs Plan - Juan Williams, The Hill * Obama Stresses Story Over Policy in Re-Election - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Romney's Problem of His Own Making - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * How Romney Might Rate VP Contenders - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Veep Trap - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * To Win Pa., Obama Needs More Than Philly - Brian Montopoli, CBS News * Romney's "Apology" Mistake - John Podhoretz, New York Post * President Goes for Jugular on Romney's Taxes - Sam Stein, Huffington Post * Obama's Flailing Campaign Is Out of Ammo - Roger Kimball, PJ Media * GOP and the Vote: Return to Jim Crow - Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times * Video Highlights: Carville | Krauthammer | Cutter | Levin | Romney *Obama and Jobs: Hostage to Fortune - The Guardian
Virginia Must Say No to ObamaCare - Richmond Times-Dispatch * Romney Needs to Open Up About Finances - San Francisco Chronicle * Libor Scandal: The Geithner Connection - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review*Will voters care that President Barack Obama isn’t running the type of high-minded campaign he ran in 2008? * John McCain said he was satisfied with Mitt Romney’s tax returns in 2008, but chose Sarah Palin because she was simply “the better candidate.” * Dick Cheney met with House Republicans.* *  Nate Silver thinks the Romney campaign is more concerned with Obama’s Bain attacks than voters are.* But Priorities USA is beginning to air what may be the most devastating Bain ad yet. * So is anyone still denying that the Obama strategy is, as & I wrote last year, "Kill Mitt" ?

PICKET: Batman villain creator reacts to character's comparison to Romney - 'Ridiculous'..'Overgrasping Dems'

NYT Hires First Woman For Prestigious Role(Huff Post)
From the safe perch of his own show on Current TV, Eliot Spitzer went after Maria Bartiromo following his tiff with her on HER show. (She was not there to respond). 

Law and Order
State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman touted a new law designed to curb prescription drug addiction by allowing pharmacists to track whether a patient is trolling for narcotics, the Associated Press reports:  * N.Y. Law Sets Model For Painkiller Control(WSJ)

DOI arrest numbers up

From the Queens Chronicle:

By definition, the city’s Department of Investigation tends to keep a low profile in its day-to-day operations

Take that, creep!Take that, creep!(NYP)

Cops hurt in Bronx shoot aftermath

Not guilty plea planned in Kennedy NY driving case(WSJ)Cops hurt in Bronx shoot aftermath(NYP)Kidd too trashed to know he’d crashed(NYP)* Suit in royal rumble(NYP) * Jurors held ‘account’able(NYP) * Ex-Officer Gets 10 Years Added in Rape(WSJ) * No Charges in Fatal Shooting(WSJ) * Former Police Officer Sentenced On Rape Charge(NY1) * Charity big nabbed in pay to play (NYDN) * ‘Phoney’ cop rips off kids in Bronx (NYDN) * NYPD: Robbery Suspect Claims To Be Cop Before Stealing Cell (WCBS) * Kidd too trashed to know he’d crashed(NYDN) * YPD seeking suspect wanted in 5 subway robberies(NYDN) * Man posing as cop runs scam to steal cell phones(WABC) * Crazed man stabs woman on UES street(NYP) m* 'Cop-drag' cabby prosecutors have yet to convene grand jury -- after 9 months(NYP)

 Exclusive: Alleged ticket-fixing cop placed in lockdown(WABC) * Phony Cop Steals Cell Phones from Teens(NBC) * NYPD releases video of serial subway mugger: Police say the man is responsible for at least five armed robberies...(WABC) *'Cop-drag' cabby prosecutors have yet to convene grand jury -- after 9 months(NYP) * Dozens Are Charged in Medicaid Drug Scheme  * Community Involvement Stops Crime (NYT)